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tv   7 News Now at 6 AM  ABC  September 14, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MDT

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first alert at 6:00 a.m., the nfl issues a response to concussion criticism, this as other cities are accusing the broncos of dirty play. we start your 6:00 a.m. broadcast with a suspicious death investigation going on right now in montbello. a local pastor says he found his wife in a pool of blood yesterday morning. this comes less that same neighborhood. th in %- now people in the area want to know if the pastor is responsible. denver7's amanda del castillo is in montbello with the developments this morning. amanda. >> reporter: it started around 5:15 yesterday afternoon at this home along andrews drive in montbello. radio traffic says the man called in saying his wife may have fallen. police are calling it a suspicious death, though, meaning they're taking more
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making a ruling. friends of the couple say this is the result of a tragic death, not a crime, mentioning that the wife was sick for the lass year. however, witnesses say they saw the man being taken away from the scene in handcuffs, with bags over his hands. that's generally done to preserve aay type of evidence, including gunshot residue. we did a search through the denver sherifffs department inmate search, and we didn't find his name in the next half hour we'll hear from a family friend. reporting in montbello, i'm amanda del castillo, denver 7. here's your first alert that we have a few showers across southern colorado this morning. some dense fog across the northeastern plains. you'll see a mix of sun and clouds in denver this afternoon. here's a view of that fog from our viera wireless camera. that's in limon. east on i-70 you'll be running into that if you're heading into kansas. temperatures now, upper 40s,
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noon. chance for a few thunderstorms this afternoon. but our highs today a good, probably 7 to 10 degrees warmer than what we saw yesterday. we're expecting mid- to upper ?0s, but you'll notice here's your first alert by about 4:30 more storms this afternoon. we have an accident on the freeways. it's on that weird merge here, comes off sheridan, this is the ramp from sheridan to go east on 6th avenue. you can see the flashing lights and denver police department and fi thh center and tten the left lanes and trying to allow for some of these folks to get on to the highway earlier. so it will start to back up traffic a little bit here on that eastbound side of 6th avenue at sheridan. the longer it sits there the worse it will get. the other side of 6th, the westbound side, one lane is open. it will be like this until 9:00 tonight today and tomorrow as they're repairing the bridge damage we had from that track hoe that hit the bridge the
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to the north side. typical, i-76 and 270 to start off the morning drive. 6:03 now. later today we expect at least one of the drivers in thiss crash to be charged with dui. both lanes had to be closed during the investigation at u.s. 6 and clear creek canyon. at least one perron was seriously injured and at least one driver was drunk. the family of a lakewood police officer, james davies, will receive $3.5 million from the city. davies was killed by friendly fire in 2012. his wife sued the city, the police department, and other officers. last night we learned his wife and department agreed on a settlement. an investigation revealed davies was shot by another officer who thought he was the armed suspect. the jefferson county d.a. cleared the officer of any criminal wrong doing.
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commented on the settlement. this man could spend the rest of his life in jail. his name is juan hernandez. he's accused of beating an 11- month-old girl to death in fort collins. he was charged with first degree murder just yesterday. our denver 7 investigative team did some digging and found out hernandez is a convicted child abuser. he was out on parole for a 2013 incident. in that case, the boy had more than 100 bruises on his body. from the first alert desk, back to mentioned, nfl commissioner roger goodell is responding to criticism about the nfl's handling of player concussions. the nfl is launching a $100 million concussion initiative and this comes as the broncos are getting criticized for playing dirty on the field during their game against the panthers. cam newton was hit in the head several times.
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it also says, we have wwrked hard to educate our teams. but this latest agreement makes sure there will be serious consequences. these protestors are doing their best to stop construction on the dakota access pipeline. this ppotest happened in denver. it was part of a national day of action against the native american groups and environmentalists want the construction stopped among the federal and tribal lands. this video shows construction equipment being moved fromthatt area. but internally, the energy company believes this controversy may blow over. here's what the company's ceo told employees in a memo, a quote --
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later today the colorado board of education will decide if your kids should be able to buy diet soda in school. in 2009, the state voted to ban diet soda and low calorie beverages in schools. several health advocacy group, including the american heart association have come out in support of the baa. but republicans on the school board say the ban is a wasse of time, since it hasn't cut down child obesity rates. we'll be there tonight vote happens. download our free denver 7 app so you'll be the first to know what the decision is when it comes down. 6:06 now. the boulder city council is working on a solution to that city's homeless problem, but they can't agree on how to spend the $2.9 million they have budgeted. some ideas include a new service center, mobile healthh care unit and three new employees to deal with homelessness issues. city council has scheduled two october meetings to discuss
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hold a public comment session. the deeartment of justice wants your help to fix problems at the commerce city police department. you can make your voice heard tonight during a meeeinn at adams city high school. the police asked for a doj performance review after several cases of police misconduct. they held their first meeting last night. several spoke out, saying the department needs to build trust with the community. some relief r the aurora theater shooting victims. they will not have to pay cinemark for their failed lawsuit. the theater owner's legal fees added up to $700,000. they wanted the victims to cover that. but when families decided not to appeal the verdict, the theater decided not to make them pay. evacuations are still in place this morning because of a wildfire burning in the high country. this is in grand county. these are pictures from
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12 homes were evacuated, and firefighters had no containment on the 5-acre blaze. they say this one is not growing, though, which is good news. firefighters will be back at work today. it's 6:08. a du study says a minimum wage increase could spur job growth in our state. now it's $8.31 an hour. if voters approve an increase, it would rise to $12 an hour by 2020. denver7 sat down with governor about this idea, and he says it could have a negative impact on farmers and ranchers. >> now commodity prices are at a record low, so this would be a difficult time for them to have to raise the cost of bringing in their crops. other states have done a geographic exemption. -?>> if the hike wage passes in november, 20% of our population
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that's more than 1 million people. bad news for frontier airlines. a survey has them dead last for less than two-thirds of their flights landed on time. jetblue, american and southwest were all among the worst performers. but frontier was by far the worst. they are 12 percentage points below the industry average. they blame the problems n their ramp services contractor. rtd driver is still up after he was beaten up over an invalid fare. up next, find out who police have arrted. have been drunk when he crashed -?right into a police cruiser. the shocking video when we come back. we're here in the first alert center where we're tracking a cooler morning. % temperatures in the upper 40s to low 50s. city park now 49. 30s in the foothills. here's your first alert it will get armer. about 7, 10 degrees warmer this afternoon. details coming up. this accident at the end of
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eastbound 6th avenue is causing for an early merge onto the highway, causing slight slowing
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traffic alert, this is from airtracker7. you see the activity here, this is the westbound side of 6th avenue trying to get over to i- 70. diverted at the exit ramp at indiana. this is the release i got from them last night that said they were going o allow one lane of traffic through the closure using the shoulder. doesn't look like they're using the shoulder to me right now. looks like they have everything closed here at indiana, where they're forcing all traffic off and from that point you have to get up to colfax and back to 6th and golden. a bigger and longer delay expected now. i'll get on the phone with those guys and see what's going on in just a minute. thank you. it is 6:14 now.
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caused by the strongest storm of the year, this hit in taiwan while you were sleeping. it could take weeks to clean up the damage. it's a super typhoon. at one point wind gusts were around 180 miles per hour. it's now headed for china. could make landfall there tomorrow. back here at home arvada police need help finding this man here. got a pretty good picture of him. he is accused of stealing a bike near that bike is worth $1,100. this happened at the end of july. police are searching for new leads now. call crimestoppers if you know anything. another man here is sitting in jail this morning, accused of beating up an rtd driver. his name is anthony mata. lakewood police say he broke the bus driver's nose sunday after the driver told him to get a valid ticket. he's facing second degree assault charges.
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a car comes out of noohere and crashes right there into a police cruiser. one officer is hit. the two others managed to jump out of the way just in time. police believe this was intentional. the officer who was hit was able to get up, tackle the suspect to the ground. his name has not been released. 6:15 now. the food bank of the rockies will get a massive donation today. land o'lakes is giving them 40,000 poundd of macaroni and cheese. a semi full of the pasta will be morning. the company has made similar donations around the ccuntry is summer. live look outside now, this might not surprise you, august was the hottest august ever recorded. >> it felt it. this is the 11th straight month our planet has set a temperature record and researchers say 2016 is on pace now to be the hottest year ever. 3 if you're looking to enjoy the colorado weather, you may
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on the plaza. it's happening this afternoon at wynkoop plaza. you can check out the action. proceeds go to several local norofits. there are many sports i'm not good at and that's one of them. it will be nice this afternoon for it. could see a few thunderstorms this afternoon. here is your cheat sheet on this wednesday. chilly again this morning. up we are going to see a few more afternoon storms, but more sunshine in store this weekend. timing-wise, it's pretty good news. saturday and sunday it looks beautiful. live look from our loveland ski area camera, you can see some of the clouds off in the distance, looking off to the east from the ski area, you're going to find even patchy dense fog on the plains. a few showers across southern colorado. but skies clearing out a bit
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clouds. scattered storms and showers in the mountains again today. a few of those in differeet by the commute. you could find wet roads heading home tonight. also lasts through the early evening. fast forward to about 8:00, 9:00, and as you get farther north and east near sterling and akron, could get more storms and howers there and things will clear out tonight. the difference, tomorrow we're in for more sunshine early on. ii wiil be patchy fog on th plains. agaii, more sunssine by midday tomorrow. temperatures now in the 40s to 50s. we'll be in the mid- to upper 70s this afternoon. it's about 5 to 10 degrees warmer than yesterday. and overnight lows more 50s by early thursday morning. denver today 78. we've got estes park at 65. highlands ranch, 78 this afternoon. low 70s in castle rock. more 80s near pueblo and lamar. 70s through the weekend.
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some low 70s. isolated storms thursday and friday. then here's your first alert, pretty nice for the weekend. on sunday for the broncos game, it's an afternoon game, so we're expecting temperatures to be right around 78 degrees by the start of it, and we should see low to mid-70s by the enn of it. but mostly sunny skies. pretty good weather for tailgating sunday. i have details at 6th and i- 70. take a look at the drive fr they are allowing some of the wessbound traffic to get through. here's i-70, east, westbound i- 70. this s 6th, this is the area i want to focus in on . the west side bridge repair that happened sunday, they had it tempooarily closed at indiana. that's lifted. they did it so they could do more prep work and didn't need vehicles in there. so this westbound side should
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again tomorrow from 5:00 a.m. to 9:00, until the bridge repairs are done. take a look at the map and let me show you, this is the area here. they've had it temporarily closed at indiana. they had to go up to colfax and now one lane is open. minimal delays as we will have the project all day. other problem, at the end of the ramp that comes from sheridan to go east on 6th avenue. with that early merge in there, it's slowing down these folks coming in from just after wadsworth through trying to get over to federal. the map shows otherwise typical slowing on the north side of not seeing significant problems with the south side of town on 470 or through the denver tech center. passengers on this southwest jet got quite a scare yesterday after a report of smoke in the cockpit. the plane was supposed to land in denver, but made an emergency stop in chicago. the passengers were put on a different flight and they were only an hour and a half late,
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to denver. you may see some low flying planes in northeast and southeast regions of our state today. nothing to worry about here. colorado parks and wildlife officials are counting the number of prairie dogs in our state. they haven't counted their population in about a decade. they're hoping for more accurate results. the samsung galaxy note 7 is beenggblamed for there fire in a jeep. the company says if you have one of those phones you need to interestingbly, they have not issued an official recall. the company says it will issue a ssftware patch to take care of the problem. if you need a quicker fix, you can take your phone to a retailer. russian hackers are trying
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medical records of simone biles and the williams officers were released. cu boulder, du and the school of mines are all in the top one best colleges. princeton was number one. harvard number two. du and school of mines tied at 82. and cu boulder 92. >> cu boulder recently nnmber 10 on a different list, the too 10 schools for reefer maddens. >> we were 10? >> used to be cu was one of the top party schools? >> yeah. >> now that you graduated. >> lisa, too. buffaloes are hoping for a
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it is 6:24.
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remember this play from 1994, cordell stewart throws up a hail mary. michael westbrooks makes the catch and they win. now they're hoping for the same result. >> heard about it a lot, being here, not this week, because we're focusing on ourselves, focused on just playing them play for play. hopefully doesn't come down to >> check this out, the broncos ?ave unveiled their uniforms and these are a throwback to the late '80s. the helmets will have the capital d logo. the uniform is all orange. orange pants, orange jersey, orange shoes, you name it. you can see them in action on october 13th. you see von miller coming at you in that thing, you run, go the other way.
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livv look from our viera wireless camera in limon, and you can see how thick that fog is this morning. in denver a mix of sun and clouds. at the bus stop your kids will need a sweatshirt, light jacket. highs this afternoon in the upper 70s. it will be a warmer day today by 5, 10 degrees. and more 80s return to southern colorado. you can see from airtracker7 the one-lane configuration on the westbound side of 6th going they have these huge trucks. they're going to do repairs to the bridge that was hit sunday. minimal delays at this point. slight delays, 6th and sheridan from the earlier crash sitting at the end of the ramp. looks like it's moved off to the side. gorgeous sunrise now. thanks, jayson. 6:26. the metro area is legacy strong. it's been a remarkable show of support for the victims of this weekend's bus crash. we'll show you some of that. we'll take you to the scene of a death investigation.
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good morning. it's 6:30. we start off with a traffic alert on 6th avenue by i-70. westbound lanes, we have one lane open for emergency bridge repairs and i'll have moree details in just a minute. also at 6:30, want to get back to the top story of the morning. a suspicious death of a local pastor's wife. >> denver police found the woman in her after her husband reportedly called police saying he found her in a pool of blood. family and friends say this is a tragic death, not a crime. but we're told the man, the husband was taken away in handcuffs. >> denver 7's amanda del castillo oins us from outside that home with the latest. amanda. >> reporter: we did a denver sheriff's department search this orning to find his name on the inmate list and we didn't see the pastor's name there. however, witnesses tell us that they did see him being taken
6:31 am
drive in montbello yesterday afternoon in handcuffs wi a bag over his hands. that's generally done to preserve any evidence that police may find eventually. police were interviewing witnesses and canvassing the neighborhood all night. but friends and family are calling this all a mistake. they tell us the woman had been sick for about a year and she was in church on sunday doing well. we're told the man is a pastor at a >> the husband, who was a pastor, called me that something happened to his wife, and i told him right there, and i ask him did he call 911 and he said he already did. >> reporter: police won't say whether they've made an arrest, but say the cause of death and positive identification isn't available at this time. follow the suspicious death investigation developments on
6:32 am
morning, i'm amanda del castillo, denver 7. it is now 6:31. here's your first alert, still very foggy across eastern colorado. that's the view near peetz. closer to the airport, some of the clouds making for a beautiful sunrise this morning. we had a little rain overnight. few storms and showers. could get a few more today, but a touch warmer today, 5 to 10 degrees warmer. mix of sun and clouds, and by about 3:00 we're at 78 degrees. chance of storms this afternoon, so just in the commute home, potentially soccer practice, you're going to find a few showers, rain, lightning and thunder. highlands ranch 78. 60s for the foothills. here's your first alert that we are in for more sunshine this morning. we'll have an update on your we haveethis emergency bridge repair that happened after a truck carrying a big backhoe hit the bridge of i-70. you can see some of the damage there. this is the westbound side of 6th avenue gging under the eastbound lanes of i-70.
6:33 am
until 9:00, and tomorrow 5:00 a.m. to 9900. until they're done, 6th avenue will be in this one-lane golden. ation from indiina to you'll be in that configuration. you can use an alternate if you want, but i think staying with 6th will probably be the best ride if you're going out to golden that way. the overall drive here on 6th avenue, you can see the heavy stop and go traffic into some of the sunshine. the accident here at the ramp is news. it's the sunshine that will take us ovvr here. you can see some of the heavy traffic to the north side, typical here. 225 getting busier. c-470 now wide open. former secretary of state colin powell has confirmed authenticity of e-mails. in the e-mails he blasted donald trump calling him a
6:34 am
international pa riah. the e-mail on trump was sent by powell to a former aide and they said trump was in the process of destroying himself and there was no need for the democrats to attack him. two of the coaches injured in this school bus crash are out of the hospital this morning. last night the principal of legacy high scol e-mailed parents and students to let them know wayne voorhees and kyle rider are recovering at home. a third coach, matt kroupa, is still in the hospital. the coaches may be on the football team is back in action. last night the girls' volleyball team was in action and their opponents, arvada % west showed their support. >> we're wearing blue aad white and we have a card signed for the football team. >> being able to do something for a different team, your opposing rival, is a cool and important thing. >> schools across the state are
6:35 am
media. they're using #legacystrong. we've seen photographs from other schools. so much support. also a couple of gofundmeepages set up for the victims of the bus crash. one is for the coaches, all of whom are recovering from serious injuries, and that's raised about a thousand dollars i'm told. there's also a page that's been set up for the bus driver's family. 3 he was killed in never know why she crashed into the concrete barrier, but $11,000 has been raised on that page so far. you can find a link to both pages on our free denver 7 app, and you can watch our interview with the bus driver's husband, who said his wife was a hard worker who would do anything for the people she cared for. denver 7 working to get answers about how a person died yesterday morning. the body was found on the
6:36 am
it shut down the area several hours. the victim has not been identified yet. the person's name will be released probably the next couple of days. iphone users are being tood not to install the new up grade. some users were locked out of their phones after they downloaded ios 10. they had to do a system restore and many of them lost pictures or videos that can't be replaced. again, be careful and apple will release a patch in the next couple of days that should take care of the problem. brandon mmrshall's protest leaning near the national anthem earned him a meeting with denver's police of chief. chief white said marshall -?wanted to know more about wha officers go through every day and had questions about officer
6:37 am
many people, and maybe you, are asking why do the officers got offfwhen it appears like they break the law, when mostly they didn't break the law. what you're really asking are were the actions necessary. marshall meanwhile has a new endorsement morning. russell simmons, hip-hop mogul, offered marshall o team up with a prepaid debit card he is coowner of. the card has had problems. last year rushcard went out for weeks and some custommrs who used direct deposit couldn't get money while service was out. the company agreed to a $20
6:38 am
users in may. 6:38 now. the federal government could ban businesses from suing over negative reviews on places like yelp. the house already passed this idea, which makessit illegal for companies to put the gag clauses in their customer contracts. those clauses prevent people from sharing their honest opinions on he sites. some businesses have sued peoppe over negative reviews. the bill is working through the u.s. senate now. there is to timetable for a final vote. here at homead bar is set to reopen in a few days and they ave a generous donation to charity in their new business model. >> we told you last week about -?them closing for renovations. the new developer plans to give now on to humanitarian worrers. it will open saturday. we have posted a link with more information on broncos' star von miller going viral again this morning, all because of a strange but
6:39 am
does this face look familiar? not sure if we have it. this one definittly looks family. we have anotherrface to show
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6:41 am
good wednesday morning. it's 6:41. here's your cheat sheet for today. still a little cool this to low 50s. but warmer this afternoon. we will see a few more afternoon storms, but heading into the weekend, more sunshine expected saturday and sunday. littleton 78. 78. you'll be at 73 in boulder and 76 in longmont. jayson, here's your first alert% we're getting a little closer to normal. there are some 80s on the seven- day. heads up using northbound 225 to go to i-70. you can see this accident, i
6:42 am
cars involved, waiting for aurora police, maybe denver police to show up. it's a weird area. this is the ramp from northbound to go west i-70. with the ramp partially blocked there is a traffic jam. i always take the road less traveled. if the road hasn't been traveled at all, i make my own road. >> von miller's new old spice advertisements are out and they're just as quirky as those s spice's pitchman terry crews. >> we have both of his ads on our free denver 7 app. you have to check booh out. >> they're fun. a semi crash destroys thousands of dollars worth of wine, but it also destroyed the ffmily business. we'll hear from the heart broken owners. donald trump is planning another stop in colorado. while hillary clinton's colorado based e-mail server
6:43 am
6:44 am
good morning. 6:44now. taking a live look at a beautiful start to the morning
6:45 am
turning to more news now, a man, jacob deal, is in custody thii morning. he worked for the jefferson county school district. jeffco deputies say he sectioned a middle -- >> thhy want you to ask children if they recognize jacob eal. at last check he was still employed by jeffco school, but a district spokesperson told us he's on leave. this pastor is accused of producing child porn in colorado. he works at an oregon church. he was caught as part of a nationwide sting. this florida woman, her name is kathy gibson, and she's accused of going on a rampage
6:46 am
complaining about food at a wendy's. she threw a drink in the manager's face, and destroyed equipment and shouted at several people. she is facing a battery charge now. more people are experiencing the wonder of rocky mountain national park. the park is on track to have another record year. >> so far, more than 3 million people have visited the park, that's up 8% from last year. it's a beautiful spot. this is a really tough of year for me, because it's not hot enough for rose and not hot enough for pumpkin latte. >> can't you have one in the morning and one in the evening? >> not in lisa's world. back in the 70s today. warmer. yesterday we had a few neighborhoods in the 60s. below normal though by about 3, 5 ddgrees.
6:47 am
morning we are getting dense, thick fog across the plains and showers south near trinidad. in denver it's a mix of sun and clouds, and you can see that from our camera here. loveland ski area looking east. beautiful sunrise. more sunshine in the mountains this morning. about 3:00 to 5:00 this afternooo we're going to see storms and showers that have redeveloped in the mountains rolling east. so in time for the evening commute. almost the same time as likely we're going to see a little bit having practices, if you're heading home, you could find wetted roads through the early evening between 5:00 and 10:00, it's pretty active across northeastern colorado. up near sterling and akron could get some storms through tonight. then things will clear out by tomorrow morning. we're in for more sunshine thursday. by almost 12:00 tomorrow you can see how quiet it is across the state. any storms we get tomorrow afternoon will be isolated. now to temperatures, this
6:48 am
10:00. and mid- to upper 70s between about 3:00 and 4:00. denver 78. keenesburg today 79. it's a little cooler near aurora, parker and castle rock. some low 70s there. and some 60s in the mountains today. back in the 80s near pueblo and lamar. 70s today. we stay in the 70s through the weekend. we fluctuate by about 3 to 4 3 degrees each day. tomorrow we'll be thursday and friday you're going to find isolated late afternoon storms. and saturday and sunday skies start to clear out. we're talking upper 70s both days. much warmer. the rockies are back in town on ?riday. and they're here through the weekend. we're expecting for that game on friday night an isolated storm or two. upper 60s for first pitch and temperatures will drop into the upper 50s. looking aaead next week, jayson, take a look at this, here's your first alert monday
6:49 am
>this is a cool looking truck. this is the work emergency bridge repair on 6th avenue by i-70. >> that is cool. >> weird gap in the middle of it there. it's a funny looking truck. one lane is open, the westbound side trying to get to golden. this is eastbound side of i-70. the bridge damage is here, where these guys are working. they'll be doing this work until 9:00 tonight and 5:00 in the 9:00. until then, one lane open and i think it's probably the best way than using alternates that will probably take you longer. the other trouble ssot to the east side of town, northbound 225 from collax trying to go west on i-70, the accident is about here, right at the end of that ramp and it's causing a big jam on 225, more so ttan on i-70. the reet of the drive very standard. i 76, 270, north side 25
6:50 am
center getting busier. it's rough in here on the southbound side of i-25 through yale and at least down to hampden. ten until7:00. a lot of damage to this winery in bailey after a semi went through the building, it happened yesterday. the owners say this is the latest bit of bad luck for the company. >> lost first property due to a barn fire in conifer. had to move. came down here, and now this. >> no on owners lost thousands of dollars worth of wine. we are still waiting from word on investigators why the truck lost control. it's not clear if the damage will be covered by insurance. it's official, for the first time in two decades, a third party presidential candidate will appear on eveey state ballot. libertarian party's gary johnson will be on the election ballot in all 50 states. no third party presidential
6:51 am
states since 1996. johnson said in a statement with a majority of americans wanting a choice other than donald trump or hillary clinton, today we know for certain that on election day every voter in america will have that third vvice, that alternative option. donald trump is heading back to colorado springs. he'll be holding a rally there on saturday. this comes a couple of months after he got stuck in a colorado springs elevator. there are still tickets available. -?we have a li app. new numbers good for trump, he leads hillary clinton 5 points in ohio. many experts say trump will need to put up a strong showing to have any chance of winning the election. two employees who worked on hillary clinton's private e- mail server here in colorado pleaded the fifth before congress yesterday. they work for denver based platte river networks. one witness who took the stand
6:52 am
no security clearance. a clinton spokesperson says she'll return to the campaign trail tomorrow. she canceled appearances this week to recover from pneumonia. todaa her campaign will open two new offiies in colorado. know all the top stories today by watching our morning sprint. it's a run down of the big stories of theeday coming up, including the at 's wife. we're told the pastor was led away in handcuffs. big changes could be coming to your child's cafeteria.
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6:54. we begin your morning sprint with a death investigation in montbello. it's the second bloody scene police report in that neighborhood within the last 24 hours. >> in this cas was taken away from the scene in handcuffs after he told police he found his wife in a pool of blood. >> denver 7's amanda del castillo is just outside that home this morning. >> reporter: it happened yesterday afternoon at 5:15, again at this home along andrews drive in montbello. police are calling it suspicious, meaning they're taking more time to investigatt we spoke with friends and family who say the death was
6:55 am
sheriff's departmenn inmate search and didn't find the pastor's name on that list. to follow more of the development with this suspicious death investigation, be sure to visit reporting live in montbello, i'm amanda del castillo, deever 7. airtracker7 now over one of two accidents we have on the highways. this is the ramp that comes from northbound 225 to go west on i-70. you can see one of the lanes is blocked and it's causing a one- lane configuration. you can traffic. heavy stop and go traffic to least colfax. heavy traffic in other spots, including to thedenver tech center with a new accident reported near bellevue. take a ok at the camera, streaming camera at 6th avenue, one lane configuration going west to golden right under i-70 and for that bridge repair that continues until 9:00 tonight. here's your first alert we've seen the chance of storms each afternoon this week. but today there is a risk that we could see a little severe weather here likely east of
6:56 am
showed you cllser to greeley, sterling and akron. temperatures are climbing, upper 70s today from denver to greeley to fort collins. we've got a little bit more heat to work with. and that creates more instability for some of these storms. we'll be in the mid-to low 70s thursday and friday, more sunshine both days. here's your first alert it's pretty perfect this weekend. 78 and sunshine for the start of our sunday broncos game. comeetake a look at your screen and see if you this person. police say he stole an expensive bicycle, a bike worth more than $1,100 in fact. this theft happened at the end of july, near 80th and sheridan in arvada. if you recognize the man caught on surveilllnce call police. four minutes shy of 7:00 a.m. the family of this man, lakewood officer james davies, will receive $3.5 million from the city. he was killed by friendly fire in 2012. his wife sued the city, police
6:57 am
his widow hasn't commented yet. a company claims it's invented the first marijuana breathalyzer. they say it measures the thc content of your breath, not blood, and is better to test if you're actively high. they're hoppng to put it on the marketed some time next year. later today the colorado board of education will decide if your kids can buy diet soda in school. back in 2009 the ban diet sodas in schools. several health advocacy groups came out in support of the diet soda ban. but some republicans on the school board say it's a west oo time -- waist of time because -- waste of time because it 3 hasn't cut down on childhood obesity. 6:57 now. now that it's cooler out, nicer to take a run, a walk -- >> and you don't have to go alone.
6:58 am
dog in need of a good home. tomorrow the denver public library and denver animal shelter are teaming up for the library's annual human walking program. it's between 10:00 and 2:00. stop by at the location on 14th and broadway downtown. >> tell the boss you have to skip that meeting and help a dog. they'll understand. >> it's smart, because you can't say no, you see these dogs and take them meeting? meeting? >> yes, follow your own sense of style... because, you want to be confident. t.j.maxx really helped us express our creative side. that's the best part. you don't know what you're going to find.
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? good morning, america. breaking right now, tropical storm julia slams the southeast. the system growing overnight after sparking a tornado in florida and torrential rain. now georgia and the carolinas on alert for flooding. donald trump under investigation. new legal trouble over his charity as president obama takes aim. >> this is the guy you w be championing working people? >> trump trying to win female voters overnight. teaming up with ivanka to unveil his child care plan. >> i think it's going to make a lot of people very, very happy. a lot of moms very happy. >> this morning ivanka joins us live. terrifying attack. a driver caught on camera plowing into police officers at a gas station sending one flying eight feet into the air. the fight to take down a suspect


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