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tv   7 News at 5 PM  ABC  September 12, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MDT

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her back, covering anpolice are not sure why the crash happened. team coverage, mark boyle at lake of the high school where homecoming week is taking on a somber tone. russell haythorn at dia asking questions about airport layout. >> jaclyn allen learns more about their driver, ife, mother, grandmother and experienced driver. >> reporter: her family teels me she was a bus driver here at adams for 12 years supp faly income and became a way for her to show support for the community so they have questions tonight about what happened as they mourn the loss. >> my world ended. >> word of carrie chopper's death came while her husband was working, text message to turn on the news. >> i knew it was my life because i knew she was going to dia to pick up legacy high school football team. >> the mother of four teenagers
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her children on the bus and a professional cake decorator she taught classes on the side and love to decorate her bus for special occasions. >> she would spend our last penny to get lollipops for the kids on the bus. >> family members say they do not know what happened yesterday, she had no known medical issues and was a careful driver and they say she was not familiar with dia. >> it was a confusing system at dia for sure. >> do think it played a role? >> i do not but i would say would have something to do with it what he knows for sure kerry would do anything to protect her children she drove even if it cost her own life. >> she loved her job she loved every one of those kids and i know if she was here she would say she story -- sorry. >> the family says thoughts and prayers are with the coaches as they recover and friends
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funeral expenses and we put that on our 7 news app jaclyn allen denver7 imagine the coaches they are in the hospital and mark boyle has been talking with the district and these three men have a long road to recovery. >> it will ke a while for them to recover, injuries are serious and the injuries are shaking up the student population and staff at legacy high school and on a week were everyone celebrates homecoming week. we want to show you the picture of the coach hospitalized and coach vorhees, kyle snyder and matt, all hree sustaining injuries in the crash and as for the mood around school students try to move on with the celebration of homecoming week while making sure they focus on helping the three families and keep teachers and coaches in thoughts and prayers. jesse was on bus number two and he says he's in shock. >> disappointing. it is hard to tell.
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everything went down the what did -- the way it did. >> reporter: we don't have details as toothe injuries they sustained but we will continue to talk with the district an update you on the condition as they continue to fight through this. live and broomfield, mark boyle denver7 is heartbreaking. we heard conversations between the drivers before the accident and bus driver carrie chopper sounded update before the buses left for dia to pick team. >> 1184, 1010, 1185 are you ready? >> 1185, i am ready. >> 1010, i am ready. >> sounds good. we are ready for an adventure. >> a call came in at 2:30 pm two hours before the crash. we are told bus drivers in the district are shaken and some did not want to drive today.
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did kerry miss a turn what she confused about what to do with it a medical condition. she passed a medical exam inmate, russell haythorn is live at dia russell? >> reporter: there are so many signs at di and it can be confusing especially for drivers unfamiliar with this airport, in particular a bus driver who is perhaps not familiar with driving a bus out here. in the area where the crash happened, for example, the driver for unknown road into this concrete pillar. if she had kept going she would not have had the clearance to get through level floor -- live report it is nine feet, six inches in the roof of the bus would have hit the next floor up and a spokesman tells us today all the traffic configurations and drop-off points as well as parking garages are marked but when you talk to people who drive out here, even for those who are
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airport, many told us it can be coofusing and could be more clearly marked. >> i think it could be. they could have different colors. all the signs are blue and white so if they have different colors for different areas it could help. >> coming up at 6:00, she was not the only bus driver who got lost out here yesterday and we will explain that coming up. live at dia, russell haythorn, denver7 . >> thank you. download the denver7 app. i think will be helpful on a story like this we on victims conditions and investigation and we posted this news conference from denver police. we have just learned the name of the man accused of shooting at a boulder county deputy, 37-year-old adrian schaefer a boulder. several called and saturday about shirtless man threatening them with a gun near highway 287 and when deputy terry davis arrived schaefer started shooting and he did not hit her
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the deputy then shot schaefer twice and he is still in critical condition piggish man arrested for peeping into a week had a similar case in ast - denver. charges were dropped because he stayed out of trouble for one year and police arrested 36- year-old garrett brown within 24 hours of releasing the video of him. man on the way south carolina admits he was using facebook to get six teenager colorado to send him sexually expressive photos. 37 christopher white pleaded guilty and is look years in prison. officials say claim to be a teenage boy on social media and friended 13 and 14-year-olds. >> brandon marshall drop to his knees during the national anthem in the season opener and now he -- his income is dropping of it. sponsor pulled out of the deal with a linebacker. >> he's getting the attention of denver police chief, marshall spoke at the valley and lionel joins us now and he
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says he will continue to take any during the national anthem the sunday against the colts. centurylink says it respects his decision and is terminated their endorsement agreement with the because the national quiet -- national and approach shows allegiance at the common bond at the nation. >> i just lost another endorsement today which is cool, centurylink decided to drop me today. once again, you know, i'm still doing what i believe in. you know, it's not going to make me sleep, you know, at the end of the day, still want to play football but at the same time to when i believe in. >> marshall said today starting dialogue about justice with minorities and he loves the country and not doing it to spread hate although he's getting a lot of backlash about hate filled reactions on social media and as far as endorssment he said he does not care he will do what he believes and --
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there was a man outside and he was protesting. >> we have video, take a look at this file sports radio air goodman took this you can see the man outside of the valley lighting assured on fire, and orange sherbet it's hard to make out what the short says but i do not think it says anything positive about marshall. we found out if you i was ago hillary clinton will release more medical information in the next few days. her health took the focus this week as she struggled to get into a van after leaving the 9/11 memorial event early yesterday. a doctor diagnosed her pneumonia a couple days earlier and donald trump was subdued in his comment about her health issues and this one he said he took no satisfaction in what happened and he says he hopes she gets well and on the camping trip and trump had a physical last week and will release of information when the results come in. winter is coming and it will cost more to stay warm this year but i am afraid. abundance of fuel is gone and one company expects natural gas prices o hit 60% higher and
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beyonn winter and analyst do not expect another drilling to begin for another couple years. national attention of one unusual high number of west nile cases, 20 people have gotten sick so privacies of experts comparing the number of cases to cities like la, dallas and phoenix. one theory says warmer than usual summer is to blame. 964 drivers bued arrested for dui during labor day enforcement. and they were down fr statewide heat is on campaign went from it always-last tuesday and never police had the most arrest of any in the >> they have the most. george w. bush coming to the state to talk to the troops tomorrow and say goodbye to the pike's peak summit house the top of america's mounting getting a $50 million facelift. >> neighbors fed up after street racing that happened again.
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with a qualified scattered showers across a broad range and
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how would you like this going on in your neighborhood every weekend. we haven't and you about the problem and rubio labored.
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that it happened this weekend. molly hendrickson. >> reporter: shocking video showing cars taking turns burning rubber in the parking lot near federal as cheers erupt from a crowd. >> we open the door and you see a big gust of smoke and they are going at it again. >> he lived nearby and shot video sunday night after 9:00 and he says been buying wants about 30 minutes earlier to reak it up. >> he sat with his lights on. when the cop left they came back again. >> reporter: and when he called police again. >> nothing happened. >> reporter: in one the nearest police station sits for blocks away. >> their case need to be put up and i think arrest need to be happening now. >> reporter: denver police they up to 10 officers karstadt specifically to deal with problems like this among federal and last night they had
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and stress forcing the crowd out would push the problem somewhere else. as they did last week when the racers crashed through a neighboo spent. >> it's frustrating and scary at the same time. it's like i said, it's the weekend and my kids are in front playing and last week and they came to the friends and what will take, a death? permit in denver, molly hendrickson denver7 never police say they are enforcing street racing laws and may have mad to go citations and impounded vehicle this weekend on federal. we got our hands on surveillance video showing a man wanted for setting a mosque in florida on fire. this is the same florida mosque the orlando nightclub shooter attended and you can see the fire started lamenting about running. investigators treat this as a possible hate crime that heaven on the 15th anniversary of september 11 and one of the biggest holidays on the calendar. fertility doctor and misused his own sperm to
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documents claim doctor klein from indianapolis claims six adult children 77-year-old says he donated his own sperm 50w3 decades a row -- three decades ago patients thought they were getting sperm from medical students. live camera company recalls 20,000 cases of the most popular beer but do not worry if you drag and you will be okay. the brewery says got into the milk stop a nitro making the bottles to bubbling so if you flip it upside down it will overflow and that's the extent of the problem. it's not up to their standards. job fair starts tomorrow, george w. bush, the event for 3 troops leaving the service. the president bush will speak with a metal honor recipient. fort carson has 380 reasons to celebrate tonight and that's how many soldiers coming home.
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now, they get to you every time when you see families hugging and crying and so happy. >> soldiers depl afghanistan last december and from all of us at denver7 , welcome home and thank you for your service. colorado's crop showing how tough they are, owners of farmville is out on a hailstorm that knocked out the pumpkin crop and they bounced back. they had pumpkins they showed up its way to think corn maze design. fans will like it up it a not to the super bowl l champions with peyton manning, demaryius thomas and von miller. they are amazing to look at meteorologist stacey donaldson, partly to mostly cloudy across the front range and we have had scattered showers moving too often on facebook cold front instability -- thanks to the
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the area. 1520 degrees drop on the afternoon temperatures thanks to a cold front that affected the northeastern quadrant of the state, 19 degree difference in the afternoon-yesterday at this time. 22 degrees sterling. in akron, 24 %- needless to say we went from 90 degrees to 70 for the afternoon high today and it's been breezy for the front range, 15 have a 20 mile an hour winds gusting up to 25 at times and across the eastern portion of the % state you can see 28 to 30 miles an hour, 40 mile an hour trend gust -- wind gusts so windy across the website it denver, 60s and 70s so narmada 60, 77 lake was, 74 city park, 65 parker and i expect scattered storms to move through tonight and will be cooler tomorrow, chillier air settling in high around 60s for us tomorrow afternoon and 70s
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the week. evening things out and chance for rain and cooler air. scattered showers the most of the western portion of the state and the east is quiet. around denver we have at spotty showers at times off tyngsboro, light to moderate rain and heavier down castle rock, colorado springs and zooming in where we have seen sprinkles at times and they moved out of the way. father to the southwest, we do have showers and perhaps snow toward telluride and showers east of land juncture. we have high fire danger for northwestern colorado toward craig and this is the state of utah almost aal of it under the red flag warning for tonight. high fire danger through western colorado, high winds and low humidity levels into bidding to that. tonight overnight lows in the 40s and 50s and tonight forecast for denver overnight ?ow of 47 and testing trespassing thunderstorms and cloudy skies.
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building storms to the west. more rain into tomorrow afternoon and evening with images in the 60s for us tomorrow, cloudy and showering into the afternoon and evening and was in lows in the 40s side and 57 western slope, 30s highest elevations for central mountains and forecast tomorrow 67, cloudy 67 throughout the front rates, 50s into the mountains ttmperatures 80 degrees and 60s and 70s in the southeastern colorado as chillier air moves into the southern part of the state. 7-day forecast, the coolest day and 70s drop the remainder of the week and we clear things out by friday, partly cloudy skies and great-looking weekend saturday and sunday bright spot. i love when they coordinate. monday 81 degrees mostly sunny
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next few days. >> wow. >> not boring. >> thank you. say goodbye to the pike's peak summit we have known for 50 years. renovations start next year including a summit house. city of colorado springs says it will be biiger, more modern and have interviews. >> i think it looks excellent. lots of glass openings, plenty of great views, that's the point, right, to see everything. i think it will be great. spin it looks good, right? is what you expect contemporary, right, a little bit dated, right, showing its age. >> time to get fancy. it's not easy to build a 40,000 feet so they will carry it up in pieces. it will take four years, $50 million and the city hopes donations will cover half of that. disgraced cyclist lance armstrong is the brains behind in colorado mountain biking event. 54 mile right through the valley.
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?ere contrails. armstrong was stripped of his seven tour de france wins in 2012 for doping. er visits for kids who play soccer are way, way up and a lot of them are for concussion spit reported head injuries, listen to this, more than doubled from 1990 to 2013. we churches -- researchers say it is greater awareness of outcome -- concussions.
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welcome to 7 sports extra frrm can't enter from newton thoma, broncos face another nfl big, strong, mobile quarterback this sunday andrew luck and the colts coming to the mile high. first newest -- news of the day demaryius thomas industry -- injury update injuring his head. treatment of the weekend and will be back at practice wednesday and gary kubiak told denver 7 tea will play against the colts. bennie fowler back at practice is a full speed. as luck would have the general fully recovering yesterday against the lines the colts lost but luck past 385 yards, four touchdowns, 119.5, broncos hit luck so hard they lacerated his kidney, tore his stomach muscle but he looks good yesterday general luck will come in looking to make a free
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>> physical guy, hard to get down the pocket if you don't tackle him well when you get there hh will extend place, those types of things. he will throw 400 yards and is exceptional and we have our work cut out for rest of what. >> we are starting the property with the team, they beat us to use in a row so we want this, andrew luck like i said he is the driving force of the team w get him to the ground. >> let's talk about -- dirty, broncos defense called a dirty word after 4 headshot on caa newton last, to go by -- darian stewart resulting in fines and sparking an investigation by the nfl sideline concussion protocol after cam stayed in the gated broncos said do not call us dirty but do not get in our way either.
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we are we are not malicious and do not intentionally hurt anybody we just play hard. we play physical, we play hard and i do not think it was diity defense. >> we play physical but that's what the coach wants from us. if your defense is not play physical they are not playing right. >> i disagree. we play hard . we will continue to play hard. >> do you have it, play hard, not dirty. >> hard, physical football. >> another day i'm happy did not go into pro football.
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tonight, hillary clinton's health scare, and a short time ago, her new message. clinton's legs appearing to buckle beneath her as she left the 9/11 memorial early. and then, more than an hour later, this. why didn't she reveal the pneumonia earlier? donald trump today saying, get well soon. but tonight, the d apology from clinton for something else. also, the pictures tonight. a mosque set on fire, and this evening, new surveillance. what it reveals. and the other stunning fire. the home with nine people trapped inside, six of them the breaking headline. the southwest flight and the piece of the engine that broke off mid-flight. the first findings in the investigation now in. and for the first time, jonbenet ramsey's brother breaking his silence, saying, i know people think i did it, that


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