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tv   World News Now  ABC  September 15, 2016 2:36am-4:00am MDT

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the orlando nightclub gunman used to worship at that mosque. and a gazebo where 12-year-old tamir rice was shot dead by police is moved to a museum in chicago. the boy was holding a realistic looking toy gun when killed by an officer in a park in clear and convincing evidence. the city settled the suit brought by the family for $6 million. phoenix now, the last of the police officers injured when a car plowed into them has been released from the hospital. the rookie officer suffered a concussion and is recovering right now at home. the suspect in the case is held
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here is abc's lauren lyster. >> reporter: after mowing down three phoenix cops in a gas station parking lot, the man allegedly behind the wheel appearing in court. 44-year-old, much of the time, slumped over. >> mr. payne, if you'll stand up, please. >> reporter: court documents describe him as a homeless transient, under the influence of drugs or alcohol during the alleged attack, all caught on surveillance video and no accident, according authorities. >> our phoenix police officers were targeted. >> reporter: it began just before 2:00 a.m. tuesday. meeting outside the store, and nearby, a driver of the red car appears to watch them for a few minutes, then this. you can see the sergeant going down with a broken leg. another officer dives out of the way, but a third cop is sent flying eight feet into the air. >> i thank god that we're not planning three funerals right now. >> reporter: the car crashing into the store, court documents describe one clerk jumping out
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by flying debris, but the suspect still putting up a fight. officers tasering him numerous times to make the arrest. the police chief not speculating on motive, but expressing anger of what he sees as a pattern of attacks. >> i have never seen so many violent, senseless acts targeting law enforcement. >> reporter: two injured seriously, expected to be okay, but as for payne, he attacked three phoeni traffic stop and sentenced with probation. kendis, diane? >> lauren, thank you. samsung's exploding battery problem may be growing. the safety commission is looking into incidents involving phones other than the galaxy note 7 this as police in florida investigate whether a galaxy s7 caused a car fire. meanwhile, samsung apologized for the issue in south korean newspapers and explained how to get a replacement. the same apology did not appear
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wells fargo. federal prosecutors is looking at the bank's aggressive sales tactics to led employees to open accounts customers didn't ask for. no decision has been made yet whether to prosecute wells fargo, but subpoenas have been issued. two well-dressed men waiting at a light saw a purse snatching. they jumped out of their mercedes chasing suspect got away but arrested down the block after he attempted a second robbery. also in southern california, it's not your average urban scene. check this out. a guy on a horse riding through the streets of compton. >> what's wrong with that? he is part of a group that calls itself the compton cowboys. andrew says when ever he has some time, his favorite thing to do is saddle up and go for a ride. he says riding through rough
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distraction. >> i could take off right mow and ride through ten or 12 gang neighborhoods, and they'll have all the same reaction. oh, what's up, that's cool, home boy. i go through all of them, and i get a warm welcome. >> another of the compton cowboy says he gets plenty of surprised looks when he rides through the streets. >> he says the local children in particular get a kick out of seeing the horses. i can understand that. >> yeah, i would say so. the only how do you pimp that ride? >> it's a tradition dating back as far as a decade in some parts of l.a. known as rich land farms. well, coming up, bringing new meaning to the apple for the teacher. apple has been working with the white house on the plan to bring technology to every american student. abc's robin roberts gets a progress report from ceo tim cook. how about using technology to bring fast food to starving college students?
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one newspaper says it's caught on camera. also, check out our behind the scenes pics on instagram. you're watching "world news
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. the most the most detailed 3d map of stars in the galaxy is now available showing more than a billion stars, and while you
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gps yet, it makes for a cool video. >> it is stunning. you look at it, and just wowed by it. you're not even going to help me with this, are you? >> nope, carry on. >> our producer sold it as vas nating video. >> i like it. >> it's good. back here on earth, apple and some other major tech giants are joining forces to upgrade many schools across the country when it comes to technology. with apple's ceo, tim cook, at a public school here in new york city. ? >> you guys are very excited over here. >> reporter: the 6th graders at harlem's ps-161 know a thing or two about coding and they couldn't wait to show off their skills to apple ceo, tim cook. students of all ag using cutting edge technology to revolutionize the way we learn. >> what he's doing is writing
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through this track. >> reporter: apple is part of a white house initiative called connect ed. its goal? connect 99% of american schools to advanced technology. >> i also do ballet, which i love. >> reporter: this school in harlem is among 114 others that have seen student engagement peak since implementing the program one year ago. do you see your students more enthusiastic? engaged? >> very engaged. they are thinking. they are having conversation. learning should come from within. so using our ipad as a tool, we can cause that to happen. it does not take the place of good teaching, but it is an essential tool. >> reporter: it looks like they are having fun too. tell us how the initiative is going now. >> it's going fabulous. you know, one of the things that we seek to do is really increase student engagement in a major way. one of the measures of that
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attendance is significantly up there. now, with that, students are learning more, and the math scores are also up, so we feel really good. >> reporter: talking to the few students here and asking them, their eyes light up, and they say everywhere else in their lives, it's all about the tablet, and it used to be, they come into the classroom, and it was like an analog experience, if you will. >> you have a good point. you and i were born in analog world. these kids are born in a digital world. if they come to school and have an analog environment, it's not conducive to learning. it's not conducive to creativity. we're bringing digital to the schools here and we're focussed on underserved schools. >> like that? >> reporter: the future of our nation, one swipe at a time. >> we want everyone, every kid in america, every kid in the world, to be able to look and
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replace robin roberts on "good morning america", everyone should be able to aspire and climb that ladder. >> so no more marble notebooks. remember those? threading in between. >> not quite. >> oh. >> the company donated about 50,000 ipads to students. >> there is a movement among some parents to get kids so have less screen time, less time is apparently a huge fan of this, but the company, apple, is apparently donating 50,000 ipads to students. coming up in our next half hour, a dramatic fiery rescue caught on camera. a pickup truck and school bus collide and the pickup truck ignites. see how good samaritans jumped into action saving that man's life. first, students at virginia tech could soon be getting their
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on "world news now." their chipolte fix by drone.
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? ? ? ? time for me to fly ? >> reporter: flying is the key to this block because flying high over the virginia was precious cargo carried by a drone as part of a top secret experiment led by google. >> it was a burrito, could be the first step in forever kwhanging changing the face of a college all-nighter. here's abc's dan harris. >> reporter: it's a bird? it's a plane? it's a burrito. students at virginia tech could soon be getting their chipotle fix via drone. top secret experiment, led by
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could flying fast food really take off? the tech giant is not the first to drum up drone delivery. amazon marketed prime air promising packages in 30 minutes or less. >> drops off the package and flies straight back up to altitude. >> reporter: even walmart looking to pilot the technology, but it isn't just home delivery. from extreme racing to shooting hollywood block busters like everywhere. as for chipotle and google, they clearly hope this test is but a taste to come. no word on whether guac costs extra. >> of course it will, dan. that is one giant burrito, did you see that thing? >> it made me a little bit hungry. in college, we thought takeout taxi was cool, a guy picks up food for you at a restaurant. we thought that was fascinating. now it's drone. >> exactly.
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? "the mix" this thursday with potentially new york's next great landmark. are you ready for it? we have our first preview of what's been a secret project for a little while. voila. >> a secret? >> look at this. >> oh. >> this is going to be weird. >> huh. >> it's going to be on the west side of manhattan. called hudson yards, a new development opening in 2018. but ever since they unveiled it yesterday, lot of people have been trying to figure out what exactly is it? >> it looks a little bit like a beehive. >> some said a honey comb or a stair way to nowhere, a vessel. >> a spaceship. >> cover of a pink floyd album. >> it does look like the cover
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those billion stars that we saw from the milky way in earlier. >> okay. >> it's -- [ laughter ] it's a hundred million dollar project, by the way. >> maybe the secret is it is a spaceship. >> maybe it is. >> into the milky way. so we all know parents sometimes can be a little embarrassing, especially when they start getting involved in facebook. >> oh, yeah. >> but for a girl in austria, she has had enough and she is suing. >> like real suing? >> her parents 500 photos of her that are so embarrassing, and despite her constant pleas for them to take them down, they refuse. she said she's taking matters into her own hands and suing them. her lawyer says the pictures go beyond what you expect, everything from her getting her diapers changed to potty trained. she says they knew know shame and no limits whether it was a picture on the toilet or lying naked, every stage was photographed, and then made public.
2:57 am
photos so he has rights to do whatever he wants with them. >> and thought it was bad when your parents posted prom pictures. >> the awkward braces stage. p those are always great. case gets settled in november or scheduled to hit the courts in november. >> it's for real. >> yeah. so you know in india, arranged marriages are common. take a look at this lady, she lived in new delhi, an arranged marriage that was all set, but then she had this conversation with her would be husband who did not want the dog to come along. >> oh. >> she was like, i can't abandon my dog for anyone, she told him. he said, please marry the dog in that case he replied. this is a conversation and it went public. people have since come to her side saying dump him. and marry me. the conversation went on and on. he's like, are you serious? my god. she's like, yeah, because it's
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this morning on "world news now," hillary clinton is back on the road as the issue of both candidates' health takes the center stage on the campaign trail. meanwhile, new polling data from the battleground states suggest that clinton has some catching up to to. and as a dense tropical storm brings drenching rain to the east coast coast, a super system makes landfall across pacific. the typhoon bringing with it some of the heaviest winds ever recorded. and new this half hour, a dramatic rescue caught on camera. >> taking seven officers and three good samaritans to free the driver of the pickup truck. the heroic efforts that went into saving that man's life. and forbes magazine is out with its list of this year's highest paid television actresses. we'll tell you who topped the
3:01 am
year and why most of her income did not come from her tv career. it's thursday, september 15th. ? >>nnouncer: from abc news, this is "world news now." highest paid tv person who knew. >> it's not either one of us. >> no. >> good morning to you, i'm diane macedo. >> i'm kendis gibson. we're going to start this half hour with hillary clinton who is expected back trail today after recouperating from pneumonia. >> plans to stop to north carolina and washington, d.c. today releasing details about the health from a letter from her doctor that declared her fit to serve as president. donald trump is also sharing the results of a recent medical exam, making the big reveal on national television. it's your voice, your vote. >> reporter: a rare moment for donald trump. the outspoken gop nominee was speaking in a black church in flint, michigan, when the pastor
3:02 am
during a political attack. >> now hillary clinton -- >> mr. trump, i invited you here to -- >> oh, okay, that's good. >> reporter: he wrapped up and left taking off for a rally in ohio. i don't know, folks, do you think hillary would be able to stand up here for an hour and do this? >> reporter: a busy day for trump who discussed his health on a daytime talk show, and audience members of the dr. oz show watched as the 70-year-old medical results and recent results of a physical to dr. oz who spoke with nbc. >> i was surprised, looked at them, and they are good for a man of his age. >> hillary clinton released health information, but more detailed than trump. records show she's from antibiotic recovering from pneumonia and clinton's doctor says her physical exam was normal. clinton will be back on the trail thursday and back attacking trump who is now battling with new york's
3:03 am
inquiry into trump's nonprofit foundation after "the washington post" reported that he hadn't donated since 2008 and 20,000 charitable funds was bought to buy a paint. it's called a left-wing hit job. there's a newsweek magazine out questioning trump's business ties with foreign groups but his daughter ivanka says if he becomes president it will be put into a children will run it diane and kendis? >> thank you. hillary clinton is holding a tooif point lead in the latest national poll, but donald trump has pulled ahead in two key battle ground states. trump is on top in florida by three points. 47 to 44, and the race is also tightening in ohio with clinton trailing trump by five points. tropical storm julia hits the coast of the carolinas with heavy rain and strong winds this morning. forecasters say up to 4 inches of rain could fall into friday. the storm already caused street
3:04 am
flooding to charleston, myrtle beach and wilmington with a potential of tornadoes. >> the storm is expected to linger on the georgia-south carolina border. >> here's more on the track. good morning, justin. >> thanks. good morning to you as well. julia is in no hurry to move out to sea, just crawling around off towards the north very, very slowly, and this is producing more pounding surf on the carolina coastline and concerned about minor coastal flooding and beach erosion and a large wave talking about this system here for the next couple days. north plains, upper midwest also looking at the threat for heavy rain and some flash flooding today and again for tomorrow. eventually, this same storm system moves into the northeast over the weekend, over the interior on saturday, and towards the 95 corridor on sunday, with widespread travel delays. kendis, diane, back to you. >> justin, thank you.
3:05 am
super typhoon, and this video shows a number of vessels being tossed around by the powerful waves of that storm earlier yesterday along the western coast of taiwan. the heavy winds have knocked out power to thousands. abc easterry moran has more on the damage. >> reporter: the super typhoon was packing some of the strongest sustained winds on record. 190 miles per hour at its height. a wall of water lashed this fishing port, boats pitching in the seas as the typhoon passed directly over taiwan early wednesday. these ships crashed into each other, one almost entirely on its side. a motorist struck by debris, blinding rain and wind downed power lines, crushing this car, toppling trucks, sending these shipping containers tumbling. reports of 25 inches of rain in 24 hours left streets flooded and mud slides blocking roads. this storm is now slamming into
3:06 am
still packing wind equivalent to a category 3 hurricane with another typhoon coming just behind it. terry moran, abc news, london. president obama plans to reward myanmar's moves towards democracy. during a visit by a former political prisoner, the president pledged to lift economic sanctions and restore trade benefits. the administration views the southeast asian country's foreign policy achievement since she swept the elections last november. the white house unveiled a plan to accept more refugees. by the end of the year, the u.s. will have accepted 85,000 people from conflict zones around the world and 11,000 from syria. next year, the goal is 110,000, that's nearly 30% increase from this year. the secretary of state john kerry briefed congress about that plan on tuesday. new york city police want to question this man, a possible suspect in an attack on a female tourist who was wearing
3:07 am
walking in midtown manhattan when her blouse started burning. a man standing next to her had a lighter in his hand. the woman put the fire out and was not injured. ford is moving all of its small production to mexico. they already build some there but soon produce the max and focus there as well. the michigan plant currently making those models is expected to make larger, more profitable vehicles so there won't be any loss of american according to ford. there's more fallout over north carolina's law limiting protections for lgbt people. the atlantic coast conference removed all athletic championships from the state until that law is repealed. that includes this season's acc football championship game which was set for charlotte in december. the conference's exit follows the ncaa's move to relocate seven championship events because of the law.
3:08 am
that we can all appreciate. >> it's pizza made by a robot. the company is called zoom pizza in silicon valley, and the robots are used to add pizza sauce, spread it, and put the pizzas in the oven. >> okay. so more robots will be added to production soon to prepare dough, add cheese and toppings, maybe even cut the pies and put them in boxes. zoom says those tasks are being automated so more money can be spent on high quality ingredients. >> but the pizza's still madin >> yes. >> not as good as new york pizza. sorry, california. >> what? >> sorry, california. nope. >> wow. you're starting a fight with 15 million people? >> the pizza brawl is official. >> california pizzas are good and california burritos. >> now we're talking. coming up, new details just in, more american athletes now targeted by hackers.
3:09 am
overnight heroes by risking their lives to rescue the man trapped inside this fiery crash. the pregnant actress who took to twitter to scold subway riders for not giving her a seat. that's ahead in the skinny. you're watching "world news now." >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by unitedhealthcare. you may think you n t off checking out your t now is a good time to get the ball rolling. keep in mind, medicare only covers about eighty percent of part b medical costs. the rest is up to you. that's where aarp medicare supplement insurance plans insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company come in. like all standardized medicare supplement insurance plans,
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just a normal night in a houston jewelry store until four guys dressed in black came in started smashing the display cases and stealing the high value mer dhiens inside. police say they made off with millions of dollars of jewelry. they were there and gone in a
3:13 am
unbelievable. police this morning on the lookout for a black nissan that they got away in. russian hackers released confidential information on olympic athletes for the second time now. the world anti-doping actsy confirmed that their systems were hacked. personal data from 25 athletes compromised. they have not been named, but ten are americans. some of the information revealed records of exemptions for the athletes to use otherwise banned substances because of a verified medical condition. uber's driverless cars have made their pittsburgh. uber says the city is ideal to test them. you can hail a controlled car, and our reporter took a ride in the driver's seat. >> oh, that's scary. that's crazy. oh, that tractor trailer is coming right at us, and i'm not driving the car. >> okay.
3:14 am
cameras, seven lasers and gps units and a backup operator in case there's a glitch which was the case in boou's test drive as you saw there. two vehicles driven by humans that triggered a crash in winston salem, north carolina. a pickup truck and school bus collided head on trapping the driver, within minutes turning ten ordinary men into heros. >> reporter: this is video from a north carolina polic for help. >> i need an ambulance and fire truck out here right now. >> reporter: the driver completely stuck in a fiery truck after coming head-to-head with a school bus. >> there's a guy pinned inside and can't get out. >> reporter: you see the desperate acts working alongside police officers for minutes. right there, a man running from one side of the truck to the other distinguishing the flames. police carrying the door off, and first responders rescuing
3:15 am
>> we see the faces, three good samaritans and seven officers recognized publicly for their heroism. and the driver of the pickup truck is recovering in the hospital from the injuries. they are not life threatening, we're told. the driver of the school bus was cited for the accident. gio benitez, abc news, new york. updating a story from yesterday. now, remember the marathoners delayed by a train? well, they are out of luck. the delay happened sunday in a marathon in allentown, pennsylvania. >> the train delayed runners for some nine minutes, some used the race to qualify for next year's boston marathon. officials made the case to organizers in boston who said, sorry. >> no adjusted time will be accepted for the boston marathon. better luck to everyone next time, i guess? >> oh, that's rough. >> yeah. >> ouch. when we come back, who topped the list of this year's highest paid tv actresses? and the pregnant actress who
3:16 am
getting a seat on the subway. "the skinny" is next. >> announcer: "world news now"
3:17 am
? ? skinny, so skinny ? time now for the thursday morning skinny starting with the ladies who topped yet another highest paid list. >> forbes is out with the annual
3:18 am
television actresses. >> starting with no. 5. scandal's keri washington, 13.5 million. thanks mostly to endorsement deals with neutrogena, apple music. td for fourth, 14.5 million, one of the first actresses to be launched by producer shonda rhimes, ellen pompeo. >> tied for 40 is law and order marisca at 14.5 million. >> and third place, min di keling of the min di project on hulu at 15 million. >> coming in second, the big bang theory kaylee cocoa raking in $24.5 million last year earning a million dollars an episode. >> a top of the list, it's
3:19 am
earning a whopping $43 million last year, that's mostly from endorsements and licensing deals including a line of rooms to go furniture, coffee maker, she even has a line of nurse ruin forms. >> really? >> yeah. nurse uniforms. >> not as a halloween costumes? >> no, real nurse uniforms. >> all right, cool. next, as if we needed more proof that fashion designers need to get a clue about women's footwear -- >> here you have it. this is a painful tumble yesterday at new york's fashion week landing on all fours on the runway for michael kors. >> she was wearing 6 inch open toed open heeled platform shoes, even more dramatic when you're laid on the ground, as you can see. >> she might want to take lessons in walking in impossible shoes from lady gaga. she rocked the week as well in a blazer.
3:20 am
apparently it's a micromini shorts and platform boots taller than a birthday cake. >> latest reports indicate that gaga apparently managed to stay up right the entire evening, of course she did not have to strut down the runway like bella did. >> it's easier. >> or wear normal sized shoes. stop making models walk around in 6 inch heels. >> i agree with you on that. well, next olivia wilde takes to twitter to scold fellow riders on a new york city subway system. >> she's pregnant with her second child, but she's not getting a lot of love from fellow new yorkers tweeting out, quote, able bodied riders who won't give your seat to a giant preggo, i'll stand right next to your head and pray i go into labor. >> like true new yorkers, at least one guy did have something to say tweeting back -- i didn't tell you to get pregnant.
3:21 am
same amount as you for the subway ride. >> now wilde did respond to kyle but fcc laws prohibit us being able to repeat what she said. >> it was a great back and forth between the two. >> you think so? she got the last word. finally, bill murray may take the subway or uber to brooklyn this weekend. >> tomorrow and saturday at 7:00 every night, the veteran actor has a go at manning the bar at 21 green point, it's a new brooklyn bar co-owned by his son. >> murray is no stranger to bar tending. he famously popped up with wu tang clan in austin during south by southwest, but he poured nothing but tequila shots. that's the way to bar tend. >> might find this more challenges because cocktails are creations of the city's top restaurants. >> murray says we want people to come in and have fun, walk in, be nice.
3:22 am
>> tequila for everybody. tequi.
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? ? ? a 19-year-old student from texas a&m traveled 1500 miles to see his music icon perform on stage in philadelphia. >> but he never expected that he would find himself on stage with bruce springsteen. here's abc's david wright. >> reporter: a rock n' roll wish granted by the boss himself. bruce springsteen spotted a fan with a sign in philadelphia. it said, can a college kid play "no surrender" with you? sure enough, the 19-year-old
3:26 am
traveling 1,500 miles to be there. ? springsteen sang a duet with a 3-year-old in new jersey. ? and danced on stage with his 91-year-old mother adele. in this month ice vanity fair, springsteen describes his writing whoever you've been and wherever you've been, it never leaves you. still born to run. sometimes with his fans right there by his side. david wright, abc news, new york. >> the kid's all right. he did pretty good. >> yeah. okay. so she's not bruce springsteen yet, but she's certainly on her way. >> "america's got talent" crowned its latest winner last
3:27 am
>> this 12-year-old collapsed on stage in tears after the announcement. she's already amassed a fan base with millions of viewers watching her on youtube or facebook. ? your silly words ? ? i won't live in such a world ? ? because all your truths and stupid games ? >> yeah. pretty good actually. >> the young singer won the million dollar prize and headlining show in vegas. simon cowell compared her to kelly clarkson. >> and sia quality to her voice. beautiful singer, wow. >> quite a bit a stage presence on her. >> amazing for an adult, let alone a 12-year-old. congratulations. don't miss our updates on facebook. >> announcer: this is abc's "world news now," informing
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good morning, i'm diane macedo. >> i'm kendis gibson. here are some of the top headlines we're following on "world news now." the coast of south carolina getting heavy rain has tropical storm julia lingers just offshore. the greatest risk of flooding is later today at high tide. new details just ahead. hillary clinton returns to the campaign trail today. her doctor says she is recovering well from pneumonia. this as both candidates released new medical details. for the second time this week, russian hackers have leaked confidential information about olympic athletes. the hack confirmed by an international anti-doping officials. information about 25, so far unnamed athletes, was compromised. ten of them are americans. and dr. carla hayden is the new librarian of congress. she is the 14th person to hold that position, she is also the
3:31 am
african-american. those are just some of our top stories on this thursday, september 15th. ? >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now". >> good thursday morning, everyone. we're starting the half hour with the tropical storm julia right now bringing heavy rain to the coast of the carolinas. >> radar shows the storm spinning just offshore, still packed with lots of moisture. surfers in the charleston area were taking advantage of the high waves caused by the storm, but the biggest threat will be later today when the high tide could cause some flash flooding. abc's rob marciano could have more. >> reporter: rapidly developing tropical storm julia slamming the southeast sea board with torrential rain and sustained winds over 40 miles per hour churning up waves along florida's atlantic coast and spawning a tornado in brevard county. winds up to 85 miles per hour there. in grant, florida, straight line winds ripped the roof of this
3:32 am
i opened the door, and i saw my roof out in the yard. >> reporter: the storm marching north through the night. in georgia, trees toppled, power knocked out, flash flood watches in place along the carolina coasts where they're bracing for more than a half a foot of rain. the biggest fear here is flooding. >> one of the worst thing for people on the coast that we deal with is the storm surge. >> reporter: tropical storm julia going from nothing to the tenth named storm of the year a rare occurrence for a already over land. all happening within less than 24 hours. rob marciano, abc news, south carolina. so when will julia move out to sea? >> accuweather justin povick has more on the track of the storm. justin, good morning. >> diane, kendis, thanks, good morning to you. tracking julia. again, not moving around a whole lot, meandering off the south carolina coastline and more so the movement here over the next couple days, extremely slow off
3:33 am
rainfall, and that leads to flash flooding. other problems include a very large waves and minor beach erosion. diane, kendis, back to you. >> justin, thank you. turning to politics. donald trump is campaigning in new york and new hampshire today after presenting the results of his most recent physical on the dr. oz show. the episode doesn't air until today, but dr. oz says trump's results were pretty good for a man his age. meanwhile, there was an awkward moment as tr >> hillary failed on the economy. just like she's failed on foreign policy, everything she touched didn't work out. nothing. now hillary clinton -- >> mr. trump, i invited you here to thank us, not to give a political speech. >> oh, okay. that's good. i'm going to go back. okay. >> trump quickly wrapped up his speech but continued to go after clinton in ohio last night. he told supporters he did not think clinton could stand in a
3:34 am
clinton is returning to the campaign trail today following a glowing report from her doctor after several days of rest and antibiotics for pneumonia, clinton is planning to make stops in greensboro, north carolina, and washington, d.c. her doctor said she is recovering well and declared her in excellent mental condition. donald trump now says he was never a fan of former secretary of state colin powell. he fired off that tweet last night after being harshly e-mails. powell is not so happy with hillary clinton either. >> reporter: the most famous face in the gop, serving under three republican presidents, but in hacked e-mails, powell calls his own party's nominee a national disgrace and an international per rye ya. the former secretary of state also said donald trump has no sense of shame. powell's e-mails were hacked in what could be russia's latest
3:35 am
to the worst angels of the gop nature and poor white folks. and about trump's birther crusade against president obama? >> he was not born in this country, a real possibility, then he's pulled a great con. in the history of politics. >> powell writing, yep, the whole birther movement was raci racist. powell defends hillary clinton in a e-mail to former benghazi is a stupid witch hunt, but the niceties end there. clinton doesn't look good, she is working herself to death and just last month powell seemed frustrated after clinton publicly suggested he was the reason she decided to use private e-mail as secretary of state. writing that clinton, quote, could have killed this two years ago by merely telling everyone honestly what she had done and not tie me into it. i told her staff three times not
3:36 am
powell has not said who he's endorsing in this race. >> in due course, i'll express my opinion about this, but i want to wait a little longer. >> reporter: in 2014 he wrote, i'd rather not have to vote for her although she's a friend i respect. he says clinton has unbridled ambition and calls her greedy, not transformational. perhaps not surprising, no comment from either side on colin powell's e-mails. the hillary clinton campaign certainly wants to shift the focus while she is still here recovering at home. she does hit the campaign trail soon with two stops, north carolina and washington. cecilia vega, abc news, new york. a man suspected of setting fire to the mosque once attended by the orlando nightclub shooter is behind bars this morning. the sheriff's office announced the arrest, and two callers identified joseph as the man seen running from the mosque on surveillance video. if committed of a hate crime, he could face 30 years in prison.
3:37 am
an armed militia group demonstrated while county commissioners were about to discuss a planned mosque. he had serious concerns about the peacefulness of islam, but with the meeting cancelled, a moratorium on building the mosque will expire, clearing the way to begin construction. a north carolina university football player is out on bail after turning himself in facing misdemeanor charges of assault. he's accused of sexual assaultly assaulted delaney robertson. he's suspended from the team indefinitely. a new jersey shopper got a scare at the mall with an explosion and fire inside her purse. >> woah. >> the disconnected battery for the e cigarette device apparently exploded. she dumped the contents of the purse on the floor as other shoppers ran away. the woman suffered minor burns and said it could have been worse. everything in her purse, though, was scorched. cops are presumably filled right now with students at
3:38 am
jersey. thousands were forced out of their dorms because of a power failure. about 90 buildings on the campus were affected including more than three dozen residence halls. kids could be out of the rooms for days. local utility says an internal equipment problem is to blame. this is a cool story coming to us from southwest michigan. one little girl doing the right thing. >> that's 4-year-old becca, riding in the barbie car, packs the little vehicle with gifts that were supposed to three little girls who just lost everything in a house fire. mother of the girls who received the new toys now understandably calling becca is special little girl and who could disagree with them on that. i love that she packed up her little barbie car to do all this. >> such a sweet thought. >> i could walk them over, but i could carry a lot more in my car. i will cruise on over. >> the house that burned, by the way s a complete and total loss there. >> the local community said
3:39 am
toys for the girls and set up a go fund me page. the goal was for more than $2,000. coming up, a sneak peek inside this smithsonian museum of african-american history before it opens. plus, another car fire blamed on a samsung smart phone. why the owner says the galaxy note 7 was to blame. and in case you haven't checked your calendar, it's national double cheese burger day. we can let this important national food holiday go by withou white castle. you're watching "world news now." >> announcer: "world news now" weather, brought to you by 23 in
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3:43 am
>> wow. >> it's a test of new shipbuilding techniques to with stand shocks better. and as you can see, pretty steady video shot from the deck, the jackson passed with flying colors. now to the latest scare being blamed on the samsung galaxy note 7 smart phone. a car bursting into flames. >> comes as samsung scrambles to replace the fire-prone phones and release a software update. abc's latest. >> oh, my god. look at the car in the street, on fire. >> reporter: a car bursting into flames, stunning eye witnesses. the owner of the vehicle told authorities he believes his samsung galaxy 7 caught fire in the passenger seat while driving on a florida highway. >> i see flames come up, the phone exploded. it was crazy, man. i was nervous and glad to be alive, you know. >> reporter: cause of this fire remains under investigation, but
3:44 am
vehicles. >> last thought in my head is that a brand new device is going to burn down my car. >> reporter: and in homes. >> i called exploding because it shot pieces of whatever that was inside the phone out. >> reporter: still, no official recall, but the company publishing an apology in all major korean daily newspapers which read in part -- we deeply apologize for the inconveniences we have caused. samsung will do our best to resolve the issues as soon as possible adding a software update designed to fix the battery problem will be available next week. in south korea, but whether that update will also apply to note 7 consumers here in the u.s. is still unclear. so if you own a note 7 and you want it replaced right away, your best bet is to take that phone to your carrier and you will be able to exchange it for
3:45 am
new york. coming up, we're celebrating somebody here is celebrating, national double cheeseburger day. >> what better way to celebrate than at white castle? our insomniac kitchen is up next. >> announcer: "world news now"
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3:47 am
>> come on, don't give me that, let's go. let's go. we have to have turnover. what do you want? >> i don't, it's too early for a cheeseburger. look! >> cheeseburger, cheeseburger, cheeseburger. >> it is never too early for a cheeseburger. >> not at all. that iconic "saturday ght live" sketch starring john and robert kline and a very young bill murray >> as we know, working this shift, it's never too early for a cheeseburger, and today, on national double cheeseburger day, we might be the first to celebrate with the country's most popular burger joint. >> abc's will gans takes us to the boogie down bronx for insomniac kitchen. >> reporter: hey, insomniacs, i know harold and kumar did it first, but today, we're going to
3:48 am
? when preparing the perfect double cheeseburger, step one, you can't act the part. you have to look the part. ? i am here with the general manager of this white castle, diane. did i say it right? >> yes, you did. perfect. >> and you have hired me for the day, unofficially. >> yes, i have. >> but first things first. i want a tour of the lay of the land, if you wil i >> all right, let's do it. i'm usually on the other side of the counter ordering. >> so when we have a customer approach, we welcome them. hi, welcome to white castle, how can i help you today? >> hello, and welcome to white castle. >> that's fine. we have the fryer section, salted, not salted, ready to go. this is famous r2d2, that's the fry products, the fish, the
3:49 am
ready to deliver. >> ready to deliver to, r 2 d 2. so famous. we love etta around here. >> famous in any white castle. >> legendary. >> legendary. give us the famous etta greeting, let's hear it. >> hi, welcome to white castle, my name is etta, how can i help you? >> friendly. >> very friendly. >> welcome to white castle, this is will, how can i help you? i'm going to grab you ketchup a second. all right. here you go. thank you, come again. i'm giving them an extra one. >> have a great day. >> dn't see that one coming. >> here's your order. sorry for the wait. thanks so much for coming to white castle. y'all have a good day. it's national double cheeseburger day, let's do this thing. >> yes, let's do this thing. yes. there you go. take off one of the tops. >> this, i can handle. boom. >> take two slices of cheese. >> one goes here.
3:50 am
>> one goes here. now i get my pickles. >> yes. two pickles. >> they go here. >> yes. >> ketchup. >> yes. okay. all right. go ahead. >> i take this? >> no, no. >> no, no, no. >> this always stays right here. >> okay. >> okay? >> now lift it up? >> yes. one hand, the other hand. >> this way? >> yes. in there. >> okay. >> okay. >> that's pretty good looking. now should we do a taste test? ? wait, let's do this together.
3:51 am
? [laughter] >> just going to get in there. >> dig in. >> oh, oh. >> oh, wow. >> you're fake eating. >> i'm fake eating. >> the onions are like flavor crystals exploding in your mouth. >> oh, my god. >> put it in your mouth. what are you waiting for in. >> i wonder how many food segments you have to do. >> this is fake eating. oh, man. >> you demolished the burger. >> i'm not eating it. sorry. she's shocked. no, i'm just playing with it. >> demolishing it. >> a lot of places are
3:52 am
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? the national mall in washington, d.c. has been the site of so many landmark moments in history, and yesterday, history was made there once again. >> president obama and his family got their sneak peek inside the national museum of african-american history and culture before its official opening. >> abc reports it's a project that's been more than a decade in the making. >> reporter: it's a journey through time and culture, the first museum dedicated entirely to black history, opening doors four years after construction began, but a museum of more than 100 years in the making. >> this was a dream of our civil war veterans, 1915, they asked for this new museum to be created. >> reporter: the building design standing in stark contrast to
3:56 am
>> and you walk in this gallery and you go from slavery to freedom. >> reporter: with artifacts of the slave cabin to a shawl owned by harriet tubman. one thing you won't find in this museum, personal art facts from martin luther king jr.'s life, those items remain with his family. >> you will find the famous fedora worn by michael jackson, the g the entire museum built around a segregation era railway car. >> the other feature we put in before the museum was built, this guard towel from a prison, and this is from louisiana. >> a prisoner plantation with a legacy of slavery. >> as i was walking through, i saw shackles, i saw auction blocks and a few tears came down my face, and as i came up, i began to see contemporary
3:57 am
president obama being inaugurated. >> reporter: student activist and protester stepped inside history, but also becoming part of it. >> you see black lives matter shirt, justice for trayvon. what's it mean to you to see part of your fight represented in this museum? >> this also reminds me that my community of ferguson just wanted to mourn. we protest because we believe we can create a perfect union. opening its doors to the public later this month. serena marshall, abc news, washington. >> and the museum opens on september 24th. >> it's a fascinating museum, they actually have a slave ship from off the coast of africa and shipped it all the way over here and moved it in. >> wow. >> the museum is eight stories, cost $540 million to build. >> oprah's a big contributor to it as well. that's all for this half hour. >> remember to follow us on
3:58 am
3:59 am
4:00 am
making news in america this morning, hillary clinton returns to the campaign trail today as both she and donald trump release new medical data. plus, why did a pastor interrupt trump at a church? we're live in washington. breaking overnight, a cross country flight makes an unscheduled stop after a security concern. the new details just coming in. tropical storm julia is swirling up the east coast bringing wind and rain. so where is she heading today? plus, a typhoon slams china sending a massive balloon rolling through traffic. and caught on camera, a dramatic rescue after a fiery crash. the team effort. the result coming up. good thursday morning,


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