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tv   7 News Now at 6 AM  ABC  September 27, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MDT

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when you tried to ct holier than thou, it really doesn't work. >> the candidates came out swinging during last night's debate at hofstra university. >> were theyytelling the truth. our factor checks are happening all morning long. right now, just into the first alert desk,,dozens of people have been injured after a typhoon slammed taiwan. almost 1 million homes are without power right now. the typhoon made landfall with winds of 115 miles per hour nvidia we can show you actually cap assured construction scaffolding on a building collapsing. -- captured construction scaffolding on a building
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you may remeeber taiwan was just hit by another typhoon just a week ago. that storm killed several people, it was one of the strongest forms ever to hit the region. let's turn it over to lisa right now tracking what is happening in our own state today. it is eally quiet, winds coming in and out of the southwest at about 5-10 miles per hour. it is that southwesterly wind that will kick our temperatures up. 48 right now, low to mid early on, with our sunrise. and then some 70s by 12 o'clock. by noon today we are already going to be warmer than where we were yesterday. by 3 o'clock 82 degrees. a lot of sunshine today. here is your first alert, we are well above normal. castle rock a high of 78. still a quiet drive for us here on this tuesday morning. usually tuesdays are really busy. traffic volume coming in from one 20th all the way down past 104th and on into downtown
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that drive. you can see 270 and 76 flowing. 225 the northbound side of 17th and just after colfax some heavy stop and go already. nothing in there, just heavy traffic volume. the south side of town quiet conditions on 470 through the denver tech center. the search for a killer continues this morninn, we will learn new details about the woman found shot to death or a farm near the victim was reported last sunday, in northglenn, five days before she was found death. northglenn police are leading this investigation. they have not made any arrests yet and not identify tte victim. a colonel at peterson air force base is found dead, three weeks before he is supposed to face a court-martial. he was found in his colorado springs hhme, on sunday. police responded to reports of a possible suicide. the cause of death has not been
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several rape allegations. his court-martial was set for october 17. air force base leadership removed him from his post amid those charges in june of us are. the 16-year-old, jeffrey collins is expected to face eight judge, he is accused of trying to kill an elderly woman when she picked him up while hitchhiking. jason gruenauer joins us now. >>reporter: collins is already going to be charged, as an adult, the question is, should many this case from investigators be made public. originally a judge said no, today at 10 a.m. here inside boulder county courts, a judge will decide whether or not to keep it that way. 16-year-old college as a suspect to allegedly beat that elderly woman, a 71-year-old woman nearly to death after she picked him and then to others up hitchhiking a left-hand canyon. the other two young people reported the assault to
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katy's life. first-degree murder chargee, - and first-degree felony assault charge as an adult. the arrest affidavit has not been released, at least not yet. the boulder daily camera, the newspaper up here, has their hands on a copy of that and were ordered by a judge to not report on it. today, both siies will be in court, they will argue whether or not that affidavit remains sealed and secret to the public or can be released, if it is, we will ha later on % here on denver7. reporting live, jason grrenauer, denver7. this morning, the search continues for this man, his name is david cook. the 29-year-old witnessing more than a week ago while hiking up maroon bells near aspen. search crews brought in a helicopter to try to look for him, but no -- a far they have not been able to find anything. meanwhile, this man scctt burke has not been seen or
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mesa county but he made the drive and a blue and white bronco, like the one you see on your screen. if you know anything about where he might be called 911. are there really killer clowns running around greeley? it is a rumor that was going on a lot of people were recalling our newsroom. we talked to several agencies to see if this is credible. amanda del castillo is live in greeley this morning. people are still insisting this could be real. >>reporter:yeah, we made a are still waiting to hear whether they made legitimate ontact with one of these scary clowns that were spotted around the city. that is according to people on social media this morning. all of this buzz happening because of an alleged threat that was made by the clowns toward some of the schools in the greeley evans school district 6 here. that school district, as well as greeley police, posting publicly that they do not believe any of the threats are
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actually, it was a greeley clown update page that popped up overnight with many people remaining active. more than 300 people actually % joining that group and posting. the last post coming less than an hour ago. some of the clowns were actually spotted here at jerry's markets, other places around the city, as well. again, no credible reports of any clowns being seen. we haven't seen any of the ?lowns we are keeping our eyes peeled because of some of the pictures being posted to ocial media. no credible threat according to the school district on the greeley police this morning. amanda del castillo, denver7 i have a winning temperament, she does not know how to win. >> donald trump and hillary clinton battled back and forth through last night's debate at hofstra university. donald trump slammed hillary clinton were her demeanor.
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this morning, our partners over at polenta fact are -- the candidates talked about trade in the economy. clinton attacked trump over the housing crisis >> he said back in 2006, g, i hope it does collapse because then i can go in and buy some and make some money. while it did collapse. >> that is called business, by the way. >> politifact did say it during an interview, they say that donald trump was talking about investment advice in real estate, and was not rooting for the entire con -- economy to crash. politifact rates hillary today is national voter registration day. here in colorado, you can register to vote on election day as long as you bring an id to the polling place. if you register online you have
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before the election. do not forget you can find extending coverage of the election by downloading the free denver7 app, you will find all of our politifact fact checks on all of the elections and any state contest we have here in colorado. hundreds of arents will be talking to the superintendent of denver public schools today. he is hosting the first parent form of the year and 9:15 a.m. he will be discussing some of the tax proposals on the ballot would -- which could help raise millions of dollars for education at school construction. boulder is dealing with a small outbreak of hand, foot, and mouth disease. health officials on campus say the worst of the outbreak appears to be over. at least 10 students were diagnosed with viral illness at the start of the semester. it causes fever, a sore throat, as well as sores on your hands, feet, and mouth. no one hhs gotten sick in the past week. one of the most memorable's -- memorable notice of all time will have his jersey retired
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home opener. to convey mutombo played for five years, a fan favorites, the jersey retirement will happen on october 29. that is the game to go to. we've got temperatures that are going to be in the 40s, 50s out across the plains. here in th mountains, a live look from our loveland ski area camera, very bright for that morning drive. across the state,,you can lear. sunshine will dominate all for corners today. you will need a few layers this morning, sweatshirt early onn mid- 50s at 8 o'clock. about 20 degrees warmer by noon, and then a high today of 82. it is want to be a gorgeous couppe of days. a husband and wife a step in to stop aabrutal attack for the saved a woman's life in tte process. they spoke exclusively to denver7.
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next. young voters are speaking out about last night's debate
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in colorado, we stand together, but congressman coffman stands with donald trump and will support trump for president. they've spread falsehoods about president obama. trump: oh, no. coffman: i don't know whether barack obama was born in the united states or not.
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>we want to give you a live look from a airrchopper 7 flying above my 25 right around sixth avenue purdue can see traffic is beginni t up. according to a poll taken during last night's debbte, 62% of voters thought hillary clinton was tte winner. >> a lot of people have not made up their minds about who they are going to vote for. we were at a watch party last night and we spoke to several young voters who are not thrilled about either of the options. >> hillary clinton has -- is one of the least trustworthy people. in my opinion, donald trump he doesn't know how to control his mouth. >> i think donald trump
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hillary clinton presented about as well as i expected her too as well. so, still very much undecided. >> voters are split on whether or not donald trump can truly handle the president job. 55% of people say he cannot handle it. donald trump just wrapped up an interview with fox and friends, we have been monitoring the conversation this morning. he was asked about made about the former ms. universe. during last night's debate, hillary clinton brought up the former ms. venezuela and said donald trump had called her "ms. piggy" for gaining weight. that, she tweeted a thank you to hillary clinton for her supportt here she is right there saying she is going to now lives in the us.nton she fox and friends asked donald trump about that, and his response was "she gained a massive amount of weight, and it was a real problem."
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to court women in this election. women tended to think hillary clinton one last night's debate, about 54% gave her the win in that poll and other poll showing she had a lot of fans among women last night. now to a denver7 exclusive, hearing from the 2 good samaritan to stepped in to stop a vicious ssabbing. weld county deputies say they saved a woman's life and helped her -- heeps them them put the attacker behind bars. >> i don't consider me a hero at all. i happen to be at the right place at the right time. >> this attack happened sunday morning, beaten and stabbedd outside of zachary davis' home. he jumped into action grabbing a rake, hitting the suspect repeatedly while his wife was calling 911. this morning, both the victim and the attacker in stable condition. it is not clear how they knew each other. one man will be reunited with his family after spending a
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22-year-old nathan carman was presumed dead, over the weekend. he went missing while boating with his mother off the coast of massachusetts last week. on friday, the coast guard suspended its search. 3 2 days later, a boat spotted nathan and pulled him to safety. witnesses say amazingly, he was fine. his mother, however, is still missing. the island nation of taiwan is dealing with a third major storm to hit the country in the last two weeks. more than 130,000 people lost powe work and classes, you can imagine, have been canceled across the country. here in colorado, boy it has been picture-perfect lately. >> this is my favorite time of year. the mountains are gorgeous, it is pretty here. it looks like the moon, and now looks like mars, it is beautiful out there. you can see clear skies, and a lot of sunshine for the morning drive. temperatures that will be well above normal again today. we are expecting a lot of
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through thursday. it will start to get a little coooer this weekend. here is your first alert tracking storms come thursday and friday. a pretty weak system. city park 48, parker 43, some low to mid 40s early on. between 8-9 o'clock as kids are heading out the door we will likely get into the 50s. denver a high today of 822 we should see these highs by mid afternoon around three-4 'clock. grand lakes to 70, estes park 72. it is gging to be warm. not only hear across the plains, that is were obviously it is going to be warmer. you get up into the mountains and it is mid to upper 60s closer to 70 in the central mountains. we have a lot of sunshine expected through the afternoon. could pick up a few clouds near mmntrose, telluride and durango. then it clears out under a clear sky through tonight into
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we will be watching for a few showers, and the mountains by thursday. through wednesday you will also finn some really dry conditions. 82 today, and that some low '80s wednesday and thursday. tough to find a perfect spot, because it is so nice. really warm through thursday, clouds will tart to build. we will likely see a few more clouds by thursday hhre in town. that is when the mountains can see a few showers. low to mid 70s expected going to feel a little more like fall this weekend. it is the last weekend of baseball. >> hockey to come aater that? >> we could just keep going. lacrosse, soccer. >> underwater basket weaving. we do have heavy stop and go traffic, the southbound side of my 25 is messed up at a crash near 84th, that thing is long
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just thiistraffic long you can see heavy stop and go through 84th avenue. you can see on the map, as well. 270, 76, i 25 and 225 has been really busy this morning coming up to i 70. no accidents or stalls in there. a lot of traffic volume north of colfax. you can see from the south side of town, air tracker 7 is down that way right here at 225 and i 25, this is the headlights of the northbound is, you can see that on the map easy. a news alert out of castlerock for you, police are warning you to make sure you get the proper paperwork when you buy a car online. officers are conducting some random vent inspection just labor they found a man in possession of a stolen car. ?hey do not think he took the car, but he is not allowed to keep the car and he has not given a refund. if you do try to buy a car online make sure all the paperwork is in order and check online for a full vehicle
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here is something to think about before you buy that used car, our country ranks second -- our state ranks second in the country for used cars for sale while under an active recall..3 this report issfrom autonation, dealers are required to tell you if anything is wrong with the car or if it is under recall. however, they are not required to fix the problem. the broncos are back in denver, they are already studying the game tape from sunday's big win over the bengals. he threw 4 touchdowns, no interceptions. his teammates a healing -- they always had faith in the second year quarterback. >> it was an amazing moment. we see how hard he works and how hard he has fought for this position. in the beginning of the year, i don't know who felt he was going to be the starter as far as outside the locker room. we had faiih in him. >> the broncos are one of five unbeaten teams remaining in the nfl. >> they will take on tampa bay
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o'clock. >> now we have to worry about our offense as well. a bus stop bully caught on camera, the victim's mom says he is suffering from ptsd as a result of this bullying. hear how the school district is handling the problem. as we head to break, a live look i first met mike on a fundraising event
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r. at his birthday party. mike is a very nice guy. he's a really nice guy. he can do 62 pushups. mike is a great friend to the ethiopian community. mike's not like other politicians. he's not like other republicans. i think he's better. mike's one of us. he's one of us. mike coffman es uno de nosotros. mike is one of us. i'm mike coffman, and i approve this message. ? ?
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take your eggs. even your o organics chips. and join the organic movement. organic food is no longer just for the privileged few. now everyone can afford to go organic. o organics,
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good morning here's your first alert that we have crystal skies across the state. you can see from our loveland ski area camera just how bright it is. a lot of sunshine for that eastbound drive. early on, we will be in the mid- 50s by about 8 o'clock. we are right now in the 40s. a nice warm-up, low '80s i around 4 o'clock, a high in denver of 82 degrees. pretty warm for the first full week of fall. we do have a problem on 225 getting up to i 70. this is the arapahoe road area
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side. you see the big hole there were the bridge used to be as they are starting the reconstruction of that part of the bridge. take a look at the drive here at mississippi and 225 it is rocksolid going past alameda and eventually i 70. there is a three car accident, left shoulder, out of traffic but adding to the big traffic jam on the northbound side. and aurora man will spend the next eight years behind b ars, he drove drunk and caused this deadly crash in july of 2015. 26-year-old miael was sentencees his passenger, 20-year-old atul and taylor died when he rolled his suv. vesting is he was beating on his blood alcohol level was three times the legal limit. we have some new part rules that will be going into effect this weekend. the goal here is to make sure that kids do not get confused. the pot at a buzz with other candy. with thc in them have to have a red label on them, a symbol that is a warning about the drug meant to protect kids. by december the same symbol
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products. a denver7 exclusive, a man is wrongly accused of sexually assaulting a child and now he wants to clear his name. you will hear from him next. donald trump ssys he was holy back during last night ?ebate. we are fact checking the candidates right after the break. the power of the sun and the wind. it can fuel our lives and our economy, too. over 10,000 jobs in colorado alone. but when washington gridlock was choking the industry, something had to be done. so, i teamed up with republicans and democrats to pass the new laws we needed to help renewable energy grow. protecting the jobs we have and generating more for the future. i'm michael bennet, and that's
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it is 6:30, breaking overnight shots fired home near colorado and tennyson. thankfully no one was hit. witnesses say a bullet was found inside a couch, right inside the home. ever police say they are pickup truck, if you have information dial 911. also "breaking news" right now, at least five people have been hurt, including 2 firefighters after a house fire and explosion, possible york.sion in the bronx, new he started following this because we heard reports of a
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there were initial reports that residents had heard some kind of blast before the fire broke out. at this point it is not clear if that is what started the fire. smoke could be seen in the distance ffom that area, causing alarm. the fdny says this is under control and five people, including two firefighters her. a live look over denver this morning, we are expecting cooler weather, but another nice day today. >> lisa with our first alert forecast. >> i cannot find an ugly shots, it is beautiful out there right now. clear skies and from our akroo camera. it will be bright, a very bright drive. rly this morning the kids need a slasher prayer this afternoon hey need sunscreen. mid- 50s early at the bus stop, low to mid 80s this afternoon. clear skies denver today a high of 82. we have brightened today at 84, castlerock 78 and 82 in highlands ranch.
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very summerlike on this first full week of fall. it will get cooler heading into the weekend. we'll talk about it coming up. a serious accident at parker and jewel, you can see the flashing lights right here. this is the area between mississippi and havana, along that section of parker road not too far from for to. i am hoping they are going to zoom in. i am just seeing this just as you guys are. the northbound side of parker road is going to be affected. it getting through right now, it's aarti backing up towwrds havana. somebody being thrown out of one of the vehicles that rollover crash. as we get more details, air tracker 7 was him and a little bit we will get a better look at it. i will give you more details on this and just a little bit. including the northbound side of 225 with a minor accident riiht by i 70 causing this huge
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an update to a story we were following yesterday morning. police say this woman roxanne sanchez jamie shot and killed the father of her aughter and in a home in green valley ranch. she told investigators she shot the man, right in the head. witnesses say they saw his body lying outside after the shots were fired. in just a few hours, the teenage boy accused of brutally appear in court. our cameras will not be allowed in. jason gruenauer will be there, and he joins us right now outside of the boulder county courthouse. jason. >>reporter:a judge is eventually going to rule on whether or not to releaae the arrest affidavit in this case of 16-year-old jeffrey collins here in this case that could includd some major new information including what the teenager may have told law enforcement after his arrest on
6:33 am
this case, and or what major hard evidence was collected. just some possibilities if and when this arrest affidavit is released. part of emergency hearing going boulder county courthouse. 16-year-old collins is being charged with -- as an adult with first-degree attempted murder and first-degree assault for beating a wommn, an elderly woman who picked him and two other hitchhikers up hand canyon. we do know some details of what happened, the victim's adult son tells denver7, a teenaggr hit his mom in the face with an iron fire poker. she has a pretty serious injuries as a result of this. the teenager, jeffrey collins was arrested on thursday he is being held on $1 million bond. we are going to be in court for the 10 a.m. hearing. if and when that arrest affidavit and those new details are released we will bring them to you right here on denver7. -?reporting live, in boulder, jason gruenauer, denver7.
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exclusive. this man you see behind me here he's not quite there, we are going to show you a picture in a second. he reached out to help clear his name, he is accused of sexually assaulting a 7-year- old trial, prosecutors dropped the charges last week. unfortunately he already lost his job at a local school, and his job coaching high school basketball. he says a family fight led to the false accusation. who started this false allegation. >> the district attorney's office hasn't dismissed the charges because the prosecutor felt she could no longer prove % the case without a reasonable doubt. the charges could still be refiled at a later date. he is ready to move on looking for a fresh start now. youucan find more of this exclusive interview on that free denver7 app. this 15-year-old girl, and her baby are now back home. yesterday we told you that she disappeared in arapahoe county
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police are not releasing where they were, but again we are being told they are safe. i was going to say something extremely rough. to hillary, to her family, and i said to myself, i can't do it. i just can't do it. it's inappropriate, it's not nice. >> it turns out donald trump did pull a few punches duriig his debate with hillary clinton si. that didn't stop the candidates from attacking each other at one point hillary clinton said she expected to be blamed for anything bad that has ever happened in this country. >> a bit of an exaggeration on her part, donald trump did a check hillary clinton for her trade policy saying she flipped flopped on the support for the trans partnership. >> you called it the gold standard. of trade deals pretty said it d was the finest deal you have ever seen. >> our amanda del castillo dug
6:36 am
2012 speech in which hillary clinton said the tpp sets the gold standard in trade agreements. at that., the trade deal still being negotiated. once you finalize them presented to congress, that is when hillary clinton pulled her support. politifact says hillary clinton3 did call the deal gold standard, donald trump statement is mostly true. right now let's check in with jayson. breaking traffic news on the northbound side of parker road, from air tracker 7, sounds like it could be a fatal accident. it's an investigation on the northbound side of parker road at jewel. the northbound side you can see they are using that center area to get around the accident. they might close down the northbound lanes. arapahoe county police are going to be investigating this for sometime. you can see this other vehicle
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up ahead right against the fence. we will be looking into this and get more information from arapahoe county as it is developing. northbound parker road after i left is where this accident is. wells fargo is facing another lawsuit of their fake account schedule. two former -- known to former employees say they were fired for refusing to open the fake accounts. now they are filing a class action laws banking giant. earlier this month the company was fined $185 million for opening more than 2 million fake bank and credit card accounts. they cashed in on fees, and inflated their salee numbers. the nnw lawsuit says bank managers force workers to choose between keeping their jobs and opening an authorized accounts. wells fargo has declined to comment. video you will only see right here on denver7, a bully
6:38 am
watch. that bully pokes and prods his victim with a stick. in the video the victim asked the bully to stop or back off at least 14 different times. the kids are student at stewart middle school, denver7 app has learned that the school has disciplined the bullies here in the video. the victim's mother tells us ?he boy suffers from ptsd and other learning disorders. >> bullying has a lasting impact n the victim. especially if they feel that their voices not being heard >> stewart middle school is part of brighton district 27j, and a statement the district tells us they do take bullying allegations very seriously although they do not have enough staff to provide security at bus stops. talk about a short engagement, this couple was engaged for less than 24 hours. hear their story later this morning. i met a colorado company says their new app is the future of %
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we have this serious accident on northbound parker road between island and florida right there at about jewel. it's a rollover crash, there is another vehicle behind this. you can see the one vehicle right here, the initial report is that someone was thrown out of the vehicle and possibly died at the scene. the fatality has been confirmed on the northbound side of parker road. it sounds like it will be investigated for some time. you hate to hear this kind of news about a person losing their life in a crash right here. this is the pickup truck with a trailer right here, we do not know how the accident happened. unfortunately it will be investigated for sometime. they are allowing traffic to get throogh for now. it is now 6:41, here is your first alert on your cheat sheettthat weewill be in for a
6:41 am
behind me. temperatures this morning in the 40s to 50s, you will find though that we warm nicely as we get into the afternoon. temperatures will be likely in the low '80s which means we are in for some pretty warm weather this next few days. low to mid 80s expected across portions of northeastern colorado. well above normal, temperate -- typically low to mid 70s this year. you will find temperatures are well above that normal and a lot of sunshine. our next shot at l friday, flying in or out of the airport this morning it is smooth. you're not finding denver7 that will kick things up at all and the day. bring a few layers early on, or when you're in the shade you will find temperatures a little cooler. look at our highs. by noon 77, which means i 4 o'clock it is gorgeous, the high today of 82. ?>> if you have ever wanted to get up close and personal with
6:42 am
today's your chance. we are talking about the cripple creek victor gold mining company. they are givinggpeople the opportunity to look inside the state's largest gold mine. do not worry you will be able to see mining activity as it happens on the equipment used to find the gold. one colorado company is getting a big boost of last night's debate. it is called a voter mode, it let you essentially cast your vote and ata. the arvada -based developer thinks this is the next generation of polling. nearly 800,000 votes a party been cast. it also breakdowns the candidates approval ratings by party, gender, and age. >> people want to be heard, but there aren't that many options for them to do that, if you think about it. do people even respond to landline polls? you have a landline? >> the data is all anonymous, so it's not like posting to facebook where everyone can see your preferencc.
6:43 am
our denver7 app. caught up on all of your big stories in your morning sprint. our clowns, with guns, goinn to attack a school in greeley?
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urge that gadhafi be taken >> contentious moments unless i debate, hillary clinton calls out donald trump for supporting the war in iraq. there were several explosive moments during that debate we will have more on that coming up in a few minutes. right now the latest on a murder investigation in meat, police have charged 49-year-old ronald butler with the death of his brother's girlfriend.
6:46 am
degree murder, which carries a life sentence if convicted. debbie say the victim wassshot in the head twice last wednesday. butler due in court next week. let's check in with jayson, you have an update on traffic situations. we have a fatal accident investigation going on right now the northbound side of parker road between mississippi and florida, said northbound side is using the center lane to get around. this is the accident. you see the truck back here with the trailer, it would be turning onto jewel and the other vehicle back in here right up against the this investigation will continue for several hours with the state patrol and arapahoe county. or now, the roads are open, but unfortunately we have the fatal investigation that will go on all morning. this teenager will be in court,,just a few hours, his name is jeffrey collins, and he is being charged as an adult for a brutal attack on an elderly woman in left-hand kenya. he will be in the courthouse this morning, be sure to follow us on social media for up-to- the-minute information.
6:47 am
now safe. at the top of our 5 o'clock newscast we told you to be on the lookout for helen jean, we have just learned she has been found that she is okay. people across greeley are looking for answers about 3 whether or not armed clowns, of all things, or threatening schools this morning. denver7 app -- denver7 amanda del castillo has a story. >>reporter: it ours -- it is those threats that are keeping parents here very alert this morning. according to t department and the greeley school district they say those threats are not credible. they have been posting that on facebook overnight. but also on facebook, this greeley clown updates west -- website, lots of active members talking about some offthe sightings of these creepy clowns around greeley that happened in the middle of the night really. one of those locations at
6:48 am
seen the clowns. again, people are remaining active online talking about all of this was going on. following those threats that police and the school district are calling non- credible this morning. want to show you this video denver police have posted on th the video shows a thief on a bicycle approaching a vehicle parked sort of alone there, and he breaks into the window and takes a bag. this all happens in less than one minute. that is a message from denver police this morning. they have put out a reminder saying it takes not minutes, ut seconds. with one simple step you can prevent this, simply do not leave valuables in your vehicle. a great reminder from denver police as we head toward the
6:49 am
the careful where you park and leaving valuables in your vehicle never a good idea. i could hear the wiz of bullets going to my window. >> you are hearing from witnesses to the shooting in houston, nine people were hurt when a gun man opened fire at a shopping center. we brought the story to you as it was breaking yesterday morning. police are not identified the man or a motive just yet, but have confirmed he is a lawyer who had issues with his own law -?firm. all searching his car police found numerous the fbi is now assisting in this investigation. turning out to your voice, your vote. right now is at 49, we will get to that in just a moment, but first a check at the forecast. clear skies, same thing as you get up into the mountains. sunshine state wide. here is your first alert that we will be well above normal these next couple of days. that suushine will stick around. it does get cooler this weekend that i will detail that coming
6:50 am
low '80s between 2-4 o'clock. clear skkes tonight back into the low 50s early tomorrow morning. keansburg today 83, denver 82, we've got estes park at 72, and some upper 60s to low 70s and the central mountains. statewide closer to 90 near pueblo and lamar, and upper 70s to near 80 from craig south and west to run junction. clear skies, future cast is going to really the only thing we have got our a few clouds that pop up down across the soothwestern corner of the state this afternoon. otherwise, from tonight or tomorrow we are expecting clear and cool conditions tomorrow but it will be beautiful. the next couple of days we got low '80s tuesday, wednesday, and thursday as we head into the weekend rockies are here, we are going to take a look at some of those gained a forecast
6:51 am
get the weekend, saturday and sunday, low to mid 70s. it does cool down, but we are still well above normal. arapahoe county and state - patrol investigating this fatal accident at parker road at jewel. this is the northbound side of parker road, both lanes are blocked for the accident happened here, that is where the collision happened in the car veered off to the side rolled over several times, and the person that was and that was thrown out of the vehicle. that is where the person died this morning. the northbound side, at least for right now, allow to use that center lane right now, the only closure is this one. you can see it on the map, as well. the closure on parker d. we are going to have that investigation for some time for tte northbound side of 225 a minor accident before i 70. east on i 70 at havana, those 2 accident causing delays for us. every thing else pretty heavy and standard anywhere else around town. turning to your voice, your
6:52 am
we expected more than 100 million people to watch leslie. the candidates getting mixed reviews this morning. probably not a surprise. here's the headline for the president -- denver post, the first presidential debate failed to live up to the heht. neither candidate scored a decisive victory. our team was in the test in new york last night for the debate. >>reporter:good morning from hofstra univ the presidential debate s coming down. we watched a 90 minute slugfest here and it boiled down to 90 seconds for you. >> donald was one of the people who rooted for the housing crisis. he said back in 2006, g, i hope it does collapse because then i can go in and buy some and make some money. >> that is called business by the way. >> she doesn't have the stamina. >> well, as soon as he travels to 112 countries and negotiates a peace deal, a cease-fire,
6:53 am
opportunities, and nations around the world, or even spends 11 hours testifying in front of a congressional committee he can talk to me about stamina. agree, but it is bad experience. >> at least i have a plan to fight ices. >> you are telling the enemy everything you want to do. >> no, we are not. >> you are telling the enemy everything you want to do, no wonder you have been fighting ices your entire adult life. >> i have a feeling by the end of this evening i wi ever happened. >> why not? >> why not. yeah. just join the debate by saying more crazy things. >> i was going to say something extremely rough to hillary, her family, and i said to myself i can't do it. >> okay. >>reporter:after that they all came here to the spin room where the light blue signs have
6:54 am
clinton one, the red signs have donald trump people saying trump one. >> i think both candidates have some major missteps in the debate. if i had to choose a winner i would say that hillary clinton came out a little bit stronger. >> i think donald trump lost the debate. he spent a lot of time explaining, any time in a debate where you're spending a lot of time explaiiing your record you lose. >>reporter:sounds like momentum for hillary, 2 more debates to go. reporting from hofstra
6:55 am
6:56 am
v arapahoe county sheriff's office and also the state patrol is investigating a fatal accident that happened this morning and northbound parker road between federal -- between jewel and florida. we do have the lanes blocked right now are you that will
6:57 am
you can see on the map we do have eavy stop and go traffic. earlier crashes that happened this morning. right now, here is your first alert, we have a great seven-day forecast. low '80s today through thursday, then things wiil start to cool down a bit. on friiay that will be our chance for a few showers. it's also one of our last few rockies games. expecting a few storms later in the afternoon and earll evening. upper 70s it looks like to start the game and then dropping into the 60s look ahead to the weekend, low to mid 70s saturday and sunday. show you one of the quickest engagements youuwill ever see. thissis that baldwin, he got down to one knee and proposed to katy, earlier this week, and vail. >> was she didn't know was after she said yes, zach had everything set up for a wedding, right there on the same day. katy's mom, best friend and her sister, they took care of all of the details including her dress. the couple tied the knot just a3 few hourssright after that
6:58 am
>> that smart she can change her ? ? grocery shoppers of america! take your o organics baby carrots. take your eggs. even your o organics chips. and join the organic movement. organic food is no longer just for the privileged few.
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7:00 am
good morning, america. a fierce historic debate. >> well, donald, i know you live in your own reality. >> she doesn't have the looks. she doesn't have the stamina. >> hillary clinton and donald trump go the head to head for the first time in front of their families in what could be the largest audience ever. >> trading blows on taxes. >> they showed he didn't pay any federal income tax, so -- >> that makes me smart. >> the war on terror. >> at least i have a plan to fight isis. >> no wonder you've been fighting isis your entire adult life. >> and iraq. >> donald supported the invasion of iraq. >> wrong. >> that is absolutely proved over and over again. >> wrong. >> both candidates getting personal. >> i have a feeling that by the


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