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tv   7 News at 5 PM  ABC  September 20, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MDT

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lookinggfor four additional suspects in a chevy malibu. i want to show you the scene. you can see this one cycle. police said the man was trying to get away after that robbery. and when police approached him he pulled a gun. they shot and killed the man however the others got away. people inside his home this e afternoon and the people inside pulled a gun the officers they were dealing with suspects that were potentiaaly very dangerous. that is what they found when they ran into this guy on the motorcycle. he did pull a gun. officers forcing them to shoot. they are looking for the other suspects. this is creating a large scene and problems in the area. heron is closed from 120th 2/128. there also two schools very
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placed on lockdown but that has since been released what they are telling people to avoid this area as they continue the investigation. listed lardy denver7 just into our newsroom a 71-year-old woman who thought she was helping stranded teenagers and up in icu. boulder county sheriff's office says the woman picked up a 16-year-old boy hitchhiking. she brought into her home and that is where deputies say the teenager the woman to steal her car. her -- his two friends ran to a house to report a friend. an accident claims life of a student. we're live just a few blocks from castle rock high school where the memorial is growing. i cannot imagine. >> very tough morning for a lot of people that live in castle rock.
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growing at the street which is where the accident happened this morning we'rr still waiting for confirmation on the teenager identification. i spoke with some of her close friends who tell me she will be greatly missed. this is the picture of the crash scene. this is a head-on collision. but the cause behind the crash and how it happened is under involved in this accident among the cars involved with the douglas county school district the other car was a pickup. please tell us that driver of the delivery truck suffered minor injuries and the pickup truck driver was not injured. i spoke with one teenager who learned about her friends dad and she tells me this is a top loss. unit when they pulled me out of the class and they took me to the counselor and the counselor told me what was going on -- i
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here and i could still have memories with her. >> this has been the scene all day. we have seen a bunch of students come by and drop off flowers. just talk about their friend and stand here. we reached out to the douglas county school district for a comment but we have not heard back from them yet.>> tragic. updating breaking news the diagonal highway is now ba a semi-truck carrying treated sewage hit a light pole and tipped over. the eastbound lanes of the highway were shut down for most of the afternoon as hazmat crews worked to clean up the spill. breaking news denver mayor is in the hospital for inflammation of his digestive tract. mayor webb is having a
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spokesperson says he should be home later on this week. still more making news today. what a busy day. firefighters on the scene of the advisory. crews will stay out there to monitor flareups. still breaking news at 5 pm. massive fire tore through an apartment complex starting with the bush on fire. the fire yesterday afternoon heavily damaged two dozen units in the hunters glen apartments off of east yyle. two residents have to be checked t because of inhaling smoke. five betas are not sure how the bush caught fire. >> the fbi gets creative naming its latest serial bank robber. meet that wicked week of the west. she has hit five metro banks in the last month each time wearing a wig. tip-off authorities if you know anything about this you could get $7000. tonight of families emotional plea to find the
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16-year-old haley vargas. her family is speaking only to denver7 . >> tim police have still not arrested anyone in hilly step despite the fact that it happened during a house party with a lot of people around and that is frustrating to a family coming to terms with this terrible loss.>> i want them to find the person that did this to my knees. >> reporter: a family in the morning still trying to find out what happened to 16-year- ood haley vargas. that she was leaving and that she was shot in the back. >> reporter: her family did not know that the junior was going to that party after football game. she was not normally a football -- a party or. >> she was not a party or. she had been fighting through leukemia. we were happy. we were celebrating because she beat cancer.
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a senseless crime.>> reporter: they described a teenager filled with spirit, life and dreams cut short. >> she wanted to go into the medical field because she had been in and out of hospitals so she wanted to help people. now they can only hope for answers, who shot her? wide? what happened to haley? >> it will give us peace to know he is behind bars. back. >> please tell me they are still -- police tell me they are still interviewing and tracking down people at the party. they are also asking people with photos a video of that night to come forward. new eight youth sports referee gets three years probation in a child luring case. peter labella junior was speaking to an undercover
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the parents of a teeeager so badly malnourished doctors compared him to a concentration camp survivor face tony charges. prosecutors are charging both 52-year-old vanessa hall and david hall with child abuse. their 17-year-old son is blind and artistic. court records claimed the boy was on a diet of soda and crackers and had to use a red side jug as a back room. we confronted the boys out as a bathroom >> we confronted the boys mother . >> getaway for me. if you don't i'm going to call the cops. >> please say boyd way 88 pounds when he arrived at the hospital. cement officials have officially charged ahmed rashami with planting bombs in new york city and new jersey. 's father is speaking out saying he called the fbi on his own
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>> why did you call the fbi. >> he was doing that. he hurt my wife. i wanted to go to jail two years ago. -?spirit the fbi is confirming agents become days became aware of him two years ago. officials say writings include references to a late al qaeda cleric and plots in the us. 40 people george hw bush is now. he will vote for hillary clinton. he reportedly told a group of -?board members that she though that was a private meeting but ?hen the admission was leaked out. so far no one from the bush family is talking about this decision. meanwhile the? campaign is ramping up present in colorado. mike ence is heading to colorado springs tuesday at 2 pm and then the truck children
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fundraiser. >> a half-million coloradans would have to find more money. individual health plans are going up 20% next year anyway that doesn't have coverage to work. the state is blaming the hike on insurers leaving the market and cutting plants kickstart a magic looking at your checking acccunt and you realize you do not have that you do not have enough money for what you had budgeted for. start into our 12 month budget -- how is this possible? >> essentially not getting as much tax revenue as we anticipated. in the current year that started in july the legislature budget analyst says we are already $330 million short the government is analyst think it is the $200 million range. will cover that with our reserve fund which will need to be replenished by next year . next year the governmentt director will be more than $200
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has you wondering what about all that. tax money? what when we passed in 64 it did not promise funny -- funding k-12 education. meaning the 15% excise tax helps schools not pay for what is inside . >> is the money in the general budget that goes towards construction that does not need to go to construction and more trusting it will have other moneth intent waso add to that program so we are doing exactly what was done at the ballot. >> all that 15% excise tax on pot any money collected more than $40 million goes to a general school fund and last year that was $2.6 million. >> right now a big mess for
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over a popular mountain pass and that passes still shut down. and a basin bars update snow
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more breaking news loveland pass is still close tonight more than eight hours after a
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road. molly hendrickson shows us what happened. >> reporter: crews have been out here for hours cleaning up the giant mess. it appears that the semi driver and for the runaway ramp but just could not make it. >> a large black skid the spot where this semi-lost control clipping on its side in clipping 743 into two eastbound cars. they all went to the hospital but i think they are going to be okay. the semi was morning from the tunnels the driver clearly not experience navigating the steep mountain road. see that this is what can end up happening if they do not know how to take it easy down the hills. highway 6 shut down for hours. this will take a while. as crews worked to clean up here and glass. >> this will probably take a six hours to get the road open.
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the three drivers taken to the hospital in serious condition. there mangled cars a sobering reminder of just how lucky they were. >> slow and easy is the word. >> now they are guessing 6:30 will be when they reopened the road. broncos players reacting to the shooting in tulsa. video just police shows an unarmed black man with his hands in the air shot by an officer. it is crazy we have to be afraid to get pulled over. donaad stephenson tweets housesit do you have to be to shoot a mannwhile his hands are up. something has to change. >> as you know broncos linebacker brian marshall is one player protesting social injustice. today we caught up with him. >> one thing i have an issue with is people are really extremely pissed off and mad
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peacefully. how come we do not have hat same kind of anger towards the situations that are going on. i think everybody should check themselves. marshall was encouraging people to get attendance up at school. marshall will visit sevel other schools in the metro area with the same challenge and the winner gets a pizza party. >> builders are not keeping up with demand in the metro. new numbers found they are only built about one hird of the homes needed to keep up th new jobs. the national association of realtors say home inventory has dropped to unhealthy levels. aaa says premium gas is a waste3 of money. americans wasted with a $2 billion last year they claim putting expensive premium into cars that don't need it. according to aaa about 70% of vehicles on the road do not need it . they just require regular food. you do need to use premium for the high-performance luxury
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business insider list include stores and 13 and craig. the stores will reportedly close it mid-december and i guess that means starting next week you may be able to get deals as liquidation sales begin. eddie bauer, noodles and company, this year we have reported on a lot of credit card breaches. these breaches are a reminder to us all credit card statements. the sooner you notice a problem the easier it is to fix. take a moment before swiping your card because is something looks out of the ordinary, be sure to let someone know.>> you never are going to look at the walk/don't walk signal. today the guy on the signal came to life. he is funnier than you may think. >> meant get a little crazy. woman are better at using the crosswalk. stay in between the lines.
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fashionable. it is offensive. >> that s fried. cdot sent out to talk about crosswalk safety. right now he is that callbacks and broadway until 7 pm. >> here is your first alert for all you skiers and snowboarders. snow guns are fired up. this is just a test but we are probably only about a month out from opening day. loveland ski areas are usually in competition. nelson about the cool down. >> do suppose fred has been ne'er-do-well brother named jaywalker? >> good one. >> we had high clouds. loveland will be cranking out there snow makers as well. along the front range this is the view from our high definition camera out in westminster on top of the westin hotel. grace guys coming in but they are high, thin clouds.
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blocking sunlight but not enough to keep temperatures cool. still hit 90 for the high temperature in denver. that is the 55 day of 90 or better. puts us at fifth in the all- time list. the record was 73 back in 2012. 93 downtown. 87 at dia. wind calm with tempest the humidity. clouds stick around. pretty mild. upper 60s. tomorrow last full day of summer normal high is 77 we wwll reach low 80s. change coming up courtesy of what is left of hurricane payne. it is now just a tropical depression cindy moisture all the into the southwest and into colorado meaning scattered showers for the mountains tonight but just high cloud coverage expected across the eastern plain. most moisture stays to the that will be enough to bring
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temperatures dropping down to 58. staying close to 60 at ggeeley. upper 30s to lowell 40s in the mountains. mountains but just partly cloudy skies expected across the eastern plains. last full day of summer will still be a nice way with temperatures in the 80s for denver, greeley, fort collins. 91 at lamarr. 57 at leadville. front range 60s and 70s with a few showers in the mountains the sun and clouds on the planes. mild and pleasant 58 degrees high temperature 83. showers to the west and south. i think we stay dry here. as we get into the first day of autumn gusty wind probably cloudy skies. showers develop friday. a little cooler with 75. it will be slow friday into saturday in the mountains above 10,000 feet. showers and cool
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today last of the red-hot forecast. that should be the last 90 of this year. >> file is not just the calendar. it really is happening. >> campus lounge -- a staple . it is closing its doors for good. the owners restaurant says other things like maybe travel. long time sports event no campus lounge was the place to watch hockey games. the new models want to remodel the place before reopening the
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the power of the sun and the wind. it can fuel our lives and our economy, too. over 10,000 jobs in colorado alone. but when washington gridlock was choking the industry, something had to be done. so, i teamed up with republicans and democrats to pass the new laws we needed to help renewable energy grow. protecting the jobs we have and generating more for the future. i'm michael bennet, and that's
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so you are probably not going to be complaining about the giant monitor lizards are taking over a parking bangkok and in one state staff, 40 of them. and while they look scary i have it on good authority they are quite gentle. >> they are connolly. soon no they are damaging the landscape in as you may are -- as you may imagine runners and cyclists get hurt when they are
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>> smart phones could get smarter but this is where i think it gets creepy. mit is developing a new device we -- that can detect your emotions. wireless signals measure behavior. it is nearly 90% accurate telling if someone is excited, happy, angry or whatever. they could use his to get reactions to thing. temperature based on your road -- based on your mood. >> a high-tech mood ring. >> the claremont park retirement community theater group is rehearsing you are a good man charlie brown and it is pretty impressive. the actors average age is 82. >> we are willing to laugh at ourselves. we have fun. it is an important thing. >> there is a little bit of charlie brown in each of us in
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keeps on keeping on. >> by the way that guy plays charlie brown. he shaves his head for the role.>> you can see the play friday and saturday. >> don't do the scene where lucy pulls the football. >> break a leg.
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tonight, breaking news. new surveillance of the bombing suspect pulling a suitcase, carrying a backpack. authorities say, about to place the bombs in new york city and new jersey. and tonight here, we have now learned, the fbi is questioning someone else. his wife. was he acting alone? and what his own father said about his own son before. also developing, the outrage tonight. the faer breaks down, then shot dead by police. tonight, for the first time, the officer's defense. the deadly plane crash. the spy plane crashing down over america. flash point. the syrian refugees coming to the u.s. our year-long investigation. and tonight, donald trump's son comparing refugees to poisonous skittles, asking, would you take the chance? we go straight to amman to ask, who is vetting the refugees


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