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tv   7 News Right Now  ABC  September 26, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm MDT

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a bully at the bus stop. this video posted by an angry mom last week has more than 2000 views on facebook. >> russell haythorn joins us. based on what we have seen it appears this mother has good reason to be upset. >> reporter: in this minute long video the young victim asks the bully to stop at least 14 times. the moth far too long in a district with a zero-tolerance policy on bullying. it happened in brighton district 20 7j. in the video a bigger kid with a stick is prodding and poking a smaller child with this -- stick. we have learned that the middle school has discipline the two students involved the mother of the victim said her son suffers from ptsd and a special needs so he tends to get picked on
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-- i dare you. >> kids with special needs can be a target for bullying behavior. one of the key aspects of bullying is the power differential where one student or individual has an upper hand. >> the mother of the bully and victim said this incident happened last thursday and the day before that the victim came home with welts d the district said today it does not have the staff to provide routine supervision at bus stops but it said it takes allegations of bullying very seriously. >> i am glad they are working on a. the say they were in the right place at the right time. they ask the sheriff's office they say they are heroes. these two good samaritans stopped the man from killing a woman at this home that they were staying.
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the woman's attacker showed back up with a shovel so he grabbed a break and juuped into action. >> there was a rake against the shovel. i just did what i had to do. it was the humane thing to do. it was like putting down an old dog or putting down the road and. -- rodent. >> he and his wife held the suspect until police arrived. that man is in the hospital and will be charged with assault and attempted murder. the the homeowner was also arrested. they found drugs in several so -- stolen cars. was found deadd eugene c investigation for multiple
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he was removed from his position as vice commander back in june of last year after those charges surfaced. a woman is under arrest for a deadly shooting overnight. on irst-degree murder charges for the shooting that happened at 56th in chambers. neighbors believe it was a domestic dispute. they heard gunfire and a man shot outside the home. we are still waiting to hear from denver police about what led up to the shooting. his brother's girlfriend has formally been charged. this is ronald butler you are looking at. he faces first-degree murder charges which carries a life sentence if convicted. deputies founn the 51-year-old woman dead from two gunshot wounds to the head. butler is being held without bond and is scheduled to appear in court next week. at the big night for presidential politics. we are counting down to the first debate at hofstra university. hillary clinton and donald
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an hour. >> the audience is expected to be huge. possibly the size of the super bowl audience. one watch party is forming at centennial gun club. >> reporter: people are starting to film -- fill in here. second amendment rights are taking up much of the discussion but there are watch parties all over the state for both republicans and democrats. at one point the hillary clinton led a double-digit lead in hillary clinton -- in razor thin margin. for the first time in this election cycle colorado is one of the most heavily contested states in the country. >> he could be to 72 to 62 clinton or 275 to 63 trump. >> reporter: a newly released poll shows hillary clinton's once double-digit lead in
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in a one-point deficit. the polls show trump holding 42% of the vote compared to clinton's 41%. >> i think that everyone that has been following this race for some time knew that it would be a race that tightened up the closer we get to election day. we are a swing state. >> reporter: it's not terrorism illegal immigration or foreign pollcy that is driving voters but the economy. the cnn poll believe most -- said most voters believe that trump is best suited to >> i believe that hillary clinton is one that believes the economy can work for everyone. when you look at donald trump the feideas he has thrown out there are the same trickle-down economics that put us into the great recession. when wages are not growing and economy is not growing and you are shutting out the jobs people will say i don't want this annmore. >> reporter: with colorado leading up to be a big battleground state coming
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presidential bull's-eye. >> they are watch parties all over the state for democrats as well at all the major universities. mark boyle denver7. >> you can count on us for complete coverage tonight at 10:00. the hunt is on for a suspected serial arsonist in castle rock. there've been several fires within weeks of each other. the chief thinks these were set intentionally. found a lighter were the most recent fire happened over the weekend. officials what you to keep an eye out and report anything suspicious. $20 million is how much the department of justice is granting states nationwide to help with the cost of body cameras. three colorado area agencies are among recipients. some local agencies are moving forward without the federal funds.
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cameras. that could soon change. while the police department will rrly on the city for funding the unpredictable costs for body cameras could turn into federal funding. >> we have done a test study for about a month where we put them in the field. >> reporter: once the story is finished it will be submitted to the city for approval for a price tag of about $77,000. our community know that as -- when we act as a law enforcement official that we are doing so with the highest level of professionalism. >> reporter: golden pd is among the few agencies in the denver metro area getting boddington -- body cameras. castle rock will start using them next month. right now aurora, fort collins, boulder, and denver will have been using them.
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the only depprtment in the metro area getti federal grant money. a little over $130,000. >> it will cost money for data storage and to purchase new equipment if it gets damaged in the line of duty. >> reporter: for now the captain says he will rely on just city funding. >> as you look forward to the future you want to be transparent with their counsel about what this program might look like three years or five years down the road. >> expected to vote on this proposal by the end of this year. say man do denver7. in aurora man was sentenced to eight years behind bars for driving drunk and killing a woman who was a passenger in his vehicle. he pleaded guilty to vehicular homicide and dui. the crash was oo can street and killed a 20-year-old woman. he was driving a chevy trailblazer at when he lost
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he was speeding and admitted to drinking that night. his blood-alcohol level was three times the legal limit. the city of boulder is stepping up enforcement on intersections and crosswalks near the campus. this is a part of the heads-up crosswalk safety campaign. officers will be state -- station at intersections that are prone to accidents. they will distribute educational materials and coupons and small gifts to reinforce drivers and students to look up from their phones and stay alert. a traffic on the road ii the south metro. the northbound on 25 on-ramp will be closed from 8:00 and it runs until 5:30 tomorrow morning. they are doing utility work. if you are looking for an alternate route you can use yosemite to orchard. a man who was brutally beaten by denver police has shown that perseverance pays off. changes coming to the way
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the power of the sun and the wind. it can fuel our lives and our economy, too. over 10,000 jobs in colorado alone. but when washington gridlock was choking the industry, something had to be done. so, i teamed up with republicans and democrats to pass the new laws we needed to help renewable energy grow. protecting the jobs we have and generating more for the future. i'm michael bennet, and that's
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tonight a denver7 exclusive showing the unexpected turns life can take. a denver man was given a settlement after being beaten by police. now he is the winner of an enemy. marc stewart joins us with the story. >> from animated feature entitled traffic stop. it is based off the story of alex landau. tonight it is his own personal struggle giving light to a topic that is not always easy to discuss. >> i have memories of it that are vivid as if it happened yesterday. >> reporter: for the moment alexander landau including a low-key life. it has not always been this way. this was landau in january 2009
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denver police. he was awarded close to $800,000 by the city. one of the largest settlements on record. -?>> people were talking about reconciliation. >> reporter: his quest to improve relations between police and the people they serve has become even more high profile. >> i get out of the car first he pats me down. >> reporter: the story is told in his own voice and the animated short traffic stop. if he does not come down we will have to shoot him. >> reporter: he recently won a national emmy award in new york. >> the first thing i remember thinking is this is so surreal. what do we do now. >> repprter: he hopes his emmy will feel the future given him a louder voice to prompt change. this emmy will propel you to do bigger and boulder things. >> absolutely. it could potentially lead to
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as long as we continue the ground game. >> reporter: landau still want the officers involved to be prosecuted get the emmy symbolizes his own personal >> i have one a emmy and i still live in and loveethe city. i organize frontline against the injustices i have had to endure and i will continue to do so. >> reporter: there is no question that the emmy is grand and a big deal. he will ccntinue with his grassroots efforts. he has been visiting universities across the country. he has talked to the public about grassroots efforts. he wants the one-on-one contact to share his story. he feels that is what will propel change. >> communication is always important. there will soon be new rules for marijuana packaging and product right here in
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universal symbols on the front of it. the colorado department of public health says the new rules are to raise awareness and help ppople more accurately identify products that have % marijuana in them. packaging that appeals to children will also be prohibited. that means the word candy cannot appear on any products. soon you can get aalook at colorado's largest gold mine. the company will provide an active public of its nearly 600 foot deep mining pit. from a safe vantage point onlookers will be able to see mining activitt as it happens and the equipment used to find gold. recognition for a growing state. two of america's top four zip codes for the hottest real estate market the right here in colorado. the zip code 80233 and 80196 ranked number three and four in
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the study ranks the areas on the time it takes to sell properties and how frequently homes are viewed in each zip code. >> of suppressors not more. what a great place to live. beautiful weather in steamboat at storm peak they got the very first snow. that came through that brought the snow brought some wind we still have a fair amount of color hanging on over including steamboat. good viewing this week. best viewing central and southwest mountains for the next couple of days. a spectacular day today in denver. 73 at the airport. winds are from the east northeast at six. 76 with the high today and 42 was the low. that is not far from normal. the records are 90 and 28. on this day in 1936 the heaviest snow on record for the month of september.
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and for -- denver and at the municipal airport 21 inches of snow. it can happen but it's not happening this time around. it is quiet across colorado and throughout the region. barely a cloud in the sky anywhere across the central rockies. the weather fronts are well off to the east of us. the great lakes appellations and down to the south. the winds aloft holl the key this week. this is a swirling storm system inhe cause cool blustery weather over the great lakes and the northeast. storm has brought little bit of moisture to the south of us and is holding to our south and west. we are in between and a nice spot. it's very comfortable and peaceful conditions. we might get a little bit of a trough with a slight chance of this is what it looks like at the surface. the weather front is well off to the east. a high pressure system dominates the weather across the central rockies.
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cool and quiet. 32 in leadville 48 and aspen. 40s and upper 30s on the plains. tomorrow will be warmer than today. low 80s in denver mid-80s in the southeast 60s and 70s in the mountains. great day to get out and enjoy the fall weather. tonight clear and cool and quiet. the high temperature tomorrow is at 82 degreee. looking ahead temperatures will stay very nice for the next several days. maybe a shower on friday. think they are all about seven days worth of bright spots a few showers on friday and by monday but this is some of the nicest weather of the year. >> we will take it. >> you were hoping for the snow. [laughter] i'm just getting.
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back today still amazed by what
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welcome to 7 sports extra. trevor by men seen in the locker room yesterday a good time had by all. game will have by trevor siemian. four touchdown passes with two in the fourth quarter no interceetions star near-perfect. trevor says things can only get better. >> i'm still learning a lot.
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will always have that but i think as a group we did a lot of good things. we will go back and hopefully clean up some of those things and get ready for next week. >> feeling better about his decision-making process and some of the things he is doing. just gotta keep going. liie he says is a step in the right direction. >> i feel like we are 3-0 but we see so many areas and again we can improve so from here on i think we are trying to get etter every game. we are nowhere near it the team we will be week 16. >> his cool demeanor and confidence in the heart rate and not just the guys is in huddle with an talking about the guys across the line of scrimmage. the broncos defense tells us they see what we saw yesterday everyday. >> is calm and does not talk too much but always seees under control. he makes the right decisions and even if he does not you don't see him make many mistakes twice.
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>> he came out with the game. it was a great week of preparation. we came out and took care of business. >> the pepsi center toniiht. nuggets media day. they are getting ready to start training camp. we are about to get really busy. and it's full of young up and comers but veteran mike miller told us building a winning culture is what he sees and that is excitinn. >> culture building in this league is so important right realizing that it's not okay to lose when you have a team like we do with a lot of young talent like we have the most important thing is making sure they realize that losing is unacceptable. it's not how things are going to be. >> all right. easier said than done. >> it's good to hear that going in that losing is unacceptable. we will see what happens. >> basketball is great but we are all about the outside
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year. we can bottle it up and open the jar in february. or maybe t's april that is sketchy. septemmer is so nice. it's cooling off of it heading toward the weekend but no major
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>> we have what's trending now. >> you will like me so much. >> it's finally here. donald trump and hillary clinton debating on the same stage. >> i think you are right. >> hopefully it's an entertaining clinton was on "between two ferns." >> what's the best way to reach you, e-mail. >> whoever you are voting for, remember to register to vote. so many ways to do it, including -- >> now on snapchat. >> yeah, users who are 18 and older can now see videos like this one. and just by swiping on a video ad like this, you will be able to check your eligibility, then register by filling out a form through october 7. it's a snap. >> that's not the only trebdi i story. >> i have to tell you. >> another diet craze.
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that's what's trending now. it seems like there's a new weight loss trend every day. maybe it's a good thing, because if we didn't stop to think about it, a lot of us wouldn't eat too well. >> i would go to wendy's and get super size everything or mcdonald's super size everything. >> tammy used to be one of those people. then she tried the cafeteria diet. >> yum. it's so delicious. >> delicious or 100 pounds over the past year by eating the breakfast and lunch meals she was serving up at the elementary school cafeteria where she works. it's the lunch lady diet. if it isn't for you, you have to see this weight loss idea. these 3-d printed eyeglasses in development recognize what you are eating and sensors touching your face monitor chewing.


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