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tv   7 News at 5 PM  ABC  September 22, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MDT

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?3 the boulder county sheriff's office says they received a call about four men shooting out windows as they drove along 287 in a stolen car near oxford. >> deputies say they also shot near 287 near a walmart where they stole a van. the suspects ran that stolen van has been found in eerie. also the suspeets ran away from there. >> we have crews digging out new details about this investigation. we will bring you that as soon as we get them. breaking news at 5:00! also a driver may have mistaken the gas for the brake and, well, there's the result. the car went right into the fedex car on highlands ranch. but nobody was hurt. thanks to your help, ccunty
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stole a broncos helmet. that helmet was worth more than $400. he stole the helmet after practice in july and then handed it off to the man wearing the jersey. both thieves stole two cars from an aurora family. we learned the crooks went into the house to get car keys while the family was sleeping. >> reporter: there used to be two cars parked outside here. but this aurora family says what happened while they were sl them feeling violated. >> it's so dumb. it's such a dumb thing to happen. >> reporter: when they got up this morning -- >> my husband woke up to take the kids to school about 7:00 a.m. came to the driveway and both of our cars were gone. >> reporter: these two infinities they bought from their job as a realtor, nowhere in sight. and that's not all. >> came over here. 3 ?ust stuck their hand in right here. just grabbed the purse. >> reporter: they say the
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get into their home while she and her husband and four children were sleeping inside. their alarm system and dogs didn't make a sound. in her purse, the keys to both cars along with her wedding ring, credit cards, and i.d. >> we have three cards in each car. we have babies. so that bothers me the most that -- i'm going to cry. that someone can see this is a family car. normally a quiet area but another car was stolen from a driveway just a few blocks away last month. so everyone's being more careful. >> usually we leave the door open. we leave the car off sometimes. but things have changed. >> reporter: melissa says last night thieves immediately used her credit card to get gas at a near 7-eleven. she's hoping her family can get the cars back. >> we feel super violated. just not safe.
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it's a good reminder to lock the door going into your house and remove all valuables in your car even if it's parked at home. right now, jefferson county deputies want to find the cyclist that knocked over an elderly man. this man was walking a few weekk ago. when the cyclist came up behind, without warning nod him in the shoulder that. 86-year-old man fell and broke his elbow. that cyclist could charges. 60-year-old everett hobbs was the burglary suspect shop and killed by police this week. he was shot near west and 31st and huron street tuesy after he pulled a gun on officers trying to arrest him. he was wanted in connection to a home burglary. other suspects are still on the loose. this former craig police officer is facing misdemeanor, child abuse, and third degree
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30-year-old is facing child abuse charges. this to the yet to be finished hospital in aurora. they knew the project was heading into overruns. we have two very hacks effecting nearly half a billion people. now first, the white house hhcked. the secret service ys, yes. and yahoo, a hack involving 500 million accounts. we're just finding out about this after t was made two years ago. the hackers may have gotten
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questions. they blame aastate sponsored actor. if you have one of these consults, change your password -- account, change your password. manslaughter charges have been filed against the officer who shot and killed an unarmed black man. right now they are working on getting officer betty shelby to surrender. dash cam and video appears to show the victim walking away with the office we are his arms in the air. now tonight, calls to release video of police shooting in charlotte, north carolina. and the man shot during a protest last night has died. the city bracing for another night of violent protest. we have new details on how the city is preparing. >> reporter: downtown charlotte cleaning up after the city was under siege by violent protestors for a second straight night. >> this has been a difficult couple of days for the city of charlotte. [ chanting ]
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as peaceful protest turned into chaos when night fell. grenades exploding into demonstrators who clashed with people running for safety. the mayhem stemming from the shooting death of keith lamont scott on tuesday. they say brently vinson pulled the trigger after they saw scott holding a gun. family says he wasn't armed and had a book. abc af of what police say was the weapon recovered at the scene. louder calls are made for the release of dash and body cam footage. >> i'm not going to jeopardize the investigation. >> if those videos are released, that is one tangible olive branch to a community
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inexplicable pain. well, the calender and mother nature on the same page. fall has arrived and here's mike. >> nice day today. a little hazy out there. we had a little bit of cooler air drift into northern colorado. highs only in the 60s. 74 in denver. 90s in pueblo and lamar. there's a fire weather warning in effect across southeastern colorado for tomorrow because of dry conditions and gusty winds. but also a freeze watch saturday morning for the san luis valley. west. the reason? there's a front coming from west. there are a few showers off over southeastern colorado and a couple in the foothills. i don't think we'll see much activity out here tonight. but it's this line of showers that marks a strong cold front that will bring us a pretty good change in the weather nd produce snow in the mountains tomorrow night and early saturday. a ew showers tonight. strong gusty winds ahead of the cold front. and then snow coming up in the mountains. change is on the way. your full first alert forecast in minutes.
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>> i thought so. [ laughter ] >> if you thought the snow was hot in denver. just wait! right now on average, we have one 100-degree day hotter every year. but the rocky mountain climate organization expects seven days a year of triple digits heat by 2050 and a full months worth by the way end of the century. >> we warned you! 3 this is something you don't see every day. look at this. this is an 800-pound bull moose hanging out in nevada. parks and wildlife tranquilized the moose and safely moved it out of town. i don't know how you move a moose. ?oose are rarely spotted in the metro. parks and wildlife may get one or two reports per year? >> and then this sighting. the same camera captures a bear, a fox, a bobcat and a mountain lion. >> oh, my gosh! >> this is at walker ranch in boulder. >> how about that? colorado has work to do on its roads. we're just getting going here. we'll talk about where our
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of the country. >> and the president says we can all learn from a 6-year-old boy. we'll hear that letter in
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back to our breaking news tonight. a group of men stole a van in denver and went around shooting with a bb gun all in longmont. >> the all ended in flag park.
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>> here in lafayette. as we speaks, detectives are -- as we speak, detectivives are in this open space. that stolen car was ditched there. so crews have had to bring in heavy -- bring in heavy equipment to get it out of that area. they should be bringing it by the next 30 minutes or so. stolen van. right now police in eerie. they're looking suspects. they believe they had a bb gun based on the holes they found in cars. fortunately, no one has been hurt. and at that point, the location of those men still unknown. live in lafayette, mark stewart. donald trump's campaign is blanketing colorado today. his daughter, ivanka trump, had two events. one at the colorado's women's alliance in downtown denver and a charter high school in fort
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pence. marselinger kicks off our team coverage with the top questions faced by ivanka trump. >> would you join me in giving a warm colorado welcome to ivanka trump. [applause] >> reporter: ivanka trump starting her day among 50. letting people know she hates the term "working woman" because you never hear the term "working man." >> i think it's disrespect to women thator and raise their families. >> reporter: in response to her father? >> any woman questioning what he would do for our country, first and foremost, think about jobs. jobs for yourself and jobs for your children and grandchildren. >> reporter: she left this breakfast and went to fort collins. >> i don't want to disturb your students. >> reporter: she got a tour of
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school. >> i definitely think all the secret service may have tipped them off that she was a big deal. >> reporter: when she stopped for a mini news conference, the questions were as tough as the curriculum. >> what's it like for you to be a woman in such a powerful position in today's industry? >> we need a lot more female leadership in our businesses here in america. i'm very excited about the proposals my father is putting forth to eliminate that gender gap. >> and the gender pay gap topic she brought up with the colorado women's alliance which doesn't necessarily agree. a closer look at that at 6:00. marshall zelinger, 7 news. donald trump, jr., will speak in grand junction in about an hour. it's pitched as a discussion on wildlife issues. >> and donald trump's rival
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mike pence getting a warm welcome today in front of dozens of veterans. >> america is america. it won't serve everybody. but everybody who lives here won't serve america. >> reporter: trump's campaign clearly believes colorado is still in play. pence hammering clinton on terrorism and national security today. >> donald trump, i know, we're not in a narrative anything. we're against and the isis and we need a president of the united states who's willing to take the fight to the enemy! [applause] >> reporter: and in a one on one interview, after the town hall, talking about the current unrest in charlotte. >> we need to moveeaway from a time where hillary clinton and others are accusing the men and women in law enforcement in this country of institutional
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also there's a new presidential poll just out today. this new poll by colorado mesa university shows hillary clinton leading by 7 points % among likely colorado voters. but interesting point here. a 1/10 of voters still -- a -- a 10th of voters still undecided. this video is tough to watch. police in massachusetts say it shows a toddler tuggg mother who had just overdosed either on heroin or opioids. first responders had to use two doses of narcan to revive her. the little girl tonight is in protective custody. her mother is facing charges. this picture of a boy shocked and alone after his home in syria was bobbinged touches all of us. it inspired another little boy all the way in new york to write a letter to president obama. and now his sweet request is
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>> >> dear president obama. remember the boy who was picked up by ambulance in syria? can you please go get him and bring him to our home? park in the driveway or on the street and we'll be waiting for you guys with flags, flowers, and food. 6-year-old alex went on to say that omaran would be his brother and he and his sister would share his toys and learn his language. he would invite him to birthday and ride their bike. president obama read this before the united nations today and said what would the world be like if we were all like alex? what do you think about our colorado highways? think they're in bad shape in according to a new study, you'd be right! >> jay son luber looked at the studies. >> reporter: now there are 34 states with better highway performance and cost effectiveness than colorado.
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the surprising findings found colorado is 46th in rural interstate condition. congestion and 27th in urban pavement condition. colorado is 15th when it comes to deficient bridges. not only can you read all the findings from this study and our website at, but you can also find where you can make suggestions. i'm jayson luberr denver 7. the weather during the last 24 hours. a little cooler, more humid air moved into northeastern colorado. this is our wwreless camera up in julesburg. had some areas of fog earlier this morning and some low stratus clouds coming in at a northwesterly wind this afrnoon. meanwhile, the mountains. let me step out of the way. this is a gorgeous shot out of our camera. ah, the fall color looking spectacular up that way.
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our skies have been partly cloudy. look outside. it's 72 downtown. 70 at the airport. 48% relative humidity. and those winds are from the north to northeast at 15 miles per hour. keeping those temperatures down for today. tonight will be mild. only dropping to the upper 50s to low 50s. one more warm day before we see cooler weather for the weekend. normal highs are 76. currently at the oveland ski area. could be on the peaks. there are a few showers to the west of us right now. not very many. just a slight chance of seeing those this eveeing. a few stronger thunderstorms over southeastern colorado. may head toward the burlington area this evening. the main storm to the west of us. this marking a cold front just pushing through salt lake city this front has some moisture but a lot of wind with it. as it begins to move in, scattered showers across eastern utah and western colorado tonight.
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plains but the winds will kick up by early tomorrow morning. gives gusty from the southwest -- gusty from the southwest. not hard to figure out where the front is by morning. 6:00 a.m., scattered showers and thunderstorms along and west of the continentalldivide with snow among higher elevations. 50s and 60s expected across the mountain now, here's the story during ?he day tomorrow. strong winds from the southwest advancing this front. the moisture dries out as it come of shower activity. only a 30% chance. but with the gusty winds and the dry air on the eastern plains, the fire danger will be on the increase. our highs will be upper 70s to low 80s on friday. 50s with rain and snow showers in the mountains. tonight's forecast, 55. a few showers in the mountains and foothills. tomorrow, 80. gusty winds, widely scattered showers. mainly a windy day and a high of 80. cooler weather for the weekend.
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not much rain around here in lower elevations. there will be showers on sunday with a high of 65. windy again on monday with 70. and we'll put the bright spot on tuesday. sunny, perfect weather. lighter winds. 75 degrees. >> thank you, mike. coming up, vaughn miller has big goals ahead. but why he's being coy about his big expectations.
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extra. i'm jahmal webster. miller's goals astronomical. >> reporter: von miller made great. he said that appearing on abc's ""dancing with the stars"," helped prepare him for this season. he has four sacks in two games. what are his goals at this point? >> if i got up many stuff, i'm sure it would shock all of you guys. it just wouldn't look right. you know, so my goal and my aspirations, i try to keep those to myself. and i just try to pick everybody else up around me. >> reporter: if von miller won't say it, defensive coordinator wade phillips will. he said a couple years ago that miller should aspire to be the defensive player of the year.
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conversation. >> he's playing on a high level. playing on a higher level than anybody else right now. >> reporter: looks like tight end virgil green will be a game time decision with that calf injury. back to you. all right. thanks, troy. avs have donned the new training camp. it's got to be better than 2016. jared bednar, e sheriff in town and says the turnaround begins now. >> the we put in the work and we come prepared to work with the right habits and we're doing the right things, paying attention to detail, then we'll get the results we want down the road. >> reporter: check it out! jj watts took part in the gatorade prank. there's the unsuspecting victim. and here's the stunt man.
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[ laughter ] >> creams the stunt guy. the look on this dude's face is priceless. has no idea what he just walked into. then jj goes after him. that's classic. texans and patriots tonight. could see a lot of jj watt. >> thank you for that! needed that today! [ laughter ] >> beautiful. >> see you at 6:00. another - a high-paid lobbyist. 131 former members of congress are now lobbyists in washington, dc. it's just considered business as usual. i consider it wrong. that's why i'm fighting for a new law to permanently ban former members of congress from ever becoming lobbyists. i'm michael bennet
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tonight, breaking news. the female officer just charged with first degree manslaughter, after a father walking toward his suv, his hands up, is later shot and killed by police. the state of emergency at this hour in charlotte. >> shots fired. shots fired. >> after protests turn violent. the national guard just arriving, and word one protester has now died. we're on the scene. also breaking tonight, the shooting, as we come on the air. authorities on the scene right now. a workplace in tennessee, the images coming in. donald trump's outreach to black voters, and his controversial words about stop and frisk. and tonight, robin roberts with president obama. the exclusive right here, on policing. and what he would tell hillary clinton as she walks on that debate stage monday night. and new video just in after


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