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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  September 26, 2016 7:00am-9:00am MDT

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good morning, america. donald trump and hillary clinton getting set for tonight's crucial first debate. how the candidates are preparing in the final hours. >> getting ready. getting ready. >> 100 million people expected to tune in. the war over ho will be in the front row. what each candidate needs to do to close t it's your voice, your vote. major washout. entire neighborhoods underwater in the midwest. rifs rising, forcing thousands to evacuate. residents racing to save their homes. as they brace for the worst flooding in nearly a decade. police release new footage of the deadly shooting in charlotte. questions grow. tensions rise on the streets. now the victim's brother-in-law joins us live, only on "gma."
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afs greatest. remembering the king of the course, arnold palmer. his life and career revolutionizing the sport. inspiring generations of athletes with his style and everyman touch. >> if i can teach them to leave the game better, then i've been successful. >> the tributes pouring in around the globe this morning. and welcome to the biggest day yet in the race for the white house. you're looking life at hofstra university. that's the debate hall where donald trump and hillary clinton will take the stage tonight for their first debate. we're going to be covering it live right here at 9:00 p.m. right here on abc. amy, it's a 90-minute debate. six 15-minute segments. broad topics. we learn something. hillary clinton gets the first question. each candidate has two minutes
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>> so many people will be watching. nearly three-quarters of american voters say they're planning to watch tonight's debate. rivaling the super bowl audience that would crush the previous debate record when 80 million people watched the ronald reagan-jimmy carter showdown in 1980. the latest abc news "washington post" poll shows clinton ahead by just two points. a statistical dead heat. the excitement building with just a few hours to >> a lot at stake tonight. full team coverage this morning and tonight. tom llamas starts us off from inside the e debate hall at hofstra. good morning, tom. >> reporter: george, good morning to you. the road to the white house comes right through hofstra university tonight. just behind me, if debate stage. hillary clinton will be stage left. donald trump will be standing stage right. this could be the most watched debate in the history of this country and could change the direction of the race.
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debate coach rudy giuliani, checking out the stage. as the candidates were preparing, their top advisers already firing the first shot. >> all that we're asking is that if donald trump lice, that it's pointed out. >> reporter: the clinton team looking for a referee to flag trump if he gets his points wrong. trump's campaign saying let the candidates duke it out. >> i don't appreciate campaigns thinking it's the job of the media to be the fact checkers. >> reporter: the campaign adding drama before the first question. giving a debate ticket to trump tormenter. >> if he came on shark tank, i wouldn't make the investment. >> reporter: trump responding on twitter, if dopey mark cuban of failed ben fatter fame wants to sit many the front row, perhaps it will but gennifer flowers alongside him. the campaign later saying, she
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>> gennifer flowers will not be attending the debate. >> reporter: clint season the more experienced. >> which enemy are you most proud of? >> in addition to the nra, the health insurance companies. the drug companies. the iranians. probably the republicans. >> reporter: but trump took on an army of republicans in the primaries through 11 debates and was never afraid of saying what he really >> he referred to my hands. if they're small, something else must be small. i guarantee you, there's no problem. i guarantee you. all right? >> reporter: we'll see if there will be moments like that tonight. the trump campaign spot to lower lging expectations. just yesterday, kellyanne conway quoted newt gingrich saying donald struch the babe ruth of debates. tonight, the trump campaign has launched snap chat filters to
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>> a whole lot on social media tonight. hillary clinton reportedly preparing for the e debate all month. she told us last month she's quote getting ready. tonight will be her 35th presidential debate. she participated in 25 in 2008 and 2349 this year's primaries. how is clinton preparing for this evening? >> she's vaert ran. good morning. hillary clinton's team calls donald trump a formidable foe. preparing for this debate has not been easy for her. she say there is are two donald trumps. a reserved candidate and an aggressive one. she's been holding mock debates. studying video of him in past debates. her campaign met with trump's ghost writer trying to find out what make him tick. what makes her team most nervous? aides say they fear the bar is lower for donald trump.
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appear presidential. we also just learned about clint. 's guest list to the debate. among her debates long-time supporter who is have a special relationship with her, including a 9/11 survivor. and mark cuban. >> we know that tweet over the weekend, donald trump saying he was going to invite gennifer flowers to the debate. he rescinded that. obviously, preparing for those attacks. >> they say that's not what they're most worried about. they need trump to go offmessage. >> they don't want a subdued donald trump. here with the whole political team this morning. here are martha raddatz. want to get to jon karl as well. let's beginly look at the poll. our poll showing a dead heat. a lot of other information coming in supporting that as
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month, hillary clinton with a big eight-point lead. now, 46-44. this race is statistically tied. a new bloomberg poll shows the race tied. if you look at this, among independent voters, donald trump has a five-point lead. last month, hillary clinton led. going into the debate, by 26 points, voters say hillary clinton nose world affairs better. she has the right temperament and is more qualified. big those categories. but look at this. the e question of who is more honest and trust worthy? donald trump has a big lead. donald trump a 2-point lead in terms of who is in better health. >> those are the overall national numbers. at the same time, the electoral college, hillary clinton has an edge. that is tightening as well sfwlp here's the race ratings.
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273 electoral votes. donald trump wins all of the tossup states, pure tossups. he doesn't have enough votes to win. he's still behind. he needs to win some place where hillary clinton has an advantage. there's a new poll out today that shows pennsylvania now a tied race. so if he can win pennsylvania, he would be able to win the presidency. i want to play one other possibility. he could try to win in inspect. . place he won in the primary. that >> and it goes to congress. hillary clinton going to new hampshire this week. you talked to undecided voters. there are relatively few. but this year, more people moving around a little bit. >> it's unbelievable to me to go out there with the voters and still have people say i don't know who i want. when they watch the debate tonight, there's about 3% truly
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will matter. so what has to happen? they have to do something spectacularly good or spectacularly bad to change their minds. right now, they just don't know. they're not voting against anyone. they're not voting for anyone. they don't like either one. >> sometimes they do back and forth to johnson or stein. >> exactly. haven't made up my mind yet. it's remarkable how many people say that to you when you're out >> thanks, guys. >> we're joined by political strategists who know what it's like to prep candidates for a presidential debate. abc's matt dowd, chief strategist for george w. bush's re-election campaign. and david plouffe, barack obama's campaign manager in 2008. this is trump's first one-on-one political debate. what is his team focusing on?
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dealt with the autd yens he'll have tonight. being there for an hou and a half, he's not had that. he has to stay focused an on-message. he's had moments of discipline. can he take the moment and stretch to it an hour and half. it's tough. >> and two-minute responses. >> two-minute responsibles. >> what is clinton's team strategizing on? >> it's a huge opportunity for her. she's not a great retail politician. i think the key thing is people know she's got good ideas, or at least ideas and policies. she has to speak from the heart and gut about what she's doing this. and connect with the members of the obama coalition. >> doesn't she also have to assuming we don't know what the moderator is going to do tonight. lester holt has not spoken. she has to be prepared, i believe, to take the fight to donald trump. >> absolutely. there's polls out every day that are all over the place.
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donald trump is the one that has to change the dynamic. if all she does, and thing she needs to do more, is keep the race where it is and don't give him momentum, that's important. you can't be fact checker in chief. you have to take moments, have moments where it's clear donald trump not fit to sit in the oval office or situation room. >> the problem for hillary clinton is she does have a slight lead. she's kept him in the game. he's within a field goal. you don't want to go last few days of the election and have him within a field goal. anything can happen. >> the clinton campaign wants trump to go offmessage and to be what does trump need to do? what does he have to accomplish tonight? thancht have to switch positions. he needs to be more rational, less visceral. she needs more head and less heart in the course of the debate. he has to try as best he can to
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sometimes does and not go off on her personally. >> isn't that why people are watching? >> he has to have an emotional connection but show he has the knowledge to be president. >> for each of them, what is the one issue they have to get, to even if it doesn't come up from the moderator? incht think for clinton, it's to speak about why am i doing this right now? again, everybody knows she has policies. she has to find the moment to say why aim doing this? why am i motivated to do this? and she has to draw a clear economic contrast. donald trump has to show command or foreign policy and national security. their human beings. everyone has prep. everyone has strategy. you don't know what happens once the bell goes off. >> each candidate will have to call a lot of audibles tonight. >> they're done preparing. reading binders. i think today, they're focused on the safe place.
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no matter what the question is they have a safe place. have to be able to end up in place they're comfortable in. >> also curious about lester holt. should he be encyclopedia britanni britannica? >> journalists are supposed to discover the truth. part of it should be fact-checking. they shouldn't be an arm of the campaign. but in the course of the debate, he does need to come if somebody tells a bald-faced lie, he should correct it. >> if you look at debates, moderators don't just read questions. anyone can do that. they help direct the conversation. particularly hillary clinton, it can't be in her head why is lester holt not fact-checking? she has to take the opportunity when the moment presents itself. >> david, you have helped get social media involved. this debate will happen in
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the campaigns fighting it out fiercely. >> it's fast nacinating. there will be a huge audience. a consensus will begin to emerge. the benghazi moment in our second debate happened an hour in. it's still important the entire 90 minutes. you need a sound strategy. you have to get off to a good start. >> it's not just winning tonight. nn but it's winning in the three days. al gore is an example. won the night and lost the followup in the next three days. social media could drive who people think the winner is. >> are the two practicing today? resting? what would you suggest? >> i thought hillary clinton made a good decision. do down time for three or four days. i think they're resting. they're finding the safe place. whatever the answer is i'm going to go there if i get caught and
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today. kind of like pepper in baseball. >> tea, yoga, meditation. >> i'll anchor coverage tonight. with our whole team. there you see them. live at 9:00 eastern. right here on abc. and we move on now and celebrate the king of golf. arnold palmer passed away sunday at the age of 87 after a legendary career on the course. he won generations of fans with bold style and personality. chris connelly remembers the man and the mark he made one of golf afs greatest players ever. unquesti unquestionab unquestionably, it's most beloved. the king with the common touch. >> he's the best. >> reporter: he burst on to the scene in the '50s. he won seven majors from 1958 to 1964, including a two-stroke victory over jack nicklaus at the u.s. open. >> the 1960 u.s. open e belongs to arnold palmer.
7:16 am
he had knocked 62 pga tour wins. it was how he won. his pants-hitching panache that made him a superstar. making so many proud to be part of arnie's army. following his retirement from the tour, palmer remained golfs a greatest ambassador. playing with presidents, pros, and just plain old people. 2004, he would be ginn the presidential medal of freedom. >> the united states honors this proud skill, his sportsman ship and his many contributions to sports and america. >> reporter: millions who never saw him hit a golf shot new arnold palmer for the iced tea and lemonade drink that bears his name. >> that was awesome. >> reporter: arnold palmer died in pittsburgh on sunday at the age of 87. tiger woods tweeted, it's hard
7:17 am
the son of latrobe, pennsylvania, never seemed to lose his zest for life or his love of the game. >> i always say one thing, if i can teach a young man coming along to leave the game better when they leave than they found it when they arrived, then i've been successful. >> reporter: for "good morning america," chris connelly, abc news, los angeles. >> by that measure, arnold palmer certainly successful. how many guy get a whole drink named after him. >> one of many lasting legacies. let's get to ginger with the flooding in the midwest. >> i have to respond. that drink. i used to serve at a country club. number one by far. let's go ahead and check you're weather. look at this. we're talking about not your run of the mill flooding in eastern iowa, but some of the worst they will have seen since 2008. it was horrendous. now they're preparing for quite they're way ahead of this. look what was happening.
7:18 am
of waterloo. last week, we were talking about the flash flooding. in cedar rapids, my cousin lives there. she was putting out sandbags this weekend. that's what everybody was doing. here's what we have. flood warnings up and down the mississippi river and the cedar river. as we go closer, flood stage or major flood stage is 16 feet. it's already above that and expected tonight into tomorrow to rise to 23 feet. this situation. we'll be on it for the next 24 to 36 hours. your local weather in 30
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>good morning, i'm katie lasalle. cool and clear across colorado. very clear throughout the state. chilly conditions today. a frost advisory in effect for much of north eastern colorado. a chillyystart to the day. 43 in denver. 40 in sterling and greeley only cross muchhof the high country. temperat >> and with a beautiful fall backdrop, i'll take my imaginary arnie palmers and serve them to you so we can toast him. >> thank you, ginger. and coming up here on "gma," a lot more on the trump-clinton showdown. plus, the latest from charlotte. the questions growing about the newly released dash cam video in
7:20 am
scott. his brother-in-law joins us. and the latest on the rising baseball star, jose fernandez, trajingly killed in a boating accident. his incredible story. inspiring so many as we now celebrate his life.
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0. >> reporter: the two candidates go face to face tonight. they will be discussing three main topics chosen by the moderator, lester holt -- america's direction, america's prosperity and securing america. all this happening at the polls getting tighter than ever. here in colorado the swing state just % a point separates the two candidates. the debate starts at 7:00 and
7:24 am
denver7 news. as for the weather, back to the studio. a lot of sunshine out there this morning. clear conditions across % colorado and high temperatures remaining in kol keeping us dry. we'll start the day in the upper 30s in greeley and 24 in leadville and denver at 43. throughout the day today. expect highs in the up 70s so slightly warmer than yesterday. 60 in the foothills and the 60 in the foothills and the next couple washington is broken. a blatant case of special interests buying influence in washington. was largely written by tipton's biggest campaign contributor. even worse, tipton's plans threaten thousands of recreation industry jobs. gail schwartz will protect colorado's public lands, jobs, and our rural way of life. gail schwartz -- independent leadership for colorado. house majority pac is responsible
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0 oofrjs a couple lanes blocked, taking a look at another problem. you can see as you go back to the map, heavy stop and go traffic for us back here to i-
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heavy stop and go traffic across downtown.
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and six is greater than one. flonase changes everything. ? welcome back to "gma." you're looking live at hofstra university. that's the debate hall where at 9:00 p.m. tonight, donald trump and hillary clinton go head to head for the first debate. much more on the high stakes. what you need to wat o live coverage here on abc. the suspect in the deadly mall shooting in washington state is due in court today. he is accused of gunning down four women and one man inside a macy's over the weekend. a delta flight from detroit to amsterdam diverted after a samsung tablet fell between the seat, overheated, started smoking. >> so much trouble with those devices.
7:31 am
9:00 p.m. eastern. we'll be here live to coverage all 90 minutes. so much anticipation for the royal family's visit to canada. the first time as a family of four. did you see that? prince george refusing to give canadian prime minister justin trudeau a high five? left him hanging. nope, wasn't going to do it. we have much more on the royal tour ahead. >> staring him down right there. we switch gears and begin with the latest from charlotte. there were more peaceful protests as the curfew was lifted overnight. we saw the release of body cam and you see it right there, and dash cam video. it hasn't settled questions over the deadly police shooting of keith lamont scott. keith's brother-in-law is here live for an exclusive interview. let's go to eva pilgrim live on the scene in charlotte. good morning, eva. >> reporter: these are the boarded up windows of a hotel damaged during the protests. local artists are painting over these eyesores as a way to begin healing. this, as there are calls for the full video to be released.
7:32 am
>> no justice. >> no peace. >> reporter: military vehicles rolling into place. officers form a barricade right outside sunday's panther game. [ crowd chanting ] >> reporter: tensions still simmering in charlotte, as newly released video raises more questions about the police shooting of 43-year-old keith lamont scott. that was last tuesday. the charlotte police department buckling to pressure this weekend, releasing some of the video showing the confrontation. in the dash cam video, you see scott get out of his suv, walking backwards slowly, hands by his side, unclear what, if anything, is in his hands. and then four shots are fired. >> we got shots fired. one suspect down. >> reporter: in this body cam angle, scott is seen standing outside his vehicle. the father of seven then lying on the ground.
7:33 am
while you can't see a gun, you hear the officers talking about it. >> his hand. gun in his hand. >> reporter: police a also releasing pictures of the evidence from the scene. the gun, marijuana, and an ankle holster, saying scott's dna and fingerprints were on the gun. >> there's no single piece of evidence that proves all the complexities involved in th investigative process relative to this case. >> reporter: family members say scott was just sitting if many his suv waiting to pick up his son from school. police say officers were in the neighborhood to arrest someone else when they say they saw scott with marijuana and a gun and made the decision to approach him. >> if you look at the dash cam video in and of itself, i don't think they really had a reason to shoot him. >> reporter: the police chief saying that full police video will not be released until this investigation is complete.
7:34 am
let's talk to keith lamont scott's brother-in-law, ray dotch. thanks for coming in. how is the family doing? >> we're -- we're holding it together. we're a praying family. we're a strong family. we're getting through it as best we can. >> your reaction to the partial video released? >> well, we're first happy that they released it. we -- our absolute first goal is to get to the absolute truth. but, of course, it left us with more questions than with answers. and we're still trying to understand how it came to be that this particular moment resulted in a loss of life. >> do you accept now, they also released the pictures of that gun with his fingerprints and dna on it. do you accept now that he had a gun on the scene? >> i'm not going to speak specifics about the case itself. my family is trying to expand the conversation beyond just us. this is not just about our family. this is not just about keith
7:35 am
there is an epidemic going on with a particular facet of the community in this country where people are consistently dying in the streets. that is a much bigger conversation that we need to be having as nation. >> i actually agree with that. but the specifics matter in this case. as well. i just had one more question about what we saw this weekend. you hear in the video, keith's wife saying, don't do it, don't do it. do you know what she's referring to? >> the only thing i'll say is she's speaking to the police. don't do it. >> not to keith? >> not to keith. and trying to get keith's attention. >> what is your hope of what will come out of a full investigation, full transparency, full release of all the videos? >> my hope is that the only way keith and all of the others lives will not be in vain is if we, as a nation, tell the truth
7:36 am
about the -- inherent prejudices that we carry as nation. that we've always carried as a nation. until we're willing to be honest, and pull back the curtain and take an absolute unflinching look at who we are, these incidences will continue. when you see my sister, as your sister, when you see keith lamont scott as your brother and stand as a united states, and say, enough with this, then we're making forward progress. it's not just about us as family. it's about this issue as a whole. >> ray dotch, thank you for coming in. >> thank you for having me. a. >> amy? to the tragic loss of rising baseball star jose fernandez. the miami marlins pitcher whose story of perseverance and triumph inspired so many, tragically killed in a boating
7:37 am
abc's jesse palmer joins us now with that story. good morning, jesse. >> reporter: good morning amy. authorities are now >> reporter: authorities are now saying speed was a factor in the accident which happened early sunday morning. jose fernandez may have only been 24 years old. his impact on major league baseball will be felt for years to come. >> jose fernandez has been tremendous. >> reporter: just 24 years old. jose fernandez, the national league rookie of the year three years ago, had one of the biggest arms in baseball. >> jose fernandez, in command and in control. >> reporter: off the field, known for his magnetic personality and team spirit. >> in a moment of silence for jose fernandez. >> reporter: this morning, his sudden and tragic death felt all over major league baseball. >> you watch kids play little league or something like that, that's the joy that jose played with, and the passion he felt about playing. >> reporter: fernandez died this weekend after a boat he was in passenger in crashed into the rocks in miami. his marlins teammates tearfully
7:38 am
>> it's a tremendous loss. and my heart goes out to his family. >> reporter: painting fernandez's number 16 into the pitching mound. fernandez emigrated to the u.s. from cuba in 2008, making it on his fourth attempt. >> he sacrificed his life to leave an oppressed country. >> reporter: his grandmother surprising him just before he was named rookie of the year. fernandez starting a family of his own. this picture just posted last fernandez said his favorite player was red sox legend david ortiz. ortiz requested a retirement ceremony scheduled for him yesterday be postponed. writing on twitter, i don't have the words to describe the pain i feel for the loss of my friend. don mattingly said that fernandez played the game of
7:39 am
play, with so much passion, but he had that for life. >> thank you, jesse. coming up on our big board. we have more on the debate tonight, matthew dowd is back revealing how big name brands are hoping to cash in on tonight's debate. plus, pippa middleton hacked. thousands of photos stolen. our inders join us in two minutes. packing, or equipment? if you or a loved one have an asbestos-related disease, you may have a right to vote on a plan to reorganize and pay claims in the garlock/coltec bankruptcy. and coltec's products were used in industrial and maritime settings, including where steam, hot liquid or acid moved in pipes. votes must be filed by december 9, 2016 call 844-garlock
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welcome back. it's time for our big board. matthew dowd here at the table once again. let's start with what we've been talking about this morning. the most highly anticipated presidential debate in recent history. more than 100 million people expected to watch. and the candidates aren't the only ones hoping to cash in. a growing number of big-name brands are banking on high interest in the election. and matthew, doritos. we have got our bags here. tell us what this is all about. >> we're going to have a super bowl-like moment and we need doritos. they're not really.
7:42 am
of card board, and the whole point of this is to get young people mainly -- >> no taste, no crunch, no choice. >> you want a bold choice. it's basically for them to take advantage of a key moment in the campaign in an election that's drawn a lot of interest. >> you see others doing it as well. 7-eleven is getting in the game. you see it happening is there any risk for a company? >> for good. they want to make people convince them to go vote. especially younger people whose turnout is low. i think they're doing it for a profit. they understand this is like a super bowl commercial. which gets a huge audience. this is going to be a huge audience if they can get people talking about this. it's a pop culture moment. it will exist on social media. >> get people to vote. it's a helpful moment for them. >> let's see if these get people to vote. >> we need arnold.
7:43 am
to honor the golfer. the king. >> thank you. we move on now to this hack of pippa middleton's icloud account. detectives have arrested a 35-year-old man suspected of stealing some 3,000 photos from dutchess kate's younger sister. victoria, you have seen so many different kinds of images, prince george, and princess charlotte on the account. what's the latest information? >> this has been disturbing and shocking news for pippa and the royal family over the weekend. 3,000 photos including newt -- nude pictures, and pictures of george and charlotte. including intimate pictures of pippa trying on wedding dresses, and looking at wedding venues. the latest on this is that somebody has been arrested. they've been released on bail. the police are waiting to find out if they have the right person i'm sure pippa will be hoping that they have. >> and victoria, we know that
7:44 am
living under the microscope, but this is a serious breach. let's talk about how concerned the royal family is. photos, contacts, all the things that may be on their phone and personal items? >> this is worrying. there's a strong possibility that all the contact numbers in pippa's phone, including william, kate, other members of the family, will now be accessed by this hacker, and who knows what the they are sophisticated what they have done. it's a concern, and they will be look to be protect themselves the best they can. >> we certainly appreciate it. thank you so much, victoria, and matthew. we'll keep our eye on that. coming up, it's all in line for the candidates. how one stumble could sway the election. it's happened before. still ahead. parents who choose not to vaccinate their kids. one mom is sharing her walk-up call. dr. bessers here live with all
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hurry, offer ends september 26th. ? hit me with your best shot ? . >> i like this song. >> it's a good theme song for the debate. hillary clinton and donald trump going head to head. one stumble, one awkward moment, one good punch could make all the difference. abc's david wright is here with the highlights from past hi, david. >> reporter: good morning, george. right from the start, these televised presidential debates have been game-changers. the only chance to compare the candidates side by side in real time. scrutinizing not just their answers, but their body language. tonight, when donald trump and hillary clinton share that stage for the very first time, every minute counts. president george h.w. bush should have known that. he glanced as his watch.
7:48 am
that year, bill clinton came across as more engaged. >> bringing people together. >> reporter: ronald reagan was the master of being relatable. a single zinger. >> there you go again. >> reporter: stopped jimmy carter in his tracks. it's important to appear cool. that's why voters watching the very first televised debate thought j.f.k. beat nixon. important not to be cold. if michael dukakis were asked this question -- >> if kitty dukakis we raped and murdered, would you favor an irrevocable death penalty for the killer? >> reporter: his answer -- >> no, i don't. >> reporter: didn't connect emotionally. al gore tried to hard to fight the test. with george w. bush -- >> a record of appointing judges in the state of texas. that's what a governor gets to do. >> reporter: sighing. and rolling his eyes so much it became a meme. >> ancient rome came to life in "gladiator" with russell crowe.
7:49 am
you have to make your case on the issues and you have to be likable, and for the voters, those unexpected moments, they can seal an impression or throw the race wide open for a lot of people watching. >> an awkward moment, one of the jimmy carter debates, the power went off. i think it was in cleveland. they sat their at an half an hour at the podiums and didn't say a word. >> that's really awkward. >> apparently with the nixon and kennedy ba before. >> in the hospital. >> he put on bad makeup. it started to melt under the lights and -- the damage was done. indeed. >> david wright, thank you very much. more history will be made tonight. i'll be anchoring our coverage for the debate tonight. our whole team will join us as well. 9:00 eastern right here on abc. before that, coming up in our next hour, the royal road trip. how george and charlotte are stealing the show. once again, and then as more parents decide not to vaccinate
7:50 am
sharing her story on what made her change her mind. dr. besser on that when we come back. ? back. ? it's a tangle of multiple symptoms. ? ? trintellix (vortioxetine) r depression. trintellix may start to untangle or help improve the multiple symptoms of depression. for me, trintellix made a difference. tell your healthcare professional right away if your depression worsens, or you have unusual changes in mood, behavior or thoughts of suicide. antidepressants can increase these in children, teens, and young adults. trintellix has not been studied in children. do not take with maois. tell your healthcare professional about your medications,
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7:54 am
7:55 am
>> announcer: "good morning america" is brought to you by carmax. drive what's possible. america" carmax.
7:56 am
good morning, tonight for 90 minutes donald trump and hillary clinton will face off. we're talking about tonight's presidential debate, the first of three. jason gruenauer joins us now what we can expect. >> reporter: the heavyweight battle ot hofstra university set for 7:00 when the two candidates will debate face to face. it could shatter television viewer ship records for a presidential debate. 100 million people will be tuning in and they will discuss three topics including the future path of our country as well as securing our country. i spoke with representatives from both side and they said they expect them to talk about issues but fireworks as well. the polls in colorado shows hillary clinton leading trump by one percentage point. reporting live, jason gruenauer, denver7 news. it's 7:56. 43 degrees in denver.
7:57 am
still in effect in the north eastern plains. 46 in sterling and 28 degrees in leadville. here's the frost advisory. akron live and a cool start to the day. not quite as chilly tomorrow but warm earn than yesterday. 77 for highlands ranch. castle rock expecting a nigh near 73. here's your seven-day forecast. sunshine and the sunglasses handy. temperatures warmer in the lower 80s. they just opened the lanes on two areas where there's accidents. one is on the westbound side of highway 36 and church street. you can see the activity on the right shoulder so the lanes are open and you can see on the map the other trouble spot is southbound 85 near 84th and that accident has been moved to the shoulder. so both very slow and very heavy. a couple problems on 270 past
7:58 am
probably some extra heavy traffic across that section. i-70 and i-225 has been jammed up. the downtown tech center is over half an hour. hazy sunshine and it's been a
7:59 am
8:00 am
? the final countdown ? good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. super showdown. 74% of americans say they'll watch tonight's debate. clienten versus trump. the candidates in a dead heat in the latest poll. how they're gearing up for tonight's high-stakes face-off. parenting alert. more and more parents choosing not to vaccinate their kids. a mom sharing her close call. >> it was awful. it didn't have to happen because i could have had them vaccinated. >> what she wishes she had known. her message for parents. dr. besser here breaking down the research. and royal road trip. will and kate draw huge crowds out west. george and charlotte stealing the show. that missed high five with justin trudeau making headlines. charlotte seen only for the third time since she was born. and the brand-new details on kate's blockbuster look.
8:01 am
rodriguez here live. it's a great monday, and we say -- >> all: good morning, america. wow, lara, you are fast. >> yeah. whew. >> take a breath. good morning, america. happy monday here. you saw the nice crowd outside. there's a lot in this hour. >> all eyes on the royals this morning. this is charlotte's first trip overseas. making quite the impression from the moment she landed. look at that. she's peeking out of the plane window there. we'll have all the details on their visit and kate's incredible red and white dress. that's a dress, right? it's not two pieces? >> i don't know. she looks good always. and everyone is back to school mode. back to school mode. that means a lot of kids are eating at the cafeteria.
8:02 am
weight loss? this morning, the lunch lady who lost 100 pounds eating the same food that she serves for students. check out her before and after right there. we're going to hear how she did it. she'll join us live. >> she looks great. that is coming up. first, the morning rundown from paula faris. >> hello, everyone. we begin with the countdown to tonight's big showdown. clinton versus trump. 3 out of 4 americans say that they will be watching tonight's debate. just as another national poll out this morning shows the candidates are virtually tied. tom llamas is at the debate hall for us this morning. hi, tom. >> reporter: paula, good morning. as he's done the entire campaign, donald trump bucked the tradition for his debate prep. instead of doing mock debates, he chose to huddle with trusted advisers and do question and answer sessions. we do know that former new york city mayor rudy giuliani played
8:03 am
ep. he took on the republicans in the 11 debates. they're telling trump, the only advice they're giving him, telling trump to be himself. paula? >> we want to check in with the clinton campaign. send things to cecilia vega. hi, cecilia. >> reporter: paula, good morning. tonight mark's clinton's 35th presidential debate. she's said she has no idea what she's going to get walking on to the stage tonight. she said two different donald trumps could show up. the last thing her team wants is for her opponent to be subdued and on message tonight. she's been closely studying trump, watching videos, holding mock debates with a trump stand-in. her team met with trump's ghost writer trying to find out what makes him tick. clinton's aides say she's not taking the stage looking to provoke donald trump. but they say she's prepared for everything, even personal attacks. what makes her team most nervous about tonight? aides fear the bar is lower for trump. as long as he sticks to the script, even slightly, he'll appear presidential.
8:04 am
clinton. >> thank you, cecilia. i think we're all looking forward to the super bowl of presidential debate. and abc's live debate coverage begins at 9:00 eastern. in other news, the united states is accusing russia of barbarism and war crimes in syria for unleashing more air strikes supporting the syrian regime that has killed dozens of people the u.n. security council failed to take action on sunday. a man accused of killing five people at a mall in washington state idue in court today. he had a string of run-ins with the law including assault charges. one neighbor said she was so afraid of him, she kept a stun gun by her door. a motive for friday's shooting is unclear. and a man lost at sea with his mother for eight days has been found in good condition.
8:05 am
on a life raft 100 miles off martha's vineyard. his mother is still missing. they ran into trouble after leaving rhode island on a fishing trip. and tributes are pouring in this morning for golf legend arnold palmer. the king. he died sunday from heart complications. he won nearly 100 major tournaments in his career, becoming a driving force and making the sport popular are -- popular with the masses. arnold palmer was 87 years old. finally on this monday morning, one man rushing to work forgot his lunch. he wasn't worried. out the window, with the sandwich, tossed it to him. right through the sunroof of his car. it's a speedy delivery via airmail. don't get ideas. we do not know the condition of that sandwich once it landed in the car. if it was a pb & j, maybe it's edible. anything else, not sure. the way i make sandwiches, it would have been all over the place. >> people pay good money for
8:06 am
>> there you go. a new panini method. and from paninis to pop everybody. shall we? happy monday morning. we begin with "the magnificent seven" coming out of the gates. blazing. blasting to number one. on its debut weekend. the western remake starring denzel washington, chris pratt, ethan hawke, among others. made $35 million in north america alone. this is washington's largest opening in his nearly 30-year career. three weeks in a row that actors in their 60s have topped the box office, following the heels of tom hanks in "sully." and stephen lang in "doet breathe." talk about the golden years. well done. also in "pop news" this morning, everybody's favorite fab four reuniting over the weekend. who? the stars of "will and grace."
8:07 am
mullal mullally. eric mccormack. all hanging out together. sharing a laugh at an l.a. comedy club where megan mullally and her husband, nick offerman were performing. messing posting this snap with mccormick saying, you smell the same. beautiful. beautiful. it's been ten years since they went their separate ways. looks like they have not lost that lovinfeeling. no word on a reunion. but we did find these on mullally's instagram. they sure look like the actors are rehearsing. for something. >> that would be a fun reunion. >> something, we believe is going upon you heard it here first. investigative "pop news." and then finally, the popular social metwork snapchat is launching its first ever hardware product. they're called spectacles. they record ten-second snaps. i know. get ready, george. our daughters will be living in them. >> oh, no. >> the lens is built right into the frame. you tap a button, your video is uploaded instantly to snap chat.
8:08 am
coral. with over 150 million daily users, you'll see a lot of these babies. spectacles will be available in weeks. >> the problem is my kids will have to take them off and point them at them because that's how they all want to snapchat. >> it's going to be so annoying. >> it isn't already? >> i come bearing disturbing news. that's "pop news." >> thank you, lara. coming up, more parents choosing not to vaccinate their kids. one mom didn't do it and got a scary wakeup call. dr. besser here live to talk about that. and the latest on the royal road trip. how will and kate are including a nod to princess
8:09 am
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8:13 am
that coming up. >> so cute. right now, we e have a parenting alert about vaccines. the american academy of pediatrics saying more parents are choosing not to vaccinate their kids. mara schiavocampo has more on what that choice meant for one mom. >> it was a dangerous choice. one mom learning that the hard way. after refusing to vaccinate her children, they were aural suddenly stricken with a potentially deadly illness. her family sick for thr thp that changed her perspective forever these are kristin's three children. happy, healthy, and now, fully vaccinated. it wasn't always that way. >> i put my kids at risk. i wish that i had taken more time to research both sides. >> reporter: o'mara, a teacher, livingout side of chicago, says she was a big believer in anti-vaccination research. >> i scoured everything i could
8:14 am
might be harmful. i became pretty convinced. >> reporter: she chose not to vaccinate her children. then her 5-year-old and 3-year-old twins were stricken with a case of rotavirus. o'mara and her husband also got very sick. she was suddenly living with the terrifying consequences of her choice. >> it was awful. it didn't have to happen. because i could have had them vaccinated. i felt guilty. >> reporter: the american academy of pediatrics recommends vaccinations for practically every child, the group says that the number of parents refusing to vaccinate their children may be on the ride. in 2013, 87% of pediatricians had encountered parents refusing to get the vaccine. the most common reasons? some parents cited they believed vaccinations were unnecessary and they had concerns about autism. a link that has been repeatedly
8:15 am
today, her children are fully up to date on their vaccines after an aggressive catch-up regimen. now, she's encouraging others to vaccinate their kids, too. >> i'm here because i wanted to share my personal story. if it helps someone change their mind, then that's great. >> reporter: she says if her children had been babies or had a compromised immune system when they g survived. she said her decision led to the end of very close friendships. >> vaccinating your kids ended friendships. okay. let's talk to dr. rich besser. i guess i just don't get the strong, vehement feelings when the science seems so clear. >> the evidence is really strong. this illness that she's talking about, rotavirus, when i was in training, there wasn't a vaccine. 200,000 kids every year in the e.r. 70,000 hospitalized.
8:16 am
they would die from rotavirus. now it doesn't have to be. >> the whole family got sick. the herd immunity problem. >> let me try and explain that. take a look after this graph. these kids here in yellow, they're all vaccinated. the kids in blue are not protected by vaccines. some may have decided not to get it. some may have an immune problem. the kids in red come in and are sick with rotavirus, the kids that are not vaccinated are they serve a the buffer. they don't get sick because enough people around them are vaccinated. if there are a lot more blue kids, it spreads through and they're not protected. >> it took a real health crisis to convince this family. why is it so hard to convince people? what can be done? >> it's so hard. study after study, people have tried using fear. that doesn't work. using facts. that doesn't work. laws help. when you require it for school, make it harder where a parent has to go to a doctor to get a
8:17 am
this is one of those things that i just don't fully understand. to me, as a pediatrician, there's nothing that i do for my kids that is more valuable. >> a mom comes to you and says, i don't want to do it. what do you say? >> when i first started in practice, i said, you need a new pediatrician. now, i try to work with them. as relationship builds up, more parents say, i think i want to go that way. part of the problem is, and it's a good problem, we don't see a lot of the diseases anymore we vaccinate against. because they're so rare. we don't see kids with polio. parts of the world, they do. >> you'll get a lot of questions on this. you'll take them throughout the morning on social media and twitter. coming up, the moment prince george turned down a high five there it is -- from the prime minister of canada. and all the details on kate's style from the royal road trip. and kate's style on the and kate's style on the royal road trip. sure, but don't just get any one.
8:18 am
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and welcome back to "gma." we have few football fans in the audience, yes? just a kple. perhaps you're one of those that was watching the tampa bay game and you had to wait for the delay at the very end.
8:22 am
[ thunder booming ] >> whoa! >> that cleared the game out quick. two minutes left. tampa lost. we have a whole lot more coming up. we have good monday mornnng, a cool start to the day in colorado. mountains seeing 30s. denver at 49 degrees. a frost advisory in effect throughout the morning for much of the north eastern corner of the here's what you can expect throughout the day. high temperatures mid to upper 70s in denver and boulder the royals are on the ultimate family trip. prince william, kate, george, and charlotte taking on canada. and the kids are, yep, stealing the show. lama hasan is there for all of it.
8:23 am
morning, lama. >> reporter: good morning to you, lara. that's right. imagine that. william and kate are work something hard, going on more than 30 engagements during the tour. who are the scene-stealers? george and charlotte. either way, it is safe to say that royal fever has hit canada. move over will and kate. there are two new stars of the show, george and charlotte taking canada by storm. onhe little prince's second tour, he's already a pro. teaching little sister charlotte anxiously peeking out of their plane. mastering the royal wave. >> william and kate are huge draws. george and charlotte are even bigger draws. seeing them as the family of four for the first time abroad, i think we'll see hopefully a few engagements with the children this week. >> reporter: kate trying to show charlotte how it's done. the 16-month-old clinging to her mother, and her
8:24 am
prince george leaving the prime minister hanging after a failed high five. day two william and kate were vancouver-bound. leaving the third and fourth in line with the nanny. the dazzling duchess in a frilly $5500 alexander mcqueen frock, in canada's signature red and white. wowing the crowds. traveling by sea plane. highlighting those in need. spending time with syrian on the canadian charity sheway. >> i love this. >> reporter: but visiting this outreach program that helps young, battling mothers dealing with addiction, william and kate are making a subtle nod to princess diana. >> she was always about helping young people. always about the underdog. but i think this is actually something that william and kate
8:25 am
they went, george and charlotte were never far from anyone's mind. >> i grew up loving the royals. hoping to get a glimpse of them today. maybe a play date later with the kids. >> reporter: the cambridges capping off the day with first responders, picking up pint-sized life jackets for george and charlotte. what else are people talking about but kate's fashion style as well. this is a trip that's casual, too. expect to see skinny jeans, blazers. as for the bling? not so much. no tiaras on show. >> doesn't matter. she'll still look great. you know it, i know it. thank you, lama hasan in canada. great job out there. and right here, we have gina rodriguez with us live. and our amazing audience. come on back to "good morning america." won't you? tori has the most incredible
8:26 am
incredible steals. >> you ner cease to amaze. >> now, the biggest "deals & steals" event yet. >> on friday, september 30th, 30 incredible deals. friday on "good morning
8:27 am
this 15-year old mom and four month old baby are missing. deputies say the baby needs his seizure medication. they were last seen leaving a foster home near quincy avenue. we have good news this have been telling you about since saturday is now safe. he has a traumatic brain injury but we have learned he was found safe and everything is fine. on this monday morning, let's check in with katie lasalle for the forecast. clear and cool across the front range this morning. 52 in castle rock and 36 in evergreen. we'll continue to see temperatures warming into the mid to upper 70s and plenty of
8:28 am
state today. not expecting any precipitation. temperatures normally around 74. mostly clear overnight and not quite as chilly as we head into tomorrow. the seven-day forecast staying bright and sunny.
8:29 am
accidents at i-25 and and one near church ranch. both have been cleared but much heavier than normal. a roll overcrash at 80th and wadsworth. lanes blocked seeing delays on i-70, 6th avenue and earlier problems are gone there. still a big accident theee you can see from the camera on the plat canyon camera. they were in the left lane and moved to the left shoulder at tp eastbound side of c-470 right after wadsworth.
8:30 am
[ cheers and applause ] ? i can never hear a thing out here. you heard them. i don't know if you heard us, welcome to this great monday crowd here at "gma." a lot coming up in the next half hour. and we have a special guest this morning. please welcome golden globe-winninac rodriguez. [ cheers and applause ] >> oh, thank you. >> a great way to start the week, right? >> know. exactly. >> and you're going to start us out with something that was
8:31 am
she was poring over what i thought was hieroglyphics. and i said, what are you looking at? >> i heard about it all weekend long. i called in to the producers. i said, we have to talk about this. this is breaking news. does anybody believe in astrology? their sign? [ cheers and applause ] >> i totally do. i totally do. >> i'm not happy. >> gina, do you? are you a leo? >> i'm a leo. a lion. i no longer am. >> hold your lion. nasa declared there are not 12 but 13 astrological signs. apparently, there always have been 13 signs. it's just that the babylonians, 30,000 years ago, when they were building the calendar, 12 seemed neater. and they left one out. nasa says they just did the math. the sun and the axis is spinning differently. so -- so they made some changes. you don't have to follow it.
8:32 am
>> the 13th sign is called ophiucus. and what it means is that your sign may be changed. gina, you're our guest. i'm going to do you first. your birthday is what? [ cheers and applause ] >> july 30th. >> july 30th. so, you -- your whole life you've been a leo. no, sorry, honey. >> i'm a crab. >> you're now a crab. you're a cancer. on the inside, i think it's true. >> you have no choice. i did not like this news. >> george is no longer. he thought he was all light and fabulous, an aquarius. you're now a capricorn. >> right. >> not happy. >> but, but -- i will say the good news, though in all of this is you do get to adopt the positive characteristic trait of your new sign. i was a libra. now i'm a virgo. which, apparently, are intelligent and modest, which i
8:33 am
>> nice one. nice one. but i gotta -- >> i like that. >> ather problem is you have to get rid of the tattoo you had before. >> i need -- >> oh. >> you had that big one across your back. >> that libra, those scales i had. you're going to have to -- >> i'm upset about this, though. >> i am, too. >> i'm a little loathe to admit it. i read my horoscope every morning. i feel like it's so me. i do. >> it's identity. how we choose to identif ourselves. >> i'm an aquarius. i'm not a capricorn. >> well, then, you keep on believing, girl. >> i know you read it every morning, but that's -- there's a whole thing kind of -- >> nasa says -- >> it's ridiculous. >> right. >> to that end, george, nasa says, before you freak out, please keep in mind, astrology is not real science. >> no. i love how nasa is weighing in.
8:34 am
how could they screw that up? what were they thinking? >> they were trying to be neat. since you have now slammed the babylonians, we can move on the a more inspiring story. >> that's right. we have a very inspiring story. tammy mcrae works at carver elementary school in the cafeteria, she lost over 100 pounds by simply eating the food she serves her students for breakfast and lunch. she's joining us this morning from baytown, texas. congratulations. you look awesome. tell us what made you decide to push -- >> thank you so much. that's so nice of you to say. >> she's lovin' thise iin' the . tell us what made you push for the change in your life? >> well, i was 260 pounds. and i got a job as a nutrition manager. but then i realized i wasn't very nutritious.
8:35 am
life. that's what made me want to -- lose the weight. for my kids that i had to inspire to eat better. i thought, well, let me join them. >> i love it. you did it so successfully. losing over 100 pounds. is the only thing you did was to eat the food you served your students? did you make any other changes in your life? >> no. i just stuck to the menu at our school. >> wow. >> wow. [ applause ] >> i want to ask you, how has this weight loss, how has this nutrition change changed your life? >> well, i -- am now part of my own life. i go fishing. i mow my own lawn. and i just say for anyone else out there thinking of making a change, go for it. >> yeah. >> be a part of your own life.
8:36 am
thank you for inspiring us this morning. >> nutritional food at the school. you have recently spoken out against photo-shopping. >> yeah, i mean, speaking out against it or maybe just having a conversation about it. i think the amazing supporters of my shore, that have been part of my career journey, they look at these -- unrealistic expectations. we're bombarded by images that constantly remind us that we're hard enough. not tall enough. light enough. whatever it may be. artists are contributing to that by not standing up and being themselves and presenting themselves. i think the young girls that are part of my awesome journey, i want them to know i'm battling the same kind of insecurities.
8:37 am
every day. so when i look at a magazine cover; and it doesn't look like me, that can be really damaging to myself. when it looks like me, i think, there i am. i am enough. people are going to buy the magazine. >> so important for young girls to hear that. absolutely. >> i had a chance to meet you backstage. you have a glowing personality. you said you would like to be the first latina oprah? [ cheers and applause ] can you give us your best oprah impersonation? >> i love bread! i do, i do. i think what's beautiful about oprah, not only does she inspire everyone across the board, but her ability to bring together a community, have outlets, have a voice for the community. it's so fantastic. the camaraderie. and latinos in the country, 65 million plus.
8:38 am
cultures. we deal with the same reputation and struggle living here in america. whether you're born here or you come across for the american dream. that kind of unity is needed. especially now during the election that kind of unity is needed. >> your show is such a big hit. have you felt that community come together behind you? >> sure. what's beautiful about "jane" is at community. and i could not be more grateful for that. we all want the same things. love, happiness, success. really, our skin color only defines how much pigment we have. it does not define anything else. [ cheers and applause ] >> you're not -- you have a new movie out, "deepwater horizon." take a look. >> original or -- >> original. >> that's cool.
8:39 am
stand up higher, we can jump out further. okay? we're going to jump over the fire. >> yes. >> trust me. >> the real story. tell us about your character. >> i play andrea. she was an officer on the oil rig during the oil spill. a very young latina right out of university from san diego. she was one of the only females on the oil rig during the explosion. i feel very, very grateful to be able to play her. courageous. brave. one of the survivors. the film is about the human lives we lost. celebrating them. paying tribute to them. during the oil spill, we were familiar with the environmental crisis. very familiar with the images of the oil in the water and the animals covered. we never talked about the lives that were lost. the 11 lives that were lost and the -- the -- it's so
8:40 am
extraordinary things. we're all ordinary. we're all, you know, equal. we're all capable of extraordinary things. it's great to see that on screen. peter berg is brilliant. and the movie is so good. kurt russell, john malkovich, kate hudson, mark wahlberg. everybody -- all so strong. >> can i just say to wrap it up? thank you for bringing the most delightful, positive energy on a monday morning. [ cheers and applause ] >> i love your energy. i love your smile. if you want to be oprah, i have no doubt you will. >> here she comes. >> no, i'm kidding. i don't. >> gina rodriguez, everybody. coming up, lupita nyong'o.
8:41 am
8:42 am
8:43 am
i love this. welcome back to "gma." i -- i have jacob here. he's too much. almost 1 year old.n you believe? i sure can't. lupita nyong'o is coming up in a few moments. it's a little chilly out here, right? some of the coldest air we have had in about three months.
8:44 am
tuesday and wwdnesday we start to warm up by a few degrees. 81 on tuesday. >> and that weather brought to you by oral b. jacob, i'm feeling you, is that cool? you want a brother? his name is adrian. let's get inside. lara? look who is here. oscar-winning actress lupita she stars in a new movie, "the queen of katwe." it's based on a true story about a chess prodigy overcoming all the odds. liupita plays her fiercely protective mother. >> are you a citizen? >> you are not either. because i know a hyena when i see it. you keep away from my daughter. >> mom.
8:45 am
here again, i will burn this into scrap. >> so passionate. is it true that just a few pages into the script, you broke down. you knew you had to do this film? >> yes, it is. on the pages, i found interesting, real, complex, layered, inspiring characters. i could tell that in less than ten pages. i knew i had to be part of the film. >> and then once you did it, how was the experience? >> i was right. it was such a rewarding labor of love to do this film. to get to tell this true inspiring story in uganda. in east africa. where i'm from. to do it with mira. a woman of color who has lived there for over 20 year. who knows the place and told the story from inside out. >> a beautiful, beautiful job. i cannot wait to see it. the passion just comes out on
8:46 am
face in awhile. we have heard her. we've heard her. [ cheers and applause ] can you remind everyone about the voice work you have been up to? >> i did the cgi character in "star wars." and then i played the voice of mowgli's wolf mother. both of those were really rewarding in their own way. i'm just so happy to come back to live action with this film, something that means so much to me and something i know is a new image of africa on screen with a studio as big as disney. we really get a positive and inspiring story here. >> it's a universal story. >> exactly. about a little girl with a big dream that achieves it. i'm very, very proud of this film. >> a little girl with a big dream that achieved it. i mean -- you've got so much else going on i just want to
8:47 am
tell me about your broadway experience. congratulations on your tony nomination. >> thank you. jae yeah, that was all -- i mean, that was a fully immersive experience being on broadway for so long and having to do the same thing every day. it was so inspiring. i worked with such a great group of women. and, to have -- taken that african story from a completely other side of the continent and brought it to new york, that was really amazing. >> the play was called "eclipse." you have an african nove what is that? >> it's called "americana." it's a nigerian novel. and it's about -- it's a sweeping love story that spans three continents. >> we can't wait for that. it's so good to see that beautiful face on the screen telling great stories. so great to have you here at "gma." your smile lights up a room. congratulations on all your success.
8:48 am
"the queen of katwe" is in theaters right now. coming up, john travolta and
8:49 am
8:50 am
john travolta has a major new role. he's playing the notorious mob boss john gotti side by side with his wife, kelly preston. mara schiavocampo sat down with the couple behind the scenes on the set. >> listen very carefully. >> reporter: we last saw him playing part of o.j. simpson's dream team. >> his angle is the only angle that you'll every see daylight again. do you hear me? >> reporter: now, he's john gotti. the dapper don. what drew you to this? >> there's two sides to every story. they had a human other side of existence. their family, their trials and tribulations.
8:51 am
behind-the-scenes look at the life and death of john gotti. a story ripped from the headlines. >> good evening. they finally got him. >> reporter: travolta playing one of the most notorious mob bosses ever. what did you have to do to prepare for this role? >> it was an evolution. i got to wear his real jewelry. several of the scenes i'm wearing his real ties. >> reporter: kevin connelly in the director's chair. >> what's the line? it's far more difficult job. it's a different set of -- a different mindset and -- playing a different position in the same sport. >> reporter: and in a case of art imitating life, gotti's wife, victoria played by travolta's real wife, kelly preston. >> there's fabulous fashion. there's big hair. lots of liner. it's in the whole package. i can control myself. i can control myself fine.
8:52 am
of her husband's role in the life? >> she knew what was going on. but she said, when he would come home, the door would close. and that life would end. >> reporter: the hollywood power couple says they have groan stronger as family after the unexpected loss of their son, jett, in 2009. the last few years have been difficult. >> we've certainly bonded together. and certainly having little ben has been a beautiful -- you know, kind of glue for us to -- to rebond after tremendous loss. >> reporter: now, the couple's two children, 16-year-old ella, and 5-year-old ben, joining their parents in cincinnati for the film. parts of the mid western city transformed into 1980s new york. anything about the '80s you would like to bring back? >> yes, i danced with princess diana in 1986, i believe.
8:53 am
of my life. so that was probably the best moment of the '80s. >> reporter: we're going to see some mob boss dancing. >> yeah, but just two-step. >> reporter: no "saturday night fever." >> no "saturday night fever." >> reporter: for "good morning america," mara schiavocampo, abc news, cincinnati. >> our thanks to mara.
8:54 am
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8:56 am
[ cheers and applause ] tune in tonight, debate at 9:00. right here on abc. >> have a great monday, everyone. good morning, a news alert out of castle rock. firefighters and olice officers are sounning he alarm about a suspected serial arsonist. six separatt fires have been
8:57 am
the fire chief says he found a lighter at the scene of the recent fire set on saturday. >> we were 15 seconds way from a catastrophe. so when it gets to that point, i want the community involved his advise is be alert and report anything suspicious. there could be a cash reward for information leading to an arrest. 857 :57. let's check in with katie lasalle. dry, clear and cool 55 in boulder. 53 in city park. we did see a frost advisory in effect much of the north eastern plains today expiring in the next couple of minutes. cool across the hils hills in the 30s and 40s. today is a couple degrees above normal. 76 in denver and same in boulder. greeley expecting a high of 78. plenty of sunshine throughout the first half of the week and
8:58 am
the end of the week. a lot of traffic on the freeways. it's been really busy on and off the highway. you can see on the southbound side of i-25 an accident right back in here after 84th avenue that moves to the right shoulder. it's not even moving right now. it's like that back towards 20th. you can see the heavy stop and go traffic on the north side. the roll over at 80 and wadsworth causing delays. slight delays on the ramp the latest problem is coming off santa fe to go north to 25. southbound side 25 minutes into southbound side 25 minutes into the denver tech krebt center.
8:59 am
it can fuel our lives and our economy, too. over 10,000 jobs in colorado alone. but when washington gridlock was choking the industry, something had to be done. so, i teamed up with republicans and democrats to pass the new laws we needed to help renewable energy grow. otecting the jobs we have and generating more for the future. i'm michael bennet, and that's
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live from new york city, it's the "wendy williams show". [ cheers & applause ] now, here's [ cheers & applause ] . >> wendy: just another monday. it's all good. thank you for watching my show.


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