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tv   7 News Now at 530 AM  ABC  September 23, 2016 5:30am-6:00am MDT

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jacket. how are things this morning? >> reporter: pulled out the jacket for the first time this year. i can feel that cold front as it pushed through. ii's windy, little bit chilly. not horrible. we know how bad it can really get up here. we'll always be at the eisenhower tunnel. this is a spot so you ccn have dry conditions on one side, and a blizzard on the other. and this can happen as well. highways, take a look. if enough you know how miserable it can be in the high country. that's why it's so important, though it's early in the season, to get prepared if you're going to head up to the high country. if you haven't lived here, if this is your first winter season, check the tread on those tires. make sure you've got enough tread to make it up the steep mountain climbs, because you could be part of the problem when it comes to traffic jams. i have to say, i'm just not
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my flip flops. not ready to get rid of them yet. back to you. >> those really won't be great come snowy season. but for today, we are going to be seeing pretty mild conditions across the mountains. while that cold front moves in. it will be tonight when we have the chance for picking up snow, mainly above 10,000 feet. eric, you'll be okay out there. 53 in grand junction. these temperatures will be around those values today, because we are going to be seeing a shift in pattern. low 80s today for much of the denver metro area. tonight a freeze watch is in effect to the south, upper 20s are expected. some freezing conditions in leadville. for the most part, denver metro and further to tte north we'll expect the mid-40s. the big story toddy will be the winds. very gusty. mainly coming in from the south. we'll keep an eye out on that for you. it's going to be a windy day. now there's no advisories by
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just be mindful f you have vehicle size it could be blown around, especially the west side of town. we have a police situation between pecos and heron north of thornton parkway, off 96. be aware of a lot of police activity in thornton. rest of the ride on the north side of town looks nice. south side looks nice. arapahoe road will be closed down starting tonight through monday morning, all weekend long closed down uuder i-25. i-25 will be open. middle part of that bridge over the weekend. thank you. in this case when we say gone in 60 seconds, we really mean it. this video shows thieves rolling up to a man's house in -?jefferson county and getting away ith his truck. it took them less than one minute to do it. this z a big ppoblem in our area now. jason grueeauer looking into the growing truck theft trend. >> reporter: yes.
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ford pickup trucks, f 150, f 250 and f 350. the man whose truck was stolen, this has happened more than 100 times so far this year. we'll show you the dash cam footage that shows a stolen pickup truck that pulls up in front of somebody's house. 46 seconds later, that's when another truck is stolen, the white one, then pulls out of the driveway. we spoke to the man who woke up to the sound of his own truck beinn stolen out of his he's worried if this keeps happening, things could turn violent. >> it's getting so out of hand, they're stealing so many of them, there's plenty of guys, if they were like me and woke up to their truck being stolen, i think their first instinct would be grab a gun and start firing because they don't want to see their truck stolen, they'd rather put a few bullets in their own truck than wait and risk never seeing it again. -?>> reporter: but police and l enforcement say absolutely do not do that under any
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simply call police immediately. live in jefferson county, i'm jason gruenauer, denver 7. it's 5:34. in egypt this morning, just came across the news wires, 115 bodies of migrants have been pulled from the mediterranean waters. this is after a boat tragedy. just happening in the last couple of hours. the other breaking news situation we're learning about is in turkey, where people are injured now, this is in instanbul. look at this bus crash. look at the cars underneath that bus. police say this started when a passenger assaulted the driver with an umbrella. the bus driver swerved, crashed into oncoming traffic and the bus slapped into a double decker bus. two buses involved. three cars underneath.
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traffic issue. amazingly, none of the victims were seriously injured. the passenger that started all this is now in custody. let's get you the latest in charlotte. people there this morning are cleaning up, trying to get back to normal after days of protests that turned into riots, leaving a man dead. businesses boarding up their windows, trying to pick up all that glass from all the looting. >> heart breaking. it is, it really is. >> we charlotte really is, and this is not a ttue representation of our city. >> as a way of spreading some peace, nikki handed out cookies. she said she did it because the city could use some kindness. the protests broke out after an officer shot and killed this man who they say had a gun. police let the family see the body cam, but are not releasing it to the public. brandon marshall had been
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a knee during the national anthem. he's now saying he did it because of what happened to him in miami during the fourth of july. he says officers handcuffed him and threatened to tase him while innestigating a nearby shooting. now he's the only bronco to take a knee. we asked von mmller what he thinks about all this. >> personally, i got a huge respect for the flag and everything, and soldiers, and all that stuff. but i'm with those gu to be had. >> investigators say they are now looking into what happened to marshall in miami. 5:36 now. sad news for both the cu and science communities this morning. deborah jin just died of cancer. she was only 47.. she was an award winning physicist and professor there. in 2013 she won the women in science awardd only one of five
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north america that year. her family is planning her funeral. cu denver, where work is underway on a new wellness center. groundbreaking happening yesterday. shovels. uys with the fancy %- the building will have a state of the art fitness center, a student lounge, also a bikee repair shop. it will cost $42 million. it was paid for primarily by student ffes. -? colora emergency. at least that's what one group says. they say we have a big lack of affordable places to live. the women's group nine to five released a new report showing our housing crisis. according to the report, the biggest obstacles are rising costs, lack of oversight and not enough rent control. one of the group's speakers was homeless for a time. now the only place she can keep her public housing, the only way, rather, is by making less
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with almost nothing. >> my money is so limited. i even have to, like, watch my mileage to make sure, i have 2 get some money later on today that somebody is going to let me borrow. >> the organization would like to see more community and resident groups fighting unfair evictions and policies. they want to put a limit on how much landlords are allowed to raise rents. not a lot of time left before we pick our next president. with hillary clinton's lead getting smaller, anything can happen. while donald trump was in philly, the rest of his campaign was here in our state. his daughter, ivanka began in denver and spoke in fort >> if your ather gets elected to presiient, do you want to be involved in government? >> you know, right now having three young children and running two businesses, that's my focus. but we'll see. >> donald trump, jr. was on the
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junction. and donald trump's running mate, mike pence wws in colorado springs and he talked about the recent police shootings. he says his uncle was a police officer in chicago and can relate to both sides. >> when there's loss of life involved in police action, the americaa people expect thorough, immediate, and transparent investigation. and they expect justice will be served and our laws upheld. donald trump and men and women in law enforcement are not a force for racism in america, they are a force for good. >> trump doesn't have stops planned for today. he will be in virginia this weekend campaigning. now that fall is here, probably a good time to visit estes park. you might see elk. >> this weekend is a great time to go, because admissions to rocky mountain national ark is
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if youure lucky maybe you'll see something like this. check out these photographs from walker ranch. there's a bear, mountain lion, also bobcats. good reminder, be careful of your surroundings when you're in the high country. >> that mountain lion is huge. this is an 800-pound bull moose in arvada. offici moved it out. mark zuckerburg is setting a big goal. he wants to put an end to all diseases. we're looking into whether this plan is realistic. a denver man nearly killed by police is now getting a hollywood award. it is 56 degrees. we'll continue to see temperatures warm into the upper 70s, lower 80s. big story this afternoon, the winds. now pretty calm. we'll see very gusty conditions
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drive anywhere you want to go, incluuing here, side streets the power of the sun and the wind. it can fuel our lives and our economy, too.
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e industry, something had to be done. so, i teamed up with republicans and democrats to pass the new laws we needed to help renewable energy grow. protecting the jobs we have and generating more for the future. i'm michael bennet, and that's
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it is 5:43. the feds are now looking into anthony weiner after he was accused of sexting with a 15-
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weiner recently separated frrm his wife after he admitted to sending the photos on social media. some even featuring his young son. this denver man just won an emmy after two police officers nearly beat him to death. that was a photograph from 2009. this is him now. he decided to turn his story into a cartoon, showing what happened to him when the officers pulled him over for an illegal left turn. >> so i asked them, please see a warrant before you conttnue the search. and they grabbed me and hit me in the face. i could hear addison in the background, stop, leave him alone. >> he sued the city and received nearly $800,000 innthe settlement there. one of those officers involved in that beating was later fired. about a quarter till 6:00. earlier we told you about mark zuckerburg and his wife donating $3 million to help end
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how realistic is that goal? have been spending to reach es that same goal. national cdc's annual budget is $7 diseases and fighting outbreaks. a lot of money. seems like you warning about samsung's recalled galaxy phones. so far, the company says almost half of them ii the u.s. have ?een turned back in. three weeks ago they said the batteries in some of those knowns overheat or could catch fire while they were charging. ?bout 90% of american users decided to get the new fixed phone. probably a good idea. remember this phhtograph? shows a little boy in syria and this is him sitting at a police
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york city to write a letter to president obama. that's going viral now. >> dear president obama, remember that boy who was picked up by the ambulance in syria? can you please et him and bring him to our home? park in the driveway or on the street and we'll be waiting balloons. , flowers and he wenton to say hopes the boy could his brother and he thr toys. he would invite the boy to birthday parties and wanted to teach how to ride a bike president oba ad ex's general assembly, saying if we would more people like alex t there, the world would better place. it rrally is a sweet letter. ather-wise, looking for changes. relatively wm conditions
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weekend. radar and satellite showing a lot ofactivity ah. cold frontill slowly make its way intool cado from west to steathroughout the course of today, heading inttonight and that will really af our teeperatures and also e risk for someeaer. what we're looking attda red flag warning for much of the denver metro area. palmer divide, south, starting at noon lasting until 8:00 tonight. very gusty winds from the south, gus miles per hour. also a freeze watch will in effect later on tonight, mainly fothis area yousee in the san luis valley. so be it could affect crops and sensitive vegetation. highs today as you can see, according to our front range conditions, 80 degrees in denver. 81 in highlands ranch. still staying cool in the
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across the state oday, across the western slopescool. 64 in grand junction. 52 aspen. 58 in eagle. these temperatures below average and we'll continue to see cooler conditions mainly across the eastern half of the state tomorrow. but today, upper 80s for sterling, still lower 90s to the southeast. here's what it looks like on the futurecast as we head throughout the rest of the day 3 today. winds really intensify primarily from the south the mountains have the potential for picking up scattered showers and storms heading into the afternoon. 5:00, mostly dry in the denver metro area. increasing winds, gusting up to about 45 miles per hour. hold onto your hats throughout the day today, aad tonight we have a better chance for seeing a few more scattered showers in denver. storms intensifying mainly across the eastern plains later on tonight before a big change comes. so lows overnight midd40s in
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leadville down to about 29 and that will really affect our saturday morning. this is stopped at 8:00. mostly sunny skies here. the blue and purple, that is the potential for snow, mainly on the peaks above 10,000 feet. still, if you are heading to today and potential r snow y higher up. today in denver, hhghs in the low 80s. breezy and cooler by saturday 60s, mid-60s by sunday. chance for a few aftern evening showers. monday still seeing breezy winds. but gradually warming up as we go through next week. bright spot on tuesday, mid- 70s. overnight lows, we were in the 50s, but now 40s. as jolene still calls them, weaves. you can see moving slowly on the shoulder, a hazard.
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a lot of easy driving conditions. you can see more traffic on 270, i-76, the usual suspects. 15 to 20 minutes security wait time at dia. all the paving we wwre doing at 285 has wrapped up. foothills roads for now look okay, but don't be surprised if you see the vehicles with size have troubll navigating through some of the winds that could be strong later on today. you might have heard shots fired in adams county not long ago. >> daryl orr just got to thornton. he joins us live with more. daryl. >> reporter: yeah, guys. we're here at 96th avenue in thornton. probably around 5:00 adams county was falling a stolen f 350 ford pickup truck, you can see over my shoulder. they initiated a pursuit with
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once they got into thornton they broke off pursuit. then they got a report of shots fired in the area. deputies and pd went to investigate that area. they could not find any evidence that somebody was shooting in the area. they're not sure if it's relattd to this stolen vehicle. deputies ended up following this vehicle to 96th here where the driver got out and ran from police. adams county and thornton then set up a perimeter recently been broken down. they had k-9's out here checking back yards throughout this neighborhood and have been unsuccessful at finding the suspect. as of right now, the k-9 has wrapped up and deputies here photographing this vehicle. this goes along with a report earlier we've been covering, a lot of these trucks have been stolen in the metro area. it's possibly more than 20 have been stolen. if you have one of these type
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them, because they seem to be a hot commodity out here. this is a new one. a woman in weld county says her dog stabbed her. yes, you heard me right. her dog lad a knife. >> celinda haynes says her dog grabs things off the counter, does it all the time. he grabbed a knife and she got treats to coaxxthe knife from for the treats that's when he cut her. >> police didn't believe the story at first, but after investigating, found out the dog really did stab her. she is okay. but has quite the story. what happens when you don't respond to a subpoena? a clinton staffer is about to find out. anyone can be the victim of
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welcome back to denver 7. an empty chair right there, and that was supposed to have an it guy who helped hiilary clinton set up hillary clinton's private e-mail server. he was supposed to b testify before the u.s. house investigative committee. but he said he wasn't going to show. didn't, despite getting a subpoena. the committee voted to hold him in contempt of congress. the first lady's passport information. the white house is looking into claims hackers broke into a contractor's e-mail that had a scan of michelle obama's passport. the group later posted what
5:56 am
passport online. the contractor's e-mail also contained information about vice president joe biden's travel. a group of cheerleaders in new hampshire getting ready for a national competition. >> this is a new kind of competition. it is a special needs division. the cheer squad started two years ago with just two cheerleaders. now there are nine. each cheerleader teams up with a team buddy to create the routine. the pairs are friends off the fiild. >> we're a team. one team, one family. >> i with harley grace, because she's kind of like me, she doesn't say much but her face expresses a lot. >> the team is doing extra practices to get ready to compete in december in walt disneyworld. >> that is awesome. today will be a nice day. it will be. sunshine in the morning, mix of sun and clouds. tomorrow will feel more like we have a cold front that will
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pattern today. mainly from west to east. extremely windy ahead of that cold front in the front range. expect to see wind gusts up to 45 miles per hour. but a lot cooler by the weekend. upper 70s, lower 80s. we're expecting about 10 to 15 degrres below average for this time of year, in the 60s. thank you, katie. a colorado woman taking on whole foods. what she says the company did to her and how much money she wants because of it.
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the gillette sensor3 has three blades and a water-activated lubrastrip, giving you up to ten smooth shaves. upgrade to the gillette sensor3.
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6:00 a.m. denver7 staying on top of breaking news in adams county. deputies are actively searching for a suspect as we speak. this is in thornton. >> daryl orr was the first on the scene. he joins us now. daryl, what are you seeing? >> reporter: yeah, guys, we're at 96th avenue in thornton. earlier about 5:00 this following a stolen ford 350 for a short distance. when they got into thornton they did break off pursuit, following from a distance. at t same time they got a report of shots fired. they're not sure if the shots cameefrom the truck. they were able to get the vehicle stopped. unfortunately, the driver fled from the vehicle. adams county then had to set up


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