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tv   7 News Now at 530 AM  ABC  September 28, 2016 5:30am-6:00am MDT

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just about 5:30. busy morning for denver police. they're looking for two shooters. the latest shooting happened just after 9:00 last night near the intersection of fedeeal and west harvard. police say someone took off after shooting two people. they're now in the hospital. they haven't told us who they're looking for. around the same time police say someone shot a man in the head at the colonial manor hotel, about 11 miles from the other shooti off after that shooting. amanda del castillo live at east 46th avenue with what we know about the victims right now. >> reporter: police aren't identifying the victim at this hour. but we know that he is in critical condition after being shot at point blank range. police are still searching for that suspect as mitch said. we're told that the suspect actually kicked down a door
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of two others last night. people who know the victim identifying him, they are identifying him as the owner of the motel, adding the victim would givetenants a break if they didn't have enough money for rent. a former tenant says the man has a wife and baby. in the last 5 minutes police have cleared the scene in frt of the motel. the victim still clinging for his life. we'll be hearing from that former tenant in the next half hour, so stay with us. reporting live in front colonial manor motel this morning, i'm amanda del castillo, denver 7. take a look at this, can you imagine a giant cloud of dust coming at you? this is a haboob in phoenix. >> had winds up to 40 miles per hour. people could only see about a mile out from where they were. this type of dust ssorm, it's fairly common there. but the good news, this may likely be the last one until
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haboobs. let's get to lisa. any time you can say that word four or five times in a story -- >> the transitions from haboob to lisa were numerous. >> crickets. will be another gorgeous day. sunshine state-wide. -?we'll start to see a few mountain showers by tomorrow. tomorrow into friday, that's when things will change up. today a lot likeeyesterday. upper low 80s by 3:00. gorgeous through the evening. by 6:00 we're still talking upperr70s with sunshine. you've got nother beautiful day state-wide. 60s and 70s in the mountains. here's your first alert that we ll see temperatures drop and in fact by nexx week highs only in the 60s. what do we not like to see on our drives? >> haboobs. got another one in. >> and debris on the highway.
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caused two separate accidents on westbound i-70 around havana and central park. the camera is facing the wrong way so we can't quite see the problem. it's on the other side. around havana, central park, so in this general vicinity. sounds like the left lane is still blocked. the longer it sits there, the longer traffic jam craig hospittl minor accident by jarrard and downing. we have breaking developments just in on that plane that was shot down over ukraine in 2014. an investigation just released says it was a missile from russia that was fired from an area controlled by russian rebels. you'll remmmber the malaysian airlines flight was crossing that region when a missile brought it down.
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at the time pro russian separatists were fighting ukrainian government forces. russia has denied rebels were responsible. but the investigation just released today says otherwise. we'll be following developments on that today. it will be a little longer until this day faces a judge. he was supposed to be in arapahoe county courtroom yesterday. but his hearing was delayed until next month. he is accused of trying to kill his young son by crashing his car. he admitted to being high on cocaine during the crash. these are before and aater photos of his 2-year-old boy. he was in the hospital for several days. on the right as you can see, he is doing so much better. he just has a little scar on his forehead. a douglas county community is getting back to normal after a swat team took over tuesday arrest.
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officer's son, about 20 years old, accused of shooting a gun inside a castll pines neighborhood. he went into a home and refused to get out until his dad got involved. normally parents can't help in these situations, but the sheriff says the dad knew about the weapons his son might have. our broncos are trying to make a difference in preventing domestic violence. the program is called the true man program. it was created by a local nonprofit. so far it's taught more than 500 middle school students and 1500 high school coaches in the denver area. >> i think about what i'm going to do before i do it. gives me the mindset, if i make this decision will it benefit me and help the other person in this situation with me.
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offering it in other cities. if you have ever tried to cross colfax you know how scary and dangerous it can be. some business owners want denver to do something to make it better. eric lupher is live along colfax with what business leaders want done. eric. >> reporter: hey, dayle. a lot of this is going to deal with lots of money, a half million dollars. this group, a bunch of business owners want the city to come up with $500,000 to help improving crosswalks like this one at colfax and perry. the idea, to improve pedestrian safety and structure. an online petition was launched to support a safer colfax. four business improvement districts ttemed up to form the cclfax collaborative. some of the improvements would
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curbs and street ssaping. >> colfax has its own sort of history and coolness and some people ant it to be left behind. when it comes to safety, we can't leave it behind. >> reporter: this morning it's up to city council and the mayor to add the funds so the collaborative can apply for a bond to begin construction. today is their last day to get this approved to move forward. i'm eric lupher, denver 7. thanks, eric. last november voters decided to let our state keep $66 million extra tax money from marijuana. now that money could be helping your children. the state says it will contribute millions to schools over the next few months. one of the programs will help put an eed to bullying. >> as far as we know we're the only state providing such significant funds to prevent bullying in schools.
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their students are taken care of. >> each chosen school will get $40,000 each year. a legacy football coach will be back on the sidelines today. with more on coach wayne voorhees' return todaa. >> reporter: it is good news coming outtof legacy high i've been in communication with coach voorhees, starting a few days after that crash. fatal school bus crash that killed the bus driver, you could tell he was itching to get back to work and the sidelines. today he gets his wish. he had to spent a ccuple of result of that crash. at dia, the bus crashing into a bridge overpass there, killing the bus driver.
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coach recovered along with two other coaches, the team decided to go ahead and play, including two games, one the homecoming game. they won both games. today he'll be back at work during the day, and he'll lead practice in the afternoon. we will be here later on this afternoon, denver 7 will. we're going to talk to the coach about his recovery, bout the commmnity rallying together around him and his football team after that traggc we'll bring you more on that interview coming up later on today here on denver 7. reporting live at legacy high school in broomfield, i'm jason gruenauer, denver 7. here is something else that will make you smile. we love to see this. a little 5-year-old girl doing much better after she was rescued from a house fire. >> west metro sharing this voluntary of her taking her first steps since that rescue. firefighters found her hiding in a closet inside her home when the house was on fire a couple of weeks back.
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it seems hackers are pretty much everywhere these days. what our governmenttis doing to keep them out of our voting system. should we be allowed to camp in our own back yard? why one family says local police are telling them they can't do that. on this wednesday morning here's your first alert it will be another bright drive. sunrise in about an hour. we're eepecting clear skies today. but the mountains will pick up some showerssstarting tomorrow. we'll talk about that coming up. seeing a longer and longer % backup you can see it starts at225
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i first met mike on a fundraising event to help the hunger in ethiopia. i was an aurora scholar this year. at his birthday party. mike is a very nice guy. he's a really nice guy. he can do 62 pushups. mike is a great friend to the ethiopian community. mike's not like other politicians. he's not like other republicans. i think he's better. f us. he's one of us. mike coffman es uno de nosotros. mike is one of us. i'm mike coffman,
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just in, the two largest hospitals in aleppo are out of service after government airstrikes this morning. the hospitals were already packed full offpeople from the renewed surge in the last week. there have been numerous bombings since that cease-fire ended. there are horrifying images from the last week of bombings. hunddeds have been killed there. the latest hospital attacks are blamed also on government airstrikes. -? 5:43. the personal information of some staffers for the democratic party may be compromised.
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possible hacking. the workers handed over their phones to the investigators. it's not clear if this is new or perhaps part of that breach that happened in june. some believe the russian government is behind that one. speaking of hacking, the department of homeland security is stepping in and trying to keep anyone from messing are election results. >> we have been working with state election officials, local election officials, to help them with their cyber when they ask. >> the department has helped 18 states secure their voter systems. ohio and pennsylvania are among them. states are on alert after illinois and arizona's voter registration databases got hit over the summer. with the election a month away, denver 7 is joining other local groups to keep you innormed about the ballot
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this is free, it starts at 6:30 tomorrow eveningg two middle school rivals in north carolina are coming together to help a little boy's dream come true. >> this is awesome. he scores a touchdown. he loves football and always looks forward to the big game. this year hi came with a sign that said "eat my dust." he is wheelchair bound and can barely speak. >> the snap, handed it to lou. a class meat pushed himmalong. when he got there, players from both teams circleed him and chanted his names. >> one, two, three. >> lou, we're cheerrng for you. >> way to go, lou. >> one, two, three, lou!
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on the scoreboard, but it made his day and that counts way more than anything. did you see the players from the other team pretending to tackle him and falling to the ground? >> yep. >> fabulous. >> both teems taking part. they were eating his dust. nice day today. you're going to find temperatures this morning in the 50s. little chilly early on. nice this afternoon. and about 30 degrees warmer. for all your busy moms and dads, a lot like yesterday. sunshine for the kids. perfect for any play practice you might have this afternoon. and highs in the low 80s. early on a little chilly. upper 40s to low 50s now. winds are coming in out of the southwest about 5 to 10 miles per hour. you're going to find that southwesterly boost again and that brings our temperatures well above normal today. erreen 42. estes park at 37. so it's a little chilly in the mountains this morning. you're going to find more 60s
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70 today. evergreen 73. frisco a high of 70. mainly low, mid-80s near denver and across northeastern colorado. greeley 81. and down south again pueblo and lamar closer to the 90-degree mark than they are to 80. even warmer as you head south on i-25. futurecast is really ry. we're expecting sunshine today. you'll notice out west in through he central mountains by late afternoon, early evening, one or two spotty not expecting much from that. more so early tomorrow morning we'll get an increase in cloud cover across the plains. we'll also start to see some showers developing near grand junction, telluride, durango, by midafternoon thursddy. we'll be under ittlooks like a partly cloudy sky thursday. chance for a few showers in denver friday. temperatures will gradually cool as we get into the weekend.
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about 7 degrees above normal. then on friday we're back to near norma mid-70s to end the week. saturday and sunday some low to upper 70s. so far looks pretty good for the weekend. here's your first alert that temperatures will then tart to drop even more so.. by monday and tuesday, we're talking mid- to upper 60s, very fall-like. the average firss snow here in denver, october 19th. it's not that far off. that is not that far off. we have a big traffic jam to the east side. you can see traffic is tacked up from 225 and this, this is the ramp from northbound 25 to ?o west on i-70. it's affecting that drive. look at that traffic jam. it's rock solid. we've had two separate accidents. debris in the highway near that construction zone at havana. that's why we've had two separate accidents. nver police trying to clear it. the fire department is out there.
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the highway. it's resulting in that huge traffic jam going bacc to chambers. northbound side of 225 is affected. this is the big trouble spot. colfax could save you time if you want to cut across downtown, but you have to wait through the traffic lights. 56 avenue to the north might can help you out a little bit. we are learning more about this tragic crash we brought you as breaking yesterday morning. police say the driver was speeding in the dark his lights on when a turning truck hit him, throwing him from his car, killing him. this happened on parker road near jewell. the driver was not wearing a seat belt. that is fairly common. cdot says 150 people have died so far this year colorado because they were not wearing seat belts.. they want to remind you that seat belts really do save lives. it only takes a second to buckle up. a family in lafayette is
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property. 3 >> the family says they've been living in their van in the back yard since june after a fire ruined their home. the city says because their home is uninhabitable, they can't live anywhere on the property. >> they say two different contractors ripped them off and the insurance money dried up and they had no place else to go. >> when you're 70 and disabled and it makes me mad, you know, because people just think we don't care about the way we >> the city says the home needs to pass several inches before anyone -- inspections before ffmilies with a fourth grader can get a free national parks pass good through next october. you might want to hold off on having a certain brand of
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a tragic mystery is unfolding in indiana. this brother and sister, only 6 and 7, found dead inside a car after an amber alert. then police found this man, this is their father, shot to death in the woods. right now it is not clr what happened. but police think he was killed before his two children were taaen. the children's mother, who you see here, she is now in jail. she did not have custody of those kids, but police believe she took them anyway. officers found the kids dead in the back of her car. she is now charged with their murders. it's 5:53 now. the man accused of setting off
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this month won't be in court today as planned. he'' still unconscious, in the hospital. authorities are waiting until he's released to officially charge him. when that happens, he'll face several federal charges, including using a weapon of mass destruction. 29 people were injured in that explosion. all survived. later this morning his father will be on "good mmrning america" here on denver 7 for an exclusive interview. americans are showing come passion by donating nearly $30 million after the pulse nightclub attack in orlando. the estates of those killed will each get $350,000. the 68 people who were injured will et between 35,000 and $300,000 each, depending on their treatment and if they had to be hospitalized. money will also go to the nearly 200 people who were in the club during the shooting. the ceo of wells fargo says he will forfeit $41 million in
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this comes as the bank investigates its phony account scandal. the woman who headed the division that created the fake accounts left the company. this comes ahead of a wells fargo hearing on capitol hill this friday. to learn which nuggets to throwwout, check 7 app. he just turned 96, so no one would blame him if he retired. >> he's the oldest peace officer in texas. he went to the training academy when he was the young age of 71 against medical advice. >> threw a fit and i told him, i got a taser, because to get a3 taser you have to get tased. >> when neededd he works big
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this is not just honorary. it is real work and he keeps up with the training requirements. >> he gets his sense of duty war ii so we thank him for his service there. he has a girlfriend. dancing. he's 96. >> never too late. at 71. >> awesome. reminds me of my grandfather. >> and a lady killer, by way. >> especially when he polkas. next 24 hours similar to the last 234 hours. 76 by 1:00. the evenings will be so pleasant the next couple of days. around 6:00, 7:00, sun starting to set. 70s at that point. here's your first alert it gets cooler for the weekend. details coming up. i-70 was getting lonely, so we have another crash on southbound i-25. this is here at 84th avenue. you can see the left and hov, express lanes are blocked up
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with two lanes blocked, two lanes open, we have a traffic jam back to 104th. 70, westbound i-70. two accidents near havana, central park. and that traffic jam is stretching out of 225 back to colfax. 5:57. a little girl making an emotional plea giving her perspective on recent violence across our country. do you remember there?
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shots fired at the colonial manor motel in denver. and one man is fighting for his life. >> here's a look at where it happened, near i-70 and clayton. >> denver 7's amanda del castillo joins with the latest on the investigation. happened all after 9:00 last night. sources telling us the suspect kicked down a door here and shot the victim in the head at point blank range before taking off. police were on scene for nearly eight hours before clearing the scene just after 5:00 this morning. at least two others were around during the shooting. while police aaen't identifying the victim, people who know the man say he is the owner of the motel. a former tenant adding the man


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