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tv   7 News Now at 6 AM  ABC  September 26, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MDT

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breaking news this morning. this 15-year old girl and her baby are missing. the baby needs seizure medication so it's important they are tracked down quickly. they were last seen near quincy. call 911 if you see anything. some people are dealing with a frost advisory this morning. >> it definitely feels more like fall. katie lasalle joins us now with a look at your first alert forecast. good monday morning to you. clear conditions across colorado night row so here's where the frost advisory encompasses. much of north eastern colorado. the denver metro area is not expected to see a lot of frost
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be aware temperatures will be chilly. you will want a light jacket and sweat shirt before things warm up across the afternoon. 29 degrees in estes park. 44 in boulder. 30 degrees in sterling and greeley and denver at 44. leadville is chilly at 27. throughout the day today. plenty of sunshine and very clear conditions today, tomorrow and highs today warmer than what we saw this weekend. yesterday in the 60s and today 76 in denver. highlands ranch at 77. downtown down here to colorado boulevard, light paving and they just finally picked up in the last few minutes. all the cones from colorado to hamden, still a rauf ride and take a look at the camera here at university where everybody is really slowing here starting back at broadway. the heavy stop and go traffic
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an extra ten minutes on your trip down to the denver tech center. air tracker sevvn looking at i- 70 and i-25 going across downtown, so far so good from the north side. 6:02 now. extremely condition after a crash near 6th avenue near knox. initially denver police told us the motorcycle ruder was dead. identified. while you were sleeping, denver police spent more than five hours on the scene of a shooting investigation near the rocky mountain arsenal. amanda de castillo is there this morning with more. >> reporter: denver police details from them are limited today but again, neighbors did say that it could have been a
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a shooting investigation quickly turned into a death investigation yesterday afternoon. neighbors say they heard several shots and actually found a man suffering from what they believe are gunshot wounds outside of a green valley ranch home. one neighbor unfortunately witnessed the man die. police started knocking on the door of the home here and the knocks went unanswered. >> they just busted the door open and got a lady out and arouud my son's age. they were carrying themselves. >> reporter: jackson said she was arriving to her home with her daughter and three year old son yesterday afternoon. she describes the neighborhood as being mostly quiet. reporting in this green valley ranch neighborhood this morning, amanda de castillo, denver7 news. one person recovering from
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near columbine yesterday afternoon. denver police say they arrested the stabbing suspect. the person has been identified developing news, aleppo dealing with an unprecedented day of air strikes. this is united nations diplomats demanding a halt to the violence. this morning say yesterday's air strikes what they have seen over the last five years in syria. -?180 people were injured and dozens have died. two brand new polls of colorado voters. both of these came out yesterday. the first one this is from cbs news -- sorry, this is the wrong one. this is from the gravis one. trump is leading at four points and hillary clinton at 37. now let's see if we can show you the other -- here we go,
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so there's another poll out now by cbs and that one shows hillary clinton with just a one point lead over donald trump so she has 40% in that one and he has 39%. tonight's debate could shake up the polls. more than 100 million people are expected to watch -- the same number who watch the super bowl. our coverage begins at 7:00. so the debate committee has announced the topics for they are america's direction, achieving prosperity and securing america. jason gruenauer is llve outside the denver elections convention >> this could be a make or break night for both candidates? >>reporter: yes, it could be. we have the democrat side of things earlier and now we're joined with the gop spokes person. what are you expecting from
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pop street university? >> we're expecting a debate on ideas. people are tuniig in for a big show but we want to see policy solutions and the ability why our candidate can make this country better and changing direction from the last eight years. >> reporter: hillary clinton has done this before and donald trump has not. what role do you sthi experience plays tonight? >> hillary clinton has a lot of experience but not so much success at debates. our candidates trackkrecord in the debates and we expect him to bring that today to win the hearts of the american people. are you expecting any fireworks? people are tuning in for the fight? are we going to see it. >> they will fight about the policy issues that matter. people are passionate about solutions for this country and finding a way to make america better and trump has the solutions for us.
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undecided voters out there? when they tune in what kind of mind set should they have? how should they go into this? >> the fact that hillary clinton time and time again hasn't been up front with them and hasn't told the truth. a lot of questions she hasn't answered about her e-mail scandals with companies right here in denver. there's' lot of questions asked that hillary clinton doesn't want to ask. people donald trump's policies and they will feel that republican have solutions to change this country to the direction we need now. >> thanks for coming out. the debate airs tonight on denver7 news at 7:00. reporting live, grooim jason jason gruenauer. >> our coverage begins at 7:00 and we are expecting this to
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tuned for denver7 news at 10:00. eight minutes after 6:00 now. today marks one week since an experienced hiker went missing near aspen. the sej for search for david cook continues. this new mexico man was planning to leave monday and climbed three mountains and return tuesday but he's not been seen since. bad weather has made things difficult for rescue crews an skies today. here in colorado we love the outdoors and it's difficult when you see this. jefferson county deputies trying to find the vandals. four trees and five rocks were spray painted. deputies say they're counting on tips to make an arrest. if you know anything, call crime stoppers. arnold palmer, one of the
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passed away. he won seven major championships and 62 tournaments on the pga tour. >> when you walk up 18th and get an ovation like that, i guess that says it all. >> besides golf, palmer was an expert pilot, well known philanthropist and well known wine company. he is also known for the arnold palmer which is a mix of iced tea and lemonade. a woman next to him saw what he was drinking and said, "i'll have that palmer thing". >> i didn't know that was the story about how the arnold palmer drink came about. about five undefeated teams in the nfl and the broncos are one of them. a serial arsonist on the loose in colorado. our fire chief wants to make sure this suspect is off the
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expecting a chilly start to this monday but plenty of sunshine across the board today. temperatures rising to the mid to upper 70s and warmer as we head into tomorrow. i just watched the last of the construction truck -- there he goes there heading south on i-25 picking up the last of the cones. all lanes are officially open near colorado down to hamden. still a bit of a rough ride and
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breaking news, an active shooter in houston. there are unconfirmed reports of i shooter hiding behind a tree in the area. we're continuing to follow the breaking news. we're not sure what is taking place with this situation but we'll continue to update you throughout the newscast. back here at home, a news alert out of castle rock. police and firefighters sounding the alarm about a suspected serial dozens of achor versus burned. a lighter was found at the scene set on saturday. >> we were 15 seconds away from a catastrophe. >> when it gets to that point, i want the community involved and pay attention. >> he says be aert will and report anything suspicious. . a ceremony will be held today to honor the memory of murder victims across the
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near spear and colfax. >> the organizers say it's -?impprtant to raise awareness the long term trauma caused by viilent crime. a weld county woman remains in critical condition this morning. quick thinking neighbors may have saved her life. they found the woman with multiple stab wounds inside a home in hudson. her neighbors cornered the suspect and hit him with garden a memorial continues to grow in miami following the death of the marlins pitcher, jose fernandez who was killed in a boating accident yesterday morning. only 24-year old. he came to america from cuba at the age of 15. his boat flipped over and crashed into a rock formation in the water. the broncos are back in denver this morning. the team is celebrating a 29-17
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night. >> trevor sieeian through four touchdowns and he got the game ball after. >> 300 yards and 4 touchdowns [ cheering and applause ] . >> i'm so proud to be part of this group, seriously. . >> one of the touchdowns led to controversy. sanders decided to tweshg in the >> a san antonios player twerked and was later fine. it's a nice day and plenty of sunshine and a cool start across the state. taking a look at the view near peaks, highs in the upper 70s.
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with clear sky as cross the state. warmer today thab yesterday. expect mid to upper 60s across much of the front range. 60s and 70s in the mountains. dry and sunny through wednesday and very nice weather as we head into the next couple of days and our first official week of fall. quiet conditions across colorado where the frost advisory is this morning until 9:00 a.m. just be aware temperatures will be really cool across the north boulder right now at 41. as you step out the door this jacket or sweatshirt. a light 43 in parker and 41 in boulder with mid 30s in every green. ledville at 27 and low 30s in eagle and upper 30s in greeley as well. sunny skies warming our temperatures up, a couplee
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76 the expected high in denver. across the north eastern plains mid to upper 60s and in the foothills estes park expecting a high near 67. clear skies in denver. not quite as chilly as what we felt this morning. 42 is our expected low. tomorrow morning waking up to sunshine. make sure you have the sunglasses handy. warmer throughout much of the week. temperatures staying mild, 76 today and 81 tomorrow 80 degrees by wednesday. not much to talk about in the forecast, no severe weather expected for today. mostly sunny and dry and we have the chance for a few more showers and potential for a couple afternoon thunderstorms on friday and overnight low warminggback up into the lower 50s. a big dark spot here in the road. 3 let me show you air tracker seven from a moment ago. right here, you see the big dark spot there where the
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that's where we were driving on the northbound side near sa arapahoe. now in the new bridge over here and they finished the work early over the weekend so they opened t up there late on saturday night ann had it open by sunday morning. take a look at the drive we have further to the north at i- 25 and colorado. a lot of traffic coming from university here to colorado. some late paving in there. they ran half an hour late and still feeling the effect from broadway. you can see the southbound side struggling. everything else around town continues to look nice. typical slowing in the usual spots. easy driveethrough aurora. this next story is number one on our website. it could help you fall asleep in 60 seconds or less. thousands of people online say this new breathing method is
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inhate for four seconds, hold your breath for seven and ex exhale for 8 seconds. eight seconds. repeat the process over and over. the focus on breathe helps relieve stress. >> okay i don'' need to try this here at work. a high school homecoming king gives us up his crown to create an unforgta for a classmate. he was named homecoming king and the queen was megaa bailey, a special needs student. less than 24 hours later he gave his crown to another special needs student. ian and megan have been friends since kindergarten and the honor is extra special for him who lost his mother to cancer. >> she was my hero.
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we can continue with the team of other people the worr she did and just to make the world a better place not for ian but for everybody. >> the two family says this provessour younger generation are taking a big step to include their special needs peers. cool story right now on and the free denver7 news app. i think it's fantastic to see kids doing that. first presidential debate but don't expect to see much fact checking tonight. we'll explain why in a few minutes. an update on the breaking news out of houston. a live look from the tv helicopter there. this is the scene where shots were fire in housttn. they may have seven people injured with an active shooter in the west lynn area of houston texas. the gunmen reportedly still on scene firing shots.
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squad has been called out to
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temperatures climbing into the mid 70s and plenty of sunshine to go around. dry conditions across colorado. here's the satellite and radar this morning. not much to talk about. winds staying light and greeley at 78 and boulder expect a high near 76. still have building traffic here and there. the early problems we had thorng are cleared up. 225 around mississippi and alameda up to i-70 is okay. construction right around sable and some along the light rail lines affecting the aurora drive over the next couple of days. out to dia that's an easy dry.
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wait. nearly half annhour. be careful what you drink. more than a dozen people in colorado have gotten sick connected to raw milk. also a sekts yule assault suspect still on the run at cu boulder. as we head to a break, another live look from the houston area on the southwest part of the metro area where thhre are reports of an active shooter. still developing now because they don't know how many victims they might have here and how many injured. we understand the shooter has been shooting at cars and that's one of the victims there i guess we're seeing being loaded in the ambulance. we're being told by our breaking news producer this is breaking news producer this is going on
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interests buying influence in washington. a draft bill by scott tipton was largely written by tipton's biggest campaign contributor. even worse, tipton's plans threaten thousands of recreation industry jobs. gail schwartz will protect colorado's public lands, jobs, and our rural way of life. gail schwartz -- independent leadership for colorado. house majority pac is responsible
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an active shooter in house. >> one shooter was hiding vehicles. this started at a shopping mall early this morning. a university nearby was told to shelter in place. we'll keep you posted. there are unconfirmed reports that the shooter may be down. this is a very intense situation in houston and we'll continue to follow this throughout the morning. breaking news from arapahoe county today. a 15-year old mom and her four month old son missing. the baby takes seizure medicine so it's important these two are found. they were leaving a foster home last night near quincy. call 911 if you spot this mom.
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this a sunrise yesterday morning. very gorgeous. this monday morning expect co advisory in effect. sunny skies across most of colorado. high pressure in place so that's keeping us very dry throughout the day today. this is where the frost advisory encompasses this morning, mainly the northeast plains. the denver metro area not included here. but fort collins and greeley, expect temperatures in the 30s and low 50s.
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20s in lead ville under mostly clear conditions. temperatures around average this time of year. 77 degrees in highlands run ranch. >> it's pleasant for the drive around town, this s the westbound side heading for york. the headlights passing and eventually down stad drive for us. somebody asked me when are they going to widen 270 but it will take years. it's on the long range plans but no money yet for 270 to be widened. i-70 is the big one coming up putting in the express lane east of i-25. take a look at the drive up to that south side of toww. heavy stop and go traffic at i- 25 down to colorado and hamden.
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around 6:00. lanes open on tte north side. southbound side still very slow and there was a report of an accident. haven't seen it and slow traffic up that way now. a sexual assault suspect is on the run at a cu boulderr campus. he tried to attack the woman around 1:00 a.m. yesterday morning. the victim is okay. she was able to run away and call 911. students we spoke to say th campus. >> i woke up and was like why did i do that? it's not safe. >> police have released a description of the suspect and he's describbd as a college aged blake male who is 6'1" with an average build and has a shaggy beard and muscle taj. mustache. a little more than 12 hours
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this is the first time donald trump and hillary clinton have been on the stage since the campaign start. the group that runs the debate says it's not their job to make sure the candidates are telling the truth. >> it's not a good idea to get the moderator serving as the enpsych en enpsyyh en encyclopedia. we have been speaking to local party representatives all morning to get their take before this debate later tonight. this morning earlier we talked to the democrats and we asked the same questions to the republicans and just finished talking to them. >> what should we expect out of tonight's debate? i'm expecting donald trump to relay to the american people
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2016. people aren't happy with where we have been the last eight years and they want to sse a change in direction. donald trump offers that change and that's why people are voting reppblican because it's getting people excited and engaging them in this election cycle. >> the polls are tight here in colorado. how could tonight's ke debate impact voters here in colorado? >> all of a sudden, colorado is showing we're within the margin of error or ahead. what you see today is people realize donald trump does have solutions. democrats want to paint him one way but he has solutions and he generally cares about changing the direction of the country and that's what the american people will see tonight and they will continue the momentum. >> a lot of people tuning in to see these two fight. are you expecting tonight to be
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and forth. >> a little bit of both. i think there's policy solutions offered on the stage and i hope that they realize that's what it should be about and that's what we expect and these people have real solutions for our counnry and they are offering new directions and people every day are saying they want a new direction for the country. >> both local parties are hosting watch parties for tonight's debate as well as donald trump's campaign. you can also watch it right here on denver7 news starting at 7:00. 7:00. so again the debate is happening tonight at #k57 right here on denver7 news. 74% of people say they plan to watch the bedate and 80% of people say no matter what happe minds. arapahoe county deputies say a new program is saving lives.
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heroin on saturday. investigators say someone called 911 to report the driver swerving all over the road. when deputies aryed they gave the couple narcan and they just started carrying narcan in their cars the past week. she was clenching the steering wheel and he was passed out. his head was down. these kits do save lyes the man and woman were taken to the hospital and their names not this is still an ongoing criminal investigation. here's some positive this morning. dan bright is awake and communicating with his family. he was the person critically wounded in a shoot out with a suicidal man back in early september. his colleagues say it's a miracle he's still alive. there's been a gofundme page that's raised more than 46
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to that. 20 people have gotten sick after drinking raw milk from vista ranch in highlands ran. the ranch is not commenting this morning. highlands ranch is the healthiest place to live in america. they have the lowest adult obesity rate in the country. >> a couple weeks highlands ranch ranked number six of best places to live in the country. save up if there because the average home sells for $410,000. the shooting investigation continues in denver this morning. witnesses say they found a man with a gunshot wound in the streets of a residential neighborhood. we are life with the latest. are creepy crowns trying to terrorize people in our state? we did some digging and you'll hear our report when we return. an update now on the
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they have an active shooter but police say the shooter is down. at least seven people were injured as a shooter opens fire near a shopping mall at the top of thh hour. we'll continue to follow this and bring you the latest.
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good morning, chili conditions. 70s and low 80s by the time we hit tuesday into wednesday. 40 degrees in parker and 42 in conifer and 35 in every green and 450 degrees in boulder. expect plenty of sunnhine warming temperatures up to near average values. 76 our exxected high. in denver and boulder, 77. jason, here's your first alert
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warmer than this weekend. here's your alert 19 minutes until 7:00. very ffll freewayy and look at 225. nothing in here, just a lot of traffic up to alameda. air trashger on the north side of town, very full again. a report of something around 84th or thornton parkway. not seeing in there, very full through 84th avenue and south side of town, heavy stop and go traffic through colorado boulevard. 25 minutes from downtown to the in the city of colorado springs. these are goats helping out with the weed control. the goats will eat 2-3 tons of weeds every day. they will also provide a natural fertilizer as they graze. the goats aar on display every day and encouraging people to come out and say hi and check them out. >> they say the weeds are bad. should you vaccinate your children?
6:42 am
country especially here in colorado. >> one woman is speaking out. >> i feel guilty. it didn't have to happen because i could have had them vaccinated. >> the connection between vaccines and autism has never been proven. america. the search is on for these two missing people. a 15-year old girl and four month old son. deputies say the child is in danger. we'll tell you why next.
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in one door - a member of congress. out another - a high-paid lobbyist. 131 former members of congress are now lobbyists in washington, dc. i consider it wrong. that's why i'm fighting for a new law to permanently banor members of congress from ever becoming lobbyists. i'm michael bennet
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a desperate search for a teen mom and her four month old son who went missing last night. they wwre last seen leaving a foster home near quincy and
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seizures and needs medication chls if you see these two call 911 immediately. police have just taken down an active shooter in houston. multiple people injured after this person opened fire in a shopping area. you can see the emergency vehicles. no word on severity of the victim's injuries just yet. a bomb skaud squad on looking for a suspicious vehicle. still an active area where the shooter was one time shooting at cars in the passing area. a developing story back here in denver. one person died from a gunshot ?ound late last night. denver police on the scene for several hours. amanda de castillo is live this morning near the rocky mountain arsenal. >> reporter: denver police are no longer on scene at this hour
6:46 am
their death investigation following a ssooting that happened outside of the home you see behind me. now that the sun is up we see blood on the driveway here. police haven'released any details about the victim. one neighbor says she was arriiing home with her children yesterday when she heard several shots. the neighbor then saw a man outside the home suffering from what she believes from a gunshot wound. she says she unfortunately then witnessed the man die. officials haven't released any official information but we are following that story and asking the police about what happened here along the 16,000-block of randall in the green valley neighborhood. 20 a 20-year old accused of going on a deadly rampage at a seattle mall on friday. the 20-year old suspect "acted
6:47 am
arrested. police are still looking for a motive. the creepy clown trend is spreading. in georgia police arrested this man saying he scared people he crept around the store jumping out at people and scaring people in parked cars. yoo may have seen a picture like this saying a clown is lurking in denver streets. more thann28,000 people have comm there's no creepy clown cruising around denver. this picture was taken in england three years ago. they are doing this all over the country saying there's a creepy clown in your city. but not here. if you have lived here for a while, thousands of runners gathering in downtown denver to participate in a 5k to help pay3 for local breast cancer care and national research and it
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downtown denver. >> they had a beautiful day today. >> yes, cool in the morning and a nice day. could have been worse. >> exactly. perfect running and jogging weather. we saw snow on saturday and mostly sunny skies sunday and warmer today. >> wow.. >> still feeling like fall this mmrning. a chilly start to the day and clear conditions all across the state of colorado. as of right now, high pressure staying in control through much of the day today keeping us frost advisory in effect from now until 9:00. we do have the possibility for seeing very cool conditionn. taking a look outside, 39 in sterling and 37 in greeley. denver metro area not encompassed in the frost advisory. a temperature of 44 degrees at dia and 27 currently with thoifts 30s and upper 20s in the high country.
6:49 am
winds staying calm this afternoon so feeling pleasant for this first official week of fall. upper 60s and mostly clear overnight as well. highs ii broomfield 76. eerie 77 also. fort collins aswell as greeley in the north eastern plains expecting upper 70s this afternoon. taking a look at highs across the state, should be pleasant with lots of sunshine expecting much in the way of moisture today or tomorrow. 71 degrees in aspen and 76 in eagle and leadville up to 62 and down to he southeast temperatures warming back into the lower 80s. warmer for tomorrow. not quite as chilly tonight. mostly clear skies getting down to 42 degrees and tomorrow morning we'll wake up to more sunshine mostly clear skies. temperatures back in the lower 80s. tuesday, wednesday and today,
6:50 am
forecast. not too much to talk about in the way of any moisture until thursday afternoon into the evening where we have a better chance for seeing a few more showers. friday also a chance for a couple storms in the afternoon but temperatures slightly above average for this time of year. normally in the mid 70s so lower 80s, we'll take it. warming up by this weekend. a lot of traffic downtown in the denver tech center and then you have this guy -- a wrong way to start off on the southbound side at university. the northbound side, you see how light traffic is. a construction guide just went up causing a traffic jam back to evans and yale. already having heavy stop and go traffic in that spot. i-25 and i-76 typical slowing out to the east. c-470 for now is okay in the
6:51 am
seven is looking okay as well. denver west and doll fax out to c-470 looking really nice out there to the west. vote this morning. ice, your 3 hours away now from this first head to head debate between hillary clinton and donald trump. >> this year's election neck and neck and this debate could be the most watches of all- time. jason gruenauer joins us now to break it down. >> they are expecting a into the 100 million range. that's what super bowl range is. they are going against each other on hofstra stage. the topics are america's direction, america's rosperity and securing america. why is the debate so big? the most recent national poll from abc news has clinton ahead
6:52 am
percentage points and here in colorado it's even closer. two polls from cnn and cps has clinton ahead by one percentage point.. that debate starts at 7:00 tonight and we'll break it all down at 10:00 tonight. you can catch us online as well. we'll have the hhghlights from the debate on the denver channel and take denver seven downloading our free app. we'll show you the reunion with the saint bernard next. breaking news we have been following all morning long. this is a report of an active shooter in houston, texas. we are hearing reports of seven people injured. the shooter is now in cust after being shot by police.
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grocery shoppers of america! take your o organics baby carrots. take your eggs. even your o organics chips. and join the organic movement. organic food is no longer just for the privileged few. now everyone can afford to go organic. o organics,
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a live look at a beautiful sunrise. looks like it's about 44 ?egrees outside. a little chilly. local landmark is closing at least for now. the campus lounge near cu closed after the broncos game. >> they will be remodelling the interior. clear skies today. expect dry conditions and sunny but as we said, very cool to start. we're seeing mid to upper 70s across the front range today and 80s into tomorrow. high temperatures 76 degrees in denver. same in broomfield and we'll see the low 70s in castle rock and 60s across the mountains and foothills. taking a look at the seven-day forecast, a lot of sunshine is on the forecast for the next
6:56 am
low 80s for tuesday and two bright spots in the seven-day forecast. better chance for showers and storms mainly coming thursday into friday evening. warming up back into the low 50s by the time we head into next weekend. very few problems on and off the highways. this late construction on the southbound side of i-25. the northbound side the same thing where a guy was using one of his construction trucks to stop on the left lane. this is the result right here, way back and go traffic in both directions. heavy stop and go traffic on the north side, west side at least for now. 100 laps at the bad boy off road 300 as it's called. he finished 7th. kevin harvick won the race yesterday. he's qualified for the next round back on the racetrack this sunday in dover.
6:57 am
before we go a heart felt reunion between a family and man's best friend. the saint bernard was lost seven years ago. a woman saw a facebook post about missy and decided to drive back to pueblo to help the owner. >> i couldn't believe it. i thought, you got to be kidding me. i thouuht it's great. she showed me pictures and i >> theefamily isn't going to train missy to become a service dog or they are going to rather to help their daughter who is disabled. >> that's awesome they got reunited. we thank you for joining us today. enjoy the sunshine today. >> grab a jacket as you head
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good morning, america. donald trump and hillary clinton getting set for tonight's crucial first debate. how the candidates are preparing in the final hours. >> getting ready. getting ready. >> 100 million people expected to tune in. the war over ho will be in the front row. what each candidate needs to do to close t it's your voice, your vote. major washout. entire neighborhoods underwater in the midwest. rifs rising, forcing thousands to evacuate. residents racing to save their homes. as they brace for the worst flooding in nearly a decade. police release new footage of the deadly shooting in charlotte. questions grow. tensions rise on the streets. now the victim's brother-in-law joins us live, only on "gma."


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