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tv   7 News at 10 PM  ABC  September 23, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm MDT

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thunderstorms on the plains and snow falling in the mountains these storms are moving toward the northeast about 30 miles per hour lightning and gusts 50 miles
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west. up to 6 inches possible at 10,000 feet tonight. denver area scattered rain showers gusty northwest winds and temperatures that will fall tonight in the 40s you first alert forecast coming up in a few hints. >> now that it's getting cold in the mountains right now the rush is on to find a missing hiker here's where search crews are organizing. this is near the chief hossa exit at i-70. she know where she's out alone service they are having trouble pinpointing her exact location. this isn't the knowledge only hiker is missing for another ed night that hiker from new mexico is lost near maroon belt took off in aspen on monday and didn't mmke it to his stop on tuesday. >> protests following the shooting of a black officer -- a black plan by a police officer are spreading tonight. in charlotte north carolina a
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not everybody is heeding that tonight. on the right side of your screen those are protesters in atlanta shows support for those in charlotte. and those protesters have been kaepernick taking a knee. more players have joined in including the broncos own brandon marshall. tonight dozens of high school players in aurora took a knee during the anthem. denver 7 reporter adam hammond was there as dozens of >>reporter: this whole thing started a few weeks ago with the quarterback and several of the captains and now that protest has spilled ooer to much of the team including some of the coaches and even parents here. it's a song we've heard our entire lives now some view as a polarizing tune of division at aurora central high school homecoming game much of the team took a knee some put their
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>> we have a right to change things that are wrong and we have that right to protest. >>reporter: sebastian cell's little brother plays on the team and took a near to raise police interactions with african americans. >> he's been on the fence about if he wants to kneel or not. i let him know if he don't want to he don't have to. if he want toto do it. >>reporter: kelley koehler's grandson decided to stand out of spec. she supports the right to protes grandson. >> he wants to do what he wants to do he's not being swayed by fridays friend. >>reporter: teachers say they are talking about this controversy in class and the students know there are some who disagree with them out of concern their frosts are disspec full to military families like devin carsons. >> we have different experiences and different backgrounds for me i find it dispeck full if sommone else has different points of view
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>>reporter: school district came out and say they are supporting these students right to freedom of speech and freedom to do that. but they say this is a teach able moment so are taking advantage of that with those students and their families. reporting live for denver 7 i'm adam hammond. >> a thumbs up from a little girl hurt during a house fire. we got this picture from west metro fire this five-year-old in her hospital bed. and here's a look at how she firefighters found her i'd' hyde national guard a closet. it's been 3 weeks since detective dan brite was shot durrng the line of duty he's able to eat and breathe on his home. the 75 people ned up to give blood today in detective brite's honor. right now homicide investigation larimer county near ft. collins.
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somebody called police about a suspicious car when police got there they found a body in the car. police call it a homicide investigation. aurorr police need your help finding this man. 21-year-old alex campaign was last seen 3:45 this afternoon near buckley and mexico. police say he is at risk. he was wearing a black shirt and black sweat pants at the time. he was about 59 it's. it's an up neighborhood millions of doing being invested we're giving you a sneak peek. >> liz gelardi joins us. this is a small part of the developments happening. >>reporter: take a look around inside this building and a market unlike anything you've probably een before in denver. the grand opening is on sunday. but they hope this is going to be a destination for all those people moving to and working in the area.
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are amazing. the building was built in 1928. >>reporter: in a neighborhood where there's so much new construction, so many new people. >> we're actually creating a neighborhood that didn't exist. >>reporter: river north known as rino wasn't called that when ken wolfe bought this building in 1995. he is the vision behind the new denver central market along withhrestaurant owner jeff osaka. >> this just adds to the variety of >>reporter: 11 vendors are housed inside with prepared food and items you can buy to cook at home. >> i think it's great. i think it's a good place for people to get together it's a good place for people to meet up before or after work. >>reporter: this market takes shopping to a new level. the vendors are local chefs and you might recognize some of the names. >> justin brunson on shawn pelley or john robbins has a section of the market. >>reporter: the markets parts
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place here. including plans for an outdoor amphitheater and a 200 million- dollar mixed use office complex dubbed the world trade center denver. >> i just want this neighborhood to thrivv. >> we're all looking forward -?to checking it out. earlier this week we told you campus lounge near du is closing after the brown cost game. we can tell you who's moving in the owner of city oh, city a vegetarian restaurants and several taking over campus lounge. waterlogged phone isn't an easy thing do but some komen have come up with a solution. >> mark stewart joins us now. mark getting the attention of abc shark tank. >>reporter: bit of a confession i have lost two phones to water damage. i have dropped one in the pool, the other in the toy bet. drr rice was once seen as the
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was developed right here in denver. from the toilet to the tap. millions of phones are damaged every year by water. i excellently spilled water on it. liz's foam almost became a statistic. what is happening with your phone now? >> it works now. >>reporter: her life line to the world saved by this machine. an invention at the hands of thestw colorado. >> that was our early business was mostly friends and family. >>reporter: engineers at du business school grand are the brains behind tech dry. their machine can save a phone in just about an hour. their inspiration a classmate who dropped her phone in the allo about 15 minutes later. >> contacts are here. and the power is good. >>reporter: right now their
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dozens of staples stores across the country you in a bill bit to expands they went to the sharks. good it was an incredible rush of emotion. it was confusing at times. it was exciting all the time. i feel like there's nothing i've done in my life so far where i've learned so much as i have the last two years and shark tank was no differeet. two local present thundershowers go involved to say phones in the kinds of information and social media. >> so the success rate to all of this 75% if you drop a laptop spill coffee on it tablet they can fix that too. the they got big plans they just need money and more attention so we'll find out wap they will be on shark tank two weeks from now on denver 7 but that's big exposure you washed your hands. >> i washed my hands.
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our phones? >> about 70 bucks. >> small price to pay fire 600- dollar phone. >> if you have your rolo docks it's all good. new tonight cutting off opioid addiction at the source t. dramatic steps one hospital is taking to battle this growing problem plus. >> it's relaxiig. it makes me sittback and look at the target and just relax and say okay i can do this. >> from war the therapy these soldiers are getting here at home. we're keeping watch on the breaking news in washington
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. officers are swarming the shopping mall in burlington, washington. a gunman killed four people tonight and there is a massive here's a little better look at where this is happening. it's about an hour north of seattle. we will stay on top bring you developments as they come in. here are the big headlines in the race for the white house. ted cruz changed his tone today announceing on facebook he plans to vote for donald trump in november for two reasons he propsed to vote for the gop candidate and he thinks clinton is unacceptable. now hillary clinton has changed her plans for the weekend today she announced a stop in here lot on sunday after days of protest. tonight the mayor of charlotte is asking for the candidates to
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provide the security needed. these drones are turning heads take a look one is hillary clinton, the other is donald trump clinton is on a broom while trump drops money as he flies. the men behind this idea think they wanted to get some laughs they tell us and get people to talk about the election. >> it teaches discipline and patients redistrict anchor builds confer itts pun it happens at a denver 7 contributes or hannah a. >>reporter: pete suffers from ptsd. >> how will you -- that's hard to answer. >>reporter: gleason has had a tough time of it. >> with ptsd it sets me back a
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stay indoors. keeps me from wanting to do anything. >>reporter: gleason was inched to take part in a new by the national sports center for the disabled. shooting. >> thighs shot irk that's therapy. >> it's relaxing to me. it makes me sit back and look ?t the target and just relax and say okay, i can do this. >>reporter: there are 15 to 20 participants each month really good for people who wants to learn how to focus their minds. so shooting is something that's very calm. we teach the same breath techniques he at the do in yoga. they get into a send state and fire their weapon. >> irk he's special air guns can be adapted to accommodates any disability.
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arms or any parts of your body you can shoot by blowing through a straw. >>reporter: the program is run out of the denver police department's indoor shooting range dpd officers are the instructors. they were trained how to teach those with disability by the u.s. paralympic shooting team in colorrdo springs. one night every ooher week after their ten hour shifts they come here and volunteer their time. >> nice. almost everybody here looks forward to these nights when we get to have these in. i think that builds their confidence. their skills are bidding confidence i see them coaching each other and taking care of each other. >>reporter: the shooting program was developed for wounded military veterans offered to them free of charge thaaks to a series of grants. but as of this moh it's being expanded to anyone with a disability. >>reporter: denver 7 contributor hannah atkinson even gave it a shot. >> good. >> thanks. >>reporter: it hasn't been great for the paper squirrels
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months is considered a tremendous success. ask cleat gleason good when i get done i get so stoked i get better i'm doing better each and every time i fire it makes me want to come out get out and do things again. . >> good for you. if you're interested in participating details found on denver and denver 7 app. are tackling another drug issue the owed yesterday epidemic. more people use opioids than smooe cigarettes in this country and 30,000 people die every year from opioid abuse sometimes it starts when patients come to the er. >> we've become almost one trick ponies with regards to pain control. where pain as well as an opioid instruction or opioid drug odds
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>> sweettish is working to stop the prom to be the if he very first hospital to have a free imagine room. windy there. whipping up a lot of dust in weld county today. your first alert there is change coming to your weather. chief meteorologist mike nelson's tracking it all for you. >> that winds raises a bit of a concern as to the fall color for the week of vvew up at steamboat. a lot of subtle abuse in that one. this is what it looked like up at the westin hotel at beaver creek some know on the beaver creek slopes up above. as far as conditions in southwest colorado not bad there. berg tore there. this is what it looks like for the weekend. because of the winds rain and snow it might be past peak over the northern part are the state. gray view i-70 south.
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we're looking greats next week for best viewing but when the weather improving this weekend should be a pretty good time to see that fall glory. after a high today of 88 it's down to 59 degrees dowwtown. 62 out at the airport. winds are still gusty although not as bad as they have been we've had gusts up o 50 miles per hour acrossst state. light rain showers around the metro area snow back farther to the west, up towards the continueethen divide and that area above 10 how feet could see 3 to 6 inches of snow in the more than in it tonight. out on the plains pretty good light show going on out toward burlington anddsigh enwells with the leading edge of the thunderstorms parking the cold fronts moving across eastern colorado. so what happens tonight the thunderstorm activity moves off into kansas steers up to rain showers through midnight and later on tonight that starts to drifttoff to the north and east
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snow will continue into the morning hours over the northern mountains along west telephone continental divide. 29 at ledville 45 low a nn denver in. the spring most of the readings in the 30s over high country. tomorrow there will be rain and snow showers over the central and more than mountains for much of the afternoon drier down farther to the south and across the eastern plains. but definitely a cooler day tomorrow high temperatures only in the collin, greeley. 45 the high in ledville 51 steamboat 70s to near 80 but it's going to feel like fall tomorrow for sure. temperatures upper 60s to low 70s. lower elevations, 40s and 50s in the mother. scattered showers will be ?nding in the metro but the snows will continue in the merchandise la for a ow. tomorrow the high temperature ?t 68 degrees partly cloudy breeze breezy cooling and sunday will stay on the cool
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sunny 65 for a high. monday things warm up a bit sands really delightful weather coming up tuesday, wednesday of next week. 75 to 80. sunshine maybe a few showers coming back up on thursday. autumn starts to gets rocking and rolling as far as the
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for missing hiker in the last 10 minimums search crews made contact with the missing woman they are now working to get her off the trail. this sunday night at 11:00 here on denver 7 you can watch rachel's story triumph over tragedy in-depth look out the columbine tragedy led to a worldwide program. chain reaction in schools. they have been taking parts in chain reaction days designed to so show them we all life. challenges we share with each other. >> if you or close friends or family were ever a victim of violence because of your color, culture, religion, sexuality or heritage please cross the line. . >> sunday night we'll we out will take a look how contain reaction days work. >> straight ahead broncos ready
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why they are a little lighter
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. them near highlands ranch under the friday night lights. 48 yards into pay dirt. top team in 5a. proceeded to score 19 unanswered points. cameron gonzalez under a minute to play 14 yards in 6. 23-16 your final. >> welcome into the show. jahmai weapon webb sister. broncos hit the road with the deck stacked again helps head to cincinnati as under dawes also dealing with other issues. here's broncos insider troy
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toughest taste e test of the season without three starters. no demarcus ware donald stephen son told me he might miss another week with that calf injury. virgil green was ruled out today. that leaves john phillips in line to start at tight ends. paired with jeff hire man. phillips said the two complement each other well. >> this whole groop we'rr not one dimensional. everybody can pass catch big targets in the red zone stuff like that. i think all three of us can a little bit of everything. >>reporter: coach gary kubiak declined to reveal who will start at right tackle but looks like it will be tie sam brail 0 the former star missed all the preseason with an el we injury but he will not be on a play could you ttll according to coach cube ya. >> it's kind of hard to do. we can rotate and obviously get him a series or something out of the gamm but it's going to be really hard. he's been ready to play. >>reporter: brown cross are
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time in 3 weeks that's happened. remember this the bengals like to pass a lot. for that would that lead to a pick 6 that changes the game back to you in the studio. >> thanks very troy see ho open s in eugene saturday. one in four pack 12 openers since joining the conference. coach mack encouraged about his game day status. but has bigger issues than trying to slow the ducks. >> they still got plenty of speed they football team. so it's going texas an extremely tough contest but it's always fun starting your pack 12 games. the. >> legends vince scully night calling it a broadcast career after 67 years. dodgers four wins john gray offering smacked by yasmany grandal. drops into shallow right that's going to score 2. that's the la lead in the third. got a treat play of the night
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stanley lake hosted green mountain gators jack bounced back to pass. tipped into the hands of highlights weber. wow. just how they drew it up. take another look. better to be lucky than good. keep an eye on denver story this is from our every day hear rows series. >> great catch. >> we got some nice pictures. big story has been about the snow and mrs. but it's lights can on the even players. >> take a look some of our wireless cameras out there. this is the view from our bullington where another lighting up and raining heart tipped. those storms women ends tonight it will be a breezy cool and
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>> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live." tonight, kiefer sutherland, john olive, and music from die antwoord. and now, your attention plea -- here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ? >> jimmy: hi, i'm jimmy. very nice. i'm in no condition physically


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