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tv   7 News Now at 530 AM  ABC  September 13, 2016 5:30am-6:00am MDT

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denver police working to figure out what happened. his wife killed when she crashed her school bus, full of teenagers, into a wall. now this has him asking how that happened. plus, his little sister found dead, now 20 years later burke ramsey shares what he remembers from the night. before we get to all of that we need to get to "breaking news" right now. what do we about this early- morning barricade situation. >>reporter:this happening in the lakeside area of denver, the 4800 block of old and core. first we want to tell you, this barricade situation came to a peaceful and, and the scene has been a man had barricaded himself in a home there, a residential neighborhood, golden court. ever police said officers initially responded to a complaint, about threats made. we do not have any specifics, on those threats. we do know a man, in his 30s, endee up eating arrested for felony menacing. that situation was resolved peacefully and the scene is clear. jayson has been showing her
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we had a few overnight ssowers, a lot of what we are seeing is due to the overlying -- you can see some of the clouds from the top of our building as we look west on the stadium in the foothills. you might find some wet roads for the morning drive. temperatures, this morning, upper 40s to the 50s. this afternoon a little more sunshine by 12 o'clock. 67 for a high. we are well below normal, and the transfer some thunderstorms, again, by the evening commute. jayson we are cooler than normal today. you're back in the 70's tomorrow. we have a lot of what roads to deal with not only to the north of i 25 and highway 34, 36, 287, sounds like i am calling a football play. we also have it up here on boulder, north of highway 36. we are going to see some wet roadways here, and some splash back to deal with. take a look at i 70, out through wheat ridge we have what roads out here as well. holden, highway 6, and even up
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find what roads. the overall drive, if you can see on the map, looks okay. whether it is on 36, or 2877 the speeds are on the high side, including getting out to dia. we are dry all the way out to the airport. security waitttime 20 minutes, longest. a person found dead, inside a denver home, and now police are trying to figure out what happened. our photographer said the scene was pretty gruesome. we are working to learn more right here in denver. amanda del castillo joins us from xanadu street with more on this investigation. >>reporter:just before 5 a.m., police actually removed one body, from the home, you see right behind me on that corner. this is on the 50- 5500 block of xanadu street, 4 miles east of dick's sporting goods park and about one mile north of the montebello neighborhood. we know it happened around 10
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how the victim died, and if they are looking for any suspect. whether they have a suspect description for us, or someone in custody. have not been able to get those answers from police this morning yet. we are standing, in front of the house, where it happened right -- last light a lot of our video shows there is blood on the front door, of that home. we do not know what gender the victim is. we are still hoping to learn that this morning. we are following development as the money continues here along xanadu amanda del castillo, denver7. trek -- denver7 committed to learning more about that school bus crash, this week, that left the driver dead, and several legacy high school students sent to the hospital. three coaches are also hurt with serious conditions. here is a look at them now. head coach wayne voorhees, kyle and wayne. students at legacy high are trying to move forward with homecoming celebrations, while alsoakg sure they focus on
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this is a look at the bus driver killed in the crash. this morning, her family just want some answers. they do not think the crash makes any sense. they want to know what happened as much as anyone else does. kari chopper's husband says she was a devoted wife, a great mom to their 4 teenagers. >> each one of those kids, when they were on her bus, they were her kids. they all knew that. all the kids knew that was mom to them. trying to figure out what led e to the crash. her husband says she passed her physical back in may, i did not have any medical issues. to find out how you can help those injured in the crash, you can download our free denver7 app, we have a leak to a page. a look at the man accused of shooting at a boulder county deputy. some people call 911 come over the weekend saying he was shirtless and waving a gun near highway 287.
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terry chavez got there, investigatorr say schaefer's started shooting at her. fortunately, he messed only hitting her window. the deputy returned fire, putting him twice, and he is now in critical condition. do you remember this creepy guy cauuht peering through a teenagers window in arvada. thanks to your tips, police caught him. his name is garrett brown. we looked into him, and we learned he was arrested in denver, in a similar case. it has been 20 years since jonbenet ramsey was killed in her boul finally talking about it. he was just nine years old when this happened. he sat down with doctor phil, saying he remembers what he was thinking that morning. >> i was scared. i didn't know if there was some bad guy downstairs, and my dad was taking off with a gun, or you know, i had no idea. >> burke says he is doing this interview to make sure that no one forgets that his sister's killer is still out there.
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for the interview, although none of us know how much. part 2 errors this afternoon. a longmont craft brewery is recalling some of it the beer. if you drink it, you will not get sick, but it is not up to company standard. that hand brewing reca 20,000 cases of its popular milk stout nitrile. apparently something went wrong during the brewing process and the brewers says it is just too busy. here is a good christmas present, a job. target is now hiring worrers come all over the country, ahead of the holiday. in colorado, the retailer will add 2000 seasonal workers. targeted not say which locations will be adding those workers. denver city council members are busy, they voted on several big issues, including raising your property taxes to create more affordable housing. it ppssed the first of all. they also agreed on a new contract for red light cameras. the deal is worth $6.4 million. this will last for the next five years. jason gruenauer joins us now for what this plan means for
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you continue to drive through intersections you have to deal with red light cameras on both sides of the street. those radar vans that have guns similar to this one, to show you how fast you are going, and charge you if you go through here, break that speed limit, for the next five years. the denver city council 10-1 neaa unanimous vote, means that both of those things are going to be around here in denver, the next five years, or so. we wanted to break down the numbers for you, as far as costs and what this five years, the contract is about $6 million. a cost about $3 million to run per year. as far as cash flow income over the last five years, red light cameras and those radar vans combined have brought in around $45 million, to the city's general fund. if you do not know, if you blow through one of these red light cameras at one of the four locations, two of them here on
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$75. forty dollars if it flushes you in the crosswalk. as for those vans, $40 if you are speeding, over 35-mile per hour zone, where they park them, that doubles if you go through a construction zone. with all of that muddy -- money flooding into the city, more than double what it costs to run the program. are we now going to be seeing more red light cameras and more of those radar vans? i will have that answer for you coming up in just about 30 minutes. live, jason gruenauer, was. take a look at what neighbors in south denver say car, after car, doing all kinds of donuts. in a parking lot right off the federal. this is new video, we talked about last week, it has happened again. neighbors say police get off a large crowd, but they came right back once an officer left. >> is very scary, the same time, like i said, it is the weekend, my kids are out in the front playing. last weekend they came through our fence. what is it going to take. >>reporter:a death. >> last week city counselors were supposed to take -- talk
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fix this problem. that meeting was canceled. it is supposed to happen sometime this week. now that school is back in session, kids want to do all of those extracurriculars and parents want to make them happy. >> but, we do not want to go broke doing that. the goal is to look at how your children can have fun without breaking the bank. >>reporter:extracurriculars are important for kids. self-esteem, theii development, the way of planning for your financial future. which also affects your whole family. if you cannot afford private activities, or lessons, check if your school or a community center offers classes. also, if you have more time than money, you might be able to volunteer to help out with the activity, instead of paying a fee for something. you should ask about that. always see if your kids can try the activity first, before signing up. >> my kids love to do everything , wants. so, often times we will go to that free trial, one session
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really, i didn't really like it. and that can save you a lot of time, and money. >>reporter: finally, if you have kids, especially older ones, maae them chip in. they will be more invested in the activity and a financial lesson for them as well. house, if we started something, you have to finish it. you can't quit the team. you have to stick to it. >> you have to finish. at that., if you want to stop, that is fine. >> i agree. >> it adds up. it has been years since mh and 370 venice, now families are demanding some answers. what they want investigators to do now. a driver trapped in a dangling car, fortunately a good samaritan was not afraid
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on our cheat sheet this morning we have cooler temperatures. you also find a little morning drizzle, and more afternoon storms. coming up, here's your first -- here is your first alert, today is the coolest in our seven day forecast. you can see i 25 at evans, we are nice and smooth at least to this point right here. we do have roto milling going on from evans on the way down to hampton.
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child is on life-support this morning, the only one to survive a house fire. it killed nine other people, including six children. we are getting a look inside at home wwere the fire started. investigators say it is the worst fire, many of them have seen, no one knows how the started. there were bars on the windows, and the only door outs, the front door. of life, and a singlefire incident since the 1920s. the hearts of the men and women, of the department are heavy and deeply touched from the dispatchers who took the call, to the first responders who were on the scene. >> the members fire director says and i 11 call came from inside the house, no word on
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officer killed in the line of duty, this is officer 10, he was serving a warrant in north carolina, over the weekend and he was only 38 years old. he leaves behind a wife and a 4- year-old daughter. his killer is still out there. to detroit, officer is recovering after being shot in the shoulder. the officer says he pulled up to a gas station, while on patrol, he heard gunshots and that is when the bullet hit him. he is doing okay this morning. elyse arrested someone in connection with the shooting. right now and update on the fire at the florida the pulse nightclub shooter attended. members say they are going to rebuild. this into this, they have been the subject of more threats since the june shooting, then they have been in their entire 20 years of existence. that is what they told abc news. they are looking for the person who set fire to the mosque. they release a surveillance video, the suspect at the islamic center. it shows him arriving, possibly on a motorcycle. thennyou see him, a flash goes
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off from the scene. police think that person could have burns, on their hands. a spokesperson says they are hoping to use that mosque again as soon as possible. they are one-day into an important islamic holiday. because of the timing of this, the fact it was right after 9/11, investigators are looking at the set upon -- as a possible hate crime. seems to be holding up now. the us and russia came up with a plan thht went yesterday. so far, other cease-fire deals have failed. fingers crossed on this one. syria will retake every piece of land from terrorists and then reestablish safety and security. families of those who disappeared with malaysian air flight -- airline flight 370 want investigators to examine more debris.
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marks, or scorch marks. it might be the first piece of evidence that a fire started on that plane before he vanished back in 2014. 239 people were on board the jetliner. relatives hope this new evidence will jumpstart the investigation into what happened. they were in austin, for a friend's wedding, and ends up leaving town heroes. >> they were in a parking garage, when suddenly a car with through the wall and was dangling over the edge. they then heerd a guy screaming, they followed the sound, one person called 911 while the other worked to save the driver. and then we unbuckled the belts, and we brought his legs over and got him out of the window, i pulled him out and had him on the ledge there. >> it took about three minutes to pull the driver back into the parking garage. they say it felt like a lot longer. he is okay this morning, thanks to those guys. perfect strangers came to the
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from the garage hold nothing up. that is a scary ituation to be in. we do have a little drizzle across the plains thii morning, do not do what i did last night, and leave your sunroof open when i say there ii going to be showers. >> it was a little wet on the way into work. >> we've got a few showers you will find up from denver to boulder. quite a bit of cloud cover this morning, some drizzle, low- lying clouds. here's what that looks like across northeastern colorado, pete, you would see some of the clouds leading to wet roads across the plains along the front range. 60s today, we are back in the 70's tomorrow. today will be the coolest day, but it does stay fall like through the coming weekend. we will see a few more afternoon storms, both today and again tomorrow. right now it is 51 at city park, 39 in conifer, 40 allens park. we have a cooler start to the
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denver mid to upper 60s, parker 69, 67 in aurora, upper 50s to right around 60 in the mountains. still warm on the western slope, 81. yesterday, we had pueblo and near 90 degrees, today that cold front made its way farther south they will be at 72. you've got more clouds covering the eastern half of our state this morning. this clears up i right around 11-12 o'clock. yo sunshine as you head out for lunch today. at that., a few more storms will develop in the mountains, we will get another round through the early evening for the commute you could see some what roads with a little rain, lightning and thunder. more cloud cover tomorrow, early tomorrow morning, and then another round of afternoon storms on wednesday. the mountains, this morning, we could be waking up to a little fresh snow above 12,000 feet, on the peaks, we will watch as
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today, about 10 degrees warmer tomorrow. a chance for afternoon storms wednesday, and again on thursday. but then dry as we heed into the weekend. here's your first alert. so far, saturday and sunday, upper 70s. we have a broncos game on sunday. weatherwise, jayson, pretty perfect for that. we have big delays up to the north, let me start with a drive on i 25. this is the southbound side, you can see the wet onditions we have on i 25. the southbound side of i 25 is messed up because of construction running late. there is a lane blocked it, we do have a slowdown coming for a couple of miles on the southbound side coming out of johnstown trying to get down to highway 119. 287 and some of the county roads are going to be passable, but then you bite have to go on some of the dirt roads because of the wet weather we have up that way. you can see some of the
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going down to meet and longmont. the sell side of town is for the most part dry. we will have a lane shift on northbound i 25 coming up this weekend. it will be a different look, next week. they will close down arapahoe road under i 25 this weekend to get that work done. take a look at the drive, little bit further south, it is dry here in the denver tech center right now. we have an alert right now, denver police tweeted they are responding to the area of cherokee street and ohio avenue on reports of a death there. apparently it is a body found on railroad tracks, in that area. the burlington north of santa fe railroad tracks near the i 25 broadway's light rail station. they are responding, it is a death investigation. we will keep you updated. college sports taking a
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y23uwy y5yy tomorrow, crews will tear down this cleveland is able. where a 12-year-old boy was shot and killed by an officer back in 2014. the gazebo will eventually become part of an art exhibit. this is a look at tamir rice, he is the boy who died. he was holding what appeared to be a real gun when the officer shot him. turns out it was just a toy. the ncaa is now pulling seven college championship sporting events from the state of north carolina. he goes back to the states controversy about them all. which it to use the bathroom
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driver's license, not the gender they identify with. the ncaa is the latest group to cancel events there in north carolina, because of that state law. and 89-year-old man is getting help from perfect strangers this morning after a picture of him selling popsicles, and chicago went viral. >> this is a great story. they have already raised more than $200,000 for him, and that is just in 2 days. take a look. his name is [inaudible] , he is selling ice cream and popsicles to help support his wife, as well as his 2 grandsons who him and his wife had to take in because his daughter just died. every morning, he pushes around this cart for as long as he can, some days he only makes eight dollars. other days, he does pretty well and makes $80. >> everybody in the village has a lot of respect for him. he is a hard worker. everybody is actually given the respect.
5:56 am
>> heat and asked for this helper he was determined to work until he died. some rest. he can finally have- he is going to buy his wife a presence, but he won't take her dancing because he does not like to dance. anything else she wants, he now has the money for. >> you know what? you should be so excited that these people do this for him, he should go dancing. >> he is adorable. him talk about every thing hh has done. a chilly start to the day, 40s and 50s this morning. 49 in denver right now. you can see cloud cover over denver right now. the roads will be damp area look at your 24 hour ppanner, we topped out in the upper 60s today. the coolest day on a seven day forecast. we will see more sunshine, by midday, 12 o'clock, and then a few thunderstorms this a fternoon. jayson the 60s are not going to last long. back in the 70 starting t omorrow. very wet roads to the west and north.
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through johnstown all the way down through meade. we do have some heavy duty stop and go traffic for a couple of miles now on the southbound side. an extra 35 minutes here and you can see the overall drive a lot of great out there. more traffic here in the usual spots, 270 and i 76. some local university students mad this morning. why they say the school is taking their money, without giving them something in return. in one door - a member of congress. out another - a high-paid lobbyist. 131 former members of congress
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it is 6 a.m., and is starring to feel like falling here is a live look outside. nice and quiet, in some locations. >> 50 degrees so far, lisa will have your first alert forecast we began with "breaking news", police are on the scene of a death investigation after finding a body late last night. the investigation is now in its eighth hour, happening on xanadu street here in denver. in a neighborhood a mile north of montebello. amanda del castillo is there this morning with the latest. >>reporter:police responded here around 10 p.m. last night, as you can see, they are still unseen, at this hour. it wasn't until 5 a.m. the police actually remove the body from the home here on the 5500 block of xanadu street.


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