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tv   7 News at 11 AM  ABC  September 22, 2016 11:00am-12:00pm MDT

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we begin with breaking news, swat teams surround a home in longmont this morning. scene.ver seven was first on the >> reporter: i'm inside the lake park estates neighborhood. there was a scare this morning outside this home. longmont police and swat teams inside the house claimed there was a man on her porch who she believed was armed. so when we got to the scene we caught video of swat teams carrying a man to an balance. that man was taken to the hospital. then swat teams actually got the robot out. and it moved into the home. that's when the scene cleared very quickly and we talked to police. on the porch of the home but he
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abun dense of caution. once they found out the man was unarmed and took him to the hospital they cleared the scene. no one was hurt. we're being told the man was taken to the hospital to be evaluated and will likely be charged with trespassing. >> turning now to our other top story. the race for the white house. the donald trump campaign taking over colorado. running mate mike pence is in colorado springs and daughter son doctor donald jr. in grand juncture. >> the trump campaign is looking to boost spot in colorado a new national poll shows hillary clinton is going into next week's debate with a six point lead in the polls. she's at 93%, donald trump with 37%. libertarian gary johnson at 9% and jill stein has 2%.
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participating monday. mike pence will be in colorado springs today. he will host a town hall meeting. and donald trump jr. is hosting a rally in grand junction. he's expected to speak on having a president who understands the importance of wildlife conservation. >> donald trump jr. is fighting off the controversy of this% tweet. where he compares the refugee crisis and the risk of terrorism to a bowl of skittles. meantime ivanka was in denver for a breakfast. she is then going to tour a charter school in fort collins. we're tracking here visit to colorado. >> toast with trump. the daughter of republican presidential candidate donald trump in denver this morning. ivanka trump the keynote speaker at this breakfast for the colorado womens alliance. she took many questions focussing on women's issues.
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wage inequality to why we shouldn't use the term working woman. >> i'm deeply passionate about disrupting this notion of what it means to be a modern day working woman. nobody calls a man a working man. it's just assumed a working man. why are we called working women. it's also incredibly disrespectful to the many women that are working in their homes and raising their families. >> after she finished at this breakfast ivanka trump fort collins where he just wrap up a tour of a charter school. >> some of the nations youngest voters are excited to vote in their first presidential election. so we caught up with some college students to get their thoughts on participating in this historic election. >> what happens in this election and then whoeeer wins the election is going to set up the future for what i have to deal with. . >> i just think given the amount of media coverage in this election, the polarizing nature
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time seeing people sitting on the sidelines. >> there are nearly as many right now as baby boomers.te%- >> hillary clinton's campaign says the democratic presidential nominee is basically off the campaign trail starting today. instead she'll focus all of her effort on the debate. she's reviewing footage of donald trump in pa studying briefing books. you can watch the first debate monday night at 7:00. a second night in charlotte north carolina and overnight protests continued to turn violent. now one person fighting for their life after another protester shoots that person. police in riot gear tried to keep the calm. but people were looting and trashing the city. four police officers were hurt. 45 people arrested overnight.
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state of emergency. the charlotte mayor speak this morning pleading for peace. >> this is not charlotte as we know it. because charlotte has a long tradition of collaboration. of people working together. working through challenges. >> the violence all in response to the fatal shooting of keith lamont scott who was gunned down tuesday. his daughter claiming he was reading a book and unarmed. but police say he had a gun and wouldn't drop it to do so. the video released does not definitely show scott holding a gun. we're going to have much more on the violence coming up at 11:30. >> right now this 16-year-old is wanted on attempted murddr charges. he tried to kill an elderly woman who picked him up while he was hitchhiking. that womaa was in critical condition this morning. but her son posted on facebook saying she's getting better. she's mainly now dealing with a
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wash ends with two dead. and a year later a denver gang member has been sentenced despite no weapon being found in the crime. the shootout all caught on surveillance video. only on denver7 we talked to the atf about how they were able to charge mayfield without finddng a weapon. >> we never recovered a firearm. but the statute says firearm or ammunition. prosecute a convicted felony. we will get you by any means necessary. >> new details about an armed robbery under investigation in el paso county. police intifying the suspect involved. an officer was trying to serve a warrant when the suspect took off. he fled into a vehicle, took
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a woman hostage. he's now facing multiple charges. the officer involved is now on administrative leave. one person is recovering from a stabbing. this happened yesterday. denver police did not say what led up to the stabbing nor have they released a description of the suspect. >> a man is in custody after loveland police say he pointed a gun at wo pedestrians. a couple got into an argument with two one of men inside pulled a gun and pulled the trigger. you see the picture of him. he's now facing multiple charges. turns out the gun was an air soft gun. and this man is accused of shooting a woman in the head multiple times yesterday. he's facing a first-degree murder charge.
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woman's name after an autopsy later. and weighing in on he john benay ram psi see murder. those are quotes from the cbs special. he was governor of 199 to 2007. >> just in a grand junction middle school principal is on leave after a hit and run crash. our partners at the denver post report a man was cited on sunday for wreckless driving and fleeing the scene of a crash. he's the principal of a grand junction middle school. the other driver and passenger were hurt. >fall is officially here.
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in the mountains. temperatures definitely dropping. so let's give you a live look outside. it's looking pretty nice. a few clouds out there. >> good morning, and happy first day of fall officially. now unfortunately this the yellow on the map this morning is not due to where the colors are changing. but there is a chance of storms mainly in the mountains later on today. slowly staat to dissipate. we had a dense fog warning in effect earller this morning. that is no longer in effect. but areas of patchy morning fogs. partly clouds throughout the afternoon. chance for showers and thunderstorms most likely in the mountains. a couple in the foothills. we have a 10 to 20% chance of seeing a few storms here. but overall temperatures much cooler as we head into this
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today. normally we should be around 76 degrees. and overnight temperatures drop back down into the 50s. highs today also across the front range. castle rock you're at 82. still the upper 70s to low 80s across north eastern plains. and the foothills expect 60s and 70s. bolder mostly cloudy. a high of 77. but i'll show you where that risk is for today and how cool it will get coming up. >> 14 chinese nationals are accused of working on illegal marijuana grow. dens found more han 2400 plants. here's our fist look at the suspects. half of the suspects are in the country illegally. yet. have not been identified%- deputies are working with the%
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landowners. the women's group 9 to 5 released a ew report showing occupy bad our housing crisis is. >> live at the city and countt building what did these ladies have to say. >> the main message is that the housing system is broke condition called on local and state leadership to help fix it. so they gathered here earlier today on he steps of the city and county building.% according to that the lack of housing and oversight or rent control. a woman who was homeless, and the only way she can keep her public housing is by making less income as the designated amount. leaving her and her two kids with nothing. >> money is so limited. i have to watch my mileage to make sure i don't. like i have 2 miles today until we get some money later on today
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borrow. >> according to those surveyed about a thousand people. many of lower incomes about 90% said that they had trouble or couldn't find affordable housinn. according to the group they're looking for more people to join tenant groups, community groups toe fight unfair policies and convictions and they're calling on the leadership especially in the statehouse to pass sommthing called rent control so landlord% can't raise yo they want between leases. >> meanwhile denver is getting 60 new affordable housing units. they approved a $17 million project. the new building will be in the baker neighborhood. construction should start next summer. >> just in to denver seven more support for legacy high school. they donated nearly $2,900 to
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week's deadly school bus crash. the students presented their check to legacy high yesterday. >> great to see. >> new information in the search for vidence after a bom explodes in new york. the fbi looking for two men caught on camera near that pressure cooker that exploded. plus what we're learning from the suspect's journal and their
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we are back now with the latest developments on the new york and new jersey bombings. two men seen on surveillanceto video. you can see two right here. they were remmving a pressure cooker. investigators are calling them witnesses, not suspects. >> they saudi arabia he bag, they opened the bag, they -- they saw the bag, they opene placed it on the sidewalk and rolled the bag away or carried it away on the street. >> this is the first look at the bloody journal. it's full of terror related ramblings. and also new video of his backyard in new jersey. you can see what appears to be scorch marks from hhm setting off some sort of explosive
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wiener. daily reporting he carried on a months long sectioning relationship with a 15-year-old girl. the website reports the relationship started in january. the sophomore told daily mail he knew she was underage asked her to dress up in schoolgirl outfits for roll play andd3 messaging. and asked hee to take part in rape fantasies. he released a statement i have no one to blame but me for puttin situation. i am sorry. investigators are looking into what caused the downtown denver high-rise to catch fire. one construction worker was taken to the hospital for a bit of smoke inhalation. >> as we take a llve look outside right now today is officially the first day of fall. it started at 8:22 this morning. and if you stepped outside yyu can feel the change in temperature..3 but newly released climate data
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will experience more than 100-degree days in future summers. so we'll have an average of seven a yeer by 2050. that's if there's significant reductions in green house gas emissions. >> we don't have to worry about it until 205. one thing at a time. >> -- 2050. one thing at a time. >> we reached 90 degrees at least 55 days. >> i'd rather have the 90s than triple digit. >> i would >> but i'm digging the 80 and is 70s. >> 60s are in the forecast for saturday and sunday. >> sounds good. >> which i'm okay with two. it's the first day of fall so change is in the air. we saw an increasing cloud coverage. the best chance for stormses today will mainly be in the mountains. but there's a slight chance of seeing a few of those move their way into the foothills and down on to the plains.
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for this afternoon. winds gusting up to about 60 miles per hour in spots. however as we said a cool down is coming for this weekend. temperatures in the 60s as a cold front moves into colorado mainly from the northwest. so anticipate a drop in those temperatures as we go throughouu the next 48 hours so. radar and satellite this morning showing watches and warnings, a high wind warning is nth in effect for much o the western slope as you see in the yellow and the beige. that's where we have the best pote storm in some of these very windy conditions. elsewhere spots like pueblo a fire weather watch is in effect for this afternoon. taking a look across the state rocky mountain national park. the glacier basin. burrington under a fog advisory this morniig. we have very oggy and cloudy conditions in the north eastern
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downtown denver at 63 degrees. 62 at the airport. and skies gradually start to clear up a bit. but winds right now nice and calm. highs for today across the state will stay in the 80s across the western slope. these temperatures slightly warmer than yesterday. mid-70s for aspen. across the north eastern plains mid to upper 70s. and then still staying very hot down south. in pueblo up to about the 93 d this is what we're looking at today. some of these storms on the western slope have a potential for producing heavy rain, pockets of hail, gusty windses as the main threat as they make their way further to the east. here's what it looks like on the future cast throughout the rest of the day. some increasing and decreasing ?loud coverage. this is tonight at 11:30. this i where the strong storm
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western slope. we'll start tomorrow morning in the metro area on a clear note before a better chance for storms friday afternoon and evening. tonight down to 57. still staying mild and by tomorrow we wake up to mostly chance for storms and showers in the afternoon. shift in the weather pattern.g%- saturday and sunday better chance for showers in the afternoon. by monday staying cool and gradually climbing to the next week. overnight lows staying chilly in the upper 30s lower 40s. >> the city of aurora getting ready for colder weather. road crews are competing in driving the snow ploughs today. the they're designed to look like prominent and challenging intersections around the city. 235 employees have been going% through refresher couuses in
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and ability. top competitors get a chance to compete in loveland next month. >> today shovels hit the ground at the university of colorado denver. for its first student wellness center. the center is set to open in the spriig of 2018. the project wiil cost $43 million. new at 11:00 a new alert system is n find missing seniors with alzheimers. network.led the missing senior it allows family members to send out an alert via text or email. more and more people are joining the national anthem protests in response to police brutality. but now the protesters are getting younger. who's joining the cause right
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follow your own sense of style... because, you want to be confident. t.j.maxx really helped us express our creative side. that's the best part. you don't know what you're going to find. we're a team. yeah. maxx life at t.j.maxx. athletes across the country are protesting police brutality
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taking the knee. now some local high school football players are joining in. about 15 players are taken the knee during the national anthem before all three games this season. they say high school students should be part of the discussion too. >> photographs of a colorado dog with a brain tumor are going viral. >> that's because the lab held on just long enough to be a port of the couple's wedding. the couple are both veterinarians. they ?e managed to walk down the aisle. but he got too tired to walk back. so the maid of honor picked up that 80-pound dog. >> we dropped to our knees, we said you did it buddy. you made it you're here. >> they hope his story inspires other people to adopt shelter pets.
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a lottmore news coming up at 11:30. you won't believe how much your money this report says the va wasted. >> plus the city of denver >> plus the city of denver pushing to g the power of the sun and the wind. it can fuel our lives and our economy, too. over 10,000 jobs in colorado alone. but when washington gridlock was choking the industry, something had to be done. so, i teamed up with republicans and democrats e new laws we needed to help renewable energy grow. protecting the jobs we have and generating more for the future. i'm michael bennet, and that's
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washington is broken. a blatant case of special interests buying influence in washington. a draft bill by scott tipton was largely written by tipton's biggest campaign contributor. even worse, tipton's plans threaten thousands of recreation industry jobs. jobs, and our rural way of life. gail schwartz -- independent leadership for colorado. house majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising. >right now we start with the latest out of charlotte. officials from the white house and the justice department are in charlotte trying to calm the city down before tonight. >> the community is trying to
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protests. meantime all eyes areeon what might happen this evening. >> the national guard and the state highway patrol on the streets of charlotte after a second night of unrest. demonstrations erupted into chaos overnight at the scene of the fatal police shooting of keith lamont scott when protesters violently stormed bo the heart of downtown charlotte. fire works thrown at police as they fired back with flash trash cans thrown into the windows of the bank of america building. >> we gave orders to disperse and protesters continued to damage property and to throw objects and assault our officers. >> police in riot gear got control of the situation. at least nine people were left injured and is on life support.
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we're preparing for this evening. >> scott's family says he was holding a book and unarmed when confronted by police. >> the police just shot my daddy four times for being black. >> police say he had a gun and wouldn't drop it despite being told repeatedly to do so. >> mr. scott exited his vehicle armed with a handgun as the officers continued to yell at him to drop the officer who fired the shot as brentley vinson also african american and on paid leave. >> police are refusing to release the body cam or dash cam videos of the shooting because they want to show it to the family first. >> denver seven is closely following the trump campaign today. big voices making the rounds in our state. hoping to boost support for the republican presidential nominee. a new poll has trump
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state. mike pence is hosting a town hall meeting in colorado springs this afternoon. and donald trump jr. is in grand junction set to speak on wildlife conservation. daughter ivanka is on our way to fort collins to speak at a charter school called liberty common. she held a breakfast in denver earlier this morning. >> a new report on the outrageously overpriced new va hospital out in va wasted $400 million of your money. it details what went wrong and how the former head of the construction project was worried about cost overruns but never told ccngress. . >> what this report tells us is that he was fully aware at that time that that wasn't true and repeatedly gave false testimony. >> congressman mike coughman
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lying to congress. they planned it at 328 million. in march 2009 it was priced at 536 millionn but today as you can see the cost has tripled to nearly $1.7 billion. big morning from the va. they say nearly 300 patients could be at risk of possible infection because the department says a staff member did not properly clean one instruments. the people at risk had treatments from june until now. no one has gotten sick but you may want to see a doctor if you think you're at risk. >> colorado's medical marijuana law is expanding. lawmakers voted 5-0 to allow military veterans with ptsd to get medical marijuana. it has no legal effect it's just a recommendation to the full legislature which can vote in january. 18 other states already allowed
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marijuana. >> parents are demanding answers about why the school was never put on lockdown after reports of a suspicious device. four classrooms were also never evacuated. the bomb squad showed up and searched campus. no device was ever found. a scare also at van buren elementary school. loveland police continue find any shots had been fired. no one was the perimeter was lifted about half an hour later. >> denver police are searching for the suspects in an armed robbery that put a lockdown at three public schools, north high school, valdez elementary. and one of the young men in a car fired a shot. no one was hit but it was scary for the students. >> i came out to my work van to grab some parts and i heard a couple of people yelling.
11:35 am
probably a block away and i heard two gunshots pow, pow, that was it. >> the suspects still out there opt run if you know anything call police. this man is going to prison for eight years after repeated dui convictions. he's 33-year-old jonathan miller of grand junction. he got the maxxmum sentence under his plea deal. the most recent crash happened last month and seriously injured an 83-year-old man. >> this man is in jail accused of kidnapping and raping a woman who was five months pregnant at the time. this happened back in 1999. he was just arrested now thanks to investigators with denver's cold case project. >> this woman is a member of a violent biker gang. she's now being held without bond in connection to a murder case. she was one of six people who played a part in a murder of a pierce woman last year.
11:36 am
sued for more than $75,000 for his role in a crash. the teen crashed into a new jersey man back in april. that man dded. the victim's wife said the teen was skying coach was skiing too fast. >> a driver may have hit and killed a cyclist. james holden was hit and killed tuesday night. troopers say this stretch of drivers and cyclists. it's narrow and windy and drivers and cyclists are at big odds over who is most considerate. >> we have enough people who come and try to sideswipe us on purpose. maybe they're not really going to hit us. but it's close enough. >> down through the middle of their lane. they don't seem to care about other people besides themselves. >> investigators are now looking
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>> police are changing how they keep everyone safe in colorado springs. the department is now aaking people to call in or go online to fill out a form for those nonemergencies. officers will not go o those cases personally. >> neighbors on 7th n avenue near the cherry creek bike pass are fed up with the number of homeless people living right outside their front doors. there's more homeless people around because of the latest homeless sweeps. >> neighbors shared some of their encounters. >> one woman found crack and a man pass out in her birthday. >> ah another woman found -- her backyard. another woman found feces on a blanket. >> that's an issue. >> the city of denver is working on getting a handle on the number of homeless people. they plan to spend $50 million to fix the issue.
11:38 am
together to clear out homeless camps along the clear creek trail. the homeless people will be relocated and evaluated by soccal service workers. cdot already put up no trespassing signs and have started to remove the graffiti. one grass roots group is fighting for more affordable housing the. -?the group called 9 to 5 relead a new report about housing in nearly 90% of people had trouble finding affordable housing. many evicted and some left homeless. the group wants rent control legalized to help those in need. >> this is the first step for us. we want to gain momentum on a public level. but we also want to call on or start thinking about this seriously. and work with us to find
11:39 am
>> a new commercial center will include a four story hotel, as well as housing restaurants, and stores. city leaders are hoping the project will improve downtown walkability. and there's a new study that finds colorado has work to do in terms of our freeways. we were ranked 35th in the nation. this is in terms of condition and cost effectiveness. here's a look at the states the best. starting at number one, south carolina, then south dakota, kansas, nebraska, and maine. >> cdot is turning to a smartphone app to get teenagers to buckle up. they're now on snapchat and posting videos and messages about seat belt safety. last year 16 teens who weren't wearing seat belts died in crashes. just in colorado, 16 died. tesla is taking a stand to
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the tales on the new feature that help control your car's inside temperature. >> and the ceo of the company that makes the epi pen testifies and why she insists epi pens are not as profitable as everyone
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? what if we made a paint that was so special that was such a jewel among paints nope, even easier than that. more like taking a left on that street where you usually take a right that wasn't so hard. and if finding that paint made you and your walls beam with pride, is it still paint? benjamin moore. paint like no other.
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welcome back. tesla is trying to stop people from dying in hot cars by adding a new temperature control function. so this will keep the car below 105 degrees by automatically opening vents and even turning on the air conditioner as needed. the feature will remain on for up to 12 hours after the driver exits the vehicle. >> the ceo of mylan which make it is epi pen insists they're not price gouging. it costs $600 for a pack of 400 % over the past eight years. the ceo answered questions before a congressional panel yesterday. >> we've worked diligently and made it more available. we've invested more than $1 billion over the last few years and have succeeded on many fronts. >> she says they only make $50 off of each epi pen sale. however they're saying the only reason they're now offering a
11:44 am
is because of all the scrutiny. >> an ambitious new plan from mark zuckerberg. he and his wife are committed $3 billion over the next deccde to fight disease. they'll fund a research center to treat illnesses. >> a new report finds millions of americans are drinking tap water full of dangerous of a carcinogenic chemical. california, oklahoma, and arizona had the highest levels of the chemical. there's uncertainty on its possible long term consequences. the epa did not directly address the report. >> denver based chipotle makes a push to win back customers. they're running digital ads touted their latest food safety measures. the safety protections include
11:45 am
stricter restaurant inspections and assisting the ingredients through the supply system. the department of justice opened a criminal investigation into last year's e. coli outbreak. a challenge starts today -?called live free weekend. this is the 9th year for this event. school leaders want students to take time to reevaluate their relationships with alcohol, marijuana, and other recreational drugs. last year about 2,000 students took part in the event. right now. quite a few more clouds. how much cooler is it going to be this afternoon. >> this afternoon will be a little warmer in the lower 80s. but this weekend these will be the high temperatures by sunday. sunday highs only in the 60s. >> it's going to really feel like fall. the first day of fall officially started at 8:22 this morning. a change in the weather is bringing in a lot of that cloud coverage. we have the possibility of
11:46 am
the western half of the state later on today. sterling still foggy and cloudy. just be aware visibility is still low. the dense fog advisory has been lifted to. in loveland mootly clear, beautiful start to the morning. but we're seeing increasing cloud coverage throughout the day and a better chance for mountain storms. mid-70s in grand junction, upper 50s in denver under 62 degrees. and very cloudy and foggy. temperatures right now in the low 60s. expect those to riseed to the upper 70s -- rise to the upperr3 70s and lower 80s by thii afternoon. as you can see there in the yellow all across the western slope a high wind warning is in effect through much of the afternoon. expect some very gusty winds primarily coming in from the south. chance for stronger storms here. we're going to be seeing gusts up to about 60 miles per hour in
11:47 am
those storms. practice caution as some of those winds could be damaging. also down to the south in pueblo a fire watch is in efffct warm and dry conditions. also gusty winds, lou low humidity. you know the drill. sustained winds right now. at 22 miles per hour in the teens across the western slopes. still staying pretty mild across the plains. about 7 to 8 miles per hour. here's our front range forecast for today. a 10 to 20% chance of aas should just stay mostly cloudy. highs only in the upper 70s. greeley up to 80 degrees. here's our risk for severe weather. the green encompasses much of thh western slope. this is where we have the best chance for stronger storms with the gusty winds, heavy rain, thunder and lightning and small hail. future cast showing what to expect throughout the rest of the afternoon. gradually clearing skies. partly to mostly cloudy conditions throughout the afternoon.
11:48 am
showers. but we'll keep an eye on the western slope where we'll see the strongest of storms for tonight and tomorrow morning. we could pick up some rain, sno% mix on the peaks but it will bb friday into saturday when things really cool down and we see more snow expected for the high country. but tonight 57 degrees. still feeling very mild by tomorrow morning we wake up to more sunshine with a slight chance for showers and thunderstorms mainly in the afternoon. here's your 7-day forecast as we go through this weekend. you can see a major cool down is in saturday and sunday a chance for showers. upper 60s and gradually feeling a bit milder as we go through the middle of next week with highs back in the 70s. today this is your first alert it's the warmest day in the 7-day forecast as we start fall. >> we're so excited. you know we're pulling out the boot and it is sweaters. so get your thigh highs ready. >> got those on my list. thanks. >> last thing someone battling
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when a loved one is diagnosed with cancer it impacts
11:52 am
everyday hero is here to help. >> reporter: a simple ride to a doctor's appointment can be life changing. >> there's a million different things to worry about when you're fighting helping your child fight cancerment. >> jerry jones would know. her son daniel battling leukemia. during his brave fight he was always thinking of others. >> late one night there was a baby crying on the oncology baby one of my toys so that baby not cry no more. >> i figure if a 3-year-old know knew what it meant to just give of their own belongings then i could find a way to help also. >> so gerry started daniel's caravan. >> daniel's caravan provides free tpgs for kids with cancer
11:53 am
appointments if they lack transportation. >> kids like 6-year-old jamie and her dad. she helps them get to children's hospital in aurora and loveland. >> she picks them up, brings them back, picks them up again. it's been such a blessing. >> she's very dedicated to these patients. she sits here sometimes waiting for them to finish theer appointments so she can take them home. >> gerry week surviving on donations. >> you get to tell a joke, or a silly story. they get to watch a cartoon on the ipad. and the parents get to take a nap in the backseat. so for the duration they're in the car they don't have to worry about anything. >> for transporting the brave and helping so many families.
11:54 am
seven everyday hero. >> wow, thank you. >> congratulations. good work. >> so the car that jeri uses has more than 200,000 miles on you so if you know someone that might help her out with a newer vehicle. doesn't have to be brand new. go to our website and under the community section you'll see all our recent seven everyday hero stories. be wonderful to find someone to help her help others. >> i ?here. one of our viewers with a car lying around. >> maybe you work at a dealership. >> hint, hint. >> final check of the weather first day of fall. >> it's felt a little more like fall througgout the morning today. a lot of cloud cover, you're seeing some sunshine peek through. winds still calm at dia62 degrees there. temperatures expected to warm up tt the low 80s and much cooler by this weekend. >> look at those lows, the 30s,
11:55 am
the high country. >> light up the fireplace. this weekend maybe.
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? >> announcer: today, it's an hour of seriously simple sweets. mario's baking with the hilarious david alan grier. clinton and carla have tastes of autumn. and michael's got a chocolaty spin on an internet it's about to get sweet up in here, right now on "the chew." ? [ cheers and applause ] >> good afternoon and welcome to "the chew." thank you. you know what's pretty sweet? it's the first day of fall today. [ cheers and applause ] you know what else is pretty sweet? all of the decadent delights we've got lined up for you. that's right.


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