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tv   7 News Now at 6 AM  ABC  September 16, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MDT

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f0 6:00 a.m. we're tracking breaking news in denver. roads just reopened after a person was hit by a car near jewell and federal. >> the roads were closed for a couple of hours while denver police investigated. daryl orr has been on scene since the beginning. we want to go out to him live for the update. daryl. >> reporter: at about 3:40 this federal by jewell and got hit by a vehicle. the driver of that car stopped and gave police information and cooperated. we don't know if charges will be filed. it doesn't seem like it. as of now, orth and southbound jewell, federal, the whole intersectionas reopened out here, which is good news. i'm sure there's other problems throughout the city. traffic. d it in to katie with thank you, daryl. good news as you said, all lanes are now reopened.
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earlier, but now traffic is moving smoothly through much of federal. elsewhere around town, a lot of green on the map this friday morning. north and southbound i-25 a okay. i-70 astbound, and e-470 and c- 470 both moving great. something to be aware of, this weekend starting tonight at 8:00 lasting until 5:00 a.m. monday we are going to be seeing road construction that will close the onramp of arapahoe to i-25, also if you're planning a trip to the mountains on this saturday and sunday, right now i-70 westbound and eastbound moving very, very smoothly. i expect traffic to picc up, because a lot of the fall colors are out and it's a great time for people to be in the mountains. lisa. we love jayson, but kati is a lot cuter. beautiful start. you can see from limon clear skies, great colors ii the sky
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the eastern plains. we'll be in the mid- to upper 60s by noon. it's a touch cooler today. low 70s around 3:00. we'll get a little buillup of cloud cover by 6:00. chance for storms today slim. about 10% chance for us here in denver. upper 60s by 6:00. so low 70s today. platteville 74. castle rock 68. by sunday it's going to be, you're going to be sweating by sunday, especially if you're at the broncos in a few minutes. several people had to leave their apartment in the middle of the night after a fire on the balcony. this happened at the shadow hills complex in lakewood near alameda and mississippi. minor smoke damage. denver police say this is the man,the drug dealer who
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doggie day care play ground while running from police. cristtan ramirez is in jail this morning. you saw the surveillance video first on denver 7. several dogs sniffed at the heroin baggies. one dog even ate a bag and vets had to use narcan to save the dog's life. denver police are working to make sure the vet bills are covered. the families of these two shirley, will get a little bit of closure this morning. they were killed while fighting isis in syria. their bodies should arrive at union station in denver within the hour. jason gruenauer live in front of union station. this has been a long time coming. >> reporter: it has. the family has even had to enlist the help of a local congressman in order to get all of this, the ball rolling, because these two men not members of the u.s. military,
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syria and fight isis on their own as kind of ffeedom fighters. shirley and macttggart, we are expecting friends and family to start gathering at union station the next half hour or so, and eventually those bodies will arrive by train rom chicago after being flown back into the united states from overseas. just a little bit about the two. mactaggart was previously injured in another fight in syria, yet he kept serving and ultimately during a rescue effort of people iid that was controlled by isis, he was shot and killed. that back in august. in july, we're talking about levi shirley, also known as jack, his family said he wanted to join the marines, but couldn't because of his eyesight, but wanted to fight terrorism so bad, this is why he joined this other group, known as the people's protection unit in syria. more than a month later finally
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colorado and their families, one from arvada, the other from castle rock, we're expecting those families to arrive shortly and the bodies to be here later on this morning. reporting live, i'm jason gruenauer, denver 7. a first alert now, we're tracking a gas explosion in the city of dujon, franz. this happened in a residential area and there are reports of people trrpped under rubble. nine peoe the hospital. at last check, there was still one person trapped. this woman, kim fresquez, is outtof a job this morning. she used to be in charge of the denver department of public safety's cadet program. late last night, we got our hands on a copy of her termination letter.. it says she bullied cadets and withheld overtime pay, that's against federalllaw. "the denver post" says she plans to appeal.
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cellars will try to recover some of their -- they're not sure why the driver lost control ann hit the winery. the owners of the winery say they plan to reopen eventually. the navy says pilot error caused this pilot to crash during a blue angels air show in tennessee. low and lost control of his jet. the report says weather and fatigue were also contributing factors. the nfl is committing $100 million to concussion research and technology. denver is already on the 3 cutting edge of some of that. researchers brought their concussion simulation goggles to smoky hill high school yesterday. the team got to try them on. the idea simple, players are famiiiar with the symptoms of
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seriously hurt. >> unfortunately, i still see almost ever day a kid put back to play even though they have symptoms. >> there still isn't any test available to detect a conccssion specifically. a doctor's diagnosis is bbsed entirely on the patient's symptoms anddthat's why they believe it's so important to educate the athletes about the symptoms. the broncos have come under fire for their last year they hit andrew luck so hard he missed the rrst of the seize. and this year two were fined because of the helmet to helmet hit on cam newton. we want to know if he thinks the broncos are plaaing dirty. >> i would say they play hard. like any good defense or offense, any football team, you want to toe that line of
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you may want to plan a few extra minutes if you're heading downtown tuesday. vice president joe biden will leave colorado this morning and that could cause traffic problems. last night he spoke at a du fund raising dinner. then he took several questions from students. most were about foreign policy. but he did give some thoughts on the presidential election. >> all politics is you have to figure out what the other person's interest is. >> biden's next stop will be houston. he's going to give an update on his cancer moon shot project. well, this is what we like to see, riiht? snow on the ground at loveland ski area, and arapahoe basin. another sign ski season is weeks away. >> loveland is hoping to be 3 open by mid-october. a-basin usually opens around
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12th of this year. that was just a few months ago. >> crazy. >> they love skiing up there. we'll have to see. why not come join us for a free cup of coffee this morning? >> we're live now at free coffee friday. we're giving away coffee and doughnuts from 6:00 to 9 at the king soopers on alameda and union. you can see they've already got it set up. you can go now and we'll be out there after the show. make sure to stop by and say hello. >> absolutely. we've warned you about the so-called felony gang in the past that steals from women on a regular basis. there's new information. an aurora mother discovers bruises on her 2-year-old son she blames on her day care. but she's not getting answers from officials. we are tracking whaa's going to be a beautiful weekend. we've been kind of bored in the first alert center. you'll find highs for the kids
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70s. this weekend it gets pretty hot. we've got those details coming up after the break. this is your first alert an accident has been reported on pena boulevard westbound, heading into i-70. expect delays there.
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6:13. it is friday and it's free coffee friday. soopers with the west rock coffee ladies. getting ready for our big event today. soopers at alameda and union. doughnuts and coffee are calling your name now. we'll be out there soon. it lasts until 9:00. an aurora mom called denver 7 for some help. this is after she found bruises on her 2-year-old son. happened at her son's new day care, creative learning academy
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okay, and he obviously wasn't. >> the day care didn't want to speak to usson camera. we asked the colorado department of human resources and found a lack of supervision was filed against the day care last year. the department says they'll release information on the case later today. th can't comment on ashely carman's case, because it's still an active investigation. a warning, a new one, about the so-called felony lane gang. arapahoe county deputies are sounding the alarm, saying the gang travels from city to city stealing women's purses and other valuables at gyms and day cares. the most recent case happened in centennial. deputies sayythis woman stole a purse out of a locked car outside a day care. she is described as a white woman in her late 50s. she may be driving a hyundai santa fe. here is her picture closeup. if you have seen her call
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a 13-year-old boy's family is demanding answers after he was shot and killed by police in ohio. police say that young man pulled a gun on them. it turned out to be a bb gun. happened wednesday night in columbus, ohio, as police were responding to an armed robbery call. police the 13-year-old pulled out a gun, forcing them to shoot him. the officer who shot king on administrative leave. in new york this man allegedly attacked police officers with a meat cleaver last night with tons of people around in mid-town manhattan. three police officers were injured but should recover. they shot the man when he refused to drop it and he is in critical condition. new information about the typhoon that hit china. eight people were killed and nine still missing. more than 33 million people
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the region later today. as if they haven't had enough rain and wind and damage. >> 33 million, unreal number. wow. we have nice weather here heading into the weekend. we're in the low 70s today. we're going to likely be in the upper 80s by monday. right now skies have cleared. any fog we saw this week on the plains we're not getting as much of it today. beautiful shot from our loveland ski area camera. a bright eastbound drive today. here's your cheat sheet it's going to be mostly sunny through he weekend. today it's a touch cooler. we hit upper 70s yesterday. today likely about 3 to 5 degrees cooler. again, 80s by sunday and into the first of next week. early on at the bus stop or heading out for work you're going to find low 50s. by 12:00 we're at 66 with a lot of sunshhne. a high in denver today of 73 by 4:00. likely this afternoon we'll get a few building clouds.
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like on futurecast in just a minute. denver, 73. we've got erie at 72. aurora and parker you're going to be at about 70. and 50s to low 60s in the central mountains. upper 70s out west. if you're heading up into the high country to check out the leaves this weekend, couldn't ask for a better forecast. a lot of sunshine in the mountains. beautiful forecast. today by 3:00 to 5:00 you'll notice just a few isolated storms alg western half of the state very dry. a lot of sunshine there. but as you get east of the divide, could find a few spotty showers that move east, which is why we're at about a 10% chance of storms. skies clear tonight. sunshine early saturday morning. still chilly, close to 50 early satuuday. and tomorrow afternoon as things start to heat up a bit more, we'll get a few isolated storms, but a better chance out east of seeing a line of storms
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kansas. they had a lot of severe weather east of colorado yesterday afternoon. 73 today. upper 70s on saturday. and on sunday bumping those temperatures up a bit. the bright spot on sunday for the broncos game expecting temperatures to be in the low to mid-80s for the start of that afternoon game, which meanssupper 70s, near 80 as you're tailgating. a very nice afternoon and evening. clear skies, dry conditions. even hotter. here's your first alert monday and tuesday we're in to upper 80s, and we co down for the first day of fall which is thursday. katie. it's amazing how fast summer has gone by. as lisa meetioned, beautiful time to be in the high country. the drive out west looking great. i-70 eastbound and westbound do expect to see slowdowns, the thieves changing color -- leaves changing colors is breath taking. one accident, westbound pena
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the lanes. a few extra minutes will be advised if you are leavinggthe airport and now at dia we are seeing security wait times about 20 to 30 minutes and trains are running smooth as of this morning. also elsewhere around town we on i-25 just as traffic picks up for our rush hour and something to be aware of for tonight, if you are traveling around arapahoe on i-25, they are going to be closing the onramp starting at 8:00 p.m., it will last through the weekend until monday 5:00. be aware a detour is in place and alternate route is advised if you're heading that way. guys. thanks, katie. cdot is hoping to cut down on accidents involving pedestrians. >> last year 59 pedestrians were killed in these crashes. now cdot is using the walk signal man to get its point across. >> is he on his phone? oh, no, he did not. hey, you've got to yield to pedestrians in the crosswalk.
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did he just flip me the? okay, that is it. >> they've apparently named him fredestrian. not only is he getting out the message to drivers that pedestrians have the right of way, he's also reminding pedestrians to be smart and stick to the crosswalks. >> clever way to do it. coyotes versus a mountain lion, round one. rocky mountain national park posting this video on their facebook page. you can trying to intimidate a mountain lion. they lost this round. the lion doesn't back down at all and they run off. go ahead. [ applause ] >> that just happened. jimmy fallon crosses off another item off his bucket list, he gets to mess up donald
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said it's fine. but his campaign staff later banned the media from taking photographs of his hair all messed up when got back stage. >> interesting. we all saw it on video. >> i know. you saw it anyway. >> okay. >> trump was a good sport about it. >> jimmy fallon did a good impression. some local democrats are alwaysing taco bowls -- you can see lighter out
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in one door - a member of congress. out another - a high-paid lobbyist. 131 former members of congress are now lobbyists in washington, dc. it's just considered business as usual. i consider it wrong.
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from ever becoming lobbyists. i'm michael bennet
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right now you can head out to the king soopers at alameda and union for free coffee friday. there's our west rock coffee ladies serving it up. coffee and doughnuts. looks like they're saving some for us. we'll be there right after the show. so come say hi. ruu ralphhe, run. it's a slogan you're familiar
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on the cu boulder campus. now the mascot is getting national recognition. the ncaa says ralphie has the best entrance in coolege football. ttere are a couple of broncos who may not be at 100% for sunddy's. demaryius thomas still nursing that hip injury and derek wolfe with a sore neck. both are hoping to play, but neither has practiced this week. we have a live shot of the stadium right now. i was hoping this was going work out better. too tall for me to reach it. but it's way up there. beautiful start to our friday. it's going to be hot at the stadium this weekend. you're going to find low to mid- 70s today. by 3:00 we've got a high of 73. any storms we get today very isolated. maybe about a 10% chance. not much here in denver. look at some of these numbers. you get up into the foothills and upper 60s to low 70s. coming up, here's your first alert it's going to get hot.
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friday. one accident to report now, it's on westbound pena. it has traffic backed up to green valley ranch approaching i-70. expect delays there. some slowdowns i-25 southbound between park and speer, so allow a couule of extra minutes. elsewhere we're starting to see things pick up, but no major accidents or incidents to report other than that accident on pena as of right now. mitch. denver drivers spend more time driving to work than any place an accused bank robber is suing the city of denver forr $10 million.
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colorado springs police say this man, 54-year-old dywand julien, sexually assaulted a woman at gunpoint yesterday and he should be considered armed and dangerous. he is a colorado springs
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denver. if you see im, know where he is or may be, call 911. 6:30. ? bank robbery suspect is arrested twice, and the charges each time are dismissed. now he's suing denver police for $10 million. that story is coming up. the bodies of two men are coming home to colorado this morning. jordan mactaggart and levi shirley were killed while fighting isis in syria. denver7's jason gruenauer live where their bodies should arrive later this morning. jason. >> reporter: good morning to % yoo. we're here on the platform where the train is expected to arrive in about an hour, maybe a little bit longer than that. family members expected to be here to greet the two men, who
6:31 am
the bodies back. both of them choosing to go overseas to join this group out of syria, the people's protection unit in syria. shirley went on two what you would call tours. he went overseas hen came back, then back to syria, where he was ultimately killed. mactaggart died on the front lines liberating a city controlled by we sat down with his parents. >> it almost made sense that he would have this aspiration to do this big thing, because that's what he was kind of all about. >> reporter: mactaggart was killed in august, august 3rd overseas. jack shirley was killed back on july 14th. the family members actually had to enlist the help of a local
6:32 am
back to the united states. it was quite the ordeal. finally, these two men making a final return trip home within the next hour or so expected here at union station. live downtown, i'm jason gruenauer, denver 7. now at 6:32, here's your first alert we have a lot more sunshine on the plains. akron has been a spot all week we've seen fog, but not seeing any today. conifer 37. estes park you're be freezing. denver some low to mid-40s as you step out the door. here's your first alert headlines, we'll be in the 70s today and warmer, 80s, low to mid-80s sunday. today just about a 10% chance for storms. we're going to stay pretty dry through the weekend and into the first of next week. low 70s, low to upper 70s covering northeastern colorado today. 50s and 60s in the mountains. coming up we'll take a look at your weekend what to expect saturday and sunday. you said fall officially
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>> yes, ma'am. >> it is a beautiful time to be in the mountains. trees are hanging colors and the drive heading out to the west we are seeing mostly smooth conditions. we have an accident to report, this on pena boulevard heading into i-70. expect top and go traffic to about green valley rannh. be aware of that. things are starting to pick up around town. i-25 southbound between park and speer we're seeing slowdowns. traffic there about 20 miles per allow a couple of extra minutes. and i-225 southbound merging into 25, a couple of slowdowns, also expect about a 2-minute delay. tonight we'll be seeing closing at the arapahoe onramp to i-25. that will be closed from friday night heading into monday morning, so use alternate routes. thank you. a denver man says he was beaten by denver police and the fbi and now he is suing denver
6:34 am
wrongfully arrested for two bank robberies after his ex- wife identified him in a picture. he said she did that because they're in a custody dispute. he now says he is homeless and unable to see his kids or get a >> i want my life back. i mean, what they've done to me is literally taken my life and it's like they threw me away. >> talley's lawyer says the police really though client robbed the two banks, despite the fact the dna evidence could never connect his client to a crime scene. denver police have not commented on this. we know how a 3 3-year-old boy got his hands on his father's police gun and killed himself. it happened in july. he was the son of a steamboat springs police officer. the father said it's possible his son climbed up on furniture to get the weapon out of the closet.
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the parents. this man, morris fate, will spend two years behind bars and then on parole. he was found guilty of trying to sexually assault a woman while dressed as a police officer. the woman got away and called 911. new details on the school bus crash that happened last sunday at dia. the driver who was killed, kari chopper, her husband tells us it's possible she had a heart attack before the crash and that may have been why she hit the wall. right now we haven't been able official autopsy won't be available for another month. tonight is the homecoming game for the legacy high school football team. they were on that bus that crashed at dia. students there are coming together to raise money for the crash victims. the school hosted a block party last night and invited the whole community. students collected donations for the three coaches injured and kari chopper's family. >> i know some people coming down from boulder. we're all just one family. >> there's been a lot of
6:36 am
football players and coaches. it's been really amazing. >> a spokesperson for the school district says there will be a moment to reflect on the recent tragedbefore the game this weekend. members of the football team didn't want to talk to us yesterday, they're focusing on the game. the army is bringing in new technology to get rid of old weapons. robots will be heading to pueblo where they'll destroy a stash of world wa chemical wednesday. >> there are almost a million artillery shells filled with mustard agents. the robots will help minimize the human contact. this is unbelievable. the morning drive is longer for workers here in the denver metro than anywhere else in the country. nearly half of the people who work in the denver aurora lakewood area spend at least 30 minutes driving to work.
6:37 am
a cdot official tells our partners at "the denver post" that a lot of the problem is traffic related. there's no excuse for driving drunk. but now colorado law enforcement officers will be cracking down. dui enforcement starts tonight. last week during the period more than 40 drivers were busted ever day for driving drunk. this is an important initiative, since alcohol is involved in more than third of dead your voice your vote, donald trump's lead looks like it's growing in colorado. take a look at the latest poll numbers released last night by emerson college. trump with a 4-point lead, this is in our state. 42%, versus hilly clinton's 38%. trump is coming back to colorado springs on saturday niggt. he's going to be holding a rally at the jets center of colorado. last time he was there he got stuck on an elevator had to be
6:38 am
city's fire marshall. yesterday on the nicer day of hispanic her -- first day of hispanic her teenage day, local leaders delivered taco bowls to trump's office. a poll from emerson college has donald trump leading hillary clinton in colorado. 6:38. big changes are coming to the carpool lanes on some colorado highways. we'll explain after the break. a person in a motorized wheelchair hit by a denver. we have the latest on the victim's condition. another live look from our free coffee friday setup, where they're ready to go to serve
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you're flying into the airport today, it's going to be a pretty smooth ride. chilly this morning. foothills and mountains close to freezing. estes park now 31. -?our highs this afternoon, abo 3 to 5 degrees cooler than yesterday. here's your first alert we'll be in the upper 50s to low 66s in the mountains. a big warmup by this weekend. by sunday in fact, we're a good 10 degreee warmer than today. toasty. 80s for the weekd, it, right before we officially end summer. one accident to report on federal near west louisiana. we are seeing slowdowns there. but really the big story this morning of course is rush hour starts to pick up. i-25 southbound slowdowns, i-70 eastbound as well. allow a couple of extra minutes there. and also i-225 southbound heading into i-25 we're seeing delays of about five extra minutes. guys. thank you, katie. a person in a motorized wheelchair is recovering this
6:42 am
night in denver near park and clarkssn. denver police say the driver stayed on the scene. at this point they haven't said if that person will face charges. starting in january you will need three people at least in your car if you want to use the hov lanes on i-25 and u.s. 36. otherwise, you'll have to pay to use the lanes. >> three now. cdot says they want to make sure traffic issmoving. the move will bring in more toll revenue certainly. drives we talked to had mixed reactions. idea. >> maybe it would encourage more carpooling. >> i'm always one, so i always pay. it doesn't bother me. >> cdot is making other changes. hov transponders which used to cost $15 will now be free for people who plan to carpool. you could face a $250 fine if you break the rules. bed bugs at a local school? the students say yeah. but district officials say it's not true. you'll hear from both sides of
6:43 am
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? what if we made a paint that was so special that was such a jewel among paints that you had to seek it out. nope, even easier than that. more like taking a left on that street where you usually take a right and if finding that paint made you and your walls beam with pride, is it still paint? benjamin moore. paint like no other.
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need to go to this free coffee event today. this is live look at king soopers at alameda and union. they'll serve it ntil about 9:00 this morning. and we'll be heading that direction. there is a big controversy at a commerce city school. are there bed bugs in the school or not? the students say they've seen the bugs everywhere. but district administrators deny it. >> here's one of the pictures circulating arou students claim this is a bed bug on a pencil in a classroom. ey say students have seen them and called their parents. for most of the day yesterday parents were picking up their kids. the district says they haven't found proof of an infestation. >> climb on your shoes, clothes, backpacks, everything. he'll probably be out of school over a week. >> they've gone going around the whole school, everybody has
6:46 am
>> there was a rumor circulating school would be canceled because of this. the district says that's not true and school will continue as scheduled. things got crazy at dia yesterday morning when a bomb sniffing dog got a lit on a -- hit on a bag. dia shut down the northwest portion of the terminal for a few hours. the bomb squad came in and found nothing suspicious. the terminal closure caused some passengers to miss their flig new galaxy note 7's on store shelves by next wednesday. this is in response to that federal recall over the phone. dozens of users have reported fires while their phone was charging. we've been following this story for more than a week now. the consumer product safety commission told users to stop using the phone and power it down. the faa says the phones can't be brought on planes anymore. if you have one of those phones
6:47 am
it out for a replacement. good luck in getting the iphone 7. you can't get the phone by walking in an apple store. you might can find it at nonapple retailers, places like best buy. but even that could be tough on the first day. you could put an otter box around your phone, and now the company has a new spokesperson colorado. take a look. >> the battle is on. otterbox has hired peyton manning. the new commercials feature manning fighting the old spokes creature, ollie the otter. look for the commercials during
6:48 am
broncos' runningback canning found on your favorite breakfast cereal. % cj's mile high crunch is hitting the shelves next week. it will be available at denver area king soopers stores. apparently it's like frosted flakes. >> i'll eat it. >> but better. >> and more expensive. favorite cereals? >> favorite bad cereal? cinnamon toast crunch. >> froot loops. >> i like good stuff. cheat sheet this morning on this friday, it will be a mostly sunny weekend. today through the weekend, sunshine will dominate state- wide. it will be a touch cooler today. temperatures will 3 o 5 degrees off from where we were yesterday. back in the 80s this weekend. by sunday, it's going to be down right hot. from loveland this morning, gorgeous sunrise. it's going to be very bright for that eastbound drive. satellite radar has cleared up after we had a few thunderstorms across the plains
6:49 am
i'm going to fast forward this futurecast to about 5:00, 6:00, very limited activity. some isolated storms. denver at about a 10% chance this afternoon and evening with a few clouds through the arly evening. so far looks pretty good for ttnight's rockies game. 9:30tomorrow morning, sunshine. then tomorrow afternoon look at this line of thunderstorms that develops out east. but denver and most of i-25 is going to see nothing but sunshine tomorrow. our temperatures t low 50s. we'll see more 70s again today, but below yesterday's 70. 73 by 4:00 and tonight more 50s. 50s settling in by 10:00. platteville at 73. highlands ranch a high of 72. fort collins and greeley, you're in the low to mid-70s today. it is about seven to 10 degrees cooler across southern colorado. pretty pleasant temperatures. now, tomorrow we're in the
6:50 am
to tonight. we do have that rockies game and we're expecting temperatures for the start of the ggme to be in the mid- to upper 60s. then dropping into the 50s. you'll want a sweatshirt. under a partly cloudy sky. few storms expected. tomorrow plenty of sunshine. 77 degrees. and on sunday for the broncos game, a lot of people will be out early in the morning setting up the tailgatts. you'll find temperatures in the 60s by morning. 79 by and low to mid-80s between 2:00 and 4:00. nice aad warm and toasty. you'll need sunscreen at the game sunday. even warmer monday and tuesday. here's your first alert we are -?ii the mid- to upper 80s. this time of year, today our normal high is 79. but by the end of the month, the last day of it, our normal high is 72. we're well above it for the first of next week. and for the firrt day of fall thursday, a high of 70. katie. you have me so excited for
6:51 am
looks very nice. also if you're heading out to the high country, beautiful time to do so. the drive i-70 heading west looking smooth. elsewhere across town, we have accident to report, this is on federal boulevard southbound near west louisiana. be aware of that. and slowdowns happening, stop and go traffic i-25 southbound, 8 to 10 minutes delay here. i-70 eastbound, you'll want the sunglasses, very sunny drive out there this mooning. aad down to the sooth we are seeing slowdowns, i-225 southbound aboufive minutes delay there. also something to be aware of tonight, we are going to be seeing closuues starting at arapahoe and onramp to 225. this will start at 8:00 tonight, lasts through the 3 weekend. detour is in place there. be aware and use an alternate route. at the airport the drivee looking a okay now. security wait time about 20 to 30 minutes. all trains are running. if you're ready for fall,
6:52 am
will open this week. >> has katie lasalle been here yet? this one is a tribute to the denver broncos uper bowl l win. hail storm really devastated the arm august 2nd and the owner thought they might have to plow everything under. but six weeks later the maze and pumpkin patch have bounced back. he says the yields in the patch might be down slightly, but overall the recovery has been amazing. >> i'm blown away. i never dreamed in a million years that have a tenth of what we've got out here. i am so excited, you can even imagine. >> he's excited. you should be, too. it opens this weekend. we have a link with all thee info you may need on our peskk iguana has been caught in boulder. they've been looking for him he's now at the boulder umane society because we don't know
6:53 am
we'll get you caught up on the big stories of the day in our morning sprint. that includes a pedestrian hit walking near federal and jewell. roads were closed several hours. broncos are back on the field in two days.
6:54 am
we dance on the salsa team together, and it's like a lot of power in what we wear. when we're practicing if i don't feel good in what i'm wearing i don't look good. t.j.maxx has that variety. i can get a lot for my money. it's like "yay t.j.maxx!" just go for it, don't wait. maxx life at t.j.maxx. your morning sprint starts
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?he last couple of hours. one persoo seriously injured after they were hit by a car near federal and jewell. >> the driver stayed on the scene. the road was shut down for a couple of hours. no indication the driver was iipaired, but it's not clear if charges will be filed. >> reporter: i'm jason gruenauer live at union station, where we're only about a half hour away from the bodies of two colorado men killed overseas whe fighting isis finally coming home. they will be arriving here at union station they will meet their friends and family. this has been a long battle to get these two men, levi shirley and jordan mactaggart back home. they joined a group in syria fighting isis. they were both killed in july and one ii august. they were killed separately fighting isis. finally, with the help of a u.s. congressman they'll be coming back.
6:56 am
live at union station, i'm jason gruenauer, denver 7. coming up on 6:56. traffic is starting to pick up on this last day of our work week. now we're seeing stop and go traffic i-25 southbound. about five to 10 minutes delay here. we are also seeing stop and go traffic 270 eastbound, very sunny conditions so make sure you have the sunglasses this morning. then also to the south we are seeing slowdowns, i-225 heading into 25, we'll be continuing to se morning, but no major accidents or incidents to report as of now. good news this morning, a 6- year-old boy reported missing yesterday afternoon has been found safe and sound. >> he was reported missing about 5:30 p.m. near the area of park and 17th. police say he was not injured. this woman, kim fresquez, is out of a job this morning. she used to be in charge of the denver department of public safety's cadet program. last night we got a copy of her
6:57 am
it says she bullied caaets and withheld overtime pay, which is against federal law. our partners at "the denver post" say she plans to appeal. the broncos are back on the field this sunday at 2:25 p.m. they'll be hosting the colts at mile high. >> there are a couple of broncos who may not be at 100%. demaryius thomas and wolfe. they both haven't practiced this week. there's the stadium there, lit up this morning. by sunday temperatures well into the 80s for the game. today we're on the cooler side, about 10 degrees cooler. this morning it's chilly, it's sunny. 52. the kids will need a sweatshirt at the bus stop. but this afternoon few storms with a high of 73. here's your first alert we're in the upper 70s saturday. summer is not over. in fact, not officially until next thursday.
6:58 am
find temperatures well into the 80ssfirst of next week. skip work and have a drink with us. aadrink of coffee. it's free coffee friday. >> yeah. we're giving away coffee and doughnuts from 6:00 to 9:00 at the king soopers on alameda and union. this is a live look there. lots of people already enjoying free coffee. >> taking advantage of that. >> look, my coffee cup is empty now. >> i'm glad that was empty when you did that. >> for those that coffee is not their thing, i'm pu free monday mimosas.
6:59 am
7:00 am
good morning, america. donald trump refuses to say president obama's born in the u.s. again. back on the trail, hillary clinton pounces. >> he still wouldn't say hawaii. he still wouldn't say america. this man wants to be our next the race tightening as stump trump goes on late night television to let his hair down. >> go ahead, with my hair spray television to let his hair down. >> go ahead, with my hair spray. >> and donald trump jr. taking heat for his own comments about the gas chamber. he's responding here live this morning. state of emergency declared by two governors after a major gas pipeline breaks spilling


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