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tv   7 News at 5 PM  ABC  September 27, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MDT

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up. it was backed up for several hours today as firefighters put out two fires -- one a large fire and that is where were at right here at sims street and 285. accrues it leaving the scene right now. they have been out here since 1:30 putting out this fire as well as another one near kipling . west metro fire has been dealing with this fire all day tells us they have gotten several calls of fires happening at the same time -- one was small an started near the roadway and spread to homes which is near sims. that one is a large fire. traffic heading both directions on 285 was shot down so crews were able to get to the fire and put it out but then after that they slow down traffic on 285 heading northbound. the fire has been contained but crews are still unseen making sure it does not start again.
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they are starting to leave. the cause of this fire is still under investigation and both of the fires were burning -- no evacuations were ordered. >> thank you sally. we have more breaking news right now. the northwest parkway is down to one lane in each direction. a moving van and car crashed just after dylan wrote in broomfield. we are waiting to find out about injuries. a creepy clown threat is all the talk in northern colorado. this happened to be too scared to go to school. molly hendrickson is liie. >> reporter: everywhere you go here in greeley today people are talking about these armed clouds. this is one of the places that they are rumored to have been spotted but police are reiterating they simply think this is a hoax gone bad.>> reporter: shelley right is admittedly a nervous wreck. i am a nervous wreck, for my
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>> greeley police say it is all a facebook coat -- hoax. it started with opposed saying clowns would shoot up a park on halloween. >> somehow the message got morphed into the threats that were directed at lethbridge high school and franklin middle school. >> reporter: it did not stop there. last night police were flooded clown sightings. social media jumped fuel onto the fire. >> people were commenting that they have seen clowns around have to work. it went viral. so much so that half of the student body of the high school stayed home.>> greeley police said officers to the greeley schools to say safe and while they maintain it was a hoax parents are not laughing.
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destruction it will do for the next 60 days i believe is devastating to schools. >> please say so far they have been able to track the post back to a 15-year-old but it is still unclear whether he created it or just simply reposted it. coming up at 6 pm we will titled the warning made regarding these threats and the very real consequences they could face.>> bizarre. creepy clown sightings have turned into a national trend and it is not funny. today in northern kentucky half of the students skip school. a local sheriff's office is now working with the fbi and homeland security. a creepy clown reportedly the attacker came out of the woods and/the teenager on the arm. there are creepy cases of clowns in maryland. clowns try to lure them into
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>> this certainly is not the image we want out there of our city. once again in recipe catches of violent fight at the 16th st. mall. this time it was outside of the jamba jews. >> sean dorsey was involved in this fight as well as one other take a look at these pictures . you can understand why denver police want these wo meningeal . they robbed the us oo colorado boulevard last friday . both had guns and took up with cash. no one was hurt. breaking news that will affect us all. the senate blocked a spending bill that would keep the government running. now most democrats in republicans voted to block the bill . democrats want money to help flint michigan do with lead tinted water. spirit now the extra money from marijuana sales is about to hit your neighborhood school.
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finally been put to good use. >> -- denver7 russell hayworth is life and all that money has finally been put to good use. >> sales at potshots like this one -- local wilderness center you can see the pot crop is % thriving. now the state is starting to distribute the excess funds. will be used for is bully prevention. eat school awarded a bully prevention that will get $40,000 per year per school. those funds are set to be awarded in december and distributed right up to the new year on january 20. >> is about changing the culture of the school so that it is a warm environment and somewhat that bullying cannot
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and administrator or even apparent there is still time to applyyfor those grants. we will explain how oming up at 6 pm. for now we are alive downtown. >> this will make you mad. somebody had the nerve to write this note and lead on a vehicle. it says it sure don't look or act handicap. don''tcare what you think. that vehicle longs to a disabled veteran from colorado springs. kathy rodriguez debilitating seizures and has had several brain surgeries. i found it was kind of funny that people can judge just by how somebody looks. whether they have a disability or not. >> i told you it would make you mad. the local americans with disability center says colorado's residents have to be aware of invisible disabilities. >> if you ever thought you were safely. car with a purse inside. watch this.
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shatters the window and takes off. not with just one but two bags. nver police share this video as a reminder to us all to lock up your car. >> these people are wanted for stealing up wallet from a locker. then they went on a shopping spree at kohl's . if you are thinking that we have reported on more the numbers show crime is in fact up. numbers road -- rose 15% nationally. murder was up 10% and robbery also rose more than 7%. and while property crime actually went down 3% nationally, here in colorado we saw a 4% increase . >> crash shutout northbound parker road during the early warning rush-hour. it claimed the life of a 28- year-old man. state patrol said man was
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did not have his lights on pickup truck it demands car causing it to go off the road. the driver was killed and he was not wearing a seatbelt. that crash at itust one more to a sad statistic. about 150 people not wwaring seatbelts haveedied in crashes in colorado this year. cdot says that has to change. you'll notice new warnings. this campaign warns assault -- be aware of the belt list and be a survivor and buckle up. >> our temperatures are starting to the seasonal shelter is open. for the first time people will have to register for the first time either in person or over the phone. you'll find out if you had a bed by noon. last year they did not find out until 7 pm. >> a lot of people in summit county are in financial crisis because of a drastic increase in health insurance costs. mark doyle has been following the story. mark these people are asking
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right. the meeting here with the insurance commissioner just got ellaabit ago. we are all dealing with higher insurance premiums but those in smaller counties like summit county are really dealing with a big increase. this is tough to handle. now they are asking the insurance commissioner for a little bit of help.>> the this -- john heiman is a professional glassblower. he and his wife kate county for over a decade after giving up the corporate desktop to chase their entrepreneurial dreams in this mountain paradise.>> health insurance premiums are up 2% statewide from last year but 21% in summit county alone. the shop increase has many families paying hundreds more a month for coverage that they were paying just a few years ago . >> it is a lot of money every
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and we have pretty what i call bare-bones coverage. we are not talking about vision or dental or anything. we are talking about let the cover is something horrible happens. >> so them and others came to denver tuesday to ask the colorado commissioner for one thing -- bring our rates down. we apparently have some of the highest rates in the country. is there a solution? is there a way to pull us all the state? 07 county leaders called increase eight cost of living paired with healthcare and childcare a crisis for people living here and it is forcing people to make tough decisions. >> if i had known this going in i probably would have kept my
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signs regaading healthcare signs. some places have gone more than 42%. some costs include higher costs for providers and provided charges as well as a married of others. noble people come until new numbers are released in 2018. mark doyle denver7 this is called the tour of duty at the elk meadow dog park. this week dog waste was picked pounds. think that this . this is more than just a state issue. the county says the waste raises the problems of e. coli in soil and the water. picking up please. >> that is a lot of poop..3 >> well said. donald trump and hillary clinton shatter a 36 year record and they said they both were victorious but not all of you agree.
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you registerrd to vote. >> and a visit to the red
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a young man spent a week lost can see on an inflatable raft is finally back on land.'s
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22-year-old nathan carmen left rhodeeisland on a fishing trip and never returned. on sunday carmen was picked up alone by f freighter off the coast of massachusetts. >> we are ecstatic, we are exciied. senate i was devastated that his mother wasn't with him. the boat started thinking so he got the life raft but could not find his mother. the coast guard has called off the search for her. >> between hillary clinton and donald trump is the most- watched and history will over 80 million people watched the debate on television and that number does not even include those who watched online or at parties or restaurants and offices. both clinton and trump said most of you agree who performed the best. stacy bowen has a reaction to the first showed up. >> we had a great time last night. >> i think we did very well. the post debate debate has begun.
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>> i am excited about where we are in this country. he talks down america every chance he gets. he calls us names. he calls us a third world country. >> a very big moment. very important subjects including jobs came up including immigration. military, taking care of our veterans. an immediate paul did the edge to clinton. has a winning 62% already skewed more democratic than the general population it will be several days before the impact on the campaign becomes evident. c peak of the house paul ryan made it clear who he thinks one. >> i thought donald trump give a spirited voice to those of us who do not like the status quo. >> trump has complained moderate lester holt through tough aquarist his way in following questions about a sleeping sound trump blamed the
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>> my microphone was terrible. i wonder if it was set up that way on purpose. >> anybody that complaints about the microphone is not having a good night. >> get ready for round two on october 9. i'm stacy cohan reporting. one week from today both vice presidential candidates will meet for their only debate. you can watch them go back and forth right here on denver7 next tuesday at 7 pm. >> to readers is wrapping up a campaign. take a look at this special vending machine. try to get chips it will ask you if you are registered to vote and if you say no it white flavorless chips inside . say yes then you get the real doritos. >> should thhse who are
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medication to allow them to end their own live this is in labor a proposition 106. the ad teachers britney maynard who is a california woman who moved to oregon so she could get that end of life measure. she died of a brain tumor last november. so this proposed colorado lot would be similar that you would have to prove you have six months to live and must be able to take the medication without assistance. >> that decision is only one thht can be made patient working with their physician within their own set of spiritual beliefs. >> this is a serious issue and even for folks who might be supportive of a concept, this is not the right solution. it is atally flawed. >> we checked with officials in oregon. 105 people died last year under this so-called death with dignity act in at 6 pm will tell you which states have laws
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denver seven is joining other local groups to make sure you are informed about these ballot issues. this thursday will be taking a look at the minimum wage amendment. this starts at 6:30 and next week's topic posted but our own political reporter marshall zelinger is amendment 69. >> this might surprise you nine out of 10 people worldwide live with excessive air pollution. this is from a new report from the world health organization. for disease and lung cancer et cetera . the organization says about 3 million people die each year because of air pollution. >> i think we have just about every cran in the box in this picture. the blue, the white, green, gold. nice stuff. we had a little fresh snow that you can see some of the leaves are down but there is still really orange and yellow. pretty picture. over the course of the next couple days
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still pretty okay but your best bet is in the mountains next 3 to 5 days an early next week down in the san juan's and the san andre. currently looking out at our view from here to the west it is 80 downtown. 82 down at the airport. that has been the high today. normal highest mid-70s. really dry air. overnight tonight it will come back up into the upper 40s then tomorrow sunshine and bright back up into the low 80s. nothing showed up on the satellite and radar close to us. look way down here into arizona. that is where there is an upper air disturbance swirling around. this will work its way into colorado but not for a little while. meanwhile nasty weather at the great lakes. windy and cold. cold front continues to swing towards the east around the
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weather. we have the high pressure system guaranteeing us some very nice weather for the next couple days. tonight lows in the upper 40s for denver. mid-40s round greeley, some low 50s around southeastern colorado . mix of 30s and 40s in the high country. tomorrow right back to sunshine and beautiful weather. ) skies expected. temperatures mostly in the 80s on the planes. mid-80s over southeast colorado. even in the west wind still light. color is still pretty good but again best i think that i 70 southward. a great day to head out and enjoy the fall color once again tomorrow. 47 tonight. very pleasant with blueeskies. tomorrow high temperature picks up to 82. looking ahead we will do it one more time on thursday although a few more clouds as that system moves away from arizona. we will still give it a couple 3 right spots tomorrow and thursday.
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good-looking weekend. upper 70s mostly sunny low 70s on sunday. another system starts to comment monday but notice the cooling trend on monday and tuesday dropping by tuesday in the upper 30s with mid-60s next week is a wiidier pattern with mountains and snow and a few showers down here. out there and enjoy this stuff right now. this is the best it gets. >> my wife and daughter just moved here yesterday and they set it is perfect. >> is it like this every day? >> so far. [ laughter ] >> a driver learns the hard way, donald trump cannot make your commute gray to get. for some reason that driver thought he would get to the hov lane with a cardboard cutout of the nominees head. the washington state patrol caught on pretty quickly and find the driver picks that before you. dinner in the oven for your family we have a recall you need to know about and are you
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washington is broken. a blatant case of special interests buying influence in washington. a draft bill by scott tipton even worse, tipton's plans threaten thousands of recreation industry jobs. gail schwartz will protect colorado's public lands, jobs, and our rural way of life. gail schwartz -- independent leadership for colorado. house majority pac is responsible
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check your freezer before making dinner for the kiddos. tyson foods is recalling more than 130,000 pounds of chicken nuggets. it could have hard plastic in them. ?t shipped the recalled fully coat panko chicken nuggets nationwide. you can find all the specifics on the denver send in at -- on the denver7 app.
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space x thinks it can make the trip in 30 days and for about $200,000 per person. it might sound like fun but the risks of death will be high in anyone interested he is interesting -- he is asking are you
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i first met mike on a fundraising event to help the hunger in ethiopia. i was an aurora scholar this year. at his birthday party. mike is a very nice guy. he's a really nice guy. he can do 62 pushups. mike is a great friend to the ethiopian community. mike's not like other politicians. he's not like other republicans. i think he's better. mike's one of us. he's one of us. mike coffman es uno de nosotros. mike is one of us. i'm mike coffman,
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tonight, breaking the record. the most-watched debate ever. donald trump, hillary clinton, and the new fallout this evening. trump upset about his mic. upset about some of the questions. will he do the next two debates? and hillary clinton today, clearly relieved. >> did anybody see that debate last night? >> and the miss universe who her. and trump tonight doubling down. also tonight, the massive and deadly house explosion in new york city, after worried emergency calls about gas. the battalion chief and father of three killed in the blast, 20 injured. and tonight, word coming in now of an arrest. the fires and the floods. the emergency evacuations, flames at least 300 feet high. and the floods. thousands fleeing their homes as a new system now takes aim at


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