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tv   7 News Now at 430 AM  ABC  September 27, 2016 4:30am-5:00am MDT

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it is 4:30 a.m., tracking multiple developing stories right now. parents on edge this morning after socially -- media lights up with threats of a creepy clown planning an attack on schools. should you be worried? what police have to say about this coming up. ""reaking news" out of centennial, this 88-year-old woman missing this morning. this is helen jean ruth, she disappeared yesterday morning after leaving for jury duty in arapahoe county. hours later she was seen at a gas station in deer trail, colorado. folks say she seemed confused and disoriented. she drives a dark blue toyota camry. if you see anything, call 911. let's get to the race for the white house, the first
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clinton and donald trump. as expected there were some fire exchanges in the first face-off. stephanie ramos was there last -?night at hofstra university i new york. >>reporter:the candidates, hillary clinton and donald trump walking out on the debate stage shaking hands and taking a fighting stance. the first general election face- off turning contentious and personal quick. of this evening i will be blamed for anything that has ever happened. >> why not? >> yeah, why not? >> . >>reporter: full of >> i know you live in your own reality, that is not the facts. >> you have no plan. >>reporter:slamming each other's on issues like climate change, trade. >> it's a form of racial profiling. >> the argument is we have to take the guns away from these people that have them and that are bad people that should not have them. >> it was found to be unconstitutional, in part, because it was ineffective. >>reporter:donald trump continuing to bash clinton on
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hillary clinton shutting down that line of attack. >> well, as soon as he travels to 112 countries and negotiates a peace deal, a cease-fire, a release of the dissidents and opening of new opportunities and nations, around the world, or even spends 11 hours testifying in front of a congressional committee he can talk to me about staaina. >>reporter:this marked the first time both hillary clinton stage side by side as they try to prove to voters they are the best person to leave the country. >> you decided to stay home, that is okay. >> i think donald trump criticize me for preparing for this debate. and yes, i did. you know what else i prepared for, i prepared to be president. i think that is a good thing. >>reporter: one dell,-- ooe
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missouri. stephanie ramos, abc news, new york. right now, the results are coming in as to who won last night's debate. there is a lot of horrible polling having here. i want to show you a snapshot of what people are saying, this online survey right now ou can weigh in on it. right now it has donald trump winning the debate 57% almost two hillary clinton 43% with 4700 people voting in that so far. that is just one survey, 62% of people who watch the debate on cnn thoughts hillary clinton want it, versus 27% for donald trump. public policy polling took a poll, unofficial online poll they have 51% of voters in the winter to clinton, 40% giving it to donald trump. it really depends on who you ask. >> absolutely, you likely have at it -- an opinion after the
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developer that has created aa real-time presidential poll. it lets you cast your voteand then see real-time data. it breaks down the demographics like approval ratings, broken down by party, gender, or age. it is said to be a snapshot and provide a way for potential voters to engage with each other. >> you do not have to wait long for the next debate. vp candidates will take the stage, mike pence and tim kaine will face each other next tuesday. this is tte only time they will go head-to-head on the national denver summit -- denver7 app. -- denver7. is going to be a beautiful day, yesterday was gorgeous, and today even a little warmer. we are waking up across the region to clear skies, it is going to be bright and dry early this morning, and my older and warmer, mid to upper 40s right now, mid- 50s by 8 o'clock. and then some low '80s this afternoon with a lot of s unshine.
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we got some your 90s around the mountains are beautiful, 60s and 70s there. we are going to stay pretty warm for the next couple of days. in some places, because overnight paving along highway c 470 going on the northbound side right by 285 and morrison road. southbound side all lanessof -- they are picked up and moved out of there already. we will have some light rail work that is going on. it will affect the drive along sable in econd. that intersection is blocked right now between alameda and sixth avenue. this morning police are searching for a person who fired a gun aa someone's house, and denver. this happened on quitman street near colorado and tennyson.
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the investigation. >>reporter: that's right, police got a report of shots fired, in the area of quitman and colorado avenue bout the 1800 block south here. whenever my shoulder this is a house that took a round through the front wall and into the couch. fortunately, no one was sitting on the couch, at the time the round came through. witnesses are describing a vehicle as an f350 ford, white, two-tone in color, it fled the scene here shortly after the shots were fired. another witness at the shots did come from this f3 50 truck. police are unseen right now, the si's are out here gathering evidence. there is even debris out here, possibly a tv that was in the back of the truck. police have not been able to confirm that at this point. % they are looking for this white f3 50 pickup ruck, as were the suspects inside, they do not have a description of that, as of this time. as soon as we get more
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we have some good news for you this morning, this 15-year- old girl and her baby who went missing, are now safe at home. she disappeared sunday night in arapahoe county. police say she has since been located. today, a teenager will be in court, facing adult charges for that brutal attack of an elderly woman in -- accused of beating katy cooper, she pickee up this teenager 2 of his friends were jason gruenauer has details on this case. >>reporter:we can learn new details on what happened in this case. a little bit later on this morning, a judge is going to rule as to whether or not to release the arrest affidavit , in this case. that again could expose more details about specifically what investigators found, and who they talk to as a result, after this arrest was made.
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keep in mind, the suspect, heree in this case, 16-year-old jeffrey talents is being charged with first-degree attempted murder as well as first-degree assault, for that attack after he was picked up by that elderly woman along with 2 other people and left hand canyon. no details of what happened, the victim's son actually ells us at denver7 that the teenager had his mom in the side of the face with an iron fire poker. she had severe injuries, had to get stitches. collins was arrested on thursday, he is being held on a million-dollar bond being charged as an adult here in boulder county. inside court as soon as he is around 10 o'clock. he will bring you all the details as soon as they happen later on this morning. reporting live in boulder c ounty, jason gruenauer, trent -- denver7. a death investigation is underway for this man, this is
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colonel, he was found that over the weekend in an apparent suicide, police tell us. before his death he was involved in a rape case with his court-martial set for october 17. he was removed from his post in the charges in june of last y ear. he was found dead in his colorado springs home, on sunday. the justice department is now stepping into how police departments nationwide eating body cameras more than $20 million will go towards law enforcement. some of that will be spent right here in our state. denver police, el paso and custer ccunny will get part of that money. denver already has it applied for the grant to help cover the cost to keepp them running. boulder, aurorr and fort collins officers already where body cameras and golden is working to get them. a former montebello teacher accused of sexually assaulting a 7-year-old says he would declare his name. prosecutors dismisseddthe charges against him on friday, but not before he lost his job as a teacher and his ability to
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he says the family disputts, gone bad, is what led to him being alsely accused. >> i slept okay last night, for the ffrst time in a long time. i have to start over. i think that may be okay. maybe it's just time for a new beginning. >> district attorney's office hasn't dismissed the charges because the prosecutor felt sse could no longer prove the case without a reasonable doubt. the charges could be refiled at a later date. only on denver7, 2 students are disciplined after this video showing an incid bullying. this is a commerce city bus stop that went viral on facebook. in this minute long video sent to denver7, you see a boy being poked with a stick. he asks the bully 14 times to stop. the student recording the incident antagonizes the student even further. her son suffers from ptsd and has other special needs. >> kids with special needs can denitely be a target for bullying behavior.
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bullying is the power ?ifferential. where one students, or individual, has an upper hand. >> brian district 27j said it does not have the staffing necessary to provide routine security at bus stops. it does take allegations of bullying very socially. we have new details on the houston strip mall shooting. police discovering not keep her finale on the suspect. plus, dangerous
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in colorado, we stand together, but congressman coffman stands with donald trump and will support trump for president. they've spread falsehoods about president obama. trump: oh, no. coffman: i don't know whether barack obama was born in the united states or not.
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for the content of this advertising. and texas investigator's are trying to figure out what led a lawyer to open fire near houston strip mall yesterday. police are looking at the issues that he had with his law firm, to see what led up shooting. nine people were injured before police shot and killed him. on victim in critical condition this morning. houston's mayor says he was disgruntled with his law firm because the firm was breaking up, he was asked to leave. jury selection is underway for the man accused of killing nine people last year at historically black church in charleston, south caroline. dylann roof charged with dozens of federal offenses including hate crimes. he targeted his victims based on the race and religion.
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the trial is set to start affer things giving. in georgia, walmart is apologizing after workers refused to decorate the cake with a blue lies -- "blue lives matter", for an officer's retirement party. they thought the request was racist and refused to make the cake. the manager of the story tell to the officers family and offered to make the cake, and another store had a ready taken care of the issue. walmart donated some things for the party, along with a gift card. right now, families in greeley are wondering if a clown is really planning to attack schools. >> we are not joking. this issue has lit up social media overnnght. armed clowns, threatening schools, the questioning -- the question is this threat real? they say this threat is not they do take issues like this very seriously, school will go on as planned. this morning, thousands of people are evacuating parts of
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officials have added some curfews as a precaution. >> the video you're looking at is from cedar rapids, more ttan 10,000 people have already been evacuated. the city is preparing for the cedar river to crest at 23 feet later this morning. images coming in of typhoon maggie which slammed the coast of northeast taiwan, making landfall while most of you were sleeping with winds of 115 miles per hour. you can see some of the wind thht was here. more than 1 million homes are without power, flights to taiwan are affected. the major airports are not allowing flights in or out right now. trade services also in texas, scary moments for a driver trapped in ffooding. you see them grab onto a letter beneath him, he slips, right %- fortunately get a hold back there and finally ets up on the ladder. that second attempt there. the driver says his navigation
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high water, that is how he got in a predicament to the first place. it is now 4:46, a live look outside here in denver. a lot quieter than what we are seeing in some other portionn the country. lisa joins us right noww >> it is downright gorgeous tooay. normal high this time of year 74 degrees, we will be above normal likely every day this week. a little warm, pretty dry. here is your cheat sheet on this tuesday. temperatures will soar well into the 80s, low expected. lots of sunshine statewide, there will be a transfer a few storms, but not until later in the week, friday and saturday better chances for afternoon storms. mid to upper 40s right now, boulder 45, it is 48 at city park, 43 in parker right now. low 30s, close to freezing in
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at that.hitting our normal high for the day and climb well into the 80s. denver around 80-82 this afternoon. we've got platteville at 84, highlands ranch 82, a good 7 -10 degrees cooler in the foothills, bailly 72, grand lake a high of 70. pablo and mom are both at 87, slooe some upper 70s to right around 80 degrees. grand junction 80 by around 3 o'clock. future cast is really clear. i have nothing to show you on this, but i'm going to show you across the four corners region, by later tonight, early tomorrow morning, we might start to see a little bit of cloud cover potentially a few storms creeping in near the southwestern corner of our state. otherwise, dry conditions from the mountains to the plains. for the next ouple of days. our mountains will pick up storms by thursday, and friday. that is also when we will start to see a bit of a change here. temperatures about 5-7 degrees
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will drop a bit. mid to upper 70s as we head into the weekend. that is still a few degrees above normal. transfer a few showers friday into saturday. llw to mid 70s both saturday, and sunday with our overnight lows in the upper 40s to low 50s. this is the best seven day forecast to come back to after a vacation. it's perfect. >> a lot better than mid- january. we have a nice easy drive, we still have some painting going on. yesterda going on the southbound side of i 25 from colorado down to hampton. all of the cones have been picked up. there will not be lane painting here this morning. really, we never got out of it all the way through the morning commute. there are some restrictions there, the southbound side is open. it's the northbound side that
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around sable and second, where that light real work has to last night into early this morning, we are going to still see some delays until they can get up and out of there. it will take time as they are still working on the light rail out there in aurora. just into the first alert us, rocky officials say a suicide bombing in baghdad has killed at least 10 civilians according to al jjzeera. a lone bommer approached a group of construction workers, in baghdad, and explosives. almost 30 civilians have also been hurt in this. no one has claimed responsibility, we will continue to update you. they say they did the right thing, and now they want $2.6 million, or more after being fired from wells fargo. >> that is billion. two former bank employees filed
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they were fired for refusing to open fake accounts. they believe wells fargo orchestrated a fraudulent scheme to boost its stock price forcing workers to choose between keeping their jobs and opening unauthorized accounts. wells fargo declined to comment on the faucet. earlier this month, the company was fined $185 million for inflating sales by opening more than 2 million fake bank and credit card accounts. the company that makes epipen is back in the headlines again. this time for underreporting profits by 60%. the company happening, when it ceos testified, before congress laat week, she claimed they make icons more than $600 to buy. before taxes, the prophet is actually $160. marijuana edibles in colorado will have a different label, one to prevent kids from mistaking edibles from candy. they must have a red label warrants there is thc in the
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symbols. edible makers hope this will make their products less appealing to children. this next story sounds a bit crazy, sciintists say if you have kidney stones you might want to try going for a ride at disney world. i'm not kidding here. several patients have passed kidney stones after writing the big ttunder mountain railroad roller coaster, it's a fairly work so well that thh findings are being published in the american osttopathic associated journal. >> i'm wondering why we had to show video of a kidney stone, i% did need to see that. [laughter] >> you really just wanted to see the roller coaster. >> is in the bizarre? >> yes, it is. a trip back in time, and agent discovery dating back to 300 a.d.tetetetetetes"
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look, and this guy, it is a bird, if the pl just donald trump and hillary clinton. we are used to hearing them drone on about politics, but these drones are special. >> thee are 3d creations from the san diego pilots, he is not looking to take sides just wants to have a little fun. they are also kind of creepy looking though. >> it is kind of scary. that took a lot and it wasn't cheap either. >> without this was
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castle. this is an okinawa, japan. the archaeologists found those coins had inscriptions dating back to 1687. roman coins appear to be muuh older dating back they think at least 300-480. here is your first alert weather. mid 50s between eight and 9 o'clock, still a light sweater may help out if they are out of the bus stop. i the time heading home, lots of sunshine, high a pretty smooth ride in those construction zones. this went on the northbound side of 470 waiting for her to open up. they do have some work going on, hopefully he will be out in a few minutes. a lot of green out there for right now. are working on for 5 a.m. coming up in just minutes. did our presidential candidates tell the truth last night on stage [ crying ] we are putting your statements to the test. plus, will a new app help
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we will tell you about this new app called sassy, distinguish between hooking up and rape. we know who the suspect is behind this historic tree torching at auburn university
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we are tracking "breaking news" out of centennial, family members and police are asking for your help to find this woman, her name is helen jean ruth. she is 88 years old, disappeared yesterday morning after leaving for jury duty in arapahoe county. about 12 hours later, deputy say someone saw her at a gas station at deer trail, she seemed confused and a bit disoriented. she drives a dark blue toyota camry with a colorado license plate. if you see her, call 911. in denver, someone has fired gunshots into someone else's home, police are looking who did it. dylann roof joins us with what is going on. -- daryl orr joins us with what


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