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tv   7 News Now at 6 AM  ABC  September 29, 2016 6:00am-7:00am MDT

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mutilation, sex assault and repeated abuse at a mental health facility. redetails in a moment. a donald trump supporter pushed around and harassed in a protests against police brutality, you will hear from the victim this mmrning. a warehouse fire near atlanta where crews say it's too doing rous to send anyone inside so they won't be fighting the fire inside. instead, since the roof collapsed they are using airline ladders to dump water on this. the warehouse is less than a thousand feet from the fire stations so they were able to get on it quickly. fortunately, no one has been hurt.
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we're in for a beautiful sunrise. take a look. this is near pets from our wireless camera. plenty of sunshine on the eastern plains. the western slope a different story. storms and showers moving further east into the central mountains up along i-70 by this afternoon. our best chance for showers here in denver not until tomorrow. today we're find we're still warm. low 70s close to 80 by 3:00 and mid 70s around 5:00 to 6:00. here in denver, eerie 81 and boulder 79. on our seven-day forecast, last day of 80s at least on this seven-day. we'll talk about the cool down comiig up. the sun is rising and you can see the sliver of the moon which is beautiful this
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air tracker seven is looking at an accident on the north side of town off to the right side of town. there's a bit of a traffic jam coming up from highway 36. no more than a five minute delay at most. you can see on the map coming down from the north side of town, there's an incident here and all the other freeways are getting busy. it's 6:02. disabled residents of a colorado me being mutilated, burned and sexual abuse. . this is all at the pueblo regional center. they will decide whether to press criminal charges. some patients had words like "die" and "kill" scratched into their skins. when confronted staffers blamed
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>> eventually there needs improvements to the system and it may mean closing the center. >> federal investigators are asking the state to pay several million dollars worth of medicaid funding used to support the facility. the warm season is wrapping up and now denver city leaders are coming together to talk about progress along the 16th street mall. -?violence on the downtown stre has made headlines now. . >> reporter: city leaders are the 16th street mall bbt we all know what the focus is now and that's security along the 16th street mall. you can see before this bus goes by there's a denver police squad car parked in the middle of the street as they continue to try to up security here. the forum is at 7:00 this
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of welton. city leaders want people to know they are making rogress. all summer the mall has been getting neeative attention. recent violence has turned people away. this youtube video shows yet another fight on the mall. one of this mornings speakers at the forum will be eugene wade. he is setting up security efforts kruing the addition of iv walking up and down the 16th street mall. efforts are being made but how well are they working? hopefully we can get some answers at the forum starting at 7:00. come tack a look at your screen. the man in the blue shirt there, he's a donald trump supporter and came out to a protests in san diego in connection to a recent police shooting but the protests turned on the trump supporter
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he's considering legal action. >> i was cornered and beat to the ground when i attempted to run away i was chased by the entire mob of people. >> last night police identified the victim of the tuesday night shooting as this man, alfred alongo who is mental disabled. he was not armed whhn he was shot and killed by police. he pointed his vape pen at them. ongoing this morning. >> you can expect to see more of donald trump on your tv. his campaign is planning to buy $2.5 million worth of ads here in colorado. he's also adding a campaign stop in loveland. tickets are still available on his website. his rival, hillary clinton is in iowa today. yesterday she got a big boost from bernie sanders who joined
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>> it is impair tive that we elect hillary clinton as our next president. >> the libertarian presidenttal nominee, garn gary johnson picked up an endorsement from detroit news. they say donald trump is unstable and quite possibly dangerous. kidnapping in lakewood. prosecutors say this man is in custody without bond and police say back in august 4 men kidnapped a 277year old from a lakewood adult shop and held a victim captive for five days. at one point the suspects demanded $200,000 for the victim's release. all four men are in custody this morning and facing a long list of charges. denver police had to
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patrol horses yesterday and now they're looking into whether their officers were negligent. the horse was left tied in its stall overnight and developed colic in its leg. they made the division to humanely put the horse down. the investigation is ongoing and so far no one has disciplined. this morning the u.s. deputy attorney general is here in denver. >> she's the second most power powerful attorney general in the country and hoping to bridge the divide between officers and the community. we a pree view of her visit. >> reporter: they are calling this a justice forum to try and improve the rrlationship betwee police officers that are supposed to be protecting that community. reaction and in response to the high profile shootings that are in the news just about eeery week. we're talking about dallas, baton rouge and charlotte and the recent one in charlotte.
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justified it puts a strain onn the relationship between members of the community and police, especially when it comes to the use of force. community leaders coming together along with elected officials and the deputy attorney general and some national folks she's bringing here in town as well to come up with solutions how we improve and make the relationship better. one way you don't do that is through this most recent head line from an ap investigation showing that certain confidential used by police departments across the country. hundreds of examples over just a two year period and we're digging more into that investigation coming up in a news. we also plan on asking the attorney general sally yates what can be done. it can't be solved in one meeting but what types of
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to move this progress. things are slowly returning to normal at legacy high the football team is welcoming back coach voorhees three weeks after he was badly hurt in a school bus crash at dia. he suffered facial fractures and a concussion and says he doesn't remember a whole lot about the crash other than getting on the bus and waking up at the hospital. >> you cherish your friends and family more than mayb previously did he still can't go back to teaching full time yet but right now he's focusing on the football team. >> an update on the other coaches injured in the crash. coach kyle rider is no longe in the hospital but he has not yet retuuned to school. it's 6:09 and here's your first alert we have showers moving into colorado. it's been a bone dry couple of days but by midday today a chance for rain on the western slope.
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shift further east. we stay dry in town today. that includes fort collins, boulder, denver dry today but jason, does look like we'll see showers tomorrow. more about that coming up. we have a new accident trying to get down to the denver tech center. flashing lights at 225 and southbound side already heavy from hamden. a better look at it from the air coming up. the clown frenzy in greeley was a hoax but to the threat. new details about the 14- year old school shooter who opened fire at an in one door - a member of congress.
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are now lobbyists in washington, dc. it's just considered business as usual. i consider it wrong. that's why i'm fighting for a new law to permanently ban former members of congress from ever becoming lobbyists. i'm michael bennet
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us in just a ddvid cook remains missing this morning. he disappeared whileeclimbing near aspen. searching for him. rescue crews are meeting today to find out where she should search next. at least 33 people are missing in china after land slides. officials say heavy rain triggers two dierent land slides. full homes were swept away in a village. the landslide is causing massive debris to slide off mountains. these came with the typhoon that hit china yesterday that killed four people and injured more than 600 when it hit taiwan earlier this week. an elementary school student remains in critical condition this orning after being injured when a 14-year old opened fire at a south carolina elementary school. two other students and a teacher were al hurt t.
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volunteer firemen in custody this morning. >> i pray for the families and kids. i thank god it wasn't mine but i feel so bad. >> police are still working to find a motive. the coroner says the suspect's father was found dead shortly after the suspect was arrested although they believe his father was killed before the boy went to the school. police have not confirmed they are connected. a 15-year old girl is facing criminal charges this morning. the north ridge high school studen county sheriff's deputy that is she made up the clown threat against a greeley school. she's been taken ut of scholarship school and her identity is not going to be released because she's a minor. an 11-year old student is facing charges after bringing a replica bee bee gun yeerday. he has been suspended in a
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uss colorado later this year. they want to make sure the food serving on board is authentic authentically coloradd. if you're getting the kids ready for school this morning, highs near 80s today with a few more clouds and we'll also see some mountain showers. i'll show you where coming up. no showers on the plains.
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and a lot of sunshine. the eastern half of our state staying dry. showers moving in grand junction. montrose and telluride picking up scattered storms this morning and they will continue to push further east. by around 1:000 mostly cloudy skies and in denver dry conditions today and a few more clouds filtering in over the plains. waking utorrow morning we're clouds. you'll find by 8:00 to 8:30 from fort collins south to the springs more cloud cover here along i-25 and a few of these storms and showers rolling ast through the early afternoon and evening so you could find for friday night games and practicee thht you have showers to deal with tomorrow. so this is good. uple of days we need it. we're in the 60s early and ten
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highs today like yesterday in the low and more clouds building this afternoon and into early tomorrow morning. denver today 80. we have keenesburg at 82. every green at 77 and in deckers 79. more 70s and 70s on the westerr slope where yesterday we were closer to 80 and it will be cooler with showers and cloud cover. we cool down here in town tomorrow so it's mid 70s on friday ann a mix of sun an i think of the two days a slightly better chance for a few storms on saturday. sunday is where we put the other bright spot. beautiful and mostly sunny at 76 and next week tracking more of a cool down especially tuesday and wednesday. that's when we'll likely see low 60s and a chance for showers and upper 50s on wednesday. that could be a scary number for some. 35 degrees by early wednesday morning.
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only a few degrees above freezing. >> 32 degrees and a couple problems starting with air tracker seven picture of the drive at 225. the left side of the highway blocked up with this accident here. two lanes getting by and just before belleview here back to colorado and university here inn a bit. plan on an extra ten and 15
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% plenty of fights against last night season opener with the avalanches. by now you have probably seen this video. that is former broncos quarterback tim tebow. watch this. he blasted a home run during his first at bat as this came during an instructional league game during the mets and cardinals. he says he's taking one thing at a time which is game by game but really, first at bat, come on. >> that's cool. he obviously has talent. there are more problems for samsung this morning. the company is now being blamedd for a house fire in ohio. >> you can see the damage to the house in this video.
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sleeping. the phone exploded and nearly burned her house down. . >> be careful becaase that could be you. your life over a cell phone. >> samsung is offering to replace millions of phones at risk for explosion. the company is also facing a problem in the washing machine direction. the top loading washers could explode. this affects since 2011. samsung working to fix this as well but until then they said only use the delicate cycle. drones are helping police officers help catch criminals in golden. what police are saying about the privacy threats. right now at 6:21. let's give you a live look outside. this is the camera sitting on
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here in loveland, we could see showers there at the divide later today. north eastern colorado nothing but sunshine. take a look at temperatures. in the fifts this morning and another day with highs in the 80s before we start to cool down a bit into the weekend. here's your jason will see 70s this weekend and 60s by early next week. >> okay i'm trying to get a thousand different things over here. we have this accident now and the camera is moving back. this is an accident reportedly as a motorcycle erses elk or deer on the southbound side of i-25 before highway 119. if you're continuing south you get down to highway 119. that's where the accident is. i don't know the condition of the rider or what condition the
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accident but the right lane is blocked and heavy traffic down to the longmont area. two trouble spotssdown here, this is a brand new accident and you can see it going on the ramp here right at that time construction zone waiting for police to show up. four cars involved. the other big problem is southbound 25 at 225 left lanes blocked up to university. >> not good there. denver's mayor is getting his own beer. it's making its debut this morning. all of this is to celebrate the start of the denver beer festival running through next saturday. right now we're looking ahead to the month of october. september is sadly almost over. we have a list now what to buy.. >> jeans are on the buy list. retailers trying to get rid of the back to school jeans so
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>> electronics are on the skip list. skip the big ticket items during the month of october. >> good tip. check out the other good and bad buys for october by downloading our free denver 7 app. a child in critical condition after getting hit by a car on the way to school. is the city doing enough to ?eep things safe on the 16th street mall?
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hunger in ethiopia. i was an aurora scholar this year. at his birthday party. mike is a very nice guy. he's a really nice guy. he can do 62 pushups. mike is a great friend to the ethiopian community. mike's not like other politicians. he's not like other republicans. i think he's better. mike's one of us. he's one of us. mike coffman es uno de nosotros. mike is one of us. i'm mike coffman,
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when katie is here or erika eric is filling in, are quiet. the question is when ii it going to snow? october 19th. average first freeze, we're talking about a week and a half away. we could see temperatures just above freezing next week. we're going to talk more about it coming up. first a weak storm is rolling in today and showers on the western slope hitting grand junction. denver and boulder and fort collins, greeley, we are going to stay nice and dry and again
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morning and 74 by 12:00 and then the chance for mountain showers this afternoon. high of 80. coming up we'll take a look at when things cool down in town. an 11 year old remains in critical at this hour. he was hit by a driver crossing the street yesterday. this happened in aurora east of 225. police say the driver had the right of way and probably won't face charges. track down the person who shot a man in the head at a denver motel. the victim, a manager at that motel remains in critical condition. this happened just before 10:00 tuesday night at the colonial manor motel less than half a mile west. denver police are reviewing video from the denver motel but haven't released a description of the gunmen.
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he was convicted of first degree murder in arapahoe yesterday and a judge sentenced him to life without parole. prosecutors say all of this connected to a bitter divorce. . denver police are searching for two men who crashed a stolen suv into a home in montbello low. . it . intersection of blackhawk. two suspects took off on foot and the house they hit has been condemned and people staying there are getting help from the red cross. the other driver was hospitalized for minor injuries. if you know anything about this men, call crime stoppers. this man could spend the rest of his life behind bars. he's been convicted of first degree murder in boulder
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state patrol trooper during a high speed chase last year. the victim was only 21 years old when he was killed. the jury returned its verdict. >> taylor, your death serves as a reminder of evil's existence but the way you lived your life also serves as a reminder of evils extinction. >> geebers did not say anything and spent most of the time looking at the ground. his scheduled is scheduled for next month. his firss degree murder conviction comes with a mandatory life sentence. do you feel safer on the 16th street mall? high profile incidents causing some to come together to talk about what's safe for everyone.
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>> nicole, we planned ahead to a forum happening at the grand hyatt hotel happening at 7:00 this morning. we have video for you and the extra security that's been on the 16th street mall ever since the violence that made headlines. we saw two security officers walking up and down the 16th street mall this morning. now let's talk about what this form is all about. it's lasting a couple of hours 3 highlighting the event that includes denver district six police manager and the downtown manager that left guestt. private security wassone of the efforts made after recent violence we have seen off the 16th street mall. the forum isn't too far from the mall. it starts at 7:00. if you're part of the downtown denver partnership it will cost
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we'll be there in 30 minutes and update you at 11:00. flags flying at half staff through friday. president obama made the order to honor shimon peres. he will also lead a u.s. delegation to israel for the funeral tomorrow. just in, palestinian president announced he will attend shi funeral. congress overwhelmingly vottd for a bill to open the door for american courts to punish the people of saudi arabia if they were involved until the attacks. the white house sayy this is the single most embarrassing thing the senate has done in 30 years. tonight at the denver post auditorium we're taking a look
6:37 am
that starts at 6:30. next week's topic is on amendment 69, the colorado cares amendmmnt. breaking news out of loss angeles, one person is killed after a stolen police cruiser crashed into downtown south pasadena. we have a look at the scene of the crash here. little informatiin is being released but we killee was not the officer who the cruiser belonged to. we will keep you updated as we learn more. the va is handing over thousands of pages of documents about the aurora va hospital. they want to know why the new hospital went a billion dollars over budget. the hospital is expected to cost $1.7 billion. the va had only budgeted less than $600 million.
6:38 am
to western colorado. the town of pal said received 4 $4 million in grants. pal said will lease the land to colorado parks and wildlife who will build the 2,000 acre facility. officials say this new range could bring in 50,000 visitors every year. police in golden colorado are using drones to help catch criminals. they join a handful of departments using drones. many people are asking if ?he golden police department says they will only use the drones in criminal investigations we're doing this within the best interest of the community and professional law enforcement service. so we're going to follow our own rules anddguidelines which basically states that we will be doing this for official purposes only.. >> one drone costs 16,$000. the department got the money from the city of golden.. check out deuce the poliie
6:39 am
proof vest. he was showing it off. this is the aurora police department facebook page that posted these pictures. officers are thanking eeeryone who donated money to help get deuce a vestt here's a question for you. which costs more daycare or college? we have the answer after the break. plus, you will not get to vote on a proposed fracking brand in colorado. we'll explain why. still waiting to clear up this accident southbound i-25 3 at 225 facing the wrong way here on two lanes blocked and we have a traffic jam that is rock solid from university and grrwing.
6:40 am
so mitch is off today but
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said "please stop saying the worddsnow." for the kids at the bus stop a light sweatshirt. this afternoon hot and warm when you're in the sun. near 80 with just a few more clouds. our mountains will pick up showers west of the divide before lunch and it's going to creep further east closer to grand lake and frisco. here's your first alert it's warm and dry in denver today but a chance for rain tomorrow. we'll talk more about that coming up. the forecast than the drive this morning. all kinds of problem right here at 225. you can see one of the cars sitting sideways across two lanes of traffic. this traffic jam is going back to broadway here. still waiting on tow trucks to clear it out. it's a 45-minute drive from downtown to the tech center. the other problem northbound i- 25 exiting arapahoe road. a four car accident there. that ramp is temporarily
6:42 am
the camera further north where camera around. it wareported as a before highway 119. sounds like he was hurt but not too seriously. parents with young children, you know how expensive child care can be and in fact theecost of daycare now exceeds the cost of college. a new study shows the average for a year of full is $9,600. the average yearly tuition at an in-state college meanwhile that's $200 cheaper. donald trump and hillary clinton say they want to make child care more affordable. we'll get you caught up on big stories of the morning including 22,000 pounds of marijuana being grown illegally ?n our state. find out how the bust went down when we come back. it's the dayyto celebrate
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how you can get a cup for free
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law enforcement officials nationwide are using data to spy on loved ones and work rivals. denver is working to build stronger relationships between officers and the community. jason gruenauer joins us now with more on what leaders are planning for today. >> the deputy attorney general of the united states is going to be here in denver today to talk about high profile police involved shootings here. a big part of that is the relationship between the police and the community and a big portion of that is trust. all of this in the wake of that investigation from the associated press. we're talking about misuse of confidential nformation for personal use. we are talking about 325 officers who are fired,
6:46 am
receive reprimands or less who have inappropriate use of official information. there's no record of those disciplined at all. some examples of what they found, an officer looked up info to stalk his ex. another found home addresses of women he found attractive and an they're talking about solutions and how to move forward here. the latest from inside the event later on today on denver7 news. it was a nice drive about an hour ago. damaae on the southbound side at 225. finally a tow truck driver in here helping to clear this accident.
6:47 am
traffic jam going back into downtown denver and a 45-60- minute drive to the denver tech center. the northbound side of i-25 and the exit to arapahoe road is blocked due to a nasty accident. a four car accident on westbound i-70 near havana and several accidents up north on i- 25 southbound one where a dder was in the road and a motorcyclist hit it on the horrible driving conditions to the north. 11 in south eastern colorado. take a look at this. there's a huge bulldozer loading up bushes oo pot to take it into the dumpster. the dea says this drug ring is connected to a crime ring based in sought east asia. no wordsson how many arrests were made in connection to the bust. swat called out to a gated
6:48 am
a call of shots fired in a home tuesday night. the suspect, an offiier's son, rain into a neighbor's house and refused to come out. it led to a stand off that lasted several hours. this man has been convicted of pimping a run away teenager girl in lakewood. he will be sentenced next month. a jefferson county jury found one of his polices is also facing charges. it's not just on the road. instaaces of air rage are on the rise. reports of unruly behavior by passengers on airplanes rose by nearly 20% last year. this is according to an international airline trade group. today is national coffee day and every place you can think of is offering a deal.
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discounts on your morning cup of joe. you can find a full list of discounts on our denver seven app. take it with you as you're heading out the doorr some places may have long lines this morning. >> that's okay, it's free. >> i'm empty after my third cup of the day. it's 6:49. >> for us it's happy hour in ant about an hour. at this point temperatures in the 50s and a few 40s but we're saying goodbying e to the -?80s. we'll see 70s this weekend. cooler especially next week as our temperatures drop into the 60s. right now 52 in denver and obviously a lot of sunshine out there this morning. winds southwest so we'll go from 46 in city park now and 48 highs this afternoon back in - the near 80 degrees range here
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parker 81 and in bennett 85. for those of you in the foothills today, another perfect day. estes park at 70 and in decker 79. our central mountains will cool down a bit later today as more showers roll in and there's definitely a change on the western slope. yesterday closer to 80 and today 10-15 degrees cooler. this is the weak system bringing showers as you get closer to pal said and grand junction and we're e- cig on futurecast the showers back in the central mountains by mid to late afternoon so we'll likely see closer to the tunnel and loveland ski area a few showers by latee today. earn colorado staying dry and more sunshine today, clear skies tonight and it's early tomorrow morning we'll start to see an increase in cloud coffer
6:51 am
early even. so timing wise, maybe not the best. the rockies last weekend and showers for some of those football games friday and also if you want to head to the rockies game take a sweat shirt with you. a few showers possible tomorrow night. 77 saturday. another chance for a few next week we're tracking more of a fall like pattern, 70s on monday and 60s by tuesday. we're talking overnight lows a few degrees above freezing. i'm ready or it. this seven-day forecast, you can wear whatever you want. cooler by next week. this is not a fun drive right now. >> jason is stressed. >> i'm freaked out. everything is piling in at one time.
6:52 am
so you can see the left side is still blocked so two lanes are getting through. this is a significant accident and significant delays unfortunately that are extensive. this accident is at arapahoe road blocking the raap that is technically closed now. you can see how badly traffic is backed up before broadway. a 45-minute drive down to the denver tech center. taae a look at the north side of town where this accident is westbound of i-70, 4 car accident affecting 225 and then we have this mess up here to % the north side. several accidents southbound i- 25 from johnson's corner down to longmont highwayy119. one of them is being called as a motorcyclist verses a deer accident up that way. you can see from the streaming camera the accident still
6:53 am
not a fun drive by any means. truck drivers are not getting the message about the rules of the road on independence pass. crashes like these are becoming more and more common. so now c-dot is looking to spenn half a million dollars to prevent these crashes. money is going towards new technology identifying trucks longer than 35 feet. oorjts you will on an anti fracking video this november. thousands of signatures were thrown out. the secretary of state's office says some were fake and others were from people not registered toovote in colorado. >> what you're seeing is the people planning on putting this ban on the bat local realized they fell short and did not come up with signatures. >> the failure of the ballot measures coincides with news
6:54 am
that manes gas prices will rise but you probably won't see a huge impact between now and the end of the year. an important denver program is celebrating ten years today.
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z24qiz zvpz
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a new accident at northbound 425 in the left lane, the express lane is getting through waiting for police and paramedics to show up here. trouble spots down south. air tracker seven is over the traffic right there at 225. see on the map there's horrible driving conditions with a wreck at arapahoe blocking the lane there. westbouud i-70 right lane at havana and a chopper stand by at this accident. mostist coming off the ramp off highway 85 and several accidents up north between johnstown and longmont. we know who the debbie
6:57 am
. thanks for that great news. for eastbound drivers you're dealing these upper 50s early on and gorgeous later on. we're seeing mountain showers today and chance for showers here in denver tomorrow afternoon sxevening. keep the umbrella handy if you have friday night plans. in the mid 70s friday and could see more showers on saturday. mostly sunny and 76. we want to tell you about denver program which makes college possible for thousands of students. governor hickenlooper created the denver scholarship foundation after learning about the high number ofdrop outs. denver seven is a proud sponsor and will be there so it will be a great event. jason, any last minute words from you? >> stop drooiing, just stay home and don't go out. stay in your house. ?> that cup is less than half
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tar bucs. tar bucs. >> okay. i first met mike on a fundraising event to help the hunger in ethiopia. i was an aurora scholar this year. at his birthday party. mike is a very nice guy. he's a really nice guy. he can do 62 pushups. mike is a great friend to the ethiopian community. mike's not like other politicians. he's not like other republicans. i think he's better. mike's one of us. he's one of us. mike coffman es uno de nosotros. mike is one of us. m mike coffman,
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washington is brok en. a blatant case of special interests buying influence in washington. a draft bill by scott tipton was largely written by tipton's biggest campaign contributor. even worse, tipton's plans threaten thousands of recreation industry jobs. gail schwartz will protect colorado's public lands, jobs, and our rural way of life. gail schwartz -- independent leadership for colorado.
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good morning, america. terrifying school shooting. a teenager opening fire on an elementary school playground. one student in critical condition. two others injured. >> move that patient towards the helicopter. >> a hero firefighter tackling the shooter. police are searching for a motive this morning. new trouble in the trump camp. a top aide says dona trump lost his nerve during the debate and now trump hits hillary clinton on her health. >> you see all the days off that hillary takes. day off. day off. day off. >> come out and vote. >> as clinton calls on her secret weapon, michelle obama. >> we need an adult in the white house. >> blitz for the battleground adly tropical storm. matthew battering the caribbean islands with massive waves and winds topping 65 miles an hour. now the system heading north,


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