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tv   World News Now  ABC  September 21, 2016 2:36am-4:00am MDT

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calls for profiling. >> immigration security is national security. >> reporter: his belief? political correctness events law enforcement from stopping people like the suspected new york bomber. >> they want you to look at a woman who is in a wheelchair that's 88 years old and barely making it and comes out of sweden. she's supposed to be treated the same way as the guy who looks like the guy that just got
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profiling. everybody's supposed to be treated equally, realm, it doesn't work that way. it's radical terrorism. >> reporter: sticking to his appointment on refugees. >> syria refugees -- >> over, done, no more. done. >> reporter: trump son, don jr., drawing outrage with this tweet on social media. i i told you just three would kill you, would you take a handful? that's our syria refugee problem. the mars corporation which makes skittles says, skittles are candy. refugees are people. it's an inappropriate analogy. abc news, north carolina. president obama took several swipes at donald trump saying a nation ringed by walls imprisons itself. in the final speech to the u.n. as president, the president said countries must embrace global cooperation, not nationalism.
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he said they pose a test of epic proportions and test our humanity. >> we have to imagine what it's like for our family, for our children if the unspeakable happened to us. >> saying the u.s. is accepting 110,000 refugees from around the world in the coming year, 60% more than the number welcomed this year. so chalk up another heat record. august average temperature was hottest ever, 61.75 degrees. the government says it's the breaking heat. this summer has been the hottest summer on record. and 2016 likely to be the hottest year ever. one official blames greenhouse gases. one u.s. air force pilot dead, another injured after a crash in northern california. it happened during a training mission for a u2 reconnaissance plane about 15 minutes after takeoff from the air force base. the pilots ejected before the spy plane crashed into a rural
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the u2 fleet is based there. a philadelphia high school teacher under investigation after video shows him fighting with a student. the pair kick and punch each other, and at one point, the student in a head lock. the altercation started when the student was late to class. mary mccollum's grandson attends the same school. >> i came from the old school. we did not fight our teacher. we listen at the teacher, and we did what we had to do. we did what we was told to do. >> well, the teacher was injured badly enough he required stitches. the student is charged with assault. to the major leagues, a debut for one member of the baltimore orals. his name is trey mancini. we might remember it from now on. >> we will. he got into his first major league game last night against the red sox and parked his first career big league home run.
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and we to oriole games as a kid, and his grandfather had season tickets for 20 years. you can see the family going absolutely nuts. >> just like he practiced it. yep, first league baseball game, and just going to hit it out of the park. >> he said it happened on what would have been his grandfather's 79th birthday. >> very nice gisthere for grandfather. coming up, one of the most divisive issues in this year's presidential race. the growing refugees. here what david muir found out who is vetting the refugees bound for america. and it's the end of an era in hollywood. what we are finding out about why angelina jolie filed for divorce from brad pitt and how brad is responding. remember to tell us what you think on facebook., or on twitter @abcwnn. you're watching "world news
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? the trump campaign is dealing with new fallout from the now infamous tweet from donald trump jr. comring syrian refugees to skittles. >> because the man who shot the photo of that bowl of skittles was once a refugee himself. david told abc news that
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fr from cypress when he was 7 years old in 1974, saying trump never asked permission to use the picture. >> we are in jordan to see who is vetting syrians bound for america. >> this journey begins one year ago. the first day of school in one american town. she's 6 years old. her home back in syria burned to >> work, hallah. >> her first grade door here in america, a sign in arabic. >> hello. >> hello! this is hola. she is very special because she's not from america. this is where syria is. >> reporter: last september, we
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arrived on that flight to america. >> very happy to be here in america. >> reporter: a crash course on life in america, how not to flood the dishwasher, how to use the washer and dryer, how to get to walmart. but 43 days after arriving in the u.s., this. the attacks in paris. one of the attackers using a fake syria passport posing as a refugee. >> this has got to stop. they don't want to be americans. >> reporter: political pressure mounts. >> the way the mayor did it was underhanded and conniving. >> we have to hold back. >> reporter: halting refugees, and that syrian family is listening. >> listen, they could be isis. i don't know. if i win, they are going back. they are going back. i'm telling you. they are going back. >> reporter: so we traveled the
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california, to aman, jordan, to see the vetting process for ourselves. through this doorway, we immediately see a crush of humanity. >> they come through here? >> yes. >> brought to a screening area. >> reporter: the vetting process that could last two years, and through the windows, you can see family after family being interviewed. >> how can you possibly learn everything about a family through an interview? highly trained, trained to look at not just documentation, but for the credibility behind the applicant's story. >> reporter: inside this room, the syrian families have just been told they are next. this is cultural orientation, where they are taught about their new home, america. she shows them pictures of a couple kissing in public. the next lesson about america?
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they're asking a simple question. which of the faces are american? for americans worried about refugees coming to the u.s.? >> they are human like you. we want to be one of you, and so -- >> david muir reporting. coming up, a couple calling it quits. what we're learning about why angelina jolie filed for divorce from her husband, brad pitt.
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? one of hollywood's most high profile marriages is now
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from brad pitt after two years of marriage and a relationship stretching back more than a decade. >> now brad pitt is responding. abc's lauren lister has the story. >> reporter: one of hollywood's most prominent power couples splitting up, going from brangelina back to brad and angelina. court documents reveal angelina filed for divorce from brad pitt, husband partner for over a decade. citing irreconcilable differences, petitioning for physical custody of the six children ranging in ages 8-15 and requesting brad gets visitation. news of the split taking tinseltown by storm. >> it was a couple that spoke lovingly of each other and praised each other for being great parents, but this was a shock. >> reporter: brad pitt in a statement to "people" magazine saying i am so saddened by this,
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i kindly ask the press to give them the space they deserve in the challenging time. fans saddened too. >> i don't think they should get a divorce. so sad. they are such a beautiful couple. >> reporter: the couple started dating after meeting on the set of the 2005 movie "mr. and mrs. smith." they both adopted and had biological children together before marrying. jolie-pitt speaking to abc three months before they wed. >> the kids have a great time, and we all, you know, take seriously the love and connection between all of us. jolie-pitt saying the decision to divorce was made for the health of the family. saying jolie is asking for privacy during this difficult time. >> all right. lauren, thank you so much. it was a sad one. they always spoke highly of each other and cared about things like, you know, humanitarian causes and philanthropy. >> just proves, you know, marriage is the leading cause of divorce. >> and, of course, that is kendis -- >> love is dead. coming up, happiest song in
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all right. it's time now for "the mix," and we start with a little note about music. so this neuroscientist, or, rather, this survey by a british electronics company, they surveyed people in the u.k. on what songs made them happy. a neuroscientist then took the songs together and came up with a formula for songs that make us happy. he looked at bea p the key, the theme, analyzed the lyrics, and he's come up with the happiest song in the world. >> oh? it's pharrell's? >> it is not. it is "don't scope me now" by queen. ? come on. >> i'm down for it, but i don't know that it makes me happy. >> no? you don't look happy, actually. i'm feeling it. >> does that make you happy?
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>> i don't know. >> no? >> i think my rhythm's off too. >> all right. hopefully the viewers are happy about it. apparently viewers on reddit disagreed, but he says every country has their own version of the happy song. i like "happy" and "love song" and "breathless." >> okay. >> you want me to stop now? >> okay. >> i have a whole list. >> i have a feel good and sir you know. >> okay. moving on. >> moving on. speaking of buns, so this dude invented the perfect hot dog-hamburger bun. >> prayers have been answered. >> it's an australian guy. he actually invented it back in 2004. it's called the hamdog. there's a patent for it. >> creative.
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australian version of "shark tank" last year, costing $8 bucks. brilliant, don't you say? bringing together both happy worlds. >> i would eat it. speaking of brilliant inventions, this turkish company has invented a real life transformer. >> oh? >> check it out. just looks like a regular bmw, but watch as it transforms into a 12-foot robot. >> cool, actually. >> can move arms, hands, even fingers, and shoots off following and lightning and connects to wifi, just a small problem. the car does not work. >> who cares. >> you can't drive it. >> impressive. >> but looks awesome. apparently, bouquet of flowers the wedding party has, they are a thing of the past, at least for this woman, who instead of flowers, they did
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this morning on "world news now" following the trail of terror. new details as this morning on "world news now, following the terror profile, new york city and new jersey bombi how his own family tried to warn police beforehand. we'll have the latest in just a moment. breaking overnight, protesters and police clash in the street of north carolina angry over the shooting of an allegedly armed man. a dozen hospitalized. we'll get you the latest. members of congress with a strong message to the head of wells fargo. >> you should resign. >> elizabeth warren and others on capitol hill grilled the ceo calling the leadership gutless. see how he responded to the pressure. breakup that broke the internet yesterday.
3:01 am
divorce from brad pitt and the shocked reaction from their trend, george clooney, who heard about it for the first time during an interview. that is in "the skinny" on this wednesday, september 21st. from abc news, this is "world news now." good morning, i'm diane macedo. >> i'm kendis gibson. we'll get to the angelina jolie and the protests, but first the new york city bombing. >> rahami is facing a string of we're taking a live look at our station there. and a big focus on interstate 85. protesters blocked that highway, even set a fire on it. >> so what happened is the ro test initially started in the charlotte area after the death of that black man who was shot and killed by a black police officer. those protests spread over the
3:02 am
overnight, ending up there on i-8 5 where they circled around some 18 wheelers and looted the content. and you saw what they did there, setting them on fire. and police say demonstrators also destroyed several marked police vehicles as well as approximately a dozen officers injured. one who is reportedha to ve been hit in the face with a rock. they say, instead, they found thisan a gun. and when he came out of the car with a gun, police say they opened fire. >> and the family's account couldn't be any more difference. they say he had a book and they say he was simply reading. but as you can tell, that has triggered what was a powder keg in the north charlotte area as many people started coming out.
3:03 am
wsoc said you had 5 to 80 people right there on the highway block traffic. interstate 85, by the way, should point out the area is a major thruway that connects south carolina to the virginia border. so you can imagine a lot of vehicles travel there. >> this happened about a mile from unc campus. again, a very busy area. and we saw he video earlier of dozens and dozens of trucks backed up. those rioters are targeting police vehicles. we saw be tear gas being distributed. this morning, we have the mayor and police leadership promise ago full investigation also, of course, calling for calm and the mayor has said the community deserves answers. >> at several times as we've been watching the events, it's taken place over the course of five hours or so at least, you've seen police fire tear gas at protesters, but that did velthsd to disburse crowds overnight. >> it's one of the major
3:04 am
you can see the protesters going after police themselves. they're going after a vehicle in that case and, again, a dozen police officers injured as protesters charge at the police officers directly. you're talking about a city extremely on edge this morning as the leadership calls for calm. now to new details about the bomblings here in new york and new jersey. >> the fbi has searched a restaurant in new jersey where rahami used to work. charges, including the use of weapons of mass destruction. investigators believe he planned the attacks for months and the bomb used in manhattan was powerful enough to break windows more than 400 feet away. >> at one point, they interviewed his wife overseas who was at the airport in dubai. now we're learning there may have been some missed signals and rahami may have slipped
3:05 am
we have the latest on the investigation and what police are finding out now. federal officials were warned about ahmad rahami. >> and what did you tell them? later recanted his allegations and the son was never questioned by the fbi. >> they found that there was not enough there to continue the investigation. the father's allegations came after his son's yearlong trip to pakistan, now key to
3:06 am
they are reviewi photos posted on facebook. while in pakistan, he married and had two children with this woman who came into the the u.s. in 2014 and left three months ago in june. officials say she was stopped at the airport in dubai and interviewed by the fbi. >> basically, trying to get a picture of him through her. that's going to open up a lot more avenues of investigation. >> reporter: after rahami was caught monday in the shoot-out with police, authorities say found a personal journal in his pants pockets which contained anti-a for the late radical islamic cleric that inspired so many terror plots. federal authorities filed criminal charges against rahami in new york and new jersey including counts of detonating a weapon of mass destruction. brian ross, abc news, new york. we're hearing from a homeless man and his friend b who found the backpack with
3:07 am
in elizabeth new jersey, and they said when they looked inside, they were alarmed. >> we have to go to the police station right now. he says, why? i said, this is a bomb. >> that's one of the devices that went off as the bomb squad attempted to disarm it. it's unclear whether they were left by the accused bomber or from somewhere else. a go fund me page is set up for parker and white. they say they are not heros, but just doing the right thing. donald trump's campaign denies accusations he used money from his charity to settle two lawsuits. he pledged $100,000 to a charity after been fined at his club in florida, but the check allegedly came from the trump foundation, not his own pocket and accused of using 158,000 from the foundation to resolve another lawsuit against the golf club in new york.$158,000 from the foundation to resolve another lawsuit against the golf club in new york. again, trump denying both allegations.
3:08 am
reportedly laying off doesz of staffers amid conflict of interest accusations. hillary clinton faced scrutiny that some individuals she met with were donors of the foundation. despite layoffs, they have staffers to work with donors. another major republican figure makes no bones about the fact he's voting for hillary clinton. former president george h.w. bush told dozens of people at a reception in maine he will not be voting for the republican presidential candidate. no one else in the his grandson endorsed trump. dozens of countries have pledged to take in thousands more refugees following a speech by president obama at the united nations. the president told the countries they had a moral obligation to help in the global refugee crisis. the u.s. will take in more than 100,000 refugees over the next year, and the latest u.n. study found more than 65 million people have been displaced by
3:09 am
san francisco quarterback colin kaepernick is detailing a big contribution he plans to make and the jersey that will be used. he says he has people vetting potential charities to determine the proper one. in addition to the jersey proceeds, kaepernick plans to donate $1 million to groups promoting his cause. now to virginia. a high school team has been playing with a special guest this season. that will be the school security officer pounding the skins. >> he played in the band before graduating from the lynchburg, virginia, school years ago. coleman has played at two games so far and he's been asked to continue. >> so this video has already been viewed 1.5 million times. >> he's good. look at him go. >> he has got some skill.
3:10 am
the end of brangelina as we know it. what we're learning about the o calling it quits. and how the breaking news caught george clooney by surprise. and lady gaga has released his first video in more than two years. why it will make you want to get up and dance. but first, here is today's forecast. ? >> "world news now" weather brought to you by american
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wells fargo fake account scandal found its wie to capitol hill yesterday where the bank's ceo faced harsh questions. >> he did apologize, but his apologies did not can get very far with some senators. >> reporter: the wells fargo bank head honcho is in the hot seat. rounds of.rapid fire questions from congress. >> do you acknowledge that the employees who engaged in this activity were committing fraud? >> they broke our code of ethics. they were dishonest. >> reporter: wells fargo firing 5,300 employees accused of secretly using customer information and illegally opening more than 2 million savings and credit card accounts for at least five years. to meet sales goals, bankers and branches across the country
3:15 am
from real bank accounts, depositing it into secret accounts. customers who had no idea the money was gone were then charged overdraft fees. on capitol hill, senators defended employees saying they were victims of a pressure cooker environment, placing blame on managers instead. >> i'm asking if you have fired senior management, the people who actually led community banking division who oversaw this fraud. no. >> did you fire any of those people? >> no. >> no. >> reporter: another no when asked if stumpf considered fire ing the head of the community can banking divisionhile fake accounts were being created. she retired, but expected to receive more than $100 million in salaries, stocks, and bonuses. >> i'm deeply sorry we failed
3:16 am
>> reporter: wells fargo agreed to pay $185 million fine and says they refunded $2.6 million in fees to customers. kendis, diane. >> thank you. when we come back, the latest on the breakup and celebrity reaction. and who got booted off the stage last night for dancing with the stars? "the skinny" is next.
3:17 am
? skinny so skinny ?
3:18 am
time f the skinny starting with the story that stunned the world. >> i should point out, at the time that this story broke, exact time on tm had z yesterday, there is an actual 3.1 earthquake in the l.a. area, no joke, at the same time. >> everybody was just talking about brangelina. >> no more. angelina jolie filing for divorce from brad pitt, her husband of two years and partner for more than a decade. >> she cited irreconcilable differences and filing for custody of the six children requesting brad pitt has legal custody and individualation. >> it caught the attention of one of their friends by surprise. richard rob caught up with george clooney. >> angelina and your friend brad, what happens when they divorce? >> i didn't know that. >> she filed. >> i feel very sorry. that's a sad story.
3:19 am
unfortunate story about a family. i feel very sorry to hear that. first i heard it. >> brad pitt said in a statement to "people" magazine, quote, i'm very saddened by this, but what matters most right now is the well being of our kids. >> what i love about that, richard rob covered the u.n. for more than a decade for cnn, covering the iraq war, the syria refugee crisis, and a producer says in his ear, ask about brangelina. >> i was going to say, what do you think his reaction was when he said brangelina. >> probably shook his head and said, here we go. >> it is sad. end of an era here. in the meantime, the celebrity reaction is pour onning in. joe anna hausmann sweets, if a couple with millions of dollars, six kids and a brands of overpriced roset wine can't make
3:20 am
only thing still holding the usa together. >> and another tweets, all right, a celeb couple name of all time, brangelina. and even adelle, i should point out, at her concert said she wants to address the elephant in the room and dedicated her concert to brangelina. >> no mention of the earthquake, but do you think the breakup caused the earthquake? >> that's what i'm saying, it was so huge. >> deep thought by kendis gibson. >> makes the other top skinny headlines, "dance, the stars." >> the first couple eliminated, and despitbe the bottom of the leader board, it was not perry. >> it was austin and jenna. given the boot which he says caught him by surprise. >> it was so much fun. i had a blast.. learning from jenna was the opportunity of a lifetime. this was an incredible experience.
3:21 am
>> well, before j.t.'s elementary nation, four contestants were in jeopardy, including amber rose and ryan lochte. >> they will move on to dance another week. >> yes. >> we are blessed. all right, next here, a release from lady gaga. >> premiering her new music video, "perfect illusion," fifth album of original material during the premier of "scream queens." ? it won't be long it won't be long ? ? it was the perfect illusion mistaken for love ? >> "perfect illusion" debut the at number 15 on the billboard top 100 chart. finally, if you wanted to live in a pineapple under the sea, now is your chance. >> the hotel and resorts created a life-sized replica of sponge bob square pants iconic digs. >> finding his favorite things inside the dominican republic
3:22 am
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she lacks judgment and moral character to lead this country. >> a man who can be provoked bay tweet should not be i wanted to thank you for advising me of the situation. mr. president, you saved . well, it's been six years since could he haver sutherland graced the small screen as jack bauer on fox's "24." >> and now he's about to rachet
3:26 am
president. >> where were we? >> could he haver sutherland returning to tv. as the designated survivor. >> you are now the president of the united states. >> that designated survivor is actually a true thing. >> so what happens if we have, god forbid, a massive attack at the state of the union? who runs of government? >> but political leadership in the nation' capital, w leaving the head of housing and urban development running the entire country. now.if the show has you thinking this sounds like another political drama, the cast and the creator of the show say think again. >> it's sort of equal parts family drama, political drama and conspiracy thriller. >> conspiracy is -- it's really mind blowing. >> calling the plot intriguing
3:27 am
>> that age-old question, you know, do corrupt people ascend to power or does power corrupt? and so here is this very good the person and what is going to become of him over the long haul? >> mr. president, you're live. >> my fellow americans -- >> abc news. and "designated survivor" premiers tonight at 10:00 p.m. here on and i have high hopes because i know for "24," i was addicted to that show. there were birthdays and parties i could not attend because i had to see what happened next. >> it's good to see him back on the small screen. >> it is. don't miss us on facebook, coming up, following breaking news in charlotte. fans. >> this is abc's "world news
3:28 am
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3:30 am
good good morning. i'm kendis. >> and i'm diane macedo. the trump campaign is denying allegations that trump settled lawsuits with money tr his charity. the article says the trump foundation paid more than $250,000 to resolve cases against two -- we have a full report coming up. for an attack on a convoy in syria that killed at least 20 people and destroyed tons of badly needed food, medicine and baby formula. the u.n. sus spepended aid delid to syria following that attack. on. and one air force pilot is dead, after injured after their u2 spy plane crashed during a training mission in northern california. both planes ejected before the impact which started a wildfire.
3:31 am
another fire in central california. the can he nyon fire has now grown to more than 10,500 acres, but officials believe they're making pros progress. >> from abc news, this is "world news now." and we begin with breaking news on protests erupting in charlotte, north carolina after fatal police shooting. >> quite a scene right now. we want to get to liv charlotte. this is a major highway in the south throughout that state. i-85, you see that traffic backup. it is all because of though protesters who have now taken on to the highway and some reports we're getting in is that they started in front of those 18 wheelers and burning some of the materials on fire. >> you can see dozens of trucks there trying to get through that highway closed. they set fire to the highway
3:32 am
police have been trying to keep the situation under control, but so far, at least a dozen officers have been injured, as well. and this is all in protest to a fatal police shooting of a man identified as keith scott. now, keith was shot by a black officer and police said scott was armed yesterday. his family has come out, though, and said that he did not. that he was armed with a book, not a gun. the police chief has said that an investigation is ongoing. >> at this point, all we know is they're in the apartment compl parking lot and this subject had a weapon. they he gauge him and one of the officers felt a lethal threat and fired his weapon because of that. >> and, again, back to live footage there on the scene in charlotte, north carolina. we are keeping track of this developing story. those protesters clearly very
3:33 am
get through. many of them truckers just trying to do their job this morning. >> and you can see the fires right now. that stuff is right now on fire. they started looting some of these 18 wheelers and pulled out material there and set them on fire. at this some poicht, we were told the numbers were 75 to 85 protesters there on the highway. they have shut down that entire highway. and this protest has moved all over the northern part of charlotte overnight, including mayor of the un for a little while security there had to make sure that everything was safe there because of the protesters. and you can see those lights from the choppers. you can see there are a lot of people still on the highway. >> that the. in the dark, it's hard to tell. but you can see how many people are still out there on the streets. again, leaders in the city are asking for calm this morning as the police leadership is promising a full investigation into this shoot postponing. >> we're going to continue to
3:34 am
can tell it is still ongoing. there are a lot of people who remain angry or a lot of people who are taking an opportunity of this situation. turning to tulsa, oklahoma now where protesters there demanded the officer who shot and killed a black man be fired and arrested. that's the case of terence crutcher. investigators found what they believe is the drug pcp in his vehicle. >> but an attorney from crutch and a lawyer for shelby, who fired the fatal shot, said she did not act out of hate of anger. now to a donald trump claim saying he settled lawsuits with foundation money. >> david wright has the details. >> reporter: donald trump complained it's hard to run for
3:35 am
>> everyone says, you should never be successful and never run for political office. >> reporter: trump's foundation & is now under a microscope. "the wall street journal" accused trump of using foundation monies to pay lawsuit fines. trump settled the case by pledging $100,000 to a veteran's charity. the check came not from foundation. foundation money paid to settle a lawsuit brought by a golfer against trump's club in westchester, new york. $158,000 to the favorite charity. on the campaign trail, trump is accused of influence dalling. >> it was pay for play. >> but trump paid a penalty after his foundation made a
3:36 am
general who subsequently decided not to pursue an investigation into trump's foundation. >> i would never, ever trade money for donations. that's absurd. >> trump has bragged about how much money he gives to charity. >> do you want to reveal how much money you've given to charities? >> over a period of years, i've given over $100 million to charity. >> but since he hasn't released his tax returns, proof. the foundation documents show it's been years since he made a donation. he shelled out $30,000 for two portraits of himself. this one. >> one candidate family foundation has saved countless lives around the world.
3:37 am
charity and then bought a six-foot-tall painting of himself. >> we reached out to the trump campaign and the trump organization. both of them headquartered right here another trump towers. no response yet. david wright, abc news, new york. >> david, thank you. and the clinton foundation has announced a staffing change. according topo litco, the foundation will lay off dozens of staffers. hillary clinton faced scrutiny saying some of them were meeting with donors. and trump will be back in the battleground state of ohio after his event in a small rural town in north carolina yesterday. he made what some consider an eyebrow raising comment. part of what he said.
3:38 am
african-american cities are absolutely in the worst shape that they've ever been in before, ever, ever, ever. you take a look at the inner-cities, you get no education. you get no jobs. you get shot walking down the street. they're worse.. >> and worse, trump said compared to war torn countries, like afghanistan. now he also said that his poll numbers are rising among african-americans. well, we checked. our has 5% support. new details are emerging about the bomb blast in new york and new jersey and about the man accused of carrying them out. ahmad rahami is now charged with using weapons of mass destruction. his journal says he was encouraged by osama bin laden. >> federal authorities in both new york and new jersey have now
3:39 am
suspect ahmad r are ahami. they allegations paint a man who has been planning these bombings since june. that's when he started making bomb making materials on ebay. fast forward to this weekend. the court documents say there is surveillance video showing the suspect at the scene of the crime 37 on top of that, investigators have found fingerprints and other connecting the suspect to the incident. the suspect was investigated in 2014 and cleared of having any kind of terrorism. at the time, the suspect's own father warned and alerted officials about these concerns, but the father later recanted that statement. so where does this investigation
3:40 am
we know the fbi spoke with the suspect's wife in dubai. right now, they're in the process of reviewing all the evidence they've gathered so far, including a handwritten journal in which the suspect went on about his anti-american rant and as we learn from court documents, the suspect expressed concern that he might get caught before he could carry out this suicide attack. again, this investigation is continuing. the first court date has been tentatively set for next wednesday. kendis and diane, and viewers watching the live stream of a man playing pokemon go got a lot more than they expected. the man was mugged in central new york just after midnight and robbed of three cell phones. the attacker punched him in the head and knocked him to the ground. the pokemon player says he had been going to the park for ten days play with a group, but he got separated from the rest
3:41 am
a tongue lashing pp from congress. stumpf appeared to be taken back. but senate banking committee members noted that only low level employees were fired. >> so your definition of accountable is to push the blame to your low level employees who don't have the money for a fancy pr firm to defend themselves. it's gutless leadership. >> i am deeply sorry that failed to fulfill our responsibility to our customers, to our team members and to the american public. >> stumpf admitted no senior management has been fired because of the scandal. not a single member of the committee, democrat or republican, came to his defense during that hearing. this time, a pharmaceutical is on the hot seat today. arlett has that story. >> reporter: good morning.
3:42 am
seat. she will face questions over hiking prices over the life saving device, a decision she plans to defend. this morning, brush will testify before the house oversight committee. she'll argue that although the price has risen, access to the device has increased. the cost for the pair of epipens jumped from $100 in 2007 to $600 today. mylan makes $100 for every two devices. brush is not only the head of the epipen manufacturer, but she's the daughter of west virginia senator joe manchon. a new report is raising questions about whether her family has a monopoly on the device. the report says she let a, quote, unprecedented effort to encourage states to the purchase
3:43 am
mylan says the report is inaccurate and is demanding for a retraction. there is a problem into mylan each rebate practices and the attorney general has initiated an investigation into the rebates. coming up, why a cafeteria worker quit after a child cried in the lunch line. and who scored a touchdown, just for his mom. but first, here is a look at today's temperatures. >> "world news now" whether
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d cool. what is this sudden cooooling thing happening? it's got a menthol burst. you can feel it right away. new mucinex fast-max clear & cool. feel the menthol burst. and clear your worst cold symptoms. let's end this. ? snoelts ? an auction in new york city
3:47 am
look at the private live of ronald and nancy reagan. this is a look at the personal effects they had in their home. among the more notable pieces are an actual piece of the berlin wall autographed by ronald reagan, an official nfl football ascribed by reagan with win one for the gipper and the sale is expected to raise more than $2 million and benefit the now to a woman who says she's going to keep fighting against a policy that will force her to resign from her job. she quit because she had to deny a child a hot lunch because his account was overdrawn. >> i didn't say anything. i just put the cheese sandwich on his tray. that's when he looked and his eyes weld up. >> she also says the policy is
3:48 am
touch aes tray of food, it can't be served to anyone else. >> she's hoping t attention she's bringing to the policy would stop other school directs from adopting the same thing. >> a lot of parents, you know, bring up this issue of children and lunch and -- >> i didn't realize there was such a policy that existed. >> uh-huh. coming up, the shining star at the friday night lights at one high school in michigan. >> how the very special football player scored the touchdown of his life. you've got to see you're world "world news now."
3:49 am
3:50 am
? it was the perfect ending to a perfect friday night football game in michigan. >> a veryal football player scored a touchdown with the help nonetheless of both teams. and he did it all for his mom.
3:51 am
>> robbie hyle has held down the position of hydration manager, which is fancy for water boy. but on this night, he's jersey number 24. >> no matter how bad a day he's having, it's a smile from ear to ear. >> he's a young man with special needs. his big challenge in life is down syndrome. both teams got together to make this goal. >> everyone was saying we love robbie. how does that make you feel? >> made me >> the coaches kept their plan from his mother who is always here and terminally ill with bone cancer. >> it takes a village to raise my son and this village has really been outstanding. >> for the hyles, a touchdown never felt so good. >> and i love that he even had a little touchdown dance at the end of all of that. >> he's been practicing for this moment, it seems. his mother says she's always
3:52 am
hydration manager. but this is just incredible. >> and you can see what an emotional thing that was for his mom. introducing new k-y touch gel cr?me. for massage and intimacy. every touch, gently intensified.
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? well, most of us clip coupons to save money, but we're about to meet one woman who does it for much more noble and how about a little girl who is doing her best to spread affirmations around the world. will joins us now with two truths and a why. >> we begin with paper, scissors and a rock star couponer. say hello to lauren perneer, a 29-year-old who looks like she belongs on an episode of extreme couponing, but she's not in it for herself. she's using local discountes and bargain buys to reach her goal of feeding 30,000 needy
3:56 am
birthday next year. she runs a charity and spends anywhere from five to ten hours a week researching and clipping coupons so she can avoid the food she buys, prepares and serves to people all along the east coast. she was inspooifd expired by her grandma and hopes to do the same for her son. next up, it's hump day. if you're struggling to get through the week, we have all th here. say hello to audrey. she is here to remind us that all we need to get through the day is looking at us right there in the middle. >> and beautiful. beautiful, and beautiful. >> yeah. and you're smart. >> audrey's mom says her compliments aren't only reserved for that reflection in the mirror. she encourages friends, family and strangers everywhere they go. and finally, next time a
3:57 am
hey, it's work of art. according to science, that will make them appreciate it a little more. a small steady in the netherlands proves that when we are toll something is art, it automatically changes our response to it on a nural level. scientists studied brain activity and concluded we are able to distance ourselves emotionally from art as compared to what we view of reality. you see, kendis, i've got your back. if diane cluttered scripts on the desk, tell her it's your art for the moment. >> this is art. >> this right here, this -- >> they're actually pretty neat today. >> i'm always neat. this had part i kind of have messed up, but -- >> you're like monica from "friends." it's the mess in the closet.
3:58 am
3:59 am
4:00 am
making news in america this morning, breaking right now, violent protests erupting overnight after a deadly shooting by police. demonstrators damaging police vehicles, setting fires on an interstate, the new video coming in right now. the suspect in the new york and new jersey bombings now faces federal charges. see the say ties the suspect to the scenes, plus the missed signals from his own family. we're live with the latest. new questions about donald trump's charity. accused of using donated money to settle lawsuits for his businesses. overnight trump's campaign responding. and a police officer on a collision course after a truck driver suddenly tries to ram his cruiser. good wednesday morning. we begin with that breaking news


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