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tv   7 News at 11 AM  ABC  September 28, 2016 11:00am-12:00pm MDT

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-? breaking at 11:00 today, president obama's presidency, the senate has overturned his veto on the 9/11 bill. 9/11 families can sue saudi arabia for allegedly backing the attackers. obama initially vetoed the measure because he said it would to facing legal action in other countries. here, has been found guilty for pimping a teenager. >> he met the run away teen in lakewood in 2014. he took her in, but said if she wanted a place to stay, she would have to prostitute for him. >> this woman, lisa sykes, charged in the case, allegedly
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postiig them online. >> malloy will be sentenced in november. the search is on for a suspect who shot a man in the head overnight. the victim taken from the scene in critical condition this morning. >> this happened at the colonial manor motel, where we have denver 7's amanda del castillo following the latest. you spokk with witnesses today. >> reporter: yeah, i spoke with a resident who says he was heading to bed around 9:30 last night and heard a scream like he's never and found the victim with a gunshot to his head and he began rendering aid. that victim wasstaken away from the scene in critical condition. police were here until around 5:15 this morning, spending nearly eight hours on scene. sources tell us the suspect took off after shooting the victim at poont blank range. police haven't released the identity of the victim.
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works aa the hotel. the man's wife and child were around during the shooting. >> she was understandably almost incoherent with grief and holding a baby. the victim is on the ground with no attention being paid to him and that's where i focused my energy. >> reporter: we were inside the office about an hour ago and the door that was kicked down is boarded up. there is also a surveillance camera pointtd at evidence that police say hey will be reviewing. in the last hour we've seen several investigators here on scene concentrating actually on the market that's located across the street from the motel this orning. we're still waiting to learn why all the concentration on that market. they are now across the street inside of that market taking pictures and collecting evidence around there. reporting live in denver this morning, i'm amanda del castillo, denver 7. thank you.
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alert weaaher forecast. >> i just came back from picking up food for lunch, it ?s gorgeous. >> i picked up a cup of coffee and got lost. >> glad you made it back. >> it's going to change. heading into the weekend not as pretty. now we have clear skies across the state. blue skies, maybe one, two clouds developing at the foothills. 72 now in denver. winds skies are clear. temperatures continue to climb. we're going to get another probably 7 to 10 degrees by this afternoon. by 3:00, 5:00, highs will be around 80 degrees. overnight very mild yet again. clear skies here in denver. we are going to see a few showers start to develop in the mountains tomorrow. those showers here in town by friday. today it's warm, it's sunny. coming up here's your first alert that we'll see our
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week -- first of next week. details are on the hunt for a person who shot two people last night. they were shot near the intersection of federal and west harvard. they are both recovering in the hospital and police aren't releasing details now. the son of an aurora police officer is in big trouble after swat is called out to a gateed community in castle pines. the ssspect who is 28 years old is accused of shooting a gun in one of the homes. deputiesay neighbor's home and refused to come out, until his dad got involved. normally parents aren't allowed to help in these situations, but the sheriff says the dad knew about his son and the weapons he might have access too a jury is deliberating on the fate of this man, christopher gebers is accused of killing a state trooper. police say he was high when he crashed into the state trooper during a high speed chase.
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we'll let you know on denver 7 and the free ddnver 7 app and a man is to blame for his own death after he reason a red -- ran a red light and crashed his truck. ran a red light, hit another car and died. still not clear if people in the other car were hurt. this crash is under investigation. a father accused of trying to kill his son by crashing his car attempted murder, child abuse anddassault. the dad, nathan weitzel, admitted to being high on cocaine at the time. we have some bbfore and after photos of the 2-year-old. you can see him on the left in the hospital. he was there for days after the crash. now as you look at the picture on the righh he just has a minor scar on his forehead. his mother says he is recovering well. douglas county deputies want to find these two women. they were caught on camera
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a stolen credit card at a local kohl's store. they may have taken it from a locker at a 24 hour fitness in highlands ranch. these men are also wanted by police. they were caught robbing a u.s. bank north of i-70 colorado boulevard. happened last friday. you can see the gun. both were armed. took an undisclosed amount of cash. nobody was injured. this teenager facing a judge, 16-year-old jeffrey collins, after allegedly beating an elderly woman who picked him and his three friends up while hitchhiking. collins' attornny wants the file sealed because collins is still a juvenile. we know he will be charged as an adult. we have a crew in the courtroom and we'll bring you the latest as soon as we get it. good news, legacy hiih school's head football coach will return to the field today.
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crash at dia a few weeks ago. wayne voorhees and two other coaches were jured. new details emerging about it all. investigators say the bus had no obvious problems before the crash. the driver was killed. still not clear what caused the driver to lose control of that bus. a new agreement between the united states and iraq could send about 500 more u.s. troops to iraq. they will be assisting iraqi forces who were hoping to retake mosul fr prime minister have agreed on the details. right now turning to the race for the white house, both candidates focused on battleground states. trump and clinton both claiming victories from monday night's debate. clinton will be joined by bernie sanders in new hampshire today. trump is holding rallies in the midwest. both candidates firing at each othee on their views for the economy, foreign policy, and the housing crisis.
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want to root for 9 million families losing tteir homes? 3 >> she traveled all over the world and you know what it got us? nothing. >> trump also spent the morning on the defense after allegations surfaced he body shamed a former beauty queen. >> she was the worst we ever had. she was the winner and she gained a massive amount of weight, and it was a real problem. >> the debate more than 80 million people tuned in. while election day is only a little more than a month away, one of the things you'll be voting on is whether or t termly ill patients in colorado can legally end their own lives. this is an ad in favor of proposition 106. you may remember brittany maynard who moved to oregon to end her life. she died of a brain tumor last november. under the colorado law yyu
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have six months to live and must take the medication without assistance. >> that decision is one that can only be made between that meant work -- patient working with their physician, within their own set of spiritual beliefs. >> this is a serious issue, and even for folks who might be supportive of a concept, this isn't the right solution. it's flawed. >> we checked with officials in oregon, 105 people died last ar living in colorado we are familiar with higg health -?insurance premiums. according to new numbers that cost is only going to go up. this news has some spots like summit county calling the new rate increases as "catastrophic" to thhir way of life. the rates there are going up 21%, that is just in summit county. it has some small business owners in the area begging for relief. month and we have what i call
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or dental or anything. we're alking about let's be covered if something horrible happens. >> lawmakers will likely discuss the issue during the next legislative session. today students at brighton elementary schhol celebrated what it is to be a patriot. >> denver 7's jason gruenauer is live at soutt elementary school. how did they celebrate? >> reporter: well, it's pretty simple. got to walk by or drive each one of those kids tying a red, white or blue ribbon along the fence on 4th street. these is the 15 -- today is the 15th annual patriots day. they brought in first responders, firemen and policemen honoring them. given the current landscape of our country and how young these kids are, the principal says
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>> some of our families may not have a positive relation with our police department or even fire department. this is a good opportunity for them to see who they really are and that they're here just to take care of us and we can be ffiends with them and have a positive relationship with them.. >> reporter: now, one of the people on hand, the brighton police chief. he was introduced by the students in front of the school. we also spoke to him about those positive relationships patriots as you can see on the fence. hear what he had to say coming up at 11:30. live in brighton, i'm jason gruenauer, denver 7. we have new details about who brought down malaysia airlines flight mh 17 that killed everyone on board. we shouldn't have to feel like this. >> you'll hear more from this young girl taking a stand against all the recent
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welcome back to denver 7. years long investigation nears an end. new detailssabout what brought down malaysian airlines flight mh 17.
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down by russian backed militants. they're trying to bring down the main suspects and bring criminal charges against them. all on board were killed. another police shooting sparks protests overnight, this time in san diego. police there shot and killed a man after they say he was % actinggirrational and didn't comply with their commands. police say they got a call from the man's sister saying he was walking into traffic. the man had his hands in his pockets and reportedly didn't move his hands when they told him to. officers used a taser, and when that didn't work they opened fire. % in north carolina we are learning how much the police protests are costing the state. more than $1.4 million was spent just in charlotte. that is more money they spent in flood and flood disaster relief to help those who got trapped in rain after tropical storm jjlia.
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our fathers and mothers are killed and we can't even see them anymore. it's a shame that we have to go to that graveyard, and bury them. >> that is a 9-year-old girl, just one of several children who spoke out at a charlotte city council meeting during a time when adults in the crowd were shouting in anger. she said she wanted to talk after hearing the news about another african-american killed by police. >> we shouldn't have to protest because y'all e wrong. we do this because ww need to and have rights. >> her mom ays they aren't angry at police, they just want shooting and keep another death frrm happening. several gun shops are being targeted and robbed in north carolina. you can see a man kicking in the glass. he bends the security bars and
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then there's this. thieves stole about a dozen handguns from another shop after ramming their car through the front door. police are worried if the weapons are in the hands of the wrong people, things could get dangerous. it's a mystery over a fishing trip gone wrong. this 22-year-old rescued after spending more than a week at sea. the coast guard called off their search 48 hours before he was found. his mom is still ss we're hearing the coast guard calls minutes after he was rescued. , , f0 >> investigators say there are no may day calls and no signs of bad weather at the time. come take a look at this incredible survelance video out of georgia. we've shown this to you before. this is a woman fighting off
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the men broke into the house, walked in a bedroom and demanded money from a guy in there. the woman came out and started firing her gun at the men. one of the suspects was found shot to death in the driveway. the homeowner is not goong to face charges. a wildfire in northern california continues to rage out of control. this is a look at the fire from above. you can see the flames. it's burned more than 2,000 acres in over a day, sending flames shooting about 100 feet in the air. residents are being told to evacuate near the santa cruz mountains. some homes have been destroyed, several others damaged. firefighters say the record- breaking triple digit heat in california is only helping to fuel that blaze. it has been hot and dry there. multiple wildfires burning down the coast. for us at home we've been able to tap into a little bit of moisture past couple of days. by this weekend, friday, saturday, likely a few more
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here's your cheat sheet. another beautiful day. you stem cell research outside -- step outside, it's near perfect. warm weather through the weekend. then some 60s on our seven-day early next week. right now clear skies, 72 in town. winds are at about 3 to 5 miles per hour. it's a nice calm wind and we have temperatures expected to be in the mid- to upper 70s within the next hour, hour and a half, which means more 80s this afternoon between 3:00 and 5:00 with clear skies. high of 83. tech center will be at 80. denver, cherry creek north around 82. and in castle rock, 78. upper 70s for the foothills and parts of larimer county will be around 80. fort collins you're at 81 today. closer to 90 near pueblo and lamar. getting up into the mountains
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some pretty quiet weather. satellite and radar has been bone dry the past 24, 48 hours and we're expecting it to stay that way until early tomorrow morning. overnight tonight we'll see a few clouds on the western slope. that's what it looks like at 11:00 tonight. still very clear from forr ccllins south to denver. then a few storms and showers starting to move in with this next disturbance. by midday tomorrow we'll likely start to see a few more clouds here in town, and somm scattered storms especially on the closer to grand junction, montrose, telluride, we'll start to see a few showers. that then moves closer to town by friday, and our central mountains will see by tomorrow afternoon a few more showers. temperatures stay warm. today and tomorrow low 80s. we'll get a few more clouds on thursday. still beautiful weather. we've got bright spot on wednesday and thursday. temperatures cool a bit by friday. we're at 75. chance for a few showers in and
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and then into the weekend some mid- to upper 70s both saturday, sunday. you can see on our sevennday forecast it's a little unbalanced. 60s by the first of next week. but it is fall. what's supposed to happen. >> and it's colorado, so anything can happen. >> that's true. more troubles for samsung this morning, this time over their waahing machines. people are waaned about po warning the machine exploded. it was the loudest sound. it sounded like a bomb went off in my ear. there were wires, nuts. the actual top was on the floor. >> there have been several other reports of these top loading machines breaking apart. according to a gma investigation today, more than 22 people since last year have reported similar incidents. the company and safety experts are trying to work on a fix.
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bursting into flames. the owner charged it overnight, then saw smooe and flames. samsung says they're investigating. this comes after more than 2.5 million phones were recclled for battery fires. we are inching closer to the weekend. that means another broocos game. the team gearing up for tampa bay. outrage growing over this,
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gr siemian. he has beennnamed afc offensive player of the week. this comes aater that big win over the weekend. he set records. he threw four touchdowns with no interceptions. a 300-yard performance. it is a game that earned him praise from his teammates, even the game ball, and the team getting ready for the game this next weekend, hoping to come out on top against tampa bay. >> that's not offensive at all. >> bad.
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the broncos are making a difference in the community. they have a program that condition help prevent domestic violence. >> it was created by a local nonprofit to teach young people about domestic violence. >> think about what i'm going to do before i do it. it gives me the mindset of when benefit me and will it help the other person that's in that situation with me? >> the nfl met with project pave in colorado and say they're impressed and are considering offering it in other cities. a virginia rrstaurant not happy with the recent nfl protests, especially with 49ers colin kaepnick. they duct taped his jersey to the floor for people to use to wipe their feet. but outrage is growing over this controversial move.
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a joke? how would you feel if someone taped a police officer's uniform down as soon as you stepped in, you stepped on it? >> others say the restaurant is just expressing its constitutional right. kaepernick of course drew attention last month when he took a knee during the national anthem, he said to protest racial injustice. the restaurant has decided to remove the jersey from the floor. a report out today says more than a third of calls to the va crisis line go unanswered. what the senate plans about that. plus, the new york and new jersey bombing suspect set to 3 appear in front of a judge this morning. why officials had to postpone the arraignment. the candidates back on the campaign trail, firing new
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i first met mike on a fundraising event to help the hunger in ethiopia. i was an aurora scholar this year. at his birthday party. mike is a very nice guy. he's a really nice guy. he can do 62 pushups. mike is a great friend to the ethiopian community. mike's not like other politicians. he's not like other republicans. i think he's better. mike's one of us. he's one of us. mike coffman es uno de nosotros. i'm mike coffman,
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welcome back. a dangerous suspect on the loose after a shooting at a motel. motel worker shot in the head. the victim leaving the critical condition. happened about 9:00 last night at the colonial manor hotel off i-70. denver7's amanda del castillo is here with the latest. >> reporter: a terrifying scene that unfolded in front of the all of that according to baby,- residents who live here t the motel. police ere here until around 5:15 this morning, spending nearly eight hours on scene. sources tell us the suspect took off after shooting the victim at point blank range.
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identity of the ctim, but others tell us the man works at the motel. one man says he was heading to bad last night and heard a scream like he's never heard before. he ran into the motel office and found the victim and began rendering aid. >> did i disturb anything while i was in there? no, i didn't touch the door or step on the door, didn't touch the pool of blood, nothing like that. >> reporter: we were in that motel office about an hour ago and realized they had a surveillance camera out in lobby. that's a evidence police say they'll be reviewing. also, in the last hour we've seen several investigators on scene concentrating on the market across the street from the motel this morning. we're still learning to figure out why and what information detectives can give us about why that market, why the concentration on that market, rather. in denver this morning, i'm amanda del castillo, denver 7. lisa joins us again. beautiful blue skies out there.
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because mitch gave a perfect forecast during the break. what was it you said? >> sunny today and will be dark tonight. that's all you need to know. it's really nice. >> ladies, we need to know what we need to wear. >> give me thattthing. i'll mess you up good. >> it is. it's sunny today and will be dark tonight. check this out. beautiful from lovelaad -- >> that's what i told you. >> and will be sunny again tomorrow. >> dry across northeastern colorado in sterling, blue skies. it is beautiful. 70s right now. we're expecting upper 70s by 12:00. and low 80s this afternoon for highs. we're once again above normal. typically this time of year low to mid-70s. we'll be in the 70s by 6600.. another very mild night tonight. perfect with that sunset, it's going to be great. erie today at 82.
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we are well above normal across most of the state today. doesn't last for long. , october starts this weekend. we'll talk about the cooldown coming up. >> mother nature seems to know. donald trump and hillary clinton both declaring victories in the most watched presidential debate in u.s. history. >> here's the latest from washington. ? >> reporter: looking li victory rally. >> oh, yes. one down, two to go. >> reporter: with both candidates claiming they won. >> we've had some amazing days. i loved the debate, i love the process. >> reporter: clinton is trying to keep the momentum going this week, calling on her team to fan out across nine battteground states by friday.
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pp and the former miss universe, alicia machado -- >> maybe he will be saying bad things about me, but it's okay. i'm strong. >> reporter: meanwhile, donald trump comes out fighting, claiming even those he's -- though he's many with his debate, he's not happy about the moderator. >> well, he didn't ask her aboot the e-mails at all. he didn't ask her about her scandals. he didn't ask her about the benghazi deal that she destroyed. >> reporter: two big conservative endorsements are going to clinton. john warner -- >> that candidate is the one that is fit and ready to lead our great free country. >> reporter: and he arrzona republican editorial board, they haven't endorsed a democrat since 1890 when they were founded. president obama went on steve harvey's show this morning, blasting donald trump's comments about alicia machado's weight.
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don't vote or vote for a third party candidate, that's a vote for trump. as we near the election, marijuana has definitely been a hot topic. last year voters chose to keep more than $65 million in tax money from marijuana. now that money could be helpinn your kids. the state says it will finally distribute millions to schools in the next few months. one of the prograas meant to put a stop to bullying. >> as far as we know we're only state providing ssch funds for anti-bullying in schools. it's a great opportunity for the schools to make sure the emotional and social wellness of their students is taken care -?of. >> schools will be selected to get $40,000 a year. this woman is accused of killing her 27-year-old disabled son. 3 carol carpenter is her name. investigators say she man the young man starve, not giving him food or water. he weighed less than 90 pounds.
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neighbors say the 69-year-old was frail and was caring for her on by herself after her husband died. a new report out this morning has uncovered several abuse allegations at a pueblo center for the disabled. according to "the denver post," one person was forced to engage in sex acts for a soda. the alleged abuse happened last november at the pueblo regional center. the man accused of bo to appear in front of a judge today, but that is not going to happen. he is still unconscious in a new jersey hospital after he was shot. the arraignment has been postponeed. no due daae reset. he is charged with federal counts of using weapons of mass destruction and bombing a public place. victims still trying to cope with the massacre at the pulse nightclub in orlando. since then people have donated more than $30 million after the tragedy. 3
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how that money will be distributed. the families of the 49 people killed will each get $350,000. 3 the 68 people who were hurt will get between 35,000 and $300,000 each. that will be depending upon their treatment. money will go to the early 200 people inside the club during the shooting. people outraged after finding this note left on a disabled veteran's car in colorado springs. the note reads "you sure don't don't care what you think ." catherine rodriguez was serving in the military and suffered shock and has seizures and has had several surgeries. the senate is considering a
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the va crisis line are answered quickly and taken care of. somm were answering fewer than five calls a day and left before their shift ends. the crisis hot line received more than 500,000 calls last year. that's 50 times the number of calls it received nearly a decade ago when it first started. heads up to drivers, starting today mississippi will be santa fe. crews will be working on the storm sewer there. so traffic is being diverted to west alameda on the north side and on the south side people will be diverted to west iowa. the road will be closed today until next tuesday so if you do plan to drive in the area, makee sure you find an alternate route. there's a new bike path set to open this afternoon. it's called the evergreen parkway. cyclists can now drive, or 3 ride, rather, from denver to
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to go on i-70. the department of transportation says this will enhance cyclist safety. it opens at 1:00 this new reminder, tyson foods is recalling more than 13,000 pounds of their panko chicken nuggets. they have a use date of july 18, 2017. here's the reason they're recalling them, some customers found plastic objects in the packages. offial from a plastic rod used to connect a transfer belt. so far, no reports of injuries. children may be too young to understand everything that is going on in our community now regarding police community relations and the protests. but it's never too early to start teaching them about positivity and patriotism. >> reporter: this is how the students are celebrating being
11:40 am
the front of this school. there were some performances and songs and dances sell operating america -- celebrating america. it was also about celebrating the military and bringing in local police and fire. the students introduced them. one of the people they introduced, the brrghton police chief who we spoke to about the current landscape of america. >> i think it's easy sometimes maybe to view bad guys, and we want to -- we want to make this a positive % interaction. we want to make this an interaction where the kids get to not only we talk to them, but they talk back to us. it's a two-way conversation. >> reporter: this event was started the year after 9/11, even though these kids now weren't born. it's just one more way of celebrating the freedoms we have in america, something they don't want these kids to ever forget.
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morning. what they're accused of doing to a blind man that has a lot of people angry. plus, brad pitt back in the headlines. why facebook is warning you about clicking on an article that includes his name. this guy is 96 years old and no signs of him slowing down. working as a reserve deputy in texas. it is near perfect outside. we're right now in the mid, low to mid-70s. minutes or so in the upper 70s. this afternoon around 82. clear skies. still mild by 8:00 tonight.
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in colorado, we stand together, but congressman coffman stands with donald trump and will support trump for president. they've spread falsehoods about president obama. trump: oh, no. coffman: i don't know whether barack obama was born in the united states or not.
11:44 am
some breaking news, the arapahoe county sheriff's office investigating they say a suspicious package now near revere and briarwood. >> this is near the national guard property. this is not clear if this is actually on national guard property or just nearby. we have a crew on the way. we are digging to get additional information. as soon as we do we'll bring it to you here. an you canner driver in tennessee -- uber driver in tennessee under fire for apparently denying service for a blind man and his service dog. he says the driver canceled the ride, drove off and left him stranded. uber says they allow service
11:45 am
have to follow the guidelines. the police ended up giving the man a ride home. a group of senators is calling out yahoo! on when it revealed its data breach. they sent a letter to the ceo, accusing her of unacceptable delays. that hack into 500 million yahoo! accounts happened two years ago, but yahoo! didn't tell us about it until last week. the senators want annwers when they knew it. they also want to know what the company is doing to another breach in the future. brad pitt may be getting divorced but he's not dead. if you see something about him being dead on facebook, don't click on it. facebook is warning people that post is a hoaa. the headline says, rip brad pitt. if you click on that, hackers could access your account. a new report out says nine
11:46 am
air pollution. health officials say this is a problem because it can contribute to things such as strokes, heart disease and lung cancer. according to the study, southeast asii and southern pacific regions are hit the hardest. one in nine deaths world wide is linked to indoor and outdoor pollution. kissing retirement goodbye. many of us are choosing to work through rettrement. 77% of americans plan as long as possible, but it's not just about the paycheck. people want to enjoy their jobs and want to stay active. people like one man who could have retired 10 years ago. >> i know it's going to come eventually, but now it doesn't feel like it. i stilllenjoy what i do. >> about half people surveyed hope to officially retire in their 60s, even if they still keep some type of job or voluntary thing after.
11:47 am
this guy. this is a reserve deputy, tom morgan, he is 96. he's been with thh sheriff's office the past sheriff's office in texxs. at the age of 71 he decided to go through the training. >> my doctor threw a fit who i told him i had a taser, because to get a taser you had to get tased. >> he works big evenns in town. he's not just honorary, not real work. >> at 96, i don't really try to get in a fist fight anymore. i kind of let -- i can. >> he can, he'll get in a favorite figgt if you push him. during world war ii and says he's not slowing down. at 96 he's helping out his community. >> he's being physically active and keeping his mind at work and those are two things that keep you young.
11:48 am
fights when -- fist fights when he was 71? >> he got tased at 71. gorgeous state-wide. cleas. satellitt and radar will stay quiet for now. when is our first snow here in denver? on average in town measurable snowfall, average first date is october 19th. but our average first freeze october 7th. i still hhve flowers hat look good you guys? >> yeah, everything is up and fabulous. >> low 70s. winds are calm, 5, 0 miles per hour. we have dry conditions, clear skies and a beautiful start to our afternoon. it's 73 right now in castle rock. 75 at deer trail. 72 in boulder. some 60s already for the mountains. estes park in the mid- to upper 60s. highs this afternoon are likely going to be in the low 70s from
11:49 am
platteville 82. fort morgan 82. in parker today a high of 80. we have got a nice warmup. similar to where we were yesterday. and still above where we typically are this time of year. typically low 70s. western slope, 83 in grand junction. more 60s and 70s east on i-70. our turecast is really clear. i'm going to pause it at key spots. 7:00, 7:30 tonight we have a little more cloud cover for the mountains. we're st the plains. early tomorrow morning another bright drive for us in town. we will see a ew more clouds on thursday in denver, boulder and fort collins, but most of the wet weather tomorrow is going to stay on the western slope. will gradually move into the central mountains by 2:00, 3:00. and hello, mike nelson. by 2:00, 3:00 -- my 3-year-old
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that was almost scarier. by friday a chance for a few showers across the plains. chance offrain friday and will start to get cooler. 82 today. 80 on thursday. well we will see a few more clouds thursday, temperatures cooling and 70s into the weekend. the rockies, this is it, the last weekend of baseball. friday night temperatures in the low 70s for the ssart of the game. dropping into the 60s and showers are possible on friday. 70s through the weekend. monday and tuesday, 60s. it will get a lot cooler. lopsided on that 7-day. we have a list out of the best haunted houses in amerrca. two of them are here in colorado. i love that. plus, nissan taking the idea of
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right now just before noon we are continuing to follow breaking news now. the arapahoe county sheriff's suspicious package, deputies just getting on scene now. >> this is near the colorado
11:54 am
unclear if the package is on that property or next to it. we do know this is near revere and briarwood. we have a crew headed that way. we'll stay on top of it. we talked about this earlier, halloween hard to believe, but it is just around the corner. this morning there is a new list out for the top haunted houses in the united states. two of them are here in colorado. the 13th floor haunted house came in at number two. and coming in at 7th place, the both are in denver. the ones that made the list are the best for making your heart race. >> there you go. nissan has taken the idea of self-driving transportation to another level. orrmaybe a lazy level. it's their new self-driving chair. yes, a chair. the chair could end the need to stand in line. >> for crying out loud. it's equipped with sensors, and allows each chair to detect and
11:55 am
any decision to roll it out further would depend on the
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? >> announcer: today, grab your favorite ball gown, because we're getting elegant in an instant. clinton's whipping up the perfect plate with the fabulous kristin chenoweth. mario's livin' la dolce vita dish. michael's got a five in five you won't want to miss. the party starts right now on "the chew." [ cheers and applause ] ? >> hey, everybody. welcome to "the chew." are you lookin' to add a little class and sass to your dull, drab dinner table? >> yeah. >> audience: yes. >> well, that's good. you're in the right place.


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