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tv   America This Morning  ABC  September 26, 2016 4:00am-4:30am MDT

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making news in america this morning -- a golf legend lost. word of the death of arnold palmer is prompting an outpouring of appreciation from those in arnie's army. it's finally debate day for the presidential candidates. a super bowl-like audience expected for tonight's showdown between hillary clinton and donald t their campaigns sparring as the hours dwindle ahead of their crucial clash. a flood emergency in iowa. the water is forcing several thousand people from their homes. it's expected to keep rising for another day. and talk about an express delivery for the guy who forgot his lunch. look out below. a good monday morning to you all. we begin with breaking news this
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sports legend arnold palmer has died. >> no doubt, one of the greatest golfers of all time. president obama and some of palmer's fellow players remembering the legend who died yesterday at age 87. he won seven major tournaments. >> overall, he won nearly 100 tournaments worldwide. he'll be remembered for more than just his athletic ability. linsey davis has his story. >> reporter: in the golf world, he's known simply as the king. the place of golf in modern professional sports owes every thing to arnold palmer. in the 1950s, when golf was largely a country club sport, palmer became the people's golfer. >> arnold palmer is the masters champion of -- >> reporter: the son of a greens keeper from pennsylvania hrks e blended a working class background, dark good looks, and a go-for-broke style. his famous flamboyant swing delighted crowds. and made him golf's number one star as the sport moved into the
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his come-from-behind victories are legend. he added the word charge to the sports vocabulary. in the 1960 u.s. open, he charged from seven spots back for the win. >> the 1960 u.s. open belongs to arnold palmer. >> reporter: the thousands who followed him on the course and on television became known as arnie's army. and they never deserted him right up to the end. he was an expert pilot, a brilliant businessman, and a pitchman for scores of products and causes. he leaves behind a legacy of charitable work. golf victories. in almost 50 years, he won 92 tournaments overall. seven of them major championships. >> when you walk up the 18th, and you get an ovation like that, i guess that -- says it all. >> reporter: and now, in his passing, his influence lives on. whenever and wherever a member of arnie's army tees off. linsey davis, abc news. >> and the tributes are just pouring in.
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transcended the game of golf. he was more than a golfer. even a great golfer. he was an icon. he was a legend. he was one of my best friends, closest friends, and he was for a long, long time. i will miss him greatly. >> tiger woods tweeted thanks arnold for your friendship, counsel, and a lot of laughs. your philanthropy and humility are part of your legend. the president tweeted here's to king who was as extraordinary on the links as he was general us are to others. thanks for the memories. turns now to the race for the white house. donald trump and hillary clinton face off tonight on the same stage for the first time. >> and on the eve of the debate, both candidates met separately in new york with iz laelly president benjamin netanyahu. abc's stephanie ramos has our debate preview. she joins us from the debate site. of have a university on long island. good morning to you. >> reporter: kendis and diane,
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are expected to watch tonight's first the presidential debate. hillary clinton and donald trump laying out their differences for voters in the final stretch to election day. it's show time. hillary clinton and donald trump, facing off for the first one-on-one debate tonight in new york. home turf for both of them. >> they say she's been practicing for the debate. some people think she's slipping. >> you've got to be prepared for like wacky stuff that comes at you. and i'm drawing on my experience in elementary school. >> reporter: we got a look as workers put the final touches on the stage at hofstra university on long island. the first presidential debate between clinton and trump will be divided into six segments for a total of 90 minutes. the audience is instructed not to boo or cheer. both candidates trying to prove why they should lead the nation. >> i'm very excited just to see what the candidates bring.
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really kind of solidify how i'm feeling. >> reporter: and how have the candidates been prepping for the debate? clinton diving into briefing daily. >> it's unfair to ask hillary to play traffic cop with trump, make sure that his lies are corrected, and also to present her vision for what she wants to do. >> reporter: senior campaign sources tell abc news trump hasn't really focused on policy or held mock debates. >> he'll answer the questions, as we hope the questions go to policy. answerhe american people have. they deserve and expect these candidates to be talking about the issues. >> reporter: and the race couldn't be any tighter. a new abc news/"washington post" poll shows hillary clinton holding at 46%. donald trump, just two points behind. kendis and diane, back over to you. >> a virtual dead heat. as they head to this first debate. stephanie ramos, thank y. 8 in 10 voters say the
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that leaves a fair amount undecided. >> that's right. we just heard from stephanie. it's very, very tight. that small amount could make a difference at this point. abc chief political analyst matt dowd has more on what is at stake. >> this is the most important moment that we've seen in the entirety of the campaign. it's the only real authentic moment to occur. it's not television ads the. it's not speeches. it's the first time they stand on stage, basically naked, in front of the public. i think they need to positions actually. i think hillary clinton needs to show more head and less heart. and connect at a visceral level. for donald trump, he needs to connect at more of a rational level and show more head. he needs more detail. and substance. in effect, switching positions they've had over the course of the campaign. >> you can watch the debate right here on abc with our full political team live tonight at 9:00 p.m. eastern. a federal appeals court has ruled that ohio's method of
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voting rolls is unconstitutional. the battle ground state had been allowed to remove the names of tens of thousands of registered voters if they hadn't voted for six years. it's been criticized. as a use it or lose it rule for voting. to the crisis in syria. at least 85 people have been killed in new air strikes in the city of aleppo. the u.s. is accusing russia of barbarism. and war crimes for carrying out air strikes in support of the syrian regime. the humanitarian crisis has grown to the point where hospitals are overwhelmed. a meeting of the u.n. security council last night ended without agreement on how to address the situation. so far this morning, no comment from samsung about yet another issue related to one of its devices. a weekend delta flight from detroit to amsterdam was diverted to england. a samsung tablet got jammed inside a seat and smoke came from the tablet and the seat's phone. the tablet not part of the recent recall.
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flooding threatens cedar rapids, iowa. the cedar river is rising, prompting volunteers to fill sandbags. >> the river is expected to crest tomorrow morning. not as high as eight years ago when flooding caused billions in damages. public schools have canceled classes through wednesday. coming up, dire circumstances force a stunning warning in a major city. plus, the death of one of baseball's brightest young stars. the marlins will play with heavy hearts. after the passing of pitcher jose fernandez. and the latest from charlotte, north c the city is no longer under curfew. but questions remain about a video showing the shooting death
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mexico is looking into what caused this weekend's oil tanker explosion in the gulf coast. the fire from saturday morning's blast was put out after 36 hours. all of the ship's 31 crew members are safe. they say there was minimal fuel spilled but it was contained. and the other the end of gulf, authorities in florida say speed was a factor in the boat crash that killed a rising star of major league baseball. marlins pitcher jose fernandez was killed early sunday along with two other people when their boat slammed into a jetty off miami. >> the 24-year-old fled cuba on a speedboat eight years ago to become one of baseball's most dominant young pitchers. the marlins canceled yesterday's game against the braves to mourn. >> you watch kids play little league or something like that, that's the joy that jose played with. and the passion he felt about playing. that's what i think about.
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stanton posted on instagram that he was still waiting to wake up from this nightmare. there was a moment of silence for fernandez before every baseball game played yesterday and before the miami dolphins game. we're learning more about the man suspected of killing five people in mall in the seattle area. 20-year-old arcan cetin. had a string of run-ins with the law including charged he assaulted his step father. a neighbor described him as so rude, creepy, and obnoxious she kept a taser near her door. cetin is due in court today. one man was killed when gunfire erupted on the campus of the university of illinois champaign. the 22-year-old was killed after an argument broke out at a party. no one in custody. authorities in cleveland are issuing a warning after several
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victims died from heroin or fentanyl or a combination of the two. investigators do not believe the cases are linked. when we come back, a change of heart for one mother who used to be against getting her children vaccinated. and the young philadelphia eagle who is so popular, he has a state named after him. the reason why coming up. people always say let's just get a sandwich or something. you don't just learn how to drive... or solve the world's problems... be a dad... "or something" and we don't just make sandwiches "or something" we hand-slice avocado, pull smoked chicken, bake fresh foccacia and craft every sandwich clean from top to bottom... there's nothing "or something" about it. panera. food as it should be. allergies distracting you? when your symptoms start... doctors recommend taking ...non-drowsy claritin every day of your allergy season. claritin provides powerful,
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it's got to be tide when cold and flu hold you back try theraflu expressmax, now in new caplets. it's the only cold & flu caplet that has a maximum strength formula with a unique warming sensation you instantly feel. theraflu. for a powerful comeback. new expressmax caplets. soaring temperatures and the first major santa ana winds of the year raising the risk of wildfires in california. a fire in sonoma county is forcing evacuations. the high in downtown l.a. today could top 100 degrees. checking your morning road conditions, flooding is possible across most of texas. wet roads for most of the eastern third of the country. if you're flying, werth-related delays possible in detroit, houston, atlanta, and memphis. the curfew has been lifted in charlotte, north carolina.
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curfew and had been in effect since thursday when the demonstrations turned violent. the national guard was called to help maintain order. protesters remained peaceful outside the panthers football game against the vikings sunday afternoon. charlotte police released video of the shooting of keith scott over the weekend. it leaves so many questions. it shows scott getting out of his suv walking backwards, slowly. hands at his side. then those four shots are heard. but it's not clear if anything police also released pictures of the evidence taken from the scene including a gun, marijuana, and an ankle hollister. they say scott's dna and fingerprints were found on the gun. a mother who used to be a staunch critic of childhood vaccines has taken a new stance following a scary wakeup call. >> she changed her mind after her three little daughters came down with a potentially deadly virus. we get more now from abc's mara schiavocampo. >> reporter: a chicago mom of three speaking out about the importance of vaccines after a dangerous close call. >> i put my kids at risk.
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was a big believer in anti-vaccination research. >> i scoured everything i could possibly find about why vaccines might be harmful. i became pretty convinced. >> reporter: so, she chose not to vaccinate her children. but then, her 5-year-old and 3-year-old twins were stricken with a case of roto virus. >> it didn't have to happen. because i could have had them vaccinated. i felt guilty. >> reporter: the most common reasons for refusing vaccines, some parents cited concerns about autism. a link which has been repeatedly disproven. mara schiavocampo, abc news, new york. now snapchat has its own eyeglasses. they're called spectacles. they were developed by ceo evan spiegel. the glasses can record up to ten seconds of video each time you tap a button.
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distribution will be limited for now. at the box office, "sully's" reign has come the an end. it was replaced by "the magnificent seven." the remake of the 1960s western brought in $35 million. >> "storks" came in second. making nearly $22 million. "sully" came in third place. if you're not watching the debate tonight, maybe you'll be watching the falcons and saints on "monday night football." >> we'll get highlights from sunday's nfl action from our friends at espn. good morning, america. happy debate day. look, i'm winning. because my opponent is not here. so we'll just decide. eagles-steelers or giants-redskins. eagles-steelers? giants-redskins? winner is? the steelers and the eagles. we'll go second quarter. and look at the rookie from ndsu. carson wentz. jordan matthews. it's 10-0, eagles. it is wentz-ylvania now. and they crushed it. the steelers had nothing for
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wentz to darren sproles. look at the little fella out of kansas state. it's man-happening. eagles man handling the steelers, 34-3. now we go redskins. giants, odell beckham jr. he and josh norman had the tete-a-tete last time they played. officials said, let's keep it calm. giants down two. eli manning picked by quinton dunbar. beckham jr. didn't like that. the punting net didn't like him for doing it. a little over a minute to giants still down two. manning passes -- oh, again. eli manning. two of them. not so good. that is not hotty toddy. redskins win it, 29-27. afterwards, a loving embrace. between josh norman and odell beckham jr. that's what i have for you right there. good morning, america. >> good morning to you. up next in "the pulse" how a crowd treated hillary clinton on the campaign trail. call it a sign of these times. and look out below. the couple giving new meaning to
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time for "the pulse." a sign of the times perfectly captured during hillary clinton's recent trip to orlando, >> big crowd. all with their backs turned to the democratic nominee. the reason, of course, just so everyone can get a perfectly framed selfie. >> that's right. that used to be a sign of someone protesting your presence. now it's people wanting to capture it. reactions to this post included quote, we are a self-absorbed bunch. another person said, hilariously sad adding, it's the way of the modern world. >> i think she completely
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>> she's probably used to sieg that. she just gives a wave and a smile. smiling for the camera. will, kate, and the kids in canada, no doubt getting captured in a few selfies of their own. they were greeted at a youth reception by justin trudear. they took a tour on a sea plane. >> here's the deal. this is the first time that the royals have brought both of upon arrival, after the ten-hour flight, young prince george seemed a little nervous. trudeau offered the 3-year-old a high five. he got zero. trudeau should under. he's got three young children of their own. the youngsters stay in victoria while william and kate travel much of british columbia and yukon territory. >> prince george is more poised
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i can't believe this is the first time we have caught even the slightest hiccup. >> he has the wave down. >> he's earned it. finally, just when a husband noticed he had forgotten his lunch, his wife came to the rescue. this happened in korea. >> that's the husband in the car. that's the sandwich, airmail, through sunroof. delivery, nailed it. >> nothing but net. the harlem globe stroters have nothing on her. the crushed. >> the new york giants looking to sign her up. a type of irregular heartbeat not caused by a heart valve problem. but i won't go after anything with less than my best. so if i can go for something better than warfarin, i'll do that too. eliquis. eliquis reduced the risk of stroke better than warfarin. plus, it had significantly less major bleeding than warfarin.
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checking our top stories. arnold palmer, one of the greatest golfers of all time has died from complications of heart problems. he was not only a winner of numerous tournaments, he helped popularize the game. he was 87 years old. 74% of americans are expected to watch tonight's big debate. the candidates head into the first debate with a new poll showing the race has tightened. iowa's second largest city is bracing for flooding this morning. the cedar river is rising. it's expected to crest tomorrow at 23 feet. schools in cedar rapids have canceled classes through wednesday. experkt heavy rain across the, texas. rain and thunderstorms in the southeast up to new england. finally, we mentioned tonight's first presidential debate. what can we expect when donald
4:28 am
>> well, if the past debates are any indication, just about anything. >> texas senator ted cruz. [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: ben carson caused. a traffic jam in election history. [ cheers and applause ] sarah palin kept things simple. >> okay, can i call you joe? >> reporter: ross perot's admiral stockdale was brutally honest about his experience. >> who am i? why am i here? >> reporter: mitt romney's definition of dollar looked a little different than hours. >> ten hours to bucks? $10,000 bet? >> reporter: donald trump crossed the line with tmi. >> he referred to my hands, if they're small, something else must be small. i guarantee you, there's no problem. guarantee it. >> reporter: president bush
4:29 am
>> yes, how has the national debt personally affected -- >> reporter: the word oops was forever immortalized. >> what's the third one there. let's see. i can't. the third one, i can't. oops. >> reporter: like iblt levels were settled. >> you're likable enough. >> reporter: shouting matches ensued. >> i'm speaking. i'm speaking. >> i knew jack kennedy. >> reporter: and lloyd bentsen dropped the mike on dan quayle. >> senator, you're not jack kennedy. >> reporter: they will leave their unique stamp on presidential election history. diane? kendis. abc plans full cover of the debates starting tonight at 9:00 eastern time. our george stephanopoulos will take the helm of that. and that's what's making
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breaking news this monday. police want you to take a look at this picture. this 15-year old girl and four- month old baby are missing. they disappear last night. it's especially important police find them because the baby needs medications for seizures. >> avenue. we have some good news this morning in this missing person's case. police have located the 16-year old. police were worried because he has a traumatic brain injury. he's now home and safe and sound. cu boulder police are warning you to be careful. a man is on the run who tried to sexual assault someone. police describe the suspect as


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