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tv   7 News Now at 430 AM  ABC  September 16, 2016 4:30am-5:01am MDT

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f0 3 it is 4:30. we begin with breaking news. one person hit by a car, this is near jewel and federal. >> let's get over to daryl orr who is on the scene with the latest. >> reporter: police and fire got a call this morning about a pedestrian hit on the north side of jewel it's about 300 yards, maybe 300 feet north of the intersection. he's been transported to the hospital, and it's unknown his condition, it could be serious. this intersection could be closed off about two hours. federal closed off north from jewell. traffic coming north on federal can go east on jewell, but can't go west right now. as for coming from the north to
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f at colorado avenue north and southbound. about a whole block area closed. incidentally, the person that hit the pedestrian did remain on scene. once we find out more of his condition we'll pass it on to you. daryl, thank you. the best way to get around this would probably be to take sheridan north and southbound and avoid the area. also a big thing to look out for starting tonight at 8:00, the ramp from arapahoe to i-25, this will be closed. just be aware from tonight at 8:00 p.m. until monday at 5:00 to expect delays and a detour is in place. in terms of getting out to the mountains and around town, a lot of green. slowdowns coming into the east, but the trees this time of year, they're starting to pop and change colors, a beautiful time to be in the high couutry. ou were near aspen, right? >> yes. >> you're right. starting to see gorgeous color.
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showers overnight now moving out. clearing skies and another pretty pleasant afternoon. mostly sunny early on. very few isolated storms possible this afternoon and early evening. temperatures back in the low to mid-70s. it is going to be a touch cooler than what we saw yesterday. denver today around 73 to 74. erie 72. some foot hill spots ll be in the upper 50s to low 60s. coming up we'll show the storms look like. a person in a motorized wheelchair hit by a driver last night in denver police say suffered serious injuries. happened at park and clarkson. you can see the damage to the car. police have not said if the driver will face charges. a news alert out of colorado springs. police say this man sexually assaulted a woman at gunpoint
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this is 54-year-old du juan julian. he should be considered armed and dangerous. if you see him call 911. an update, denver police now say this man, cristian ramirez, is the drug dealer who threw 17 baggies of heroin in a doggie day care play ground. one of the dogs almost di ramirez after he saw him dealing drugs near 14th and speer. they say he threw the drugs over the fence during the chase. he has not been charged yet.
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mactaggart and levi shirley who died in in afghanistan, their bodies should be back here this morning. >> reporter: later on this morning the bodies of those two men, the freedom fighters in syria, are expected to arrive here and handed over to their families this morning. they were part of this group called ypg, the poem's syria. shirley was killed july 14th, and mactaggart killed on august 3rd. it took weeks to get their bodies back here to the united states, because again, they went over there on their own accord to join these foreign forces to fight against that terrorist group. because they're not members of the military, that's why it took their families weeks. we've been following up with them about their battle to try
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to arrive, one final trip home. we'll be here with those families as they arrive at union station in a little while. live down, i'm jason gruenauer, denver 7. legacy high school is raising money for the victims of this recent school bus crash. tonight the football team will be back on the field for the first time since the crash. the school hosted a block party last night, inviting the whole community. students collected donations for the three coaches injured and for the family of thh bus driver a spokesperson for adams 125 star schools says there will be a moment to reflect before tonight's game. >> they'll be playing for the coaches, i already know that. >> they're excited for tomorrow, they want to play hard. >> the football team was not available to talk to us last night. tonight we are expecting to hear from the team's interim legacy has been getting support from across the region. the westminster high school
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school to the family team dinner last night. westminster players say sooe things are bigger than football. tte bus driver was killed as i mentioned in that crash, and one coach of the three who were injured is still in the hospital. there are gofundme pages set up for both. you can find those links on our free denner 7 app. things are calmer at dia this morning. a bomb sniffing dog got a hit on a bag near the terminal was shut down several hours. we spoke to one man who missed his flight because of there. >> you definitely want things to be safe. i don't want to get on a plane and possibility could be something on the plane. >> the bomb squad couldn't find anything at all suspicious. doesn't appear there was danger to the public, but they had to be safe. this morning the vice president is waking up here in coloordo.
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raising dinner, then he surprised students at a nearby gym who were watching on a big screen. [ chanting >> they were fired up. joe biden spoke with students for about 15 minutes after his speech. the vice president spoke about international relations. this was at the dinner for the school on international studies. he said the next president needs to have better relations with the pacific. he called this an inflexion point in world history and gave some presidential race. >> all politics is personal. it matters. you have to figure out what the other person's interest is. you've got to figure out what their latitude is. you've got to figure out what their intentions are. >> biden will leave colorado a little later this morning. there could be some delays on the road for you as his
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give an answer on his cancer moon shot goal. 4:38 now. happy friday. we do have a little bit of bad news. the commute for workers in the denver metro area is apparently longer than anywhere else in the country. nearly half of people who live in the denver aurora lakewood area spend at least 30 minutes driving to work. 8% are on the roads more than an hour. a lot traffic related. this could help with traffic as long as you have enough people in the car. starting in jjnuary you're going to ne three people in your car if you want to use the hov lanes on i-25 and u.s. 36. otherwise, you have to pay to use the lane. this will bring in more toll revenue and cdot believes it help the flow of traffic. >> i don't think it's a good idea. >> maybe it would encourage more carpooling. >> i'm always one, so i always
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fine if you break the new rules. broncos' demaryius thomas says he expects to play sunday. he has missed several practices because of a sore hip. >> derek wolfe has been dealing with an injury. his neck has been boring him since last thursday's game. he said he hopes he can play sunday, but it'' not a sure thing. runningback cj anderson's new cereal is out, cj's mile high crunch. you can find it next week at king soopers. it's basically frosted flakes, but it looks cooler. come on, it's sugar, it's a breakfast foods, how can you go wrong. >> frosted flakes aren't my favorite though. >> no? well. >> at least it's not captain crunch, you'll keep the skin in your mouth. more details about a
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a man ttacks police with a
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happy friday. a live look, the king soopers this morning near alameda and union. a reminder, we'll be there later today for free coffee
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there beginning at 6:00 a.m., or as josh the photographer behind the camera will be there. we'll join him after 7:00 when we get done with the forecast. come by and get a free cup of joe. denver police are dealing with a lawsuit this morning. the fbi is being sued as well. the plaintiff here is steve tally. he claims he was beaten and wrongfully arrested for bank robberies. charges were filed twice. they were dropped both times. he says because of the arrests he is now homeless and unable he says he hasn't been able get a job either so he's asking for $10 million in damages. >> that's a number, but all i'm really looking for is to get my life back to somewhere where i have stability and the ability to see my kids. >> investigators say he was arrested after his ex-wife identified him from a still frame of the robber. tally says she lied because they're involved in a custody dispute. we have another warning
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felony lane gang. arapahoe county deputies are sounding the alarm. they say the gang travels from city to city stealing things like purses and other valuables from people from their cars and at gyms, at day cares and the most recent case did happen at a day care in centennial. police say this woman stole a purse out of a lo day care. an official with denver's department of public safety out of a job and criminal charges could be coming. kim fresquez was in charge of the department's cadettprogram and according to her termination letter, she forced cadets to work overtime without getting paid. she also slatched one -- slapped one cadet in the back of the head and bullied several others. she plans to appeal. donald trump's lead is
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to a new poll. this poll released just last night by emerson college shows trump with a 4-point lead over clinton in our state, 42% to 38%. gary johnson has 13% and jill stein 3%. trump is coming back to colooado springs this weekend saturday evening to holdda rally. the last time he was in the springs he held an event at the mining ek entourage got stuck in the %- elevator. according to trump's doctors, is test testosterone levels are high and in excellent health. however,,he is on cholesterol medicine, and doesn't exercise.
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campaign trail days after recovering from pneumonia. she spoke last night. >> we need to stand up and repudiate this rhetoric and send a message in november that even he can hear. >> clinton holds a slight edge in the national polls. we're 52 days away from election day. >>we look at the man accused in a crazy attack on new york police last night. he allegedly went at officers with a meat cleaver in new york city. one officer was -- three officers were hurt. police shot the man when he refused to drop the weapon.
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loveland and a-basin reporting snow. >> beccuse of the cool spring temperatures we had last season, a-basin stayed open until une 12th. mid-october, we're talking weeks away. crazy. >> i like it. >> take a look at temperatures in the mounta -?leadville 27. eagle 36. in steamboat right now 32. we're in the 40s and 50s. a little cooler. look at greeley this morning at 42. here is your cheat sheet on this friday. it's going to be a mostly sunnyy weekend. we are a touch cooler today, but we're back in the 80s by sunday and that will hold ssrong through the first of next week. as you're planning out your friday, we'll be in the 50s
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4:00 and 5:00 with a mix of sun and clouds. any of the storms we see today isolated, mainly up and through the foothills. erie today 72. parker 70. denver around 73 to 74. low 60s, upper 50s as you head into the mountains. grand junction 78. trinidad 73. a lot of sunshine. some cooler temperatures. really helps to make the trees pop and we're getting futurecast showing clear skies this morning. we're likely going to stay under a sunny sky for most of the day. around 1:30 just a few storms off to the west. we'll get a little building cloud cover closer to our loveland ski area camera. a few clouds by tonight around 7:00 to 8:00 we're under a partly cloudy sky in denver. any chance of storms for us slim, about 10%. early saturday morning, 7:30,
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sunshine throughout the day. some storms that develop tomorrow will likely be on far eastern plains closer to burlington and lamar and clear out by saturday night. itingwill a little warmmir, we'll be a few degrees warmer saturday. here's your first alert we're still talking 80 degrees for the broncos game sunday. that will be by kickoff, which means toward the end of the game you'll likely see upper 70s. but it's sunny and dry. monday and next week we are tracking another cold front. temperatures will start to drop. we'll be in the mid, upper 70s wednesday and even cooler on thursday. but for those with tickets sunday, it's going to be beautiful for the game. thanks, lisa. we have breaking news now. roads are shut down at jewell and federal because of a crash. this is a livv picture of the scene. one person was hit there and has been rushed to the hospital. the intersection could be closed for a couple of hours as this investigation continues. we understand the driver who
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scene. let's get to katie lasalle in the first alert traffic center to tell you how to get around this. >> good morning to you, nicole. the best way as of now to really avoid the area, but if you can, take yale, maybe sheridan north and southbound, that will be your best bet to get around this. we'll update you as soon as that wraps up. also something to be aware of, later on tonight the onramp from arapahoe to i-25, this friday night, asting until 5:00 a.m. monday morning. be aware, a detour will bb in place throughout this weekend. also commercial truckers, we are starting to see snow falling in the mountains. i was caught on independence pass and snow showers coming down. now, 70 east and westbound looking okay. and elsewhere across the metro area we are seeing a lot of green on the map, i-25 north and southbound. e-470, c-470 moving smoothly.
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about 15 to 20 minutes. guys. katie, thank you. cdot is going aalittle outside the box i suppose you could say with a new ad campaign. >> we all know the walk signal man. now cdot is putting him to work. >> is he on his phone? oh, no, he did not. hey, you've got to yield to pedestrians in the crosswalk. they have the right of way. did he just flip me the -- okay, that >> this guy is called fred estrian. new campaign. >> listen to fred. this morning we may have good news for samsung note 7 users. >> the company says it has a fix. we'll tell you when you can "techbytes" brought to you by capital one.
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4:54. breaking news now. we are on scene as you can see from this li and federal. roads are closed because of a crash. a person was hit, a pedestrian, now in the hospital. condition hasn't been announced yet. the driver did stay on the scene and is helping with the investigation. the intersection though could be closed for a couple of hours, so that's an area you probably want to avoid. the best way to get around it as of right now like mitch said, you really should avoid this area. but if you have to, yale to
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continue their investigation and we'll let you know as soon as that wraps up. elsewhere around town, mostly green on the ap. i-25, north and southbound. i-70 east and west. and really if you're heading into the mountains this weekend, as of now the drive looks great. we should be seeing that traffic start to pick up because the trees are changing colors and it's a nice time to be in the mountains. temperatures are going to be perfect this weekend. in the high country 50s and 60s. this morning kids with a sweatshirt at the bus stop. low 50s. it's going to chilly. and this afternoon some low to mid-70s by the time they're heading home. very few storms expected today. in fact, through the weekend % we're going to stay nice and dry. saturday and sunday beautiful. upper 70s saturday, closer to 80 sunday. samsung has announced a fix for its note 7 problem. we have the details in this morning's tech bytes. >> in today's tech bytes the
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recall of all galaxy note 7's. >> new phones are expected in % stores wednesday. scenes like this playing out around the world as customers get their hands on the new apple iphone 7. >> there is sure to be disappointed because some models are sold out. nelly fans are streaming songs like his hit, hot in here, in huge numbers, hoping to lp irs. >> nelly streams on spotify have increased by 200% since last weekend alone. >> what about ride with me? >> that's my favorite. on for our 5:00 a.m. working hour. two women now receiving death threats for a photograph of them in black face. but the controversial photo didn't stop there.
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we have details on what he's now saying about preeident obama's citizenship. a car dealership had no idea this man was on the run from the policee
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i don't love apologizing. i'm not thrilled about apologizing. >> presidential candidate donald trump changing his tune when it comes to president obama. plus, this photo causing chatted this photo of ?hemselves wearing black face. we know what led to the death of this local pilot in tennessee. ?irst, an update on breaking news going on now in denver. one person was hit by a car, near jewell and federal early this morning. >> roads in that area are closed. we have daryl orr on the scene with the latest. >> reporter: about 3:40 this morning police responded to a call for pedestrian hit by a car here at jewell and federal.


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