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tv   7 News at 5 PM Saturday  ABC  September 24, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm MDT

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>> dave: tough running but in the end, the football pops out. a fumble scooped up by the wolverines. so even when penn state does something mildly positive, it goes wrong. >> brian: that is true freshman miles sanders. who they are trying to bring along as a compliment to barkley and fighting for extra yards. i like the fight at the end of the game. you got to know that when being held up, the second guy in is taught to strip. >> dave: this is a kid with a lot of talent. a highly recruited player. and you can tell, that one hurts. second week in a row he has put the ball on the ground. and now, michigan can just end this game. well, for the wolverines, a week to get ready. wisconsin coming in and i think it's pretty clear wisconsin will
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was. >> brian: certainly wisconsin's defense will be night and day from this defense. obviously, you will look at the numbers. michigan came in and wanted to run the football with john harbaugh and they ended up with 327 yards on the ground. it's not going to be as easy next week. they're going to put the game in wilton speight's hands and make him beat them. it will be a challenge. >> dave: and november gets real tough for the look every bit the part of a top five team today. big ten opener and this is a team that is ready to make a run. they got lots and lots of talent. but their quarterback has continued to get better and better. >> brian: we have seen it year in and year out. the teams after the the end are the ones that get better every week. they don't plateau and the michigan team from the hawaii game to ucf, and the cu game,
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they were better today than the last few weeks. >> dave: jim harbaugh and company, a lot to be proud of today. he found barkley for a hand shake before heading to the locker room. wolverine fans thrilled. 49-10, the final score. tune in to abc tonight, the game we're talking about, stanford on the road to take on ucla. for brian griese and todd mcshay, dave flemming saying so
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washington is broken. a blatant case of special interests buying influence in washington. was largely written by tipton's biggest campaign contributor. even worse, tipton's plans threaten thousands of recreation industry jobs. gail schwartz will protect colorado's public lands, jobs, and our rural way of life. gail schwartz -- independent leadership for colorado. house majority pac is responsible
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denver 7 news starts right w. >> the charlotte police chief is standing by his department releasing its own video of a deadly police shooting after the victim's family released video yeer deputy shot in the line of duty once again as he continues his recovery. and concerns over a serial arsonist in castle rock. the department came to us to get the word out. we went to castle rock. and investigators believe the same person could be responsible? >> reporter: they do. and we're talking about six separate wildfires that have
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this being he biggest one off oman road and gilbert street. the fire chief doesn't think any of it is a coincidence. >> all the evidence points to it being intentional. >> it's something that's dangerous to the community. >> reporter: he wants to get to the bottom of the series of small grass fires. the first last month when mulch caught on fire in a neighborhood park. and four fires sparked within minu plum creek trail. and the largest fires of all came close to homes yesterday. >> investigatorr found a lighter at the ignition point higher. >> when it gets to that point. i want the community involved and paying attention. >> it's very scary. we hadn't heard it until today. >> they walk the plum creek trail all the time.
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>> they probably encompass a 10- foot by 10-foot area. >> reporter: the small trail fires were all on the same side of the trail. and it looked like someone lit the grass on the trail. >> people do anything. >> go talk to someone and get some mental help. something's got to be wrong. >> the fire department is asking everyone who lives here in castle rock to the lookout. be vigilant. look for anything that may be suspicious. a fire that started small could grow into something more disastrous. tonight the search for an experienced hiker continues near aspen. david cook is lost near maroon bells. he took off on monday and didn't make it to his stop on tuesday. but a better story for a
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general cease park. crews used thermal imaging o find her. they took her to the hospital. the deadly shooting in north carolina prompted widespread protests throughout the city. the chief will produce body cam foodage. the video from the family ddes not show if scott had gun. the wants the truth. ?> i stand behind the truth. people can interpret anything they want based on one piece of evidence. and i suspect they will based on the video footage. but what i say is you have to put all the pieces together. >> the police department plans to release that video sometime tonight. the shooting death of scott has set off five days of protests. we'll continue to monitor if
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charlotte. >> people came together to show their appreciation for law enforcement. the four by four jeep -- to give out free breakfast officials. all money went to the colorado state patrol family foundation. one of the organizers wants to continue to do the event every year. >> we want to show support for every liver out there. we >> tomorrow there is another event called jeeps and java that also supports law enforcement. and starts tomorrow morning at 8:00 at the lost coffee in casting rock. and the community continues to come together for dan bright, the deputy shot in parker three weeks ago. we stopped by a fundraiser in castle rock.
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with detective bright's recovery. the folks used his badge number to write up a workout. he continues hii long road to recovery and he's alert and communicating with the family. switching gears to the weather. just a beautiful day and a little bit di yesterday. these skiers definitely not minding. this is from silver ton in the southwestern part of the state. several inches of snow fell in the high country. i can't believe we're will be seeing pictures ofthe snow. >> i know, it's great. we've had a cold front roll through the state and that ushered in the windy conditions. and increasing cloud coverage. take a look at loveland ski
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conditions, and lows in the mountains, and mainly in the upper 20s too30s. sterling across the eastern plains will see sunny skies. and winds will pick up and here's the first alert. tomorrow will be a little bit cooler. i'll have the extended forecast coming up. and although the cooler fall weather -- fire crews are warning that fire damage is high. 260 evergreen residents are breathing a after an early morning fire was kept to 4 acres. but it did prompt evacuation notices. >> the same winds that knockkd a power line down causing the hide away fire helped officials >> every fire is a little bit of luck. the winds die down for it. temperatures dropped and humidity rose. this includes battling the 4- acre fire for five hours.
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fire like this ii going to go. >> he says thh warnings are fairly routine. >> we are living in an area that can burn. >> he's taken part in other evacuations while living in evergreen. >> the reverse 911 -- >> most people are ready to go, understanding that in a serious situation they've only got 15 minutes 267 residents were notified. officials say they were moving quickly because of the time of night. >> it's unusual for a fire to start in the middle of the night. >> high winds and dry conditions is all it takes to get a fire going. >> we're always worried until there's a couple of inches of snow on the ground. right now police are working to bring a man back from california to face charges for allegedly burning a man to death in montbello.
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back in july. dell sean gilss was charactered. we have a health alert for you. health officials in southern california are warning about an outbreak of infections linked to raw milk. 20 people were sick after drinking milk from the eagle county deputies want you to be on the lookout for this man, 78-year-old byron winston and wife were traveling from california to iowa and stopped at a loaf and judge. he has dementia and could be traveling east.
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demolition. and the road will be closed until 5:00 monday morning. >> it's a tradition in the 13th year. castle rock firefighters and volunteers took part in a paint- a-thon painting homes of the disabled nd the elderly. the fire department picks a few houses every year. and they painted this mobile home today. the owner is disabled and a widow. >> it's our way to beautify the community and help out people in need. and it gets a lot of our firefighters and community an opportunity to serve. >> chief morales and his they'll paint another home ow and do it all over again next year. the first presidential debate on monday. the piece of advice a former gop chair has for donald trump. and you don't need to rely on dry rice. the new solution two colorado
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on the campaign trail, hillary clinton says immigration reform will boost america's economy by $700 billion. and donald trump ays the immigrant population is about to set a new record. it's this week's truth a meter. >> within a immigration as a share of national population is set to break all historical records. >> donald trump making that claim as he outlined the specifics of hhs immigration reform plan. saying immigrants have greatly enriched our country but we owe it to them and their children to -- they looked into the data
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>> we'll have more non-native americans in this country as a share of population than ever before. >> projections suggest that the foreign born population is rising and a new record could be reached in seven years. they rated trump's claim as mostly true. >> comprehensive immigration reform will not only be the right thing to do but it will add $700 billion to our immigration reform saying an overhaul of the immigration system would add $700 billion to the u.s. $18trillion economy. experts say most of the money we generate will be by new immigrants moving into the country. and so the benefit to the native population -- quote unquote the people who live
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>> clinton's statement is partially accurate but leaves out important details rating the claim half true. look for immigration reform to come out in monday night's debate securing america as one of the three topics on the agenda. i'll see you back for politics unplugged when we talk to a former gop chair and democratic congressman ed perlmutter. and monday is the first hillary clinton and donald trump. we spoke to a former chair of the republican party who offered up advice on what he thinks donald trump should do. >> if he comes across as presidentialial and shows a command of the issues, i think he should ignore hillary clinton. >> you can catch the presidential debate monday
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into some sort of water. seems like a death wish foo a phone. and now colorado men have come up with a solution. they invented tech dry a machine that can save a phone, a laptop, or a tablet in just about an hour. >> we all have phones and the phones connect us to everything. friends, family, coworkers, and when we get separated from that, that's a trrumatic experience. >> i could have used this for three of my last and the pair will be on shark tank right here on denver seven in two weeks to try and land investors. doctors at swedish medical center are tackling the opioid epidemic. doctors say more people use opioids than smoke cigarettes in the country. and 30,000 people die every year from opioid abuse. sometimes the addictions start
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>> pain equals an opioid prescciption or a drug order in the chart. >> swedish is working to stop the problem becoming the area's no yesterday free emergency. n - a lit girl hurt in a house fire. we got this picture of the 5- year-old giving a thumbs up from her and here's a look at mow she was rescued -- how she was rescued. firefighters found her hiding and we're glad she's doing well tonight. and here's your first alert that we are going to be in for a breezy evening. mainly in the plains this evening. staying cool through sunday. temperatures today well below normal for this time of year. and next week we see 70s and
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affected the state rolling through friday afternoon. what's left behind is increasing cloud coverage. and we'll see a few scattered showers and storms and staying dry across the denver metro area. showers in the mountains and further to the north and the east. mostly to partly cloudy skies. so in denver we've seen increasing cloud cover throughout the day. and the big story has been the winds. sustained winds at 18 miles hour. temperatures right now very mild in the mid-60s and we'll continue to see breezy -?conditions throughout the course of the night. 18-mile-per-hour gusts in the denver metro and 11 near sterling. and sly da and pueblo -- salida and pueblo. and temperatures outside right now feeling very ild, very fall like today. it's the second full day
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and 67 right now in parker. 40s in the mountains with the increasing cloud coverage. and allenspark at 44 degrees. the temperatures well below arch for this -- below average for this time of year. 40degrees overnight low in denver. 28 in leadville. 30s in the mountains, and 29 in gunnison. and across the plains, mid-to temperatures tonight very cool and tomorrow we'll see a cooldown in terms of the daytime highs. almost 15 to 20 degrees below where they should be this time of year. future cast showing what to expect. thii is 8:000tonight. and still the chance for a few showers in tte mouutains, producing a mix of rain and snow. and in the northern mountains, 2 to 6 inches in places. and we are not looks at much overnight tonight. we'll see things dry out by
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skies. and we'll stay very sunny across the whole state for much of sunday heading to monday. mostly cloudy, breezy conditions. and by tomorrow, mostly sunny and temperatures well below average in the mid-60s. anddnormally, we should be in the mid-70s. what we can expect moving forward, a lot of sunshine and a gradual warmup. and temperatures in the mid-70s by tuesday. and 80 degrees come wednesday, so it feels a lot like fall this weekend but we'll gradually start and 80s next week. >> i don't like being below average wwen it comes to temperatures. >> it's gorgeous out there. and emphasis with the leaves changing. >> the southern and central mountains didn't get hit with the amount of wind. >> the foliage is great to check out tomoorow. >> thann you so much, katie. journey sometimes begins when they return home.
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the power of the sun and the wind. it can fuel our lives and our economy, too. over 10,000 jo in colorado alone. but when washington gridlock was choking the industry, something had to be done. so, i teamed up with republicans and democrats to pass the new laws we needed to help renewable energy grow. protecting the jobs we have and generating more for the future. i'm michael bennet, and that's
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? amazing sleep stays with you all day and all night. sleep number beds adjust on both sides for your best sleep ever. only at a sleep number store. right now our most popular mattress starts at $1599.99. hurry, ends soon! learn more at know better sleep. welcome back. it teaches discipline and patience, redirects anger, builds confidence, and it's fun. range. all happens at a gun %- hannah atkinson and shannon ogden explain. >> reporter: keith gleason is
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how will you end -- >> how? >> yeah, how will you end? >> that's hard to answer. >> gleason has had a hard time of it. with ptsd, it sets me back a lot at times. it makes me have anxiety attacks. makes me want to stay indoors, keeps me from wanting to do anything. >> gleason was invited to take part in a new competitive air gun program run sports center for the disabled. shooting as therapy. >> nice shot. >> it's relaxing to me. it makes me sit back and look at the target and just relax and say okay, i can do this. >> there are 15 to 20 participants each month directed by the local v.a. >> this particular program is good for people who want to
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so shooting something is very calm. we teach the same breath techniques as in yo. people are rellxed and then fire their weapons. >> i let it go down range. >> they can be adapted to accommodate any disability. >> you don't have use of your arms or use of any parts of your body. we have a syssem where you can shoot by blowing through a straw. >> the program is run out of the denver police department's officers are the instructors. they were trained how to teach those with disabilities by the paralympic team in colorado springs. >> almost everybody here looks forward to this. it builds their confidence. their skills with building. and i see them coaching each
5:31 pm
other. >> the program was developed for wounded military veterans. as of this month, it's being expanded to anyone with a disabiliiy. >> i like that. >> denver seven contributor hannah atkinson gave it a shot. >> good. >> oh, thanks. >> reporter: it hasn't been great for the paper squirrels, but the program is already considered a tremendous success. just ask keith leason. >> and when i get down, i'm so stoked i did better a time i fire. with this, it maaes me want to come out and get out and do things again. >> this is fantastic. hannah is a woman of many talents. if you're interested in participating, details on and on the app. new details on the mall shooting in washington as new
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went to get you caught up on the top stories. the castle rock fire department is warning about a possible serial arsonist on the loose. six fires have been set in the same area in the la the charlotte, north carolina police chief says he will release dash cam and body cam footage of a deadly police shooting that sparked protest. this video that was released by keith scott's family did not weigh into the decision. new details tonight. police in washington state have released these pictures of the man they believe shot and killed 35 people in a mall. the gunman remains on the loose
5:35 pm
a new view of a mass murderer. >> male ran into the women's macey with a long rifle. multiple calls. >> reporter: new evidence in the manhunt for the person seen here who police say opened fire and killing five people and escaping. >> what we know from security footage that we recovered is that the suspeet entered the mall without a entered macy's with a rifle and fired multiple times. >> what i saw was that there was a gunman holding a rifle shooting and he saw me and took off running. >> reporter: across broke out in the makeup department. they not only saw the gunman but the victim too. >> found two ladies on the floor and one was face down and a lot of blood, a pool of blood
5:36 pm
next to her. i check evidence for a pulse and she didn't have any. >> four women and one man died. and it took officers hours to clear the mall while searching for the suspect. and he reportedly ran out before police arrived. >> they are hiding in the break room at this time. >> customers were eventually bused to a nearby church. and the hunt is on for the gunman considered armed and dangerous. no motive known fo the fbi and atf joining in the investigation. >> people are waking up and their world is changed forever. and i don't think our way of life needs to change. changing gears to weather. this is a sight we all know. snow from a cold front that moved through yesterday has
5:37 pm
the old fall river road is also closed because of the snow. this is only temporary. the road is not officially closed for season just yet. and let's check in with katie lasalle for the first alert forecast. >> it's that time of year. we're seeing snow showers across the high country. this is view of loveland ski area. the chance for showers will slowly diminish through the evening hours into tomorrow morning. it's all due to the cold front that rolled through changing the weather pattern yesterday heading in to today. here are the headlines for the rest of the weekend. in the mountains early. mainly cool tonight. by sunday, a lot more sunshine and still cool in the 60s. and i'll show you the 7-day forecast in just a little bit. denver's rhino district is one of the city's most up and coming areas. and tomorrow there will be a new destination for you to
5:38 pm
market. right now there's a lot of development happening in the area. and the owners hope the new market will be a destination. already 11 different vendors offering a wide variety of ood and prepared items you can cook >> i think ours is very much a shopping destination. we have the fresh fish here. the butcher counter-er right behind me. bakery, coffee, everything for your basic shopping. >> and remember grand opening is tomorrow. for sophomores in fort collins. never forget. >> if your parents are divorced or currently separated. please cross the line. >> this cross the line experience is just one of the activities during chain reaction day. it's part of the school's four year rachel's challenge proggam talking to students about being kind and compassionate which
5:39 pm
hhgher test scores. >> they start to -- students break down their barriers and connect with each other on different levels. >> tomorrow night at 11:00. denver 7:00 will air rachael's story iumph over tragedy. how the rachel's hallenge program was started. one woman getting quite the
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a california woman had a lunch order from domino's she'll never forget. she ordered chicken wings, and instead got five grand in a box. >> i can't keep it. it's not like it's $20 that you find. it's almost $5000. >> dough -- >> she got in touch with the reward, free pizza for a year. what a good deal. getting new school clothes is exciting for most kids but what if there's no money for the clothes. >> parents unfortunatell have to make choices sometimes betteen adequate clothing and school supplies and rent. >> that's why nancy started something called serving kids in jefferson county.
5:43 pm
students in preschool through high school. >> it's a week's worth of new or near new clothing for any student who needs it. >> last year, more than 25,000 pieces of clothing went to hundreds of students. >> last year, precisely, 1325. >> not bad for an operation that started in nancy's garage 20 years ago. >> she's been the person that held it together. >> there are 30 volunteers, many who together put in 2000 hours of time. it's all done behind the scenes and staffers notice the difference when the kids get their clothes. >> we always get reaction like it's christmas. they'll be excited to go through each item. >> i can see the love they pour on every task. >> they do amazing work. and i'm so proud to be a partt of it.
5:44 pm
meant to a mom or a child. and that keeps us going. >> it's more than a new pair of shoes or jeans. serving kids is about improving a student's self-esteem and their willingness to learn and succeed. >> if kids don't feel good about going to school and how they look. they'll struggle with wanting to be there. >> you have been serving kids for the many, many years denver seven and trusted choice, the independent insurance agents of colorado want to honor you as a seven everyday hero for all your service to young people. [ applause and cheering ] and to nominate someone as a seven everyday hero. go to and click on the community section and seven everyday heroes. the temperatures tonight in the 40s.
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happy saturday to you. a very cool day across the state all due to the cold front that moves through colorado. and that had gusty winds in front and behind it. very windy conditions throughout much of the
5:48 pm
and 66 at the airport and winds from the west at 18 miles per hour. and throughout the rest of the evening we'll see the winds eventually die down. and take a look at what we're dealing with now. 21miles per hour, primarily from the west in broomfield. 12miles per hour near highlands ranch. 45degrees in aspen. and mid- to upper 60s across the northeastern plains. and still seeing mid-70s to southeast. and temperatures are about almost 10 to 20 degrees cooler than what we felt yesterday. the lows staying below average. and temperatures getting to the freezing levels in leadville. eagle, 33. and continuing to see mid-to lower 40s across much of the metro area. you ay want the jacket if you're doing anything outside tonight. we'll see a mix of sun and clouds until about sunset. and then in the mountains we
5:49 pm
turning to rain showers and then we'll clear up throughout the rest of the evening. and as you can see, mostly clear skies and then plenty of sunshine to be felt across the state come sunday to monday. high pressure will move back in and the trough of low pressure slowly making its way out of colorado. tonight getting down to 40 degrees and staying breezy. winds from the west and partly cloudy skies and mostly dry across all the plains toniggt. tomorrow we wake up to mostly clear conditions, expected high. 10degrees below average. and normally, we should be in the mid-70s. and by monday a little bit warmer and a high near 70 degrees. 75 by tuesday. and wednesday we're back in the low 80s. it really, really felt like fall this weekend. very breezy and we'll continue to see a warmup come next week. a chance for a few showers but for the most part feeling very pleasant.
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wrapped up. [ overlapping speakers >> about to get on live tv. >> we got a lot going on. broncos and -- what else do you want? and college football highlights. csu visited minnesota. it wasn't as painful as that. i'll explain with highlights
5:51 pm
washington is brok en. a blatant case of special interests buying influence in washington. a draft bill by scott tipton was largely written by tipton's biggest campaign contributor. even worse, tipton's plans threaten thousands of recreation industry jobs. gail schwartz will protect colorado's public lands, gail schwartz -- independent leadership for colorado. house majority pac is responsible
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how is it going? welcome to sports extra. it was breakfast with the rams as csu kicked off at 10:00
5:53 pm
first to a big 10 stadium in 11 years. collin hill making his second career start. csu goes misdirection. 18yards into pay dirt. and rams beginning to wake up if they weren't in the first. >> here comes pressure. he's going to get drilled. the ball is loose. minnesota ball >> omg. hill took a shot. fumble recovered by the gophers led to points. and here comes csu in the third. knocking on the door of the goal line. pulled him to within three. minnesota always seems to have an answer. and looking left and adjusts with he ball midair. and makes the grab good for a 15-yard score and made it 31-24
5:54 pm
progress. >> improvement from week one to week four is what you look for the in a coach. and i believe we're looking better. you'd like to have a victory on the road against a big 10 opponent. but that's life sometimes like i told the guys. >> colorado hit the road for the pac-12 opener. made progress with his injury. and this will start for montez. and denver'ssphillip lindsay is going to clean it up. that lead would continue to build. later in the first, itts montez airing ate out. and that's a big league throw into the -- a 7-yard touchdown. and it was silent in eugene. and this one still in progress. montez 3 estimations.
5:55 pm
touchdown pass and run. and 3rd quarter now underway. and it's 33-17. we'll have the final tonight as cu leads. broncos have touched down in the queen city. over the last three seasons, they owned the best record. they've started the year 2-0. and paul brown stadiummaaaits. it's an early kickoff. cinninnati and it wasn't good. the score was 37-28. and they haven't won there in four years. the team leads the league in wins. and when teams travel to cinci, they've always left on the losing end. the broncos become visitors for the first time this year with a first year starting signal caller. >> i hope that trevor is able
5:56 pm
hasn't been won in the month of september in five years. >> i think cincinnati has a heck of a home field. they have aagreat crowd and they're pretty successful there. we'll have our hands full for sure. avalanche just getting going. they continued the training camp schedule. the new head man says it's about attention to detail and the avs are three practices into camp. and thursday they'll play at d.u. >> i'm looking forward to seeing the different style and different thiigs that our coaches will have to size and like i say, just get to work. it's been a long summer, and we're ready to go.. >> three years ago we got off to a hot start and it carried us into the division title.
5:57 pm
for us. and we'll be ready. check this out. asian federation nder 16 championship, uzbekistan and north korea, the goalkeeper clears it. and appears of the verplayed it but check that out. >> oh, no. >> how shameless was that. >> the goalie actually was such a horrible actor, it just 3 highlighted his disregard for playing the position. >> my friends made me play on their college team and thhy put me in as goalie. bad idea. i had never played before. >> didn't know you could use your hands, just say that. we'll see you back at
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>> announcer: the following is a presentation of espn on abc. ? ? backdrop is second to none, the san gabrielle mountains framing the rose bowl, as we welcome you to espn saturday night football on abc. the crucial pac 12 number 7 stanford against the bruins of ucla. chris fowler, kirk herbstreit, sam ponder will join us. what's better than this place with the sun shining in a good early season conference game. we'll see if christian mccaffrey can make this his show the way he did on new year's day.


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