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tv   7 News at 11 AM  ABC  September 15, 2016 11:00am-12:00pm MDT

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breaking news, a lockdown just lifted at six schools in the mableton school district all of them on the skyview campus. >> officers are not revealing why they were here, we will keep following this and have the latest right here throughout the day. also breaking news from dia a busy 24 hours at the airport, united airlines flight forced to land because of a suspicious package on board and this morning officers find another package near the passenger drop- offs. >> police just gave the all clear in the second case and jason gruenauer is at dia with the latest. >> the good news to pass along things are back to relatively
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terminal was evacuated, had to be shut down for a good two hours this morninggbecause the suspicious item found just outside the curbside check-in. denver police say an officer noticed an unattended back this morning and when a bomb sniffing dog got a hit on th bag the bomb squad was called, it turns out it only contained personal things so it was taken for further testing to find out why the dog >> whether it was the item or the bag or something else. ittcould be anything. when those dogs hit we have to take the precaution and follow the next steps. >> reporter: dozens of passengers were stuck waiting behind police tape as this whole area was evacuat for their safety. but they were able to check into their fights and some that we talked to missed flights, but the best news this was not
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end and no one was hurt. as of right now the airport is back up and running as normal. reporting live jason gruenauer denver seven. another suspicious package forced a plane to make an unscheduled landing last night. the fbi is handling the investigation. agents and police evacuated the plane. the plane was going from newark to saa diego, the all clear was given and the flight went on. denver pol shots fired overnight were directed at officers after all. they were conducting a traffic stop when they heard gunfire near colfax. police do not have a suspect description. some people woke up to this , hail on the ground one of our photographers snapped this shot. you know colorado, anything can happen at any time but lately
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it feels like severe weather. it is almost fall. >> and we had snow in the mountains. what is going on? a perfect combination, take a look at loveland a beautiful shot but some of the snow from the peaks closest to this shot have melted. we will not see much the the weekend because it will be warm and dry but very pretty getting you in the mood. temperatures right now in the 60s, we will be closer to 71 by noon, yesterday we had severe weather mainly across the northeastern corner of the state, today we could see storms but our threat for severe weather is lower, expecting 76 degrees by 3:00. we have got mid-to upper 70s covering the northeastern corner, 80s to the southeast. here's your first alert, it gets warm on sunday we will talk about it in a few minutes. the mesa county sheriff's
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deputies were trying to bust a druggoperation but unfortunately they had old addresses for the suspects, when they burst into one home they found an innocent family with five kids. the youngest child three ears old. deputies apologized and they will be paying for repairs. we are learning more about the three-year-old boyho accidentally shot himself to death in steamboat springs. the child shot himself in his parents bedroom when his mom was upstairs and his father was outside. his father told investigators his son may have climbed on furnittre to get to a bag continuing his police issued gun in the closet. the deadly accident happened in july. both parents were cleared of charges last week. more charges in the case of this man accused of trying to
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been charged with witness tampering, they were both arrested last week, an affidavit says joseph made calls to his brother and daughter about a witness in the case and in jail records he called the witness a little rat. and he tried to see the witness . a greeley mom charged with child abuse is going to trial. the 28-year-old angelica chavez is facing charges after her august. he had severe injuries including broken ribs, chemical burns to his face and an infection. the grandmother and grandfather could face similar charges, if convicted angelica chavez could face 40 years in prison. a man could face the next decade behind bars, last october he pretended to be a police officer and try to sexually assault a woman.
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911. he was found guilty earlier this summer. the bodies of two colorado civilians fighting isis are back in the u. s. levi "jack" shirley and jordan mactaggart were killed in syria weeks apart, they arrived in chicago yesterday they will be at the denver union station tomorrow morning. it has been a long and dangerous mission to bring their bodies back, it has taken more than one month and $44,000. the denver sherif to talk to this woman, the granddaughter of former denver mayor wellington webb, jamie webb was arrested last week for hitting a friend's car with an ice scraper. investigators want to know if she got special treatment while she was booked into jail. we went to her home to ask her one person seriously hurt in this accident near sixth and perry last night, nearby roads
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while police investigated. it is amazing no one was seriously hurt in this wrong way crash in over a. the wrong way driver crashed into a semi- on 225 this morning. investigators believe the driver was drunk, no other details have been released. anyone who drives a car needs to listen. thieves are going after the catalytic converters from underneath your vehicle. the national insurance crime bureau says the thefts are up 23% since 2008. thieves crawl under your car with a tool and cut the part out , it only takes about three minutes, toyota trucks and forerunners are the most commonly targeted vehicles because of the size of the converters. denver police say a suspected drug dealer through 17 bags of heroin over the
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heroin, one nearly died at the bark and play doggie daycare in denver. on this surveillance video you can see one dog eating a bag a few seconds later they start picking up the bags, the dog survive, police arrested the suspect and now the dogs owner wants to press charges. we are less than eight weeks until new poll shows donald trump and hillary clinton tied nationally. the latest new york times poll has trump and clinton locked at 42%. if you consider it a four-way race with gary johnson and jill stein. in the meantime it is clinton's first day back on the trail afterrshe was sick with pneumonia.
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>> hillary clinton itching to get back on the campaign trail. the nominee was on the morning show sidestepping questions about criticism of her revealing colin powells emails. instead,? and went for donald trump. >> i'm not going to start discussing someone else's private emails. i have spent a lot of time talking about my own. i am increasingly concerned by how we see donald trump his 3 closeness with the kremlin. >> trump is ready to return. >> i don't know, do you think hillary could stand up here for an hour and it is? >> polls are tightening as the center stage. trump took the results of his physical to the dr. oz show. >> i feel as good today as when i was 30. >> trump is in good shape, clinton's doctors said the same . this morning trump reacted to this moment on the trail in flint, michigan when the pastor
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down. >> everything she touched did not work out. now hillary clinton. >> i invited you here to thank us. not give a political statement. ?> okay, that is good.>> trump called the pastor a nervous mess. this morning trump's campaign released health information he gave to dr. oz and said trump has the stamina to indoor uninterrupted the rigors of this campaign. clinton will return to the trail in greensboro, north carolina this afternoon. kenneth moton nbc news washington. a first for a nehampshire newspaper, endorsing libertarian candidate like -- gary johnson for candidate. the first time in 100 years they are not endorsing a republican. the publisher called the trump a liar, a bully and a buffoon and calling hillary clinnon an
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students and faculty tonight. 750 people are expected to attend the event is held to honor leaders whose goals reflect that of the founder of the group. a man was sleeping feet away from a serial killer. the 911 calls for the first time. another car burned out because of an exploding cell phone. a samsung phone but not the one being the full a man mowing down police
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we have a first look at the man arrested for running down three phoenix police officers. this is marc payne. the maricopa county has until tonight to charge him. he is being charged with this action. the officers are expected to be okay after they were hit, he has a criminal record including fighting with officers from 1997. the man accused in a series of freeway shootings in the phoenix area is now suing state leslie merriit jr. was charged in four of e 11 shootings that all of the charges were dropped a few months ago.
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selection is underway for the second time in a hot car murder trial. father justin ross harris is facing murder charges after his son cooper died two years ago. prosecutors say harris intentionalll left his son in a hot car. the judgment of the trial from atlanta to 300 miles across the state, harris pleaded not guilty. a woman escapes a possible serial killer, now we are hearing the 911 call. that woman was being held in a vacant home in ashland, ohio. she was able to call 911 when the suspect fell asleep. >> i kind of freed myself. >> do you have a weapon? >> i have got a taser. >> can you ggt out of the building?>> she tried to be quiet, a few minutes after the
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another murder. the family of this woman sandra bland has settled a wrongful death lawsuit with texas authorities worth $1.9 million including compensation for her death last july. she was found dead in her jail cell three days after this traffic stop, some of the money will go toward revising job procedures which include automated electronic sensors to ensure timely checks on jail cells.>> what appears to be the damage from another samsung galaxy smartphone. the victim in this case a car. clifford samuel was driving tuesday night with the phone charging when suddenly it exploded, video was recorded of the fire. he had to think fast. >> then i saw flames coming up. and then bigger flames. >> here is what is left, a
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now his phone was not covered by the latest recall that is the galaxy note 7 being banned from airliners and buses % following reports of exploding. this man is in custody accused of setting fire to a florida mosque. the 32-year-old was arrested yesterday, he was denied bail this morning. that mosque was the same one the fire was set >> the social media account of joseph schreiber shows anti- islamic comments. >> you will be charged with arson and the hate crime enhancement will be applied o the charge. >> joseph schreiber is an ex- felon. the latest developments on
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it has been downgraded to a tropical depression. you can seeeit here. this video is from an island off the coast of georgia other parts of the state had to report downed trees, 40 mile- per-hour winds, forecasters say julia will bring four inches of rain off the south carolina coast, no coastal watches or warnings in effect. of destruction. broken glass falling treess it made landfall today, other areas dealing with heavy flooding. a powerful typhoon. >> the strongest on the planet. so far. here at home we have had gorgeous weather this is typically september, our quiet month. average snowfall for us is october 19 for the first snowfall. ttday you will find more
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below normal, in the 70s another day of 70s today but it warms up this weekend and for afternoon storms, yesterday at the airport a live look, we had delays due to thunderstorms in the area, today we will not see as many, few and far between. little activity, a few clouds across western north carolina -- colorado. across the state it is a pleasant start. futurecast shows across northern colorado. from 2:30 until 3:00 the northern front range mountains, areas like red feather lakes you will see a few storms, maybe light snow above 12,000 feet, spots like fort collins, greeley even sterling and akron a chance for thunderstorms but denver and boulder are pretty ?uiet, 10% chance for anything
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the skies clear out tonight and tomorrow morning we start with a bright and dry day a lot of sunshine friday morning and the storms popping up tomorrow will be isolated and mainly a few through the mountains, drier weather settling in into the weekend. are threat for severe weather % you can see clipping western colorado, a much better chance in kansas and nebraska. temperatures in the mid-70s today, very pleasant by 3:00, sweatshirt wwen they come home. low 50s, upper 40s early tomorrow morning with some clear skies. we have a nice start to friday, denver at 76 today, castle rock, 74. evergreen and conifer in the upper 50s and 60s. 80s near pueblo and lamar.
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starting sunday into next week. we go from 70s througsaturday , but the bright spot on saturday and sunday, sunday we are at 80 for the start of the broncos game, it is an afternoon game so it will be a hot one. or if you are at ome enjoying it, it will still be warm, those 80s hhld through tuesday and then it will get cooler on wednesday. summer is not quite over yet, th week but we about wwrm weather. >> oktoberfest kicks off in the next couple of days. you don't have to go to germany to celebrate, denver was ranked as the sixth best place to there are all kinds of celebrations happening in the metro area here are the top five cities. cincinnati, pittsburgh, portland, minneapolis and orlando. >> if you need a coffee break we have just the thing, join us
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free coffee friday tomorrow from 6:00 in the morning until 9:00 in the morning. we are at the king supers on union. the broncos brandon marshall has been taking a knee during the national anthem to protest police brutality, coming up, how the movement is spreading.
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, broncos brandon marshall is doing more than just silently protesting during the national anthem, he is donating $300 for every time he makes a tackle. that money will go to diffen marshall is doing this after kneeling before the national anthem. if he plays as well as last year that would add up to $30,000. colin kaepernick's national anthem protest is growing, half a dozen football players in illinois took a knee during the national anthem friday. the aations do not violate any policies. here in colorado for the
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is switching their starting cornerback, colin hill will start. a true freshman he says he is ready for the job. >> i'm ready, i'' ready. walking out on the field i'm ready. it is a good thing. he feels he is confident. you have got to have confidence to play quarterback. >> thh game saturday kicks off at 2:00 in fort collins.. football fans tonight you can live stream the matchup, -?twitter is debuting an app fo life-saving -- live streaming on multiple devices. they will stream 10 total games this season. a lot more news coming up,
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we begin with a busy 24 hours for dia and police this morning a suspicious package shut down a portion of the airport, people cannot go in one of the entrances.
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out but nothing was found in the unattended bag. airport when this happened. >> what happened out here, thee sixth level passenger drop-off on the west side of the dia terminal, an officer who was working curbside noticed an unattended bag. the dog got a hit so with noticed and smelled something, in or round the bag. so they evacuated a good portion of the northwest part of he terminal. they had to bring in the bomb squad, a strange sight to see. ticket counters were empty. the bomb squad was here, they cleared the bag, there were just personal items inside. they are not sure what caused the dog to detect something but the bag is in the custody of denver police. the best news, nobody was hurt it was in abundance of caution and as of right now everything is open and running normal.
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gruenauer denver7. the rrason jason was at the airport is because there was another suspicious package last night, the package forced one united airlines flight to land at dia, the plane was headed from newark to san diego. police scoured the plane eventualll giving the all clear, they did not reveal what the device was. a shooting and a senior homm with a deadly ending. rosenberg went on a shooting rampage before taking his own investigators are trying to piece together why he opened fire. teenagers across colorado will learn job skills thanks to an apprentice program. the governor announced two companies donating $9.5 million to the program allowing students time to learn skills
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we talked with the governor >> what they are learning in the schhol part of the week will directly apply. really, redefining how we go about workforce. >> for the full interview watch politics unplugged with anne trujillo sunday at 3:00. george w. bush wants to help soldiers transition to civilian life. he was at fort carson speaking at a job fair for returning soldiers yesterday. >> one of the things i found was that i would spend the rest of my life helping our veterans. i would do what i could to focus on the needs of veterans and to convince others to join us in helping them. >> more than 100 employers were there helping veterans find work, the job fair continues ttday. you are running out of time to voice your opinion on a potential fee hike at mesa verde national park. the last day to submit comments
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cost $20 for vehicles up five dollars. motorcycle fees during house season hours would go up to $10 , and annual passes would go up to $40 if it passes. the fees would be used for various projects. the legacy high hool football team on the field, five days after the school bus crash. the driver was killed one coach is in the hospital, two others out of the hospital. there is a gofundme page for the coaches who were injured, find the link on our denver7 app. a denver building could soon be housing the homeless, a plan was approved to purchase this building near seventh and alcott west of i-25. the denver post report homeless men are being taken from the denver mission to the overflow shelter but this building is closer, the city council will consider the plan september 26.
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needs help. she can't walk on her own and needs a service dog. only six years old and she has cerebral palsy. she does not let that slow her down. her parents call her sunshine girl because of her huge smile and infectious laugh. they are trying to raise $15,000. download the free denver7 app and find the link to help. lakewood police go beyond the call of the badge to help a taylor burgess is seven years old and battling cancer. she has been in and out of the hospital law, during one visit her overnight bag was stolen out of her family's car. a police officer saw the report and rallied the department together to replace the bag and things inside and throw in extra gift certificates for the family. the biggest surprise of all was a personal visit from over a dozen lakewood police.
11:35 am
drove around the block. we got to turn on the sirens when we got off the street. >> the burgess family is confident she will make a full recovery because 98% of kids with childhood leukemia go into remission. rockies fans we need help. many of you know him with his crazy hats, the denver icon cancer. doctors found two inoperable tumors in his brain so he starts treatment this week. his family is thrown the party so his fans who could not say goodbye get a chance to see him. the informaaion is on our denver7 app. a memorial first sergeant , on highway 285 in jefferson county has been named in his honor. he was killed last year while off duty helling people
11:36 am
another driver hit him. an update on the superhero park for kids with disabilities. plans are moving forward thanks to a broncos super event. zach lawford was having trouble getting some money raised by the autism society of coloradd for the project because he did not have a registered charity. well, he got some help from a broncos super fan who dresses like darth vader. he came to the rescue after seeing the story and he st registered nonprofii. there he is. the money for the park will gee to the right hands and that playground will be built. gander mountain the outdoor sports store is expanding with aalocation in parker. we got this view of the grand opening ceremony. they will continue through sunday. if you stop by the store today
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bronco demaryius thomas. although the details are on our denver7 app. a man visits a subway three times in one night before getting the cash. >> he came in and locked the door give me the money. >> find out his unusual method to get into the store. >> we save babies and last night one of the horses we saved had to be put >> one woman making get her life missioo to save horses. the story behind our everyday hero. overrures in the mid-60s right now,lenty of sunshinn in denver, a few clouus building, coming up with a look
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we have learned the truck driver who slammed into a winery was just cited with reckless driving, the crash happened tuesday at aspee peak sellers after the driver lost control of his semitruck. state patrol is investigating. the driver did suffer minor injuries, the equivalent of 25,000 bottles of wine was lost in the crash. the winery is a total loss but there is a gofundme page information on the denver7 app. new video out of north
11:41 am
this pickup truck after colliding with a school bus you can see the smoke video from a reeponder body camera. >> it was difficult to get the fire out. i ran out with the fire extinction. >> three good samaritans came to the rescue, they grabbed the chain from the car allowing the rrscuer to open the driver door and free the driver. you could call this a case of giving someone an inch and ttking a mile. after a man got free cookies from a florida subway he returned to robbed the employee who gave him the free treats. >> we had a long line, he said i am here to get cookies. so i gave him the cookies. i said sorry for your weight. >> the clerkkwas being nice, he came back wice more, once for free cookies so he got two more
11:42 am
than a sweet tooth. >> he came in and locked the door he said giving the money and he told me hurry up i have a gun. i have a gun. >> the suspect got away with an unknown amount of cash. the cashier said she is never working in another subway again. the department of justice is looking into wells fargo which means criminal charges could be coming. the doj has issued subpoenas into a scandal where employees accounts. the bank has been hit with $185 million in fines. this is carla hayden she has broken major barriers the new head librarian in charge of the library of congress, the first woman and the first african-ammrican to hold the position. the 14th person to have a job. % a $66 billion deal is the
11:43 am
agribusiness. combining the companies will generate $1.5 billion over three years. developments in the epipen controversy, the head of the company responsible for raising prices will now have to explain their actions to lawmakers. a house committee in washington will hold a hearing on wednesday. so the company increase prices by 500% in the span of a few years, lawmakers want to figure out how the generics can get to the market faster. 3 if you see these llamas someone know, there have been several sightings near durango but no luck catching them. they were with their handlers on a hike near durango last month. their handlers ended up having to be rescued by helicopter. unfortunately there wasn't enough room for the llamas so they were left behind. on their own since. a ski area is letting you
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mountain and then ski back down you can only do this during the week. on busy weekends you have to take the left. that would be a good workout. >> that will make your ride down so much better. we aree now dropping below freezing in the mountains most nights, we need a couple good consistent days in the 20s before we snow. you can see from our camera in akron this was a spot that was really foggy, skies have cleared we have more sunshine across the entire state, we will be watching across northern colorado, a few thunderstorms and showers this afternoon, here is your cheat sheet in denver a 10% chance of storms today, we will see more sunshine than not and we are in the 70s today and tomorrow, it will be warmmr this weekknd as
11:45 am
today low to mid 70s by 3:00, an increase in cloud cover with a slight chance of storms and overnight tonight some low 50s right around 48 degrees. today mid-to upper 70s with denver aa 76, parker 75, bailey a high of 67, warmed to the south, more 80s near pueblo and lumbar close to 90. are western slopes are cooler focusing on northern colorado where most of the storms are developing this afternoon especially through the northern front range mountains and across the plaiis from fort collins potentially longmont sterling and akron, denver a few spotty storms most of it will bb east of the city, overnight tonight some clearing skies, early tomorrow a lot of
11:46 am
any thread for severe weather today is different, yesterday a good portion of the front range was covered from cheyenne to trinidad today it will shift further east, a few storms into nebraska turning stronger later today and tonight. 76 today, 74 tomorrow. very mild on saturday, our brighh spot on saturday and sunday. sunday for the broncos game we bumped up temperatures a bit so we have highs it will be a warm day, mostly sunny, by kickoff we are around 80, tailgating low to mid 70s. we also have a rockies game so you will find some pretty nice weather on sunday. low to mid 80s monday and tuesday, mostly sunny and then we will see a bit of a shift wednesday and for the first day of fall thursday things look cooler. it is a nice 7-day forecast.
11:47 am
we will have plenty of snow soon. are seven everyday hero rescued her firrt horse when she was a child, 25 years ago. >> she has dedicated her whole life to helping horses and the people who love them. >> this is april, we saved her a few months ago before she had her baby.>> saving horses from slaughter is so important she started a nonprofit in her own >> her small ranch is a haven for horses others consider throwaways. >> we currently havee16 in our care. last couple of years they have saved more than 50 horses. >> these horses are scared. they are run through, they are sold by the pound. most of them are sick, some are
11:48 am
those who can no longer afford to care for them. most are on their way to slaughter. >> she was so scared of people, did not want tt be touched. >> the horse rescue nurses the horses back to physical health and nurtures them to trust again. we adopted her eight year ago. had, she is now my best friend. >> a time-consuming and costly process bringing horses back >> it is totally worth it. >> even if that means long hours and money out of her own pocket. >> i know th all of these horses are so thankful for her. they would not be alive without her. she is a wonderful person. >> it is not just about getting them out to get more horses in. it is about finding the right placement so they donnt end up in the place they ended up when we first found them.
11:49 am
>> we are hiding out for the surprise. we have denver7 and trusd choice the independent insurance agents of colorado would like to honor you as the 7 everyday hero. for all that you do. congratulations. >> if you would like to learn under the community section you will see everyday heroes. a cofounder of linkedin is goong after donald trump thii time doing it with a game. cards against trump.
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we a love emoji's sometimes they can express what words cannot. a one-year-old in berlin is proposing a new one, a woman wearing a muslim head cover. the idea has been pitched to a report -- back a report saying
11:53 am
a game called trumped up cards the world's biggest deck similar to the game cards against humanity, players throw their most absurd responses to questions on the cards, this features trump cards to give players an advantage. the creator says proceeds will benefit charities that are already working to keep america great. mowing your lawn can be a pain but one company thinks we are talking about goats. they have launched a pilot project using 70 lawnmowing goats they let them grace in the area and move them to the pastor. they are testing to see if the animals can be used on a larger scale. one farm in oregon, goats are taking yoga. being offered at the no regrets farm. the creator came up with the idea watching the goats because
11:54 am
go into a meditative state, seemed like a perfect fit and attendees agreed saying it is a lot of fun. >> it is a whimsical experience. >> they have een running all over. trying to eat the mets. they love to be scratched and petted. it has been so much fun to watch them. spock classes have been going on for about a month, their favorite position is the downward dog. we have no idea. people on the list trying to get him. >> it is bizarre but i would do it. >> what if they went. keeping you on your toes. temperatures are in the 60s, this afternoon we expect mid to upper 70s, denver 76, 50s and 60s in the mountains, warmer
11:55 am
one of my favorite forecasts. 80 by sunday for the broncos
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