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tv   7 News Now at 5 AM  ABC  September 27, 2016 5:00am-5:30am MDT

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we are tracking "breaking news" out of centennial, family members and police are asking for your help to find this woman, her name is helen jean ruth. she is 88 years old, disappeared yesterday morning after leaving for jury duty in arapahoe county. about 12 hours later, deputy say someone saw her at a gas station at deer trail, she seemed confused and a bit disoriented. she drives a dark blue toyota camry with a colorado license plate. if you see her, call 911. in denver, someone has fired gunshots into someone else's home, police are looking who did it. dylann roof joins us with what is going on. -- daryl orr joins us with what
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and westbound colorado avenue closed off for an investigation inside a ford f2 50 or 350, white two-tone fired a round through is house just to the left of me pretty busy police are still behind me on the scene with crime scene investigators. they are gathering evidence right now, they have found shell casings in the streets they found a large projection screen tv and a refrigerator where this truck wasssitting. witnesses saw this happening. about 3 o'clock this morning when police got the call. police are still looking for this white two-tone f2 50 or f3 50, they know it is a diesel. the last direction known was south of quitman away from colorado avenue. fortunately, anybody inside the house they were not hurt. there is a round that did go through the outer wall of the house and it was stopped inside where no one was sitting. good news for them inside the
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morning, the first presidential debate. they clashed on several different issues, but they did not stick to politics. they even attacked each other on a personal level. >> if you missed some of it, fear not, we have the highlights. >>reporter:the candidates, hillary clinton and donald trump walking out on the debate stage shaking hands and taking a fighting stance. their first general election face-off turning contentious and personal click. >> i have a feeling by the end of this evening i am going to be blamed for everything that has ever happened. >> why not? >> yeah, why not. >>reporter:it was a spirited debate full of interruptions. >> i know you live in your own reality, but that is not the fax. >> you have no plan. >>reporter: slamming each other's on issues like climate change, trade. >> the argument is it is a form of racial profiling. >> the argument is we have to
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people that should not have them. >> stop and frisk was found to be unconstitutional. ?n part, because it was ineffective. >>reporter:donald trump continuing to blast hillary clinton on er stamina and strength. clinton shutting down some -- down that line of attack. >> ascendancy travels to 112 countries and negotiates a peace deal, cease-fire, a release of dissidents and opening even spends 11 hours testifying in front of a congressional ccmmittee he can talk to me about stamina. >>reporter:this marked the first time both hillary clinton and donald trump share the same stage, as they try to prove to voters they are the best person to lead the country. >> you decided to stay home, that is okay. >> i think donald just criticize me for preparing for this debate. and yes, i did. you know what else i prepared for? i prepared to bb
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>>reporter:one down, not tomorrow gober the second presidential debate is set for october 9 in st. louis missouri. >> we are tracking the reaction to this debate. who do people think one it. the denverrpost has this poll up and we have been monitoring more votes coming in all morning long of 5,000 people now have voted. 57% p one last night's debate, 42% say hillary clinton one. you can weigh in on the denver post website. this is one snaashots, if we look at cnn's postdebate ?olling, their viewers thought hillary clinton was the winner. public policy polling also did a postdebate survey as well, they found 51% said clinton was winning.
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ask. turning to iowa right now, massive flloding is on the way. schools canceled through thursday and preparations of all of this buttyou can see there are sandbags lining the streets, and cedar rapids. 3 many neighborhoods there have been forced to evacuate. the cedar river could crest at any time. if it does, it will be more than 21 feet of water. we will keep an eye on the stress today. let's check in with lisa, she has our first alert forecast about what we can expe this morning on satellite and radar all is clear, a lot of sunshine, dry conditions expected here over the next couple of days not until about thursday will we see any rain in the mountains. 77 by 12 o'clock. mid- 50s early on, 82 for a high. yesterday nice, today even warmer with clear skies through tonight. we are still right around low 70s between eighh and 9
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rock 78. here is our first alert, feels a lot like summer even though it is the first full week of fall. it feels a lot like construction season as we have a lot of paving going on right now. they just moved out of the way, just in the last 10 seconds they just drove back and picked up all the cones. no lane construction here, or as you can see on the map down here at i 25, they had that lane construction yesterday down to hampton. we will not e morning. all lanes are open and the construction has been picked up there on i 25 as well. one area that is not is going to be second and sable. they are going to have that intersection closed for some time. right now, people across greeley, returning to facebook to try to get some answers. they stayed up late online talkinggabout clowns who are residents there who are
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amanda del castillo is in greeley this morning. what have you been able to find out about these creepy clowns? >>reporter:they are creepy, i have been lying to you if i would not tell you i am petrified myself right now. we are trying to get answers as to whether or not they actually found a clown tonight, spotted a legitimate siding, anything like that. we haven't got those answers yet. let's start with that threat that started this entire social media buzz. and the greeley evans school district 6, they heard about these rumors circulating on social media about clowns threatening to attack them to schools, here in greeley. they do not feel those threats are credible, at this time. people started posting more about sightings of clowns
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update facebook page. we were able to see some of these locations where people say they allegedly saw these clowns. one being jerry's market where we are right now. down the street from billy martin as elementary school. that is another diitrict six school here in greeley. luckily we have not spotted any of these clowns. of course, parents are concerned this morning following those alleged threats. we will be following development all morning long, ?s this summer of creepy clowns continues. i of talk about it nationwide about clowns lowering children into the woods in kentucky, and that is just one of them off he top of my head. we will follow all developments as money from greeley, in front of jerry's market where people say they have spotted some of these clowns tonight. i am amanda del castillo, denver7. >> that sounds strange but a lot of people talking about it. 16-year-old jeffrey collins will be in a boulder county
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adult, cused of attacking a left-hand canyon woman. jason gruenauer joins us now and what could happen in court today. >>reporter: it depends on what a judge rules when it comes to reducing -- releasing more details and what happened to this case to the public. that's the case for an -?emergency hearing here a boulder county court later on this morning. 16-year-old jeffrey collins is accused of beating an elderly nearly to death afterwoman e other people were hitchhiking along left-hand canyon. the other two young people reporteddthe assault to neighbors and are credited with saving katy's life, she s still recovering from her injuries from this attack. collins is facing attempted first-degree murder charges, and felony assault as an adult, the arrest affidavit has not been released yet. a boulder daily camera, the newspaper appear, has gotten their hands on that affidavit, but then were ordered by a
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suspect, in this case, is 16 years old complicates things even though he's being charged as an adult. today's heering will determine whether or not that arrest affidavit and what investigators found will ever see the light of day. we will be inside courts and release those details to you if a judge gives us permission to. if not, what is next for this case, including the formal chhrging of jeffrey collins. much more on that coming up in about 30 minutes. jason gruenauer, a death investigation is now underway, affer a kernel for peterson air force base is found dead in his colorado springs home. police say eugene might have killed himself, he was a fire from his position as vice commander, last year, when he was accused of rape. he was doing court in just a few weeks. more officers here ii our area, will be wearing body cameras. the justice department is spending $20 million nationwide
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-?little bit of that money. denver already has 800 camerrs, but needs the cash to keep the program going. officers in boulder, aurora and fort collins have booy cameras as well. departments in castle rock and golden are working on getting them. federal taxes? trump pay %- hillary clinton says no. what's the truth? we are fact checking hillary
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that is mainstream media nonsense put out by her. >> donall trump during the first presidential debate last night making it clear he did not want america's -- americans fighting in iraq.
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rate of topics. here is what hillary clinton had to say about donaad trump refusing to release his tax return. >> or, maybe, he doesn't want the american people, all of you watching tonight to know that he has paid nothing in federal taxes, because the only years that anybody has ever seen for a couple of years when he had to turn them over to state authorities when he was trying to get a casino license, and they showed he did not pay any federal income tax. >> our partners at political facts say even without full returns are public records about some of trumps taxes, he did not pay federal income taxes and a couple of years, 1978, and 79 for example. those same records include information from three other years in the 70s when donald trump did pay federal income taxes. how does she come out on the truth meter? mostly false. truth to it it ignores critical -?facts here. we will fact check trump later
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dozens of people have been hurt as a typhoon made landfall in taiwan, overnight area strong winds actually brought down construction scaffolding. we have this video to show you, 115 bio per hour sustained winds. the reports are that allotter -- there could be landslides and flooding in this country. underway for dylann roof, the man accused of opening fire in a south carolina church last ?ear killing nine people. picking a jury will take a while. lawyers have to look through 3000 potential jurors. dylann roof's trial will not begin until after thanksgiving, he could get the death penalty. there is a new app that is not on the market aim to help fight sexual assault. it is called sassy, and it helps to help collegee comply with their schoollsexual
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contract, staffers of your ids and then you save it all to a password-protected file. one sex assault victim dvocate wants to know whht happens if someone later decides they do not want to do it anymore. >> one of them says no, i do not want this anymore, i change my mind, this is not what i was looking for, and apple is not going to show there was that. >> the app does allow users to send an e-mail saying they chan -?the creator say they can provide a chain of legal evidence leaving clues as to what happened. time to check in with lisa back from a few days off. you missed some great weather. >> i miss you guys, i did. >> did you even think of us? [ laughter] i read two books in four days. >> temperatures above normal,
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clear skies statewide today. it does get cooler this weekend, but not by much. i will show you that coming up in just a moment. stepping out the door this morning to mid to upper 40s, 47 right now, in town, winds rr west-southwest at about 5 -10 miles per hour. it will be a pretty good southwesterll breeze that brings our temperatures well above normal today. mid to upper 40s here in town, conifer 46, a little cooler, upper 30s in evergreen, just above freezing and how is this afternoon 75 evergreen to mid 80s almost near platteville, even through fort collins and greeley. we've got some low '80s. both at about 83 this afternoon. 60s and 70s as you head west on i 70. eagle close to 80 this a fternoon. future cast is very clear. if we see anything called clever
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be through the early eveninn. otherwise a lot of sunshine. like yesterday, plenty of blue skies. through tonight, we stay nice and clear, even early tomorrow morning we are not tracking much of a change. down across the four corners we will likely see a few showers developing later wednesday into early thursday. and then our mountains will get a better shot at a few storms later in the week. we are right around 80 from we've got a lot more than 2 bright spots on the seven day fo likely during the week, friday maybe even saturday. even then it is a 10-20% chance. if you've got plans this weekend i don't think it will mess with them much. this is the last weekend of baseball, rockies are done after this. % i'm going to the game on friday night. temperatures will be niie, 70 through the weekend. >> i think they were done after the all-star game. >> done is a relative term, right?
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we have a pretty good drive, 225 moving along fine comiig down from parker road down to the denver tech center. making this trip in about 3-5 minutes. 3 we do not have any lameepaving on the southbound side of my 25 or on 470, they picked it up and moved it out of the way which is great news. take a look at the security wait time, right now the longest is about 11 minutes there at the north and south line. former wells fargo employees are fighting back is they say they were wrongly fired for doing the right thing. plus, i love bread.
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's. the birth or lie was a very hurtful one. barack obama is a man of great dignity, and i could tell how much it bothered him and anoint him that this was being touted, and used against him. >> jumping and when lester holt asked believe president obama was not born in the states. he recently conceded that obama really was born here. we will hear more from both nominees throughout the money. 2 former wells fargo employees are suing the company saying they were let go for refuuing to open fake accounts. the class-action lawsuit is now asking for at least $2.6 bbllion for the claim wells
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price by having employees do unethical practices. they were fined $185 million earlier this month, for inflating sales by opening more than 2 million think -- a fake bank and credit card accounts. disney is reportedly interested in buying the social media site for $30 billion. twitter stock jumped 3% yesterday when talks about it -- a potential deal came to ?ight. microsoft is in the running to make a bed. twitter not commenting. one of auburn university's iconic oak trees it goes up in flames, somebody lit that on fire after the team played lsu. since it was right afttr the game, a lot of people wondered could it have been the rival team, no it wasn't. it was a german man in the us on a work visa who is now in jail accused of this crime. we are hearing now from a % student to chase into an alley, right afterwards, says yep he started the fire. >> i was screaming and running after him and i was saying the tree -- you lit the tree on % fire. a bunch of guys around me tackled him to the ground, and
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>> the suspect had planned to leave the states, in a day, and said he is in jail now. why would you do that? >> why? seriously. that is an impressive tp job though. >> they were going crazy over there. this morning it is pretty nice outside, good for the kids. yesterday we were in the 40s early on between 8-9 o'cllck. today mid 50s, i would say you need a sweatshirt at the bus which means 700 by 11 o'clock. and then by the time our kids are heading home, we will be at 82 degrees. this afternoon no sweatshirt, sunscreen. ll needome %- a lot of sunshine through the middle of the week. here is your first alert that we are going to be close to 80 at the ech center, 81 boulder, 60s and 70s for the mountain. speaking of the foothills, you can see an easy drive here on 285 and 74, look at that in genesee nice and quiet this
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the drive here in town at 270 and i 25, the northbound side looking really easy. the only issue we have had is somebody called out near santa % fe and alameda. this week you might notice more city and campus police and boulder intersections. at least there want to remind both drivers and pedestrians about being safe in the crosswalk. all of this is part of heads up it will last all eek.ign and a local boy bullied at the bus stop, why school officials say it is hard for them to protect your children.
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we are tracking "breaking news" right now, deputies in arapahoe county want you to look out for this 88-year-old woman. her name is helen jean ruth. she disappeared yesterday
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she was spotted 12 hours later in deer trail, colorado. she drives a dark new toyota camry with a colorado license plate. if you see her call 911. now to a rather odd and spooky threat that is going on in greeley. this is a conversation on facebook. this went on all night long, people were up ooernight afraid that armed clowns may be running around the city of greeley. >> people are so freaked out they were calling our newsroom saying they are hearing rumors that these clown although this does sound silly, we really could not ignore what everyone was talking about. >> we sent amanda del castillo to greeley to look into this clowns care. >>reporter:we actually made a call to tte greeley police department to ask if there were any legitimate sightings of these clowns. we have not gotten a call back yytt but they did post publicly as well as the greeley evans school district 6, saying they do not believe any of the


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