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tv   7 News Right Now  ABC  September 21, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm MDT

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this. shots ring out at a car wash with two small children in the crossfire. it is caught on surveillance camera. now a gang member has been sentenced. >> he was indicted by a grand jury in january. mark boyle is in the studio. he will serve about five years in prison. >>.sense comes after mayfield pleaded guilty to being a felon in possession of ammunition. this is surveillance video from that afternoon. you can see his friend to help them out after confronting a rival gang member in the parking lot. you the top left of your's green you can see to -- your screen you can see the two children in the crossfire before being pulled into an suv. mayfield's friend was shot and died. the rival gang member also died. it is that simple that if you are pulling the trigger you are
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he is ordered to serve three years of supervised release. we have just learned about a murder in weld county. 49-year-old ronald butler is under arrest tonight after a woman was found shot several times at a residence in need to. we are still waiting to hear from police about her identity. tense moments this morning after gun fire erupts near a three school were placed on attempted armed robbery near the school. the gunman got away. >> reporter: he certainly did. three or four young men approached a car in this alley right behind me. they say at least one of those individuals fired the shots from the car. nobody was hit by because it was so close to the school it was a scary situation. police say the first calls
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came in around 9:15 this morning. >> i came to my work been to grab some parts and i heard a couple people yelling and it was off in the distance probably a block away. i heard two gunshots and that was it. >> shots fired. >> reporter: police arrived moments later. the comes the neighborhood looking for suspects. >> it is scary knowing that gunshots are around for you are. >> reporter: the students who did t said they were walking nearby when police approach them. >> they started following us but they did not see anything like we were doing something bad so they just left. >> initial reports were that some of our students may have been involved in the crime and was a weapon. after working with stuff -- denver police they were able to determine that no student at the high school was involved.
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they say nobody was hit but they were shaken up. >> we're looking for three or four people. may be sold -- maybe somebody saw somebody running from he scene or they know things if they could contact the police we would appreciate it. >> reporter: north high school valadez academy of early learning that means -- were placed on lockdown. that means the doors were locked no one is allowed in or out but it's business as usual inside. lance hernandez denver7. news. we are getting it first look at a teenager wanted for attempted murder. this is 16-year-old jeffrey comments. he is accused of beatinga 71- year-old woman. it all happened when she reportedly picked up three to hx checkers -- three teenage hitchhiker's.
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state troopers are still searching for the driver who may have struck and killed a bicyclist. russell haythorn is finding out there's a lot of tension in that area between cyclists than drivers. >> reporter: the sign says that all's. it is scenic up your. that is why drivers and cyclists love it. there is a last night turned deadly. j holden was coming down the mountain when a driver knocked him off his bike into the westbound lanes wereein other karp -- where another car hit him. the car did not -- the initial car did not stop and police are searching for the suv. drivers and cyclists are at all dover who is most inconsiderate- >> we have enough people that come over and try to side swipe
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us but it's close enough. >> they ride two address try to the middle of their lane. they don't seem to care about other people besides themselves. >> reporter: the state troopers are continuing their investigation. russell haythorn denver7. one person was taken into custody after two police chases overnight that started in denver and ended in adams county. police responded to the report of a suspicious vehicle. the suspects took off and deputies finally caught up to the truck an hour later. it turns out the truck was stolen and they found a local it -- loaded ak-47 in the.. a man accused of sexually assaulting a pregnant woman is facing charges. valenzuela faces sexual assault charges. he offered a ride to a woman
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1999 when she was five months pregnant. he was arrested earlier this weekend is been held on one quarter millions dollars bond. 84 was the high today in denver. 95 was the high temperature in lamont only 59 up in leadville. this little more moisture in the high country. we have had scattered showers with through that have not amounted to much over the last they diminished as the moved across the range. there is a cold frrnt coming our way that promises cooler weather and rain and snow for the mountains. the full forecast is coming up. a high-rise fire today in downtown denver. it was contained to the fourth floor of this builling that is on a construction. the fire was small but it produced a lot of smoke. one construction worker was taken to the hospital for smoke inhalation and the cause is
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heat over the bogus account scandal at wells fargo. the banking industry analyst called him to step down from his spot on the committee. wells fargo agreed to pay $185 million in fines to settle the case. they fired mostly low-level employees that set up the unauthorized accounts. police will be firing guns in the testing the shot spotter systee. it uses a system of acoustic sensors to locate gunfire. the police department says a bullet trap will be used so no bullets will be fired into the air or ground. hospitals are trying o be ready because -- in case of a large-scale emergency. what if it is something new -- nuclear or radioactive. hospital held a drill to
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which patients need to be treated after being exposed to radiation. fake patients with makeup on were triaged and treated at the hospital. >> unfortunately we live in a time of insecurity and i think that trying to prepare for an emergency i hope it does not happen is probably not the best strategy. what we are trying to do is develop strategies so we minimize the injury and maximize the survival after something happens. >> hospital leadership also took part in drill to go over how different cities can help each other in the case of a mass casualty event. donald trump's running mate mike pence is coming to colorado. he will be in colorado street -- brings -- colorado springs. the pools are getting very tight in this state. trumps daughter is also scheduled to be in denver tonight for a fundraiser.
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community. >> they say an unwanted element is trickling into the neighborhood. washington is broken. a blatant case of special interests buying influence in washington. a draft bill by scott tipton was largely written by tipton's biggest campaign contributor. even worse, tipton's plans threaten thousands of recreation industry jobs. gail schwartz will protect colorado's public lands, jobs, and our rural way of life.
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do. house majority pac is responsible
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how would you like to find someone sleeping by he trashcan are using the bathroom just outside your home. that has been the reality for residents by the cherry creek bike path to tell us that they -?have just had enough. >> reporter: residents tell me that waking up and finding someone hanging outside the home or inside their home is becoming the norm in many tell me the issue is getting worse following the city's latest homeless sweeps. >> i like the older architecture. reporter >> the child is what brought her and her husband to this neighborhood two years ago.
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denver. >> reporter: recently being close to the bike path is starting to lose its charm. >> we're seeing young homeless people possibly with addiction problems sleeping in the alleyway. >> reporter: she says she felt more of a homeless presence recently after the homeless sweeps recently. >> the neighbor came out to take his trashhand there was somebody sleeping there. he had been there presumably overnight. that is common in this >> reporter: the growing homeless problems in the neighborhood have been the talk among neighbors on the website next-door this woman said she noticed crack and a man passed out in her yard. this woman said she discovered a blanket she left outside was full of feces along with several needles. >> the problem is not been dealt with. >> reporter: we reached at the city a metellus the homeless problem is when they are working on and are spending $50
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saying the city is playing a proactive role in connecting drug users to the services available to them using an array of services. the neighbors are hoping for a faster solution. >> had -- people have to check their yards before they let their kids out. that is an veterans opposed to make stress disorder may be open to use their diagnosis to get medical marijuana in colorado. a panel of state lawmakers unanimously voted to admit ptsd to the approved diagnosis for the pot law. the colorado springs police department is trying a new approach while responding to crime in dealing with a staffing shortage. they are asking people to call in or report online any crimes
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danger or where suspect information is sparse. officers will no longer go to homes to take those reports. the university of colorado is inviting students and all of us to stay sober this weekd. the 96 our sobriety challenge known as live a free weekend is in its ninth year on campus. the goal is for students to reevaluate their relationships with alcohol, marijuana, and other drugs. the event has grown 85 persists depends -- paicipants in 2009. the transportation department is snapping its way to spit -- seat belt safety to encourage people to buckle up. they are launching an interactive campaign on snapchat to reach teens. it is reaching them at the time of day when they are most likely to drive with messages
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a group of aurora high school football players have chooen not to stand during the national anthem following broncos player brandon marshall. a group of aurora football players have not stood for the anthem for the first three games. they plan to continue to neil hoping to gain more followers. school administrator support that the -- the decision and are using it as a teaching opportunity. national parks across colorado are oer admission on saturday. it's an honor of national public lands day. visitor sttll have to pay fees for reservations and camping and tours. our national parks on november 11 in honor of veterans day. >> we have some great parks including rocky mountain national park. this shot looks great. believes are just about as
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there wiil be some wind and precipitation coming into the state over the next 48 hours. if you get a chance to get out there this will likely be the peak time in the next 3 to 5 days. denver right now here is our view. it's from the top of our building looking west. 74 downtown. 81 at the airport. we had a high today of 84 on the last afternoon of summer. winds are at at the south aa seven. there re widely scattered showers around mainly to south. it has been moving through the denver area. we got some sprinkles that it is all diminishing. we have relatively quiet weather . this is the remnants of what was hurricane payne off the coast of baja. never coll front's leading to the state late tomorrow and moving across on friday. it will ushhr in be cool all air as we head into the first
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the main rain stays out here in utah and southwestern wyoming. low temperatures tonight are still pretty mild. mid-fifties in denver 52 in greeley in fort collins. 40 is the low temperature and the bill. tomorrow a few showers early in the day but otherwise partly cloudy skies are expected. the front is still out to the west of us were the main showers and thunderstorms are. we make it gusty wi day goes on to advance the front. there could be a little bit of shower activity around but it won't amount to much. the main event is friday. the first day of autumn will not feel like it. our normal high is about 76. we will be 83 in denver and 65 degrees in leadville.
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here is what looks like 6:00 on thursday. watch the shower and thunderstorm activity early friday morning as it marches across the state. you can see the cold front ushering in cooler air and there will be snow in the mountains friday night and early saturday. elevations above 10,000 feet tt pick up about 3 to 6 inches of snow. for tonight partly cloudy mild and pleasant it will be in the mid to upper 50s for will be in the low 80s with a mix of sun and clouds coming up to go over all it's a pretty good-looking day. looking ahead we will see the temperatures drop as the front moves in on friday. showers will develop. 78 for a high temperature. maybe some rumbles of thunder but no severe weather expected. some snow in the mountains down here and it will be scattered showers. the weekend will not be a washout but it will be cooler in the mid to upper 60s with a
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on monday 38. no frosts. that it will finally be back up to 70 or 75 on tuesday and wednesday. savor the 84 tomorrow. we will not be able to see it again for a while. broncos receivers are asking
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welcome 7 sports extra. the broncos are bracing for the first road trip . gary kubiak pumpkin crowd noise hoping to simulate the deafening soond of the bengals home opener. it was another pause that has people talking. >> reporter: the broncos ranked 21st in red zone points. they have yettto throw a touchdown in the red zone. frustration surfaced la sunday. emmanuel sanders went i started looking for a solution. execute better. ore we have to at some point if what we are doing is not working i feel like the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over but expecting different results. >> i don't have a problem with
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it's not a big deal at the end of the day it's all about we are 2-0 right now that's what i care about. >> reporter: trevor siemian knows they have to get better in the end zone. he has only started two games he is open to suggestion says there is no friction they are just looking for a way to get better. >> these guys have been awesome. it's tremendous leadership. those guys have been great and pulling me along all the way through. there is room for improvement but we are still waiting. >> reporter: another day and defense. darian stewart docked for hit hit on andrew luck. we will talk about the defense tomorrow. history made at coors field. chuck nasty with a rip through the right side becomes rbi number 76. it's the most ever by a rockies leadoff hitter. he was on the basis three out
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slam. 11-1 the rockies put an end to a two-game losing streak. >> i need more time for sports. >> i would like to hit a grants the power of the sun and the wind. it can fuel our lives and our economy, too. over 10,000 jobs in colorado alone. but when washington gridlock was choking the industry, something had to be done. so, i teamed up with republicans and democrats to pass the new laws we needed
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protecting the jobs we have and generating more for the future. i'm michael bennet, and that's
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. >> now on "the list" super cheap and clever ways to keep your frig neat and tidy for under $5. plus, cats and dogs are so last season. check out three of the most radical reptiles that actually make awesome pets. and, ladies, stop torturing your feet. three pumps that promise heels without the hurt. then david letterman makes a being shoing return to tv. that's all coming up on "the
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>> i'm christina. >> we have what's trending now. the world is in shock, and the internet is in its glory. the brangelina bust-up has ended the ultimate happily ever after hollywood ending. every woman that's been left for the other woman is doing a happy dance on social media. >> that's really great news. >> jennifer aniston is the unwitting star in all of this end of relationship chaos with gifs and tweets galore ging >>th,y friends, is what they call closure. >> meanwhile, the _#brangelina and brangelexit taking a beating. they're used to it. >> come to daddy. >> what is your daddy now? >> karma perhaps or perhaps life imitating art. >> slowly, painfully. >> that's not the only trending story we have for you.
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using the wrong -- >> pretty good probably. which reminds me i think i'm on empty. >> putting your cap towards the wrong gas, that's trending now. >> everything we do we drive. >> and while we're doing it, we're burning the wrong kind of gas and a whole lot of money in the process. >> six years i've had the car, and it's premium gas. >> you may or may not need premium, depending on what type of car you drive. new research from triple-a says americans have wasted $2.1 with a b, dollars in the past year paying for premium gas when regular would have been just fine. >> i think it's easy to believe that something that says premium sounds like a treat. >> it sure does, but a small percent of cars need this gasoline. it doesn't stop millions of us using higher cost gas yen way. it doesn't increase horse pure


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