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tv   7 News at 5 PM  ABC  September 15, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MDT

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they should both served by and they believe the man was emotionally disturbed and not a target attack. plus more freaking developments about the blue angels pilot 3 that crashed in june. a new report blames the pilot from colorado and a quicker -- according to a reporter team, marine captain. was fine too fast and too low and loss control and died in the crash . dozens of parents are pulling kids out of their commerce city school because they are worried bedbug problem. school officials say there is no infestation and we have mark boyle live where they insist that the building is infested. >>reporter: parents lined up around the building to other students out but is there a bedbug problem or is this just the thoughts? this is a picture that has everyonn talking to adam city high school.
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>>reporter: in the video given to us by a student the front offices filled with students signed out of school. >> she would sign the paper and then go on to the next. >>reporter: this is what they say is a bed bug in the school ?lassroom and this idea is taking off in social media. >> this is an epidemic going on and everyone is going crazy. the district tells us at first learned of a bedbug in the classroom late yesterday and they say that maintenance crews fumigated overnight and still found no evidence of dead bugs of any kind. students talk and this is just a big rumor but some paaents are notang the slightly. >> the climb and choose, close, backpacks. it's disgusting. >>reporter: we asked a local specialist to tell us what this
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be identified under a microscope because of their similarity to bedbugs. this pet control specialists as they cannot see it clear enough to identify. whatever it is, it is all the talk here and letting some kids out of school for the day. contrary to what we are hearing from other students which is seemingly a rumor that there is no school tomorrow and the district says there is in live in commerce city, mark boyle. >> you see what they want answers. from a command that was brutally beaten is suing dpd tonight for $10 million and he was beaten during an arrest for 2 bank robbers that he did not commit. he just wants his life back. >> he has not been able to find a job or see his kids. he was charged with robbery twice and both times charges were dropped.
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down. police came to his house, will come up and told him that they hit his car. they set off flash grenades and then assaulted him. he said the worst is yet to come in minutes later they came up to their face. >> he spit in his face and said don't mess with the biggest being in denver. he pulled out a baton and hit me in the groin. >> when police showed suspects they said that was him and they said that the ex-lied because of a custody dispute and the attorney says the big teller who saw the picture said she was 85% sure that he was the robber but when she saw him in person she said no, that is not him, he is too big.
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charges were dropped. >> see you at 6 pm, with new details on a three-year-old boy that got his hands on his father's weapon and shot himself. gavin stiles was the son of steam boy springs officer and died in midshipman july, his father, michael stiles said it's possible his son climbed on furniture to get the weapon. a grand jury declined to indict the boy's parents less week. the mother of a four-year- old boy killed one year ago in greeley will stand trial. they found chemical burns bruises covering the body of little donovan archuleta. the eight-year-old angelica shabbos pieces 40 years in prison if convicted even though her baby was in the care of the grandmother. no 11 service, that is why one dozen services are suing providers over 911 outages, they hit mostly on the western slope and according to the complaints the communities did not find out about the outages
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alone will not be enough and to avoid paying on i-95 and 36 will have to get lionel and stacy to come with us. c.-- cdot will change their it shall be 2 to each of the period and why the changes jen? >>reporter: we wanted to know this as well and cdot wants to make sure that all of the express lanes like are moving. we are heading southbound and you can see that all of the traffic we are bypassing despite being in the lane. soon it will cost you. and it will require the mac people. >> traffic is getting worse because everyone is moving to colorado, it is gorgeous. >> it's getting bad. it's outrageous. >>reporter: if you are used to avoiding a of the traffic by
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>> for me it gets me there faster. >>reporter: starting in january carpooling with 2 people is no longer going to cut it. intense as it will require the mac people to write hov to avoid the toll. >> the reason we are changing is to ensure liability, the planes are moving a lot of people and they are moving going to be upset, is it about making money. >> we understand it will be difficult for a lot of people >>reporter: what if your card is not fit more than 22people? >> if your vehicle cannot safely hold back people that you cannot travel for free. >>reporter: drivers we talked
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changing the free hov lane from to back to the mac? >> i don't think it's a good idea. >> maybe it would encourage more carpooling. >> i am always on back so i always pay it doesn't bother me. >> 2 is enough. >>reporter: intense as local police will impress the rules and if you are caught writing for free without mac people that violation can be $250.>>reporter: and 10 is rolling out another change and those transponders that used to cost $15 will bb given up for free but only for people that plan to write carpal only. ripping life, looks like i need a couple more friends. will go live to the university of denver and vice president joe biden will be speaking her in a couple of hours. he is headlining the university about dinner which honors local leaders. the newest presideetial poll out today shows a dead heat between donald trump are clinton. the new york times poll finds clinton with only a two-point edge over trump. quentin is back on the campaign trail today and she tookktime off to recover from pneumonia. >> she was obviously under the
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not want to miss the 9/11 event. i believe she is strong and feisty and ready to go. a near fainting episode on sunday that questions about her health and her campaign. they release more information from hee doctor yesterday showing her in good health. today comes campaign followed up on his appearance with dr. oz by releasing a doctor letter recently examined him and he said he is in excellent health reading the interview yesterday trumpet knowledge that he does no least 15 pounds and that he is on cholesterol medication. donald display backkto colorado springs this saturday and will hold a rally at the justice and as of colorado 7:30 pm. doors open 2 hours earlier. today trump laid out his economic plan and the cost, for instance tax cost would cost $4.26 billion over one decade that he says that economic growth and changes to trade and energy would make up the difference. denver international has had a much calmer afternoon.
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dog got a hitton a bag near a passenger drop-off area and because of that dia shut on the northwest part of the terminal. we caught up with a passenger who missed his flight that he was not upset. >> you definitely want this to be safe. i do not want to get on a plane and there's a possibility that something is on he plane. >> the bomb squad came in and found nothing suspicious of the bag. they took it away for more testing to be sure. dangerous could be linked mac overdoses in neighboring utah we are asking if it's a problem here. and the widow or of the legacy high school bus driver will be at tomorrow's
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tonight legacy high schools within the block party to raise money just days after school bus carrying a high school faulting crashed and killed the bus driver. >> jacqueline allen spoke to the late bus drivers has been and he said his wife might've
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office said she had a very enlarged heart and it is possible that she had a heart attack before the crash. right now we have not been able to confirm, the official autopsy report will not be available for another month but we do know that there has been a huge outpouring of support from the community for the wife and mother of teenagers. more than $20,000 donated to her go find me account to pay for funeral expenses and help the family. her husband says that he be at tomorrow's homecoming game at legacy high school in a special tribute is planned. we also try to reach out to the coaches that were hurt in the crash on sunday. 2 of the 3 coaches were out of the hospital but the district tells me they arr still recovering tonight and they will not be getting interviews for a while. no word yet on whether they will be out at tomorrow night homecoming game but the players that are in the crash will be
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they are cleared to play. tonight from 7 pm to 9 pm the school is holding a block party, a legacy strong party at the high school to benefit the families affected. you can really see this community affected. >> we have all been impacted by how wonderful the community has been. thank you tarquin. local truck driver destroyed a winery was slapped with a citation. the semitruck crash into aspen pekin bailey and the winery is a total loss. they have cited the driver but they are not sure how the crash happened. have you thought to yourself lately, we have had a lot of accidents? last year colorado had 1300 of them and 59 pedestrians died. the intent is putting a walk signal man to work. check out the new ad campaign. >> is he on his phone? oh no, he did not. you have to yield to pedestrians in the crosswalk, they have the right away. did he just flip me the? that is it. they have named
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he message about drivers and pedessrians but also reminding pedestrians to stick to the crosswalks. for the rest of us who were driving did you know that nearly 1/3 of the traffic test on our roads go back to one thing, alcohol. tomorrow law enforcement begins the fall dui enforcement and last year over arrested 1500 drivers, more than 40 per day. expect to see more officers on the road to the end of october. maybe you have seen the report about a synthetic opioid seven times stronger than heroine. it cou be connected to the death of two middle school students in park city, utah. we do not know for sure until toxicology reports come back but the report says the drug
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and we checked with the denver dea office. they know the drug by the name you will 4 77. a source says they have not seen the drug problem here in denver. if you like you can pay more out of pocket for your health insurance, you have been, the kaiser foundation released a report today saying the insurance deductibles jumped 13% this year. 50% of employees are in plans that have deductibles of at least $1000 according to the report and that is up 45% from last year. u.s. house lawmakers are trying to block the white house from a transfer of the remaining terror suspects at guantanamo bay. they passed a bill to prevent it and it would interrupt the president's plan to close by year end but it is not expected to pass the senate. old-school weapons are going away thanks two new technology as they are bringing robots to destroy a stash of world war ii back weapons stored in pueblo. they will be used to empty 780,000 artillery shells filled with mustard agent. the shells have been sitting
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contact with the deadly chemicals. be glad you are standing there when this redirect ashdown, meteor hunters found this outside a small town in argentina, scientists think that it entered the atmosphere 4500 years ago. >> it looks like a planet. look at this, this typhoon in china was strong enough to move the monstrosity, it giant inflatable moon flying through the air and then it was cruising around town. wins top 105 mph. is that the weirdest thing? i am surprised you did not see more people running from that. >> we actually have our own moon that will be very large in the sky. tonight it's where you will see up at the harvest moon tomorrow will be full and it will be huge n the sky.
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weekend of summer. the fall equinox is coming next week. we have strong storms on the eastern plains and this is what it looks like out near stirling. here's thunderstorms moving through and we had heavy hail and outputs for morgan we saw oneself after another pass on by. you can see it on the radar here. we had most of our strong to severe weather across the eastern plains and a bit of show stewing up outside estes park. for the most part around denver it has been dry and heavy showers stretch from strasburg out towards folio, sterling and even towards burlington. we have lightning, heavy rain, and even a severe thunderstorm watch in effect for the eastern part of our state. the extreme eastern part that you see tte rain is still coming through from fort morgan towaads akron and down south
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in certain places you wwll run into heavy rainfall but here in denver it has been pretty quiet, private cottage was a cloudy skies and temperatures in the 70s thanks typical front that went through. we have storms that went through and these temperatures will be the same for today nd tomorrow. 70s will stick around nd a warmer weekend for us and we hang onto sunshine as we go into saturday and sunday. the mountain forecast for tomorrow for penny to see the foliage looks great. 60 degrees for tomorrow with a into the afternoon. saturday, sunny skies and temperatures in the low 60s. that is if you're headed out i- 70 towards eagle vail. tonight we'll have scattered thunderstorms across the eastern plains. a chance for aafew around denver tonight into tomorrow. those are slight chances as you see from the front range. this is your fall foliage map, north of i 70 for the next couple of weeks this is when the peak will occur, the 22nd to october 10 and south of i 70 and beginning towards october for those aspen trees. anywhere you go at this point
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color showing up. temperatures tonight will be in the 50s and tomorrow back in the 70s once again partly cloudyyskies and we have a chance for afternoon storms. we'll see how it clears out by 9 am tomorrow it is pretty clear statewide and then into the afternoon a few scaatered showers around the front range and into the foothills. i believe it will be few and far between. tonight we have overlay lose in the 40s and storms moved off to the east northeastern colorado and 30s in the higher elevations. tomorrow the highs will be comfortable in the mid-70s for the afternoon. we have 70s from fort colliis iito longmont. 61 for estes park, 59 for winter park and 70s from bennett to parker at 68 for castle rock. temperatures closer to 80 for southeastern colorado tomorrow afternoon and near 80 and the -?western slope as well. temperatures over the weekend are great. afternoon highs hovering around 80 with sunny skies and 80s to start monday and tuesday and
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thursday. thank you stacy. the cu buff ralph gets the award for the best entrance in college football. tell us something we did not already know. the tradition goes back 50 years when someone donated up a float the university and it is not the same ralphie. peyton manning is enjoying retirement, the former broncos quarterback took over as spokesman for auto box and they took this teaser showing him versus ali the otter. these were shot in collins at the ffice down there and they feature look out for your neighbors. >> that is great. on miller is ready to dance
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welcome to 7 sports extra and the broncos welcome the colts two-mile high sunday afternoon. the colts have owned the broncos as of late. 8-1 in the last 9 meetings but on miller is looking to change the record on sunday. as always, pressure quarterback is a game changer late in the game. uper bowl and- the broncos got to cam newton and they had a sack dance and held the panthers to 3 pointss in the second hal he is making quarterback money and he was asked today if he can affect the game like a quarterback mike >> that is a really good question. the answer to that question is yes, i feel like i can have an
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game i can have an effect. i am not throwing passes or touchdown passes or anything like that but i am affecting the pros and we had the best secondary in the politics of i can get any pressure it will helpp -?>> cam newton felt it and luc felt it last year. he was questioned last november and ended up with a lacerated kidney in a partially torn abdominal muscle. they said it's more liken injury you find in a car wreck and he missed the last 7 games of the season nd he said that the broncos played dirty. >> >> i would not say the play dirty, they play hard, like any good defense they will toe the line of aggression. >> sometimes you get hit in the
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does not come out i'm not worrying too much about it. >> the broncos continue to enjoy and be a favorite running that could be your favorite cereal, foster cornflakes and the soviet denver area is king supers and this is altogether
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switch to centurylink and get up to 40 megs for just $20 a month. that's the speed you need to stream... ...connect on social media... learn, shop and more with fast in-home wifi. so call 844-565-link. get up to 40 megs of high-speed internet for just $20 a month for one year when bundled with a qualifying home phone plan. speed may not be available in your area. call today.
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tonight, breaking news. the scare here in new york city a short time ago involving police officers. the suspect with a meat cleaver. police rush to the scene. officers injured. gunshots fired. and we are on the scene. also breaking, the massive recall just in tonight. the smartphones now ficially recalled because of fires. and the concern over those phones on planes and subways. hillary clinton, back on the trail, and what she says tonight about her absence. and taking aim at donald trump, after that moment at a flint church, when the pastor stops him. meanwhile, trump tonight, and the full interview with dr. oz. what trump now reveals. police investigating a possible serial killer, and tonight here, the 911 call. the woman inside the home. the suspect inside, too. and the stunning scene. workers running for cover as a


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