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tv   7 News at 5 PM  ABC  September 14, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MDT

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someone had the nerve to
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there is no possible told their child has cancer. >> this family got that news about their daughter taylor a few months ago. one of the biggest setbacks has just turned into a blessing. >> reporter: no day is typical with taylor burgess. just getting ready for our interview shows that her energy
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power this entire city, until that energy faded. >> we were trying to figure out what. things are working efficiently. >> we never thought -- >> -- >> reporter: leukemia. the doctor even left the room to cry and pull herself back together before telling us. this is when the courage created -- courage began. >> there was the bone another pooe. >> reporter: those visits can come at any moment, anytime of the day. the burgess family created a go back. >>it's anything at any time. it's nothing super fancy or superexpensive. it's just something to have on hand. >> reporter: the night before an extended hospital stay, that go bag wasn't stolen from their car. >> and we needed to get a go
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looking around the house. >> reporter: that theft led to one of the greater blessings the burgess family has received. someone saw the police report and rallied the police department to help them with a new go bag and more. >> tons of stuff, gift certificates for the kids to go to a toy store. >> reporter: this was a dozen officers. >> we even drove around the block. i got to turn on the lights the car. >> reporter: the burgess community says the generosity hasn't stopped there. they say the suppprt is so appreciated as this little girl battles this life-threatening disease that i all indications is no chance at beatinggher. she will put a smile on your face >> there's a reason that the burgess family is optimistic about recover.
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treatment and 90% can be toured. heart. thank you. you can help a sweet little girl in sterling tonight. her family wants to help her get a dog so she can walk. she has a form of cerebral palsy. it is tough for her to walk and her parents are trying to raise money for a service dog trained to 2 m specific needs. those dogs cost about $15,000. blue steakhouses helping the family raise money and all proceeds tonight will go the dog. the restaurant is on n. 10th ave. this is happening in sterling. the four-year-old seen in this tragic viral photo has a new home. the boy's grandmother and over with this drug overdose. i think we have all seen these photos. the great uncle and great aunt have received custody. the antenna -- grandmother had just gotten custody six weeks ago. >>i said be careful guys. this is what can happen.
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>> the woman behind the camera and blames the samsung galaxy note7 for setting the car on fire. ?t was charging when it just blew up at the fire happened last night in west palm beach. the driver is fine. this is straight out of the what you would do show. a woman in a crosswalk any man grabs her purse. she is not giving up without a fight. two men run to give her back up and they get the purse and th he was arrested shortly after. watch this, in 86-year-old woman did not take hanley to a woman who raptor outside of her apartment -- kindly to a woman who robbed her outside of her apartment. the cameras caught her stealing the purse and tossing it in the -?trash. the 86-year-old woman did not hold back >> she wanted to hurt me and the [ bleep ] didn't even know me.
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prisonnbeat that [ bleep ] for as long as she is in there. >> don't mess with her. the robbery happened sunday afternoon. the woman arrested said she did not do it it is now up to your school district to decide whether your high schoolers can buy diet soda at school. the colorado board of education made it official today. keep in mind he state policy will continue to restrict the availability of unhealthy beverages during afterschool activities. mommies to make 80s. here me out. ight don't necessarily agree -- i don't necessarily agree. scientists were able to come up with embryos with mice cells. this shows it could possibly the possible to fertilize human cells that aren't for makes. when the baby is born the m partners at saint joseph's hospital has tips for
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foods after having rescued -- being breast-fed for the first year. the babies can get used to the taste, flavor and texture. i meteorologist stacey donaldson. i have your first alert that there are storms living ttrough the front range in eastern colorado right now the west. we have darkside as though storms had been passing -- dark skies as the storms have been we had scattered showers moving to the mountain towns moving in this direction. into tonight, thunderstorms are a possibility. you can see how spotty showers are as they have been moving into the metro area. this one has moved offfto the northeast of brighton but there are still more coming in from the foothills and into the mountains. for now we have just a few
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as we go through the rest of the night, a little more wide spread to the western part of our state, montrose through telluride and even some slow mixed in, and the higher elevations. along i-70 you may ruu into some light rain as well. 74 commerce city, 50s toward nederland, 69 longmont, temperatures in the 50s toward estes park as well. a few storms and it will be cool this evening. a weekend. the instability sticks around for at least a couple more days. there are slight chanccs of rain into tomorrow. tonight all of the places that are seeing scattered showers now, that is where the risk is through tonight for thunderstorm activity, a 10 to 20% chance of scattered showers from denver toward sterling, lyman and trinidad. -- limon
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tomorrowwi'm a similar to what we experience today. we will have passing showers tonight and partly cloudy to mostly cloudy skies were toniggt. we will have 0s from steamboat to eagle to gunnison and 40 store denver and 50s for southeastern colorado. tomorrow's forecast includes afternoon high submit 70s. i think the same time rain thunderstorms popping up in the heat of the day in the afternoon and evening. the temperatures will be in the 70s from greeley to for carlin'' -- fort collins, 75 parker, little warmer here toward puebla -- pueblo and lamar . a good- looking seven-day forecast, mid 70s to end out the week with slight chances for rain. we will have better chances on friday and then we clear it out
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highs in the upper 70s with lots of sun and 80s were a couple of days and then drop it back down to the upper 70s by wednesday and the overnight lows will fluctuate from the 40s to the low 50s. it lookssgood all weekend long in for the next couple of days. this should even things out a little bit. >> it looks really nice. actor george takei will talk about his life and social issues at cu-boulder. he will speak at october 26. this is open to the public and we have to get information on the denver7 app.
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welcome to "7sportsxtra". the latest on the broncos today. fines for some defensive hits on last week's game. >> the question was simple any answer was just as blunt. chris harris looked at me as if i were crazy when i said is this broncos defense really dirty. he said, did you watch the super bowl. they have a physical style which gets in the face of the opponents. but they pay the price. darian student and brandon marshall both were fined four
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the way they play football. >> this is not going to change the way i play the game. they have a job to do too. >> i will say this. we play hard and we're going to continue to play hard. it is difficult to me defensively when your quarterback goes from a passive to a runner and you are committed. >> reporter: demarius thomas was not 100% at practice. the fact that he was able to do one third of the place has leftt head coach gary kubiak consciously optimistic -- cautiously optimistic that he will be playing on sunday. >> i think he can do some of these things and the good news is we have some extra time on our hands. this encourages me that he will get there. >> reporter: the broncos will be at it again on thursday. we will keep you posted on demarius thomas's help on -- health on
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the new atmosphere of being aware of concussions. do you think that's why? >> for the last few yeers anytime you go for the head, any player, especially a quarterback, you are going to get find. ronco czar third in the league in fines last year. they are off to a start a good start i was going o say that they are off to a start
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tonight, breaking news. donald trump stopped in the middle of a political attack, scolded by a pastor in flint, who said, that's not why we invited you here. also tonight, trump's moment with dr. oz. how much did trump reveal? and hillary clinton, just moments ago, with her own disclosure. also tonight, former secretary of state colin powell, hacked. calling trump a national disgrace. and calling trump's birther movement racist. and warning of clinton, quote, "she doesn't look good. she's working herself to death." the tropical storm hitting the east coast right now. gusting winds and rain pounding the coast. and the other major storm baring down. breaking news in the case of the driver who police say intentionally plowed into three officers who were simply standing there. what we've now learned tonight. and to the rescue. the school bus and the pickup truck.


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