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tv   7 News at 10 PM  ABC  September 19, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm MDT

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we start at 10:00 with break news the bomb squad is not taking any chances tonight after finding a bag with wires coming out of it. they had to call in the robot after finding this suspicious device in a parking lot off 18th and euclid on the campus at boulder. they called in the hazmat team. 40 minutes ago the all clear was towned. the man arrested for the bombings in new york city and new murder charges. in this exclusive video shows ahmad rahami being loaded into an ambulance following a gun battle with police two officers were injured and they should survivor both of them. also we have this new video. police say it shows him wheeling two gulf bags saturday night. that blast in new york's chelsea neighborhood injured 29 people. investigators caught up to him 48 hours after that explosion. police issued a cell phone alert to millions of residentness this new jersey
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lookout. well it worked. the owner of a bar found him sleeping in a hallway. when won't we out found out that denver could activate a similar alert here though they have never had to. >> we can use it similar to new york. >> these alerts would lookk like tornado warning or maybe an amber alert on your phone. >> in minnesota the st. cloud police chief says there is no evidence isis is behind an attack the terror group claims the tacker who stabbed ten people over the week was one of theer soldier. the chief called the off duty off who slot the attacker the at the right time. writ place he was at the mall shopping. new video shows the intense flames firefighters arrived to in southeast denver. you could see all the smoke pouring out of this apartment complex. this is yale and syracuse. you can see it for miles. >> denver 7's jennifer kovaleski she's been talking with some of the dozens people
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down by this fire. the damage is extensive. >>reporter: at least 24 units are a total loss. you can just see the full extent of this damage behind me. this is the shell of what used to be an apartment building. you can see all of the charred units. again 24 units are a total loss. they were able to save some of those personal belongings, but everything. in the midst of tragedith hope. tragedy, there's hope. >> come on cleo. >>reporter: cleo and partnershipes made it out alive. her daughter who lives in the building had to be taken to the hospital. >> when i got here i couldn't find her then i saw her on one of the gurneys.
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smoke inhalation. >>reporter: cell phone video shows the massive flames. firefighters say heavy smoke was coming from all three floors of the building and it took crews more than an hour to get it under control. >> i heard the fire alarm i looked outside and saw flames coming out of that unit next to me. >>reporter: one of dozens of tenants who lost everything. >> i ran out with my shorts and sandals. that's all i have left. >>reporter: at times the flames were so intense deputies had to be treed for inhalation. one ever was taken to the hospital firefighter was taken to the hospitals. >> i look at it breathe and start over. >>reporter: scary afternoon for a lot of people out here today. now luckily no one was seriously injured. another tenant was taken to the hospital and treated for smoke inhalation. they are still investigating
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the red cross is helping out families who don't have anywhere to stay tonight. reporting live jennifer kovaleski denver 7. very sad night out there. it took 6 dui convictions and the death of an innocent woman to finally get a man behind bars fire long time. today a judge in jefferson county sentenced jonathan cordova to 22 years in prison. last december he lit and killed a woman crossing the street list blood alcohol level at the time was nearly 3 times the legal limit. and he was on probation at time for his fifth dui. >> now to three troubling cases of sexual assault. first a church leader whose job reinvolves around trust is accused of be trail. he's accused of sexually assault a girl for nearly 2 years and as you can imagine the allegations are causing a lot of discussion at the thornton church. mark stewart is here you talked to a church leader tonight mark. >>reporter: senior pastor a
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and sickening. adding he hopes justice will be done. no one answering the door at the home where it's believed robert we yacht lives t. 50 year-old plan recently worked as an assistant pastor here at a gaffe a bible church in thornton. >> jesus died on the cross. >>reporter: prosecutors assaulting a girl 14 for about 2 years. a church leader tells he doesn't think the contact happened here on church property yet the girl and her family were members. we yacht resigned from the church after the ccse surfaced. the church emphasizing it misdemeanorly called police to file a report as soon as the allegation surfaced. well, we saw we yacht on the pulpit. he also did a lot of behind the scenes work administrative work a liaison between the church and some of its elders. thornton police now are making
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be significant in this investigation they do want to hear from you. we are live in thornton tonight mark stewart denver 7. >> thank you mark. the denver da has charged this woman for repeatedly below lessing an 8-year-old girl. investigation show the case against alexander goes to 2008 well she met the victim through family friends that victim only recently told police what happened. the denver da also charging this woman with sexually assaulting a teenaged boy that she met at garfield investigators say alicia hernandez had two children with the teen. she was 29 years old at the time he was just 14. >> . new documents developments in a forged signature investigation. >>. >> i want to record this answer and use it for my story tonight. >> did you forge any signatures? >> no.
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man on the phone angelo abad was arrested because attorney general's office thinks he did forge signatures. >> marshall is here you found he has to turnover evidence the judge wants a hand writing sample. >>reporter: this is way washington list significant looks like on those petitions he turned in for ballot issue we'll be voting on in november to raise the state's minimum wage. compare that to signatures he collected and the court wants him to do some extra writtng samples to compare. >> is that your hands writing? >> did yosign this petition? >> no i did not. >>reporter: randall wagner's name was forged on there petition turned in by angelo abad who was arrested this monday and faces forgery charges. forged names could be helping issues qualifying for the november ballot. although they had enough signatures even without the fakes. >> what should the legislature do next year if anything to make it seem more likely that
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the ballot without someone else sitting in a starbucks signing someone else's flame. >> one thing suggested to plea last week if there's a forged signature and a pattern not just one person but there's multiple signatures that you take five signatures off for every forged signature that's on the petition. i'm not sure that's a solution but that's one suggestion. there's got to be some sorts of consequence or people are just going to keep doing it. >>reporter: we spoke with the governor for an extended interview on and i asked limb about ggving the secretary of state more power to compare these signatures to voters actual signatures on file. something the secretary of state only does on election day. >> the secretary of state still does not have the power to look at that signature and then go to the database and look at the actual signature and say these don't look at like. that's missing right now. >> that's an obvious sslution. every no problem with that. >>reporter: i got abad on the phone again ttday. he again denied any forgeries and per usual when it comes to
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him alone. and as you know we talked with the governor about much more besides just forged signatures. all 38 minutes of that raw interview right now on the denver 7 app and denver >> nice work marshal. >> good conversation for sure. the playing is active in jeffersonncounty now someone's quality in evergreen tested positive. the health department says it's reminder to keep your pets from roaming free and to please prevent fleas. apartment owners coulddpay $184,000. the city is citing the owners of the university apartments with 184 counts of violating building codes. denver 7 was first to tell you about these housing issues the owners are accused of illegally splitting the units with swinging book shelves. new tonight millions of dollars on the way to help make denver a affordable place to live. city council passed a bill
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how long. >> some residents in the poorest neighborhood are not convinced this is going to work. liz gelardi joins us live at ?he city county building where they spoke out tonight. >>reporter: we herald from some of those people tonit who say they are being forced out of their homes and they have nowhere to go. inside council chambers everyone seemed to agree there's an affordable housing crisis and something needs to >> we have a displacement crisis. eporter: speaking through a translator woman living in denver swan see neighborhood said her rent jumped $400 a month when the owner sold to a company without her knowledge. >> and so familiis don't have anywhere to go and so people are searching all over the city without success. >>reporter: rising rent and development. some residents here say they
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national western complex or the i-70 expansion. council presidental disbrook says he's hearing those stories. >> those hit us hard i think as policy makers and i think this bill tonight is a step in the right direction. >>reporter: first dedicated fund for football affordable housing will raise more than $150 million ovee the next 10 years but some say it's too little too late. >> so it's wildly insufficient and i don't understands hough this is going to solve thee problem. >>reporter: despite all the debate funds women come from property taxes and development fees. >> i pray that you all think aaout the community whose needs are not being met with these o bills. >>reporter: and the bill was passed 9-4. alternative measure failed but there were several amendments to the current language and one of them will basically oversee this process
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couple of years. reporting live liz gelardi denver 7. we're just getting targeted for you on denver 7. tonight hurricanes of immigrants were mistakenly granted citizenship and some were up for deportation. cubs and kittens left orphan that's the plan to save wildlife struggling in our boy colorado puts on a show for all of us the stunning sub southeast sunset capps off
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why let someone else have all the fun? the sometimes haphazard, never boring the learning the virtue of sharing why let someone else have all the fun? that's no fun.
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here's a question for you should colorado parks and wildlife kill some wildlife to save others? >> denver 7 adam haluska explains why some believe the state plain will leave cub and kittens in the wildlife at the benefit of will you pleaseers. >>reporter: >> this is a mule deer officials say they are days disappearing in our state. horrified by a plan to kill the the mountain lions. she believers that purge is a employ. >> if we reduced hunting of mule deer then the populations won't be in decline. >>reporter: employer deer mean more deer for hunters. colorado parks and wildlife officials say that's not entirely true. >> it's rlly important people understands wild live is of information r for everyone in colorado. we get a lot of our fees from
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mule deer population has plummeted by a hundred thousand in colorado. the state spent years trying to figure out why. >> this is the next step in that process to actually determine is it the predators are there predators coming in taking young fawns so those animals are not going into adulthood. >>reporter: the haw main society believes the numbers have dropped for other reasons like population growth and development under the plan a set number of mountain lions and black bears in the bay skin and upper arkansas ri colorado wildlife officials will comparr what happens there to other areas left alone. now this is just the first step in this whole employees. colorado parks and wildlife say the final plan will be decided in december. the study could also lead them to change the way hunter permits are issued for both mule deer and bear and also mountain lions. >> adam haluska tonight. here's a headline that caught the attention of a lot of us u.s. golf mistakenly grants
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thousand i am garages aad on the list immigrants from national security concern or deportation orders. the department of home hand security points out that some may have eventually qualified for citizenship. from underground tunnels to complicated air drops. drug smugglers have found ways to get did goods across the bonds of federal authorities in mexico found this van with a make shift bazooka inside. apparently smugglers planned launch packages out of that across the boer. >> colorado is ranking second in the country for prescription drug misuse and law officers have a new tool overdoses don't turn fatal. nearly 7,000 people have died in our state in the past decade from drug overdose. the money for the kits came
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friends and familys remember a plots grandmother beloved bus driver karen he chopper kid in a car crash. some of the players attended the funeral in thornton and her husband says heaven gained a beautiful angel. residents in larimer county can r. a little easier tonight thanks to the local firefighters. they have this 25-acre grass fire near lyons fully contained tonight. it sparked this morning with blown trans performer that fire raced up a hillside but firefighters say it thank any never got too close to homes. >> colorado especially this time of year beautiful color in tte mountains. check out this gorgeous shot from william helms up in the collegiate he peaks area today. it's about at the peak there over the next 10 days or so it's going to be spectacular across tte state. something else walls spectacular look this sunset brand new hd camera in westminster at the western
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shift in the high temperatures today more like summertime as we get the last few days of summer 90 in denver for the 54 day 9 # the high down at lamar. 70s and '80s in the mountains. our skies are mostly cloudy 71 downtown 70 at the airport. the normal high temperature this time of year is at 77 we'll be well above that again tomorrow temperatures get back up close to 90 across the state nothing happening except a few high thin clouds. but down to the southwest there3 is rain moving in to california and arizona. it's actually moisture that's payne which is a 90 miles per hour hurricane off the coast of baja it's weakening but sending some tropical moisture in across the southwest. that's one weather factor another one is a cost that will approach you later on this week. we have settle changes coming up. not much tonight.
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53 in denver 58 colorado springs, 48 at greeley and 37 at leadville and gunnison. during the day on tuesday sunshine in the morning some high thin clouds around. so likely we'll see a mix of sun and cloudy specially mountains and west may keep the temperatures down just a bit. you know 'tis through 5:00 no moisture a little bit of it starts to movv in by 10:00 tomorrow night. another hot day tomorrow 90 for denver greeley akron, degrees expected lamar 66 up at ledville front rage numbers mostly 70s in the mountains with the great fall color and readings in upper 80s to low 90s lower elevations. technically it's late summer color i guess. 53 tooight mostly clear tomorrow the high temperature expected to climb up to 90 degrees under mainly sunny skies. we start to get a little more cloud cover on wednesday. some of that moisture comes in from the southwest. i don't think any rain. drops the temperatures a little
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some showers and that's the first day of a actual starting 8:22 a.m. cooling off into friday and saturday not a major storm but certainly feeling more like fall and then the weekend. the rest of it sunday, monday looks really good. see friday, saturday will be pretty spotty. just a nice cool down coming up. >> great. >> thank you good to be here. >> not so menacing interviewedder caught on surveillance video captivated us
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it is time to lego your eggo. column logs is recalling 10,000 cases of its whole wheaa waffles because of possible listeria contamination colorado is one of the 25 states affected. so far no reports of anyone geting denver to find out which waffles are affect. this video will make you smile after a couple of difficult days in new york a group decided to deliver pizza to the police in the city's chelsea neighborhood. >> the story of an intruder caught over and over on a neighbor surveillance camera it comes to a sweet end hard to forget from a few months ago. >> 9 year-old josh brother would sneak into his neighbors
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dog hug the dog. we learned that josh's own dog had died. so after months of pressure on the boy's mom she caved in this weekend she got josh his own 2.5 month old pub puppy. >> sweet. >> great story there. all right we got a good story here. broncos enjoyed a victory monday night on sun after i was looking forward to enjoy a vaughn miller sack dance. he got they sacks and all he in one door - a member of congress. out another - a high-paid lobbyist. 131 former members of congress are now lobbyists in washington, dc. it's just considered business as usual. i consider it wrong. that's why i'm fighting for a new law to permanently ban former members of congress from ever becoming lobbyists. i'm michael bennet
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switch to centurylink and get up to 40 megs of high-speed internet for just $20 a month. that's the speed you need to stream... ...connect on social media... learn, shop and more with fast in-home wifi. so call 844-565-link. get up to 40 megs of high-speed internet for just $20 a month for one year when bundled with a qualifying home phone plan. speed may not be available in your area. call today. ? . late this afternoon vaughn miller talked exclusively to denver 7 broncos insider troy. he asked him why didn't he have a sack dance against the colts yesterday. vaughn said sometimes you work so hard to the quarterback all
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want to do is raise your fist dances are coming. right now here's toy with the latest on the injury to demarcus ware. >>reporter: he broke his forearm on vaughn miller's right flee. out likely 4 to 5 weeks might be a little less as chris here 'tis told me it's not about the first lap line for demarcus ware. >> being have the extra are youer that definitely changes but shaq made great. we want to be in the playoffs rolling at the end of the season. >>reporter: about those kids shayne ray and shaq barrels. shayne ray had haas added 8- pound of muscle he's faster and stronger mailed a career high
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shaq barrett admitted he's to longer a one trick money they the pass rush. >> i have some moves i want to work on try to perfect in practice i'll be confident doing it in the game. >> i feel him doing it well but take it to another level. >>reporter: good news bad news virgil green left calf improving looks like he should play. donned stephen son will not play against the bengals. they need in the red zone. broncos don't have one yet after two games. back to you in the studio. >> car nationals rockies 5-2 bottom 9 pinch hitter ryan raburn that's a what you're told spoke do so low yak 5-3. nolan arenado two on two outlets walk it off. not tonight. brandon moss killed the rally and the game over. 5-3. cardinals. finally check on former broncos
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s arterback jay cutler. bad throw as you can make in the nfl. cuts letter injured his hand trying to make this tackle. carson wentz touchdown pass for the eagles only rookie quarterback since 1970 to win his first two games without an interception. 29-14 eagles. john fox is 1-8 at soldier field. >> thanks lionel. just in the city of boulder says it is looking into this really is just into our newsroom. the lines crews are flushing the lines. >> there's sediment from a
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live." tonight, kiefer sutherland, john olive, and music from die antwoord. and now, your attention please -- here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ?


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