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tv   7 News Now at 530 AM  ABC  September 19, 2016 5:30am-6:00am MDT

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police are looking for the fern who shot someone in the thigh. the victim was rushed to the hhspital and should be okay. again, they were shot in the leg. police haven't told us yet who they are looking for. we now want to get out to daryl orr right now, who is on federal near i-70. >> we understand someone was hit by a car there. >> that's cor right at 50th avenue. you can see this white sedan here. this is the vehicle that hit the pedestrian that was crossing federal here. now, this pedestrian was not using the crosswalk. actually crossed about -- probably about 30 feet before the intersection. the driver did not see this person coming across. she's cooperating with police. she did stay on scene and as for traffic out here, only have one lane closed coming northbound from i-70 on feddral right now so traffic is very light for
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as for southbound, all lanes are open there. police are still waiting for their crash scene investigators to get here so they can figure out exactly everything that transpired here this morning. so person was transported to the hospital with very serious injuries, and this is going to be out here probably for another hour or so. if you are headed north this morning, expect a little bit of delay as the traffic picks up. katie. >> thank you, daryl. a great reminder to always use the crosswalk when crossing the street out there. so right now, this is where police are investigating, and be sure to keep an eye on traffic here. right now, as you said, things are moving very smooth. traffic light around town. a lot of green on the map this morning. we are not seeing any major delays. all running very smoothly. things are moving and grooving. if you are heading out to the airport this morning, all trains are running. no delays as of right now. security wait time just went up to about 25 to 30 minutes so please plan accordingly if you are heading to the airporr this morning.
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going to be a rough day for teens across our area as they head back to class without some faailiar faces. two beloved teachers who you see there on the screen, killed in oo crash. >> and a 16-year-old girl murdered at a party over tte weekend. this morning, the killer is still on the run. amanda del castillo joins us from adams county with more on that shooting of the teenager. amanda. >> a very tragic story. friends ann family identifying the victim as 16-year-old vargas. now, it all started early sad -- saturday morning when thornton police got a call about a disturbance and shots fired outside of a house party right around the corner from west ridge e elementary in thornton. when police got there, they found a 16-year-old with a gunshot to her torso. she was in the street at that time. the hospital where she later died. now, while friends and family are showing an outpouring of
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killed haley. they say that he is a skinny hispanic man in his late teens/early twenties. he stands at about 5-6. he has a skinny build with dark hair. he also is possibly driving a red sedan. they say that he does wear glasses and has a gold hoop nose ring. so if you've seen anyone matching thaa description, be sure to call p morning as invtigators extended their police perimeter. we also spoke with neighbors that morning who say they heard what sounded like a very big argument out in the streets before the shots rang out, again, around 1:30 that morning. we're following developments as this morning continues cht we'll bring you more on the suspect description in the next half hour. reporting live in adams county this morning, i'm amanna del castillo, denver 7.
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help students deal with the loss of two teachers both killed in a car crash. their two-year-old daughter was in the car with them, and she was the only survivor. jason joins us from fort collins with more on these two science teachers beloved by their stupts -- students. jason. >> yes, it's expected to be a rough morning for students as well as faculty and staff, not at just one high school, but at two. this couple were each science teachers, one here at fort collins high school, the it's still unclear what caused that fatal rash, that rollover on friday night on i-25 around according to colorado state patrol, the car swerved then overcorrected and then rolled. it's unclear who was driving at that point because according to state patrol, both of the couple were ejected from the vehicle. we're told that neither was wearing their seat belt. the two-year-old child that was in the backseat was in a ccr seat and was not injured.
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and loveland high school this morning for students, as well as faculty and staff if they need them. jared and genevive, again, both taught science, and if their foe toes any indication, i believe one of them wearing two lab coats, they are going to be missed at these two local schools. we've reached out to fort collins high school. we hopefully will be talking to teachers later on this morning. for now reporting live in fort collins, denver 7. sdpr sadly, those are not loss. today, students will return to peak-to-peak charter in lafayette without one of their own. this is brandon. he died on friday during a cross country meet in broomfield. grief counselors will be at the school to help cope with that loss. will gather to say good-bye to- this woman. she died when her school bus crashed out of dia. her husband says she had a very had a heart attack before the crash. the bus was carrying the legacy
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crash. her funeral is scheduled for 6:00 tonight at the crossroads church in thornton. it is now 5:36. let's go over to lisa. it's now, yeah, 5:36. it's clear outside. you are going to find sunshine this morning for the drive. you can see clear skies covering the board today across the state. beautiful. for the kids this morning here in denver, low to mid 60s early on. sunny, mild. they'll need sunscreen because this afternoon, we've got a lot of sunshine and highs that are going to be above normal today. erie 90, littleton, 89. castle rock 84, and in golden, 87. here is your first alert that it's going to be a hoo one. coming up, we'll show you when things will start to cool down. all right. well, just in -- >> this is for a 28-year-old suspect in the manhattan bombing that injured 29 people.
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former resident of elizabeth, new jersey. that's where those other devices were found last night. the fbi tried to catch him at his home this morning, but no luck. we just showed you a photograph of him. we go. there's another look at the man they are looking ffr right now. now, last night, they were talking to some relatives of the suspect. again, they are still trying to figure out exactly if they're just looking for him or some other people, but we will keep you updated. of course, new information just continuing to come in on this throughout the morning. right is dead, killed in a shootout with a boulder county deputy. investigators say adrian shafer is a man that fired at deputies on highway 287 earlier this month. the deputy then returned fire hitting him. he held on until the weekend, but he died. no one else was hurt. and everything is okay this morning after a plane went off the runway out of dia. this happened last night.
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when the brakes went out sending the brakes in the grass next to the runway. no one was hurt. we are looking into why the brakes failed. we have a warning for you this morning. some con artists are argeting people in west denver, specifically the elderly. one of the crooks came to this house saying he was with the water company and needed to check for lead. he had the victim open up the faucets and show him pipes in her backyard. when she came back inside, she saw a second man running out of her front door. rings, one of them being her wedding ring. so she doesn't have much, and those were, like, very sentimental value to her. >> rachel dominguez says the thieves stole three of her grandmother's rings. denver water wants to remind you employees don't usualll make house visits, but if one ever ?oes, you should be able to tell. they would be wearing department clothing and driving a vehicle with the denver water logo.
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state, you will not see it in any tourism commercials. promoting marijuana is against federal law. the state tourism director says it's not a big deal saying most people come to our great state for other reasons, not just for the legal marijuana. air b & b is expanding its services here in boulder county. the short-term rental site is making sure people have somewhere to go during a disaster. its collaboration is part of air b & b's emergency response program. boulder county saw its first test during the that's when more than 2,000 people were forced out of their homes around nederland. the program sent out aterts to more than 1,500 hosts in the area letting them know people needed a place to stay. a man is okay this morning after falling into a trefrng -- trench on ivy street and commerce city. emergency crews worked to free him yesterday morning. we talked to one witness who saw everything. >> lucky the neighbor, he just pulled up, you know, like, in
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guardian angel. just pulled up. he just jumped up, and then he started digging. he couldn't find anything. see his little fingers move the dirt so he knew where he was. he dug around him, then he dug his face out then spit out all the dirt and stuff out of his face. >> that trench was 10 feet dep -- deep, but fortunately, the man is going to be okay. frms today, crews in boulder county will be bridge that was destroyed back in the 2013 floods. it'll take several days to complete the job so skunk canyon trail at the national center for atmospheric research will be closed through friday. ?>> it is now 20 minntes before 6:00, and aurora is getting an upgrade. what exciting developments are coming to the area. we've had kids that have actually taken the clothes out, run to the other room to try them on. >> our 7 everyday hero is
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visitors. you know, getting new school clothes is so exciting for most kids, but what if there's just no money for new clothes? as reports this week's 7 everyday hero has a solution. >> parents unfortunately have to make choices sometimes between adequate clothing and school supplies or rent. >> that's why nancy startee something called serving kids in jefferson county. >> we're a program that provides clothing for students in preschool through high s near new clothing for any student in jeff co public school who needs it. last year, more than 25,000 pieces of clothing wenttto hundreds of students. >> last year, precisely, it was 1,325. >> not bad for an operation that started in nancy's garage 20 years ago. >> she's been the person that's held it together. >> servvng kids has more than 30 volunteers, many of them retired principals, who together, put in
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it's all done behind the scenes. but staffers notice the difference when those kids get their clothes. >> we always get reactions like it's christmas. they'll be really excited to open it and go through each item. >> i can see the love that they on every task they have to do here. >> they just do amazing work, and i'm so -- you know, so proud of being a part of it. >> we thrive on the stories that we hear of what it has meant to us going. -?>> it's more than a new pair f shoes or jeans. serving kids is about improving a student's self-esteem and their willingness to learn and succeed. >> because if kidd don't feel good about going to school and how they look, they're gonna struggle, first of all, with wanting to be there, but second of all, with learning. >> you have been serving kids
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7 and trusted choice want to honor you as a 7 everyday hero for all your hard work, all your service to young people. [ applause ] >> if you would like to nominate someone as 7 everyday hero, go to, click on our community section, and ?nderneath that, you will find 7 everyday heroes. so hot yesterday. doesn't feel like fall starting this week. >> i know. it starts on thursday. last few days of summer, though, we're going to be 80s today, close to 90. this morning miid. 56 at city park. 55 in boulder, and 46 in evergreen. so you've got nice temperatures as you walk out the door. we'll be in the mid 60s between about 9:00 and 0:00, and then really heat up from there. our mountains in the upper 30s right now, but highs in the high country this afternoon are mainly in the 70s and 80s. you've got a couple of spots. leadville ually one of the cooler ones at 69. really pretty colors in the
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mid upper 80s from greeley to sterling. very dry. you are going to find sunshine across the state this morning. we've got really beautiful weather today. you are going to find temperatures that are soaring well above normal here over the next few hours. watch our future cast. it's pretty clear through about 12:00. we don't have any clouds popping up on it. some dry conditions through today and even in through tonight. that's what it looks like at about 6:30, and then into early tomorrow morning, we'll likely see just a few clouds start to and that means down across parts of southwestern colorado, likely be by ttmorrow afternoon, one of the sppts where we see a few thunderstorms and showers start to develop by tuesday afternoon/early evening. out across the plains, though, it is dry through tuesday, even into wednesday. we'll likely see a slight chance for a few storrs returning wednesday and thursday, ann here is your first alert by fall. again, officially starts on thursday. temperatures will be closer to
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we're in the low 70s then on friday. so friday, saturday, and sunday, what a change. our 7-day forecast extremely lopsided. we get 80s, close to 90 today, and then we cool down closer to 70 both saturday and sunday. so enjoy the last few days of this big heat. obviously as we get a little closer to october, normal highs by the end of this month, katie, are in the low 70s. 72 is our normal by the nd of september. >> wow. we are almost at 90 for today. hopefully you enjoy the last one major accident to report as of right now. it does have the left lane blocked on federal blevard. llt's take a live look at the scene right now where our daryl orr is. we did see an auto versus pedestrian accident. this is the car that's involved. we do know the driver is cooperating. stay on scene. they are treating this as an accident. pedestrian apparently did not use theecrosswalk while crossing the street. right now, traffic is not backed up. very light at this time. just be aware, police are investigating. that he eel be on the scene for
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that change is. taking a look at the drive elsewhhre around town at the -?map, as you can see, a lot of green on the board. your drive in and out of denver, aurora, down through parker very smooth as of right now. no major incidents or accidents to report other than that one on federal chl if you are heading from 70 to pena boulevard and out to dia looking great at this time. security waitttime is about 25 to 30 minutes, both at the north and south security lines. also, the trains, in delays as of right now. guys. >> thanks. to gas stations only to find bags over all the pumps. this is happening at six southern states. they are dealing with a gas shortage because of a pipeline spill. the carolinas are some of the hardest hit although all six of the states have declared a state of emergency. the stations that do have gas are raasing prices to avoid running out, and unfortunately, it's expected to take another week to fix the pipeliie. look forward to the day when
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than you think. we're alking about in the next 20 years. dale is tracking this story now and how this transition to the gasless car would work. dale. >> so, nicole, there's a new report that says gas cars cannot be sold after 2035 if we want to meet the goal world leaders have recently to keep our earth temperature in check. that means those cars would bee3 completely off the road by 2050. this is hard to imagine. the report from climate action tracker says cars right now create about 14% greenhouse gas emissions, and car companies, they arr already working on this. so toyota right now is trying to cut emissions from its new cars by 90%. again, they want to do this by 2050. cry sler is planning to roll out at least six new electric car models. this is all part of its pledge to zero-emission driving. a lot of changes coming our way. changes are coming for the blue angels after a pilot dies while doing a trick.
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anymore. plus, check out little miss flint posing with donald trump. well, a lot of people saying she looks scared, but sh% tells us what was really going
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changes are coming for the mru angels after this pilot died in a crash three months ago. the navy says captain jeff was going too fast and too low when he started a trick as part of an air show. because of that, the navy said its blue angels will no longer be allowed to do the aerial maneuver called the split s.
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playing in the south of music has died. she died over the weekend from dementia. she was just 73 years old. she left the movie business raise her two children. this picture has everyone buzzing online this morning. it shows little miss flint meeting donald trump. she made heedlines after writing to president obama about her city's tainted water, but people are saying she looks terrified posing with trump. well, little mari is tells us >> my little brother had told her that f anybody touches donald trump, the secret service would tackle them, plus with all the yelling that was going on around them, that might have startled her. >> it looked like she was even hiding behind him at some point from everyone else. and mom wants to stress her daughter is fine, and she actually had fun meeting the presidential candidate. >> poor thing. >> yeah. >> that picture is going to stay with her forever now.
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aside at a high school football game in michigan. >> the bbst touchdown of the night came from the team's waterboy. now, robby usually enjoys the games from the sidelines, but not this time. robby has special needs and as always dreamed of scoring a touchdown. guess what, that's exactly what he did. oh, this gives me the goose bumps. he ran more than 20 yards into the opponent's end zone. >> watching from the sidelines, his mom. she had no idea this was going to happen. she thought they were just going to let robby wear special moment because his mom is fighting cancer. >> this team has just been so instrumental, helped me get him to practice while i'm at chemo. it really -- it takes a village to raise my son, and thiss3 village has really been outstanding. >> so the opposing team even honored robby. they gave him a jersey of his own from them. this is robby's senior year.
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that just brings everyone to tears. >> i was going to say, i made it about an hour and a half before i started to cry. that's pretty good. scompl pretty good for me. beautiful. take a look at this shot from sterling. it is a gorgeous sunrise. few clouds out there. not many. whht few we have are going to make a beautiful start. 83 degreee by noon. we are right now in the upper 50s to low 60s. we'll be closer to 90 by 3:00. clear, dry, nice. by 9:00, we're at 73 we're well above normal. now, here is your first alert. it doesn't stay this hot for that long. we get a few days of it. coming up, we are going to take a look at our 6:00 hour, when things cool down and what to expect for the first day of fall on thursday. there has been an accident to report on federal. right now, the left lane is blocked here as police investigateean auto versus vehicle -- auto versus pedestrian accident. the driver is on scene coooerating at this time. looking at the map exactly where that is, as you can see right
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right now. elsewhere around town, we are seeing pretty smooth driving conditions. some slowdowns on i-270 eastbound between 76th and york. as of right now. elsewhere around town, things are starting to pick up and slow down, but if you are heading out to the airport, traffic is moving on pena and security wait times about 45 to 30 minutes as of currently. >> all right. thank you. a colorado state senator shaken this morning after someone threatened her online. why that person could now be in big trouble. and getting to
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in one door - a member of congress. out another - a high-paid lobbyist. 131 former members of congress are now lobbyists in washington, dc. it's just considered business as usual. i consider it wrong. that's why i'm fighting for a new law to permanently ban former members of congress from ever becoming lobbyists. i'm michael bennet
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it is 6 a.m. right now, one person is being treated for injuries after being hit by a car. this happened within just the past 90 minutes. >> this is on federal near i-70. we want to go to katie right now in for jason this morning to look at the traffic situation there. >> right now, taking a look at the map, we aren't seeing much in the way of traffic backup. the left lane is blocked here at what we do knoo is that person was taken to the hospital, the pedestrian who was hit. the driver is on scene cooperating with police as they continue their investigation. as you ccn see right now, not a lot of backups. just be aware, the left lane is blocked here. taking a look elsewhere, another accident has been reported on i-70. this is creating stop-and-go traffic of about 4 to 5 minutes so do plan accordingly if you are heading on i-70 as of right now. elsewhere around town, z you can see, not a lot going on.


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