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tv   7 News at 11 AM  ABC  September 26, 2016 11:00am-12:00pm MDT

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tonight is the night, the first presidential debate is about eight hours away. plus, a shooting now being investigated a neighbor speaking out. scary moments highway after two people were found unconscious after an apparent overdose and their car was still moving. a man carrying a gun opened fire and injured nine. we are learning a victim is in critical condition, another in serious. the suspect was shot and killed
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motive. the shoot of apparently shooter was apparently a lawyer. his name has not been released. this comes days after a shooting at a washington mall that left five people dead this 15-year-old mom and her four-month-old baby have been found safe. deputies were concerned for their safety earlier this morning saying dante went missing without his medication. missing teenager that we have been telling you about was also found safe. police were worried because he has a traumatic brain injury. turning to your voice your boat. we are about eeght hours away from the first esidential debate of >> this is the first time the two have been on the same stage since the campaign started. the debate will be held at the
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but do not expect to see a lot of fact checking. the group who says it is not a job to make sure the candidates are telling the truth. >> i do not think it is a good idea to get the moderator serving as the encyclopedia.>> analyst say -?draw up to 100 million viewer it is too close to call at this point. jason gridiron has more on the showdown tonight.>>reporter: this is being built like heavyweight boxing match, but on the stage the two candidates will tango on a variety including the future path of america and wheer they see it going as well as american security. the latest abc national poll has clinton ahead of donald trump by just two percentage points. meanwhile, only one oint here
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i spoke to local party representatives from both sides and asked about the difference in debate experience between the two. >> secretary. clinton has been secretary of state, a united states senator, and spent time in the white house. we will see a clear distinction of her being very ready and asked for donald trunk, this isn't celebrity apprentice. >> hillary clinton has a lot of experience, but not so much success. our candidate had amazing records in the preliminary's and he is going to bring that to the stage. >>reporter: there will be watched parties sponsored by both the clinton and the truck campaign. the debate can be seen right here on denver7 tonight at 7:00.
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and maintenance. >> on the right you see hillary clinton talking about the iran nuclear deal which the israeli prime minister has argued against. sn't it nice outside right w? we're mild and will continue to see sunshine throughout most of the day. also, a little warmer than what we saw this weekend. mostly clear conditions, not a lot to talk about in terms of activity across colorado because of a ridge of high pressurr. currently, we started this morning on the chilly side.
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in city park, 65 in evergreen, allen's park at 60. today we will see temperatures gradually climb to the mid-to upper 70s. be sure to have those sunglasses handed today. we will gradually cooled off and a mostly clear skies. not quite as cool to start tomorrow as today. highs across the state elsewhere 76 in denver, 77 for highlands ranch. we will continue to see warmer conditions. boulder, police are on the lookout for a man who tried to sexually assault a woman on campus. they say the guy pulled the woman to the ggound. she was able to fight him off and got away. it happened early saturday morning about 1 am. police have given us that they are looking for a college aged black man with an average build and a small shaggy build and mustache.
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morning. police arrested this man over the weekend after he wanted to a ommunity homeless shelter, that is a place he is not allowed. his ankle monitor is what tipped off police. he was locked up back in march for two sexual assaults. we are learning a female has been arrested for a shooting overnight. this is now being investigated as a homicide. shooting waa a result of a domestic dispute. they say they heard several shots and about a man outside of a home. a neighbor said she witnessed the man die. >> to see a guy alive on the ground and then gone, just like that. >> no official ord as to what this morning one person is in custody after a stabbing and south a stabbing and s.
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taken to the hospital and the suspect was caught. police are not releasing the name of the suspect or the victim. timber families are remembering those they loss at the hands of others today. parents of murdered children are meeting right now honoring their loved ones. the ceremony is about to get underway? >>reporter: yes. it is scheduled for 11:30 am. this is when of people who were murdered will be coming here to talk about the ones they lost. people are trickling in right now. we know the friends and families of a woman murdered and a littleton domestic violence case at the beginning of the year will be here. they are hoping today will provide even more support,
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the organization is hosting several ceremonies across the country today expressing the deep impact of violent crime. this ceremony comes one day after the national day of remembrance. that was a day designated by congress back in 2007. a suspected seri is on the loose right now and castle rock. the fire chief says there have been six separate fires within a week of each other. in fact, he found a ladder where the most recent fire happened over the weekend. >> we were 15 seconds away from a catastrophe. when it gets to that point i want the community involved and pay attention. >> the fire chief wants everyone to keep an eye out and report anything suspicious. police are looking for a couple of vandals. they just release these
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trail in morrison. the jefferson county sheriff's office said for treee and five rocks were spray-painted. if you have any information, please, call police. heroin abuse has been in the national spotlight a lot lately and we are seeing issues here with it in colorado. two people were found overdose on hhroin inside a moving car friday. it happened righttin front of new and middle school. investigator said someone called 911 to report the driver was swerving over the road. when deputies arrived they were able to give the couple the heroin overdose called narcan. >> she was clinching the stairwell and he was passed out. >> the sheriff's office that the deputies at the home half the kids for about a week. today, doctors will discuss different methods to treat pain
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treatment in the er with opioid painkillers. maternal mortality is on the rise in the us despite globbl trends. we are talking deaths that stem from complications with pregnancy or childbirth. and is the two reports that between the year 2000 2014 the maternal mortality rate increase by 27%. thaa breaks down to 28 deaths for every 100,000 deliveries in this country. the increase put it above a number of poor countries wse rates at the client including vietnam, russia, and iran. some local communities are concerned this morning saying the glaciers are shrinking as temperatures rise. a two-year study is now underway to find out how the glaciers have changed since
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out exactly what is happening. still ahead, and man behind an ttack at a washington state law is set to appear before a judge this morning. plus, new transcripts revealed what the shooter att
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today the suspect in the mall shooting will face a judge. he is expected to be a rain and accused of killing five people and a macy's store on friday. the suspect was taken into custody saturday night after a mere 24 hour manhunt. police are still working to figure out his motive. new transcripts released on the pulse nightclub shooting revealed new details about the man behind the attack. in the transcripts he repeatedly told a negotiator he was an islamic soldier and cited us actions in syria and iraq for motivating the attack. 49 were killed and dozens of others were injured. jury selection begins today nine people last year and a south carolina charge.
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dozens of crimes and is facing the death penalty. his trial is expected to begii after thanksgiving. officials and harlotte are lifting the city's curfew that went into effect last week. police say keith scott had a gun when he got out of his vehicle, relatives said he did not have a gun. the inccdent led to days of unrest and unease resulting in the curfew. body camera footage was -?released over the weekend, bu it could be the last such footage that is shared with the public. that is because a new law goes into effect on october 1 that will block the public from obtaining ssmilar recordings. the governor said t will help balance public charts.
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organize a huge protest in charlotte. there were more than 1000 police officers on hand to try to keep things under control. one protester was arrested after police found a loaded magazine in his backpack. a 12-year-old boy in tennessee recovering thiss morning after being shot by his two-year-old relative. the taller and is and were visiting family and police say the toddler opened fire after taking the gun from the door pocket of a mi >> i heard a loud bang and being kids screaming. it scared me to death. >> the boy was shot in the health and should be okay. no charges have been filed. a man is shot and killed inside of a starbucks and police say the shooter's card was the client at the stores drive through a few minutes before.
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voters who had been missing foo over a week has been down and live drifting on an inflatable life rafts. the woman and her son are from connecticut and disappeared after leaving on a fishing trip on september 18. nathan was found on a liferaft and his mother still has nott been located. three people are dead after two small planes collided mmdair. the ntsb and faa are looking into the cause. president obama is turning to the stars to help fight climate change. next month the president and leonardo dicaprio will join forces and debut dicaprio's new documentary called before the flood and the white house south lawn. to former wells fargo workers who say they were fired for doing the right thing are now fighting back. they have found a class action lawsuit seeking to $.6 billion. the workers say they were fired
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wells fargo have a client to comment. i have yet to get outside, but it looks nice. >> i took a run to the car, it is gorgeous. >> it is really warming up out there, high 70s today. the breeze should stay relatively calm. -?a nice monday off across the board. very quiet across colorado right now. clear skies will prevail throughout the day toda very diiferent scene as of yesterday, we saw peaks covered in snow and things have since melted off. near stirling right now, absolutely clear. in denver we are seeing temperatures staying pretty mild in the 60s. 3 for the rest of the day we will for breezier conditions in the
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technical difficulties. it is monday, sometimes it just likes to take a little nap. i going to restart it and get back to you and give you your full seven-day forecast and just a bit.>> and went outside to enjoy the sunshine.>> i 3 think so. arnold palmer has passed away of heart complications. he was one of t greatest and most popular players in the history of golf winning se major championships, he was 87 years old. the sports community is mourning the death of a rising baseball star, josi fernandez was killed in a boating accident in florida over the weekend. investigators say they found his boat upside do near some rocks and that speed likely played a factor. the 24-year-old cuban native
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two others were also killed in the accident. it is another victory monday after the broncos come out on top against the bengals. it is a game ball. plus as the game continues so did the protest. this morning a california high
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in one door - a member of congress. out another - a high-paid lobbyist. 131 former members of congress are now lobbyists in washington, dc. it's just considered business as usual. i consider it wrong. that's why i'm fighting for a new law to permanently ban former members of congress from ever becoming lobbyists. i'm michael bennet
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>> happy monday, downtown denver right now at 69 degrees with a very clear start to the day. 67 out at he airport. elsewhere, lower 60s and grand junction, 50s and much of the high country. here is your personal alert, it will not be quite as cold tomorrow. our front range forecast shows temperatures just a couple degrees above normal for this time of the year. a lot of sunshine and wind should be laying -- should remain fairly calm throughout the rest of the day. 60s and 70s for the rest of the mountains.
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sneak away into the high country. ms. 70s across the northeastern plane and getting up to the low 80s throughout the southeast. temperatures will gradually drop to 42 degrees, so staying cool. the skies under mostly clear conditions and temperatures rising to the lower 80s. here is our seven-day forecast. today things will stay sunny and mild. 80s for tuesday and wednesday. sunny skies and warm and dry with increasing went coming a slight chance for a few passing showers. for the most part it should stay mostly sunny and the next best chance for precipitation will be friday afternoon when temperatures will stay in the upper 70s and lows will continue to rise into the low 50s as we had -- head into the weekend. come at the broncos are back in denver this morning. the team celebrating after a
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>> this was the easiest game of trevor simmions career. afterwards the head coach gave him the game ball. >> i am very part to be a part of this group, seriously.>> [ cheers ] >> one of the touchdowns led to a little bit of controversy. emmmnuel sanders decided to twerk in the end zone. you may remember antonio brown did it after a touchdown and week number one and was fined a couple hundred ddllars. if sanders is fine it will be announced later this week. before the game some broncos players continued their protests of social injustice. mmantime, a california high
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kaepernick. ttis is the tweet the caught the eye of colin kaepernick. the entire team including the coaches took any and raised fist before their game over the weekend. >> whyydon't we make some noise to let them know that we have his back. >> my player to delete and i was following right behind them. >> the quarterback wanted to show that he appreciated the jester so he decided to isit the team standing up for what they believe in. demers furniture row racing team did well yesterday and new hampshire. a couple late yellow flags hampered efforts. the 78 car finished seventh. the next stop is dover where the field will be cut down to 12.
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now being called heroes. plus, we are just hours away from the showdown. the first presidential debate % tonight. we will hear what local party members are expecting to see tonight. a touching story out of douglas county, a student
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get ready for a presidential face-off, hillary clinton and donald trump hours away from the first big debate
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audience. >>reporter: hillary clinton and donald trump are both expected to lay low as they prep for one of the most highly anticipated events of the political season, their very first presidential debate. overnight, the trump team checking out the stage as campaign advisers from both sides anticipate what is to come. >> all we're asking is that if donald trump bbys it is pointed out. >>reporter: will they be backcheck on the s the clinton team sure hope so. >> i do not appreciate campaigns thinking it is the job of the media to be virtual backed checkers. >>reporter: the debate will be divided and six segments. clinton will go first with two minutes to respond based off of brought topics. the audience is instructed to not blow or to cheer -- boo or
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>> you have to be prepared for wacky stuff that comes at you and i am trying on my experience in elementary school. >>reporter: as for donald trump, don't forget he went up against the army of republicans and the primary, taking them all on doing 11 debates and did not hold back.>> [ clip playing ] >>reporter: as they head into tonight's showdown, a new poll shows hillary clinton and donald trump are in a virtual tie. if you don't mind some rising tensions inside of your home you might want to invite your friends or maybe even a family over to watch the debate. a recent abc news poll says 47% of people are likely to watch.
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will the debates actually and pat your vote? 40% say it will have a minor impact but just as many say it will not affect them at all. loki partner -- local party leaders are talking about how this may impacttvoters in our state. >>reporter: two of the latest date polls here in colorado have hillary clinton and donald trump within one percentage point of each other heading into this first debate. if you are looking f it. this morning i talked to two local party representatives about what to expect when the to take the stage in just a few hours. >> i am expecting donald trump to really relate to the american people what our policy issues and moving forward. lection, %-
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change. >> i think people will see a 3 ccear distinction between one candidate with real ideas and one who is interested in pushing extreme rhetoric. >>reporter: both the clinton and trump campaigns have parties locally i denver tonight. the debates start right here at 7:00. do not worry, we will have all the highlights on our free denver7 app, visit our website at it is time to get a look at your forecast. the state today. we will continue to say sunny and very dry for the next little while. it should feel like a great first week of fall overall. yesterday we felt pretty cool,
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wednesday and the next chance for showers and stooms isn't in the forecast until friday evening. here are your temperatures across the state, middle to upper 70s in grand unction, 76 and eagle -- in eagle, and denver will see highs in the middle to upper 70s. here is what you can expect throughout the rest of the week, poverty storm and no severe weather outlook as of right now. by wednesday and i will tell you exactly what you can expect coming up. a woman remains in critical condition his morning, but some quick thinking neighbors mmy have saved her life. deputies say they found the one with multiples that won't yesterday morning. her neighbors quarter of the suspect and hit him with gardening tools until policee showed up. the suspect is now in jail. six avenue is back open after a bad crash last night
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police told was initially that the motorcycle rider was hat, the corrected themselves a few hours later. right now they are trying to figure out who was at ault. a remembrance we told you about it the top of the news hour is about to get underway, the national organization called parents of murdered children are meeting now honoring their loved ones. we're going to check back in now with amanda with their life. >>reporter: the organization actually found people are murdered across the us each year. if you equate that it is merely one murder each 37 minutes. the meeting is just getting underway right now. people are still trickllng in. we know that during the ceremony we are expected to hear from family and friends of people who have lost a loved one. ttis is just one of several ceremonies being held across
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we know the friends and family of the woman murdered in a domeetic violence case at the beginning of the year will be here. ww just got done speaking with her mother this morning. she says she didn't know there was a group around until the tragedy happened. now, the ceremony today comes one day after the national day of remembrance which was yesterday. it was a day designated by 3 congress back in 2007. meet the newest employees of the city of colorado springs. yep, we're talking about these goals helping out with weed control. the goals will eat two or 3 tons of weeds each and every day and will also provide a natural fertilizer as they graze. the goats are on display every day. the city is encouraging people to, check it out. one-stop shopping is now easier. the denver center market is
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it. it features 11 different vendors offering all sorts of prepare food and goodies. it could become quite the hotspot for grocery shopping as we see more more apartment buildings popping up. as one business opens another closes, but hopefully not for long. the campus lounge just close, but it does have new owners so they are closing for reeodeling. no word yet on we will keep you posted. as we get ready for october month residents came together to race for the cure. this is the largest community fundraiser for local breast cancer. it ended with a celebration to pay tribute to local survivors. there are definitely plenty of the people in our area, thousanns of them met endeavors city park for a great cause. look at everyone coming out for the 20th annual step up for
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dancing and playing games. it also pours loved ones and careeivers. many high schoolers dream of being crowned homecoming royalty, but in douglas county there is a student who gave up the spotlight to do something for someone else. he was crowned along with some sppcial needs students, but brad did not hang onto the title for 24 hours before he fo he handed the title over to him. brad says he didn't think twice. >> something didn't feel right to me. it didn't feel like i was the one who was supposed to have it. there was something in me that be better deserved for someone - else.>> the two families say they fight every day for inclusion for their children and says mproves our younger generatton is taking a step in
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her.months after it went missing and without 800 miles away. how the owner and not finding her four-legged friend. plus, uber announcing a new way to keep you safe. warmer than yesterday.
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at least 20 people have gotten sick after drinking raw milk. now, selling raw milk is usually illegal, but in this case it was given to members of a her sharing program. selfies to keep you safe, that is what were max new program will do for you. the company just rolled it out. in these drivers will have to take a selfie inside the app before excepting passenrs what uber has on file and if it doesn't match the account is blocked. uber says they are hoping this will prevent fraud and making sure the right driver is the one picking you up ups is testing out drone technology for delivery. right now the company is focusing on remote and hard-to- reach locations. this video shows a drone delivering an asthma inhaler to
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despite warrings, hunnreds of thousands of people are while driving. researchers say and 10 days they found 3 to 45,000 post with the words pokimon go and >> i drive all the ime playing it. i can see how people get into accidents doing it. >> researchers say they found 14 car crashes called by people more games like this one are going to come out, which would then be another distraction. this little guy's name is miracle. he was born on a farm in about three weeks ago and he does not have hind legs. despite the disability t great. >> the first day he started walking on his front legs and it was amazing. he thinkk this is normal.>> now
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a forever home that can deal with such a different path. a family now back with their st. bernard who was found 800 miles away, all the way in missouri. missy disappeared five years ago and is now back with the family thanks to a microchip. the woman saw a facebook post >> i did not believe it. i am going, you have to be kidding me. i said, it is great. she showed me pictures and i said, that is our missy. >> the family is going to try missy to become a service dog to help their disabled daughter. list of hot is that closes out and two of the top five were right here in colorado. 80223 came in third on the list. 80916 came in at number four.
11:45 am the rankings were based on how long it takes properties to sell and how often the zip codes are viewed. temperatures today across the front range was not necessarily be hot, it will feel like a fantastic fall day with plenty of sunshine to go around. not too much to talk about, though a met weather. staying very dry across colorado today. let's take a look across the state, this is rocky mountain national park right now. we are seeing bright blue skies. as well as near burlington. weewill continue to see sunny conditions throughout the afternoon today. right now, things have warmed out at the airportt taking a look at wind speed elsewhere across the state, we're seeing pretty calm
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sterling. we should not stay to gusty throughout the afternoon, nothing like saturday. our current temperature outside 69 in city park, council rock is 70 degrees right now, the foothills and evergreen and 57, and boulder is currently at 69 degrees with plenty of sunshine. here is what it looks like on our 24 hour planner. clear skies, we're not expecting much in the way of how coverage. here is your first alert, it will not be as gold today as what we thought earlier on. 6m bloomfield, boulder also in - the middle to upper 70s, we should see 50s and 60s for the foothills and the mountains as well. temperatures to the 40s overnight. by tomorrow morning we wake up
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expect temperatures in the low 80s. these temperatures and little 3 bit above where they should be, 74 is our normal high. we have high pressure that will call back across the sttte and keep us very dry and slightly above aveeage. here are low temperatures for the rest of the evennng, 50 degrees in grand junction, 30s for the most part across most of the mound area, this morning we had a frost advisory in effect across the northeastern planes. in the 40s and down to the southeast temperatures dropping into the middle to upper 40s. looking at our seven-day, overnight lows will continue to warm up as we had throughout the rest of the week. bright spots on the seven day, temperrtures really warming outcome tuesday and wednesday into the low 80s. about five or 7 degrees hotter than what we should be seeing for this time of the year.
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friday is our next best chance for seeing a few afternoon and evening showers. a good-looking weekend ahead, guys. still ahead, we're going to introdu you to this week's 7 everyday hero. she is an inspiration and a
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this week's 7 everyday hero is known as the encourager and she is the reason some local students reading scores are rising. take a look. >> [ clip playing ] >> there was a day when this % little girl didn't think much of reading. and then ms. laressa camelot. >> she helps people like me and she is a good person. >> the teacher pulled me aside and that i don't know what you
11:52 am
but i have seen a huge turnaround in her.>> she is a voluntter tutor. >> i jot to give them as much as i can. ositive reinforcement >> 80% oo the kids that our tutors and volunteers work with improved literacy skills either moderately or high. >> there are dozens of tutors who are a part of the foster grandparent program. if you are 55 or older do it as well and perhaps learn something yourself. >> i have gotten so much for -- from these kids. they have taught me all the flying. can't nobody pull nothing over on me now. >> most of all, you would have the satisfaction of helping to make learning fun like she has several times a week for the past two years.
11:53 am
>> check thii out. denver7 and trusted choice would likeeto honor you as a 7 everyday hero for all your tutoring and mentoring. congratulations. >> [ applause ]>> thank you. >> if you would like to learn more about the foster 3 grandparent program go to and click on immunity. by the way, we are looking for 7 everyday hero for holiday. >> those are always good stories. coming up today at 4:00 a political correspondent reports from new york. a look at the key issues, expectations, final preparation, and what the candidates need to do in order to get this going. plus, a new study shows hiring managers spend less than a minute looking at resumes.
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and the worst mistakes that people make. make the now part of your weekknd afternoon monday through friday right here at 4:00. snapchat reduuing video glasses that can record video for 10 seconds at a time just by tapping a button.>> then you can upload the video using bluetooth or wi-fi. they are coming to store shelvess how much do you think the -?the company now changing its name to snap because it has more than one product. >> that is a lot of money. >> and it only works wiih snapchat. if you could do other things with it, sure. >> unido sunglasses today if you are outside. you should definitely use those sunglasses and soak in a little
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and then warmer, tuesday andd wednesday with highs back in the 80s.>> thank you. thank you for jjining us and
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