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tv   7 News Now at 6 AM  ABC  September 19, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MDT

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it is 6 a.m. right now, one person is being treated for injuries after being hit by a car. this happened within just the past 90 minutes. >> this is on federal near i-70. we want to go to katie right now in for jason this morning to look at the traffic situation there. >> right now, taking a look at the map, we aren't seeing much in the way of traffic backup. the left lane is blocked here at what we do knoo is that person was taken to the hospital, the pedestrian who was hit. the driver is on scene cooperating with police as they continue their investigation. as you ccn see right now, not a lot of backups. just be aware, the left lane is blocked here. taking a look elsewhere, another accident has been reported on i-70. this is creating stop-and-go traffic of about 4 to 5 minutes so do plan accordingly if you are heading on i-70 as of right now. elsewhere around town, z you can see, not a lot going on.
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right now, we're flowing pretty smooth. no major accidents or incidents to report other than those two and the drive out to the airport as well looking pretty smooth. it's now 6:01. here is your first alert and cheat sheet on this monday morning. it was a hot weekend. we are going to see 80s, in fact, through wednesday, with a lot of sunshine. will start to get cooler. timing wise, it's perfect, by thursday, for the first day of fall. now, this morning, we are talking upper 50s, low 60s through early on, then highs today between close to 90 degrees here in denver along the entire front range, which makes for a eally mild evening, even by 10:00 tonight, we are at 72. denver, 88, 89. we've got erie at 90. lower 90s near decker and castle rock. upper 70s to low 80s in the foothills. here is your first alert. we have a better chance of storms toward the end of the week. we'll show you when and timing of everything coming up in just a few minutes. a man hunt continues right now in denver after a person is
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and dartmouth. now, the victim is getting treated. we expect that person to make a full recovery. we've asked police for a description of the suspect, but so far, they have not released any information to us. and a breaking story ttis morning, we have a picture of the suspect in a manhattan bombing that nnured 29 people on saturday. the fbi is looking for 28-year-old ahmad rahmi. officials believe he's a resident of nk nj where those other devices ere found just afghanistan and was naturalized as a u.s. citizen. the fbi apparently tried to catch him at his home this morning but could not find him there. they are currently serving a warrant at' location in connection with him. we'll keep you updated on that. as we learn any more about the suspect, we'll keep you updated on denver 7. there were five explosive devices that were found in the town of elizabeth, new jersey. all of this comes after several
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streets in the area were shut% down after police brought in a bomb robot. this morning, the mayor the city says there is no active threat to the public. they are not sure, however, who put those devices in those locations. isis is claiming their soldier was behind a stabbing attack at a minnesota mall. shoppers in st. cloud ran for cover after a man in a security guard uniform sta nine people were hurt before police killed the suspect. witnesses say he was screaming about allah during the awe tack. back here in colorado, it since 16-year-old haley varg was shot and killed at a house party. her classmates are going back to school today without er. amanda del castillo is live outside the adams county school district this morning..3 pretty scary. this suspect in the shooting is still out there. >> yeah.
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they say is in his late teens/early twenties. they describe him as being skinny with dark hair. they also say that he wears glasses, and he also has a gold he's also possibly driving a red sedan. now, police say that he shot -- he shot his gun as he was leaving a house party oo the 13000 block of monaco way in thornton. that's right around the corner from west ridge elementar vargas in her toe sore. when police arrived, they found her in the middle of the street dying. they transported her to the hospital where they did pronounce her dead at the early hours of saturday morning. they were called to the house on a disturbance. again, that was saturday morning. again, friends and family, they are showing an outpouring for her through social media. they are also calling for
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saturday morning as investigators were extending their police perimeter. we have all the descriptions of the suspect, as well as the breakdown of the timeline of how it all happened saturday morning on our web site. visit be sure to access and share that information in hopes of finding the suspect. reporting leave in adams county this morning, i'm amanda del castillo, denver 7. a united airlines could get off the ground. popular aviation blogger edward russell tweeted he was on that plane. he ays he talked to the pilot and that the brakes failed. the pilot could not explain why the brakes failed, however. this happened about 7:00 last night. the flight was headed for reno, ne everybody was rebooked and put on a different flight. they are all fine. the faa and ntsb will now be investigating. the pron koes are celebrating another win, this
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marshall is getting ready to pull out his checkbook. remember last week he said he was going to make a donation of $300 per tackle this season. he had four tackles yesterday, which adds up to 12 hundred bucks. maashall once again took a knee during the national anthem. the protest is one of the reasons he is donating to local charities. the broncos had a lot to celebrate, especially quarterback trevor simien. he didn't throw any touchdowns. he did complete two-thirds of free denver 7 app. denver 7 is following a developing story in federal heights. one person was shot and killed about 6:00 last night. the person's body was found at a home near federal and north park avenue. according to our partners at the denver post, it is not clear who pulled the trigger. the victim's name has not been released. two schools are grieving this morning after a pair of teachers were killed in an accident over the weekend.
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schools in both longmont and fort collins. denver 7's jason is in fort collins for us this morning. this is definitely going to be a very emotional day. >> it definitely is because we are talking about a couple, a husband and a wife, parents, as well as sciencc teachers, one at each of the local high schools, fort collins, as well as longmont high school thht were both killed in that one-car crash on i-25 on friday night. we are talking about j genevive summerville, both science teachers. they were driving south on i-25 on friday night when for some reason, they lost control of their vehicle, and it rolled. now, according to colorado state patrol, neither of them were wearing their seat belts. they were both e jektsed. they did have a two-year-old child in the backseat. he was in a car seat. now, jared was a science teacher at longmont high. just want to make that correction for you. the assistant football coach there, as well. genevive was a science teacher
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school. grief counselors will be n scene at both schools for both students and faculty and staff as they head back to school here this monday morning. each school without one of their beloved teachers. for now reporting live in fort collins, denver 7. it is now 6:08. a man threatens a state senator with a bullet to the head. now, he's going to face a judge. that senator,,speak exclusively to denver 7. we told you the good news for the broncos, the w now, the bad news, an injury. what we know about demarcus ware blue skies and highs near 90 degrees this afternoon. denver at abouu 88 by 4:00. coming up, here is your first alert that the last few days of summer are hot, but we've got some changes later in the week. details in just a few minutes. frms it's 6:08. air tracker 7 is over i-70 eaatbound. one lane is blocked for an
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it is 6:12 on this monday morning. it is dark. what you are looking at is eastbound i-70 right there at 32nd avenue. there are two lanes that are closed because of a crash. you can see one lane getting by right now where that semi is located. katie is going to join us in a little bit. she's got all the details on what you need to know. right boy, his name is gabe trujillo, and he could be in danger this morning. he was last seen with his mother, who you see there on the right. that's mariah cruz. they might be in a red mazda. does have a colorado license plate. call 911 if you know anything. this morning, the search is on for this car. it is a gray kia opt ma with colorado plates. the plate number is tqt184. colorado springs police are not
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headed. if you see a car matchiig the description, please call 911. just in, officials are now identifying the man who stabbed nine people at a minnesota mall. that happened on saturday. 22-year-old adan has been nammd as the attacker. all the victims sur vooifd the attack, but he was killed by police. we are also following the latest on the bombing in new york. the governor of new york say it now looks like the terrorism with a foreign connection. that attack on saturday injured 29 people. we are going to keep following these new developments. turning now to a denver 7 exclusive. this man is accused of using fa fisbook to threaten state senator laura wood. denver 7's marshall was the only reporter to sit down with woods. according to the arrest report, hopkins told her he'd meet her with, quote, a bullet straight to the head.
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daughter-in-law, my husband, miss son. can you imagine the terror that that caused in my heart? >> hopkins faces a harassment charge. he did not want to talk to us from jail but did digging and found threats against donald trump on one of hopkins' facebook pages. you can find that information now on our free denver 7 app. this kooz country runner will be remembered today at peak-to-peak charter school in lafayette. support staff will be on hand to on saturday, friends gathered at the school to share stories about brandon. the 18-year-old collapsed during a cross country meet on friday and died at the hospital. the senior was described as a friend to everyone. this colorado pilot died this summer while flying with the blue angels. new, the navy will get rid of the maneuver that led to his death. a navy investigation found his plane was flying too low and too fast. he tried to eject, but it was too late. investigators say several
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lastly, i'd like to dedicate this to my father, who passed away on friday. and i'm so glad that he liked me because his opinion was the one that really mattered. thank you. >> wow! such an emotional speech from julia louis-dreyfus. she won the award for outstanding lead actress for her ro one of the biggest winners was he people versus o.j. simpson, which picked up five awards. the hbo series game of thrones set an all-time record. the show has now won 38 emmys, more than any other fictional series ever. the world record was held by frazier, which within 37 emmys. >> i love watching all the fashion when it comes. >> i know. especially now days, since all the shows are on hbo and amazon. i never see any of them. >> it's true.
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emmys. frms beautiful hot day, though, today. yesterday was extremely warm. today, same thing. we are going to be in the 80s, but we do drop into the 70s byy3 friday. higher fire danger. we are not seeing any red flag warnings in colorado, but there are a few to the north of us in wyoming. it is going to be a good 20 degrees cooler by saturday. those are your first alert headlines as we wake up to a beautiful sunrise. live look from the loveland ski area camera, and it is gorgeous: just a few clouds. you get out there in akron. again, a lot of sunshine. dry conditions. our future cast is really quiet from this morning until 12:00, 12:30. you can see statewide, nothing but sunshine. then through this evening, 7:00, same thing.% going to be clear skies for our sunset. sunrise tomorrow, a little different, especially over the western half of our state. we'll start to see a few more clouds developing tomorrow, and then even by tomorrow, late day between about 5:00 and 6:00,
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thunderstorms and potentially even a little rain and snow across the southwestern mountains late tuesday into early wednesday. temperature wise, things really warming. now, we're in the 50s right now, but we are expecting low to mid 60s for the kids at the bus stop. that's really warm and mild. they are not going to need a sweatshirt today. they do need sunscreen because we are expecting a lot of sun. mid o upper 80s, close to 90 by 4:00, which means tonight, it's perfect. by 8:00, you're at 78, and have more low to mid 60s early tomorrow morning with, again, a little increase in cloud cover. bennet today, 88. parker, 87. we've got deckers at 83, and in grand lake, a high of 75. statewide, closero almost a hundred down across southeastern colorado. pueblo, you are at 95 today, and lamar, 96. western slopes going to be closer 90 this afternoon so it is a warm one. we've got a rockies game at home
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about 88 degrees for a high today, and for the first 5,000 fans, they are giving away winter beanies. you are not going to need it this week. hot with a lot of sunshine. 80s to staat then dropping into the 70s during the game. going to be great baseball weather, really dry through tonight. same thing tomorrow. more upper 80s on tuesday. so i put the bright spot on both monday and tuesday. skip ahead to thursday. that's when fall officially starts. we are going to see temperatures in the mid to upper 70s. that's closer that's closer to where we should by the end of next week, our normal high is 72 degrees. we are going to be close to that number heading into the weekend. saturday and sunday, here is your first alert that temperatures will be about 20 degrees cooler, again, than what we are going to see today. >> winter beanie giaway at 88 degrees. >> i know. well, today, we are seeing a couple things picking upright around 6:18 this morning. an accident has been reported on i-70 eastbound. this is blocking the right-hand
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see, stop-and-go traffic here. traffic about 9 miles per hour as of right now so just expect delays if you are heading on i-70 eastbound this morning. also, something else to report. we were the first on the scene here at federal and 50th. auto versus pedestrian accident. let's take a live look. daryl orr has been out here all morning long. is car right here was involved in the accident, and they are treating it as much, but the person was taken to the hospital with serious injuries who was hit, and it was apparently not using the crosswalk at the time of but also taking a look elsewhere around town, drive is starting to pick up. traffic, flowing, as we head through i-70 east and bound. we are seeing slowdowns there. allow a couple extra minutes, but the drive further down to the south, i-25 north andd3 southbound, 225 heading spoo 25. right now, running smoothly. if you are heading out to the airport, security wait times right now about 25 minutes and will continue to follow the traffic as things pick up on this monday morning throughout the day. >> all right.
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there will be more flights in and out of aspen this winter. delta airlines is doubling the number of nonstop flights by adding routes to los angeles and salt lake city. these planes only seat about 70 people, but the director says the change will open dozens of new connections in and out of aspen. broncos nation is celebrating another win this morning. most of you were probably watching as the broncos beat the colts. >> it was an awesome game yesterday. >> you were watching. >> i was there. von miller looked like a wrecking ball. including a crucial strip sack in the fourth corner. that play led to that game-clenching touchdown. >> stuck to our -- our game plan, did what we do today. we didn't change anything up. we changed some up last year, and it was terrible. so we went out there and played bronco d today and showed you. >> there is some bad news, though, for the broncos. ddmarcus ware fractured a bone near his elbow in the 3rd quarter.
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play this weekend. we expect him to be evaluated today. we'll let your ---you know. crooks are using a new technique to scam elderly people. one woman told us they stole three precious heirlooms from her. her story when we come back. as we head the break, we want to give you a live look at the scene of breaking news we've been following all mmrning long. a pedestrian was hit and killed. this is on federal near i-70. police say the road could be closed for next half hour or so. hit. as of right now, that person is alive but was transported to the
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good mopd morning. it is now 6:24. here is your first alert that we have got a beautiful hot couple of days ahead of us. 60s this morning. youu kids need sunscreen. going to be sunny and mild at the bus stop. by the time they are heading home, 89 degrees. really hot. close to 90 today with a lot of sunshine. now, here is your first alert that we are going to be near 90 across the entire metro area.
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it's more 60s and 70s. idaho springs really hot. they are going to be at a high of 80 today. coming up, we'll take a look at what to expect for the first day of fall on thursday. well, traffic is picking up around town. a few things to talk about right now. an accident reported on i-70 eastbound. we have stop-and-go traffic back to denver, west boulevard. that's at 32nd. also an auto versus pedestrian accident blocking one lane at federal and 50th. we have a crew on scene. police are still investigating. traffic is, though, around that time. also, the onramp blocked on i-25, this is at highway 85 in santa fe northbound so if you are getting onto i-25, just be aware the onramp is blocked. also around town, we are starting to see things pick up. i'll keep you posted on any changes as they occur throughout the morning. new this morning, we do have ? warning about what to give your children for a cold. -?the american academy of pediatrics is issuing a pretty strong warning about giving
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dentists prescribe the drugs for pain. it comes with dangerous side effects, though, so use ibuprofen or acetominephen instead. several congressmen have written a letter to the senate judiciary committee asking for more scrutiny. the $66 billion merger will create an agricultural meg firm. it would control about a quarter of the global market for seeds and pesticides. many people including vermont merger is too big and are calling on regulators to step in. i knowsome people are not counting down these days. others definitely are. we are 50 days away from the presidential election. vice presidential nominee mike pence says hilary clinton is out of touch. the reason why when we return. the search continues far killer in thornton. he shot a teenage cancer survivor over the weekend.
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continuing to follow breaking news. literally within the past minute, flairs just were picked up. the road is now open, as you can see in this image here. this is near federal and 50th. that's where a driver hit a pedestrian earlier this morning. >> now, the driver stayed on the scene, and we're told the victim was not in the crosswalk at the time of the crash. right now, that person is being treated for some serious injuries. >> but as you can see, traffic is moving nicely this morning so let's send it over to katie with some other traffic news. >> well, yeah, this federal and 50th. as you can see, traffic was not affected by that crash earlier on this morning. elsewhere around town, i-70 eastbound, this is another one that's causing some delays. this is at 32nd and youngfield. as you can see, stop-and-go traffic here back to about denver west boulevard so do expect delays. traffic down to about 9 to 10 miles per hour on i-70 eastbound. also, we have seen some slowdowns and a lot of constructioo. this is at arapahoe and i-25, but as you can see, we did have
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there's going to be a lane shift. here, it's not affecting traffic this morning as of 6:30 on this monday and heading out to the airport. security wait times bumped up to about 30 to 35 minutes with the drivv there from 7 #0 to pena and out to the airport looking a-okay at this time. it's now 6:31. it's going to be a bright drive out on i-70 east. we've got clear skies right now across the state. beautiful start to our monday. that's a live look from our camera in limon. now, this morning, we are in the long to warm up. by noon, 83, then we're near 90 degrees at about 3:00. it's hot. it's sunny. we're going to stay warm through the evening. in fact, some low to mid 70s by even 9:00 tonight. so golden, broomfield, you are likely going to be at about 87 to 88. got brighton today at 90, and in castle rock, a high oaf 84. here is your first alert. this is not normal this time of year. we are typically in the upper 70s. we will start to cool down toward the end of the week.
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a little rain coming up in a few minutes. repair work begins today in boulder county to replace a bridge destroyed in the 2013 dmroods. the bridge is just north of the national center for atmospheric research. the scott canyon trail will be closed all week while the work is beeng done. from our first alert desk now, we are closely following the latest developments on what investigation in new york.- police there say they are now looking for 28-year-old ahmad in connection with the the weekend. that attack injured 29 people chl just this morning new york governor andrew cuomo says the bombs found over the weekend do have similar tis to other cases suggesting there may be a common link to the attacks in new jersey. he sals said he, quote, wouldn't be surprised if we found a foreign connection to the act. we also discussed information on a stabbing attack at a mall in minnesota. the suspect who was killed by
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somali leaders in that state are condemning his actions. a thrn -- morning, a raj di still rez nating at two colorado high sccools. their two-year-old girl survived the crash. jared taught in longmont, and genevive taught in fort collins. there will be tributes at both schools today. we'll have aalive report from fort collins in about 15 minutes. students in adams county will also be mourning today. a 16-year-old girl was shot and killed ove denver 7's amanda del castillo joins us live outside the offices of the adams county schoolldistrict 12. amanda, this community has just been stunned. >> yeah. friends and family are still learning about the details surrounding 16-year-old haley vargas' death. this is all through social media. they are also showing an outpouring of support and calling for justice. that's because the suspect is still on the loose. thornton police arrived to the
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thornton on saturday morning at around 1:40, and they found haley just in the street. she was suffering from a gunshot wound to her torso. this is all after a house party, and police say that the sussect was shooting as he was leaving that house party, again, on monaco way. police described the suspect as a skinny hispanic man in his late teens/early twenties. they say that he has dark hair. he wears glasses, and he also wears a gold hoop ring in they say that he could be driving a red sedan, and he stands at 5-6. we have all the information, including how it all came to be and more information about the suspect on the be sure to access the information there and share it, as well, in order to help police find this suspect. reporting live in adams county this morning, i'm amanda del castillo, denver 7. this man is accused of turning a homeless teenager into
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this morning. according to an arrest report, malloy met the girl in colfax avenue in lakewood, then forced her into prostitution. authorities tell us the victim is in, quote, a safe place. this man would be sentenced for his fourth dui today. jonathan cordova pleaded dplt to vehicular homicide back in july. his most recent drunk driving incident happened in december in lakewood. he hit and killed a 43-year-old woman. cordova's criminal history dates back to 1985 when he was sentenced to four years in prison. this man, who was shot by a boulder county sheriff's deputy, has passed away. adrian was shot earlier this month, allegedly during a shootout with the deputy on highway 287. the deputy was not hurt in that incident. scammers are pretending to be denver water employees. once they're inside your home, they'll take whatever they can get their hands on. we know this because we talked to one of he victims. she let a scammer into her home.
6:36 am
faucets then asked hee to show him the pipes in her backyard. while she was distracted, a second man snuck into the house and stole several of her rings. >> it really breaks our hearts to hear these stories. >> denver water wants to remind everyone employees usually do not make house visits, but if they ever do, you'll be able to tell because they'll be wearing department clothing and driving a vehicle with the denver water logo. turning now to your voice your vote, donald trump has opened up a 7-point lead times ttacking poll. so as you can see right here, trumppis coming in with 48% of 41. now, both vice presidential candidates were on abc's this week. tim kaine accused trump of trying to incite violence. if that ie eve clung to the view for five years, as donald trump has, that president obama is not a citizen of this country, i don't think they are going to change their views. >> kaine also described the
6:37 am
every threat skeersly. mike pence on the other hand blasted hilary clintonor her stance on the second amendment. he says she's out of touch with the american people. >> i think what donald trump was saying is if hilary clinton didn't have all that security, she'd probably be a whole lot more supportive of the second amendment. >> pence also blasted the media for their, quote, unfair treatment of the republican candidate. we are just 50 days away from the election. a construction worker is recovering from a scary near-death experience this morning. he ell into a woing in commerce city yesterday. emergency crews had to scramble to dig him out. the dirt so he knew where he was and he dug around him and then he dug his face out and spit out all the dirr and stuff out of his face. >> that -- trench was 10 feet deep. thankfully the man is going to be okay. rescue workers say he was alert and talking throughout the
6:38 am
the city will be installing on-street bike lanes between havana and oswego. as a result, thee are going to be getting rid of that on-street parking there. work will begin today. it is not clear, though, how long this will last. and meanwhile, leaders are hopinggthat new artwork will spark new business in one part of town. we are going to shhw you the new murals. and the legacy high school football team hit the field less than a week after a
6:39 am
131 former members of congress are now lobbyists in washington, dc. it's just considered business as usual. i consider it wrong. that's why i'm fighting for a new law to permanently ban former members of congress from ever becoming lobbyists. i'm michael bennet
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here is your first alert and cheat sheet that we are in for a hot day. we've got more 80s, in fact, through wednesday, closer to 90 both today and tomorrow with lot of sunshine. now, it is going to get cooler by thursday. thursday, that's when fall officially starts, and we should see our temperatures drop, but today, the kids need sunscreen. mid 60s at the bus stop early on. by the time they are heading
6:41 am
range. even in the mountains. really warm, katie. mid to upper 70s, close to 80 near estes parr. >> lisa said, the sunglasses when you head out the door this morning. this is the view from u.s. 6 and sheridan. traffic is starting to back up, but also very bright out there, especially as you are heading east. taking a look elsewhere on the map, a couple of things to report this morning. we did see an accident that has closed the right lane but now it's been moved off to the shoulder. this is on i-70 we are seeing traffic backed up there for about 9 to 10 extra minutes. elsewhere around town, there has beennan acciient reported in aurora on parker road northbound. we are causing some slowdowns here. i-225 moving into 25. couple extra minutes of slowdowns, but heading into picking up on this monday morning so just expect a few extra minutes of delays. dale. well, as you are out driving around, you may notice a new mural in aurora's westerly creek village.
6:42 am
>> the village is a prime location for new residential, retail, and restaurant possibilities. it's nationally ranked as one of the top 15 neighborhoods for real estate investment and ranked no. 2 in our state. >> you've got medical oofice buildings. you've got urban apartments literally coming up out of the ground. so it -- it's not your father's aurora. >> well, the centerpiece of westerly creek is the brand new stanley marketplace. shops wiil bepe over the next few weeks. city leaders hope the marketplace becomes a major regional attraction for visitors. it is now 6:42. coming up next in our morning sprint, an emotional day at two teachers are killed in a weekend car crash. how students are honoring their memories. and the broncos get the job
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just in now, another suspicious device has been found in new jersey. this time it is at rutgers university at a parking deck of a residential campus. now, police are also at the new brunswick train station in the same city there as a precaution,
6:45 am
from elizabeth, new jersey where those other devices were found last night. rutgers university sent out an alert to students telling them to avoid that parking deck and that train station. we'll keep following this. all right. back here at home. two teachers will be remembered. jason and genevive will be honored today at two colorado high schools. their lives were cut short in a weekend crash. their two-year-old daughter is the sole survivor. jason, the teacher here, worked in longmont. she worked in fort kol vins. that is where we find our wn denver 7's jason this morning. jason. >> yes. and grief counselors will be at two local high schools, at fort collins high, as well as on longmont high school here at the first day back rather after that -- that fatal crash over the weekend. friday night is when it happened
6:46 am
it's still unclear as to why. patrol, though, the couple were not weaaing their seat belts. their two-year-old in the backseat in a car seat was the only survivor here. again, expected to be an emotionallday at both fort collins as well as longmont high school as grief counselors are going to be here for both students as well as faculty and staff. reporting live in fort collins, i'm jason, back to you. >> high schools in the area. a funeral will be held today for the bus driver killed in at dia. carrie chopper was 43 years old. the memorial service for her will be held at 6:00 at crossroads church in thornton. 18 players and coaches with the legacy high school football team were hurt in last sunday's crash. the community has raised more than $20,000 for chopper's memorial. the coroner has not released a full report, but chopper's husband told us she had an enlarged heart and that a medical emergency may have led to that crash. one lakewood girl's
6:47 am
6-year-old spent her sunday selling apple juice to raise money for her best friend. natalie was rescued from a house fire earlier this month. she is still recovering from her injuries. her friend decided all on her own to organize an apple juice and apple cider stand to raise money for natalie's family. the stand was so popular that dozens of west metro firefighters took notice. they stopped by to boost her business. she raked in nearly $350. that is just in one day. >> i know it's not the end i know it's not the end of our friendship. but i know that i'll see her soon. >> how cute is she. her juice stand raised more than they are hoping to be open again this next weekend. >> she's swwet and smart. >> right. >> perffct package. cute little thing. going to be another hot one. yesterday, highs were well into the 80s. there was a llt of sweating going on at the game.
6:48 am
same thing, 80s. upper 80s. we do drop into the 70s by friday. yesterday, we had some red flag warnings across northern colorado. fire danger is going to remain high, even if we don't have red flag warnings in place. not quite as breezy today. we'll be about 20 degrees cooler, though, by saturday. look at the sunrise. waking up to thii view from loveland, from the ski area. just a little bit of cloud cover, and temperatures right now in the 30s and 40s in the mountains. 45 in evergreen. 10 degrees warmer at city and 51 in parker. highs this afternoon are going to be a good 25 to 30 degrees warmer than where we are right now. got castle rock at 84. today 90. fort morgan, also at 90. mid to #u7er 70s for the fort hills. fort collins 89. greeley, again, same thing there. and if you are heading south near pueblo, lamar, you're closer to a hundred this afternoon. mid to upper 90s both today and tooorrow. future cast is really clear.
6:49 am
through midday. we're not expecting any storms or showers today or really tomorrow. 7:30 tonight, it's going to be a beautiful sunset. a lot of sunshine. clouds, though, that do roll in by early tuesday morning, and we'll likely get a few more clouds here in town by tomorrow afternoon and evening. it spreads out across eastern colorado. that's also when we'll staat to see a little thunderstorm activity, some rain, even a little bit of snow down across southwestern colorado on the upper 88s today and tomorrow. now, here is your first alert that we're still hot on wednesday. that's when we are going to start tracking this next storm. the next cold front that's set to roll through. again, timing wise, this is pretty perfect. fall officially starts on thursday. temperatures will return to near normal, and then we'll drop into the low 70s this saturday. we'll see a few showers saturday, but it is going to be pretty mild temperature wise with our highs in the low 70s. so you look at the 7-day forecast, and it just gradually
6:50 am
into the first weeeend of fall. as lisa mentioned, a very bright start to the day. that is causing some slowdowns at u.s. 6 and sheridan. just make sure if you are stepping out the door, have the sunglasses handy and the visor down if you are driving eastbound thhs morning. also taking a look at air tracker 7. a reported accident had ust been shown. as you can see here, the left lane, this is c-470 eastbound. a single-car accident. people are slowing down looking at the map. we are seeing delays there about 5 to 10 on c-470. going to be seeing slow downs as they clean up that accident. elsewhere around town, we did see one accident close the exit for i-70 eastbound. this is at 32nd and youngfield. stop-and-go traffic backing up to about 10 miles per hour slowing down to denver west boulevard so do expect delays if you are heading that way on i-70 eastbouud. also, as you can see, traffic is picking up. it's monday morning. so just pack your patience as you head out the door.
6:51 am
slowdowns. i-70 eastbound, as well chl so that sun really causing some delays this morning as people step out the door because it is a very bright day to start this workweek. guys. >> and this is going to be extra congestion on i-70 eastbound over garrison street today. starting at 7 a.m., crews will be working to widen the bridge. there will be closures and lane shifts in effect. stay with us through good morning america, and we'll let you know about those alternate routes and what traffic looks like there. and we are tracking some other breaking stories from overnight. denver police are trying to find a gu shooting. one person was shot in the thigh near sheridan and dartmouth. that person should survive. police, though, have not released a description of the suspect. meanwhile, thornton police are looking for the person who shot and killed a 16-year-old at a house party over the weekend. the victim was found lying in the street with a gunshot wound to the torso. she later died at the hospital. here is a photograph of her. police now tell us her looking for a hispanic man in his teen or early twenties.
6:52 am
hoop ring in his nose. in federal heights, police are investigating a deadly shooting. the incident started around 6:00 last night when officers were called to a disturbance off federal at west 99th place. once there, they found a man shot in the chest. he died. we're hoping to learn more about what exactly happened today. and an alert now. be on the lookout for this little two-year-old boy, he could be on the risk this morning. gabe was last seen with his% mother, mariah cruz. they may be in a red mazda with colorado plates. if you know anything, if you see them, call 911. well, before we go this morning, of course, we are all still celebrating, hopefully you can pull yourself out of bed after last night's celebration. the broncos pulled out a big win ?gainst indianapolis. >> cornerback talib helped seal the deal by returning an interception for a touchdown. he now holds the broncos' all-time record for pick sixes,
6:53 am
honor in the locker room. >> that was a big-time gut check. okay? congratulations. that's a great start. i'm gging to get one game ball. all right? one game ball. most interception returns in the history of the denver broncos. [ cheers and applause ] cincinnati this sunday. denver's nascar team picked up a big win over the weekend. >> that's the gooddnews. the bad news, though, the team coulddbe facing a penalty. we're going to after the break. we also want to take you live to this look at an accident on c-470 just east of santa fe there. could be slowing some things down in the area.
6:54 am
? ? pers of america! take your o organics baby carrots. take your eggs. even your o organics chips. and join the organic movement. organic food is no longer just for the privileged few. now everyone can afford to go organic. o organics,
6:55 am
air tracker 7 over some breaking news. we do have a car that is on c-470 eastbound. a single-car accident into the fence here. this is causing some slowdowns, and as you step out the door this morning, just be a so eastbound will cause some slowdowns. this is a view from u.s. 6 in sheridan. as you can see, we are going to be continuing to see a lot of sunshine out there, and looking at the map elsewhere arn town, we are going to be slowing down as rush hour hits its peak as we -?come up in the next few minut. denver's own furniture row racing team took the checkered flag in chicago. this is the third win of the season. >> our own mitch was there for the big win. he talked one on one with martin about winning this first race of
6:56 am
weeks certainny, it'll be a little bit easier. we don't have to worry about anything, you know, takes us out of the chase. i think that's your iggest worry, and concern through these race social security what if something bad happens that you can't control. those were the things that hurt the most. so if we can -- you know, we can just focus on what we need to do, we got to two more races. we can hopefully gg out and win with no prsh and get ready for round two. >> but it is in the alllgood news. car failed a post race inspection, which could face penalties going nto next week's race. it's now 6:56. so weerd to see mitch in a baseball cap. >> clear skies. like gorgeous sunshine. hot this afternoon. we are going to be well in the 80s. a good 10 to 12 degrees above normal both today and tomorrow. here's the great news about -- all this. tonight we've got a rockies game. -?you are going to find temperatures in the 80s for the start of that game.
6:57 am
sunshine. we'll then drop into the 70s during it. we'll baa back in the 70s for highs, but not until the end of the weee, more thursday friday. just in now, authorities are saying they believe the three bombing incidents that took place this weekend in seaside, new jersey, manhattan, and elizabeth, new jersey are all related although this point it's not clear if the devices were the work of one suspect or a larger group. we also just told you this morning another suspicious device was found in new jer it's not known at this poinn if this one is also connected, but, again, all of the other incidents that happened over the weekend are believed to be connected. we'll continue to follow this throughout the morning. >> okay. all right. frms well, we have got very exciting news to share with you besides a gorgeous look at our sunrise. we are starting a pod cast. and it starts this morni. you are going to be able to get more op denver 7 news. >> we are turning our 5 a.m. news cast into the pod cast. it's called denver local news denver 7 morning pod cast.
6:58 am
for us. you can do this from really whichever pod cast app you use. download the latest episode, then jump n your car, and when you head to work, so it's going to record our 5:30 to 6 a.m. news cast. so hopefully no one messed up. >> yeeh. i don't know. i probably said something inappropriate. on the pod cast, it's okay. >> yeah. then you can catch us as you obviously head into work. just do remember, it's a pod cast so there is a time difference. don'ttthink all of a sudden you are getting to work an hour early. >> it's okay. schedule. it's cool. >> fantastic. in one door - a member of congress. out another - a high-paid lobbyist.
6:59 am
nsidered business as usual. i consider it wrong. that's why i'm fighting for a new law to permanently ban former members of congress from ever becoming lobbyists. i'm michael bennet
7:00 am
good morning, america. breaking news. a new explosion overnight at a new jersey train station. after a backpack with five devices discovered near the tracks, authorities detain five people during a traffic stop at a new york city bridge. millions of commuters on edge. >> this is the nightmare scenario. >> the fbi and homeland security now investigating after a weekend of terror. >> explosion from a garbage pail. >> that blast on a crowded street injuring dozens. >> it was big, black clouds, like, smoke. >> another bomb going off at a charity race for the military in new jersey. and isis claiming credit for a knife attack at a minnesota mall. the candidates weigh in. >> we better get very, very tough, folks. >> it's always wiser to wait. >> as president obama and world leaders descend on new york for


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