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tv   7 News at 11 AM  ABC  September 21, 2016 11:00am-12:00pm MDT

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it is -- is 11:00 and we start with breaking news. three schools placed on block -- preschools placed on lock galt after fight shots were fired. lance fernandez's gathering all the details -- is gathering all the detaals for us. there's a big police presence over here at 32nd and cl north high school. reports came in around 920, 930 shots fired in the neighborhood east of the school. i talked with a couple neighbors and it sounded like a car backfiring or a couple firecrackers but police find some shelf found some shell casings. the report was there were four young man firing at a
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in the neighborhood nd the other two west and police are searching for them. the three schools and lockout involved north high, the valdez elementary school. a couple shell casings found in the neighborhood east of -- east of the school. he will update you as it unfolds. i want to toss it to my # -- -- mark bouhlel. we -- we're over here the other side of the school, we will show you -- you outside not a lot to look at that sums security walking -- some's security walking around, they started letting some teachers and that they are on lockout. we heard from the district that there's no threat to the north high school initially they believe the perron of interest may be nside the school. and if they were in the school we would -- they would've's sent us -- a swat team in. none of that happened.
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photo lineup to figure out which person it is and they are not giving us information. the swat was never in the building and there's no threat to the high school and they are trying to find the person and figure out what happened. this is still developing so we will continue to update you throughout the rest of the newscast. we are talking about weaaher -- what they're -- weather -- last day of summer, fall arrest tomorrow. last couple days. temperatures above average for the final day of summer, we are seeing some southwest flow that's bringing in a lot more more sure to -- moisture to the state. and cloud coverage. temperature at 77 right now city park, 74 caps on rock, 73 parker, boulder 79, 50s and 60s for the foothills. temperatures will rise into the
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a mix of sun and clouds throughout the day with increasing cloud coverage. a slight chance of a few showers and storms mainly in the higher terrain today and overnight tonight temperatures back down to upper 50s low 60s. expect temperatures a few degrees above what they are this time -- this time of year. paul 80s north eastern plains. a.m. a bit of a cool down for the weekend. a man riding his bike last night gets hit and killed by a car. they are asking for your help to find the person responsible. he was a car -- this is not the video. we will talk about this accident
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old -- 43-year-old jason holden he lost control and fell into the roadway and another car hit him that's when he was killed. that car stopped at the original card that's why tempt that car and fled the scene and the driver of the vehicle that's what they are the food they are looking for. -- -- who they are looking for. >> it police, cars smashed and more than a dozen officers hurt, when officer was hit in the days with a rock, his police vehicle was damaged. all of this after a police she implement, multiple officers injured outreach by protest after the -- outrage by protest after the daily shooting, the family now speaking out. tensions boiling over through the night on the streets of
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igniting fires, shutting down a major highway and attempting too overturn this police ar. even looting stores over a dozen officers injured. the mayor of charlotte waiting for calm. i am asking our communiiy and people to please wait until all information is available. police say they were ssarching for suspect with outstanding warrants yesterday when we saw 43-year-old keith lamont scott who they were not authorities said scott got out of his car holding a gun. officers gave loud clear commands which is drop the weapon. as officers continue -- continued to yell at him to drop it, he stepped out posing a threat to the officer. that's when officer -- striking scott, cpr was performed and he later died at the hospital. scott's family gives a different scenario -- gets a different scenario , but what transpired.
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we got a gun he got a -- he got a gun. pow pow pow pow that's it, he had no gun. that police officer who fired the fatal shot is on paid administrative leave. the police chiif is looking for -- and body cam video and he did say the officer who fired the fatal shot was not wearing a camera. these demonstrati other protest and tulsa, oklahoma, after the deadly shooting overwhelm and there -- over police video shows terrence crutcher walking to his vehicle with his hands up, he shot after one officer opened fire, one of us -- officer said he thought he had a gun. at shooting is all over the country reacting, running back twitted this, quote it's crazy we have to be afraid to get hold pulled over. though stephenson's said this -- said this on twitter, how 60 -- sick you have to be to shoot them and when one of his hands
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change. one of the more outspoken broncos is sharing his opinion on the recent deadly shooting, we met up with brandon marshall who made headlines when he took the need doing a national anthem. listen to what he has to say. one thing i have an issue where there is -- with is people are really extremely -- and mad -- not about as -- us kneeling and protesting -- kneeling and protesting peacefully. how come they don't have the same type of anger with the shifting gears, we have good news, and this missing woman has been found, nikki sinner went missing over the weekend. she is now safe. the search is on for four suspects involved in the robbery yesterday afternoon, and other suspect with -- another suspect with the group shot and killed by police after a brief chase. amanda, who are police
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the victim described the group of three men and a woman with pink hair, they said that group of before and got out -- gotten away from the scene up -- of the robbery in a silver chevy malibu with no plates. the location of the robbery has where we are right now and they aae on a few wrong, where another suspect was and killed by police yesterday afternoon, he was also part of scene on a motorcycle. the crash the bike and took off on foot, police say he pulled out a gun and pointed at the officers and that's when police fired their guns fitting -- hitting and killing the suspect. the four who took up in -- in a silver chevy mallbu with no plates are still at large, we just got off the phone with ms. westminster police they did not have another description of the suspect other than three men
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victim is suffering from minor injuries, but he is recovering today because he was assaulted and had a gun pointed at him during the robbery. yesterday afternoon. right now we want to get back to the breaking news. the lockout in the beginning of the newscast had now been lifted at three area schools after report of shots fired. let's check back in wet lands -- with lance fernandez. gunfire in the neighborhood came in around 929930 this morning a couple of shots fired for young men were apparently hired at a car and two of them darted east into the neighborhood and a couple ran west toward the north high school. investigators found a couple photos of the young man they believed ere involved and show the photos to witnesses they did not -- they did not id them as the gunmen so it does not appear any of the gunmen
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searching for people. nobody was hit and nobody was in bird injured and they found a couple of short shell casings. north high, the academy of urban learning and valdez elementary school were all placed on lockouts -- lockout for a while. moments ago that that lockout has been lifted. a police chase starts inch and denver and stretches over to -- county. it case, the suspects took off and a white -- in a white truck and deputies caught up to the truck an hour or so later, the truck ended up being stolen when -- wind and one person is in custody. this man who got in the shootout with police officers pleaded guilty. he faces up to 32 years in prison. it issue that happen in december. both officers and more yell was hurt -- melia was hurt were hurt in the firefight.
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teenager that they say attacked an -- and alger we woman in her own home. that -- he attacks happen -- that type happen and -- in boulder county outside of -- the 31-year-old picked up hitchhikers and invited them to their house and that's when the teens, 16-year-old boy nearly killed her, the two other teams with them ran to a neighbors house and called 911 -- neighbor's house and called 911. this tragic someone who wanted to help somebody me, poison a girl, -- boys and a girl, and the thanks this -- is repaid by being assaulted by trying to be a good neighbor. the 16 you will suspect that away, deputies think he hitched take another ride with the driver that's in a white hatchback. police know who the teen's and they hope to track them down. to armed man ran into the store trying to get away from police.
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police are searching for this n, wanted in the hit and run. the crash happened in june, police think he may have left the country by now. if you know where he is you are asked to call police right away -- right away. everything is back to normal at a senior home in fort collins, people living there were forced to evacuate after reports of a gas leak. the leak started in the kitchen, no one inside wa the crew -- crews ventilated the building and they let everyone in. they are looking into what happened. this man will spend the % next three years on probation, he tried to solicit a 13-year- old girl over the internet. peter labella spent many years as sports referee. he -- he pleaded guilty to one count of unlawful contact. the justice department has
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this morning on comments but who sit on line, we -- his
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hospitals are constantly trying to be ready in case of a larger
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natural disaster or -- national disaster or mass shooting, what about something nuclear or radioactive? we are live at presbyterian st. luke's where a journalist wrapping up. we want to emphasize, first of all, right off the bat this was just a drill. you can still see the remnants of things going on behind me there's that -- there's that the contamination -- this is the situation. if something like a dirty bomb were patients would be brought here to be treated in hospital wants to be ready in case it happens, we have fake patients with makeup n fake blood being triaged and treated this morning, why send books? they have a bone marrow transplant program that will be needed when exposed to possible radiation it can go as deep as your bone marrow. >> we live in a time of insecurity. i think that trying to prepare
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doesn't happen, it's probably not the best strategy. what we are trying to do is develop strategies so we and minimize injury -- minimize injury and maximize survival after something happened. hospital leadership are also inside right now meeting on a more cross-country trail involving multiple cities for example, mass casualty event were to happen, how denver would help by taking inpatients or sending them them out if today was a success . suspected bomber ahmad khan rahami, he is now been charged with five counns of attempted murder, in new york. and new jersey. new details emerging about his past, his parents and his wife. >> authorities said there's no
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homemade bombs in new york and new jersey. fingerprints and forensic evidence connect him to the pressure cooker bomb that went off in new york. the bond out failed to detonate plus the bomb -- bond that was placed in new jersey. a new jersey ttain station. the explosion do not cause any fatalities, but injured at least 29 people. police have been digging into his life combing through journals, facebook posts -- post and his past to get in the complaint, officials described ahmad khan rahami's favorite viddos on youtube as jihadi anthem including this one. the fbi recovered a journal that he kept with references to the late al qaeda cleric, he had this on him when he was taken down on the gunfight. the father told reporters he won the fbi years ago, but the sun was going -- linkee to terrorist. what did ou tell them . >>
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investigate of bird -- it. >> if i was part of the investigation i would have asked why we are not doing it. as for the mother she liked for -- sheila for turkey weeks beforee the bombing an official confirmed that his wife was interviewed by the fbi cheesesteak after she was stopped at thh dubai airport trying to put a flight to the us. . authorities believe this was an act of terror but say there's no indication right now that there's a tab terror city and surrounding area. new at 11 -- line 11 disturbing new video raising more safety concerns about the pokeman go game, there's a man -- captured his on marking on -- own mocking on camera. a lazy pokimon player, a violent attack occurred right after midnight while 43 -- while 43-year-old ricky -- was searching for pokimon.
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times while the mother took off with three cellphones he was using to play, this is not the first time we are hearing something like this, in -- and you like preteens -- three teens were charged with armed robbery after stocking out glaring locations, they would wait and distracted and muggy them. so many stories, i don't know it seems like it's causing more issues than its beneficial. because i'll definitell pay attention if you're playing -- you are playing. weatherwise today, day of summer we saw some decent -- we saw some decent heat. >> temperatures in the 80s today and tomorrow and the weekend it will cool off and feel more like fall. fall that's -- doesn't begin until tomorrow, a 22:00 a.m. -- 8:22 a.m. we're seeking mostly cloudy conditions across the state and shower activities and in % trinidad, it's due to the remnants of hurricane, that is
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conditions throughout today. a warm and to the summer, temperatures above average, the best chance of seeing storm -- storms developed later on for higher terrain and the cool down comes this weekend with hiih in the 60s. expect boulder to get to 83, fort collins and greeley 85, and -- and the partly to mostly cloudy skies high -- high today across the state cooler on the western slope in grand aspen 67, mid -- 67, mid 80s across the plains and southeast still in upper 80s to lower 90s. risk for severe weather, colorado in the clear for today. futurecast, as we go through much of the morning, mix of sun and clouds, increasing cloud coverage in the afternoon, at
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terrain will be picking up for more storms. foothills, denver metro area mostly dry throughout today and mostly cloudy overnight before we wake up to a lot more sunshine thursday and false starts at 8:22 a.m. tomorrow stronger and thunderstorms in the afternoon and gusty winds. fifty-seven mostly cloudy very mild and calm by tomorrow morning, a little more sunshine and high in lower 80s across denver. seven-day forecast, at the -- a big cool down. showers will develop clouds will increase highs in the upper 70s and lower 80s, saturday and sunday major cool down, cold front into colorado temperatures mid to upper 60ssand mild in the next full week of fall monday and tuesday, overnight lows cool, 40s.
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still up in the air. the roncos asked the state -- staddum to approve.
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the broncos are getting closer to -- to selling the name of mile high stadium, they have been -- the naming rights after a sports authorities declared bankruptcy last month. the broncos are asking to approve the quarterly payment plan and well they -- well we approve a buyer. they are old more than $20 million the money for naming rights coast toward the upgrades at the stadium. this morniig we are learning what those the architect want -- they called it sort of a state of the stadium -- any state of the stadium assessment. those changes include possible new field level seats, standing room only option, and they wiil decide on the renovations at the current time, it is now 15- years-old . . marcus we are -- demarcus ware is focusing on recovering. he tweeted out the -- a picture
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he said quote thanks for the prayers, surgery was a success, there's the -- we are told we is going to be a month before he's back on the field -- . a family of a 16 old girl who was shot and killed in the party this weekend it amending answers this money, amount making -- morning, amount making help. rate plea for%- lawmakers sent to vote today at the power of the sun and the wind. it can fuel our lives
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olorado alone. but when washington gridlock was choking the industry, something had to be done. so, i teamed up with republicans and democrats to pass the new laws we needed to help renewable energy grow. protecting the jobs we have and generating more for the future. i'm michael bennet, and that's
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the lockout that we told you about had been lifted for three schools, all of it started after reports of shots fired. three schools were placed on lockout after police received reports of gunfire in the neighborhood just east -- just east of north high school. there were four young men firing at a car, and two of the young men started east in neighborhood and tool down -- two will then took off west toward north high school, police got a hold of some pictures of the young man believes -- believes involved, we showed -- show the pictures to the witnesses and they can't confirm -- we can't confirm them them. it doesn't appear right now that there's any linked to north high school but in addition to the -- , but in addition to the north high, -- north high, the academy of urban learning and valdez elementary school were placed on the out for a while, we spoke with one neighborhood told us he heard two gunshot -- gunshots . i came out to grab some
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yelling and he was off in the distance of -- a block away, i heard two -- her to gunshot shots, that was it. >the man told us he heard some yelling just before the gun shots were fired, police found a couple shell casings in an alley just east of the high school, still looking for the suspect in bulk -- involved, westminster police are searching for four suspects one victims -- victim says he caught the group stealing from his garage yesterday afternoon, another suspect and led police in the foot chase before being shot and killed by officers. the victim told police he was assaulted and had a gun pointed at his head when he confronted the group stealing from his garage over on -- less than a mile from where we are right now.
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police shot and killed another suspect who escaped from the robbery scene on a motorcycle. the -- she crashed her bike here -- the crash the bike here on and took off on foot yesterday afternoon. he pulled out a gun and pointed it at officers that's when police fired their guns city and killing the suspect. we haven't learned the identification of the suspect. i just spoke with the westminster police who said they don't have of the other four suspects they are looking for, we know what the victims said -- victim said that he said there were three men and one woman with them, they skate in a sober chevy malibu with no plates, this isn't -- the present this still -- victim is still recovering, the suffering from non- life-threatening injuries, reporting in westminster. while it is 79 in denver,
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guns, those no one the ground and temperatures are cold enough for testing out the guns. the fact that they are testing them out and it's not the first full day of fall, it shows you that winter is not far off. >> does not, they are getting ready for that -- the we are excited for fall, head to see some a -- ugly, but i'm -- ago , but i'm ready. i am ready to pull out the sweaters. and the boots. >> pumpkin patches and the leaves arr changing in the mountains, taking a look at the few and the view on one -- buena vista mom princeton, wee-- the reader earlier and the bees are changing it's a beautiful time to be in the country,. mostly cloudy to start the day today, continued with the -- continue with a cloudy skies across the -- the cloudy sky across the state. partly clludy very dry across six complaints, not much more here today. mainly mountainous for health
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storms later on. a warm start to the -- that they -- the day found downtown and 76 degrees 79 already dia -- 79 already dia, winds are from the north around 14 miies per hour. this is the first alert that temperatures ill stay above average for cooling down. highs today, 80 -- eddie to all aurora, denver 83, 82 broomfield, low to mid 80s the front range and -- and norrheastern planes upper 80s. 60s and 70s today we're going to -- today we're going to see us like cool down. extended forecast coming up . a families back in -- to track down the man shot and killed their daughter, 16-year-% old ---year-old hayley vargas -- haley vargas was killed last friday night and what makes it harder,,haley just had beaten leukemia -- been leukemia . we were happy and celebrating becae she beat
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hurting because we lost her to a senseless crime. police are still searching for the suspect. you can find the description and the families gofundme account on the cap. people came together to remember the castle rock student killed right by the school, the student 17-year-old kira connolly, the team was driving on the wrong side of the world which was hit -- road which was hit, hit the truck head-on yeeterday, the truck was won by the -- on by theeschool many people that even a perfect strangers showed up last night. i felt compelled, it could have been my granddaughter and my daughter, i don't know her, but i -- , but i love the because she's part of the community. -- to get the truck driver -- the truck driver she did should survive . we now know what started this fire that tore through an apartment complex, he was -- was a push on fire -- bush on
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to residents and for deputies had to be checked out after inhaling smoke, they are looking at how the bush caught fire . we now know that federal officials had been arned about the bomber ahmad khan rahami years ago and had been planning saturday's attack for months, and thus chilly new video, we see what authorities to -- believe -- to be this ahmad khan rahami about pack bounce in his backpack -- bonds in his backpack . what did you tell them ? >> his father he later took those comments back. the fbi is questioning his wife and pouring over his social media accounts. they are also not ruling out the possibility of another suspect eating involves -- being involved. they have disaster plans for like plane crashes or train wrecks. denver hospital is practicing for a radioactive the -- event
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we want to start by telling you this is all a trail, this is the middle of the emergency preparrdness exercise going right now at presbyterian st. luke's, the situation were to arise that something like a dirty bomb or radioactive exposure happens in denver, this is what they have to do, set up the contamination tend to get people tree is -- to triage and get people inside, the reason it's taking place here -- here, they had a bone marrow transplant program that that we're talking about dealing with people who put up -- could have beee exposed tt a large amount of radiation. they are just practicing because this is something -- because this is something that's important inside hospital staffers going on a larger scale event if -- is something happen in a large citt how they treat patients brought here to denver. the true -- truly -- true missa success. -- truth a success. -- the trail this -- is to -- it's a success -- drill is a success .
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advocacy groups joined -- some of the changes being sought is being -- being aroused for these people -- allowed for these people to have unlimited plans and fewer restrictions for doctors, one of those people protesting -- stacey. you have no idea of the power of marijuana. i doubted it until i give it to my son. checks law was named in honor of him. the kids will -- who need have access to medical marijuana at school . there is word that post traumatic stress disorder may be added to the medical marijuana program. this despite the opposition. lawmakers will go to , but today whether or not to give ptsd patients the ability to get a recommendation. the pot law does not give ptsd but medical conditions can be added later. we -- please vote won't have the legal affects the family four legislature that went back
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to senators one from colorado are calling for investigation of wait times at a clinic -- in the clinic. ?fter a poll -- report found that a veteran committed suicide while waiting for treatment. they claimed the clinic may have falsified the records after -- records after he died. it is looking into this with and to figure out exactly what is getting caps off get a handle if half and la salle -- the orders coming from the heartland a -- of the est factory that can menorah and this is an -- increase its natural gas -- bree sison natural gas. a semi that was ccrrying su
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clean up. the officials say it is now safe to drink the tap water. here's video of the wwter looked like, a couple nights ago one on the left cap all the cloudiness -- all the cloudiness is reportedly from excess calcium. the cruise flesh the entire system and that it twice now the water is clear and six to drink -- . it may be hard to believe, but we are only 40 days away until election day -- a lot of people reelly excited. donald trump under fire for his foundation and for the clinton campaign is saying . wells fargo ceo now apologizing for the scandal. the -- fx being five -- thought right here in denver's wife there if he ball -- -- fly him him off. we are less than 24 hours,
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for . -- mac republican presidential nominee donald trump's charity is under fire again. the washington post said that the philantrophically used -- to settle different lawsuits. if the irs determines that trump violated self-dealing pay penalty taxes or reimburse the foundation. so far no response from the
11:44 am
hillary clinton was quick to slam her rival talk calling believes it -- the rules do not apply toothem . and -- the digestive disease, he will be there for the next few days. he should be home by the end of the week. a man who has wells fargo is now apologizing and promises to make it right. million pick customer -- pay customer account. he testified in front of the senate, he said he accepts full responsibility. bank employees -- thank you police say they were and -- under intense pressure to create accounts and some say that's not true some sad. , i want to make very clear that we neverrdirected no wanted our team members to provide products and services to customers that they did not want. but it's not good for our customers and that is not good for our business . it is against everything we
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thousand people and -- 5000 people and agree to pay penalty . that scandals being felt here by a former mayor. federico pe?a is now asking is now being asked to step down. wells fargo is the largest bank here in colorado . killing all -- off the wild horses in the american west, animal lovers -- west, animal lovers are furious over the ppoposal. it would allow any of the -- the horses rounded up and cared for by the feds to be sold or euthanized if they are considered on unadoptable -- the bureau of land management rejecteddit the idea, but the animal advocates are worried about the horses . the actions speak louder
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with no clear direction, the horsesalready rounded up are held in pens like the ones in cassis cared for by -- four -- dollars a year -- . apple has received complaints that the iphone seven along with iphone seven plus are producing a strange buzzing orhissing voice voice. -- fit know is. move over facebook, google launched its own messaging app people and add photos, google %- said that app can leaan from youu conversations and suggest things for you to say overtime, google can even learn to mimic your speech talked -- talk. everything changes so quickly i can keep up.
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-- typing words put in emoji -- cap inwards put emoji's, thht correlates to the words you're using. >> yours is fancy. >> . today is the last day of summer. we are looking forward to paul. we head into tomorrow, still teeperatures will be above normal both today as wallace on thursday, more cloud coverage expected today than tomorrow so do expect mostly cloudy skies throughout the afternoon, coer ready for the fall i temperatures. it will be with us friday and the weekend . incceasing moisture in -- from the southwest that's -- most of the southwest that's bringing in foul coverage across the state. a mix of sun and clouds throughout much of the afternoon, increasing cloud coverage, that will remain -- mainly be south of i70 today and the mountains and foothills. temperatures staying mild.
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should be 76, today temperatures in -- temperatures in denver andd boulder. mid 80s. sunning clouds. across the state -- ssate steamboat, -- low 70s, mid 80s across the north eastern plains, rather toasty in the southeast, 90s and the junta. 39 degrees and colorado springs expecting 81. risk for severe weather today, not any for colorado, but we have -- , but we have a chance for a few storms develop at the highest elevations. here's what we can expect for the futurecast throughout the morning, mostly cloudy skies by this afternoon, this is at 4:00 some showers and storms, light % showers could pass through the metro area around five or 6:00, we should seemingly home. tonight mostly cloudy conditions and mild temperatures before things
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thursday round 8:00. you have better chance of seeing storms tomorrow -- seeing storms tomorrow night. this is there's a -- thursday 6:00 p.m., they could be gusty winds, he will keep an eye out for you, we could be seeing light snow in the high country friday night and saturday as temperatures drop with the cold front coming in. fifty-seven overnight low. by tomorrow mostly sunny skies slight chance of seeing a few storms later in the afternoon and seven-day forecast he big change coming tomorrow false starts at 8:22 a.m. hide 80s before 70s expected for friday. how much cooler weekend is in store. sixtys saturday, 60 -- six-day saturday, 65 sunday. temperatures staying in the 40s friday next -- by next week . there's a new talk show airing right here n them -- denver7 called -- called appeal and sttll had the talk to the
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welcooe back. you know we like to keep things fresh and we have a new show for you and to -- it's called the real, it's not for us in denver, you have been around
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hi, denver7 since they know don't know us, has introduce ourselves. i loni love, i am adrian. and we are the real. and we are so excited. it is the third season for us and we -- we're coming back bigger and better -- that -- better that's why we have a season you have possibly -- positive for the -- on the front the money hungry. that's right and that's $500 a -- and a hole up -- a day all you have to do is you fiorina, watch, to me that -- at -- and
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at the port of the day comes up the actual text us with , but the number -- and apparentl-- the owner of $500. it -- if -- it comes to him in have watched the beginning to end. if -- we talked about everything. the first -- persons -- he is with us, we want you to you to
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