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tv   7 News at 5 PM  ABC  September 25, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm MDT

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fernandez leaves behind. deadly motorcycle accident has shut down the highway this afternoon. the cause of the crash is under investigation. boulder police are searching for a man they say tried to sexually assault a student overnight. the attack happened at the campus at 17th and universities around 1 am. woman escaped and alerted police. >> reporter: sophomore riley sanders such as walk home alone several times why that while at boulder. said every time i did it and i wondered why i did it because it's not said.>> reporter: that thought shared by many today. some only learn the suspect the victim now by maggie auditorium,
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by her. we are always here.>> reporter: campus assault is a topic they do discuss. >> we make a pact to walk with someone just so we don't run into situations like these.>> reporter: situations that dozens of students rallied against silently on friday. the sexual misconduct survey was taken by 13 colorado university students last fall. 92% of sexual failed to report attacks. colorado university police spokesperson says they had not seen a rise in reports. 2nd where digging that people hear the message and there is nothing wrong with you, if someone does this to you -- >> reporter: colorado university officials want people to thrive.
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15 girls we share location so you can see where everyone is and we keep track like that.>> reporter: i am amanda del casillo you. -- amanda del casillo.>> the man has a small seki beard and mustache last seen wearing a colorado university sweatshirt and long pants. if you know anything call colorado university police. child assault person to a place he was not supposed to be there. his ankle monitor tipped off police. whitfield was arrested for 2 sex assaults last year. he posted bond and was released from jail earlier this month. on and is it jail thanks to some good samaritans and welding county. a woman was stabbed multiple times and rushed to a hospital in critical condition. police say residents in the area hit the suspect with gardening tools and help down
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baseball community is in shock after the death of one of the games try to stars. officials say miami marlins pitcher jose fernandez and 2 others were killed in a boating accident near miami beach this morning. police say speed appears to be a factor in thh crash. the 24-year-old was born in cuba but he defected to the united states 8 years ago. he was later drafted by the marlins and went on to become the franchises star pitcher. he was a two-time all-star in the national league rookie of the year for shooter becktel by people it is over. n state mall. %- last night 20 oh man who immigrated from turkey was a resident -- wyatt hubbard was arrested. >> reporter: mitch jelniker -- arcan cetin man who walked into macy's and began shooting. >> our community suffered a devastating loss 5 treasured memmers offour community ho
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all had done on any given day, we went to the shopping mall. that was us in that mall. drop blurry security video shows a man carrying a gun. police say he is the sole person responsible for killing 5 people n a shooting rampage friday night. spect -- >> the suspect entered the mall without a weapon. about 10 minutes later he entered macy's with a rifle. he fired multiple times. he struck for females ranging in agg from a teenager to a senior. also one male victim was struck her all were mortally wounded.>> reporter: witnesses described a chaotic scene when it started about 7 pm with people running not sure where to seek safety. >> the most chaotic i've seen
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chaotic it has ever been. i would not think this would even happen here. i am shocked. >> reporter: the man then into the night along interstate 5 an hour north of seattle. he was arrested saturday as he walked along the sidewalk in oak harbor. he did not try to run. i am andrew spencer reporting.>> who we do this? authorities released these pictures along the trail and o'fallon park. the jefferson county sheriff's office says at least 4 trees if you have any information about who ii behind vandalism please call police. in 1980 television audience of 80 million viewers watched presidential debate 20 mcccrter and ronald reagan. this date it is the most- watched debate n history. tomorrow night debate with donald trump and hillary clinton is expected to shatter the record audience by as many as
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>> reporter: it's already a topic of conversation in living rooms coffee shops and certainly and political science classrooms like the ones here on campus. experts tell us today if you are expecting a substantive debate on policy issues tomorrow, you might set your expectations low. both clinton and trump have this year. but tomorrow will be their 1st head-to-head matchup and metro state university political science professor norman provides her says expect more style over substance in this 1st debate. >> i would be surprised how much for substance you will her on some of the issues. >> reporter:'s most anticipated to be in decades. it's expected to draw television audience on par with the super bowl. >> you have a candidate who under narcan -- normal
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as essentially a joke. and i say that -- nothing personal -- just everything about the candidacy is insane in many ways. at the same time, if there had been a democrat with a little less baggage and hillary clinnon, they would be running well ahead of mr. draw. >> reporter: as nowhere ii the strangeness and polarization more on display in an she swing ?tates like mike pence and ivanka trump visited the states. >> some say only 8 or 12 states -?matter. ?his is a state could go either way. >> reporter: in the line latest -- in the latest poll clinton is holding onto a razor thin ?ead, 40% to 39%.
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of error. that means both candidates will likely be back in our state a number of times before election day. we are delighted that -- we are li in denver russell haythorn the broncos came up with a huge wind today in cincinnati. here is sports a ninth circuit while the of the -- >> there is lack of the passing a. said in cincinnati celebration. trevor siemian had a breakout game against he bengals. they were up 7-3 in the 2nd quarter. trevor gott deep, emmanuel sanders is there with a 41 yard score. he did the torque celebration again, there it is. then just 32 seconds left in the half. trevor the sanders again, i don't equal her that we will hear complaints this year. fourth-quarter broncos down 17- 16.
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backup 2217 and then trevor people can to demaryius thomas thomas he fought off a smaller and weaker laura harris. 55 years -- 55 yards gave over. trevvr 4 touchdowns no interceptions 132.1 rating. the broncos are 3-0. >> we do it with a one-two punch or you can go on to either way. we showed it today. >> it's a testament to our team. we had a very resilient group and good group. really proud to be part of the same.>> to marry us all of -- to marry us -- damarius is always confident. we believe in him. 4 touchdowns 300 yards that is amazing.
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we go live with broncos in the locker room>> ipp predicted that with last week. thousands of people met in city park in denver. the 20th step up for down syndrome walk was out there ttis morning. enjoyed a game of fun, dancing and games. alternations and proceeds went to the rocky mount down the group strives to serve the neees of those living with down syndrome and their loved ones and caregivers. sophomores a local high schoollhad a day away from school they will never forget. what viola lessons they learned that will stick with them for years to come.
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washington is broken. a blatant case of special interests buying influence in washington. a draft bill by scott tipton was largely written by tipton's biggest campaign contributor. s of recreation industry jobs. gail schwartz will protect colorado's public lands, jobs, and our rural way of life. gail schwartz -- independent leadership for colorado. house majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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from school this week. % it wasn't away from classmates or teachers, the day they will get. here is the story behind chain reaction day. this is a way to get the relaxed before something serious is brought up. >> if you are over the -- if you are a victim of violence because of sexual heritage, -- this was chain reaction day>> is you are adopted cross the line. >> this is a challenge program encouraging people to fight empathy for others learning a are more alikeethan different. >> if you come from a family were drugs or are a problem please cross the line. look left and right and notice
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>> each year of fossil rich students focus on a different activity involving the rachel's challenge program. this is the one that stays with the soonest longest. >> they want you to talk to people and to knowwit's okay to talk about it. it's okay if ou need someone to talk to. >> they leave wanting to make a difference in change for the better and what seemed to be kinder to the peers in be more understanding. and hoppfully ?earning changing -- creating a chain reaction of kindness. >> if you help someone you health -- you hope thaa they will help someone else. tonight after denver7 news at 10 pm with encore presentation of achel storey triumph over tragedy what -- which looks at how the rachel's challenge program was started.>> people in iowa put setbacks in front of buildings to protect from floodwaters.
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in several communities. the national weather service has a flood warning area and storms are expected to bring more heavy rain today. now a heroic rescue. a man jumped in the iowa floodwaters to save a stranded dear. you can see in the video the raging cedar river sweeping the deer away. it was stranded under a bridge and 3 men acted faster one jumped with a lifejacket strapped in the animal and the other 2 pulled up to safety. >> ffels good to see the city come together in the idst of something together. to come together and save wildlife. it is a lot of animals that will make it through the flood. we were able to help the animal and that's pretty good.>> them and then -- them and then drove the deer out of town and set it free. october is breast cancer awareness month residents in the area came together for the race for the
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breast cancer care and thousands of people went on a 5k walk today that ended with a celebration at the pepsi center to pay tribute to local survivors. we could not have asked for better weather. after a little snow yesterddy morning in the hills. it looks beautiful from the top of the ski area. it's like this lacrosse the state. rocky mountain national park you can see the snow on enjoying the sunshine and taking sell these. this is on the visitors per. death -- this is on the visitors perch. a nice fall forecast is ahead for us.
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us. -?and up towards estes park 60s as well. winds are about 5 to 10 miles per hour et al. miles per hour embedded. in the hills we have some gusty winds from estes park over berthoud pass 30 mile an hour gusts. satellite radar picture is clear as a bell. we do beeause of the clear skies expect pictures tonight here across eastern colorado. this is aafrost advisory so tonight through tomorrow morning. this is radiation according, escape tonight. today will %- temperatures dirty to the 36 degrees. just outside the ybor 70 area out import elizabeth ann parker, this region is where we have to frost advisory in effect. it stretches all the way out toward burlington and north of greeley.
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respect 70s tomorrow. the forecast cool and cloudy you need a jacket, it will go to 70 degrees with sunshine. it will be a very pretty day. futurecast will be quite here for the next 24 hours. if not for a few clouds popping up here and there, it looks like this is broken as we see nothing happening even into tuesday. a nice area of high-pressure selling and an we di overnight lows around 40 clear skies. temperatures in 20s and 30s for the mountains, every were shaded in blue around 30 degrees. 40 for the western slope. 40 on the front range across eastern plains. highs tomorrow in the 70s. little board tomorrow afternoon 73 degrees to you will feel it in the sunshine will be out. will be another gorgeous day.
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temperatures closed 80 degrees. things are changing with temperatures dropping upper 70s again on thursday. friday partly cloudy and a great-looking week and next weekend with a high of 80 on saturday, 76 on sunday. gorgeous weather oo the way like i said, a nice fall forecast. so many people sending in fall foliage photos. >> do we still have another week or 2? >> if you are south of state 70 the next week or so and october. it is slowly but surely coming to an end.>> thank you. maay charlotte in the police shooting. the heart weight 15-year-old is taking all of the officers for their service
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police released a video betweee scott and police officers in charlotte, north carolina on orton only the significant question about the
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reporter andrew spencer explains. >> reporter: the desk and video shows number of law enforcement taking cover behind a park. they repeatedly shout drop the gun. listen and you can also hear discuss wife say, he does not have a gun there. from the video is not clear what the woman or the officers can't see. >> there is no definitive evidence in theevideo as to whether or not there is an object in his hand, and there is what the object is.>> reporter: police released photos of a god and ankle holster they recovered at the scene. nothing in the video proves belonged to keith scott. the -- cam video is disturbing. it shows a man exit his suv, someone says please don't do it work. then as the man walks backwards officers opened fire.
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cameras offer more information, but they only tell part of the story. >> unfortunately we are left with far more questions than we had answers.>> reporter: i am andrew spencer reported. meanwhile protesters weather outside baek america stadium ahead of the game today. black lives matter demonstrators chanted, held signs and linked arms to protest the recent police shootings. in the wake of the violent unrest in charlotte, a mother shared her 5-year-old son of love. in a facebook post deanna hooker said her son heard about please enter in a protest so he asked his mom if he could bring the police donuts and give them hugs. mother and son did exactly that to the charlotte police 8 people were rushed to a u. hospital in the shooting in baltimore last night. 3 shooters opened fire including a father and 3-year-old daughter were hit.
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the city police commissioner says it was an act of retaliation a be linked to another taak over the labor day weekend. hillary clinton donald trump are running neck and neck ahead of the presidential debate according to likely voters poll. it shows clinton ahead 46% to trump 44%. 5% of voters are back in libertarian gary johnson. 1% support jill stein. israeli prime minister today. they talk about the fence to protect a border death an apparent not to build a wall on the border of mexico. according to trump's campaign they talked about security and regional stability. homecoming tragedy. a school's homecoming parade quickly takes a horrific turn, why some students had to rushed to a hospital. to while
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the main office without being traced. the broncos are headed back home with a huge when on the road. the bengals have not lost at
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a homecomingragedy and misery. 9 people were hurt in a car
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parade. >> i heard tylers -- tires squealing in a small crash and then i heard people screaming. >> i noticed a fire truck and here.>> reporter: taylor street and her mother are shaken up after all car plowed into a crowd saturday morning. police say 17-year-old wife was driving a ford recklessly, hit a car that crashed into 9 people at the hazlewood homecoming parade.>> my 1st concern was for the kids whether they had been hit in the car was on the sidewalk in people were laying around and peopll were rushing to help in the policeman started coming.>> reporter: at check -- at last check many who were sent hospital are still there.%
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everyone and throw candy and all that and create the floats. it is set that it happened. we're hoping everyone is okay. everyone is thinking about them. >> totally unfortunate. to women in chicago are in the hospital after hit-and-run driver struck them twice. please save your 1st crossing the street in the city lincoln park neighborhood when they were hit. witnesses say one of the victims was dragged by the car for several blocks. one woman suffered injuries to be life-threatening. this would is in serious condition after suffering a head injury. witnesses said the driver was in a black acura. 6 people were hurt in a fight in boston. a brawl broke out in the theater district. officials say all 6 but those were either stabbed or cut with a bottle. one person seriously injured but is expected to recover so
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led up to the violence. a search is on for 2 men behind a violent robbery at a store in houston. newly released surveillance video shows that rushed into the store dressed as a police. they managed to get into the main office. one of them attacked an employee punching him a few times, the other robert took money from a safe and they both got away. shifting gears, have beautiful weather the last 12 hours as high pressure settled in thattmeans bright blue skies and sunshine. friday night into early saturday we had about 2 or 3 inches of snow. some of the snowfall is sticking around the hills as you can see her. but the road -- as you can see here. temperatures are in the 60s but will warm up in the next few
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very quiet over the state. as for the weather here for the -?front range 65 for lakewood, the a currently in the coda got 60 to parkkr 65 castle rock. still supporting out toward conifer even into bailey and 50s up towards allen park in estes park price forecast includes overnight lows a 40 degrees with clear skies. we do have frost advisory in effect for parts of the state and i will show you those with the full forecast. higher elevations tonight and 30s down toward durango for this evening. current temperature statewide looking at 90s currently in the next as we do low compared and contrasted with 90s to our south and 60s beautiful fall weather here in denver. we will talk more about what we can expect for the upcoming workweek in a few minutes. little hero, and a girl is
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a time of desperation.
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will come back and 8-year- old girl in maryland knew exactly what to do after her mom suffered a stroke she had just happened to one recently how to recognize the warning signs. as tim barber reports it said her mother's life. >> i could talk about my life to > reporter: she likes to talk. which is not a bad thing considering the 8-year-old communication skills said her mom's life. >> she is special to me because
5:36 pm
getting her an award and she is pretty proud.>> i am very excited.>> reporter: last month she and her mom were homework they started to which. -- to which -- twitch. >> i didn't know what that her i couldn't feel my face. >> reporter: she called 911 and we played the call for her mother.>> i am in the house with my mom and i think she is having a stroke. i remember her face twitching. >> why do you think she's having a stroke?
5:37 pm
unlocked it. >> you are doing a great job and your mom is going to be really proud how you are healthy.>> reporter: proud love you. 3 >> i love you too. >> if you plan on the las vegas strip next year, you may be happy to hear backstreet is back. baxter ways are making the home in vegas for part of next year. the group announced it will hold planet hollywood hotel and casino. this series consists of 18 days between march 1 and july 1. tickets go on sale next week. they are sure to sell out fast. >> you said that withhall of the vim ann vigor of a % backstreet fair. >> lots of sunshine shining
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after a little light snow friday night into saturday, we still have some left over on the peaks. bright sunshine shining down here at loveland pass and at rocky mountain national park. this is usually receive both standing on the balcony taking southeast looking at the mountains. but it has been a gorgeous day statewide as high pressure has taken control
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sterling colorado specifically. and then from pikes peak looking down across the world out toward colorado springs we have hardly a cloud in sight. the scene in denver. will have clear skies tonight as the clear air any heat build up will escape the space we call the radiation locally and that's why we have frost advisory is in effect tonight. it will be chilly and nice weather comi week. it will fill like a very old like forecast. hunters in the 60s, 67 for dia got 69 for aurora and 66 littleton lakewood 65 degrees 49 degrees for black hawk 61 kenosha pass and 64 for castle ?ock. winds are not that at the front range, about 5 to 15 miles per hour. a little more gusty and estes park. higher elevations winds are a lile more breezy. for the
5:42 pm
has been very quiet and clear. south of denver out across eastern plains cover your sensitive plants tonight this left her tonight and early tomorrow morning when we expect the temperatures to be 32 degrees. thii is south of 470 and down by elizabeth for burlington even north of greeley. watch there as well. mostly 50 degrees around 1 am the temperatures in the 40s overnight. back in the 70s tomorrow. i think you'll notice the difference as we start working the next few days. it will be a cool start tomorrow you need jacket. futurecast shows a very quiet in the next couple of days.
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430 tomorrow afternoon you would not know there is any weather moving through the state at all. tonight has clear skies and breezy conditions at times. mountains 20s and 30s for overnight lows and 40s for the western slope. also down toward pueblo and lamar temperatures in the mid- 40s. tomorrow afternoon 70s for the front range and eastern plains and 70s in the higher elevations. if you check out more fall foliage, interstate in the 70s for the next few days even in the tuesday and wednesday these around 80 degrees the chances for showers on thursday but it doesn't fluctuate the temperature scenario much. partly cloudy skies even into next weekend with overnight lows around 50 degrees. some good weather that we ended up with this weekend.
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out there, you know what else? the the broncos drop back.>> you are the sports guy if you predicted it took >> yes i did. the broncos switch the scrip today. they won with defense and a strong running game -- not today. not against the bengals the broncos went airborne they turned he was terrific. the best day of his young
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welcome to 7 sp and welcome to elite quarterbacks. prebudget again managers the 1st 2 games, don't mess it up trevor. 3 interceptions and 1 touchdown pass. today breakout performance on the road. here is trevor in the locker room courtesy of broncos television. you ave seen the highlights by now 4 touchdown passes. there
5:48 pm
passing rank was 132.1. emanuel had 117. broncos go 3 and 0 with a 29-17 victory. >> great job. >> you did a great job. >> 300 yards and 4 touchdowns. [ cheers and applause ] >> i am very proud to be a part of this group. broncos on >> denver and broncos live in cincinnati. troy, i think we picked the broncos to wait, but i did not pick trevor siemian to do what he did today.>> reporter: all traverse heavy-handed -- all trevor siemian did was what no more back has ever done. he threw 300 yards 4 touchdowns
5:49 pm
quarterback, maybe you have heard of him, peyton manning in 2013. i talked to trevor siemian after the game, he said he got the game ball. he says he doesn't know where to display it he has a small apartment that they may have to get him a bigger mantle. at this rate they will have more hardware than home depot. >> is like launchinn a home run ball sanders is there and makes the catch denver touchdown took >> it over the top was up in the ia get you. 3 >> they were connecting in practice all week. early in the season they had trouble. we seem to have connected and we knew the timing was down. he showed up today.>> going in no one knew about it. now everyone is talking about them. we has said he is always called even in the 4th quarter, he came in and took command of the huddle. he was confident even on the
5:50 pm
for the gusto. we believe in him and what a day from him. 4 touchdowns and 300 yards, that's amazing. >> you have to be able to do both, when you're not running % the ball as much you have to be able to throw it. it's good to know we can win games a couple ways. >> the defense settled down as well. it wasn't just simeon. play in the 1st half it made andy dalton one-dimensional and plaaed right into the strength of shane ray. he finished with 3 sacks. it wasn't a good idea to block him what on one with a tight ends. you think garykubiak believed in them as they built in for demarcus ware. >> let's listen to them tall about that right now.
5:51 pm
shame and check. i told the team last night, there is stuff in there but they have been working as starter since april 27. give them the opportunity and they wiil take advantage of it. >> they don't have your -- they could start for a lot of teams and it's great to have them. they are smart and competitive. they watch the older guys as they take things in. that is good to see. they want to be better and be the be he wants that. that is where it starts. you could see they had a great game today. >> -->> reporter: broncos are 3- 0. >> we have more broncos coming up tonight at 10:35 pm. troy will be here.
5:52 pm
house tonight on 7 sports extra. 2 in there and check the denver elsewhere in the division raters in tennessee visit the titans 1st quarter, tennessee on field goal is given to murray. he shows some movement evading tacklers into the end zone 22 yard touchdown. later in the 2nd oakland up 10- 3. roberts does the heavy lifting. 17-10 final raters time -- the bad boy off-road 300, nascar sprint cup series denver's oh nascar team, martin truex led over 100 laps. here on the restart into 1st place on lap 172, problems later he is the 7th. has to spot in the next round after the chicago midwinter next is dover the monster mile.
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up training him. we have a fight josh anderson the -- come on guys.
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loin 76 degrees tomorrow a little warmer than today. lots of sunshine to start the week. it is wednesday 81 degrees a couple of bright spots tuesday and wednesday. a chance of rain thursday and friday are not affecting the temperatures that much. we will still be around 80 degrees.
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