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tv   7 News Now Sunday at 9 AM  ABC  September 25, 2016 9:00am-10:00am MDT

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breaking news, and attempted sex assault overnight on campus. >> they are searching for the man responsible. >> amanda joins us live where the attack happened. >> reporter: fortunately, the victim was able to get away but it happened right here. and, just steps away from the auditorium here. and, they say that it happened at 1 am when the victim was walking along university avenue. that's when he approached her and put his arm around her. she rejected the suspect that's when he grabbed her shirt pulling her to the ground. she was able to fight hee way off and contact the police. police are looking for the man that they describe as a black
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small shaggy -- 6'1", he iss where the she has a small shaagy beard. this comes after a rally held by students to raise awareness for sexual assault. and, after last fall, students participated in this survey and found that 92% of students do not actually report when they have been sexually assaulted. the suspect or, if you have been assaulted yourself, be sure to contact police to report that. also, breaking overnight, the shooter immediately mall massacre is behind bars. the suspect that you see her behind us is 20-year-old arcan cetin the arrest comes as a prayer services being held for those victims. the big question today, is why
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here is what we know about the suspect. >> it happened without a single shot fired.>> there he is walking. >> the suspected 20-year-old shooter, arcan cetin, a recent high school graduate.>> i saw an individual walking northbound and i instantly recognized and i did an abrupt year to rush you turn and -- turnaround and i took him into cu from the shooting where they found him. he spotted him walking down the street. >> he said nothing, he was in a zombie like state. he did not have a weapon with him. >> they arrested him almost exactly 24 hours after the shooting rampage inside of this macy's. for women and one man shot to
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pictures of him posing with ?arious firearms. hours earlier, they had released new information from inside the mall. they say, he is in a t-shirt and shorts no tactical gear and nothing to make them stand out before opening fire. >> there are 3 to 4 eople down inside. we have one rifle left in the area. >> to see it happen, 20 ffet away from you, it's just insane to me. i never thought that i would be in that position at somebody who is losing their life and i can't do anything about it. >> the victims range in age from a teenage cancer survivor, a senior citizen. -?they're looking into reports ?hat his ex-girlfriend may have worked there. but for now, that motive remains unknown. breaking sports news, the miami marlins pitcher jose fernandez is dead after a
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of three people killed in the crash off of miami beach. they say that the boat overturned and crashed into the rocks. hernandez -- he was not wearing a life vest. they are searching for survivors. today's game against the braves and a phenomenal athlete as 24 here is your first alert, today we will see mostly clear skies. and, the cold front that extremely gusty winds has siice moved off to the east. and, mostly cloudy near the ski area. and, we should the winds not as gusty today. and, a very pretty start to the day. in denver, we are seeing mostly clear conditions 53 at the airport. the winds from the northeast at here is her first alert, our temperatures are slightly below average.
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denver. it will see temperatures below average. but that warm up is coming. i will bring you your forecast coming up. 9:05 am, after heavy pressure police released to videos -- two videos the deadly shooting of keith scott. some people may find these fields disturbing. first, a look at the dashcam wrote video. -- and, we also have body camera video. an officer who wiilds a baton trying to get him out of his vehicle. he stands and then, you see him on the ground. officers approach with guns drawn and then give first aid. there was a fifth night of protests, by the way, but it remained mostly peaceful. they say he refused to drop aa gun, but his family denies that
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officers. it appears that he has his hands by his side. again, there is no definitive evidence in this video, as to object in his hand. is an >> police also released this photo of what they say is his gun. a thorson man is heading to prison -- thorton man is heading to prison for killing his wife. the 50-year-old hector free off pled guilty. couple's marriage was falling apart so she was leaving. also new this morning, the coroner's office is investigating how a man died. his body was found yesterday under the 28th frontage roads bridge. an autopsy is underway -- is underway. a fire chief says that there has been six separate fires, and i talked to them yesterday. they think hat they were set
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a lighter was found at the scene of the most recent fire that happened on friday. >> we were 15 seconds away from a catastrophe. when it gets to that point, i want the community involved and paying attention. >> the fire chief is asking you to be on the lookout enter reported. -- and to report it. firefighters revealed that sparked the hideaway fire in evergreen. they say high winds knocked on a power line. the wildfire burned about 2 to 4 acres. no homes were damaged. a driver seriously hurt after they say a person's bed for a stop sign -- sped through a stop sign and crashed into the house. as you can see, the house held his own. >> -- its own. there is a housing crisis in summit county. the cost of hot -- housing is
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those less expensive areas. they say rent costs have gone up over 200%. and wages are not keeping up. people who live there for decades they do have never seen a housing crisis this bad and it is causing families to choose to go without health care coverage. >> it puts pressure on all of the human services, the food banks, and the social services and all of those nonprofits that support people who don't make a sustainable wage and, it has just got a ripple effect. >> county commissioners will meet on tuesday to try to alleviate some of that stress. just 24 hours to go until the first presidential debate. analysts say that hillary clinton will focus on what she has done, while donald trump will concentrate on what he willldo. member, watch the debate rrght here at 7 pm. coming up, we put some of
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and we find out how they fared in the truth meter happening today, the largest fundraiser ffr breast cancer research kicked off. less than an hour ago. we are talking about the race for the cure. we flew over the race right around 8 am. the walk is underway. >> a lot of pink out there. and the 28th erinys -- awareness result -- awareness walk syndrome. and, a major health alert for you, colorado health officials say that nearly 2 dozen people are sick because of milk. ppus, a belated happy
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good sunday morning. so much sunshine out there. we started with mostly cloudy skies but we will continue to see plenty of sun. temperatures are still on the cool side. upper 60s. so make sure that youuhave a light jacket. it is 48 in denver and it will continue to be middle upper 60s. river health news alert southern california health leaders are issuing a warning about an outbreak of infections links to -- linked to raw milk. and, this infection causes flulike symptoms, it could be deadly. they are still looking into how the outbreak started. the search continues for an experienced hiker. david cook, new mexico, is lost. they say that he took off from aspen on monday nd didn't make it to his stop on tuesday.
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detective, dan bright, who was shot on duty. yesterday there as a fundraiser in castle rock. they say that they raised more than $2000. he is now alert and communicating with his family. today, is the day that the denver central market is open. the grand openings early on this morning. there are 11 different vendors offering food, goodies, and the owner hopes it will be a destination spot. and, reiner district. multiple alarms go off at an animal shelter late at night. you would think that it is aa intruder. but it wasn't. people across the country quite frankly, i really creeped outtabout this. random clouds are terrorizing neighborhoods. -- clouds are terrorizing -- clowns are terrorizing
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welcome back. thank you for being with us. there was a big party and montebello. years old. there was a festival yesterday. >> we to -- we are celebrating the rich diversity, a community that is strong, but dance together the matter what. -- that stands together no matter what. you see shootings, like that happens all the time, but it's a very minuscule part of what happens out here. >> they put together a video with hopes of revisiting those memories created yesterday pick
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event for sense of security. they offer financial assistance to breast cancer patient. teresa was the mc. and, they have provided $1.8 million in assistance since t startee in 2000 a reminder, the campus lounge closes after the broncos game. but, there is all ready a new mold -- a new owner moving in. also, want to head to rocky mount -- mountain national park, they closed trail ridge road. and, fall river road. is closed for now. we are not looking at any snow like that >> yes. >> not within the next little while.>> did you hear the big crash? her makeup fell on the ground. >> you're not supposed to tell people that.
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not broke. >> at least it wasn't a phone. hopefully, you're able to get outside today. we are looking forward to the game. but right now, temperatures are pretty mild. upper 40s to lower 50s. the radar and satelllte showing the big cold front that hit us. it has since moved up to be used, and colorado is left mostly dry. and, a beautiful start to the day. we are seeing some cloud coverage across higher elevations and, near stirling, partly cloudy skies. and, clouds will gradually dissipate throughout the morning hours. 53 out of the airport, the winds from the northeast around eight miles per hour and here's your first alert, it will not be as gusty . that breeze will stay from the northeast towards the course of
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it was a cool start to the morning, we saw 20s in conifer, right now 50 in bennett and parker at 52. our temperatures will gradually warm up throughout the day today. and especially in greeley, fort collins, expect highs in the low 70s. and, elsewhere across the state as you can see, 72 in grand junction, and then the middle to upper 60s across the northeast and planes with lower these temperatures are about 10 should be. tonight, the overnight lows will be cool. and, we could the trust about the especially in those low- lying areas. the pictures dropping to the lower 40s even upper 50s. and overnight tonight, heading into tomorrow, guys will stay nicely clear -- mostly clear. a bit warmer as we go into the first bit of next week.
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this weekend. -- of all -- fall was this weekend. we should state mostly dry -- stay mostly dry. thursday we do have a chance for evening showers. but temperatures really warm up. we have upper 70s and lower 80s tuesday and wednesday. the overnight lows we will be into the middle to over -- the middle to upper 40s overnight. it is feeling pretty pleasann, as i would say. >> so, you graduate makeup that fell on -- i grabbed your makeup fell on the ground. >> i almost had a fit their minute ago. all of these things are happening there. >> something going on. it is a beautiful day. >> thank you. and look at this, surveillance cameras are rrlling. that is a crafty german
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her cage, she makes her way through three different doors to the lobby and gets out. she was dropped off at the shelter just days ago so maybe she just wants to get home. she does need a forever home may be one with good locks. -? coming up, the box -- the box open up against the ducks. reminding us of a series of
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gton is bra blatant case of special interests buying influence in washington. a draft bill by scott tipton was largely written by tipton's biggest campaign contributor. even worse, tipton's plans threaten thousands of recreation industry jobs. gail schwartz will protect colorado's public lands, jobs, and our rural way of life. gail schwartz -- independent leadership for colorado. house majority pac is responsible
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how is it going? welcome. good morning. yesterday colorado opened up its conference schedule in eugene oregon. and think way back to 2012 they were beaten by oregon 70 to 14. and i can tell you what was on their mind just today, the
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ruled a no go. andd they built a 2000 they built a 2016 -- they built the 2016 lead. and looking for devin ross, and they reviewed the play and accounted for a 44 yard score. and, he called his own shot, and oregon didn't go away. -?they went on to score 3 unanswered touchdowns. and, the 18 yard touchdown. and, and it was montes who had the answer. it delivers to bryce. and, one-handed. it would be reviewed. what after further evaluation we have 4831. and, it came down to this. under a minute to play, anit comes through clutch. the game clinching intersection, and the hhad coach
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a friendly embrace. it is their first win over -?oregon since 1998. and, montes is a monster. 333 yards passing. and 7 yards -- devin ross, 300 yards receiving. and, we have got mr. weatherspoon on the hotline. >> we needed a big win. we needed that stable when to just give us notice what we started on. >> wow. >> yes, they have been through so much and our coaches as well. i feel like this is a signature victory for us. four years ago, it's like 50s to nothing at halftime and i would like to just think these guys and i'd like to think all
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win. and we're just going to be ready for the next game. minnesota, they had kick off at 10 am mountain time. the first quarterrwas misdirection. and, they are beginning to wake up and if they didn't this happen. >> here comes pressure. he's going to get through. it is loose. >> we are going to need the smelling salts. >> fumble recovered and led two points in a 17 seven halftime lead. here come the rams, knocking on the door, finds his way in. and, minnesota seems to have an answer. so did the rams. looking left, michael, adjust. makes the grabbed good for a 15 yard score.
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and, that's yyur final. the rams are to into and making progrees. >> the improvement from recline to week four -- from week one to week four, i believe we are getting better. and we are rewarded with a victoryyagainst a big ten opponent. and, it's life sometimes like i >> they have in early one, 11 am kickoff. and, we have choice live at 5 pm -- troy live at 5 pm. that's a look at your morning sports. and is still ahead, three gunmen opened fire in a baltimore neighborhood eating -- hurting 12 people. plus, really creepy clowns are popping up. some are accused of chasing people and others just being
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welcome back we aren't top of breaking news. university police -- we are on top of breaking news.>> amanda is gathering all of those details for us this morning. she joins us live. what have you learned? >> reporter: it happened just steps away from the auditorium here at cu. we are here at seventh street and university avenue. that's where a -- they say she was walking at 1 am when a man approached her from behind and put his arm around her. she rejected him, and that's when he grabbed her shirt and pulled her to the ground. she fought o s tpect and got away. we do have a description of that suspect he is being
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aged male standing at 601, of beard. he let -- he was last seen wearing a cu fletcher. this comes after a silent rally. a lot of them sat in silence for 20 minutes to raise awareness for the sexual assaults that happen here on campus. it also comes just a year after 13,000 students a sexual misconduct survey. now, from that survey found that 92% of students who are sexually assaulted here on cu, did not actually tell anyone, did not notify anyone. so, if you know anything about the suspect or the attack, please be sure to contact police.
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baltimore, three gunmen opened fire shooting and injuring eighttpeople including a three- year-old girl and her father. investigators say that more than a dozen shots were fired they say it is a retaliation to a labor day weekend shooting that killeddone man. they say that all eight victims are expected to survive. >> the cold front that really affected colorado the past couple of days has since moved off the east. we were left with mostly cloudy skies. we will see those clouds becoming sunny and those places, staying very clear for tonight and chilly temperatures. upper 30s lower 40s, but very warm and a nice pleasant week nexteek. and hot you're heading to the high country it will be cool. a decrease in clouds, and a very ppetty start here. not as wendy. but very clear. plenty of sunshine.
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cool in thh lower 50s temperatures will gradually warm to the middle to upper 60s under mostly sunny skies. a light jacket or a sweater would be great. here is your first alert temperatures today. slightly below average will be slightly above average coming up. deputies in eagle county say that this missing 78-year- old man is safe. traveling in california to iowa when they stopped, in eagle. good news, he is safe and his family has been contacted. police in georgia have arrested this man, dressed in a cloud of ash cloud cloth -- clown costume. he is facing disorderly conduct charges after witnesses say that the man was running around
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stores. in the meantime, there was a scare here in denver. this creepy clown with the basque was walking around neighborhoods -- mask was walking around neighborhoods. but this picture, turns out that there's no scary clown. 13. the man shot and killed in a deadly police shooting is laid to rest. they said goodbye to terrence crutcher and killed him -- that he shall be -- betty shelby shot and killed him, and could face up to four years in prison. there is a desperate search for a 17-year-old girl. this is caitlyn goodwill. they responded to her house to find free dead adults, two kids unharmed, but to adults are believed to be her parents --
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the search is on for the suspects. hillary clinton in donald trump are getting ready to go head-to-head. with the recent violence, donald trump is accusing clinton of siding against police. the clinton campaign firing back thing, it is really just about coming together. both candidates are now prepping, watching videos of each other. in the meantime, the race is getting tighter. a new poll shows stakes dramatically. clinton 46%, trumpet 44%, gary johnson 5% -- trump at 44%, gary johnson 5%, and jill stein at 1%. and, we will break down some of his biggest moments. hillary clinton has picked up an endorsement. the newspaper says her experience as secretary of state makes are better qualified to
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donald trump. the times also backs clinton during the democratic primary. ?>> immigration reform will boost america's economy by $700 billion, according to clinton. while donald trump says it is about to start a new record -- it is about to break a record. -?>> within a few years, immigration has a share of national populltion. to break all historical records. >> donald trump making th claim as he outlined the specifics of his immigration reform plan thing that they have enriched our country but we owe it to them and their children to control futtre immigration. at this rate, he claims that it will soon set new highs. and, politifact looked into that data that dates back tonight -- 1850. >> we will have more non-native americans as a share population
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>> they say suggestions suggest that the foreign-born population is rising and a new record could be reached in seven years. politifact rating it is mostly clear. -- true. comprehensive immigration reform will not only be the right thing to do but it will add $700 billion to our economy. >> hillary clinton also talking immigration reform thing an overhaul to the united states, $18 trillion economy. they went digging from a budget report to look into her numbers. >> experts say that most of the money generated will be buying new immigrants moving into the coontryy-- will be by new immigrants moving into the country. the people who live here now would be must -- much less.
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half true. look for to come up in the first presidential debate, securing america is one of the three topics. we will see you back here, when we talk to the former gop chair, and democratic congressman. many people across the metro appreciation for law enforcement. the community gatherrd at the sports bar. and, raised went to the colorado state patrol family foundation. -?>> we ant to show our suppor every year for every law 3 enforcement officer. we know that i have a tough job. we support them 100%. -- we know that they have a tough job. we support them 100%. and another event jeeps and java starts at 8 am. a reminder to anyone who
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it caught on fire -- a video of
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this dear is getting swept away. and, moments later, the deer and, it is causing quite the spectacle. >> my daughter called 911 and police department and the police department said that they couldn't do anything. she's going to have to try to swim to shore. >> so helpless, but knowing that would die freemen acted fast. they used a lifejacket to pull the deer to safety. then, they drove the deer out of town and set it free. so thank goodness it was not hurt.
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indianapolis. he says that he was charging his own in the garage while his daughters were getting ready for school and a burst into flames. he threw it away, so that nothing else would catch fire. and, they had shipped a half- million replacement bones across the country. a new museum celebrating african-american history is in washington. the grand opening was yesterday. and, that was a long time coming. the former president authorized its construction 13 years ago. president. obama in the first lady were on hand. it shows how been -- it shows how america was moved forward. >> hopefully, this museum can help us talk to each other. and more important, listen to each other. >> it features thousands of artifacts and exhibits honoring the struggles and triumphs of those in african-american
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those are drones. take a close look. one is a flying donald trump pooping money and another is hillary clinton on a broomstick. a man from san diego created those political drones to lighten the mood. they are pretty well done and, political speech at its finest. a nice day in the air. and, >> does he take a lot of photos. >> amico pro on it. >> it's a beautiful -- they have a go pro on it. it is a beautiful day. and, mostly dry and mostly sunny when the clouds clear way. there is snow on the peaks, and partly cloudy skies near stirling.
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good news and througgout much of the day we should see temperatures gradually warming into the upper 60s. and across the front range, we will start to see an increasing cloud covered overnight. but, i need to start the computer over because it's one of those. sometimes it says it's morning and then i will get you your full forecast. i wish that i could change it. but i will bring you your full forecast as soon as we do a little reboot. >> no problem. and eight-year-old girl states her mom from a stroke. she had just happened to recently recognize those designs. here is a 911 call. >> 911, what's your emergency? >> i'm in the house with my mom and i think she's having a stroke. >> why do you think sse is having a stroke?
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to the right. >> while. -- wow. he is now getting an award from county leaders. rightfully so we all look over to guests -- look forward to guests joining us with a pet of the
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thank you for your patience. right now, 53 out of the and, we will continue to see not as quite windy conditions. elsewhere, across the front range, 54 bennett, castle rock 52, and still very cool conditions. highs today are staying in the 50s and 60s. greatly you will see a high -- greenlee you will see a high
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you should be seeing 50s and 60s. so it's still rather cool. 72 is are expected high in grand junction. temperatures drop back down into the 40s tonight but very chilly conditions especially in the mountains. we should stay very dry over the next couple days. tomorrow morning mostly clear skies, and lows in the 70s. it's a tad bit warmer today, temperatures are 10 degrees below where they should be. and a warm-up is coming. high pressure will remain in control across colorado. so just be aware, you may want able -- a white -- a light jacket. and, by monday and tuesday it will start to warm back up into the upper 70s come tuesday an low 80s by wednesday. plenty of sunshine to be felt staying very dry. the next test chance for seeing
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thursday afternoon into the evening were temperatures will be into the at -- 70s. still saying cool in the lower 40s. the 40s overnight wednesday and temperatures start to ramp back up into the lower 50s as we go to the next week. if really felt -- it really felt like fall. and, there are some beautiful puppies in the studio. >> and, who is this? >> yes, she is around three years old. 3 i have trouble believing because she acts like a puppy. >> and she so-called right now. >> she's wondering what's going on. and, lulo is around seven or eight-month-old. i think he's a little scared.>>
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>> they are precious. and there is a big event coming up? >> absolutely, october 8. it is paws in paradise. what's the name of this place, the island. it is in denver, 2200, south geneva. we have cocktails, dinner. we have a dj, and i believe we will learn how to do the hula dance. and the silent auction, with good items. anth on our website. and, there are post everywhere on facebook. you can also buy a whole table if you would like. we are still looking for corporate sponsors. >> so we have some time. >> absolutely. and we have a signature drink called the rescue reach off your >> -- reda. >> sounds good. >> this is a great organization. and, there is the address right
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and i'm going to post their website on the and also, as always, i will post it on the facebook page. and, you are into both of these when they came in. >> how could you not be? >> you are so -- every weekend you bring in the sweetest animals. well, fall is in full swing. can spice everything. and when we say everything, we
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here is a look at your top stories. police areesaying, as you can see, the manhunt for the shooter that killed five people
9:54 am
who immigrated from turkey but is a legal united states residents. he has been identified as arcan cetin. they say it is too early to rule out terrorism. police are on the hunt for a suspected serial arsonist. they say there have been six separate fires and they o believe that they were intentionally set. a lighter was found that one f the scenes. if you see anything suspicious, call police. we now know what started the hideaway fire yesterday. they say high winds knocked do it burnnd between two and 4 acres. no homes were damaged. i am live on 17th st. here, a woman escaped an attempted sexual assault in the early -?morning at around 1 am. police are still looking for the suspect. he is being described as a black college aged male
9:55 am
he was last seen wearing a cu sweatshirt and long pants. he approached a woman as she was walking along university avenue. he pulled her down to the ground, sheewas able to escape. again, police are looking for the suspect. well, fall is here and there is a new hair trend with an appropriate name. pumpkin spice hair. it is real. what that look is all about. >> with fall here, there is pumpkin spice everything. now, the trend is literally going to people's heads. people are dying to try this new version. >> latte colors, starbucks essentially. >> t is whee you dye your hair warm colors.%
9:56 am
oranges, red, and coppers. >> we are the unique name and people wanttthat unique color. i like to tell them to look at different tones. and, it goes to copper, gold, really rich. >> the look has been popular on instagram here >> i think somebody put a hashtag and it went viral. a lot of your celebrities so, it's being that there is interest, social media, we get a lot of those clients that say, have you seen this trend. so who would best fit this style? >> this gives me a little bit more of an idea of what would work with their tone. >> but if you commit to the look, you have to keep it up. >> the maintenance offthis is probably something that i asked first. they are not willing to come in
9:57 am
good idea. >> so if you want to try that look, pick colors that work with your skin tone and be on the same page as your stylist. i had a friend who died her hair red. she messaged me and said no, no pumpkin spice latte. >> you knnw, it feels like fall so i guess if you're feeling warm and want something comforting. >> exactly. it would last check of the weather. in if you would like o -- >> if you would like to get -- >> and if you would like to get a latte, it's a good day.
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[music] >> joel osteen: well, god bless you, and thanks for bein' with us today. and if you're ever in our part of one of our services. i promise ya we'll make ya feel right at home. i like to start with something funny each week, and they're just a joke. don't be offended. i heard about this man. he was sitting in a dark restaurant. he said to the lady sitting next to him, "would you like to hear a blond joke?" she said, "well, before you tell me, you should know that i'm blond, 6-foot tall, and a professional bodybuilder. the lady next to me is blond, 6'2", and a professional


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