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tv   7 News Now at 430 AM  ABC  September 20, 2016 4:30am-5:00am MDT

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f0 it's 4:30. a local pastor accused of the unthinkable. the church where he works is speaking out. muslims, get out, that is the message from one man after the mall attack in minnesota. sparking outrage, did poli kill a man with his hands up in the air? first here at home, a your drinking water may not be safe to drink if you live in boulder. >> the treatment facility sent sediment into the water that may have your water looking cloudy. >> crews say you shouldn't drink the water in boulder until it runs clear. also, the rabbit mountain wildfire is going on.
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bomber in an effort to protectt homes. >> we heard a loud noise and this transformer was arcing and it was fast and out of our control. >> it was coming down the hill fast, and a slurry bomber came and nailed it. >> neighbors say it difficult to contact firefighters because cell phone service was out. yesterday we had a lot of sunshine state-wide. today you're going to find a little more cloud cover. this morning you're walking out the door to 60s. again, very mild. we'll be back in the mid- to upper 80s, close to 90 in denver today, under first a mostly sunny sky. but then a buildup of cloud cover as we're watching what's left of a hurricane come in
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we have lamar at 98. quick look at futurecast, it's going to be pretty dry today, but look how much more cloud cover is coming in from the southwest and southwestern colorado will see the first of the rain. we'll show you that, the timing of that and when we'll cool down in denver coming up. now over to jayson home from an impressive sight. lane shift on the northbound side of i-25 at arapaho road. arapaho road is closed down under i-25 now and for the bridge demolition as they're continuing to take out the old part of the bridge. it is rough in here and it's uneven and a little bit shifty. driving on the northbound side be prepared for that the next several months.
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we have that way, the paving, evans down to hampden, one lane open. paris prosecutors just announcing there have been eight new arrests in the bastille day attack in nice, france. they're linked to the truck driver who rammed through the crowd. from tunisia and france. 87 people were killed and more than 400 injured. we are going to follow up and bring you any new information. we need your help with multiple missing persons cases happening around the state. a woman in lafayette is still missing. >> police are worried she could be in trouble.
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she was last seen yesterday afternoon around cypress circle and caria drive. the search is intensifying for this mother and her 2-year- old 2-year-old son. police think they may be in danger. these massive flames in southeast denver apartment complex have left dozens without a place to stay happened off yale yesterday. >> at least 24 units were destroyed. a couple of people were hurt. we're working to find out what caused this. now jason join us us with the latest. >> reporter: this is all that's left of that massive apartment fire. the flames were three stories high. we have video from a viewer as
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the hunters run apartments on yale. the best news here, no one was killed or seriously injured. one firefighter and two residents were taken to the hospital dealing with minor smoke inhallings -- inhalation. 75 firefighters it took to put they then were dealing with hot spots several hours after. as for those without a home, the red them. 4:35. leaders of this church is stunned after a pastor is accused of assaulting a young girl. prosecutors accuse robert duane wyatt of sexually assaulting a girl about two years. that girl is now 14. a church leader says he doesn't think the contact happened on church property.
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members there. he adds the church called police as soon as the allegations surfaced. the denver d.a. has charged this william with sexually assaulting a -- woman with sexually assaulting a boy she met at garfield lake park. she had children with that teenager. she was 29 at the time and he was 14. a judge in jefferson county sentenced jonathan cordova to 22 years in prison. he hit and crossing the street lastt december. his blood alcohol level was almost three times the legal limit. he was on probation at the time for his fifth dui. this man had his first day in court after being accused of threatening a state senator letter. hopkins is now out on bond.
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denver 7 continues to break news on. a judge has ordered writing samples in a forgery case. there are three cases of forged signatures. he was accused of turning in forged signatures on a petition for a ballot issue. we spoke to him on the phone -?yesterday and he denies any wrong doing. how is authorities track down the man expected in the bomb jersey so quickly? we have that answer. police say a man was not
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4:40. welcome back. new details on the man who went on a stabbing spree minnesota mall. the 20-year-old worked part- he was wearing a security guard uniform you'll ecall when he attacked saturday. used a kitchen knife, injured 10 people before he was killed by an off-duty police officer. he came to the u.s. from somalia aa a child. those who knew him say he was calm and cool. soldiers. the u.s. investigating potential terrorist links to him. a minnesota restaurant owner is upset over the mall
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making his feelings public. ?> he put up this sign that reads "muslims get out." he is facing opposition, but says he has no regrets. >> it's time people starting standing up, not worrying about the pc crowd and do what is right and i feel what we're doing is right. we're not targeting the muslims in general, just the extremists. >> he says he has no plans of removing the sign. the shooting at the airport in las vegas has left two people injured and on is in custody after the incident. this happened in an airport parking garage. >> police say the victims got off a flight and headed into the garage. that's when the suspect shot them both. the suspects had been, suspect, rather, had been in a previous relationship with one of the victims. the suspected shooter ran off, okhoma residents are demanding answers after an unarmed man is shot dead by police. the tulsa police department ?romising a fair and open -?investigation.
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seeing here. we won't show you the actual shooting. but terrance crutcher is backing up with his hands up. authorities say he refused orders to show his hands as he reached back into the car and one of the officers deployed a taser and another officer fired one shot killing him. he was not armed they later found. in colorado we are familiar with bear sightings, of course. but i'm not sure if i've ever heard of a bear trying to check into a hotel. check out this video. this is you see the bear ease outside, waking up to the hotel, hanging out. peeks inside. just looking for a place to hibernate. he sent the staff running, scaring away the only person who could check him in. >> he was looking for a way to get in or see people or something. kind of excited that he stopped by. >> i don't think i've ever been trained on how to kick a bear out of a lobby, this is something i might have to work on a little bit. >> theebear didn't stick around
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from the hotel. wildlife officials caught up up with him and he's in a neww home. >> he stole the towels for that. >> they'll charge you for that. >> they don't charge you for that, do they? >> only when you take the robe. >> robe and slippers, that's when they'll get you. more clouds rolling in from the southwest. i'll show you why in just a second. still above normal. well into the get up into the mountains. we'll be closer to 90 again here in denver. it does get cooler by thursday. that's when we'll start to see more fall-like weather. denver 88 to 89 degrees. partly sunny sky this afternoon, with more upper 70s right around 8:00, 9:00. still very mild through the evening. keenesburg you're at 90 today. temperatures similar to where they were yesterday.
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of 81. state-wide, still close to some triple digit heat across southeastern colorado, and closer to 90 again on the western slope. it's hot, it's pretty dry. fire danger obviousll a concern, but we are going to see wet weather within the next 24 hours. by 9:00, 10:00 we have a little more cloud cover across northeasterr colorado. it will make for a partly sunny afternoon today. by tonight that's when down telluride, durango will pick up on moisture, what's left over of a hurricane coming in from the southwest will bring with it heavier showers. chance for snow overnight into early wednesday morning, and we'll get a shot at a few storms here in denver by wednesday. a lot more cloud cover at that point, too. so watching for a change. it is going to bring our temperatures down, but not really until the end of the week, even wednesday with that chance for a few storms we'll be in the low 80s.
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time of year. by thursday, fall officially begins. upper 70s and then cooler for the weekend. better chance for some showers and saturday into sunday upper 60s to low 70s. look at the overnight lows, heading into the weekend, more like low 40s than low 50s and 60s and cooler. looks like the first weekend of fall shaping up to feel like fall. crazy how that works. isn't it though? and all the leaves are changing >> that's kind of bumming me out a little bit. >> i know, because then it will be bleak. we have some good driving conditions north side of i-25. southbound, the cones there, still restricted by a couple of lanes heading from colorado boulevard to hampden for that overnight paving. they were cranking up the roto- millers last night. slight delays, extra minute or
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everything else looks nice. 21 minutes wait time at dia. precheck lane is only 8 minutes, but 21 minutes waiting through security now at dia. speaking of travel, later today the department of transportation will release guidelines on how self-driving cars should perform. crash worthiness, vehicle cyber security, and how a vehicle sees the road are open ended at under a new proposal federal regulators and not the state will be in charge of regulating driverless cars. denver city council approved millions of dollars for an affordable housing fund. it will contribute $150 million over the next decade. this will be from property taxes and developer fees. still, some families if denver's poorest neighborhoods say they can't afford to stay in the city and feel like they're being forced out. the new taxes and fees could
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year. the city could contribute an additional $5 million from reserves. colorado ranks second in the country for prescription drug misuse. state officials have a new tool to cut down on fatal overdose cases. >> the colorado attorney general's office just bought 2500 drug overdose kits. nearly 7,000 people have died in our state in the next decade. the money came from pharmaceutical settlements, not taxpayer dollars. thousands of coloradians living in hepatitis c say they are being denied cure because it costs too much. >> it'' what a class action lawsuit is alleging. new treatments have more than a 90% cure rate, but they cost about $40,000 a person. the aclu says private insurers cover the treatment, but we spoke with one man and learned medicaid would only pay for the treatment if he was in a more advanced stage of liver damage. >> when polio vaccines came around, this was no question,
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with this we're sitting on it because of money. >> a spokesman with the state medicaid agency said he would not comment on pending litigation, but the restrictions on who can get the treatment were recently relaxed. 4:48. it's time to let go of that eggo. kelloggs is recalling 10,000 cases of whole wheat waffles because of a possible listieria contamination. so far no reports of getting sick. twitter users listen up, the social media web site is now allowing users to insert a variety of attachments without increasing the 140 character limit. that story and more in today's tech bytes. >> good news for anyone who struggles with twitter's 140 character limit. >> twitter now lets you insert a variety of media attachments, including photos and videos.
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number of cameras, including the new hero black 5. >> it's affordable enough to fit into a backpack. it retails for about $800. kanne west is finally on instagram. his only post so far just shows a car drivinn past a building, and there's no caption. >> quite deep, though. still, he has picked up 1 million followers and 375,000 likes in a little more than a day, and he's not following anyone. >> those are your tech bytes. morning by a cloud of ash. the latest on a central american volcano. if your kids are having trouble making friends at >> announcer: "techbytes" brought to you by silk plant
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we could brag about what's in new light & fit yogurt. but we'd rather talk about what's not in it. like no artificial colors or preservative ingredients. and with 70 calories... maybe we're kind of bragging?
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from the first alert desk we're learning more about how authorities were able track down ahmad rahami, the suspect in the bombings in new york new jersey. his fingerprints and dna were found at the scene of the manhattan bombing and his face was clearly captured by surveillance cameras. that led authorities to put out the alert yesterday that they were looking for him, and hours later it was a bar owner in new jersey who saw him sleeping in the door way of his bar. he called police. when they responded there was a shootout that led to his capture. two officers were hurt.
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conditions. in california firefighters are attacking a firefighter that's burned more than 6200 acres. it's only 6% contained. dozens of families have been told to evacuate. volcanic eruption in costa rica is causing air travel problems. no word when to reopen. here's your first alert it's going to be hot again. we had highs yesterday near 90 degrees. same thing today. you're going to find a little more cloud cover by this afternoon. kids will still need sunscreen. we're in the 60s early on this morning at the bus stop. here's your first alert things do get cooler, but not until later in the week when fall officially starts. by thursday we're at 78. by friday, 75. and 60s and low 70s for the weekend. jayson, better chance for
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some starting tonight. we're still cleaning up an accident where the state patrol is out on 96th avenue. this is just a little bit east of i-76 between there and the railroad tracks and it sounds like a real serious accidentt state patrol will be investigating it for some time. this section of 96, at least eastbound side is closed down now. 88th can get you around it. drive on i-70 to the east side looking pretty nice for now. quiet through stapleton. this story oo an intruder neighbor's surveillance camera, we have good news, it comes to a sweet ending. hard to forget this video. 9-year-oldjosh sneaking into his neighbor's garage every day after school to give that dog a hug. we have just learned josh's dog died, but she saved in this weekend and got him a 2 and a half-month-old puppy. can you imagine? that little boy is so excited. look how cute.
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guy get a dog. >> sadly, mom didn't have much of a choice when you have everyone going, come on, come on. >> had to do it eventually. the five minutes until many of us are familiar with the awkward feeling of finding a place to sit in the lunch room when they were kids. fast forward, and now there's an app for that. >> it's inspired by our own school experience. 16-year-old natalie hampton developed the app. >> i ate alone pretty much was there, and i have personally felt all the feelings of rejection and isolation and embarrassment that go along with that. i think that tte real change happens when kids help kids, because an adult telling you not to bully isn't going to stop you. >> the app is called sit with us. it is free to download. students must sign a pledge saying they'll accept anyone and work to make their school more united. >> it's working for natalie.
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at lunchtime. since launching the app, it's been downloaded more than 3,000 times. she hopes it spreads to schools nationwide. >> interesting concept. speaking of lunch room troubles, there's a lunch lady taking a stand in what she calls lunch shaming. we're going to explain. it's coming up at 5:00. plus the presidential candidates announcing how they would haadle recent attacks in new york and new jersey if they were in the whithouse. and we'll tell you why comedian jim carrey is being accuse woman, or at least aiding in that death from her family. he's denying it. hear what he has to say coming up next on denver 7 at 5:00 a.m. we want to remind you, starting at 5:30 this morning we are going to be recording our newscaster from 5:30 to 6:00 a.m., we just launched a pod cast that started yesterday morning, which means after about 6:00 in the morning, you can go to wherever you use to
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your phone. download our newscasts, take us with you as you head into work.
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when i got here i couldn't find her, and then i saw her on one of the gurneys. >> a mom's worst fear when her daughter's apartment goes up in flames. what families are doing this morning after being forced from their homes. a ne underway after a man was captured, suspected of the bombings in new york and new jersey. what we're learning about the suspect. and new bike lanes going up in aurora. whyysome are upset about the new safety feature. a warning for people in boulder. take a look at your water before drinking it or even brushing your teeth. >> amanda del castillo joins us with what you're supposed to be looking for and why. >> reporter: if you're just starting your day, make sure to look at your water as they just


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