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tv   7 News Now at 5 AM  ABC  September 15, 2016 5:00am-5:31am MDT

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police say someone driving past a traffic stop opened fire on denver officers on colfax near yosemite and queue beck breaking news out of dia where a plane made an emergency landing with police and canines coming on board taking everyone off. a passenger shared these pictures with us. jason gruenauer is at dia now. >> what did the passenger say happened? >>reporter: well, baufkly according to that passenger, they came over the loud speaker and said for some reason they had to divert the plane here to denver. they weren't specific according to the passenger.
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pick cures of sirens coming up to the plane. police, fire, and bomb squads and this was a security concern according to dia. we reached out to the fbi and they say there may have been a suspicious device on board. they came on and did a full securityysweep. they transferred the passengers out because of the possibl put the passengers off and cleared the plane. they went back to their final destination of san diego. nothing was found on board. no major concerns. i checked on united website. all planes are running on time or early this morning. i reached out to united to get more details but have not heerd
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gruenauer, denver7 news. late last night there was an investigation of a motorcycle accident where someone was seriously hurt. the road is back open now. rain and hail in weld county near ker si. did you get storms where you live? share your pictures on our facebook page. you may want your camera ready this we are expecting more storms. lisa is tracking when they will hit and where. >> the threat for severe weather is shifting east of colorado. you can see the activity leaaing snow on the peaks. hhre in denver skies are clearing and yesterday's threat of severe weather covered most of i-25. today it's to the east of our state. more in nebraska and kansas looking at the threat of strrng storms.
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mostly sunny skies and about a 10% chance for storms in town today. 60s in the foothills. boulder at 74 and eerie, 76..3 details on the warm upcoming up. some cones are getting up and others are going down. this is one area where they are going down on the westbound side of the 6th avenue near-7 we aw that work yesterday starting at 5:00 yesterday morning. it started at 5:00 here this morning. take a look at the streaming camera out there. the cones are set up and you can see a couple there. all the traffic is pushing every to the right side ann we'll see delays later this morning coming from indiana out there. right now it's okay. thanks jason. it's 5:03 now. he didn't do it.
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after his wife was found dead. neighbors were concerned after they saw the pastor being taken from the house in handcuffs. police say the death is not suspicious as they first thought. family members say the woman was basing cancer and she fell and hit her head. this woman is in trouble this morning but not just anyone. she's the former denver mayor's grand daughtee. she was arrested last week for hitting a friend's ice scraper. the denver's sheriff office wants to know if she got special treatment while being booked in jaul. the bodies of these two colorado men are back in the united states and on their way home to our state. they were both killed while fighting isis in syria over the summer. they doied just weeks apart. their body as arrived in chicago
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denver via train tomorrow. both men joined fighters to stop the terrorists. jordan's parents say he was selfless and have a big heart. >> we were shocked but just knowing him it almost made sense he would have this aspiration to do this big thing. that's when he >> the other family said he reached out to kurtish forcess3 online. he couldn't join the military because of his bad eye site. this is the right thing to do in order to ensure that the people of urma see rewards from a new way of doing business in a
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for decades. obama says lifting the sanctions will create incentives for businesses in the country. the woman who leads the company hiking the epipen prices will have to answer in front of washington. she will testify next wednesday. they want to know why the company increased the prices by 500% over the past few years. the lawmakers also want to figure generics made. ups is announcing plan for seasonal hiring. the other one was target. they expect to hire around 95,000 extra people for the holidays. that seasonal job could become ffll time. ups says that's happened to around 37% of holiday workers hired over the past few years.
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spree. the company plans to offer jobs to 5,000 people across the country. if you're interested you can apply online. the denver based company is currently in the middle of a lawsuit accusing them of mistreating workers. it's 5:07 now. brandon marshall say he's doing more than silently protesting during the he will donate $300 per tackle he makes and it will go to charities. $300 per tackle would add up to 30,$000. a missouri lawmaker is joining in the fight. >> the senator sat in protests as her colleagues recited the pledge of allegiance. >> please join me in the pledge.
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against racial oppressiin in our country. the lieutenant governor had the right to sit but doing so was a questionable decision. a high school teacher in california doesn't want people to sit during the pledge. she's so against it she's docking grades for those who refuse to stand. one of her students, a native american, has ie sently protested the pledge since second grade and now she's speaking out she told me i was being disrpe she was being disrespectful towards me also and saying that i'm making bad choices and i don't have the choice to sit down during the pledge. >> the school district superintendent says students do have the right to sit during the pledge. tonight vice president joe biden is in town at du speaking 5:00. his visit is going to cause a
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to avoid it. going to du will be a problem. we will have some delays. these are all about rough times based on when the flight restrictions are around the vice president and we're going to have the vice president arrive at buckley air force base around 4:00 tomorrow and he's making his way downtown from there. usually they use i-70 when they get into downtown denver and then from that point head on close down i-25 as he uses that to speak at that event. he's scheduled around 6:30 or 7:00 and then he's staying overnight so from going from du somewhere around stapleton and stay the night in the stapleton area around 9:00 at night. we will see those restrictions and tomorrow morning he will be heading out around 9:00 probably
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back to buckley air force base. weill see huge traffic headaches all afternoon long as the motorcade makes its way around. joe biden is not the only big name. >> the star trek actor turned activist will e here october 26th. or faculty member to see george takel. it's free coffee friday% tomorrow. this time we're at the king police mistakenly id's him in a crime. what would you do if an uber showed up without a driver?
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it's 5:14. following breaking international news now after a powerful typhoon swept through eastern china hitting taiwan. two people were killed and dozens injured. this was the strongest storm to hit the area this year. high winds and rain shattered windows of tall buildings, knocked down trees and caused several water supply issues as well. this florida man is in
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orlando nightclub shooter. police are charging him with a hate crime also. so he could get life in prison. police say the video shows him running away after setting the mosque on foir last weekend. no one was inside at the time but it took firefighters five hours to put the fire out. this man says he should have never been charged in a series of shootings in phoenix. he was charged highway shootings but later cleared. investigation was botched and malicious and he spent seven months in jail before the charges were dropped so he's asking for $10 million. the iphone seven comes out tomorrow. before you rush to get it we want to help you save money. wallet hub says you can save more than a thousand dollars over two years by considering all your options with contracts and installment plans.
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make a big difference. look at the difference between sprint's installment plan with apple compared to at&t. you can saveea thousand dollars by keeping your old phone and switching to a low cost carrier like walmart family mobile. when people in pittsburgh call an uber they can now get one without a driver. >> right now users have to accept an invitation before taaing the rides. other safety features that should keep you safe. some people are nervous. >> i would never get into a driverless car. i'm terrified. my phone breaks all the time. my gps stops working. what if it stops? >> there's a fear factor of riding in a car with no driver. >> would you be scared? >> certainly. >> a recent says only 48% of
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self-driving car. uber says they're years away from having this technology available. even in pittsburgh there's a person in there just in case they haae to take over the controls. >> yeah, like a back up driver. they sit there with their arms folded? >> i kand of want to go to pittsburgh and try one that makes me more nervous to watch no hands on the wheel. but the smooth jazz, that's nice. >> got that storms yesterday, a dozen reports of severe weather across the plains. most of it gusty winds, gusts over 65 miles per hour and large hail. skies have cleared. we have a quiet start to our day and here's your cheat sheet this thursday. not as foggy on the plains this morning. fewer storms this afternoon and heading into the weekend things are warming up. we have 70s to end the week
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saturday. warmer by sunday. i'll tell you just how warm coming up in a minute. 50s to start, you'll be in the mid to upper 70s by 11:00 to 12:00 and climbing to 76 here in denver. overnight another night of upper 40s to low 50s. so our highs today are anywhere from 73 to 76 degrees. denver on the warm side at 76. mountains likely mid to upper 70s and expecting mountains 50s and 60s. herr in denver, 76. 80s across southern colorado. pueblo and lamar near 90 this afternoon. very summer like there still. our threat of severe weather covered most of the front range. you will find the storms shifting east today. stronger weather through nebraska and kansas but still seeing storms. yoo'll notice around 12:00 to
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range mountains a few storms there. fort collins to greeley you could see activity through the early afternoon and evening. denver is staying dry. if we see storms isolated it's about a 10% chance. so today 76 and tomorrow just a couple degrees cooler. same thing, most storms tomorrow saturday mossly sunny skies and 77 and sunday 80 degrees. so here's your first alert. it's warm and low to mid 80s monday nd tuesday. it's the i can't believe it. i was going to show you something in the picture oo my windshield but it didn't put it up. >> how about this? >> did you share it? >> there you go. come on. there we go. >> that's my windshield. >> yeah, roto miller one, lisa 0. >> i thought there was a lot of rocks out thereeand it's ight
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>> that's the azard driving on those roads getting crushed up. they had that paving operation on that southbouud side near colorado and hamden. all lanes are open now. part of it smooth and part of it rougg so just be mindful of that. this is a problem spot all day long just look it was yesterday. the westbound side of 6th avenue going under i-70 -- i'm changg all over that one lane configuration is like that. >> don't lose your head over that. it's happened again, a child hurt n a carnival ride this time a festival in indiana, 30 seconds when a medal bar hit a boy. crews shut down the ride and the boy went to the hospital to get checked out. issue knew people were drinking tainted waaer and didn't tell anyone.
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get the roast looks good dad. how good? 162 likes. did i get any retweets on those green beans? yep! and they're blowing up on instagram. honey, your rump roast just broke the internet!!!! as it should. life is family mealtime and everything you need to make it picture perfect. now be sure to tag your mother because she needs more followers. ok. welcome back to denver7 news. a woman knew the water was bad but did not say anything. she didn't tell anyone about the dangerous lead outbreak in michigan. she kuld get a year in prison
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librarian in charge of the library of congress. she's the firsttwoman and first african american to hold the position. she's only the 14th person to have that job. from now on when you drive along highway 285 in jefferson county, you will always remember sergeant shawn ren froe who was killed last year on duty. he stopped to help peoe him. >> he won't be forgotten and what he did counted and mattered to our community and family. to our friends. it means a lot. >> his wife told us shawn believed being an officer was his life's calling. a little girl in sterling needs help this morning. >> she can't really walk on her own. she needs a service dog to give her independence.
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known as little's disease. she doesn't let it get her down. -?her parents call her sunshine girl becse of her huge smile and laughter. they're trying to raise $15,000 to get her a service dog trained to meet her specific needs. >> sweet thing. so the mountains this morning, two degrees above you need. overnight to start making snow but we're getting closer. upper 30s in the foothills. estes park at 37. cool start to the day. send the kids to the bus stop with a sweatshirt. more shooin and slight chhnce for isolated storms. another day of 70s. 76 by 4:00.
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good ten minute drive on pena boulevard out to dia. also 15-minute security wait times. take a look at the camera at 6th avenue. one lane configuration heading west under i-70 now. so you think your dog would be okay at a doggy daycare. how did a group of pups end up eating heroin. this is so low.
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investigators say suspects shot at officers near yosemite.
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still trying to get a better suspect description. right now we know they werr driving a white car. a passenger sent us pictures he took from his window seat after an emergency landing.e >> reporter: this flight was heading from newark to san diego wa somebody noticed a suspicious item on board the plane so it landed and they took the passengers off and denver police as well as the canine unit and bomb squad came on board the plane and did the full security sweep. passengers didn't really know whattwas going on here. they eventually gave it the all clear and the passengers were put back on the plane and sent back to san diego. nothing was found and no harm was done. dia tweeted everybody was safe.


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