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tv   7 News Now at 430 AM  ABC  September 28, 2016 4:30am-5:00am MDT

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f0 it is 4:30. a dangerous suspect on the run. denver police need your help finding the person who shot a man in the head at the colonial manor hotel. >> that victim is fighting for their life. amanda del castillo joins us live from 46th avenue with what happened. >> reporter: that man is in critical condition, police are still on scene at this hour. details do remain limited. sources tell us last night a suspect kicked down a door and shot that victim in the head at point blank range before taking off. it happened just after 9:00 last night near the purina plant off i-70. we're told at least two others were around during the shooting. police aren't saying who the victim is or who the suspect
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this hour. we'll be following developments as the morning continues. again, one man in critical condition after being shot in the head here. reporting live in denver, i'm amanda del castillo, denver 7. right now we are tracking breaking news. a u.s. air strike is blamed for killing possibly 13 or more civilians in afghanistan. a u.s. military spokesperson right now is only confirming that there was a counterterrorism air strike in aware of afghan casualties. but there are conflictiig reports now of whether or not militants were killee or civilians. afghan officials say at least 13 civilians were killed and also more than a dozen injured as well. we'll continue to follow this as the death toll changes or if the u.s. responds any more to this. here's your first alert it will be a lot like yesterday.
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by 4:00. a lot of sunshine. clear skies this morning. it's going to be a bright drive into work with plenty of sunshine through the afternoon. low 80s expected in and around denver. upper 80s across southeastern colorado anddwe've got more 60s and 70s in the mountains. at this point we are still all clear. state-wide, you can see on satellite and radar a lot of clear skies. here's your first alert that by tonight we'll likely see in the mountains and across the plains by thursday. so far so good. may having continuing -- paving continuing, and it is rough in that. slowed down traffic all afternoon long yesterday. folks slowing down because of the bumps. take a look at the rest of the ride around town, we had that
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side. it's a little bit slow by morrison. thank you, jayson. denver police are searching for the suspect who shot two people last night. they were shot near the intersection of federal and west harvard. they're recovering in the hospital. police have not released details yet. the son of an aurora police officer is in trouble. the suspect is accused of shooting a gun in one homes in castle pines. he went no a home and refused to come out, until his father got involved. today a jury in boulder county could decide the fate of this man, accused of killing a state trooper. police believe he was high when he crashed into state troopers during a high speed chase. a cadet was killed during the
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and a father who allegedly tried to kill his boy by crashing his car now faces charges. the dad admitted to being high on cocaine at the time of the crash. we have before and after photos of the 2-year-old. he was in the hospital for several days after that crash. % as you can see, hh has minor scaa now on his forehead. his mom said well. douglas county deputies are trying to find these women who used a stolen credit card at kohl's. police believe they got it from a locker at a 24 hour fitness in highlands ranch. creepy clowns threatening to shoot up tww greeley schools and police say it was a hoax. still kept half of high school students home yesserday. this started as a facebook
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shoot up the school at halloween. police were flooded with calls from concernee parents and reports of clown sightings. a the legacy high school football coach hurt in a crash will return to the field today. jason gruenauer joins us live with more on his recovery. >> reporter: head football coach wayne voorhees is coming back to work and the sidelines today a little more than two weeks at that bus crash at dia. he was on the bus when it crashed. it just picked up some members of the team and coaching staff. voorhees and two other coaches werr seriously injured when
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several days in the hospital. more than a dozen students were also treated. today voorhees is going to coach his first practice since that incident and then will coach the team this friday in their game. denver7 will be there before practice. we're going to speak to the head coach, xed to talk about his recovery, where he's at now, as well as the legacy community, how they've rallied around him and the football team. 3 we'll have more of that today. i'm jason gruenauer, denver 7. no secret that health insurance premiums can be high in colorado, and they're going up according to the latest numbers. this news comes as some in spots like summit county call the increase catastrophic to their way of life. >> it's a lot of money every
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pretty bare bones coverage. we're not talking about dental or vision. >> lawmakers will likely take up the issue during the next legislative session. the relief wouldn't come before maybe this time next year. a major setback for a denver based company mass roots. they're cutting 40% workforce after defaulting on debt payments. if you ever tried to cross the street on colfax and felt if you did, you're not alone. >> some business owners in that area want to fix it, so they're teaming up with city leaders. eric lupher is live along colfax now with details on those plans. >> reporter: good morning. businesses are hoping to get
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half million dollars in improvements. if approved by city council, it would be added to the 2017 budget forthe city of denver. so here's the idea, again, it's all about improving things like pedestrian safety and infrastructure. an online petition with more than 1500 signatures was launched to improve. some of the include better siiewalks, curves and street scaping here at coal tax and perry. there's no marking. they say the crosswalks are unsafe because of he close proximity of both directions of the road. it's up to the mayor and city council to apply funds to start construction. what's the time looking like
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if you're looking for work, chipotle plans to hire 5,000 new employees across the country today. make sure you check your freezer before you head out. tyson foods recalled more than 130,000 pounds of their chicken nuggets. the usda says if youubought a 5- pound back of the nuggets, throw them away. a customer found "foreign materiaa" in the chicken. it may have come from a plastic rod used to connect a transfer belt. no reports of anyone being injured. the indiana murder investigation into the death of two children is taking another disturbing turn. >> is the mom accused in those murders behind the death of someone else. we have details after the plus, a woman in georgia save the day, when a couple of
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we're in the 40s and 50s. fairly nice as ou step out the
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welcome back. from the first alert desk, me chaos we're tracking on the other side of the world. a massive power outage in australia, this is blamed on a
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severe, it's being called a once in 50 years event. the entire southern state is without power. even mobile phone users are told they may not have service. another story we are following overseas, we now know funeral of leader sharon perez. the funeral will be this friday in jerusalem. earlier in the evening officials said the pope would also attend, but we've learned that is not true. the vvticaa said the pope had a trip already scheduled. perez has called the last link to israel's founding fathers died after suffering a stroke three weeks ago.
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chelsea bomber remains unconscious in a new jersey hospital. as a result, his court day has been delayed from today. later this morning his father will appear on "good morning america." a heart breaking investigation in indiana, two children thought to be missing found dead and their own mother arrested. >> the father of the children has some are wondering if the mother is responsible for them all. prosecutors are tight liped about how the deaths are connected. >> i know they lived in close proximity to one another and the car they were found in was his mode of vehicle. that's why there is some possible connection between the two. what it is at this point i really don't know. >> prosecutors charged amber pasztor with two counts of murder, after she wavered down
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had two bodies in the inside of her car. quarter till 5:00. a georgia woman taking action after three home intruders break in. you can see her there firing a gun. she comes out of that back room sending them running. one of the suspects that burst into the bedroom put a gun to the man's head demanding money. that's when the other woman came out of the other room. the tto men got away. police did not charge the woman, saying sh right to defend herself and her home. >> pretty scary video, though. >> don't mess with her. >> nn kidding. here's your cheat sheet on this wednesday. yesterday was nice. >> it was gorgeous. >> more of it today. temperatures this morning in the 50s. as you step out the door it will be a little cool. another gorgeous day ahead of us. sunny skies state-wide. a few mountain showers, but not really until tomorrow. might get isolated activity today.
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minute.. futurecast this morning, really clear, quiet, lots of sunshine for the morning drive. and a beautiful afternoon. in the mountains and across the plains. by about 3:00 to 4:00, you can see a few isolated storms popping up. very widely scattered activity. not much for the mountains today. eastern colorado clear skies. we're going o stay really dry through today and again through tonight. early tomorrow morning we'll be watching for our next disturbance and you're going to find by tomorrow afternoon that's when we get a better crossing in over the western half of our state. we're still pretty dry here in denver on thursday. we'll likely see a few increasing clouds and then on our shot at a few storms. now to temperatures, this morning low to mid-50s. should be in the low to mid- 70s, though, by 12:00. and we've got another high in the low 80s this afternoon. sunshine today, clear skies tonight. and more 50s early tomorrow
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good 10 degrees cooler near estes park. allenspark mid- to upper 60s there. highlands ranch, 82. 60s 70s for the mountains and more mid- to upper 80s across southeastern colorado. pretty warm again state-wide. temperatures very similar to where they were yesterdaa. same thing again tomorrow. we could see an increase in cloud cover by tomorrow afternoon. thursd low 80s. friday is when things start to cool down a bit. a few showers will cross over the plains. here's your first alert we stay in the 70s through the weekend. saturday we're at 77. sunday 73. good looking weekend if you're heading up to a pumpkin patch. early next week more 60s. oh, a pumpkin patch. >> i love them.. >> who doesn't?
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20? i said, no, a few. >> we have highway 36 looking great to boulder. no issues there. a lot of green on ighway 36, i- 25 to the north. they weee doing ramp work at 136th and 144th. looks like they're out of there. same thing on the c-470 drive for that paving. southbound side of i-25 still restricted. one lane over to the right they're finishing up the paving to hampden. a note left on a disabled veteran's car has people out rageed. >> it says, you sure don't look or act handicapped. don't care what you think.
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several brain surgeries. a lafayette family living in a van says the city is forcing them off their property. last year their home caught fire and the city says because of that the family can't live anywhere on the property. the owners says they were ripped off by a couple of different contractors. then the insurance money dried up and they had no place else to live. the city says the home needs to pass several inspections before% anyone can safely live there. spacex's ceo is we have details in today's tech bytes. >> elon musk's mission to mars. >> he has plans for regular flights to the red planet to start he says in about eight years. he also unveiling the spaceship. >> he says those travelers can
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employees and select customers who have been eager tot an apple watch. >> they've announced plans to subsidize the device next year. >> selena gomez is the first person to hit 100 million followers on twitter. >> it comes as she takes a break on social media. she hasn't posted anything in six weeks, since she canceled her tour due brad pitt may be getting a divorce, but he is not dead. if you see a post to that effect on facebook, do not click on it. you might get hack. a fake article had the headline, rip brad pitt. if you click on the link, it will take you to a promise for your facebook -- prompt for your facebook user and password. now the might be is trying
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trying to figure out if another hacker has hit the democratic party. it's not clear in this party security breach is new or part of the original dnc e-mail breach announced earlier in the summer. the russian government is thought to be behind that % original problem. this is not a political move, just an attempt to get out of paying to use the carpool lane. a driver in washington state learned apparently donald trump can't get you a free ride in th it's a cardboard cutout. the driver was pulled over. . he faces a fine of $136. >> trying to be funny -- >> did not work there. after the break, why you ssould listen to the old saying a happy wife is a hhppy lifee it could be affecting your health. >> to you by knew tra gina.
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in colorado, we stand together, but congressman coffman stands with donald trump
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trump: oh, no. coffman: i don't know whether barack obama was born in the united states or not. coffman and trump are too dangerous for colorado. dccc is responsible for the content of this advertising. welcome back. newlyweds in new york city had starry eyes for more than one reason. actor tom hanks happened to be jogging by, went through their photo shoot. >> check this out. hanks did not miss taking a few pictures, even congratulating the couple. he offered to officiate their ceremony. he's an ordained minister. the couple had already wed. this was kind of their stroll
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wedding. >> that's cool. they might want to listen to this, the saying a happy in fact, it can affect your . health. there's a study published that says having a happy spouse may boost your phyyical health. the study found people with unhappy spouses had more physical ailments. they also didn't exercise and rated their own health as poor. this is one of the studies i agree with. it's why you >> whatever you say, lisa. >> upper 70s by noon today. another warm one. low 80s by 3:00. a lot of sunshine today. it looks a lot like yesterday. clear skies across the state today. if anything, we're going to get spotty storms and showers in the mountains. keenesburg 82. littleton 82. here's your first alert we'll be in the upper 70s near castle rock.
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southbound i-25, squeezed down to one lane from colorado boulevard to hampden. extra couple of minutes there. 225, so far so good north and little bit by colfax. we'll take a look at that more coming up. breaking new developments just in on that plane that was shot down over eastern ukraine in 2014. relatives of the victims say an investigation has determined it was a missile fired from an area controlled by ukrainian plane. this information is coming from relatives of the victims. they were allowed to see the investigatiin before it's released publicly today. we are still awaiting that full investigation release. flight 17 was brought ddwn in 2014 killing all 298 people on board. > coming up on denver 7 at 5:00 a.m., protests breaking out after a deadly officer involved shooting in california. we have details in the investigation coming up. plus, colin kaepernick's
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national anthem not going over well for some people. what this bar decided to do with his jersey that is definitely turning heads. you think you have the perfect proposal nailed down and this happens. you drop the ring in the baseball stands. we'll show you whaa happens
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it's 5:00 a.m. now a man is fighting for his life after getting shot in the head at the colonial manor motel overnight. witnesses say the man ran the place and was a kind landlord. >> amanda del castlojoins us live >> reporter: it happened after 9:00 last night. sources say a suspect came here and kicked down the door before shooting the victim in the head at point blank range, taking off after that shooting. police are still on scene at this hour. we're told at least two others were around during the shooting, but police haven't positively identified the victimmat this hour. we know people who know the man sayyhe is the owner of the motel, adding he would giver


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