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tv   7 News at 10 PM  ABC  September 13, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm MDT

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crime tape and poliie cars have closed down the street. >> wwere there as church members rushed to the home after work was received their pastor was taken away in a police car. jaclyn allen, you saw police go in that house in the last hour. >> reporter: that's right, detectives are working late into the night coming in and out of that open garage door you see right there. they are processing a scene inside the house. they are calling this a which means they are slowing down to investigate it before the call it a natural death. they have put up crime scene tape, completely blocking off the street so that has people talking. this all started around 5:15 pm tonight when police first got the call. radio traffic says a man called saying he had found his wife in a pool of blood and that she may have fallen but before long, police surrounded the area and shut off the road. they have been interviewing witnesses and canvassing the
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opener at a church in aurora, walked away in handcuffs with bags over his hands, which helps preserve evidence like gunshot residue. friends of the family call this a mistake. they say it's a tragic death but not a crime. >> the husband, who was the pastor, called me that something happened to his wife and i told him i would be right there. i asked him if he called and he said he already did. >> reporter: and detectives are here now processing the scene. friends say the pastor's wife has been sick for about a year but was doing well on sunday in church. police say they are interviewing people right now but will not say if they have made any arrests in the case yet. they say the cause of death and a positive identificatiin are also not yet available. members of that church are here tonight and they say they are in mourning for their pastor's
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know yet the fate of their pastor. reporting live, jaclyn allen denver 7 just in tonight, the widow of a lakewood police officer has agreed to a $3.5 million settlement with the city. you might remember officer james davies was killed in 2012 by friendly fire. anooher officer thought he was a suspect and shot him. his wife sued the city, the police department and other officers. some high-profile misconduct leases led commerce city police to get help from department. the goal is to ccean up department and maintain community trust. one resident says his concern is how to keep officers from leaving and maintain community safety. >> i did want to find out what this is going to do to address that and number two, what with the timeline be that they would be able to organize and or make changes to policies or procedures. >> we start like what we're doing now.
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we gather a lot of information. >> the justice department's first meeting tonight and another at adam city high school tomorrow from 6 pm to 8 pm. a denver 7 exclusive, a colorado man is raising money for a special needs program but says a profit -- a nonprofit spent the money. jennifer kovaleski joins us. this would be the first playground in the state. >> reporter: there is nothing else like it. this is the superhero playground designs with an area for kids with sensory disorders but the autism society of colorado won't give thhs man the money he raised. >> reporter: this isn't their money. this is the playground money. >> reporter: he is feeling a little down. >> what up buddy? >> reporter: it's moments like this. >> do you like it? it's pretty sweet. >> reporter: that reminds zach white he does it.
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and started this facebook page to bring joy to kids who need it. >> it chokes me up every time i go. >> reporter: he came up with the idea to build the superhero themed special-needs playground ?fter visiting another park with his kids. >> a girl rolled up in her wheelchair and couldn't get past the barrier. she was crying. the mom tried to help but there was nothing she could do. >> reporter: crawford says he partnered with raise money but when he decided it wasn't working out -- >> after getting the runaround, i found out they spent the money. >> reporter: crawford says they have more than $3000. the nonprofit treasurer says they can only give it to another charity. >> if he would just give us a charity to give it to. >> reporter: but crawford said it isn't that simple. >> it's frustratinn because we are trying to call and they we have this great playground but i have this issue with this other one. i need you to take the money, the funds should be returned. >> reporter: he hopes they will
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so the playground can go on. >> what if one of the kids comes here and there wheelchair and they meet their future best friend and they never would have met them if it wasn't for this playground? >> reporter: we asked the autism center of colorado why they spent the money to begin with. the treasurer blamed the previous executive director who has been fired. crawford has sent up -- set up this gofundme page to raise money in the meantime. jennifer kovaleski for wayne voorhees thank you very much. after being dropped -- by two protesters, brandon marshall got a new endorsement deal with russell simmons. t-mobile posted this on instagram today calling marshall a hero, saying he is eternally grateful for his courage and the courage of other athletes. this deal comes after marshall's sit down with the ddnver police chief, robert wright. wives -- while we didn't get to witness the meeting, we found out marshall wanted to know what police go through every
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involved in controversial shootings and don't get punished, he feels. the chief also invited marshall to take part in one of the shoot-don't shoot screenings. >> i suggested to him that what i thought would be very valuable and very powerful, is it is always good to give money but to spend some of his time actually talking to young people about making good decisions and not putting themselves in harm's way. >> white says marshall has accepted all those suggestions and plans it is now a done deal. the families of the theater shooting victims will not have to pay cinemark for their failed lawsuit. the theater legal fees added up to some $700,000 but after the families dropped the appeal, the theater changed its mind. u.s. 6 and clear creek is closed while crrws cleanup a
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there are serious injuries and authorities told us within the last hour that alcohol was involved. new tonight, this southwest jet was supposed to land in denver but maybe an emergency stop in chicago after reports of smoke in the cockpit. fortunately, it ended up being nothing but everyone on board had to go to another flight. they made it to denver about an hour and a half late. the weather took a turn and many of ou are still seeing rain. stacey donaldson with were first alert of who will see storms overnight. >> we have a line of showers from georgetown to bailey but reaching into our southern suburbs around denver. a little closer look of rain along c-470 from roxborough into centennial and moving up toward aurora. keep in mind all these showers are coming this direction. within the next hour, this rain moving over the downtown area and we have more to come. the complete for court -- the complete forecast for tomorrow in just a few minutes.
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after the federal government temporarily locked construction a few days ago. this march was held in denver tonight, another one was held in denver -- boulder. environmentalists want to stop construction of the line along tribal and federal lands. new tonight, great news about two of the coaches injured in the school bus crash at dia sunday. just a few hours ago, the principle of legacy high school sent out an email saying kyle rider and recovering at home. the third coach injured is still in the hospital. while those coaches continue to recover, schools all over colorado our standing with legacy students. >> that support happened in an unlikely place when an opposing team took time before a girls volleyball team for a tribute. liz gelardi shows us what went to -- what into that powerful tribute. >> reporter: putting
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>> our crowd is wearing blue and white. we have a card signed by all of us for the football team. we hope you can get it to them. >> reporter: the girls volleyball team at legacy high school showed up to play this game at arvada west. it wasn't easy. a bus driver dead after a ured, horrific accident involving the football team. >> being able to do something for your opposing rival is just a really cool and important thing. >> reporter: arvada west vo with flowers before the game. handed one to each girl from legacy. >> and it's not only here on the volleyball court. students from all over colorado are showing their support using #legacy strong. chino hilll and greeley central all post in pictures of banners for the
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>> it's so touching. it's so great to know the community cares. it's awesome to know we are being supported. >> reporter: small acts of kindness that mean so much during this difficult time. >> i thought it was great. that is exactly what we need right now and it helped a lot. >> reporter: and these girls just so outful. this was all their idea. one of them sent a text message to their coach. of course, s they all took part in planning the tribute tonight. liz gelardi, denver 7. >> love that support. evvn after the crash, homecoming ill go on as planned at legacy high school. the big night is friday against prairie view. you might be asking if the students hurt in the crash will play. before hitting the field, all players must be cleared by a doctor. this is new video that made us all gasp. one of many stories still to come on denver 7. >> get up, get back in the
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driver. the amazing survival story of these officers in this bike thief couldn't hide from the cameras.
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breaking news. a pastor's wife is dead on
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you can see crime tape has shut down the area. witnesses tell denver 7 the pastor was taken away in handcuffs tonight with bags over his hands. at th time, police still say theyyare investigating this as a suspicious death. tonight, unbelievable video out of phoenix. a drivvr slams into three police officers at a gas statton. thankfully, they were all okay but you can see the car coming from the riggt speeding right an officer sent flying into the air. it is hard to believe they all survived >> these officers could have been easily killed and i think god -- thank god we're not planning three funerals. >> the officers were able to get up and tackle the suspect to the ground. police say this was an intentional attack and they are still trying to figure out the motive. this winery taken out by a semi that plowed right into
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nobody was injured and the owners are thankfully didd't happen during a busy weekend. we are still waiting to hear from investigators about why the truck lost control. a school custodian accused of sexting a sixth-grader. the jefferson county sheriff's office says jacob deal is leaving notes in the student's desk while she was at best creek elementary. onceeshe started going to 10 carol middle, deal set the 13- year-old a new photo. he has been placed on l this man stole a pretty expensive bicycle. it was the end of july at 80th and sheridan. that bicycle is worth $1100. tonight, in your voice your vote, their job was to run an email server in denver but they found themselves in front of congress to verify -- testified about hillary clinton's emails. they only pled the 5th.
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the campaign trail. she almost fainted over the weekend but her campaign says she will return to work on thursday. both donald trump and his daughter have trips planned to come to our state. lorado springs on saturday evening. get tickets at a link on our denver 7 up. on his website, it shows his daughter will be in denver next wednesday, a week from tomorrow for a fundraiser. duvets or not minimum wage. that is the question voters will answer in november. adam hammond went straight to the source of a new study about a $12 an hour minimum wage hike. >> reporter: hundreds of thousands of people would be affected by a $12 minimum wage. that is about 12% of call -- of all households. but some including our own governor are not sure about how the plan would impact the job market.
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colorado. that's about $17,000 a year. if amendment 70 is approved, it would raise two $9.30 and reach $12.30 by 2020. that is about $7000 more a year than the current wage. a new university of denver study shows how raising the men -- the minimum wage could positively impact women and children. >> one thing is it increases economic activity in the state and we believe will spur job growth. places like seattle and oakland where wages are up, they expect the $12 minimum wage to boost income for about 290,000 women and their families but it's not just as simple as raising the minimum wage. in an exclusive interview, governor john hickenlooper says what is good for some could have a negative impact on ranchers. >> they are right now on commodity prices. they are at record lows.
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for them to have to raise the cost of their breed -- upbringing in their crops. other states have done a geographic exemption. >> reporter: still a lot to see what will happen. supporters say more spending money equals more jobs created but some business owners are countering that saying higher wages will eliminate jobs because that increase would be passed off to consumers in the form of higher prices. >> thank you for that. we want to clarify a point we made in a fact check on a no on amendment 59 commercial. if colorado care passes in the's board of trustees believes higher taxes are needed to keep up with healthcare, voters will get to decide. if not, it will be decided by the colorado care board. im stacey donaldson. not too bad across the front ranne tonight but we have scattered showers. you will have some rain tip tapping on the rooftops tonight
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moving through. as we look farther south, the pikes peak camera has been looking ominous for the last hour but it finally socked n with cloud cover so we can't see anything. we do have moisture still congregating around pikes peak for this evening. no showers showing up for colorado springs. we have a lot of rain from the southwest moving across the front range. a closer look shows you we do have light showers on the south side of town but it also extends toward bailey georgetown. this is heading our direction. if you're driving on c-470 or toward centennial, even aurora, this is going from south to north. from the bottom of your screen to the top as we go through the nnxt hour. we are expecting more showers. evergreen, conifer, jefferson, bailey and even a little light snow on the tops of the mountains. we are seeing a little mixture here through the last hour out toward craig and rifle.
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as well. temperatures on the cool side, mid-60s for afternoon highs. a much cooler night, overnight lows in the 40s. were sitting in the low 50s now. scattered rain showers tonight, clouds stick around overnight and then we warm up tomorrow. more sunshine coming this weekend with highs in the 70s tomorrow afternoon. by dinnertime, 71 degrees with a few scattered showers moving through. we will havv that slight chance of rain tomorrow during the day but not bad tonight with temperatures in the 50s and scattered showers. clouds in the morning, sunshhne in the afternoon allowing us to get into the 70s for afternoon highs. 60s but it will be a cool start at 52 degrees at the bus stop. be sure you get the kids jackets or sweatshirts as they head out the door and 78 degrees as they go out the door. a warmer day for us. overnight lowssin the 40s with rain ssowers and tonight for
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breezy. winds around 50 miles per hour today. 30s and 40s for the mountains and 40s overnight for the front range and eastern plains. tomorrow, highs in the upper 70s with partly sunny skies and a few showers. temperatures mostly in the 70s from greeley to platteville. 71 degrees for castle rock and 78 degrees for highlands ranch. mid-70s for the western slope tomorrow. 78 degrees here in denver. temperatures staying in the 70s through the remainder of week. we just get fewer chances for rain in the forecast. a 10 to 20% chance on thursday and friday. we will definitely have sunshine over the weekend. saturday and sunday bright spots with highs in the upper 70s and 80s return at the beginning of next week. 81 degrees on monday and 84 degrees tuesday with mostly sunny skies. we are priming the pump here, literally with a little water. we will get some rain going through and then we clear it out at the beginning of next
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an apple store mistaken for
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before you install the latest upgrade to your iphone or ipad, wait a while. some users who were quick to download the software say a
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access to their phones. they had to plug their devices into itunes to restore the device. people going to and apple store in wisconsin will not find electronic devices. >> green bay's apple store sells you know, apples. the source managers says it has gotten lots of calls asking when the new iphone is coming out or can they set up repairs? do you have iowa seven? no, we have granny smith. who was granny smith? we have so much good stuff on 7 sports extra tonight. best depth chart ever for see you. -- at in one door - a member of congress.
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welcome to 7 sports extra and welcome back to the big house to the cu buffs. after what happened, some 22 years ago, 1994 ball clinton was president and schindler's list won the oscar for best picture and kordell stewart of the bus started the play of the year. see you down 26" 20 -- cu down 26-20. prayer answered, this was the miracle at michigan. the bus win by a point. one of the greatest moments in see you foooball history. this happened before some of them were even born. >> that was a great play to win the game and we have heard about it a lot. being here not this week, we can focus on ourselves and focus on just playing them play for play and hopefully it
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say depth chart so see you -- cu decided to troll them a bit. clark griswold, elwood, jake blues, carl >> were, the dude lebowski -- karel slew, the dude lebowski. first time, they will ever wear orange pants and orange jerseys. comments will have a old capitol d horse logo. reporter: rookies-d backs. nasty blast. number 26. the rocks down 6 hecate 4 -- 6- 4. cannonball into the pool. it's 11-4 in the 6th right now. reporter: back by popular demand, you told me on social media you had to see this again so here you go.
10:31 pm
of the field last night at the rams like a 49ers game. an instant classic. >> somebody has run out on the field. some goofball in a hat and a redshirt. he takes off the shirt, running down the middle by the 50, 230, bare chested and banging his chest, runs the opposite way. he wants to the 50, the 50, the guy is drunk but there he goes. they are not going to get him. waving his arms, bare chested, somebody stop that man. >> here comes the blue coats. >> 40 yard line. >> reporter: come to find out, he wasn'ttdrunk. he was a sober 16-year-old who
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, patrick dempsey, bug expert dr. justin schmidt and music from tame impala. and now, here we go again -- here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ? >> kevin: very nice. thanks, everybody. i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. thank you for coming. welcome to hollywood. this is where it all happens. some good, mostly -- hey, did you see what happened on "dancing with the stars" last


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