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tv   7 News Now at 530 AM  ABC  September 16, 2016 5:30am-6:00am MDT

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5:30. we're tracking breaking news in denver. roads closed after someone was hit by a car near jewell and federal. >> let's get straight to daryl he's on the scene to show us what's happening. daryl. >> reporter: yeah, good morning, guys. at about 3:40 this morning police got a call of a pedestrian hit by a vehicle here north of jewell. the driver of the vehicle who hit that person did remain on
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now, theeaccident investigators have been here. they pretty much have just picked up the scene here, and behind us it looks like that some of the traffic is now being allowed to continue northbounddhere from jewell. looks like they may be starting to open this up. i think the southbound side will remain closed because the fire department has to do a washdown of the highway here. looks like in the next 10, 15 minutes this all could be opened up out here. let's nd let's show you on the map where he is now. taking a look we are going to be seeing this area right now as he said, northbound and southbound is closed. best way to get around it, avoid this area the ne 10 to 15 minutes. yale to sheridan up to mississippi probably your best bet. slowdown this morning i-25 southbound between evans and hampton. we'll cootiiue to see road work there, so traffic wiil be pretty heavy throughout the rush hour.
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we're seeing smooth driving conditions. i-25 north and southbound. i-70 heading to the mountains and back into town, pretty driving conditions, very smooth now. i expect traffic to pick up as a lot of people head to the high country to take in the fall colors and snow on the peaks. the night before last we had some, and a lot of melted yesterday. right now in denver 44. leadville drop freezing, 27. you'll find low to mid-30s near steamboat and craig. cool start to the day. cold in the mountains. this afternoon we'll be a few degrees cooler, with low to mid- 77s in and around the metro area. plenty of sunshine. very few storms expected this afternoon. it's going to be a pretty dry three to five day period on our seven-day forecast. today you have more upperr60s near castle rock, and 58 in
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mountains. here's your first alert we're going to gradually get a little bit warmer and by the first of next week we're talking mid- 80s. very summer-like weather on our seven-day forecast. thanks, lisa. it's 533. two colorado men killed while ghting against isis in syria will be coming home today. >> jason gruenauer is live at union station where their families will be waiting for the bodies. we spoke to those families about why these men chose to personal decision for both of them. we spoke to both of the families and neither of ttese gentlemen, levi jack shirley or jordan mactaggart, neither of them joined the u.s. armed forces. they decided to go on their own to join freedom fighters to support the kurdish forces fight isis in syria. want to teel you about these guys who will be making their final trip back to colorado today. shirley actually went on two
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he actually went to syria, back to colorado and went back, that second time leading to his death. mactaggart died on the front lines, trying to rescue people from a city that was controlled by isis. we spoke to his mother and father. take a listen to what she had to say. >> it almost made sense that he would have, you know, have this -?aspiration to do this big thing, because that's what he was kind of all aboot. >> reporter: this whole process has taken, in some cases, about two months to bring these bodies home. the families enlisted the help of a local congressman to do so. they'll be gathering at 6:30, and ttose bodies will arrive by train a short time after. ?guenauer, denver 7. ason e're learning more about the trackic death of a 3-year- old boy. he got his hands on his
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himself. gavin styles was the son of a steamboat springs police officer. his father says it's possible his son climbed on furniture to get up to his weapon, take it out of the closet. last week a grand jury didn't indict the parents. investigators found chemical burns and bruises covering the body of boy. 28-year-old angelica chavez faces 48 years if convicted even though the boy was in the care of the boy's grandfather. a lawsuit has been filed against the denver police department and fbi. charges were filed against tally, but both times the charges were dropped after tally proved he was not the bank robber.
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says he wasn't the robber. he's been asking for $10 million saying he can't see his kids or get a job. >> that's a number, but all i'm really looking for is to get my can have stability and see my kids. >> investigators say he was arrested because his wife, or ex-wife, identified him from a still frame of the robber. lly they're involved in a custody dispute. it despite students say they have seen bed bugs in an adams city high school. buttadministrators deny it. >> yesterday parents picked up their kids worried about there. the district says they fumigated this week and haven't
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clothes, backpacks. he'll probably be out of school over a week. >> verybody has been saying watch out for the bed bugs. >> the district says students talk and this is just a big rumor. we asked local pest control specialist to help us identify the bug that was in that picture, but they told us they can see it clearly enough to identify it. it has been a hectic woke at dia because of yesterday a bomb sniffing dog passenger dropoff area. because of that, the whole northwest part of the terminal was shut down. we caught up with a passenger who missed his flight. >> you definitely wants things i don't want to get on a plane and possible could be ssmething on the plane. >> the bomb squad found nothing suspicious in the bag, but they did take it away for more testing to be on the safe side. old school weapons will be
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technology. the army is bringing in robots to destroy a stash of world war ii era chemical weapons. they'll be used to empty 780,000 artillery shells filled with mmstard gas. they've been sitting inside some sealed chambers. the robots will help minimize human contact with the chemicals. we may have new answers about that deadly school bus crash that happened last sunday at dia. the driver, kari chopper, died. hee coroner's office found she had a very enlarged heart and it's possible she had a heart attack before the crash. we have ot been able to confirm that. the official autopsy will not be available for another month. but we can tell you there has been a huge outpouring of support from the community for kari chopper who was a wife and mother of four teenagers. thousands of dollars have been donated to the family to help pay for funeral expenses. legacy high school still is
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hurt in that crash. the school hosted a block party ?ast night, inviting the whole students collected donations for the three coaches injured and the family of kari chopper. today is the homecoming game. it will be the team's first game since the crash. >> they're going to be playing for the coaches, i already know that. >> they're excited for tomorrow. they want to play tough. star schools say there will be a moment of silence before the we may have made it to friday, but sometimes you need extra pickup. so how about free coffee? >> it is free coffee friday. later this morning we'll all be out at the king soopers on alameda and union. we'll start serving it up at 6:00 before we get there. stop by, grab some coffee and a doughnut and say hello. new hope when it comes to fighting the zika virus.
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changer. this is not what a parent wants to see. a school bus driver caught on camera in a case of possible road rage. you would think a typhoon moving through a city would be eye catching enough. but this join moon making its way around town is what everyone is really talking about there. i'd say so. here's your first alert it's going to be a little cooler today. -?yesterday we were right aroun 70 by 12:00. today we'll be in the uppe low 70s for highs today. lots of sunshine. just a few clouds building by there evening. any chance for storms pretty limited for us here in denver. coming up, we're going to show you allow warm it gets for the broncos game. at 5:40, federal is closed north and southbound at jewell. best way to get around it wwll
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taking a live look downtown this morning. it's friday, yea, we made it. lisa is going to tell you about a great looking weekend forecast. we may be a step closer to having a powerful tool to fight zika. doctors in philadelphia are testing a vaccine that's been approved for human trials.
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people now. one doctor says it's entirely synthetic. >> doesn't grow, can't replicate or spread to other vehicles. navy seals rehearse. they don't necessarily shoot somebbdy. same thing. >> the fda will determine when and if the vaccine can be used by the general public. one of the michigan state health department officials charged in the flint, michigan water crisis is striking a deal now. the former director of the health department there pleaded no contest to a misdemeanor charge of neglect by a public official. two felony charges against her were dropped. she never made her report public. so part of this plea deal, miller will now assist with the investigation. a typhoon left a lot of damage on china's coast.
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had to be the run-away moon. it's a balloon. it was part of a festival display, but the high winds because the typhoon caused it to break free. it was rolling down city streets over vehicles. thankfully, no injuries were reported from this. police caught up with the typhoon balloon quickly. >> damage caused by the typhoon, everybody is watching the big moon. >> how does that go down? there's a big moon rolling down the street, everybody the way. >> emergency calls, yes, ma'am, thank you. right? we're gearing up for a really warm weekend. i bumped our temperatures up for the broncos game sunday. >> did you? >> in the right direction. little bit warmer. now clearing skies. youure going to find overnight some of the showers we had and even the cloud cover clearing out. might still see a little patchy fog this morning. here is your cheat sheet on this friday. going to be a mostly sunny weekend. today we're a touch cooler. we are back in the 80s by
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really warm both monday and tuesday. futurecast shows a few storms by midday today. around 12 to 2:00. very isolated activity. likely just an increase in cloud cover near denver and boulder, and overnight tonight skies will clear out. we've got about a 10% chance for a storm in town. pretty slim. likely you're going to see really dry conditions. that includes tonight for the rockies game. sunshine tomorrow morning. then a few, ve most of it out east, from akron to burlington to lamar, that's by saturday afternoon early evening. in denver a lot of sunshine and even warmer this weekendd today e're about 5 to 7 degrees below normal. you'll find we're at 73 by 3:00. little increase in cloud cover, so partly cloudy through the early evening. tomorrow morning some 50s, but tomorrow we're going to be about 3 to 5 degrees warmer
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estes park 61. deckers today a high of 68. most mountain towns in the upper 60s to low 70s. about 10 degrees cooler near pueblo and lamar. still near 80. but yesterday closer to 90. 74 today. 77 on saturday. looking ahead to the weekend, sunday it looks like for the start of the broncos game we're going to be in the low to mid- 80s. pretty warm downtown. if you're in the sun on one of those sunny sides of the pretty warm conditions througg the afternoon. monday into tuesday some mid- to upper 80s. so still very summer-like for our last few days of summer. i can't believe it's almost officially over. by wednesday we're at 77. fall officially starts thursday, with partly cloudy skies and a high of 70. katie. still 80ssthough for a couple oo more days before we officially end our summer. we have been following breaking news all morning here in
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at federal, southbound there still closed near jewell. please avoid that area if at all possible, as police continue to wrap up their investigation. both north and southbound lanes of federal closed. best way to get around it, either use olorado or evans to get to irving and really avoid the area in the next few minutes as police continue tt wrap up their investigation % there. elsewhere across town on this friday, happy friday, we are se conditions. we are keeping an eye on this, so if you are on arapahoe getting onto the onramp to i- 25, just be aware starting tonight at 8:00 they'll be closing this for road construction and will reopen it monday morning at 5:00 a.m. use alternate routes there. heading out to the mountains, it's a beautiful time to be in the high country. we are seeing the trees start tt change colors, a lot of fall colors and snow on the peak.
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about 25 to 30 minutes as of 3 this friday morning. katie, thank you. 548now. a bad case of road rage caught on camera in new jersey. no ordinary case here. this one involved a school bus and a fed ex truck. the video shows the bus swerving in and out of the you can see the bus on the wrong side of the street attempting to pass that fed ex truck. block the bus, also driving into the other lane. witness believe what they were seeing. >> it's not a sports car. it's a truck, it's a bus. it's big. >> no kids were on the bus. the fed ex reps are looking into all this and police are also investigating, but so far no charges have been filed. new details on death investigation out of california involving the parents of former nascar driver robbie gordon. the bodies were found inside an
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father and sharon is his step mom. detectives say it appears to be a murder-suicide. >> i just want to say i'm so sad and i can't believe it. and there will be, the truth will come out what went down there, and personally i will explain it to you once the coroner tells me i can. >> that was robbie gordon speaking there. at this point we don't know the manner of death, but we know a weapon was found on the scene. this photograph not going ooer ver community. in fact, it's angering people across the country. it shows two women in black face and the text on the post includes a racial slur. now one of the women in this photo, kansas state university school has been kicked out of schhol. >> we did not paint our faces intentional, we did not do this in hopes of taking this picture
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it just kind of, we did ii for our friends as more of a joke. we understand it's not a joking matter. >> the two women say the photograph was sent by snap chat to a friend, but it ended up on twitter and all over facebook. both girls say they have received death threats because of that post. police make a strange discovery inside a home in new york. >> what was roaming freely inside the house that has officers dealing with a massive
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in one door - a member of congress. out another - a high-paid lobbyist. 131 former members of congress are now lobbyists in washington, dc. i consider it wrong. that's why i'm fighting for a new law to permanently ban former members of congress from ever becoming lobbyists. i'm michael bennet
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welcome back to denver 7 this morning. a live look from atop our
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day. now it's only 44 degrees. little chilly. this next story is a bit strange. police say they raided a home in long island and were greeted% at the door by hundreds of freely flying pigeons. >> only in new york, right? police say they found 400 pigeons in the house. the man who lives there in his 70s was taken to the hospital. the pigeons were allowed to roam around until authorities got there. this is gross, i'm ruin your breakfast, but bird poop was almost 2 feet thick in some parts of the house. yeah. officers say they were going to have to gradually remove these birds,,and hopefully get that man there some help. a cat who used all nine of his lives to survive being buried alive has found a new home. % you may remember bart, better than known as zombie cat. he was hit by a car and presumed dead and buried alive.
5:55 am
viral. donations started pouring in to help in his recovery. now two years later, we can report zombie cat has been adopted. >> good news. crews in florida rescuing a couple of manatees that got trapped in a golf course pond more than a week. high water from hurricane hermine allowed the animals to move into the pond. when the water receded they couldn't get out. in come a bunch of folks to good job. >> nice. iifeel like that's an extra hazard. a lot harder to get your golf ball. >> absolutely. >> today we're in the 70s, ow 70s this afternoon. nice start, but it's chilly. boulder now at 42. estes park you're below freezing. in evergreen and conifer, 36 to about 38 degrees. there is a fall chill in the air this morning. by sunday forget that chill, because we'll be in the low to
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upper 80s. this weekend, the last weekend of summer. fall officially starts on thursday with a high of 70. thank you, lisa. this is your first allrt that 3 the accident we've been following all morning, the auto versus pedestrian accident that's closed federal, all lanes are now reopen. police have cleared this area, so you can be free to use federal. elsewhere across town, a lot of smooth driving conditions. hank you, katie. if you're ready for fall, you're oing to love this. the corn maze south set to open this weekend. >> the maze is a tribute to the denver broncos' super bowl l win. wow, that's awesome. a devastating hail storm hit the farm august 2nd and the owner thought they might be to plow everything under. but six weeks later it's bounced back. he says the yields in the patch might be down slightly, but overall, the recovery has been
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what we've got out here. i'm so excited. >> the maze opens this weekend. if you planning to, we've -- plan to go, we have the information on straight ahead, an aurora mom outraged after her 2-year- old son comes home from day care with bruises. we have the latest on the investigation. plus,,there is an assault suspect on the run now. police need help finding him. we'll have the latest at 6:00
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f0 6:00 a.m. we're tracking breaking news in denver. roads just reopened after a person was hit by a car near jewell and federal. >> the roads were closed for a couple of hours while denver police investigated. daryl orr has been on scene since the beginning. we want to go out to him live for the update. daryl. >> reporter: at about 3:40 this federal by jewell and got hit by a vehicle. the driver of that car stopped and gave police information and cooperated. we don't know if charges will be filed. it doesn't seem like it. as of now, orth and southbound jewell, federal, the whole intersectionas reopened out here, which is good news. i'm sure there's other problems throughout the city. traffic. d it in to katie with thank you, daryl. good news as you said, all lanes are now reopened.


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