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tv   7 News at 5 PM  ABC  September 13, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MDT

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fee charge. cinemark has dropped its request for the victims to pay the cost. some victims and their families sued thing the theory did it they ddd not do enough to protect the people. a wildfire causing evacuations in the high country. firefighters are going door-to- door and evacuating a subdivision in grant county. that fire is about 5 acres is so it is just getting started. helicopters are there helping firefighters from aaove. high wind is not helping right now. local school custodian sits in jail this our accused sexting a student at the middle school where he works. we are working this story. investigators say there could be more victims? >> reporter: they are encouuaging victims to talk -- parents to talk to their kids. we know he worked here from june 2012 to january june 2012 to january 2013 then again from 2015 to when he was arrested
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school custodian ---jacob deal old girl where he works. year- i am sure it scared her. she did tte right thing. >> the story begins here three months earlier at dutch creek elementary school. arrest documents say deal planted sticky notes in the victims desks. >> they immediately reported these notes identify who is coming from. >> fast-forward august. the teenager starts receiving texts. it is not long before the person sending dirty picture. >> one girl comes in at august 27 and says i have been texting with this guy in it turns into sexting and he sent pictures of himself to me. investigators believe that deal
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chat and this is just another reminder for parents. >> really try to watch your kids social media presence. >> right now deal is in jail and $25,000 bond for sexual exploitation of a child. investigators say more charges will follow. that is a wake-up call for parents. thank you molly. this pastor is accused of producing child pornography in our state at a church in portland oregon. investigators say they caught him as part of a nationwide effort to stop crimes agginst children. a fort collins man is charged with child abuse and he was arrested after the baby's mother roster to the hospital. a day later the baby died. no word on hernandes addition to the child. legacy strong has never been stronger.
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team decide it will take deal. we are at the stadium right now. the team has a lot more to play for then just homecoming writing rights? >> reporter: you have that right. this is all about the recovery of the street coaches who remain hospitalized and honoring the bus driver who was killed in that crash on sunday. right now you can see there is a soccer game going on here at what is known as norrh stadium in adams county. legacy highs homecoming football game versus prairie view. the district said the decision % to play the game came after a collaborative discussion with school leadership, football staff, parents and students, 15 varsity students were on the bus that crashed all are being monitored and evaluated by an athletic trainer from children's hospital. athletes will not play on friday without being cleared by that training staff. today's school pride evident throughout the school parking lot with #legacy strong written
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the students wishing the coaches a speedy recovery. i definitely hope they feel better soon and i was close with them because i used to play so i just hope they feel better soon. and with those the three coaches still in the hospital including the head coach it will be the defensive coordinator taking the reins this friday as the interim head coach. great to see how they are coming to bed the coming together. -- glad to see how they are coming together. our partners aa the post down colorado high school teams -?will travel out of state 38 times this season. legacy players pay for the trip with the help of fundraisers. ruggles linebacker brandon marshall met with deborah police chief today. dpd extended the invitation following his national anthem ?neeling protesting police shooting. we talk to marshall and police.
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media that he had with the chief. the police department but he did say to me off-camera that the meeting went well . the chief also says the meeting was very productive and that brandon had a lot of questions surrounding policing in america today. the chief said he respected brandon's right to protest and welcome this meeting that lasted an hour with open arms. brandon had a lot of questions about offices involved in controversial shootings. >> a lot of asking how come the person did not get locked up? welcome the officer did not get suspended? and brandon i think was wondering about the things also. my response to brandon is -- well many thing and maybe even you brandon are asking why the officer got off because it appeared like he or she broke the law when in most instances they did not break the law.
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actions necessary? >> chief right offered brandon several reaaing material surrounding policing. the chief also brandon took speak to use about how to stay out of harms way and participate in issues/don't shoot scenario that his officers train on and ride with the police officer for the day. brandon accepted all these suggestions and plans to participate. >> right now our police want to find his bike thief. this is the 80th and sheridan it was valued at $1100. there is a lot of interest in the native american tribe taking a stand against the pipeline in north dakota. in less than half an hour rallies will be held. it is a nationwide action. this tribe -- this line will
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polluted drinking water. i am meteorologist stacy donelson. we have been talking about storms moving to the metro area. now stores have pushed out to the east of dia and in denver we are seeing more sunshine. still clouds to the west towards the mountains. we will be seeing more showers moving through. picture we have rain to the south that you all the way down towards west creek. these are where the stronger storms have been occurring in the west -- last half-hour. our highs only in the 60s today. this will be the coolest day of our work week but for those tonight it will be chilly in the 40s across the front range. recent 40s for the mountains. we do have a lot of changes from seven-day forecast including more rain and i will have the forecast coming up. thanks stacy. a lot of you are take advantage of the legal marijuana in colorado. according to state revenue data . sales hit an all-time high in july.
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of recreational and medical that is up 27% from a year ago. three people order to testify about hillary clinton's use of the email refused to answer questions include two people from right here in our state. two employees from. river network pleaded the fifth. one witness who did take the stand told the committee it had access to all of clinton's emails even though he had no security clearance. >> content is expected back on the campaign trail on thursday. pneunia. a day after wishing her well trump's campaign is attacking clinton for failing to reveal her diagnosis sooner . >> an event to help our troops leaving the service making the transition back to civilian. >> what congress has no choice but to point out what to do with the irs. >> would you think upon would do this?
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fix that will not require you to hand over your phone.>> much- needed affordable housing for boulder but you will have to roll up your sleeves for it . a local winery just gone in an instant. by the owner says he is grateful. if you are on the south side of town rain is still
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a single semi truck cost a winery owner his entire business. you can see the crash reduce the aspen creek winery to rubble. >> lance fernandez talk to the devastated owner who knows this could have been so much worse.>> reporter: it was quite a ride. the truck came barreling down on us 285. you can see where he cut through this embankment and down into the winery destroying the building knocked over many of a did. >> reporter: firefighters sprayed water on part of the scene. >> puddles of wine, ruptured, trying to make sure we kind of diluted as much as possible since we are right next to the river kickstart the owner is grateeul that no one was killed. >> i cannot imagine what it would mean if this had happened
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in the building. >> heartbroken though hat the building was destroyed in just a second. >> first time it was a bonfire. we had to move. we came alley here data came down here. >> they had just purchased grapes. now they have had to cancel. friends and neighbors are showing up in support. >> summary spent -- sent me a picture and i just had to get over here. it was just eartbreaking. >> truck crashes at the base of crow hill one involving a beer truck and another an oil tanker. sheriff wagner says some trucker drivers don't realize how steep the hill is. >> we have a heck of the cleanup that will have to take place here. >> some trauma on the dance floor.
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shirts. this happened just after his performance after the judges were giving his critique. >> i'm going to keep moving forward. >> the protesters were arreeted and booked for protesting. th ttll nbc news that they did it because of his actions in rio that endangered americans. i don't know anyone who likes hearing from the irs himself that has been put on notice. houseboat whether to impeach jahnke scouting go back to the allegations that he targeted tea party and conservative groups. the 2016/2017 season being moved out of north carolina. the nba already pulled next year's all-star game.
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following reports that the batteries explode. now the phone is blamed for burning discard in exploding on this nightstand. >> the last saw ii my head was that a brand-new device is going to burn down my car. >> the faa also issued an advisory repot -- requiring the phones remain power off. samsung is also reportedly planning to issue a software update that will prevent the bones from overheating . facebook could end up on trial as a revenge/porn case moves forward. a judge in belfast has denied facebook's attempts to get this case dismissed. a 14-year-old is suing facebook and a man claiming that and posted a nude photo of her in repeatedly showed up.>> there has been a whole lot of love
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today is community service day. 400 volunteers worked on 14 different service projects today helping those who need it most like 64-year-old karen. she is disabled, desperately needing her house to be repainted and karen said she made sure to shake the hand of every volunteer out there today. >> i really thank them from my heart for being here, volunteering their time and their energy and their expertise to do this for me. that is so geneeous. castle rock, they are the ones who organized today's service event. take a look at this. flat iron habitat for humanity finding its biggest project ever in the city of boulder. plan is to build 19 units of affordable housing that would sit on 11 acres. the city council still has to approve the project beeause started this after nearly a decade of . stagnant income we are all
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theoretically. the census bureau says the typical us income rose by percent last year -- more than still below the median income right when the great recession began. another study released by the university of denver says colorado's minimum wage from $8.31 an hour to $12 an hour it will pump up the state economy. about 400,000 households will receive more income if november . animals spend their days in cages sometimes and humans behindso here is a plan . the denver public library and the denver shelter want to help each other out. the libraries human walking program is happening on thursday . you can help walk dogs from 10 am till 2 pm at the downtown location on 14 been broadly.
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-- on 14th and broadway. >> i absolutely love that idea. we need to get out walking as well. this is great whether to do it in. but you need the umbrella. a lot of rain pushing through the front range. i just noticed that a little rainbow is starting to form here over towards highlands ranch. we are keeping a close eye on the rain that has been developing. little bit of clearing going forth into sterling colorado thanks to cloudy skies, drizzle pushing on through. raii about a half-hour ago movvng over downtown if you are brave -- waves of rain -- a few more waves of rain . you can see the wet weather here over the western slope into southwestern colorado. we are expecting more of this to push on through as we go through tonight. at this point most of the rain is still on the south side of town so be prepared especially
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hill we have heavy showers coming down. also just north towards montrose canyon we have rain as well . temperatures in the 50s right now ffom city park to commerce city. 64 from dia. early in the 60s. coolest day of the workweek will be today. we start to warm up in the coming afternoons. rain will continue tonight. clouds will stick around. more sunshine headed toward the tonight if you're going to include wet weather, it will be cool also. temperatures in the mid-to upper 50s for dinner time. as you see here to the overnight hours we will have temperature in the 50s. mid to upper 70s during afternoon but still chances for rain during the day. headed to the bus stop tomorrow morning? jackets are needed. maybe a sweatshirt to start
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degrees. it will be warmer. scattered showers showing on up. scattereddshowers and upper 40s tonight. temperatures for the western flow 50s. it has been very windy for you around grand junction. 30s and 40s for the mountain and 40s here into the planes. chilly night for us tonight. warming up tomorrow. upper 70s probably cloudy skies and chances for showers into the afternoon. mostly around the front range. will have temperatures in the 70s in greeley . you go in elevation out to the west. 60s and 70s for tomorrow afternoon. seven-day forecast chances for rain getting worse late into thursday and friday. about a 20% chance for the-the mid-70s. beautiful weekend here on saturday and sunday. upper 70s for high drying out taking us into nnxt week. highs still below normal for this time of year in the low 80s and lots of sunshine on the way. it is soggy, cloudy weather.
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little more in our temperatures will reflect that. i like those weekends. the cameras love von miller and not just for his on- field talent. in one door - a member of congress. out another - a high-paid lobbyist. 131 former members of congress
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. i consider it wrong. that's why i'm fighting for a new law to permanently ban former members of congress from ever becoming lobbyists. i'm michael bennet
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where you usually take a right that wasn't so hard. and if finding that paint made you and your walls beam with pride, is it still paint? benjamin moore. paint like no other. find one of our 5,000 authorized retailers near you. rocky mountain national park is breaking records this year. more than 3 million check out the national beauty. the park has broken visitation records every single month this
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there. >> von miller's ads are up online and you can watch them right now. typical old spice fashion they are quirky to say the least and i want to show you a sneak peak. >> i'm going to make stop push my body to its limits.>> he is trying to make it harder to sacked the quarterback. his shoes are tied together. he holds the beehive. he carries a spoon on his head. he goes to tsa security and 90 it's is got. >> there is a second ad right now. you can watch that one on theedenver seven app. >> if you are old school orange crush fans like me. the nfl just released this color rushed uniforms for the october game in san diego.
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uniforms from 1990 they were these uniforms from 1996 till 1998. >> it is pretty boring game -- the niners blew out the rams 28- 0 boring until iman ran out onto the fiell and he took off his shirt. take a listen. >> epic play-by-play. he runs the 50, immersive they are chasing him. waving his arms, somebody stop that man. >> oh they got them. they caught him. and they tackle him at the 40 yard line . [ laughter ] >> they are so not impress. the nfl did not show the streaker by the way plenty of our viewers caught it. there you go. >> best play-by-play of the
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perhaps. here's my thought. every time there is a streaker there is 70 at home watching television going jimmy? [ laughter ] honey look who is on the screen. >> that's right. >> find a look at whether. few scattered showers moving to the east of town. temperatures tomorrow eastern --
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tonight, breaking news. police officers run down. the stunning surveillance video just released. authorities say a driver intentionally ramming into the officers as they were simply standing. also tonight, the new tropical threat at this hour, it could very well affect the east coast. the new images tonight, the investigation into that plane that nearly skidded off the runway and into the water n york's laguardia airport. and the other scare. the jet that landed without much of its landing gear. was it what the doctor ordered? with hillary clinton recovering from pneumonia, president obama hits the trail and takes aim at donald trump. and trump's physical. what his campaign now says about trump's privacy and dr. oz. and storming the dance floor. tonight, the arrests, and now, the new charges. why did they rush ryan lochte on


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