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tv   7 News at 5 PM  ABC  September 26, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MDT

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quick action saved a woman's life and put her attacker in it happened yesterday on county road 47 hudson and only molly hendrickson spoke with thh people who rushed in to help. >> reporter: tonight those good samaritan's tell me they were simply in the right place at the right time but even they admit had they not been here the outcome could have been tragically different. hero is not a word zachary davis is quite comfortaale with. >> people that. i don't necessarily consider me a hero at hall. >> reporter: he says he did what he had to. place at the ight time. >> reporter: the right place came sunday morning with a gruesome discovery, a woman bloodied, beaten and stabbed outside his home where she had been staying. her attacker appeared with a shovel forcing davis's action. % >> a rake against the shovel and i had to do what i had to do. >> reporter: davis hit the man five times with a rake as his wife called for help. the team working together to
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arrived. >> either me or him and i chose me. >> reporter: both the victim and her attacker are in stable condition at denver health and while davis may not consider himself a hero, there are plenty of others who do. >> i watch good fight evil and good won. >> maybe i saved her life, and maybe ourselves. >> molly hendrickson denver7 as r he will be charged with first- degree assault and attempted murder. it is not clear how he knew the victim. police arrested the property owner, james phillips and they say they found drugs and stolen cars when they searched the property. right now a woman is behind bars after a deadly overnight shooting in north east endeavor. roxanne sanchez is being held for investigation of first- degree murder. it happened randolph place, neighbors heard gunshots and
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saw a man's body lying outside after the shots were fired. we are still waiting to hear from denver police about what -- the shooting. >> rape case involving a colonel who was found dead in his home in colorado springs. police went to the home of eugene sunday on a report of a possible suicide. his court-martial was set for ootober 17. air force base leadership removed him from his post in the charges ju right now two search is going on for two missing hikers one over maroon bells and aircraft brought into search for 29-year-old david cook he has been missing since september 20. 43-year-old scott burke was suppooed come back on saturday from a camping trip in mesa county and he never came home. no one has heard from him since friday. police think you may be driving a white, blue bronco similar to this one. i hit him, i did. >> new tonight, this bus stop bullying video goes viral
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to facebook. these are students as stuart middle school commerce city and russell haythorn following distorted that mom is angry at how the school district responded. long to take action and we just learned the district has disciplined the two students involved without saying what that entails. experts say repetitive bullying can have severe confluences. a bully at a bus opstthe video shows a bigger kid prodding, poking a smaller kid on a bench. >> back off. >> the student record be incident encourages the behavior. >> hey, i hit him, i did. >> stop looks similar videos have gone viral online. the mother of the bullying victim in this case says this incident happened last thursday and the day before that, her
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kids with sticks and came home with welts and bruises picture says she is contacted the middle school and the brighton school district 20 7j several times asking them to address the ongoing issue in this afternoon we learned the school district has taken disciplinary action against the two students and the mother says her son suffers from ptsd and is enrolled in special education. bullying expert bethany dillon says students with special needs are targets. >> bullying has a lasting impact on the victim, especially if they feel their voice is not being heard reporting and if they are not getting the help they need through the school system the victim eventually crawls onto the bench he and another student off-camera ours heard saying stop, put it down at least 14 times in the minute long video until the bigger kid finally gives up. >> th told us today they don't have the staff to provide routine supervision at bus stops but they take bullying
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school staff did erything appropriately in the district's meeting with the parents of that victim this friday. thank you, russell. it is the most talked about event of the day. less than two hours away from the presidential debate in this will be the first face-off between hillary clinton and donald trump in the audience watching could rival the super bowl. marci gonzales is at hofstra universi first time, hillary clinton and donald trump taking on the issues and each other in the first presidential debate. >> we have to switch positions. he needs to be less visceral am more ahead sr just like she needs more hard unless that in the course of the debate for the showdown will be broken down into 50 megabit segments with clinton going first, each getting two minutes to apply in with the latest polling showing a close race, 10 i could be a
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undecided. >> the debate can absolutely have an impact on the outcome of the election. -?with such a small undecided vote but it is also hardly any difference between the candidates in the polling. so that a 1%, 2% change coold make all the difference. >> reporter: both candidates take difference strategies n preparing clinton holding mock debates, studying video of trump and his past 11 debates and meeting with ttump's ghost writer f trump downplaying the amount of work is putting into getting ready for saying he wants to make sure he is himself. three out of the four american say they plan to watch tonight with estimates this could be the most watthed debate in history, topping the more than 80 million people who tuned in to watch carter and reagan face- off in 1980. marci gonzales, abc news, and stead, new york. colorado matters, tonight's
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the candidates are nearly tied in the latest cnn orc ole for the stated denver 7's mark boyle spoke with party leaders in colorado and joins us from watch parties. mark?>> reporter: there's a big watch party for pro trump supporters in the centennial golf club starting at 6:30 but watch parties all over the state for both parties. clinton once held a double- digit lead in colorado and the lead is erased. cnn pole the latest shows that trump with libertarian gary johnson taking 13% of the vote. these numbers are well within the 3.5 margin of error in the newly released cnn pole. the biggest concern for colorado voters is the economy. cnn pole shows among colorado voters, trump is most qualified to handle the economy but voters have more confidence in clinton. handling farm policy issues. in the razor thin margin puts the focus on this national race squarely on colorado.
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or to 75-to 63 trump and that depends on what happens here. i think realistic terms, it's probably in new hampshire maybb pennsylvania. >> i think everyone who has been following the race for some time new it's going to be a race that tightened up, the colorado, we are a swing state. >> of 40 plus days will be interesting in colorado and that is for sure. democratic watch parties all over at the major universities jake's sports downtown. live in centennial mark boyle denver7 . >> back to you. the debate tonight at 7:00 right here on denver7 and stay with us for denver7 news at 10:00 we will have a debate wrapup and hear why voters think and put the candidates statements and through the truth tracker. castle rock olice tweet out a reminder, don't buy a car online without getting the paperwork. officers recovered a stolen car while dueling -- doing a random
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tonight, making you proud to live in colorado. incredible scenery around the state as fall makes itself known. the government is giving denver police a boost in the name of transparency. terrifying day in houston after a lawyerropens fire on random drivers. colorado, beautiful conditions, mid-70s for the high as it gets warmer before
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i could hear the wiz of bullets going through my window. >> scary moments in houston today a gunman is dead and nine people are hurt after a hooter opens fire at a shopping center, randomly hitting people, starting them in their cars. when police arrived the gunman started shooting at them as % well it was then they fired back shooting and killing the identifying the man or giving a motive but they confirmed he was a lawyer apparently having issues with his law firm. while searching his [ null ] police found weapons inside and evidence that perhaps he planned more balance in the f.b.i. is also on scene to help investigate the situation to u. s. department of justice is getting 20 main dollars to law enforcement agencies across the country to help with police body cameras programs. three colorado agencies will get some of that money $130,000
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paso county sheriff and custer county sheriff departments will also get some of that money. today the fbi released a new numbers about murder in the country, 2015 the number of murders jumped more than 10% from the year before. violent crimes also up by nearly 4%, attorney general loretta lynch that the numbers show we have work to do. if you have ever lost a loved one, you know the hurt today there was a special remembrance ceremony in denver honoring those who lost their lives at the hands of others. national organization called parents of murdered children a lot family members and friends to read the names and ages of those they have lost. we spoke with family members who say the hurt does not really ever go away even decades later. >> it's been almost 30 years and when you lose a child is stays with you everyyday. >> it is horrible, it's a nightmare, every day, every second i'm thinking about her, thinking why did this happen >> the ceremonies part of the
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murder victims which was yesterday, the day designated by congress back in 2007. two fired woelfel -- wells fargo workers filinga class action lawsuit were let go for doing the right thing. seeking $6 billion a more saying they were fired for refusing to open fake accounts. they claimed wells fargo orchestrated a fraudulent scheme to boost the stock price forcing workers to choose between keeping their jobs and opening authorized -- unauthorized accounted declined to comment on the suit. earlier this month the company was fined $185 million for inflating sales by opening more than 2 million by opening more than 2,000,008 bank and credit card accounts. are you thhnking you may have lousy service, you're not crazy that denver ranked the worst in the country for mobile data speeds. part of thattis geography and part is the population boom we have seen in the past decade. t-mobile says it's revamping its network which should help subscribers in the denver metro area get a boost soon. no word from verizon, sprint on
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speeds. we know two of the hottest zip codes in the country are here in our state. according to realtor .com, 80233 n. deland's third high marks for parks and schools and access to trails. 80996 colorado springs takes fourth place. number one and 2 texas, california. brighton, longmont made the top 15. rankings based on how long it takes properties to sell and viewed. in november, you will vote on the proposal that will triple the taxes on a pack of cigarettes. taxes go from $.84-$2.59 per pack. partners in national jewish health are in favor of raising the tax saying this will discourage people from smoking, especially your kids. >> what we know from evidence is the strongest way to get people to quit smoking is to 3
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it works. it's most effective in getting kids to not smoke which is perhaps most important. >> opponents are concerned about the burden on lower income people. if passed, the new tax will generate $315 million per year. this might just some of the craziest home remedy ever, scientists say if you have kidney stones you may why it to go to disney world. doctors have had patients pass them after writing the big thunder mountain railload coaster. apparently it works so well findings are published in the american osteopathic association journal. seriously. scientists are working on a new son -- studying colorado tried to figure out how to -- glaciers have changed in 2005. communities -- in rocky mountain national park worried saying the glaciers are shrinking because of the warmer temperatures. you can feel the weather getting cooler in colooado, fall is definitely in full swing and those colors are stunning. photojournalist majorrgain took
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vote for swear he saw more than changing aspen. >> i was talking to nancy earlier and she saii, major, let's go take pictures of leaves. >> reporter: great idea [laughter] ta-da!
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beauty. >> nice. >> he finds a good spots in new places i've not heard of. >> there must be 13? >> mount marceaux lisa marcelino. >> inundated with pictures but do you get tired of them, no, we don't read a sent a few and she says -- we don't. rita, happy to get them in vail, beautiful. the storm that went through on friday brought wind and snow as major was showing but it did not last long enough to knock things down so we are in great
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southwest mountains loooing terrific. denver right now, this is the view of the camera right on top colors in the downtown area. %- 75 downtown, 74 at the airport, 80% humidity winds light nine miies an hour overnight tonight dropping down to the 40s and low 50s by morning and 80s tomorrow. normal is 44 and 74 so warm, high this afternoon across delightful in the 70s lower elevations and there is nothing to see as far as cloud cover. nice, quite across colorado, around the nation, the storm that cause the flooding in iowa has pushed out into the eastern great lakes and the appellations, some rain lingers down into texas and down into newwmexico, arizona that is the front that moved through here on friday for colorado but came through so quick we had a
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this big high is anchored across the central rockies and will stay there all week long and keep the weather very, very pleasant. tonight, skies are going to stay clear, 32 leadville, 42 denver, greeley, 47 akron, 38 limon, 50 out west grand junction, front page metro area numbers will be really nice mainly 40s low 50s, comfortable night and for tomorrow, along the front range, upper 70s low 80s, khizr kahn plateau, longmont, 69 winter park, 68 keystone and across the state tomorrow mostly 80s on the eastern plains, 60s, 70s expect pattern lingers for most of the week. very comfortable and tomorrow the high coverture, 82 sunny, warm, pleasant and do it again and again and again coming up the next couple of days. later in the week, temperatures will cool slightly back down to 78 with a view showers on friday and over the weekend
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sunny, partly cloudy, low to mid 70s so a lot like today. and the next week things start to shift a bit, i'm not looking at a major storm so far for next monday but beginning to see the pattern shift a little and bring us a better chance of some rain and for the mountains some snow, some wind welcome back by next week as well. >> savor he next 5-6 days because they are terrific. >> thank you, michael. trevor siemian teammates say they love it last night
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welcome to 7 sports extra it is victory monday, everybody broncos back at dove valley today coming home with a win over the bengals in cincinnati. trevor siemian, the only quarterback in the nfl history to pass for 4 test on over 300 yards and no interceptions in the first road game. trevor, my man, the scene and the winning locker room is priceless smiling from ear to ear and a lot of teeth including from john elway in the game ball from gary was a college atmosphere highly paid professionals going nuts over the 24-year-old phenom. one thing for sure, his teammates love it. >> it wws an amazing moment, in the beginning of the year i felt he was going to be the starter as far as outside the locker room we saw what kind of player he was so to see him rise up on the road 300 yards for touchdowns it was amazing.
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feel good. >> electric to see the kind of work he's been putting in and what he accomplished yesterday in what he's doing for the offense it was great as far as being his teammate and seeing his development. it was really good. >> trevor was real good better than expected. shut down the broncos run forcing trevor to air it out. kubiak had enough of conference -- confidence to turn him loose. bream the broncos will come backkwin for the second time in three games. the guys personality was like a cool hh trevor never gets rattled. >> trevor is amazing in the huddle what he says and how he acts in the huddle so much confidence and he gives us confidence any so calm he leads us well. >> he said several times he's always calm, cool and collected in a fourth-quarter you could've saw him in the huddle he came in and took command of the huddle and was confident and even on the deep ball he
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we deftly believe in him. >> it's a testament to the team and we have a good team, resilient group and i'm proud to be a part of the team. >> during training camp we were asking the sea have a pulse? is he alive? >> that something that could help is an nfl quarterback he's got it so far. >> respect for the team. >> having a good time.
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tonight, breaking news. hillary clinton and donald trump, the head-to-head match-up finally here. the first time for donald trump on a debate stage against just one other candidate. the stakes enormous for hillary clinton, too. trying to earn back trust. the race, a dead heat. we have inside reporting, what each candidate has in their arsenal, ready for tonight. so the suspect taking aim at drivers. nine people wounded. what was discovered inside his car. the flood emergency at this hour. thousands urged to evacuate. rivers rising. flash floods from texas to iowa. the system now moving east. the tragic death of a major league player and his friends. authorities tonight investigating. and we celebrate an american giant. arnold palmer. and what he said when we asked,


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