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tv   7 News at 5 PM  ABC  September 28, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MDT

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threatening to shoot up schools in greeley. in a letter, the student admitted to writing the post to get attention. he is now facing charges. also breaking tonight, justice for a state trooper killed on the job. taylor typhoon died during a high-speed chase last year. >> this man that you see on the screen has been found guilty of first-degree murder. -- >> we are now live in boulder. that court room was packed. >> reporter: so many officers in uniform were here, almost a symbolic shhw of support as the verdict was read. he was an army veteran and passed away not far from . >> reporter: it took a lot for her to stand in front of the cameras. her son, taylor [ name indiscernible ] died in 2015, christopher keever's hit him on highway 6 near longmont. >> this is a reminder of evil's existence. the way that he lived his life, serves as a
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evil. >> reporter: his mother and colleagues know he lived his life by helping others, pushing a tow truck driver out-of-the- way moments before he was hit. >> he died while saving another persons life. >> his death is a loss to the entire law enforcement community. 's lawyers say he is sorry and will make a public apology. as far as taylor thyfault's mother, she will wear this on her clothing. >> reporter: this other officer that was injured in this case
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injuries. we have more breaking news, an 11-year-old boy is in critical condition, hit by a car while trying to cross the street on his way to school. police say two boys were in the crosswalk on mississippi avenue when the signal changed. both boys and started to run across the street to get out of the way and a car hit ne of them. police say the driver had a green light. the driver will not face any charges. national news developing right now, a gunman opens fire out -- inside of school, shooting two students and a teacher. details are still coming in at this hour. deputies arrested the suspected shooter who is a teenager. a mother of a student goes to the school says her daughter had to huddle in a bathroom. >> [ crying ] i'm going to pray they are okay. i don't know if it was someone i knew.
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authorities say it appears that this shooter shot and killed his father before school rampage. more breaking news, congress votes to override president obama's veto of a bill dealing with the severed -- september 11 terror attacks. this is the first time this has happened during his residency. this means families of these at number 11 victims can sue saudi arabia for the country's alleged involvement in the attacks. the press secretary called it the single most embarrassing thing that the senate ha this locket of widespread impacts. the european union has claimed that other cos could adapt -- adopt similar laws. president obama says this could keep the u.s. at risk for charges from other countries. the agreement that was reached today by congress will keep the government open for another month.
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just posted there will be an event in loveland on monday at 6 pp. the doors will open three hours earlier. colorado was looking more a less blue coming close to the elections. donald trump but more than $600,000 in commercials in our state and you can bet that number is going to go up work denver7 is joining some other local groups to keep you info this thursday, tomorrow at the denver toast -- denver post auditorium, we will take a look at the minimum wage amendment. next week's topic hosted by marshall zelinger is colorado r it's a beautiful warm day, 81 was a high today, 87 in lamar. the area, a few clouds, maybe a sprinkle of rain or 2. to the
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heading toward the state in the next 24 hours. right now we have some of the best weather for the year. enjoy the conditions. cooler and wetter days are on their way. your first -- your full raids are being pulled off all over colorado. they have already confiscated 12,000 pounds of marijuana. this is happening in el paso in pueblo county's along with three other counties nearby. witnesses say a gunman barged i-70 in denver. he shot a person whose newborn baby was nearby. this was breaking news last night at 10:00. witnesses tell us that the victim worked at the motel. police say he is in critiial condition in the shooter got away. denver police tell us they are looking at surveillance video right now. the fire danger remains very high across much of the west, at least 300 homes are threatened in california's bay
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broke out monday. it's now 3 1/2 mi.2 -- 3 1/2 square miles and only 10% conta we now know 22-year-old nathan carmen was questioned in the death of his wealthy grandfather in 2013. his mother is missing and now the coast guard questioned nathan when he was picked up by a cargo ship. >> there was a funny noise in the engine department -- engine compartment. i looked and saw a lot of water. when i saw the light -- liferaft, i didn't see my mom. have you found your? >> we haven't been able to find her yet. let's go back to that -- >> let's go back to that 2013 case.
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mother was one of four children left $42 million in the estate of the grandfather. troops are headed to iraq to fight isis, specifically to retake mosul. some will be closer to combat than they have been in recent years but we are told they will not be on tte front lines. the ussscolorado is you can bet there's going to be some colorado flair on board. two crew members got a special cooking lesson from chef michael right of the brown palace. they are learning how to make traditional colorado cuisine work >> we are doing rocky mountain trout today. we are going to do a little sweetcorn and cappelletti with cream sauce. >> that sounds so good.
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unvviled that it will be giving some cooking lessons to this navy crew. board. we have a lot to get to you this half hour including a disturbing report of abuse f some of the most vulnerable people in our state. traveling has never been more stressful. passengers are taking it out on each other. one trade group things one thing good changeup. same some faces another recall for exploding products. we have what you need to watch out for. believe it or not, it's tivo time again. the nfl player turned mlb the nfl player turned mlb hope i first met mike on a fundraising event
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at his birthday party. mike is a very nice guy. he's a really nice guy. he can do 62 pushups. mike is a great friend to the ethiopian community. mike's not like other politicians. he's not like other republicans. i think he's better. mike's one of us. he's one of us. mike coffman es uno de nosotros. mike is one of us. i'm mike coffman,
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stomach turning allegations of abuse at the pueblo regional center, a care center for mentally disabled. >> abuse of any kind is upsetting but should up and protected. >> especially, this 40 page report will really make you sick. the patients treated there were some of the most vulnerable. words such as "die" and "kill" were scratched into the skin on some of these patients.
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paranormal activity. another patient was left outside in the cold as punishment. there was a systematic lack of oversight that was found in this goes beyond abuse. this report highlights several deaths a couud've been prevented. one state senators has a major overhaul is needed. >> this is very upsetting to read about this, to think that these are people who are dependent upon the state for their care. we didn't live up to our end of the bargain in terms of keeping them safe and secure. -- >> reporter: a spokesperson says they have taken steps to create -- correct the problem such as making staffing changes. they hope to improve retention and staff training as a way of ultimately providing better care. reporting live in studio, rinse girardi -- liz gelardi.
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shot -- an unarmed black man was shot and killed in southern california yesterday. the man appeared to be in a % shooting stance but police admit he had no weapon. this facebook live video purports to show the aftermath of a woman crying claiming she is the victim's sister. >> [ crying ] you shot him. >> police say they responding to calls of a man that was an acting like himself . officers claimed he refused multiple instructions from them. the officers involved are now on administrative leave. instances of air rage are up again. airline trade group, there were 9000 reports of unruly passengers on plains in 2014. last near -- last year that number jumped up 1500.
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is sold in airport bars could , specifically and april of this year. one woman says the explosion was so powerful the washer broke the wall. samsung is working on a fix but until then you should onlyyuse the delicate cycle. justice department to find out if the maker of the epipen broke the law. this time it doesn't have to do with how the price skyrocketed in recent years. instead they are claiming the company qualified epipens as generic drug so that they could receive more aid.
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important safety items for your baby, mccarthy. >> i want this for a minimum of -?h2 or the maximum height -- a 2 or the maximum height. >> if you have already done this your self, they will check your installation of the policy -- car seat to make sure you did it correctly. you can check out any of the 40 stations the legacy opal team has their coach back. >> has been two weeks since the team bus crashed at dia killing the driver. jennifer kovaleski spokeewith a coach before he got back onto the field. he says stay focused -- he has state -- stayed focus on his students and players. >> reporter: you can see how excited the kids are to have him back.
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behind me in the distance. the coach says he is feeling a lot better. he is still not able to go back to teaching full-time. he says right now he is focused on practice and winning friday's game against overlearned. >> switch sides. >> that is the legacy head coach back on the field doing what he loves. he told us he doesn't remember a lot about the crash other than getting on the bus and waking up in the hospital. he suffered three facial he says coach matt [ name indiscernible ] is still in the hospital but doing well. a third coach has left the hospital but has yet to return to the field. he says while this has been a tragedy, it has brought the team closer. >> it's unbelievable. you talk about therapeutic, coming back to the kids, most of us are teachers and coaching
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becky's looking forward to be -- being back under the lights friday night. he says he cherishes family and friends a little bit more than he did in the past. reporting live in broomfield, jackie kovaleski denver7. some good looking color up in the mountains, even in northern colorado, steamboat, one of my favorite spots in the state. this is looking very nice sky is mainly clear, beautiful conditions. let me show you what's happening in the denver area right now. it's 80 after a high of 81 degrees today. the winds are currently out of thh east at 10 miles per hour. it has been aagreat day again today. tonight it's going to be a mild night lows in the upper 40s to low 50s, the normal low as 43,
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average but we will be close to we see an increase of cloud cover coming up however as part which is going to be rolling our way tomorrow and friday and it will bring rain to the mountains and clouds in slightly cooler temperatures onto the eastern plains. most of this is in utah and arizona tonight. you start to see a hint of moisture by early in the morning. by tomorrow morning, low temperatures are going to the upper 40s in denver and for collinson greenlee, 42 limon, 39 guunison. tomorrow we have sunshine but it doesn't stay that way for the first time in several days, showers and storms will be coming into western cclorado by lunchtime, by this time tomorrow afternoon, scattered showers and storms along and west of the continental divide, still drive for denver, all the way out across the eastern plains. that lingers on into thursday evening with the storms of to the west. we state dry until friday for
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80 degrees for a high tomorrow, 83 in greeley, 60 in leadville and 59 with showers down at telluride. front range, 81 four cartland, -- fort collins, 81 in parker, 67 at winter park and metro area temperatures are 75 evergreen, bailey 72, idaho springs 72. slight chance of showers late in the day but through most of the metro and front range area dry tomorrow before things start shifting on friday. 48 maclaren pleasanter night, i temperature of 80 tomorrow, if you showers west, mainly up in the mountains. than the front begins toco through, clouds and showers friday, 75. the weekend looks pretty good, 70s and partly cloudy skies, a stronger system coming in next week which will be cooler, wetter and windy here with rain and snow for the mountains and getting preety cool here by the middle of next week.
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cromwell elementary school is running. here are some of my greeters to help e take in the gear. we had a big group, i would say about 400 kids. this is the third time i've spoken there in the last 25 years. it is all new kids, obviously, % over the last 25 years. >> [ laughter ] >> the most important people in the room, the lunch people. they worked hard to make great lunches and it smelled great while i was speaking to the i have a lot of on today, i did some tornado dancing this time around as i mentioned, my tornado dances slowing down but i am still able to do it ef2 or ?f three tornado. i salute some great learners today. >>[ laughter ] that's great. there's a denver program that is making college possible for more than 5000 dps students. it is celebrating the big anniversary -- a ig anniversary this week, 10 years since the denver scholarship foundation was started.
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helped start this after learning about the low dropout -- high dropout rates and low graduation rates at dbs. dss students were -- dps. dsf studentsere invited. >> a generally don't have a lot of benefits that kids in cherry hills have often i have challenges, maybe different than mine the >> they got to eat lunch at the governor's mansion.
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welcome to "7sportsxtra". the offense player of the week, denver's quarterback trevor siemian. no doubt about it. four touchdown passes and 312 yards, 132.1 rating. he led the broncos to comeback victory over the bengals. he was in school and calm and collected when we asked him -- he was as cool and calm and collected today as he was on the weekend whhn we asked him about this award. >> everybody up front, mike schofield played awesomely on the offense of lompico a lot of guys step up. >> one thing about trevor, he's very sharp and very low keyed
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just keep going. this week is another tough test. i like the way he has things together and his team respects that. >> we've got to prepare like no other. we see him getting better and better every week. this is a super boost to his confidence going forward. tim tebow five years ago led the broncos to a magical run on the plants. no one could explain how we did it. terrible for 3/4 and a miracle comeback in minutes. it's one of them most mysterious things i've ever seen . he was against the cardinals in the instructionally. the pitch came in hiatt's first that that an -- high at his first at-bat, he took a shot and it was a home run aa his first ever at-bat in pro baseball. who knows where he goes from here but what a start for him.
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i just wanted to be aggressive. that is something we had been talking about every day and practicing it and trying to go gap to gap, trying to sit on offspeed stuff and be aggressive with a fastball. that's my mentality anyway. i like it. it was a little high but i
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like from here. or, with their wireless set-top box, from here. uh-huh, uh-huh. now show me. don't tell me. i did show you. and tell you. i showed you while i was telling you. paul, acting is about the economy of words. mom: yes. okay. ah, i'll just process that. you're the actor. feel like a hollywood insider... you're doing great. thank you.
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tonight, breaking news. shots fired at an elementary school. hitting children and a teacher, a suspect in custody. images now coming in from the scene. the deadly police shooting. the aftermath live on facebook. the man's sister saying she told police he was unarmed. authorities say he was in a, quote, shooting stance. the breaking headline here in new york city. the new image from the fbi tonight, they now know who the mystery men are, after those bombs placed in new york. where are they now? major developments in the race for the white house. donald trump moments ago with a fresh attack on hillary clinton. and, tonight, trump's team acknowledging he needs to practice for the next debate. meanwhile, michelle obama tonight not holding back against trump. and the volcano erupting.


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