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tv   7 News at 10 PM  ABC  September 16, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm MDT

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the lockdown at rose medical center has been lifted. still many questions about what went down at the hospital after reports of shots fired turned up nothing. >> first tonight we got to see how strong legacy strong is after that fatal school bus crash last weekend involving the legacy high school football team that killed the bus driver and seriously injured three coaches. >> russell haythorn is at the stadium an impressive out pouring of support. >>reporter: yeah and this game was special just after that bus crash at dia the stands were full, the crowd was unified and the message tonight was clear this was legacy strong. friday night lights welcome to the most talked about game this week of colorado. >> the this situation has brought out best in us. >>reporter: this is legacy strong a football team choosing
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but the whole school is backing them whatever they chose. >>reporter: as their head coach and two assistants continue their recovery legacy high get a pep talk from some of their bronco idols. >> i got an opportunity to go out there today and play for your coach that got injured thht would love nothing more than to be ouu here with y'all. >> the team and school also honoring the bus driver killed and all bus drivers tonight. they are a really special part of our district. >>reporter: a shining example for the next generation. >> i don't think anything is goes to break down the unity of the school right now. >>reporter: legacy strong in the face of adversity. >> football game is just a representation of how we're going to go forward with the legacy strong mindset. >>reporter: the defensive coordinator served as interim head coach tonight and if you're wondering legacy ended
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6. we're live in westminster russell hey thorn denver 7. tonight the lockdown at rose medical center has been lifted. after reports of shots fired this afternoon. >> police say after hours of searching the whole campus there's no evidence of any victims no evidence of a shooting right now. here's your run down of events from today. police say at 4:17 this % afternoon kay call came in that shots were fired. 3 minutes later officers were on the scene. then tonight at 8:06 rose medical nter said the campus >> there's definite relief after this by arizona sent. molly hendrickson has more. >>reporter: people like iris lowe are allowed to finally go home. >> i want to go home. >>reporter: lining hundreds of others lowe was told the shelter in place for hours after reports of shots fired near the founders building through the hospital into lockdown. >> we conducted a zone by zone
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a victim. in it people like cal miller to barricade themselves in their rooms. >> my sister my wife my 8 hour old daughter and my mother-in- law. we're hanging out. >>reporter: meanwhile outside family members watched and waited communicating with loved ones through text. >> basically felt safe there's no sense of danger point. >>reporter: but late tonight denver police saying four our searched turned up nothing bouchette giving the all clear. we're not done we're in the process of conducting additional searchers but we're freeing those zone is up in a systemic fashion. at the conclusion of that it will continue to be investigated. molly hendrickson tonight. even though the search is over the investigation into what kind is not. denver 7 is your home for all
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you can stay updated on the denver cancel d and mop ab app. we have breaking news a deadly cash in larimer county a man and woman died in a rollover on eye 24 5:00 near johns town. in that vehicle that rolled. the down dawg has minor injuries. breaking fight out of fort worth ttxas. the good news both will survive. bunch the officers that is serious injuries the other has minor joins and to word on any suspects. tell year december 5 dallas police officers were shot and killed. fort worth is 30 miles away from dallas. a grass fire in thornton burning right next to a neighborhood threat end several homes. 136th and quebec. firefighters were able to hold the flames back. they contained the fire to about an acre this afternoon with the help of these fire retardant drops. firefighters are still trying
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this is your first alert now. a a storm has popped up in the metro. stacey d is tracking it tonight. >> it is a loud bright one too if you've been outside the lightning hear a everyone rung cover. >> the storm cell has nature it from the west side to side moving over i-70. if you're anywhere around quebec in ford month below you're going to be experiencing what we just had in downtown denver. come up we'll take for the fall foliage and whether or not we'll see severe weather this weekend. >> sounds gulf coast thank you stacey. if your going to written a quick are round.
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stolen checks at local banks. we talked to laurie says baptist letter daughter at a send tell year daycare center. she brog into area are cars and includes and check pick. >> orderly may attention to our surroundings. they got the name felony lane lined and break drive-thrus. he was have photos to try to cap them. hours long sand off until nelson county. a man hitting sounds alki street they auld call 911 in afternoon. the swal team are everyed the
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>> that man hopped on to a passing truck trying to steal it and then that truck driver just talk took off. >> i allowee in my maier are or saw he was still khreu many that's where he unhoted that man was seriously hurt an he is in custody. we could have traffic issue s in t week. denver 7 has your back. cdot shut dothe ramp from the ran full are not ha one closed at the top of the area. it is loaf top host a lot of us
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tueeday new tim mcgraw is portion at falcons stayed yelling they are expecting some big backups. they thought they got a great deal for ski season one of the most popular results for locals only to be let down. >> denver 7 mark starters here. i didn't know those are chief. we love skiing colorado but the prices do ad went to the pinpoint where five hours they had a pay passed restrictions or legly nothing except for 5-dollar dog pro facing fee. turns it was a big given. it will role out the mass for a few weeks for $179 not the adverttseed 5. for that reason
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bought last night. in fact winter park telling denver 7 today quote it was very clearly a mistake. they are going to issue refound for those $5. at this point them don't know how many people went online to buy them but they do imagine quite a fee f few. i'm mark stewart denver haven't. we are just getting started on denver 7 tonight. a new warning for you grandma is being targeted by courtrooms. how these city officials stealing their
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rich el dominguez asked the an to turn on the faucet in the bathroom and kitchen. >> turned the kitchen water on i said no i don't want my kitchen water to be on. >> mary martinez says that's when the man asked letter to show him the water pipes in the backyard. she says they went outback but he started talking about the gutter drainage system. she became worried. tried to go back into the house. >> i turned around a and i said water if my bathroom.
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she saw a second man run out the front door he didn't have a unifor on the thieves got away with three rings. this is a photo of one of them. >> it really breaks our hearts to hear these stories. >>reporter: transfers thompson at denver water said employees rarely go out to the customer's home unless the customer requests it. communicatio time. >> our vehicles are going to be marked. >>reporter: thompson says employees will not hesitate to show their badges and you shouldn't hesitate to ask to see them. >> denver water does have a lead testing program but they send customers a lead testing kit. customers ffll water bottles send it back to the lab via courier it's tested then the omers get results. >> an emotional homecoming at
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who died fighting isis alongside kurdish forces returned to denver. they were both killed in syria over the summer the parents of both men here waiting for their boys and so proud of the courage they showed at such a young age. >> just concerned more than anything not about himself but about the situation. >> he did more than i ever did okay. i got sent to vietnam he went >> each one of the tapes was given a folded u.s. flag that flew over the nation's capitol given to them by congressman pearlmutter instrumental in bringing their bodies back home. >> trump said he was born in the u.s. and blamed the birthhr
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campaign of 2008 started the birther controversy. i finished it. i finiihed it. you know what i mean. president barack obama was born in the united states period. >> in a tweet clinton said trump was pedaling a racist conspiracy and says he cannot ta about president barack obama's birth. donald trump will be in colorado tomorrow he'll speak at jet centers of colorado and colorado springs att7:30 p.m. doors open 2 hours early it's free but you have to register online. >> chipotle executive is bag on the job even though he still faces charges in a cocaine ring. denver based restaurant anunced his return this month. he led the charge to win back customers after the e. coli
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the oldest member in the fourth generation of the iconic coarse family has died. joe coarse, jr. died today at the age of 74. he ran for congress against end zone pull mutter in 2012 and lost. the family says joe died after economicss from a stroke. well are you looking for something to do this weekend? well maybe driver up to the high country check out the fall colors. the aspens are already starting to turn beautiful golden i can't wait. denver 7 meteorologist stacey donaldson has your first forecast. certain parts of the mountains peak at different times. >> definitely from north to south down across the state. i have a map that will slow what you we're talking about. larry pierce sent this picture in from steamboat springs at rabbit ears pass. these are the colors out right now. so you will have lots of eye candy out there this weekend if you're headed out and about.
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through the end of september early okay. it starts in northern colorado where we reach the peak for the next couple of weeks. as we get down south of i-70. it's the last week of september into october then the first couple of weeks october into southern colorado. that's ballparking its for you if you have plans to heads out west and to enjoy some of this beautiful fall foliage. i also have some forecasts for you for this weekend. in case you go to some of our favorite places. estes park saturday temperatures we'll have temperatures in the 50s if you're liking cooler temperatures. over the weekend for winter park temperatures in the 50s and 60s. kenosha pass around 60. 70s for steamboat springs but just about everybody experiencing sunshine it will be beautiful to check out the fall foliage. as we look outside now much quieter weather than what we had in the last hour or so. this is a picture from the rockies. they sent this out when hail started falling.
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cover with the storm that just went through the last 45 minutes. it will be a great weekend in store. sunny skies on the way and 80s will return to our forecast. temperatures in the 50s and 60s for the metro area. really just a fire up of a storm right over downtown denver otherwise pretty quiet across the state few scattered showers father farther to our south. look how quickly this moved from west to east. hail lightning and this storm. heed over montebello toward the airport. lot of lightning associated with that. farther south you experience this from castle pines parker and elizabeth. rainfall in that direction. tomorrow chances for rain will exist for eastern colorado up in the mountains sunny skies here on saturday out towards vail as temperatures in the low 60s we'll s mid-60s on sunday with partly cloudy skies. go into tonight overnight lows will be mostly in the 40s and 50s. comfortable evening on the cool
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afternoon. but our forecast and future cast tomorrow morning at 10:00 a.m. very quiet across the state. a few pop up showers but mostly in southern colorado as we go into the afternoon tomorrow. on sunday some beautiful weather to start the day it looks like it should be pretty dry as well. 48 degrees tonight partly cloudy skies isolated storms popping up. the ones for denver moved on there. overnight lows 40s fronts rage. tomorrow in the upper we'll have 7 somes all throat. forth morgan at 80. 76 bennett 70 for evergreen 60s into the his western slope 80 degrees your afternoon high. 80s in pueblo and lamar. beautiful looking weekend. warmer as we jump into the mid 80s monday and tuesday.
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beaubois, that was rattling the rafters today when that storm was goiig over last hour or so. >> s did you know every single day 160,000 students skip school because they are afraid of being bullied? for the past 1 years the day 13 people were killed at columbine the follow of rachel scott has been speaking to groups using some of rachel's writings he found after her death l to inspire a kindness among students. >> there's so much division and so much hatred, so much violence, and we have got to haveme answers. and we believe -- we don't believe we're the answer for everybody in the world but we're part of that answer. >> he shares some of those writings and how they became a message to other kids triumph over tragedy see more this
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>> there is a stunts not even evel knievel could pull off. one daredevil ha
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. this is all new video this is a stunt not even in the famous evel knievel could successfully pull off. stunt man crossed over snake
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powered rocket cycle it's the same jump evil attempted in 1974 he ended up at the bottom of the canyon when his parachute opened too soon. he worked on the sttnts for three years even enlisting the son of the map who built knievels rocket cycle. >> if you do have a moment to look up tonight you have to ssak in the harvest moon. i know it sometimes gets the nickname the pumpkin move moan how big and bright it is. >> video eric engel took. tonight also is the last chance for a lunar eclipse. we're probably not oing to get to see it in the u.s. >> i'm jam a webster that couldn't have been a better segway into the wolfe man derrick wolf why is he so upset. see you at the big house
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. welcome into sports extra. three sweeps of the broncos getting week two with the colts. game 2 practice compete. >>reporter: ends derrick wolfe came back friday. receiver today marius thomas said he was a little a toyed his neck hurts and. b fwu which trans laneed for the children don't mess with denver's d. wolfe expects to may again the comes. >> a difference between injured and hurt. right now i'm just hurt. something just hurts me. i'm not injured i have to deal with the pain. >> i ask everybody on the team
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can do it or not. you just trust that if they say they can play they are going to be mr. for you all day. running back c.j. anderson has his own serial cereal. he wants tow no we he's going to gee. >> it's you guys sat there and said i can't start fast and i was always hurts when i only mailed two so you know just to prove you guys wrong. so thank you. >> injury notes for you jahmai the receiver moved out with the elbow. coats loose starting quarterback patrick would be on to a concussion. stretch simeon goes deep early
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uvb gun a year 2. cordell stewart hit michael westbrook as time expired. satisfaction cu second appearance at the big house since the 64 yards hail mary coach max said he's worked his team all week. >> it's how we prepare it's not the opponent you're going to play if you're prepared prepared to play you'll be aale to play as as well as you can and see what happens. if you're not paired it doesn't matter how hyped up or excites had you gets it's all playing. >> they are team they understand take. >> 16 games left in the major league baseball team. tyler chat woods and the rockies hosting the padres. they loud 10 home runs make that 11 homeyness at hoe. women pierce goes jang yard dolesome put the pa tray is up did guys. d. j. will make you, spins one
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lead 7-5 in the 9th. anyone having a bad we are? >> mike marco business art me makes the ultimate mistake. that is a no go. term his squad events up losing this mash. 3-2 was the mistake. wobble was the business maker. >> that's a lot worse than sunshine beautiful weather on the way. >> having a good week. we've enjoying it.
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from hollywood it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, andy samberg. dave salomoni and animals. music from desiigner. and now, prepare yourselves. here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ? >> jimmy: hi, everybody. very nice. i'm jimmy, i'm the host. thank you for watching. thank you. i'm overwhelmed. that's very kind. i hope you had a good -- relaxing labor day weekend.


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