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tv   7 News Right Now  ABC  September 15, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm MDT

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she found bruises on her 2-year- old son and claimed she happened at his new daycare. >> for weeks she has been looking for help and can't seem to get anywhere. denver7's sally mamdooh spoke to that mom. >> she is certain someone that the daycare left bruises on his body because his behavior from terrified to happy changed once she switched hhm to a different daycare. working mother ashley carmen was happy to see already 2-year- old son jace elated to go creative learning academy. >> he was super excited about it, loved it, wanted to go, didn't want to leave. >> reporter: but a week later that all changed. >> he would kick and scream and say mommy, i'll stay in the car while you go to work screaming. >> reporter: at first ashley couldn't understand her son's behavior until she gave him a bath and found bruises on both of his arms. >> they were like the mark of a
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immediately took her son to the hospital and the records show the marks were bruises. this was the second time ashley noticed something wasn't right with her son. a week before the bruises surfaced -- >> he came home with scratches. are. >> reporter: when ashley asked about the source of the scratches -- >> the teacher said oh, yeah, he scratched his face. >> reporter: ashley filed a report on the daycare. she pulled her son out of the daycare and filed a report with human services. >> i put him there thinking he would be okay and he ooviously wasn't. >> reporter: the daycare didn't want to speak on camera. they told us human services did investigate the daycare and found no evidence lining them to the bruises. the findings so far have been more than frustrating to ashley. >> nobody can give me an answer. >> reporter: so we went looking for answers. the colorado department of human services back ground check revealed a lack of supervision complaint was filed against the same daycare in the
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the daycare was on probation for six months which just ended. the cdhs tells me they kent comment on ashley's son's case because it's still being investigated by the arapahoe county department of human services. i asked for a full report and am told it will be released to us tomorrow. in the studio sally mamdooh, denver7. the director of the den department of public safety's cadet -- denver department of public safety's cadet proggam is kim fresca fired for allegedly making inappropriate comments and bullying reports and withholding overtime pay which is against federal law. she can still appeal to the career service authority board. he says he was beaten by denver police, the fbi and now a denver man is suing them for $10 million. denver7 reporter victor hernandez spoke to the man who had plenty to say. >> steve talley said the police department's shoddy
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been -- he says he's homeless, hasn't been able to get a job or see his kids for two years. steve talley said he was home asleep when an officer came to the front door claiming he'd hit talley's car and asked him to come out and look. >> they had flash bangs that they remote detonated in my face. >> reporter: then officers rushed in to handcuff talley and beat him twice, the 2nd time as he was held up in hand cuffs by two other officers. that's when he said -- >> don't [ bleep ] with the biggest gang in denver and they pulled it out like what appeared to be a stunnable baton and used it in a baseball swing and hit meeright in the groin. >> reporter: the lawsuit describes the injuries, cracked and split teeth, broken ribs and fracturedgenitalia. >> reporter: charges were dropped when he proved he was
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dropped and then when the 2nd teller said no, that's not him, he's too big, the second charges were dropped. >> i want my life back. it's like they literally have taken my life and threw me away. % >> reporter: talley says $10 million is just a figure. >> all i'm really looking for is to get my life back where i have stability and the ability to see my kids and i can be a father again. >> reporter: talley's attorney says he thinks police really thought his client was the robb. after charges were dropped the first time. he said he's an optimist and hopes the officers involved are not completely evil. a man convicted of impersonating a police officer and assaulting a woman will spend 2 1/2 years behind bars plus two years parole. he must register as a sex offender. last october police say morris fate pretended to be an officer and offered a woman a ride. he threatened, grabbed her. she got away and called 911.
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you fast and caught the attention of a lot of you on our website. now we're -- first and caught the attention of a lot of you on our website. denver police say christian ramirez was running from officers tuesday after they saw him dealing drugs around 14th and speer. ramirez threw the drugs over the fence before he was caught. in fact, this is surveillance video. it shows the dogs eating the drugs. one of the dogs nearly died. bedbugs anywhere makes your skin crawl. tonight controversy at a students say they have seen bedbugs in the school. administrators deny it. denver7's mark boyle was at adams city high school tonight. a lot of parents were taking their kids word for it. >> reporter: they were lined up around the school pulling their kids out. the questton, is this a lot of buzz or is there a big bedbug problem at the high school? we want to show you a picture
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classroom on the end of a pencil. they say students have seen them and began calling their parents today. much of the day parents were lined up trying to get the kids out of school, but the district said they fumigated last night after first hearing reports late yesterday and haven't yet seen any proof of any insect infestation here. still some parents aren't takiig any chances. >> i went straight up there and pulled him out. until the problem is totally fixed my sonwi in school. >> they've been going around the whole school. everybody has been saying watch out for the bedbugs. >> reporter: so we called the experts to see exactly if it was a bedbug or if nnt, what it was. they said the picture was a little too blurry to tell exactly what kind of bug it is. classes will be back in session tomorrow. live in commerce city mark boyle, denver7. i'm meteorologist stacey donaldson, severe weather across the eastern plains this
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effect toward burlington, but we've seen a little snow west of estes park as well, a little light rain on the southwest side of town and we could see few sprinkles going into the evening. here for northeastern colorado we've seen hail and lightning and strong thunderstorms moving on through. here's the edge of that severe thunderstorm watch box from ray down to burlington, but we're keeping an eye on these storms and we'll talk about wwether or not we'll see severe weather in denver tonight coming up in a few minute. big changes are coming to the express lanes on u.s. 36. two people no longer will a carpool make. cdot says three will be the minimum to use the love lane without paying. denver7's jennifer kovaleski is live out on i-25 tonight with exactly what we all need to know. jen? >> reporter: the good news is you still have some time, but come january you will need three people to ride in the h.o.v. lane for free. now we are headed on i-25 on the expressway and you can see
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bypassing by being in this lane. now cdot says they're changing the express lanes on both i-25 and u.s. 36 from h.o.v. two to h.o.v. three to make sure they keep traffic moving. it will bring in more toll revenue to help offset costs. we asked cdot if this is just about making more money. they tell us no but understand it will be a difficult change for a lot of people. cdot says local enforce the new h.o.v. rules and anyone caught riding without three people could face up to a $250 fine. >> it does help you move more people in less cars and free up face on all the lanes. >> reporter: what dd you think about them changing the free lane from two to three people? >> i don't think it's a good idea. >> maybe it would encourage more carpooling. >> i'm always one, so it
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>> reporter: if you can't find enough people or don't want to carpool, you can always pay the toll. tense moments at dia this morning, a suspicious package blocked access to the west side of the terminal more than two hours today. the level 6 ticketing area and passenger dropoff area were also closed until denver police bomb squad cleared the package and some travelers on american and alaskan airlines were affected by this closure. if you look up in the skies in the should be quiet. a no-fly zone is in place because vice president joe biden s speaking at university of den tonight. right now denver7 political reporter inside the magness arena. >> reporter: the taes there and podium are on the ice where
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hockey teams wins their games. the ambassador is the dean of the school of international studies. previous speakers include rice and president george bush and the menu includes sea salt focaccia bread. you can watch him live on the denver7 app. >> that's high brow with the the fritzler corn maze back in business, how persistence paid off.
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... learn, shop and more with fast in-home wifi. so call 844-565-link. get up to 40 megs of high-speed internet for just $20 a month for one year when bundled with a qualifying home phone plan. speed may not be available in your area. call today. ? after a devastating summer of hail and rain the fritzler
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this was yesterday. denver7's russell haythorn is there tonight. they nearly lost it all in early august, russell. >> reporter: yeah. on august 2nd they had one of the worst hailstorms they've ever seen up here. that was then. this is now and check it out. the pumpkins look great up here. ?s for that corn maze, well, that's an adventure. you know it's a good corn maze -- >> where are we? >> we are on the right side of the maze. no, we're not. 'r >> reporter: when the man who made it can't even give you directions. >> i don't even know where to go. >> reporter: now in its 17th season, the maze this year is a tribute to the broncos super bowl 50 win, but getting to this opening weekend hasn't been easy this year. >> august 2nd we got hail. >> reporter: a devastating storm that stripped the corn maze and ummeled the pumpkins. >> mowed them down to nnthing. you worr all summer long and then that hailstorm comes
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devastating are. >> reporter: glenn fritzler says what hasshappened since then -- >> when it turns orange, this thing is absolutely stunning. >> reporter: -- has been nothing short of miraculous. he documented the recovery of the pumpkin patch every week and now six weeks later -- >> i'm blown away. i never dreamed in a million years that we were going to have a 1/10 of what we've got out here. >> reporter: -- the patch is ready for picking. >> they want the experience of picking the pumpkin off the vine. >> reporter: is stocked, the pumpkin cannons loaded and other attractions all set. >> phase two is haunted at night. you get up in the morning, put your boots on and go to work. >> reporter: for fritzler this label of love might pay off for one more season even if he can't find his way out. >> i'm so excited you can't imagine. >> reporter: that was my photographer major king making his way through the corn maze in 30 minutes flat with a camera. so it can be done.
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days. for more information on all of this we've linked it all to our website. for now we're live in weld county russell haythorn, denver7. >> thankkyou. outdoor enthusiasts now have another shopping place in parker, gander mountain celebrating it's grand opening out near cost coach you'll see rugged footwear and a whole lot more and broncos receiver autographs. the first 150 guests were given passes to meet the football player. denver mayor hancock opened the doors to the historic civic center today after the building has undergone renovation for operational upgrades and a new front courtyard offering better connectivity to the civic center park and universal access to that building. today the building showcased its new features and current exhibitions there. i'm meteorologist stacey
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alert. we do have partly cloudy skies across the front range, but across the eastern plains it's been severe weather. i wanted to point out keep your eyes to the sky tonight and tomorrow. officially the harvest moon will be full tomorrow night. we should be able to get a good view of it into this evening. near sterling, colorado, it's definitely been stormy with strong storms pushing through the area now, same for fort morgan, very dark skies on the horizon. as thunderstorms continue to push through, they've been gaining more energy as they've kansas and nebraska, but at this point most of those showers are well off to the east of denver. we've seen a few sprinkles here and there on the south side of town, but for the most part it looks like light rain is a possibility here. the heavy stuff will still be across the eastern plains from holyoke back toward fort morgan, dark skies out here. we've had off and on severe thunderstorm warnings with these storms, right now a sevvre thunderstorm watch box in effect for extreme eastern colorado until midnight tonight.
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68 degrees in city park, 67 in littleton and arvada, longmont 67 degrees. we had a cold front last night creating storm for the plains in through this afternoon. 70s stick around through tomorrow and a warmer weekend ahead, afternoon highs hovering around 80 degrees. if you're headed to the mountains, maybe taking friday off, it will be partly cloudy with a slight chance for afternoon thunderstorms tomorrow. this is as you head out i-70 going west, 62 degrees saturday, sunny skies and we'll just s this is in case you want to see some fall foulage. we've started to see the changeover, but the peak will happen north of i-70 the next couple weeks. for about the last week of september and october we'll be moving into the aspen grand junction area south of i-70 and then into october down farther to the south and this happens to be the last weekend of summer. we have the fall equinox coming in next week on thursday of tonight we'll have the chance for severe weather in the
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and then again tomorrow chances for pop-up showers in the heat of the day from denver back toward telluride and durango into limon. as for our 24 hour planner, mostly 50s tonight, 49 degrees our overnight low, then tomorrow back in the 70s once again with a slight chance for scattered afternoonn thunderstorms. see how quiet it is by 10 a.m. tomorrow morning, shouldn't have any weather problems tomorrow until the afternoon, maybe a few scattered showers into the heat of the day. 6:30 in the afternoon not a lot happening here, but we could see a few scatteredd showers and down south of weld. tonight overnight lows in the 40s, clearing skies, storms on the plains. we'll clear out the cloud cover around the metro. 20s and 30s for the mountains tonight, pretty chilly the higher in elevation you go. then mostly sunny tomorrow, 74 degrees with a few scattered thunderstorms and mostly 70s around denver, 74 aurora and
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park 61 degrees tomorrow. temperatures closer to 80 farther to the south and in the mountains 60s and 70s for afternoon highs. our seven-day forecast keeping us in the 70s as we go into 80 degrees. we'll stay in the 80s the beginning of next week, then another cooldown wednesday and thursday with overnight lows in so very interesting forecast here as we kind of fluctuate with temperatures, but yeah, keep your eyes to the skk, should be a big coming, the harvest. >> thank you, stacey. coming up the broncos coming up the broncos injury situation took a turn follow your own sense of style... because, you want to be confident. t.j.maxx really helped us express our creative side. that's the best part.
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... we're a team. yeah.
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welcome to 7 sports extra and now the latest from dove valley, receiver demaryius thomas told denver7 broncos insider troy rank today dt feels better today than yesterday and expects to play sunday against the colts but may have to fight through the pain all season long. it's the same injury he had all season in 2012 and another injury popped up today. here's troy with the latest. >> reporter: broncos defensive end derek wolfe was participant thursday. he suffered a neck injury against the carolina panthers. it's a game in which he told me thattseveral offensive linemen targeted him. we'll see if they get fined on friday. for now coach kubiak hopes wolfe is available for sunday's game. >> his neck is sore. he practiced yesterday, got a little sore on him, so we kind of protected him a bit today. we'll see where he's at tomorrow. >> reporter: and about von miller, let's be honest, his
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season, he's had more big plays than shakespeare. he impacts the game like a quarterrack, something he didn't deny on thursday. >> i feel like i can have an effect on the game just like a quarterback. i feel if i can get to the game, i can have an effect on in defense. i'm not throwing touchdown passes or anything, but i'm affecting the throws. we got the best secondary in the national football league, so if i can get any type of pressure on the quarterback, that's going to help those guys out. >> reporter: if it's a close looking for and need improvement from rookie punter riley dixon. back to you in the studio. is that thanks. how about a -- >> thanks. how about a little thursday afternoon football? this is all chargers. quarterback for chatfield got the edge and turned it up. chargers lead the farmers 30-7 at halftime. we'll tell you who won tonight at 10:00. >> i love high school football,
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it's been looking really nice, afternoon highs in the 70s today, 70s again tomorrow and then we'll have chances for rain tomorrow afternoon, but highs around 80 degrees over the weekend, beautiful! >> look at that. >> then thursday will actually
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"the list" starts right now. >> coming up on "the list," bring the future to your bathroom. the coolest upgrade for your camode. >> and can you open a bottle of wine with a shoe? we're putting no corkscrew hacks to the test. >> and save the planet and space. three things you didn't know can be recycled. >> that's all ahead. first, here's what's trending now. when you're a kid, recess is the
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but good news, some schools are bucking the trend. >> they have that chance to go get the wiggles out. and they come back and they're ready to learn. >> one new york school district has doubled the time to get the wiggles out from 20 to 40 minutes for kindergartners through fifth graders and the project is a program where 14 schools across texas and oklahoma give kinder gartd eners an hour of recess spread across fo >> this is about creating the environment in a school setting where kids have the ability to learn. >> kids are loving it. here's a bonus, the playground is where you learn all kinds of stuff y won't get from a schoolbook. >> come out and play! >> but that's not the only trending story we got four. >> we know driving drunk one is of the stupidest things question do. >> absolutely. thankfully, companies are stepping up to do something about it. >> that's right. one of them is budweiser. they'll get you lit then give you a list.
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looks like the king of beers is taking steps to become the king of responsible drinking. after a few brews, they'll get you a list. they're giving 5,010 credit to the ride sharing service lyft for late night revellers in colorado, florida, illinois, and new york every weekend starting this friday through the end of the year. great for when you lyfted too many beers. >> whether people go places with lyft, safety is built into every new research out of carter's university in wales says when you're drinking with a group, it becomes very difficult for you to gauge just how tipsy you are. quick tip, if you don't know, don't ive. a se de ho f people of all ages. >> but now let's talk about one age-group that is causing a lot of commotion. >> yeah. millennials. >> oh, yes wlachlt are they doing now? >> they're killing things.


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