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tv   7 News 10 pm Late Edition  ABC  September 25, 2016 10:35pm-11:00pm MDT

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the next few days. we have a frost advisory in effect for tonight. make sure you cover your plans tonight. those plans to my. trevor siemian got a game ball for his outstanding performance against the bengals
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cheering mac >> i'm proud to be part of this group. >> welcome to seven sports extra. 4 touchdown passes by trevor siemian today. that one beautiful sweet little game ball. broncos beat the bengals 29-17. highlights. the wii, the why, the what and the woody. what he pages here with us. let's start off by saying you picked the bengals to win this game. >> you have to bring that up. i feel like i have cincinnati
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i didn't suspect a young quarterback in his first start would go out and said all sorts of records and have an incredible day against the bengals who have a good defense. >> i might have predicted the broncos to win the game but there's no way, i don't think anybody predicted trevor wood come out to throw for down -- four touchdown passes and get a passing grade of 132.1. >> run for 32 yards. >> this is an offense that is supposed to be dictated by what it's able to do. running the football. gary kubiak seems to have cloned himself in trevor siemian. i like the way he really goes in the fourth quarter and plays so well. >> we have denver 7 insider trading ranking in cincinnati with us. we thought trevor siemian looked pretty good today. what did you think? >> reporter: yes.
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that's throw for 300+ yards, four touchdowns and no picks in his first nfl road start. the only other quarterback to do that was peyton manning. maybe you have heard of him? 2013 he won mvp. talk to simeon after the game ball. i said where you going to put it? he said my apartment a small. i'm not sure. at this rate they might want to get him a bigger mantle. this team is going to have more hardware that home depot. >> just like matting, were going to audible, pushover, push-up. >> they were connecting and practice all week. at the end of the season they were having trouble what we have seen them connecting the last couple of weeks on the timing and everything. spackling in -- >> going in everybody is
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in the fourth quarter say you should have seen him in the huddle. the guy came in and took command in the huddle. he was confident. even on the deep ball to doom areas he said we are about to go for the gusto. what a day for him. 4 touchdowns, 300 yards, that's amazing. >> you have to be balanced and be able to do both. when were not running the ball as much you have to be able to throw it. i think it's good to know we ca different ways. >> reporter: receivers weren't happy with the offense after the second game. they got 17 targets in this game between demaryius thomas and sanders. the lesson is speak up. it gets you the football. >> dt and emmanuel thought they should be getting more football thrown their way. they thought they should throw downfield more. sanders had two touchdowns, 117 yards receiving. to mary's head one touchdown and 100 yards receiving. they made an effort average or last week to throw the ball
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earlier in the week. ttey can shut up becauseethey on a pace to have a combined 2300 yards in pass receptions. i think if they continue to just try to work the field and do what they did today to mary's doesn't get the ball away, that was a perfect day for not only the quarterback but the wide receivers. >> the chance of paxton, paxton does that josh the chance of paxton, paxton today. this was a breakout game for trevor siemian. >> what we have seen is he has taken to this offense, taken to what the system is giving him his college coach, he is on the best when his game is online. is a finisher. >> 2 touchdowns to win it in
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demarcus ware is out. shane ray comes in and gets three sacks. andy dalton.40 yards rushing because they chased him out of the pocket so many times. his passing ready once 72.8 today. -- rating was 72.8 today. >> >> reporter: they got gashed on the ground. the bengals at halftime had as many yards rushing in the first two games. once a broncos figured oot how to stop the counter plate they were fine. andy dalton has some yards most of those came to those came late. he became one dimensional. ray had three sacks. ray told me after the game it wasn't a good idea to have the tight end to block him one-on- one. do you think? gary kubiak said he believed in jack barrett anddshane ray as they were placed demarcus ware. >> i think you will see that from shane and shaq.
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really been working as starters since april 27. they have worked for their opportunity and they will take advantage of it. >> they are both a year in and those two can start for a lot of teams in this league. it's great to have them. they are smart, competitive and they watch the older guys and take things in. that's good to see. they want to be better. shane once be better, he wants that -- shane once to be better, he wants that. out and prove it today. >> shane ray and von miller have been the first different set of teammates to have thre sacks in back-to-back games. what a performance by shane ray.>> shane ray, next man up is what they have said for a long time. shane rry stepped up. this is a former first-round pick that they are expecting big things
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you're going to go right into the face of shhne ray. you have now 2 very athletic outside rushers. demarcus was playing a lot of experience and talent but he is agent. shane ray gives you a younger, stronger von miller look-alike. >> this is one game. the offense, passing offense broke out today. what do you think? this shows they can win games different ways games into the season they stand at 3-0. >> reporter: it shows they are better than last year. i know that sounds crazy with no peyton manning but for me it's the truth. interesting stuff they don't have one five-star high school recruit on this team. what does that mean? they like dirt under their fingernails. they like greece on their hands. the roll up the sleeves. as a game gets tighter they get looser. as you said, they can win in a multiple judge in multiple ways. they have shown that.
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they are set up to be a better team than they were a year ago. >> we will see you guys tomorrow on orange first. check the denver for the latest from troy and what is column which just went up tonight. when we come back we will
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he three six pics.. six. d.j. white got this one. 24-3 was a final. raaers intimacy. first quarter derek carr hands it to it a be as murray. that was the right move. he has moves. 22 yard touchdown. later in the second he goes to the air. seth roberts on the short pass. roberts does the heavy ifting. 17-10 raters. they also 2-1. the chargers. second quarter luck runs out for andrew. here we go. big guy touchdown. caraun reid scoop and score 61 yards. tied at 13. chargers up 22-20. good luck. to t.y. hilton. bad tackling. he spun all the way.
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the chargers are last in the afc west for now. today the bucks and rams in the fourth quarter, 24-20 ramss we have another big guy touchdown. 77 yards. it was 1-26 when case keenan hit austin with a glory. 43 yard touchdown. 37-26 rams. the bucks cuddly to five. chanceeto win on the last play. here we go. winston got the snap for down inside the 10. you will scramble. qin got him from behind right there. winston over 400 yards passing. the rams take you.. >> arnold palmer passed away today at the age of 87 from heart problems. the king, he was one of the most well-known athletes in the world.
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the master's 4 times. who played at least one pga tour event every year for the last 52 yearr. he invented the arnold palmer, everybody knows what that is. his young -- his greatest victory came right here in denver cherry hill. he charged back from seven shots down in the final round and won the championship. arnold palmer will be missed by all. that brings us to the tour of championship today. final-round worry macle right mcelroy winds the tour championship, the fedex cup and $10 million. later he said if it wasn't for arnie i don't think the pga tour would be what it is today. now to the rockies in la today. a participant in historr. the dodgers a chance to clinch the nl west. at age 88 vincent scully is
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go off with the classic. tied 3-3 in the bottom of the 10. here is thennwith his final call. >> 0-1 -- a high fly ball. and you believe a home run? they will celeerate on schedule. 3-2 the dodgers. a game-winning ooe run. would you believe, his first home run of the year? boy, did it work out perfectly for the final home game of the regular season.>> goodbye to a legend. i'm glad to have met him a couple of times.
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start your engines. new hampshir of the chase. here is martin into the top spot on lap 172. he would finish seven. he already has a spot in the next round after last weekends rain. -- last weekends when. next stop is in dover. we have a fight at training camp? josh henderson and jeffrey
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one ggal. white beach burgundy 1-0. they have the first preseason game in minnesota on thursday.>> the buffs beat the ducks in oregon 41-38 the coach was celebrating his biggest win at cu. they might have been michigan last week are 3-1. back after the game delivered quite a victory speech. >> what got us through that game? your uncommon character. your common, never say die attitude. you have been to helen and back. you got me? >> yes, sir. >> remember, god is always with you when it's tough and always with you when it's good. he carries you through. you just keep stepping.
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today. what is our goal? >> excellence. >> off and on the field. it's just one game. but boy, was that one game ffn. >> >> are you guys ready to go >> are you guys ready to go out and play now?>> washington is broken. a blatant case of special interests washington. a draft bill by scott tipton was largely written by tipton's biggest campaign contributor. even worse, tipton's plans threaten thousands of recreation industry jobs. gail schwartz will protect colorado's public lands, jobs, and our rural way of life. gail schwartz -- independent leadership for colorado. house majority pac is responsible
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