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tv   7 News Now at 6 AM  ABC  September 22, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MDT

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several officers wound up in the hospital after clashes with the protests. this morning the governor of north carolina is declaring a state of emergency and the national guard is going to charlotte to keep the peace. >> most of the protests cleared the street around midnight but did millions of dollars to damages in damage to buildings and the city. we are half an hour away from the sunrise. a few more hours left of summer before fall that's right. fall is coming.
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morning. not really feeling like fall today though? not quite yet. we'll see temperatures in the upper 70s and 80s but at 8:22 is when fall officially begins. here's your cheat sheet for today. areas of morning fogs mainly across the plains and partly cloudy skies in the metro area to start the day. ?ountains a lot of storm activity later this afternoon. a wind warning in effect for high winds across the western slope and a store for the weekend. here's what you can expect over the next 24 hours. temperatures rising to the low 80s by the middle afternoon and a slight chance for storms nd showers passing through the metro area later this evening. here are high temperature elsewhere. lower 80s across the eastern
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this weekend. >> here's the construction on c-470. they have ramp access restricted as they try to get the lanes they were supposed to be done half an hour ago. it's after 6:00 and they're still out here messing around trying to get thingssopen but looks like they're taking their sseet time. taae a look at the map out there, some slow traffic coming up from bowls up through here. if you leave the h traffic jam might linger. the other big is issue is this% auto pedestrian accident. the rescue crews are there now at what are lynn and alameda..3 if you walked away from your tv, come back real quick and take a look at this teen. they need your help to find this teen.
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this kid off the streets. they consider him dangerous. they had to a get court order to release his picture because he's a juvenile. that being said, we want to continue to share this picture with you so they can get the kid of the streets. jeffrey ccllins will be charged as an adult once arrested h. he has an active warrant on attempted first degree murder and assault to an at-ri picked up collins and two other teens monday night. investigators say after bringing thee to her home on lefthand canyon drive, collinn beat her with a blunt object. now last check she was in critical condition in a hospital with bad head injuries. but it's her son who is very optimistic about her recovery. we'll talk more about that coming up at 6:30. back to you. rival gangs start shooting
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denver car wash. two people killed here -- two cross fear. it happened one year ago today near 35th and downing. one of the gang members was seb tensed to nearly five years in federal prison. investigators never found a weapon though. >> it's rare atf charges just ammunition. in this case we were ensuring he >> they hope the sentence a strong message to criminals that violence will not be tolerated in denver. >> this woman is a member of a violent biker gang being held without bond. police say she's one of six people who playee part in a murder of a pierce woman last year. she could face life in prison if she's convicted of charges. this man is also accused of murder. this happened in the town of immediate in weld county.
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shot to death -- -- mead. 14 chinese nationals are accused of working on an illegal marijuana gw in garfield they found 2400 plants near i-70 near rifle. that illegal grow was located on private propertyy they are working with the dea to trac turning now to voice your vote. this is the first time some college students are voting in an election. >> the experience of getting to be active in politics for an election this polarizing is a once in a lifetime experience. >> it's exciting and influential. >> right now there are more millennials than baby boomers eligible to vote and millennials are more likely to vote independent than any other age group.
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denver foo a fundraiser last night and hoepsing a q and a this morning. jason gruenauer joins us now. -- -- hosting. >> reporter: we have been keeping an eye on the front deer here of the sheridan downtown denver for the potential first daughter. ivanka is one of three republicans making stops across colorado today to close the hole let's run you through the visitors today. ivanka trump starts her dayy3 downtown where she's hosting a fundraising breakfast. she's expected to take some q anda from the audience. then she's heading up to fort collins and stopping at a public charter school there. then it's mike pence's term, the vice presidential nominee. he will be in colorado springs
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town hall forum. we have already heard there's a protests plannee by a group of veterans outside that town hall and then finally tonight, donald trump in grand junction. at mesa county fairgrounds. he's hosting a rally dealing with wildlife conservation. the most recent poll released shows here in colorado hillary clinton is ahead of donald trump by seven percentage points by a franklin and marshall college narrowing. hillary clinton dropped her scheduled colorado advertising and now republicans making a push. we'll see how this plays out over the course of today and weeks to ome. reporting live downtown, jason gruenauer, denver7 news. it's 6:07 now. a lot of questions from parents at hamilton middle school. the bomb squad was called in to search the school after a report of a suspicious device but the school was never put on lock down and four cssrooms were not evacuated.
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figure out who planted the device or the idea of one being there. there was a lock out place for three denver ppblic schools attempted armed robbery in a nearby alley. three or four young men approached a car and one of them fired a gun. it was scary for the students i came out to my work van here to grab parts and i heard a couple people yelling and it was off into the distance a block away. and then i just heard two gunshots -- it. north high school and value dez elementary and the academyyof urban learning were placed on lock out. it was business as usual inside the school. at this point denver police still trying to find the suspects in the armed robbery. a 16-year old boy is being sued for more than $75,000 in his role in a crash at breckenridge skiing resort.
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man back in april and the man died. the teen's ski coach and ski team are also listed as defendants in the lawsuit. right now at 6:10 we want to we may have good news if you're looking for a home. the number of home sales is higher than it was a year ago. >> the bad news here is 60% of the homes are considered premium homes with an average cost of >> that's expensive. starting today c students are promising to go sober. national anthem protests continuing across the country. more on this six-year olds protestors when we come back. partly cloudy and feeling cool and temperatures in the low 60s. gradually climbing to the low 80s but breezy so bring a light windbreaker as you head out the door. air tracker is to the east
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so far so smooth not seeing
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the power of the sun and the wind. it can fuel our lives and our economy, too. over 10,000 jobs in colorado alone. but when washington gridlock was choking the industry, something had to be done. so, i teamed up with republicans and democrats to pass the new laws we needed to help renewable energy grow. protecting the jobs we have
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i'm michael bennet, and that's why i approve this message. police used tear gas on protests multiple times and several protests ended up being taken to the hospital. one was shot. this was an instance on protests violence.
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brandon marshall protesting police brutality. now some local football players are joining in. they say that high school students should be part of the discussion as well. the protestors are getting younger and younger. this is video out of las vegas. aal players are kneeling and all under the age of six. the playe colin kaepernick. after 17 years this man will face sexual assault charges. he offered a ride to a woman back in 1999 and then sexually assaulted her in his car. the victim was five months pregnant at the time. he was arrested earlier this week and facesscharges of kidnapping and sexual assault. one person is still recovering from a stab wound. they were hurt during an
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led up to the stabbing. come take a look at this poorabbit. that's what that is tangled in a hockey net in the mesa area. the homeowner spotted the rabbit and called boulder pooice. they spent 15 minutes untangling the poor guy. he's hopping freely and all fine this morning. >> no? >> he's fine. >> it's 6:15. yeah, first ay of fall. can you believe it? it's here and upon us in the next two hours or so. >> 8:22 is the start of our autumn season, 2016 and a shift in the weather pattern is in ssore this afternoon. looking at our satellite and radar we did pick up scattered showers across the state last night. partly cloudy skies across this storm system affecting the western slope today.
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area you see there in the darker yellow is where we have a high wind warning. we'll see winds primarily from the south 25-35 sustained winds with gusts up to 60 miles per hour. elsewhere across the high country, when the storms develop ?e have the potential for picking up strong winds as well in the high country so hold oo to your hats this afternoon. a fire weather watch in effect for places like pueblo. warm and dry conditions really accoss the areas of morning fog are prevalent across the north eastern plains this morning. partly cloudy skies in the metro area. the mountains have the best chance for seeing showers and storms developing today. we can't rule out the 10-20% of them in the front range. highs across the front range, fort collins at 78 degrees so a few degrees cooler than yesterday. 83 in denver and 84 in aurora and same in parker and then low
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corner of the state. highs elsewhere we'll see low 80s in grand junction and 70s and 80s for portions of the mountains and leadville still staying warm in pueblo. that's why that fire weather watch is in effect. we have the risk for severe weather mainly across the western slope, places like grand junction rolling you through the strong winds coming in from the sooth is the main concern for the storms by this afternoon, still a slight chance for storm ?ctivity. not much in the way of measurable precipitation. 57 degrees under partly cloudy skies. 78 is the expected high in denver and a cool down is coming by this weekend so our first official weekend of fall, saturday and sunday expect temperatures only in the mid to upper 60s and low 70s in some spot but the overnight lows
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40s neet week. getting back to normal here. from quincy up to 285, you can see traffic is back to normal which is good news. the other trouble spot was in west denver along alameda. aa accident here originally called out as an auto pedestrian accident and that's not the case. you can see the damage on the vehicle as it's getting loaded on the tow truck and halled out of there. down to the south side, thi at 225. air tracker is taking a look through the dtc. arapahoe road upd i-25 will be closing down friday night through the weekend to do the bridge demolition. take a look at the map. the north side of town standard% and quiet for right now. 6:18. this is not what you expect to see walking around downtown denver. the building is under
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fourth floor. there was a lot of smoke. one construction worker had to be checked out for possible smoke inhalation and he should be okay. the cause of the fire is under investigation. veterans with ptsd could soon ggt medical marijuana treatment here in the state. the state congressional committee has voted to expand our medical pot laws to ptsd treatment. to treat ptsd. the owners of sterling apartments in boulder are facing a million dollars worth of fines for buildinggcode violations. last month cu students were told they couldn't move in because of an issue with book shelves being used as room dividers. many students wound up breaking their lease and now in an interview, lawyers for the apartment complex says the city needs to drop the fines and the
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speaking of cu boulder, they're inviting students to participate in a 96-hour sobriety challenge starting today. it's called live weekend. they want students to take the time to reevaluate their reps with alcohol and marijuana. only about 85 students participated in this. last year about 2,000 students joined in. so is there trouble going on at mile hig but they currently ranked 21st in red zone offense. >> that's not a good number to be in. part of the problem is second year quarterback trevor siemian. yesterday several receivers spoke out saying they need the ball. >> at some point if what we're doing isn't working, i feel like the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting different results. >> i don't know the problem why the ball is not coming my way
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winning and we're 2-0 right now and that'swl i can worry about. >> the broncos are back on the field his sunday in cincinnati and taking on the bengals 11:00 a.m. our time. a kansas woman went into starbucks for her daily coffee and wound up winning the golden ticket meaning she gets free coffee for life. -?>> it's like a littte surprise every time i come in and grab a drink. it's just a day. >> yeah, no kidding. well, christen is being called a starbucks legend. they said they are happy it was a regular customer that won. a two year old begging his mom to wake up. this young mother is being charged with child abuse. hear her story in a few minutes. a live look outside right
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looking towards downtownn3
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this morning waking up to a view of mostly clear skies near loveland ski area and foggy across the northern plains. if you're driving to the northeast. to the low 80s under partly to mostly sunny skies. slight chance for storms later this afternoon and overnight lows cooling down to the 50s. hopefully -- hold on let me start over -- broadway here at mississippi still have this section of mississippi closed down. sometimes my brain doesn't work. it's still closed down for now.
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later today as well as traffic across mississippi that's been closed since tuesday. air tracker 7 near colorado boulevard looking nice and smooth. at least for right now. thank you, jason. the city of longmont has approved a plan for a smeshl center including a four story hotel and also some housing and restaurants and some shops. city leaderr are hoping the project walkability. you can find about anything online in north korea. the country only have 28 websites. >> after people found out traffic went way up so much so, residents in one denver neighborhood say homeless people have invaded the streets leaving
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what the city is doing about it. >> more on the tensions rising
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speed may not be available in your area. call today.
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north carolina has issued a state of emergency sending in the national guard. we're staying on top of this all day long. it's the first day of fall ooficially starting at 8:22 this morning. a change in the weather pattern as we head throughout the
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developing in the mountains bringing in thunder and lightning in the metro area. we should stay partly sunny throughout much of the day and the breeze will pick up from the south later this afternoon and it will really start to feel more like autumn with highs in the mid to upper 60s. downtown denver this morning starting out at 51 degrees. relative humidity at 81% and winds from the west staying calm at sevee miles per hour. here's range forecast, mid to upper 70s for fort collins and greeley getting up to 80 degrees. a mix of sun and clouds and a slight chance for storms here rolling through the front range. by later on tonight for the most part temperatures in the phillies taying in the 60s and 70s and mid to lower 80s across the metro area. an accident on i-25 on the north side. let me point it out here. the vehicle stopped in the left
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looks like he's just trying to move it to the shoulder which is what you're supposed to do. if you drive the vehicles move thee out of traffic and over to the shoulder and that's what looks like is happening. the other vehicle is involved. the headlights knocked out and all lanes open. great news as you watch that live here on southbound i-25. the rescue squad and police heading in there and a tow truck heading in there to protect the scene this is near the ramp getting on southbound i-25. around town is getttng heier. 225 with that big accident now on the right shoulder. 6:32 now. state troopers are searching for a driver who hit and killed a bicyclist right near carter lake. 43-year old jay holden died on county road eight below carter lake dam tuesday night. investigators looking for a small suv that left the scene. we spoke to dieksists and drivers and they tell us it's
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>> it comes close within inches of you. >> like in theemarines when you have to crawl under the fire. we try to be safe as we can. just wittin the past few minutes we have new numbers for the state of colorado poll numbers. >> reporter: yes, a new local poll just out for local areas showing hillary clinton with a state of colorado over rival donald trump.
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name reinforcements to battle on his behalf here in our swing state including his daughter, vp and son. here in colorado today ivanka trump will be at a fundraising breakfast here at the downtown shir dan starting in just about an hour or so. the vice president shl pick3 has used his platform to talk about veterans issues. donald trump jr. is taking the stage at a rally in grand junction talking about willlife conservation. if you want to go, van's trumps
6:35 am
on the website and also the donald trump jr. this is an effort to narrow polls in our state of colorado with that brief tightening. the latest poll shows seven points clinton over trump. reporting live downtown, jason gruenauer, denver7 news. the president has declared this week opioid awareness week and videos like this are the reason why. this is a woman overddsing inside a family dollar store in on her crying trying to wake up her mom. people who live near 7th and downing in denver are dealing with drug issues as well. they're reaching out to denver seven for help. crack and a man passed out in her own backyard. another woman found drug needles on a blanket. they blame the problem on homeless sweeps along the cherry creek trail and want the city to
6:36 am
backyards before they can let their kids go out and play. that's an issue. >> we reached out to st city of denver. they tell us the homeless issue is one they're continuously working on. they're spending $50 million on the problem. several agencies working together to clear out homeless camps along the clear creek trail. people were complaining about the camps and trashing the trail there. the homeless population will be relocated help from social service workers. they are now working to remove any graffiti left behind. denver's disabled population is about to get a boost. the colorado housing and finance authority has approved a $17 million project whicc would create new affordable housing units. this is at the corner of cherokee and cedar and construction should start next summer. denver police spent the
6:37 am
spotter. this is over in the montbello area. you can see them firing shots here. we talked about this yesterday. the shot spotter is a listening device that can pinpoint gunshots letting police know where a shooting happened immediately. police say this will help keep them safer. >> it will be beneficial so we can get officers to the locations of these shootings and recover evidence. >> you may be wondering how police tested the shot spotter. they fired theiiun bullet trap. shot spotter then works by using a series of sensors placed around the community. police wouldn't tell us where the sensors are located because criminals could try and destroy them. named missy and it's now reunited with her colorado family later this week. she disappeared five years ago and police believe she was stolen out oo the family's front
6:38 am
colorado soon. we're hoping to have our camera there for the big reunion. she's used as a service dog for one of the kids. is the ceo of epipen guilty of price gauging? she's innocent and hear her dramatic testimony next. one billion dollars over budget, a bomb shell report says we could have avoided the disaster, more details when we return. a live look mile high camera looking towards
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6:40 on this thursday morning. strong southwest winds have the potential after developing storms for much of the mountain area.
6:41 am
partly to mostly sunny skies at loveland now, this is also your first alert foggy across the north eastern plains. seeing low visibility there until about noon. so our 24 planner through much of the front range today, expect temperatures climbing to the low 80s under a partly sunny sky. slight chance for a storm or two. storm activity staying in the mountains and foothills. by friday we start to cool koun. fall starts at 8:20 this morning and cooler conditions for saturday and sunday with in the mid to upper 60s. low visibility affecting air tracker seven as they fly over highway 36. around sheridan low clouds moving in and heading back to rocky mountain metro area. we have a lot of volume on southbound i-25 going through the snooth road now after the paving between hamden. -- -- smooth. looking better coming in from
6:42 am
the epipen spent several hours answering questions in front of a congressional panel. >> the price of the device has gone up 400% over the past eight years. mylan's ceo is keeping up with market demand she says. >> we have invested more than $1 billion in these efforts over the last few years and have succeeded on many fronts. >> she says off of each epipen sales. how manies are skeptical saying the only reason the company is offering the discount and working on a generic is because of the scrutiny. big stories of the day in our morning sprint including the search for a murder suspect. deputies say he took advantage of an elderly woman's kindness and they want to track him down. one family spending a moment
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boulder county. they identified the teenager as their suspect in the brutal beating of a 71-year old woman. >> police had to obtain a court order to release his picture because he's a juvenile. eric, this young man is considered dangerous? >>reporter: yes, this all started with hitchhiking and may have ended with hitchhiking as well. this is according to investigators. let's take a look at the suspect,ef picture all morning to help police get off the streets according to investigators a 71-year old woman picked up collins and two other teens left lefthand canyon. after they showed up at her house, collins beat her with a blunt object. the two other teens ran off and called police. collins may have hitchhiked from the scene after the attack. as for the 71-year old woman, at
6:46 am
injuries. her son posting on facebook last good news there. doing better.%- trouble escalating in charlotte as protests there turn into riots overnight. one person being shot last night by another protests. they're recovering this morning. you can see this scene behind me. this has turned into chaos in charlotte. protestors coming out to vent their frustrations over officers who shot and tuesday. this days after the officer involved shooting in tulsa. take a look at what happened to a guy as he was doing a live report. the reporter is oeng but there are about a dozen police officers there that have been injured over these two days in charlotte. the governor now declaring a
6:47 am
guard to diffuss it all. >> we can't tolerate violence and destruction of property and attacks towards police officers. that is not the american way. >> as we #1ed, this is happening days after an officer in tulsa shot and killed a man with his hands up. the video you see behind me, the -?guy walking back to his car. president obama reached out to charlotte telling them the whitt house is there for them ann committed to h we're following the turmoil in tulsa and charlotte throughout the day. we'll send you alerts on the free denver7 news app. here's an issue democrats and republicans agree on. the new va hospital in aurora is a mess. they could have saved taxpayers $400 million. the head of construction knew the hospital would be way overbudget and he never told congress or did anything to cut costs. >> the design of the va was for
6:48 am
the construction contract was for $600 million. and the va was supposed to let the contractor and architects work together to shrink the size of the project and cut costs but they didn't do that. >> they want the va head to face criminal charges for lying to congress. a woman and her son pictured here, the two of themmmissing for six days. police aren't saying where they were but do say they are now found and safe. this woman carly hatchet is accused of murder. she is a member of a silent llnt biker gang. she worked with five other people to kill a woman. she's convicted of charges.on if there's a big problem ot steamboat city council. one guy is hogging the ski path. this is from our partners at the
6:49 am
every year and city employees can use the passes but council members get priority. one council member allegedly reserved two of the passes three out of four weekends per month. he says he's not doing anything wrong but other council members want to end the prooram moving forward. the slopes may not be opee ?et but there's still plenty to do this weekend. saturday you can get into any this is lands day. only one other free day this year in honor of veterans day. great time to get up there and see the fall colors. >> this weekend it will be great. this is your first alert fried nightlert friday night. a beautiful time to be in the high country.
6:50 am
a great time to do so. we're seeing a change in the weather pattern as a cold front moves into colorado. starting out the day at rocky mountain national park very foggy. a live view now, just be aware if you're driving in the area vissbility is reduced with the patchy morning fog. downtown denver, 53 degrees and 55 at the airport and winds now in the west at hour. we're seeing breezy conditions later on this afternoon. these are watches and warnings for today. a high wind warning in effect for much of the western slope. grand junction and craig will be seeing sustained winds from the south, 25-30 miles per hour gusting up to nearly 60 miles per hour in spots. chance for storms developing in the high ccuntry so with those storms high gusty winds and also lightning and thunder. not as much in the way of heavy
6:51 am
highs elsewhere across the state we'll see lower 80s on the western slope and lower 80s in the mountains. 65 in leadville and lower 80s to upper 70s across much of the north eastern plains still staying warm down to the southeast. a fire weather watch in effect for spots like pueblo. low humidity and gusty winds. here's our risk for severe weather across the western slope today and rolling the futurecast what we can expect. the denver metro area will see a mix of picking up from the south. you see the chance for storrs increasing as we head into the afternoon and evening. a chance the storms to roll off the foothills into the metro area should stay mostly dry across the plains. tonight getting to 57 degrees in denver.% a sllght changs of storms, 10-20% chance here and partly cloudy skies. by tomorrow morning waking up to more sunshine and slight chance for afternoon storms and that saturday and sunday.riday,%-
6:52 am
feel more like fall this weekend and autumn begins at 8:22 this morning so wellome to fall. friday upper 70s and showers developing in the afternoon and saturday and sunday a much cooler day. 60s and overnight lows very chilly come monday in the upper 30s and 40s. d this accident being investiggted so southbound siie of i-25 at 104th to the right shoulder. traffic is bunching up around the accident aad then it does get a little bit better past there down to 84th. you can see that on the map. the heavy traffic still coming down but it's not the tight stop and go like we saw yesterday where it was over 45 minutes getting to down. 6th aater and downtown heavy for
6:53 am
the fog is causing issues for us out and about out at dia. i'll show you the picture in a minute. 6:53. we ave been telling you all morning long the trump campaign will be in our state today. mike ence and donald trump jr. are holding fundraisers later today. ivanka trump is holding students at eagle crest highday. school also yuma heights school have registered to vote. we are now 47 days from the election and four days from the first trump clinton debate. bad news broncos fans. anothhr defender is being fined for hitting the quarterback too hard. stewart was fined $9,000 for a hit on andrew luck.
6:54 am
weeks. he says he plans to appeal. von miller did it all on sunday, three sacks and seven tackles.% that's probably why he was named the afc's defensive player of the week. it's the third time he picked up the award. that's a broncos record. this next story is a tear jerker. a couple veterinarians got married and wanted their pets in their 15-year old charlie was dealing with a managed to walk down the aisle but too tired to walk back. the maid of honor picked uphe 80-pound og and carried him down the aisle. made for a great photo and emotional moment. >> that moment -- i'm happy to have him and happy for him to be there. >> not long after the wedding he did pass away. charlie was a rescue pup and his owners are hoping people see this story and be inspired to
6:55 am
their animals. very cute. >> an 89-year old man who
6:56 am
it's 6:56 today is the first day of fall. the leaves are changing colors. this might be a good time to plan a road trip to see aspen. temperatures above average
6:57 am
official day of fall. 83 n denver. 84 in parker as well as aurora. castle rock up to 81. 60s and 70s across the foothills, boulder expecting a high near 77 degrees. slight chance of showers and storms through the front range. a little bit later today best chance in the mountains but showers will develop by friday, a cool down in store for this weekend so 60s and rea some friends of mine at he airport are noticing the fogs at the towers so that could delay flights. the crash we had at i-25 and 104th is completely gone. i-70 on the westbound side will be restricted for the commercial traffic and truckers going over loveland pass for work at the other side of the tunnel. two minutes before 7:00. i want to share an update to a story we told you about earlier this year. an 89-year old chhcago man
6:58 am
partyyafter getting help from complete strangers. >> the man used to sell popsicles. two men started a gofundme account for him and so far have raised $400,000. so he finally said he can retire both him and his wife who are taking care of their grandchildren after their adult daughter died. >> most of the people didn't -?know it. they just loved the story he worked hard. >> that's great. >> awesome. happy first da
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? good morning, america. breaking overnight, state of emergency. charlotte ignites for a second night. protests turn violent. >> shots fired. shots fired. >> one person in critical condition. angry demonstrators throw bottles, stomping on cars. this reporter knocked to the ground. police in riot gear fire tear gas. the national guard and state troopers called in amid new questions about that deadly police shooting and the gun officers say they found on the scene. >> i will fix it. donald trump promoting his plan overnight to end the violence. >> i would do stop and frisk. i think you have to. >> trying to recruit black voters with a controversial


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