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tv   7 News at 5 PM  ABC  September 23, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MDT

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for some time. >> here's your first alert for some snow in the high country tonight. seasons collide in the mountainsment fall -- mountains. fall colors and winter white. meteorologist cory reppenhagen founddsome as far east as loveland pass. >> we're in the l 80s here -- we're in the 80s here? >> here's the view snowfalling good n. denver some clouds off to the west. look at the difference on the temperatures. 87 in denver. 56 at leadville. 90 was the high at fort control lines and 91 at -- fort control lines -- fort collins and 91 at greeley. a winter weather advisory covers the mountain until tomorrow morning a. huge amount of variety as the cold front is cutting across the state racing
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hour. strong winds ahead of it. along with the rain and the snow. so for this evening snow in the mountains, wind and some showers on the plains, severe thunderstorms possible in wyoming. what to expect for the weekend your full first alert forecast in a few minutes. great news tonight. the douglas county detective shot in paaker three weeks ago is making improvements. he's alert and able to coomunicate with s he's also breathing on his own. he has a long road to recovery though. 75 people donated blood in his honorrtodayy more problems for the troubled denver jail. five inmates overdosed to be crack cocaine. molly hendrickson is digging into this. how did the drugs get in there? >> they don't know. that's what they're looking into. typically when an inmate is brought here they have to go
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through a shower. we know these five were being housed in an area that houses longer term inmates. either those drugs came from anotheinmate or somebody on the inside. >> tonight the denver jail admitting another major mistake after five inmates overdosed on suspected crack cocaine thursday afternoon. >> we're looking into how this happened. >> jail communications director sigh mon says sim on said it went down in >> we put a dog in and he did not detect remaining drugs. >> the overdose comes on this 2011 review. it lists excessive amounts of contraband including fruit for alcohol and heroin. >> it's a problem in every
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country. >> the report made a list of recommendations including cell searchs, searching staff and changing inmates underwear from briefs to boxers. simon says some changes have been made and others have not. >> we're bringing in additional drug dogs. they mr. do sweeps of the -- they will do sweeps of the facilities constantly. >> there is surveillance the independent monitor is working with the jail to find out how this happened. four inmates are still many the hospital. one is back in jail here. >> molly thank you. the department of corrections trying to get to the bottom of a homicide. somebody killed george mcclain last night. he was serving 123 years for rob -- 13 years for robbery. they have not said how he died
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north carolina wants dash cam and body video in the death of keith scott asap. some of you might find this hard to watch. >> keith don't let them break the windows. come on out the car. keith don't do it. >> his wife shouted at police not to shoot her husband over and over. she said he had just taken medication for >> keith. keith. keith. don't you do it. did you shoot him? did you shoot him? did you shoot him? >> now there are still very different accounts of what exactly happened tuesday afternoon. police say scott refused to drop a gun. others say he was not armed. and now to aa update on the
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ttat shoo shooting. this -- shooting. police arrested a suspect for shoottng and killing a demonstrator. miami police looking into a run in-betteen brandonnmarshall and its officers. it happened this summer and played a role in marshall's decision to take a knee ddring the anthem. he was handcuffed and officers threatenee him with a taszer. the ser -- taser. 3 the search is on for north of i-70 and demanded - money. both men had their faces covered. police didn'' know of any injuries but we did see an ambulance show up. police are hoping to find a new clue in the death of a cyclist. they shared a photo of the suspecttvehicle. 43-year-old jason holden was hit and killed thursday night. a crime spree around the metro is targeting truck
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specifically ford truck owners. jason gruenauer found this is happening by the dozens. >> these from kind of trucks % they're targeting. this one all kind of souped up with the big tires. they are popping the door 3 handles off to get inside and starting them and driving off including right out of some people's driveways this morning in thornton police got into a chase with a stolen ford f-350. attempted a traffic stop. police i vefrjly found the truck. the -- eventually found the truck and the driver got away. we've reported on three of these just this week. a white ford f-350 s stolen in 46 second. earlier in the week there was another high-speed police
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so far this month there have been about 30 of these reported stolen. according to one driver and facebook groups that number is much higher. about 150 so far for the year. if you have one, keep your eye on it. reporting in denver i'm jason gruenauer. breaking news tonight. president obama vetoes a bill affecting families of 9/11 victims. it should be a first. the bill would have alllwed families to use -- to sue the saudi arraign yan government. 15 of -- saudi arabian government. 15 of the highjackers were of saudi arabian decent. he gave isis more than 1,000 names of government and military workers as targets. is is rescue of a 5-year- old girl trapped under the
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the air strike. local media reports that she is an orphan. in an about face ted cruz announces he ill vote for donald trump. hard to forget his dramatic refusal. he wrote in a facebook post ?hat he made the decision because he promised to support the party's nominee and because he disagrees with hillary clinton. the polls they're as unpredictable one poll shows them in a virtual tie in colorado. they get 47% of the vvte in a two-way race. when you consider third party candidates clinton leads by two points. a new national poll gives clinton a six-point lead. and hillary clinton says immigration reform will boost amera's economy by $700 million. while trump says the
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?o set a record. we're putting that through the tloout-o-meter. >> immigration has a share of national population is set to break all historical records. >> donald trump making that claim as he outlined the specifics of his reform plan. trump saying immigrants have enriched our ountry but we owe it to them and their children to control future immigration. trump claiming the immiggation numbers will set new highs. >> we'll have more nonnative americans ii this country as a share of population than ever before. >> plitfacts say -- politifacts says the number is rising. they rate his claim as mostly true. >> comprehensive immigration reform will not only be the
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thing to do, but it will add $700 billion to the economy. >> hillary clinton also talking about it saying that it would add $700 billion to the $18 trillion economy. we went digging to look into the numbers. >> experts say most of the moneyrated will be by new -- most of the money generated will be by new immigrants. >> politifacts says it's partially accurate but leaves out important details rating it half true. look for immigration reform to come up in the presidential debate. securing america is one of the three topics on the agenda. i'm marshall zelinger. i'll see you back here for
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and you can watch the very first presidential debate on 3 denver 7. again it's monday night from 7:00 to 9:00. >> we'll all be watching. very closely. all right. this is pitched as a family- friendly event. a colorado gem set a record. pprents, this is a sttry you will want to see. the response from the moms against stupid, tiny carts. up quickly. the rain and snow to the west of the denver area. you'll want to umbrella tonight
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with pot legalization comes some interrsting events like this weekend's 420 games. the event will include a 4.20 fund run. it's no pot smoking. it will be the slowest run. >> i suspect so. they are commissioned in cities from greeley to mon troe -- mon tshgro -- montro, sculptures. >> as we celebrrte colorado learn more of the artist, her
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people. >> i was blown away by the marble. >> in the remoteness of the river valley. >> there was so much peptial for stone carving. >> a -- potential for stone carving. >> nestled in the aspen an other worldly village. >> i oend a beautiful stone. >> weiner it's the sound of temptation. >> the temptation for me was i had to get there. >> as a young nnw yorker in 1971 she had a defining moment for the future of her haads. >> i was a frustrated painter at the school of visual arts and i heard in the next room ?his sh sh and this little tap tap tap.
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lotus bearing flooer girl. >> it was to make something -?tactile, hummn, with the flowers. >> she'll live in the sensory garden at denver bo tannic. >> hh's an -- bow tannic. >> she's an opportunity for somebody to sit and reflect. she'll expseudojoy. >> with a nip -- exude joy. >> with a there. >> flower girl is the latest incarnation of the bench people, a stylized series of sculptures in loveland at craig hospital and here at the supreme court building in >> they've haa some fun nin interactions with ppople -- funny interactions with people who have been hesitant to take a seat. i said that's what theyyre for. >> madeline's ulttmate
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three decades ago. >> i hope my -- nearly three decades ago. i hope my legacy is that i spread the infinite possibilities of the art. >> what do you feel when you see people touching your sculptures? >> total gratification, total joy. ttis may be the best time of year to head to aspen. maybe check out the famous maroon bells. the adding busses to shuttle people during the week. unless you get florida first thing in the -- get there first thing in the morning parking is hard to find. colorado. of winter in this is a live look from loveland pass. the snow isrealing coming down. this is right now -- really coming down. this is right know, folks. just between 3:00 and the
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partly cloudy skies, the front pushing across from the west over the continental dide. there comes the snow shower activity. that will continue off and on with some areas picking up three to six inches. in denver the strong winds from the south, humidity low. the temperatures way up there today. it's been fire danger the problem on the eastern plains so far. let me show you the temperatures. 90 for collins. 91 greeley. cools off considerably to the west. only in the 50s and 60s. those are the highs. look a t the current readings. look at the current readings. 34 in leadville. 90 in pueblo. the front cuts through here coming through fort collins and greeley. our winds are still out of the south at 29. 82 downtown.
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the snow and rain shock out to the wwst. most of it moving due north. but it will gradually develop along the i-25 corridor. it will affect wyoming and nebraska. here's the situation the front cutting right across the state. as it moves towards the east the best chance for severe weather towards the wyoming border. the snow will stay in the west in the mountains. colder, 29 forrthe low leadville. 45 by morning in the denver area. tomorrow scatter snow showers and rain in the mountains. if you're heading up to look at fall color you might want to 3 look at areas more central and south. the gusty winds will have knocked a fair amount of th leaves down. a cooler day. high temperature 68 in denver:
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leadville. as far as conditions looking ahead precipitation saturday to sunday doesn't look too bad for the second half of the weekend. generally dry on sunday by a cool fall-like forecast. windy, colder, rain and showers in the mountains. for tomorrow the high temperature expected at 68. breezy and cool but not a bad day. looking at the forecast some nice fall weather coming up. by sunday mostly sunny. monday back to 70. and delightful days next week with lighter winds, plenty of sunshine. 75 to 80 the bright spots for tuesday and wednesday. this may look like a fun game buu this is really part of what has been an emotionally exhausting day for these sophomores.
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year rachel's challenge program which encourages kids to find empathy for others. >> if you come from a family where alcohol or drugs were or are a problem cross the line. >> once you get to talking to it it helps. it's a weight lifted off your shoulders. >> we are airing an encore presentation of the rachells
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this portion of denver 7
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?edical expert, attorney. welcome to sports expert. broncohit the road for the first time this season up against their stiffest competition yet a cincinnati bengals squad who hasn't lost a home game in september since 2011. going to have to do it without three of their starters. no demarcus stevens. he'll miss another week with his calf injury. leaves the broncos with phillips and heirman. phillips is a free agent and heirman is still getting over an injury. >> we talked about the possibility of him coming out today. we'll make that decision today and probably leave throes guys at home. >> -- leave those guys at home.
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do. we're going to try to get a win. same can be said for the buffs they open their pac-12 portion saturday in eugene. one and four since joining. making progress after being banged up at the big house. coach mac is encouraged but has bigger issues in trying to slow the ducks. >> they have plenty of speed and they're a good team. it's going to be an extremely tough contest for us. but it's fun starting your pac- 12 games. >> this is the one that got away. that's former buff hopkins. gets that kid between the legs and the dunk with some authority. he transferred from cu last season. he's now at fresno state but sheesh. take it easy man.
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that miii cart and decides to crash it into you. a blogger called these vehicles of mass destruction and started the moms against stupid tiny carts cam pap. so target took note ask is getting rid of the carts because of customer complaints. >> i'm laughing because my kids are grown.
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tonight here, breaking news. the chilling video now revealed, the deadly police shooting in charlotte. you can hear the wife's plea right on it. >> don't shoot him! he didn't do anything. >> it is the family's video. tonight, why authorities are refusing to release their own. also tonight, the narrow escape in new york city. the pedestrians, kicking one of those bombs, placed right on the sidewalk. they had no idea. and tonight, how authorities now believe the suspect got those bombs into the city. the school bus crash late today, flipping over. pictures coming in now. three days to the debate. who was seen walking into trump tower? and, hillary clinton. the reality star and billionaire who now says he will be in the front row for her. and, the first lady's passport hacked, and 500 million personal e-mail accounts. tonight here, the new warning. what authorities want you to do,


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