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tv   7 News Now at 6 AM  ABC  September 15, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MDT

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officers early this morning were in the middle of a traffic stop when someone in a passing car fired shots at them. we have a call into tracking this investigation. they haven't released any information about the possible gunmen. they have only told us the shooter was in a white car. breaking overnight, an emergency landing at dia. more than 100 passengers forced to evacuate the jet liner. what happened here, jason? >>reporter: turns out an
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here. this plane enroute from newark to san diego when someone spotted something suspicious, an attempt or device on the aircraft. it was diverted and landed here in dia. it was kept far away from the terminal out on the runway. a passenger took phhtos and shared with us of flashing lights and police. all the people were taken off the plane. canines and the bomb squad taken through the plane. they didn't find anything suspicious or harmful. after the plane was given the all clear the passengers were boarded back on and according to flight tracking, it took off and landed safely in san diego. i reached out to united this morning on the phone and via e-mail to figure out what was found or what happened on board the plane and what's going to happen with the plane? is it continuing to fly?
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of right now. the airport at dia everything is running smoothly. united flights coming and going are on time..3 aascary situation for some passengers. they weren't told what was going on over the loud speaker but eventually they made it back on the plane and back to their destination safe and sound. reporting live at dia, jason gruenar, denver7 news. an update on a death investigation. denver say the death of a pastors wife after all. the pastor who was led away in handcuffs on tuesday night has been cleared of wrong doing. family and friends say the woman was battling cancer and died after hitting her head. the coroner has not released her identity. daryl orr sent us this video of rain and hail falling near his home. we heard from several people
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hail falling as well. >> those skies are cleared. severe weather has moved out. but e still see some fog in akron of pchy fog. out east near limon it's not quite as bad. fewer spots with it and in the mountains overnight picking up rain and snow on the peaks. this morning we're stepping out the door to clear skies in town. mostly sunny skies today and 50s this morning and mid to upper 70s between 2:00 it's going be a mild couple of days ahead of us. we could see isolated storms today. i'll show you the timing of it and where we're expecting storms coming up. here's your first alert today. back in the upper 70s in denver and upper 80s near pueblo and hot down to the south. very few problems to start the morning ommute. typical volume in some spots. take a look at the i-70 drive out to the east.
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is now working right and a tire reportedly in the road near inbound pena boulevard causing slight delays and a hazard here. take a lookt that trouble spot. one lane open and it's causing big back ups later this morning. right now it's okay. just in now, some breaking news, we're learning a 13 year old boy was shot and killed by police officers in ohio. you can see video here..3 police say it started as a call about an armed robbery. the 13 year old boy pulled a gun from his waist bullet wound. it was later determined to be a bee bee gun. the boy may have been with a group who was involved in a robbery. the bee bee gun also had a laser light on it. four people dead and more than 150 injured after a passenger train crashes into a
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at last check still several people trapped in the rrbble. the investigators are looking into how the crash happened. denver sheriff's deputies think a woman may have gotten speciaa treatment while she was being booked in jail. she's the grand daughter of former denver mayor wellington webb. an internal investigation is underway. we tried to talk to her yesterday but she slammed the door in our reporter's face. a warrant was issued for her -?arrest in july. police say she with an ice scraper after an argument with a man. jail officials won't tell us anything about how they handled her booking or why an internal affairs investigation is going on. we reached out to sources in the jail and we'll keep you updated as we learn more. the mesa county sheriff's office is paying up after raiding the wrong home in cliff
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they had an old address for the suspect. when they busted into the home what they found was an innocent family with five kids. the youngest child three years old. deputies met with the family and apologized and tried to explain the situation. a 77 year old man went on a shooting rampage in wyomingg two people were killed here including the gunmen. the he took his own life and police have not about a motif. the legacy high school football team is back on the field tomorrow five days after their school bus crashed at dia. the driver was killed and one coach is still in the hospital. two other coaches were released. there's a gofundme page for the coaches who were all seriously hurt. you can find a link to that donation page on the free denver 7 app. more about a worker killed colorado boulevard last month.
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his syytem at the time of his death. the company is not commenting since it's still an acttve investigation. 6:07 now. du is getting ready for a isit from vice president joe biden. the dinner starts at 5:00 which means his motorcade will be on the roads this afternoon about the time you're trying to get our traffic guru ii joining us now. the vice president is scheduled baseddon when his flight restrictions are around use i-270 into downtown because there's a time where he's supposed to be doing somethingg3 downtown. the dinner starts at 5:00. we're having restriction
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larger police presence. then he's going to stay the night heading over here to the stapleton area, again some of the side roads closed down and restricted for the vice presidential motorcade. tomorrow morning head k back to buckley air force base after the morning commute after 9:00 whic3 should help us out tomorrow morning. this afternoon it will be a mad house of traffic. this man could spend he next decade behind bars. he will be judge today. last october he pretended to be a police officer and tried to sexually assault a woman. the woman got away and called he was found guilty earlier this summer anddscheduled to be in court today for sentencing at 8:30 this morning. turning now to a denverr3 seven exclussve. a colorado community is coming together for a young girl in sterling.
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her condition if she can get a service dog that costs $15,000. the people in sterling are trying to help her out get the dog she needs. >> it broke my heart. just seeing this girl that can just go crazy and run how ever kid does and wants to be. >> last night the blue color steak house hosted ely's night and 100% of the proceeds went towards her dog fund. she has a way to would like to help out, we put the link to the donation so you can get to the right spot on tte free denver seven app. wells fargo is paying a huge fine after scamming customers for years. now there could be criminal charges. new developments next. a pair of civilians killed in battle in syria will be laid to rest in colorado. we're hearing from the parents of one of the men. here in the first alert
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the body of two colorado men are back in the u.s. after being killed while fighting isis in syria. we spoke to one family for the first time last night and they say at first they were surprised their son would want to fight overseas but over time they grow to understand and sspport his decision. >> it almost made sense that he would have this aspiration to do this big thing because that's what he was >> tomorrow a train with the bodies will arrive at union station. more on his interview with his parents on our free denver seven app. it took more than a month to get the americans sent back here. the kurtish government spent $44,000 to send the bodies home. breaking news out of syria, after days of waiting for relief, aid is finally on the
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two un convoys were waiting to cross the turkish border. it's a sign of problems even though there's a cease fire by the united states and russia. the aim of the cease fire is to revive talks on ending the five year civil war. the trucks carrying aid to syria have officially crossed the turkish border now. brandon marshall is taking a knee to protests inequality and protest. he says for every tackle he makes he will donate $300 to denver charities. he says he never meant to offend anyone by taking a knee last week during the super bowl rematch. he was thinking about issues of race and gender equality and the treatment of veterans and relationship with law enforcement. he's looking forward to creating change in those areas. marshall's wallet took a big
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a helmet to helmet hit on cam newton. derrick stewart was fined $18,000 for a similar hit. >> i was just being aggressive. not really trying to aim for the head. just trying to be number one. just playing football at the end of the day. >> von miller has not been fined yet. last year the broncos d fines. >> foshs said the broncos are worth $2.4 billion. that's up 25% from last year. believe it or not, the change doesn't have much to do with the broncos super bowl win. franchise values are up 19% league wide. but foshs says the team's new stadiums naming rights could be a big money maker going forward. >> so free beer next game.
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>> that's a great idea. >> no, probably not. >> we do have sunshine this morning. a lot more of it than yesterday. patchy fog out east. i'll show you that. beautiful right now. satellite and radar clearing up. loveland from the ski area looking east, clear skies and sunshine. a bright drive unless you're in akron. thick fog in akron. a live look from our veer wireless camera. not as foggy on the this afternoon seeing fewer storms anddlooking at plenty of 70s to end the week. pretty nice from today through early next week. 50s as you walk out the door. for the bus stop lower to upper 50s around 8:00 and mid to upper 70s around 2:00 to 4:00 and more sunshine on the 24-hour planner. keenesburg 76 with more sunshine through the afternoon. keeping the warmer air until
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temperatures drop. mid to upper 60s from estes park. back to 90 degrees in pueblo and lamar. upper 60s nearra and 76 in grand junction. some of the fog we're seeing out east clears up here by 9:30 to 10:00. a lot of sunshine along i-25. the storms we see today are really grazing range mountains east of fort collins through greeley and eventually sterling we're seeing rain, lightning and thunder. our threat for severe weather today is lower shifting east to kansas and nebraska. 6:30 tomorrow morning and clear skies and the chance of storms is pretty isolated. overalllwe're a lot drier as we head into the weekend. 76 today and 74 on friday.
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77 saturday and on sunday for the broncos game it looks like by kickoff we should see a high of 80 degrees. 70s for tailgating and by the time you head home, dropping into the 60s but a beautiful day on sunday with a lot of sunshine. next week is the last few days of summer. low to mid 80s mmnday and tuesday. >> this is not the way you want to end up after driving on the highway. >> is it in the grass on the ramp that comes from northbound i-25 to exit immediate at mile marker 225. far north of metro denver. you see the vehicle in the grass. the police and paramedics did come out and check him out. doesn't look like anything is too serious. the ramp is not officially closed. the ambulance is leaving and there has been traffic going through here. it's a hazard for us obviously
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minor accidents near 84th avenue well off to the side but adding to slow downs with flashing lights on i-225 near yosemite. you can see them going accoss downtown denver looking at a standard driveeat i-270 and 6th aveeue coming across here. this is southbound northbound i-25 there and take a look at the other trouble spot out to the west. that one lane configuti westbound 6th avenue by i-70 where ir tracker is checking it out. minimal delays at this point. no alternaae needed unlike later on today we'll find scrambling. 6:20 now. job seekers have good news. ups is looking to add more than 1600 people across the region. available jobs include drivers
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we'll post a link on our denver seven app. officials in china blaming a crash in january on the auto pilot feature. tesla says there was no auto pilot mode sints it was badly damaged in the crash. criminal charges could be coming. the bank was fined they opened millions of accounts to boost sales numbers. a seven-year old leukemia patient is turning a set back into a blessing. just days after her bag was stolen out of her parents car. >> it's basically what we needed at any time. it's nothing super fancy or super expensive but something to ?ave on hand. >> we were like wait, we need to get our go-bag together and then
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house. like always, just to get a go >> she's cute.- the family filed the police report after the bag was sttlen. one lakewood officer went way above the call of duty. he collected donations and brought a new bag and brought more than a dozen police officers right to her hospital stay just to show the stuff off. the family was stunned but very thank and are convinced taylor will mac a full recovery. this is video you will see only on denver seven. a golden retriever ends up
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76 today and more sunshine.
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and greeley. we could see a few more storms tomorrow as well. yesterday we had significant delays. back at it again today. this is the westbound side of 6th avenue under i-70. bridge repairs going on now. one lane is open and no significant back ups. they did get rid of the person near tower road but they're just picking up the pieces. said they're picking up the cones on the outbound side of c-470. a wrong way driver crashes into a semi overnight. find out what police think caused the collision. a suspicious device believed
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officers were in the middle of a traffic stop when shots came at them from a passing car. this is the area where it happened on, east colfax. the shooter was reportedly in a white car. we are hoping there are more details about the suspect so we we'll keep you updated with new information. a wrong way driver slammed into a semi on ii225 near alameda. they believe the wrong w driver was drunk and that person's name hasn't been released. now for a quick check of current driving conditions. a couple trouble spots near
6:31 am
roadway and into the grass off the ramp to immediate at mile marker 245. no significant delays on the highway but obviously a hazard. heavy stop and go traffic in the usual pots. a minor accident at i-25 near 84th avenue. 225 is busy, air tracker seven is there now and keeping an eye on the westbound side of 6th avenue with one lane open with bridge repairs. 6:31 and sun glare is an issue this morning. live look in limon this morning, beautiful and cloud cover that we're seeing out east making for a gorgeous sunrise. in burlington we have fog in spots. it's clear and beautiful and mid to upper0s this morning. your kids will likely need a sweatshirt. this afternoon nice with mid upper 70s. mild temperatures and fewer storms today. -?10% chance it looks like heren
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and fort collins a slightly better chance for storms. here's your first alert. we're in the mid to upper 70s weekend. we'll talk about it coming up. 6:32 now. imagine flying along when you're told the pilot is making an emergency landing scary. >> no one likes surprises on a plane but that's what happened in california. a passenger told us know one told us why they were stopping at dia. >> jason gruenauer joins u dia wi why police ssormed the plane according to the fbi it was a suspicious item somebody may have spotted on board. it was a security concern according to dia. that's why this plane from new a to san diego was diverted here. passengers according tt the one on boarddwe spoke to said thhy an issue on board of some kind
6:33 am
the people were gotten off the plane. police and dogs showed up and the bomb squad. all over this suspicious item. the passengers were then put on buses after the security sweep was done and nothing was found. no one was hurt and there was no issue on board. all the passengers were loaded back on the plane and about an hour and a half later it took off and eventually landed in san diego. so what actually caused this diversion and emergency landing, what it actually was we're not sure. we have reached out to united this morning via phone and e-mail but haven't heard back according to dia everything was safe and fine. so again not exactly sure what caused this confusion on board the plane. obviously they didn't want to spook passengers by telling them what it was because they didn't even know what it was. the plane made it to san diego
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everything is normal and wait timee at security is all on time. reporting live at dia, i'm jason gruenauer, denver7 news. turning now to a denver 7 exclusive. this is surveillance you will only see here. it shows dogs eating tiny bags this is at a doggy daycare center in denver at 13th and santa fe. a suspected drug dealer throws 17 bags of into the daycare's backyard as he was running from police. one of the dogs ate an entire bag of heroin and was rushed to the vets. the dog's owner explains the phone call. >> she's high on heroin and we're treating her but come as soon as you can. i could have lost my dog because some stupid idiot decided to sell drugs and run from the police and throw them.
6:35 am
dealer. he was selling drugs on spear and 14th which is what led to the chase. remember the controversial death of sandra bland found dead -?in a jail cell in texas? now the jail is on the hook for 1.800-0000 in a settlement with her family. the texas department of public safety will pay $1,000. she died after days being arrested on a she committed suicide with a plastic garbage bag suffocating herself. ?land's family say she may have been murdered and she would have not killed herself. bland was arrested after driving home from a job interview at texas a&m university. this building could soon be
6:36 am
the council will consider this idea come september 26th. they are planning to use the space for more than a homeless shelter. also will be used as a storage space. anyone who drives a car needs to know about this. crooks want cadillac converters and they're going under cars and using saws to cut out the part. they can make more than $100 by selling the converters. for youhe hundreds of dollars to fix. we spoke to aa aurora man who had his converter stolen this week. >> it happened to me. >> it stinks because it costs a lot more to replace it: a report found cadillac converter thefts are p 23% over the past eight years. one tip if you have a high riding vehicle like a truck, park it in the garage. local districts will now get
6:37 am
want to sell certain sugary soft drinks. however most beverages are still banned during after cool activities. the governor is expanding a apprentice program here in colorado. he announced two companies are donating nine and a half million dollars to the program. >> the idea is for kids to learn skills on the job while they're finishing up school. he discussed the plan during a one-on-one interview. >> what they're learning in the directly apply to their job. and the response from the community has been breathtaking. redefining how we built the work force all together. >> you can catch the interview during a special episode during our program called politics unplugged. you can hat with our political team on facebook and twitter. fort carson soldiers had a
6:38 am
visit with president george w. bush. he stopped at fort carson yesterday as part of the transition summit. it was designed to help returning soldiers return to civilian life and start their job search. bush told veterans they can -?always count on him. >> one of the things i vowed after my presidency was i would spend the rest of my life helping our vets. i would do what i could to focus on the events and to convince them. >> this is interesting. selling a book of originalstart paintings early next year. the profits will be donated to the george w. bush presidential center which focuses on helping post 911 veterans and their families. the book will include 66 paintings as well as a mural of american veterans. firefighters could be getting a new tool to battle
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when the super tanker ight be
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did i just hear this correctly? we didn't win power ball last night? >> i didn't see any winners nags wide. we have fog in akron this morning. sunshine here in denver. upper 40s close to 50s as you step out the door. more shooinz and fewer storms this afternoon -- -- sunshine. we have a bit of a traffic jam developing now. trying to get through the bridge repair at i-70, already seeing delays but still better
6:42 am
rouues. take a look at the other big trouble spot. a fully engaged car fire right there. we have it right by the lake causing significant delays in both directions of i-76 not too far from 136th avenue. if you're feeling ambitious this winter i tryyuphill skiing. the newest offering at dora ski area. this is for people that want t burn calories. they walk up the mountain scaring their skis and ski back down for the relaxing part. this is only on weekdays. we'll post a link with more information. >> building enormous muscles. a colorado couple bought a shark for $4,000 complete with lasers. they made this purchase during a fund raiding auction for a good cause at a fort collins restaurant. it does have a happy ending.
6:43 am
belongs in the bar so they made the donation and helped out worthy causes but the shark stays in the restaurant. donald trump interrupted during a campaign speech. why this woman felt the need to step in. if you have been to coors field you have probably seen
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welcome back. air tracker seven is flying above your morning commute at i-25 at arapahoe. it's looking different out there next week. jason has been tracking right now your voice your vote. hillary clinton has a two point lead over donald trump in colorado. clinton at 41%. this is the first poll trump has led in our state. the part of clinton's problem may be the health issue. medical records came out last night and her doctor says she's healthy enough to be president but as always, trump had something to say abouttthat. he told a crowd that clinton isn't healthy enough to make it
6:46 am
appearance in flint, michigan yesterday. he started to launch an attack on clinton but was interrupted by a pastor. >> hillary failed the economy. just the way she's failed on foreign policy. everything she touches doesn't work out. now hillary clinton. >> mr. trump -- [ inaudible ] >> okay, that' so after the speech the pastor said she wanted to make sure the conversation was rooted in the issues. >> she plan to deliver taco bowls to his campaign office today. the protests is beginning of hispanic heritage month. this super tanker is one step closer to fighting fires in our state.
6:47 am
colorado springs but could be very valuable for firefighters because it can carry large amounts of water over thousands of miles. it will not be in service until the forest service signs off. take a look at the damage caused by the most powerful storm on the planet. typhoon meranti made land fall in china while we were sleeping. officials downgraded it from aa3 super typhoon to a tropical depression this morning. the storm is expected to fade fu at its mosttpowerful there in china, wind gusts were over 175 miles per hour and close to a million homes without power in taiwan. this is the strongest typhoon to hit in years. >> i heard it destroyed an 800-year old bridge. >> we here at home have gorgeous weather. temperatures are a few degrees below normal.
6:48 am
closer to that 80 degrees mark by the this weekend. more sunshine today and fewer storms expected. getting warmer the next couple of days. we picked up more snow in the mountains. we have seen light snow. you see it from our loveland ski area camera. light snow and a lot is melted by this weekend as things warr up. futurecast showing patchy fog on the plains. that will clear up. by 10:00 statewide it's sunny. dry from denver to fort collins until early afternoon..3 it's around 230 tim tum up through he northern front range mountains closer to estes park will pick up thunderstorms. -- -- 2:30. you can see near sterling and akron rain, lightning and
6:49 am
over 65 miles per hour. delays at the airport last night due to those storms. 7:00 tomorrow morning clear skies and beautiful onnfriday with just a few isolated storms by the afternoon and evening. again our threat for severe weather shifts east into nebraska and kansas. we'll be under calmer conditions with a few of these storms. temperatures mid upper 70s by about 2:00 to 4:00 and overnight tonight back into the upper 40s and low we'll be in the mid to upper 70s today and tomorrow which means our foothills and upper mountains, 68. pueblo at 86 today. lamar near 90. hotter across southern colorado. we do have 80s on the board here in denver. 70s.
6:50 am
dry weather and highs near 80. fall officially starts next week. here's your first alert. some shorts and t-shirt weather on the seven-day. what a beautiful look at the i-25 arapahoe brinl project. >> so pretty. >> this new brrdge you will be driving on it monday morning. they had the big pile of sand there still trying to pave the other side of the bridge. they made lane shifts already. we're seeing the weekend. arapahoe is closed down friday night. they're doing the lane shift scheduled into monday morning. take a look at the drive we have going up to he north. closure of eastbound at i-76 near 120th and a big car fire is happening there now. delays because of it in both directions so right now traffic is exiting here at sable and you can use that to get up to 136th
6:51 am
put out the fire. westbound i-70 not too far from peoria causing delays through stapleton. the ramps here at 6th avenue and i-25 the south side is quiet for now. tack a look at the drive westbound 6th avenue and one lane configuration already a 5-10-minute delay getting on to golden. one lane during rush hour. upscale jewelry store in house. they get away with $1 million worth of merchandise. the whole thing took less than a minute. houston police beeieve they may be on a multicrime mission. this man could face life in prison. he's the one who started the
6:52 am
police are also charging him with a hate crime. this shows him running away after setting fire to the mosque early monday morning. firefighters spent five hours trying to get the blaze under control. if you have been too coors field you may have seen him, captain earth man serving beer to fans ssnce the mid 90s. >> tumors in his brain. >> this blind sided us. >> i couldn't cope with that. >> we weren't ready. >> so his family set up a gofundme page to raise money for him to go to concerts. >> they're throwing a party at the end of this month for hhs fans who didn't get a chance to
6:53 am
we are at 52 and your morning sprint coming up. all the top stories you needdto know including an emergency landing at dia. we'll explain the entirr situation coming up. a scary moment for law
6:54 am
6:55 am
the traffic stop on colfax between yosemite and kuebec. overnight a plane is forced to make an emergency landing at d dia. >> travellers were delayed hours while this was going on. jason gruenauer is at the airport to exp happened. >> according to the fbi someone spotted what they believed to be a suspicious item on board. this united flight traveling to new a to san diego landed here at dia. they parked far away from the terminal. the bomb squad came in and swept the plane and ultimately didn't find anything. after an hour and a half or so the passengers shared pictures withhus saying they were scared
6:56 am
going on but eventually after the all-clear was given they were put ack on the flight and made it safely back to san diego. after a scary evening here, no% injuries or safety concerns. dia tweeted the all clear nd that everybody was safe and back to normal here this morning. reporting live at dia, jason gruenauer, denver7 news. on westbound 6th avenue trying to get under i-701 lane delays of 5-10 minutes. the other delay is around bar lake eastbound i-76 has been closed down for that car fire that's closer to 136th avenue. using sable to get around it is the best bet for right now. delays around town in the very usual spots. brandon marshall says he's doing more than just silently protesting during the national
6:57 am
tackle he makes. >> he is doing this after he kneeled during the national anthem before last week's season opener against the panthers. if he plays as well this year as he did last ear, $300 per tackle will add up to more than $30,000. taking a look at he rain and hail in weld county yesterday. did you get storms where you live? if you did we wwuld love to see the photographs. we would love to show them off. today fewer storms we saw yesterday in our weather. 71 by noon and by 3:00 we'll be at 76. skipping ahead to the weekend, tomorrow the rockies are back in town so tomorrow night looks good. temperatures in the 60s for the start of the gaae and isolated storms or two but overall you'll see dry weather. back in the 80s by sunday. only inncolorado two llamas
6:58 am
their own. >> they are named dawson and chaii. they are missing near durango. they run away everr time someone gets close.% if you're in durango and you see llamas start singing to them. no, just tell the parks and wildlife department. >> how do you attract a llama? >> i don't know, how do you wrangle a llama? >> your mama is a many times have we read that?
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good morning, america. donald trump and hillary clinton release new details about their health, but is it enough? trump only shares his details with dr. oz. as he takes a swipe at clinton's stamina. >> you think hillary would be able to stand up here for an hour and do this? >> plus new information about hilla hillary's recent illness as she returns today. up in flames, the new video of a samsung phone exploding at a restaurant as the government says it's now investigating more models of the popular phone. samsung firing back overnight. breaking right now, capturing a suspected serial killer. a woman's terrifying 911 call as she's trapped with the suspect. >> i've been abducted. >> desperately pleading for help, the killer sleeping just feet away. >> is there any way you can get out of the building?


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