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tv   7 News Now at 5 AM  ABC  September 26, 2016 5:00am-5:30am MDT

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rits it's 5:00 a.m. and breaking news out of denver. deputies need to find this 15- year old mom and her baby who needs his seizure medication. if you have seen them or know wh the morning the nation is remembering arnold palmer. he was 87 years old. he won four masters and 62 pga titles and seven majors. this missing teen we have been telling you about since saturday afternoon is now safe. he has a traumatic brain injury and we have just learned he was found and is fine. right now denver police are investigating a deadly
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national wildlife refugee. >> reporter: this green valley ranch neighborhood is very quiet this morning. while denver policc aren't on scene now, they're still continuing the death investigation following a shoottng that happened here at the 16,000-block of randolph place. police haven't released many details about the victim initially investigating a shooting. one neighbor says she was arriving home with her daughter and son last night when she heard several shots. that neighbor saw a man outside a home suffering from what she believed was a gunshot wound. she says she unfortunately witnessed that man die and again, there hasn't been much official details released by the police this morning but we did speak with neighbors and
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reporting from green valley ranch this morning, denver7 news. amanda decastillo, denver7 news. this photo was taken saturday. this was taken yesterday, 24 hours later. newcomers to colorado doesn't don't believe us when we sayyit snows one day and degrees the next. >> it happens and it's happening now. the first week of fall and we should see temperatures around average today in the mid to upper 60s so a lot warmer than this weekend where we saw mostly ly 60s and clear skies. temperatures in the lower 40s and also the suuglasses.
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a frost advisory is in effect for northern colorado. mid 50s in castle rock and copper mountain. jason, here's your first alert in the 70s and 80s in the forecast for this week. >> it's chilly out there. once you go outside it's a bit frosty. we have that one lane still open southbound side of i-25 coming down from evans and yale and hamden. they're still working on the paving operation down there. i'm told we're in the one la not a big deal but it will be if they continue to lingee. you see they did pick up the construction and paving near 285 on c-470 and not seeing any big delays to the north side and still wrapping up the road work on federal out to dia. it's 5:03 now. for 90 minutes donald trump and hillary clinton are facing off. we're talking about tonight's presidential debate of course.
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jason gruenauer joins us now with what to expect. >> with the polls asstight as they are, 1% nationally tonight's debate is going to go a long way. we have party reps from both sides and we're starting it out now with the democrats. what can or should people exxect from tonight's debate? >> i think people will see a clear distinction from one kadz who ha country and then another pushing extreme rhetoric. >> so we're talking about spoorns. hillary clinton has experience and donald trump does not. is that going to man test itself on the stage? >> absolutely. secretary clinton has been secretary of state and a senator and spent time in the white houseealready. she's ready for this job and then donald trump, this isn't celebrity apprentice. we need one who is ready for the job.
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fireworks tonight? >> there's a good chance. mr. trump has pushed the envelope hhs far as he can and that's how he gets his crowds. there's a clear distinction. >> for the undecided voters how thould approach tonight? >> i hope they take time to examine both candidates and decide which one is ready to lead the country and i they will decide hillary clinton. >> the republican side is coming up live for us live at 6:00 a.m. the debate airs tonight on denver seven. this is a look at donald trump meeting with the israeli prime minister in nee york. the two discussed the borders borders.
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clinton's meeting with him. they talked about the iran nuclear deal which the israeli prime minister argued against. this is not the first time these two have me. they talked to each other while hillary clinton was secretary of state. 5:06 now. an alert for you this morning at the cu boulder campus. a man tried to sexual assault a woman on campus near the mackey auditorium. the woman was off. this happened 1:00 in the morning on saturday. police haven't given us a great description. all they have now is they say they're looking for a college aged black men with an average build and small shaggy beard and mustache. police have arrested this man, kerry whit field over the weekend after he went into a community homeless shelter and his ankle monitor tipped off police.
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two sexual assaults last year and let go on bond earlier this month. look for this gra fee tee in the mother son area. deputies are looking for who spray painted four treeses and five rocks. call police if you have any information. in castle rock investigators are looking for a serial arsonists. in the past six woks there's been six separate fires likely started on purpose. >> we were 15 seconds away from a catastrophe. so when it gets to that point i want the community involved in paying attention. >> he wants you to call the fire department if you notice anything suspicious that could possibly lead to i fire. the denver central market in the district is now open featuring 11 different vendors
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more and more apartments are built in the area. >> as one business opens and another closes but the campus lounge near du just closed but it does have new owners. . >> i drove by and it was packed. the broncos leave cincinnati with a victory. >> they beat the bengals yesterday 29-17. is made of. a career high and four touchdown passes and 321 yards in the air. the last time a broncos quarterback threw four touchdown in a game, that was peyton manning in 2014. broncos came together again to protests social injustice. linebacker brandon marshall kneeled during the national anthem.
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furniture row racing team led well. the 78 car finished 7th chlth . kevin harvick won the race. even though the game warns you to not play and drive, many people still do. the pokemon go craze is far from over. 5:09 and we're seeing warmer temperatures. but a cool start to the day and frost viedz in affect -- -- advisory.
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0. a liie look at our nags's capital tonight. tonight the big debate aing at 7:00 p.m. right here on denver7 news. this just in, a plane forced to make an emergency landing in buffalo. -?it was going from niagara fals to fort lauderdale. the engine wasn't on fire but there were flames coming out of the back which is not good. some people reported on the plane they heard a loud boom. and you can see they landed just fine and everyone is safe and no harm done. . we're now getting a first look at four of the five people killed in washington state over the weekend. this is one victim, only 16 years old. she survived cancer to only be killed during the ram pain. this is a probation officer, she nd her # five-year old
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so is this man, chuckkeegan. his wife fell so he stopped, turneded around to help her get up and he was shot. a fifth person also killed in the attack. the man accused of shooting them is in jail after running from the cops. police say the 20-year old said nothing when they took him in. he acted like a zombie. still looking for a motive. he doesn't seem to have ties to terror groups. he was born in up near seattle. selfies to keep you safe is what uber hopes the realtime id check. drivers have to talk a selfie % in the uber app before they can accept passengers. so their photo is comparrd to what uber has on file. if it doesn't match the account is blocked. uber hopes it will prevent fraud and make sure the right driver is picking you up. hundreds and thousands of
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while driving which is dangerous. researchers in california say in ten days they found 345,000 posts with the words "pokemon god" go" and driving. . >> i can see how people get in accidents doing it. >> the researchers say they found 14 car crashes caused by people playing pokemon go. there could be this that are more distracting and dangerous for all of us on the roads. >> i can't imagine. we see people texting and driving but playing a game while you're driving? >> the streets are too crowded i think. >> way too dangerous. >> this morning you want sunglasses when you head out the door. not expecting anything in the way of moisture sa cross colorado. high pressure staying in
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a frost advisory in effect across southern colorado this morning. yesterday we were in the mid to upper 60s and today in the upper 70s and staying dry and sunny through wednesday. very quiet. not a lot going on. the cold front is moving to the east and that's affecting us on saturday with snow in the things have changed drastically and if you can sneak away, it will be a great day in the mountains. here's the frost advisor this morning. be aware temperatures in the upper 30s in places. sensitive crops could be damaged. currently outside, 35 degrees in evergreen and 41 in conifer and castle rock at 44. you may ant a light jacket when you step out this morning. highs today warmg in the mid to upper 60s in denver and across the north eastern plains and staying mild across the
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western slope and mid 60s in colorado springs and slightly warmer down to the southeast so it will feel pleasant across the state today. plenty of sunshine and temperatures in the 70s. we're entering into our first official week of fall. 42 is our overnight low in denver. still cool, not quite as chilly as what we're starting this morning as. clear skies heading into tomorrow. temperatures in the low 80s across the front range gradual warm up in the 60s this weekend. 70s and 80s for tuesday. looking at the seven-day forecast you can see we're stay staying mostly sunny through tuesday. expect winds not as gusty throughout the afternoon today. overnight lows gradually warming up throughout the west of the week. a chance for a few showers returns thursday and friday afternoon. then upper 70s to lower 80s so
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on i-25 right now. you can still see the one lane configuration coming from colorado boulevard and evans and past yale. it's starting to bunch up traffic as folks try to narrow down from four lanes to one and making your way into the denver tech center, they have another ten minutes before thee're officially late. take a look at the overall map, not seeing any delays around they wrapped up the project where the bridge demolion was going on. dia looking nice as well. to vaccine or vaccinate your children or not to vaccinate. >> here's a preview of gma. >> in this morning's gma first look, a chicago mom of three speaking out about the importance of vaccines after a dangerous close call.
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>> she was a big believer in anti-vaccination research i scoured everything i could find why vaccines may be harmful. >> so she chose not to vaccinate her children but then her five year old and three year old twins were stricken with a case of roto virus. >> it didn't have to happen. i could have had themm vaccinated. i felt guilty. >> the most common refusing -- some parents cited concerns about autism a link which has been repeatedly 3 disproven. with your gma first lek, bc news new york. it's 5:19. are clowns really traveling across the country scaring people? we're looking into claims of one striking in colorado. >> a warning this morning not to drink a certain milk. why some local counties say it
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happy monday morning. waking up to some chilly temperatures in the metro area. katie is joining us in a bit and lltting you know what to expect. sad news out of delaware. these two long time firefighters gave their lives while trying to save a home. both men had children and families. they are the city's first firefighters to die in 18 years. on sad a floor collapsed trapping them in the basement.
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a woman and six children were in the fire when the fire started and they were able to get out safely. the pitcher for the miami marlins died yesterday morning in a boating accident. jose fernandez was killed. the boat flipped after hitting ssme rocks according to investigators looks as they they were moving full speed. he came to america when he was 15 years old and became a rising star in baseball. he was only 24. this morning we're working to find out how a person is doing after getting stabbed in denver yesterday on south columbine street. 6th avenue open aftee a bad motorcycle crash. the person was severely injured
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right now. now to happy story to get your week started off right. a pueblo family back with their saint bernard found 800 miles away in missouri. >> he disappeared from home five years ago and now is back home. a woman saw a facebook post so she drove to missouri to pick her up and bring her back to pueblo. the owner is still in shock. i thought you got to be kidding me. the family is training her to become a service dog. >> i can't believe that. after five years. >> that's crazy. what an interesting weekend. i was in the high country and
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leaves and you come down here it's toasty. >> yeah, that's colorado. i love it. friday and saturday we had some snow but sunday gusty winds and today though, we're starting off on a very cool note. this is a frost advisory remaining in effect until 9:00 so do expect chilling temperatures in the thoifts 30s. 76 in broomfield and same in denver. 60s across the foothills. temperatures in the low 80s. four and a half minutes until they're supposed to be done with a paving here on the southbound side of i-25. it doesn't look like they're getting done. somebody driving through there told me there's equipment and signs up out there. they don't think they will get
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it could turn into ten minutes. . as we get ready for october and breast cancer awareness month, residents across the state came together for race for the cure. it's the largest community fundraiser to pay for national research. thousands of people went on a 5k walk yesterday and it at the pepsi center. how arapahoe county deputies say two people found overdosing in a moving vehicle. donald trump leading with likely voters in colorado. we'll hear from local
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tracking breaking news out of arapahoe county. deputies looking for 15-year old jasmine oliver and her four month old son dante. they were last seen yesterday leaving a foster home near him leia street and quincy avenue. someone is dead after being national refuge. police are not saying much. amanda de castillo joins us >> reporter: police are no longer on scene at this hour but we know they were here yesterday evening into the early morning investigating a shooting. that investigation quuckly turned into a death investigation. now police aren't releasing any details about the victim or ssspect but neighbors we spoke say it may have been a family


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